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Lolcow Anonymous 3515

What is your thought about LC and it's current state?

As much as I like the site and some of the gossip/cows a lot of anons are way too snarky/bitchy/rude etc, even when it comes to boards such as /g/ & /ot/.

I know "it's the Internet" and I know "where I am" when I'm browsing the site, but some of the comments are often unprovoked and with summer approaching thing might only get worse.

> Inb4 you're too sensitive

Ps. - if it's the wrong board, couldn't decide between /disc/ & /b/

Anonymous 3516

I agree. There's being critical, there's being snarky, and then there's flying off the rails when someone says something mundane that you just happen to not like or ignoring the whole post just to nitpick on one irrelevant detail and then argue about it for the next 30 posts. I can even ignore that, it's fine, whatever. Most of the time those tantrums make it really obvious that the person posting them is a bit… touched, so you can always write it off as some nutjob going on a shitposting rampage.

But between that and the ever-increasing mental illness posts, the spergy robots who come and 'raid' the place, the anons in /pt/ and /snow/ who just come to nitpick Jvloggers/Dakota's/Jill's bodies and faces and call them ugly and f(l)at without contributing any milk at all, it's slowly becoming an r/incels-tier cesspit. Except the incels can actually be entertaining sometimes, what with their turkeyfucking photos and all. All LC's shitposters do is screech autistically.

Anonymous 3517

It's a lot less comfy than when it was first created, and I think that's because it got more popular. I used to think most of us farmers were refugees from SR, but it seems like a vast majority are from places like fullchan and reddit.

Anonymous 3518


Full of newfag kids from PULL and Tumblr, including the admin and moderators who are sure to remind you of their constant Tumblr circlejerking in the discord. Ex admin must have been really desperate to choose someone as unprofessional as her seeing as all the staff does now is ban people left, right, and center if they disagree with the poster's opinions. And yes, it is very much required to be professional when handling a site with a community.

Anyone remember that chinese phonebook post that an anon was banned for? How about the anon that was arguing with a farmhand and the farmhand got angry mid argument and straight up banned them and exposed themself? What about the anons that were banned for baiting oblivious derailing newfags via the implying im not 9/10 copypasta? Fucking hilarious that you can't state your opinion or have any sort of laughs there or you'll trigger the staff.

I find all of the cows boring. None of the cows are doing anything lulzy and all the comments are just appearance based on this point or anons arguing with each other over unrelated shit. The entire site is a mess. They should be banning all the posters who make triple, quadruple threads of the same exact topic that was posted 2 years ago but they let that shit clutter the catalog instead of deleting it and redirecting. And why is manure still up if we have sty? Why is there an int now? Why did they merge boards and destroy posts and get rid of g? What the fuck is going on over there? Just a bunch of kids playing monarchy.

Anonymous 3519

I can't 100% agree on the "banning for having a different opinion" but yea, I've seen it. Only like twice tho. Then again I'm online when the site runs the slowest and often miss all the fun.
As much as the trolls can be annoying, they shouldn't get banned for baiting newfags.

>None of the cows are doing anything lulzy

This is sadly the truth. Guess the "ear" when we still had interesting cows, such as Felice and PT are over.

>What the fuck is going on over there?

I'd say make suggestion to improve the site, but they always get ignored anyway.

>nitpick Jvloggers/Dakota's/Jill's bodies and faces and call them ugly and f(l)at without contributing any milk at all

This is what bothers me the most on almost the entire site. Eg. the last 2-3 Dakota threads were nothing but saying how shit she looks and the same speculations all over again. She didn't have any milk in years and yet, here we are.

>it's slowly becoming an r/incels-tier cesspit

It's definitely starting to feel like it. Even the part where you get attacked for having a different opinion

Anonymous 3520

Used to be one of my favorite sites to visit, now I only go there to check out the few cows I care about. I don't like how the atmosphere has changed with the new admin, mods, and userbase. Seeing the place go downhill hurts.

Anonymous 3522

Lolcow Admin here.
I just want to say that I share the sentiments expressed here. If I'm not welcome in this thread I'll lurk and take suggestions as I can, but if a dialogue is wanted, I can explain some things if needed or you can talk to me on Discord.

