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Anonymous 34537

What secrets do you have?

I stalk a girl for almost 4 years, she's everything i want to be but can't.
I dream we can be friends and do stuff together, but naah not gonna happen.

Anonymous 34539

I stole a bunch of coke and broke someone's leg by running them over because they were chasing me with a gun, then I got banned from a restaurant for beating someone

Anonymous 34546

I do the same thing except I've been doing it for about 7 years now. She is 6 years older than me, she is kind of like a role model for me, for a while I made it so my favorite things were her favorite things and my personality was similar to hers. I don't do this anymore but I still check her blog everyday and save the more personal posts/selfies she takes and deletes a couple of hours later.

Anonymous 34549

Im not sure?! You want to be to be this girl so badly. And for some reason that's not possible. I need to know why?

Anonymous 34560

there was this girl that had my boyfriend wrapped around her finger.

she was the type of girl that liked to have a bunch of beta orbiters following her that she would lead on/flirt with, because she liked their attention, but she had no interest in them personally

she would brag about this to me, and all of her female friends (how many guys she could get to fall in love with her, how many guys she could get to cheat on their girlfriend, etc,)

i was fuming with jealousy because my boyfriend would frequently ignore me for this bitch, and was obviously developing feelings for her

he treated me like shit and ignored me

so my crazy ass catfished them both and got her to admit that she was only leading my boyfriend on for the ego boost, and now, my boyfriend and all of his friend group hate her for "using men"

even tho he basically ignored me our entire relationship for this girl, he likes to pull the victim card because he got "used"

never told either of them that it was me lmao

broke up with him recently too

Anonymous 34613

I’m in love with my direct supervisor at work. Even without our work relationship, it would never work out. We hang out outside of work, but he sees me as a little sister (our ages are similar).

Anonymous 34629

This is why you don't have boyfriends, kids. Guys are never satisfied.

What would you do if she suddenly deleted her blog?

Anonymous 34638

>What would you do if she suddenly deleted her blog?
I probably wouldn't mind too much, it's more of a habit and less of an obsession at this point. Since I know her so well now she seems less "perfect" now and more like a regular cool person. She has less time now, being in her mid-twenties graduating and job-hunting so she doesn't post as much OC stuff now either. As I get older I have less time to myself as well, so I feel like my life will go on as usual even without the blog.

Anonymous 34643

probably bait but god does this story make me feel good

Anonymous 34714


i've been stalking a group of friends since like 2017? they're roleplayers
i want to write with them but i'm not on their level, plus they've got all this lore i'll never be part of. . . also i've seen them ditch people before; it's not pretty, and i wouldn't be able to handle it.

Anonymous 34718


>I stalk a girl for almost 4 years, she's everything i want to be but can't.

I dream we can be friends and do stuff together, but naah not gonna happen.

I wouldn´t call it stalking but theres a girl who seems to have a lot in common with me who i sometimes check up on, i think we could really hid it off , the most strange thing of all is i just know she does this for me too, like once she took a picture very similar to one i took with the same caption an all, theres also weird likes i get from her. I think we both kinda acknowledge each other but are too shy to engage in conversation.

Anonymous 34722

that's supercute, you should be friends with her!

Anonymous 34815

i've stalked a bunch of roleplayers myself over the years, however reading their writing has helped me improve my own quite a bit though.

Anonymous 34824

Sometimes at work I’ll run really hot water, wet a paper towel, and wipe my junk REAL clean. Mmm.

Anonymous 34846

That's not really a secret, but thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 59355


I pick my nose.

Anonymous 59356

I am a horrific attention seeker and have gone to embarrassingly elaborate lengths to turn the heads of my friends boyfriends and husbands. One incident of which crippled a marriage. I am a virgin on spite of these lengths. I just like knowing I can steal a man from anyone should I want to. It makes me feel powerful and desired. I almost always regret it and cringe hard thinking back on it weeks afterwards.

Anonymous 59357

>Even without our work relationship, it would never work out.
>he sees me as a little sister
Why wouldn't it work?

Anonymous 59454

i got fired from panera bread for eating the croutons

Anonymous 59463

Where they good?

Anonymous 59468


lol same

Anonymous 59518

I once stole my best friends pikachu and then intentionally corrupted his pokemon yellow save file. I still feel horrible about it 21 years later. I had considered letting him fuck me as a teenager if he ever figured it out but he genuinely thought the game had done it by itself.

