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pet thread Anonymous 34127

Do you have a pet or did you have one as a child? Tell us about them!

For those of you who don't have a pet, would you ever get one? Why, why not?

Anonymous 34135


Her name is Creature, she’s an 11 year old exotic shorthair and she got her name because she snorts a lot and acts weird. I also call her a hellcat because of how grumpy she is. I’ve grown up with my mom being in cat rescue

Anonymous 34145

She looks very cool, I like cats with unique features

Anonymous 34165


>For those of you who don't have a pet, would you ever get one? Why, why not?

I crave a rodent pet. Hamsters seem like the best choice so far since they're loners and don't need to be trained. I'd be happy just watching these little furballs burrow and eat.

The only problem is that there isn't enough space in my room for a big hamster cage. Maybe I should throw out my desk and get a smaller one.

Anonymous 34353


my cat scritched me today because she was scared of the vacuum cleaner ;_;

Anonymous 34355


I had red-eared slider turtles as a kid. Had to leave them with relatives when I moved though (I think because they were illegal to keep in the state I live in). Miss them a lot.

Anonymous 34400

Ouch, that looks like it hurt. Hope your hand's better now?

Also, my cat scratches me sometimes. He's three years old already and really should know better, but he still does it. Do you have any ideas how to get him to stop scratching/biting?

Anonymous 34408

Yeah, it's mostly fine now

>Do you have any ideas how to get him to stop scratching/biting?

What helped a lot was acting like I'm in pain whenever they bit or scratched me. That way they notice that it hurts, and stop doing it because they love you :3
I've heard it's more of a problem with single cats, because they don't have anyone to playfight with and aren't aware that their claws can cause quite a bit of pain.
Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 34428


My late night companion.

Anonymous 34431

hello there companion

Anonymous 34432

I had a pet tarantula back in high school and part of college. My parents got him as a surprise for my birthday since I like spiders. I was hoping it would be a girl, but I later found out it was a boy, which stinks because boys don't live nearly as long. But it was still a fun experience. He was surprisingly soft. He did try to bite me a few times though, but overall it was a good time. I remember one time I accidentally left the enclosure slightly open, and he got out. And I was freaking out. And then I looked over right next to the bed, and he was just sitting smack dab in the middle. He climbed right over and just sat there. Didn't poop or anything. I miss him. 2014 was a rough year.

Anonymous 34433

I had 4 kittens when I was a teenager and they were the most adorable things ever. Unfortunately we had to give them away a few months after their birth.

Anonymous 34434


My friend’s cat loves chilling under my bed now

Anonymous 34439

So cute. What's your hamster's name?

Anonymous 34444

Crazy eyes.

Anonymous 34448


He say hi :3.

Draco, the finger eater.

Anonymous 34449

good night draco

Anonymous 86537

I love that album
good taste op

Anonymous 86560

My family had cats, dogs and birds all my life. I like cats the most, since they are their own masters (you just need to feed them etc).

Anonymous 86666


>Be me, 12 year old
>Get two gerbils
>Get told they're both boys
>Turns out they're a boy and a girl
>They proceed to have babies once a month for four months
>I now have 19 gerbils
>All the babies are brown and female
>All the babies somehow get chiggers
>One of my daily chores is to pick the chiggers off my gerbils
>Can't tell which gerbils I've groomed already because they're all brown and female
>Come home from school one day and all the gerbils are gone

Anonymous 86667

oh dear
at the very least your images and your posts have been lovely and I will pray for you before I sleep

Anonymous 86732

I have 2 pet leeches and I feed them my blood <3 One of them is named after an anime character

Anonymous 86733

get help lol

Anonymous 86739

NTA but I think it is kind of cute

Anonymous 86740

I had a golden retriever growing up and then when he died my parents got another one. My apartment now doesn't let me have pets but I kinda want a turtle. I think they're cool.

Anonymous 86748

sorry maybe i was being too mean :( i just think it seems kind of unhealthy

Anonymous 86750

Nah to be fair it is pretty strange but they're medical leeches so they don't carry diseases and I don't have any health issues that would make feeding them a problem. I've grown pretty fond of them ngl

Anonymous 86753

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. The newest addition to our family was unexpected. My sister found a kitten meowing in our trash bin outside as she was about to go for a walk with one of the dogs. He's been with us for awhile now and he's getting big, healthy, and happy. He's very affectionate and has separation anxiety (no shit)

Anonymous 86776

Throughout my childhood I've had a turtle, a frog, a duck, a cat, and two betta fish. I now have two comet goldfish that are very dumb and cute.

Anonymous 87457

Are you the tumblr girl who's leech is named Princess?

Anonymous 87484

i've seen it a few times scrolling past months ago but it just clicked now
beat me to it mentioning it
though I don't really like the album, fake world wonder land was better

Anonymous 87490

where did you get medical leeches from

Anonymous 87521

Not able to look after myself at all sadly so no way would I get a pet to neglect but I think about having a dog a lot and as I am a NEET I could spend all my time with her but it is unfair for me to have a pet.

Anonymous 90536

I have 2 cats and they are both very sweet and cuddly. They like to follow me around the home and go for walks with me around the neighborhood.

Anonymous 90537

No I think that person is a tranny anyways

Anonymous 91863


I've taken away a shih tzu named Kora from my aunt, who really neglected her and used her for breeding. It's her in picrel. Earlier this year I also took home her mom after a lot of pressuring my aunt. They live happily with me now, and everyday I feel blessed for having them. sorry 4 broken english

Anonymous 91886


Anonymous 92230


Not mine yet technically but his name is Corrie

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