Anonymous 3523

Sure you're welcome, just because we don't agree with everything doesn't mean we hate you or something (at least in my case)

Other anons might have more (important) questions but what I'm wondering about are these things;

Why is manure still there?
Is there anything you plan on doing with the influx of robots?
I don't expect the place to be 100% male free, obviously, but we sure have been getting more shitty threads made by them

Anonymous 3524

I agree with most points ITT, especially concerning moderation and newfaggotry​. I do love the chan though. However pettiness and nitpicky shit have been making me feel really bad when I go on it. I wouldn't say my self esteem is bad, but if I spend too much time on it seeing normal looking women being shredded apart and being called ugly and hambeasts, you sort of lose sense of reality

Before anyone gets triggered, I'm not talking about any specific cows being cute or not, or denying that some are obese or spoopy. Just talking in general.

Anonymous 3525

Admin, this is a farmhand speaking. I never say anything cause I don't want to seem like a snarky bitch trying to overthrow you but…yeah. So anyway, what's the point of things like /sty/? It's just the next /manure/ except it seems worse and…edgier. I get the concept of it but it seems to have attracted some…undesirables. I think it nakes it easier for the worst types if people to pop up cause it's basically a containment board.

Also, I think there should be some more interaction among staff, and not just mods but janitors too. I just feel lost on what I'm supposed to do and like I'm never supposed to touch anything so. I just wanna make farmers happy but I'm not sure how. I think we also need to do something about there being multiple threads on the same topic because it just clogs things up.

If there isn't a mix of PULL and newfags we have people trying to beat each other in edge contests. Neither one is desirable but then again a mod can't really do anything about either if they aren't breaking the rules. All I know is I want both to fuck off and the NASOLABIAL FOLDS/OMG SHE'S SO UGLY LOOK AT THIS FEATURE just seems petty. It's not milky at all. I guarantee that 90% of farmers, myself included, aren't perfect supermodels.

>lolcow = incel tier
I can kind of see that tbh. All incels really do is scream about gow fat/ugly people are and that's basically some of the threads on the farm. I supppse it is harder to find milk and milky people these days but there's always someone who lacks the self awareness to not be lulzy online. Half the place is becoming full of people claiming to be mentally ill too. Not bashing them, but it's just a change I noticed.

But anyway, Admin, I'm not really mad at ypu or trying to start anything, I'm just concerned about the farm but don't want to get fired for questioning authority directly. I don't think you would but I just share a lot of the concerns as everyone else. Just some website owners are petty whe staff questions then and I don't wanna be "that" janitor.

And to the rest of the people reading this, no there is not any bullshit infighting among staff. I'm just someone who's a pussy and is trying to be as open as possible but doesn't want to get tanked for doing so.

Anonymous 3526

I'm >>3517, and I feel the same. I only go to check on PT herself and Mariah threads. That's basically it.

I think it was a combo of old admin sperging out before he left and pushing away a lot of the oldfags/original SR refugees (me being one of them), and it getting linked everywhere and bringing in people who don't know how to lurk and don't understand the culture that fostered lolcow in the first place. I also suspect that's why old admin left in the first place, that he saw where the audience was going and how pull-types were nitpicking cows and didn't want to deal with all the bullshit. I think getting linked to r9k/wizardchan was the beginning of the end.

Anonymous 3527

>Half the place is becoming full of people claiming to be mentally ill too.

Because most of the people who come there are just as lulzy as the people they ridicule.

Anonymous 3528

In /pt/ anons are more cohesive, I noticed. At least in the threads I check. Maybe because there's actual milk, so anons focus on laughing at the cow and the infighting rate decreases dramatically.
/snow/, instead, is a mess. Obvious vendettas as clear as the day, anons fighting, abundance of "Look at that snozz/square jaw/fupa lol". There's even a thread (Gaijins in Japan iirc) where 2-3 anons discuss people they know irl that don't even have an online presence/have a small online presence. No links, nothing. How it hasn't been locked and moved to manure yet, it's beyond me. And let's not talk about the crazy vendettachans in the LoL streamers thread, that are the same and only ones that still bump the Ahripop one.
Lack of milk→Anons get spergy.
Instead of banning people just for saying "I'm laughing", farmhands should clean all this poop.