Anonymous 59519

I've had a crush on a mod (or ex mod) of one of incel forums for over two years now.

Anonymous 59677

I got fired once for being the victim of sexual harassment. Just a heads up but never give a single penny to Hilton/Embassy Suites anything.

Anonymous 59683

I'm so sorry you went through that.

I was sexually harassed for 3 years at my job in plain sight and was too scared to speak up. I tried looking for a new one but never got anything. It was so bad I was ready to kill myself, but then the fucker quit. I cried.

Anonymous 59686

i have a huge crush on my best moid friend's girlfriend. she kinda treats me like a gf too, very affectionate and spoils me for no reason at times. all 3 of us joke about how he gets cucked, but im genuinely scared that its not a meme anymore.

Anonymous 59694

do you think the moid knows?

Anonymous 59699


Are you ready for fulfill your destiny?

Anonymous 60442

I feel infinitely jealous when I see someone my age that is in a better position than I am. I just wish I would blow up and disappear.

Anonymous 60444

this is actually really based

Anonymous 60445

99.9% sure it's just the guy's lescuck fantasy and none of that actually happened

Anonymous 60462

I have a breeding fetish and I have very weird feelings about it, because whenever I see another girl with the same fetish my kneejerk reaction is "that's gross" until I remember I like the same thing. I take birth control pills though because I do have control over my lizard brain and I know better than to get pregnant while I'm in college

Anonymous 60464

Are you really sure that they have a breeding fetish, and they don't just want kids?

Anonymous 61902


Anonymous 61942

I love my friends so much but I think that I'd probably murder them if they tried to make friends with other people besides me.

Anonymous 61945

They don't deserve you.

Anonymous 61946

Maybe not, but I like to be the one who goes above and beyond.
I feel good being good to my friends.

Anonymous 61950

They won't stick around long, if you have those thoughts.

Anonymous 61951

How do you know this?
Perhaps things will work out.

Anonymous 61953

Just another month-old post to look back on with regret…

It's happened before.

Anonymous 61954

we will see anon, i'll heed your warning.
good day.

Anonymous 62579

Fuck I am just full of secrets

>I've got a girl raped

>I've fucked a lot of guys, but everyone thinks I've only slept with one guy
>I lost my virginity at 14, not 17
>I've had "younger boys"
>The ps4 I "bought" was actually bought for me when I whored myself out, at the age of 16
>I slept with my sister's boyfriend (now husband), he was drunk and doesn't seem to remember
>I'm actually a talented pickpocket and have stolen about 15k worth of stuff
>3/4 Of my friends have brothers that I've slept with
>I have blackmail on all of my friends, they don't know it yet

Also lots of little minor things, like having crushes on friend's that just pales in comparison with the above stuff

Anonymous 62598

Wow. LARP harder faggot.

Anonymous 62826

My friend made an online dating profile
So I made a "chad" profile as a joke
The intention was to send a couple of messages then reveal it was all a joke
But the more we talked online the more I realised that deep down I actually had feelings for her, and that feelings just keep getting more intense

So yeah need to find a way to tell my best friend that I'm in love with her, and that the guy she's been talking to online for the past 2 month was actually me

Anonymous 62827

Lol I think I might have met you irl once

Anonymous 62831

What if she loves Chad not you

Anonymous 62842

Possible do you live in Queensland?

Anonymous 62869

That's what I'm afraid of that she loves the chad profile I've created so much that telling her the truth would have her hate me
I feel like the best situation might be to stop pretending online then just tell her my feelings
Maybe don't even tell her that I was the one cat fishing her?

Anonymous 102994

what kinds of stuff did u pickpocket?

Anonymous 103010

It’s Taylor Swift, isn’t it?

Anonymous 103023

I am a compulsive liar. I am very ashamed of this fact, but there is nothing I can do about it - this happens automatically and is a part of my "mask", that's the consequence of my anti-sociality and negativism. I wasn't always like this though, I have acquired those issues after the years of exhausting and unbearable interaction with people: my personality seems to be generally "triggering" to others, that makes them unable to communicate with me neutrally and respectfully - it's always either love or hate (or both) they feel towards me. Because I can't really endure this sort of emotional rollercoaster, I develop such maladjusted patterns of behaviour as a form of ego protection.

Anonymous 103025

Have you tried therapy? You are obviously not happy with yourself, and you can unlearn negative behavioral patterns to an extent.

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