Anonymous 3529

I think it's still entertaining but there are definitely 2 or 3 things that I haven't liked that I've noticed.

First is that nitpicky posts are abundant. I get it's entertaining to call out cows for too much makeup or for weight gain and stuff, but when you have 70% of a cows thread being "OMG SHE IS SO FAT!!" when they're just a big above average in weight (Soozy) or the same comments being posted over and over (Taylor and the cheek fillers, Dakota and the shooping, etc.) it gets redundant. If there's no milk or if it's just being constantly repeated it shouldn't be posted.

I also know in these circles peoples ideologies tend to run more right or whatever, but this trannie sperging is really tiring. There was the vagina thread on /g/ and one anon completely sperged out irrelevantly about tranny vags and then the thread derailed about it. It was really dumb, but if anyone mentions trannies people flip and just start "ITS MENTAL ILLNESS/DEGENERATE/FILTHY MEN TRYING TO TAKE OUR SPACES"

Also I feel like there's been an influx of newfags who don't get the board culture or know how to post so they constantly post new threads without following the guidelines or searching the catalogue, and since threads aren't deleted you have a mass clogging of shitty/empty threads that no one posts in cloggin up the site + bandwidth. I think they should be deleted instead of being left to rot.

Anonymous 3530

I think we should just nuke threads like that and nuke /sty/. Both are just steaming piles of shit.

Linking was inevitable but I think old admin destroyed his own site. The new admin and staff had a big role in the downward spiral of the site but old admin being a dick and then suddenly leaving was a huge blow. It's been ages since it happened but didn't he just leave out of the blue and then suddenly we had a new admin?

This is why we can't have a decent thread about trans cows. When the right leaning people sperg about them not being whatever gender they associate with, other people also emerge to argue against them and then it just turns into chaos. I think that's what happened to the Blaire White thread and anytime someone calls a mtf "she" someone loses their shit. I don't care about whether the person used to have a penis or not, I care about them being lulzy.

Anonymous 3531

>>3528 The Gaijin in Japan thread and a few others in snow got the fallout from Gyaru Secrets dying. That's why it's a shitshow IMO.

I know a few people have expressed concerns over the way the farmhands ban, I've seen people talk about it in a few places now. I think it's just the lack of good milk is affecting everyone tbh; everyone is bored

Anonymous 3533

Admin here again, I'll try to respond to as much as I can, sorry if anyone thinks this is the wrong place.

>Environment is too hostile

This is a result of imageboard traditions, lolcow advertising itself as free speech friendly, and the influx of newfags, trolls, whiteknights, and Tumblrinas making Farmers more suspicious towards fellow users as they don't feel like they're among "their own kind" anymore. Many users seem to be getting tired of it though, as also seen by the big interest in this site and keeping it clean.


I agree that this is annoying and pointless, in addition to making us look bad. The question is how to combat it, since prohibiting it would be a slippery slope and it's fair as long as it doesn't go completely off the rails like with Jill and Dakota.


I think a lot of people are confused about what's going on behind the scenes, so I'll try to explain:
I inherited lolcow not after the first Admin's escape but after the next Admin following that. This second Admin hired the staff currently active. Because I didn't want to step on her feet, I didn't take actions the way I should've.
I say this not to throw anyone under the bus, as I'm grateful for people even accepting me as a new Admin and continuing the work for lolcow. I just want to assure everyone that I too am very frustrated with how things have been going and that I have been limited in my attempts to improve lolcow, though I also messed up, for example with the whole /g/ /ot/ /sty/ thing, and my blame here is that I did not at some point put on my big girl panties and do what I had to do.

As of now, we've removed all staff hired by the old admin, and they're free to re-apply if they choose to, but will be screened just like everyone else. Mod applications will open tonight.

>Threads being shat up

Some threads are so beyond salvaging that nobody feels like dealing with them, to be honest. Luna Lanie, Gaijin in Japan, Lilypichu and other threads are full of constantly ban-evading people.
Some things are also not being reported. We can't keep up with every thread and depend on users to make reports.

>Cows being boring

A lot of cows have learned to be more careful about their drama. The golden age of dramu is over, it seems.
Lolcow is one of the first results if you google a lot of cows. This means they're overly aware of their threads and make an effort to fly under the radar if there's something truly salacious happening. I'm nostalgic for communities like efagz with membership screening, which led to some amazing milk back in the day (Felice's ex best friend joining at the height of her drama, for example).


The Discord was initially created to stake out competent new staff members and as a tip-line for Farmers with inside knowledge that couldn't be posted publicly, to recreate a bit of that advantage closed communities have, without withholding the drama from Farmers. For example, when someone with valuable information joined, we would coach them on how and when to release it directly on lolcow without endangering themselves, which for example led to a 16yo girl who was about to enter a relationship with Lainey and Onision being sent home instead.

This Farmhand has outed themselves to me and we're talking, I hope nobody thinks they're gonna get in trouble for speaking out.


/sty/ was an attempt that has proven pretty pointless. My ideal solution would be to ban all males on sight if they identify themselves or post in a particularly robotic way, and remove their threads without a trace as to not invite fellow wizards.

Love the OP pic btw.

Anonymous 3534


I'm the farmhand from >>3525 and like the LC admin promised, I was not in trouble. We are both on the same page and I personally agree with the decision she has made. I'm fond of lolcow and seeing it fade is kind of depressing so things have to change.

With that being said, I question if lolcow will ever go back to the way it used to be. It likely won't, but that doesn't mean things can't go back to being liveable. The atmosphere has changed and with that I think new changes have to be made as well. I think running an imageboard can be a mess of trial and era so whatever happens in the future we as a userbase will just have to try. If the atmosphere has changed already(and it clearly has),new ways have to be thought of to combat it and it'll just be an obstacle to be worked through.

Personally, there are several times where I've looked at the current state and just wanted to jumpship but I keep holding out in hope things will at least become decent again. As things stand now, I'm sure even the newer userbase will leave eventually unless new changes are brought about and fast.

Anonymous 3535

I'm never sure what I should or should not report. I know what kind of community I want and what kinds of people I wish would fuck off, but I consistently see meanies acting as if they own the place, so I feel like I'm in the minority. I don't want to piss the farmhands off either. Any tips?

Was the change of ownership to a third admin (you) ever made public? If it was, I must've missed it.

Anonymous 3536

Try emailing the admin if you don't want anyone to know you said anything or post it in meta and ignore people telling you to fuck off back to tumblr.

Anonymous 3537

>Was the change of ownership to a third admin (you) ever made public?
I announced it once during a Townhall chat, but I didn't really put it out there on the board. Sorry to cause confusion.

All of this, plus you could apply to be a Farmhand. I just opened up applications.

Anonymous 3538

It's a meaner, less sjw PULL. This doesn't make it better than PULL, they're both equally annoying sometimes. Lolcow is best when there is active drama going on, which is why the Onion threads were my favorite threads. Threads about female cows always just end up calling them too fat/too thin, criticizing their clothes or their face. No one cares about nasolabial folds. It feels like everyone on there is starting to take the drama and milk way to seriously, which is taking the fun out of the site.

I think anonymous imageboards are just going to attract edgy people, pro-anas, people with vendettas. It's sadly inevitable, I hope Crystal Cafe can last without becoming some kind of female /pol/ or /r9k/.

Anonymous 3539

I only really check /ot/, /g/ and sometimes some specific threads in /pt/ and /snow/, and I did notice people being more and more nitpicking overall. Maybe I don't check the threads that have most of the problems mentioned by other anons. I'm mostly staying for the momokun threads nowadays.

Anonymous 3540

I don't know if the nitpicky nature of the board is a result of the lack of milk recently or if it accumulated over time. Either way, it's part of lolcow now and it doesn't make /pt/ and /snow/ enjoyable to browse.

I've seen some instances of people getting redtexted because they disagreed with the general populous. I don't know if people thought it was bait but it certainly didn't seem like it to me.

There's a lot of talk here about the possibility of lolcow going back towards it's roots in terms of culture- but how in the world would one accomplish that? The reason things have ended up like this is because of the userbase- and if the majority of the userbase at the moment is fond of the nitpicky board culture, they won't like authority telling them to stop (directly or indirectly)

Anonymous 3541

Personally I reported the Gaijin in Japan thread, as well as the similar ones, maybe it got lost under the pile of useless reports you're mentioning.

Anonymous 3542

I think old lolcow is gone. Bigger cows like Onision are going to bring in all kinds of newfags. A lot of the oldfags left and many don't want to come back. Sadly, websites change as the users do and it hasn't worked in lolcow's favor. I hope this site doesn't become like that because I'd rather be here where it's more cozy.

Anonymous 3544

Yeah and it'll just be ignored probably.

Anonymous 3545

I've kind of stopped visting LC after hearing about crystal cafe, I've tried to go back a couple times but now as II look from sort of a distance everything there posted there just seems so juvenile and cunty. I'm really happy about this site, it's like the perfect temperature, LC is too bitchy and the girl boards on 8ch were slow/boring/infested with creeps.

Anonymous 3546

Apparently admin has gotten rid of all the staff and opened up applications for new ones.

I didn't even know there were three admins

Anonymous 3547

As a former staff member I'm kinda sick of being blamed for the state of the site when really we weren't allowed to do our jobs and 90% of the staff was janitors who weren't allowed to touch anything.

Anonymous 3548

Samefag but I barely new that either. It just kind of happened without any notification and you just had to figure it out yourself.

Anonymous 3549

I'd say reapply for a mod position.

Being understaffed and having mostly janitors makes no sense. Kinda hard to keep the overflowing poop under control if you can't ban anyone. I guess the obvious solution is more moderators. Hopefully this admin has good taste and selects people we can trust to not burn the place down.

Anonymous 3550

Yeah, we were understaffed and most were janitors. The better solution would've been to hire more mods but since it is her site, she can do whatever she likes and I will respect that. I was content being a janitor, I just wish I had been allowed to do my job as a janitor and not sit around while the site suffered for it and take the blame. I'm in sincere doubt any old staff would be rehired since a lot of us knew this was part of the issue on why the site was so bad.

Anonymous 3551

It was the old Admin creeping in that was an issue. He constantly wrung his hands publicly and told everyone how he was "over it" and didn't want to be involved with the site etc. yet behind the scenes he was still involved and half assed trying to control everything.

He stripped everyone of their roles for no legitimate reason, and made them glorified janitors, but even then we couldn't clean anything up without ~*asking first*~, and when you'd ask or bring anything to their attention that wasn't cp, it was ignored.

He supposedly had some master plan to work on a "program" so people could moderate again, but clearly did fuck all, and then any time you asked about it you were ignored.

Essentially the old team was thrown under the bus and people thought that we were the problem, when we weren't the ones doing any of this. We didn't ban/moderate/delete things /move threads because we were not allowed. All we could do was watch the site suffered, and the user base grow more agitated, and see people blaming it on us which was very frustrating.

Also : hilarious that the old admin gave a super half assed and half hearted apology to the farmhands before absolving himself of blame and quitting the server as a martyr was top kek.

Anonymous 3552

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It explains quite a bit for me. I'm disappointed that this was happening, but I've got a small glimmer of hope that things can change, so long as the new team's ability to do their job is not crippled. I don't know how the current admin is outside of this thread though.

I instinctively disliked the original admin and thought he was kind of a tit from day one. Does he still have his claws in the site/staff or is he gone for good?

Anonymous 3553

Wow what a control freak. What's your opinion on the new Admin so far? And when did the third Admin replace the second one? (No idea this happened)

Anonymous 3554

Supposedly he fucked off for good when all of this was brought to light and basically made a half assed apology as >>3551 said. I think that the new staff might be able to make some changes because hopefully the admin we have will do better at communication. The original admin kept leaving us up in the air all the time so I hope the future team doesn't have to go through with that.

I'm >>3550 and I think she's got a chance to help the site. When we had old admin we were basically waiting around for him all the time and doing nothing because that's what we were told to do unless there was cp. I like the current admin we have regardless of whether or not I agree with her decisions. She just wasn't able to act on a lot of stuff for some reasons(several I imagine involve the original admin) so I don't think it's fair to blame her for anything for the state of the site.

I have no idea when the second Admin was replaced. All I know is that it sort of happened one day and that was it. No warnings or anything.

I just had to say something in this thread because I thought it was wrong that the staff that was just let go take all the blame when really it wasn't all our fault. I'm also sick of having to lie to the farmers while making me, former teammates, and the current admin look bad. Quite frankly, I'm sick of having to cover for the old admin's ass and now that he's gone, I think lolcow can start fresh and at least try to rebuild itself. It may not become what it used to be but now it has the potential to become somewhat liveable again. I wish I could have stayed on the team since I wasn't really allowed to my job and think it's unfair to be let go because of that, but I just want lolcow to be salvaged so I hope the future team can do that.

Current admin if you're reading this thread still know that I don't blame you for anything but we shouldn't keep farmers in the dark like this. It's not right to have users blame those who weren't allowed to fulfill their duties. I still support you and will help whenever you ask.

Anonymous 3555

Afaik the second admin had irl issues they had to deal with and she had to leave. I believe this was communicated to the OG admin, and he brought on the third and current admin.

There was never really an announcement about it, which is fine imo, because it wasn't really a huge deal and who knows, maybe the second admin didn't want anyone to raise a fuss.

The current admin is great and I don't believe that she has done anything problematic. She was, unfortunately, somewhat under the same umbrella as staff, by which I mean I don't think OG admin was telling her anything either which made her job harder.

None of the old farmhands hold anything against her at all, we just didn't want people under the impression that we weren't doing our jobs and we're contributing to the downfall. I really hope that from here on out things get better.

Anonymous 3556

When I first started posting there a year ago it was okay. Some cunts here and there but nothing that was excessive. There was enough milk on the cows to go around and the mods were a little too strict.

Now I come back a year later and the anons are a fuckmess. I find it very aggravating how anons jump on every little detail if another anon as much as posts an unconventional opinion. Many of the anons admit to being mentally ill and its obvious by the way they act. I get there's a thing with "exposing" others since you do this with irrelevants online but not everyone is a potential cow just because they say something you didn't like.

The mods ban you for stupid shit too but thats another story.

Anonymous 3557

I want to have hope for the site but at the state it has gotten to I'm afraid just posting "lol" might become bannable because of all the shitposting and terrible trolling the place has had.

Anonymous 3558

Tbh during the time I actually had farmhand abilities, the only people I ever banned were people that started obvious shit posting threads about roasties, or overly problematic detailers.

The latter I never gave permabans to, and I think the longest I ever banned a derailing farmer may have been a month or two max.

The only people ever permabanned during my time, IIRC, were incels and hardcore shit posting people.

I do understand your concerns though because some of the people brought on to replace us when we were ousted even admitted to banning people because they didn't like something they posted. But with the new team coming in I hope that changes.

Anonymous 3559

At this point I kind of want to stop contributing to threads. Simply because I seem to be one of very few anons who do so, and even then, people somehow miss the point of the post and start picking apart someones appearance.

Not to mention the amount of dumbfucks who keep asking "did anyone see how [x happened] to [insert cow]?" Like, post caps if you see something is going on???

I'm so frustrated with the site and the snarky anons that are trying to start shit for no reason other than starting shit aren't helping.

Here's to hoping things might get better once school starts again.

Anonymous 3560


What the fuck is this shit? "I'm not going to bother reading the rules because I'm not joining the site"

Bitch, what? What the fuck is this mentality? Does someone this dumb really exist?
Namefagging, posting yet not "joining the site" whatever that means, blatantly saying they didn't read the rules, and the mods haven't banned this faggot yet? What's with the sudden influx of obvious underage retards? Good lord……

Anonymous 3561

There is no staff anymore. From what I understand, the admin gpt rid of mods/janitors and is looking for more.

Anonymous 3562


Sage because I'm bad at proofreading.

Anonymous 3563

I love lolcow not because of the gossip (I barely go on those boards tbh) but the place has been so shitty with so much pettiness and drama. God. I hope admin and the new staff can fix things, but Crystal Cafe is probably going to be my new house for good.
Concerning drama and the cows, I guess people are just becoming smarter when online, or at least trying to be. So things have been really dry and you can't​ get much milk anyway.

Anonymous 3564

As much as I hate to admit it, I've been using the Beauty Parlor on Kiwi more than Lolcow these days. The biggest problem with Kiwi is that there's so much stigma saying you use it haha

Anonymous 3565


I brought up my concerns r.e. firing of mods, old admin fucking with the site and the total lack of transparency in the townhall and got this response.

I'm not even an old mod, I just want Regina to be clear and honest what happened. How can we be sure that the old admin is gone for good when she won't admit he was still pulling strings as recently as a week ago?

Anonymous 3566

Apparently that is considered "spilt milk" and you should not ask about the topic.

Anonymous 3567


This is Nulls take on it.

What are your thoughts? Obviously Null is bitter about not being admin of lolcow and will probably make things out to be worse than they are.

Anonymous 3568

I think Null has hit the nail on the head in terms of what is going on @ lolcow, despite the hyper-negative outlook.

I personally don't see this ending particularly well for lolcow. Posters like >>4272 on thread https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/4265.html will either 1) fail to adapt to the 'new regime' or 2) stick around and ultimately cause the end of lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 3569

As an ex-farmhand, I can tell you that null has the wrong info.

Admin 1 wasn't modding behind the scenes nor berating us, it was lack of communication that was ultimately the downfall.

Plus he's acting like Admin 1 has always been admin when at this point we've had 3.

And finally, people sperging about hellweek are clearly newfags. Hellweeks have been happening for a long time now, it isn't that the ship is sinking and Regina is trying to save a failing site.

Anonymous 3570

Sorry I seemed dismissive. I was trying to cover the Townhall contents first. I did confirm that OG Admin is no longer involved. The site has been transferred to my server and he has no access to it.

Anonymous 3571

I really wish Regina/admin-chan would address what ex-farmhands have brought up in this thread. When asked about the staff dismissal she said that some mods were getting power hungry, yet from what was posted here it seems like Old Admin was just not letting them do their jobs properly? Of course there's going to be reports complaining about the moderation when the moderators aren't allowed to do anything.

I'm not ex-staff, just a farmer who is disappointed in the current state of affairs and the way this is being handled.

Anonymous 3572

I'm an ex farmhand and he's wrong about old admin still being involved BUT he's not wrong about the site splintering. I've personally seen a lot of farmers talk about using this site more than lolcow and some are considering moving to kiwi farms as well. Old Admin was involved up until last week at most and hopefully now that he's gone new admin can do her job.

That being said, I don't care about being fired. Honestly, I was probably going to resign soon because I can somewhat see where the site is going. I just don't like being blamed for the current state of the site. Before old admin's return, that's fair. I can accept that. But after when he told us all to never touch anything, that's not on us. We were pretty much told not to touch anything so shit threads would be there for hours or a couple days. As stated, the issues aren't with Regina. They're with old admin. Right now, I do feel kind of stepped on because the site as it is now isn't really old staff's fault. Most were janitors as stated already further up the thread.

With that being said, this is a difficult time for lolcow and I wish the new staff lolcow all the luck in the world. The farm is in a tight spot and it will take a lot to fix it.

Anonymous 3573

(Regina here) I agree that the current state of the site is not in any way the old staff's fault. It's true that you were extremely limited and I didn't communicate well because I kept pussyfooting around the staff changes instead of just doing it, as written here: >>3533

I regret taking this long to make changes and honestly understand the frustration with how I handled things. In any case the old staff is not to blame for inactivity and current events.

Anonymous 3574

Then why are you letting the user base believe otherwise?

Anonymous 3575


see image file name

Anonymous 3576


I don't really consider it to have been pussyfooting. In all fairness, old admin still had control over everything and just dropped off the radar until it was time to hire new staff. Had you not sucked it up and made your move as someone who cares for the site, he'd still be the owner and lolcow would have little to no shot at all. Now at least it has a small one which is way better than what it had with him still bouncing around. If he was the owner of the site and still involved, there's only so much you can do but I'm glad he's finally let you have the complete saddle.

She may address it later. I don't know why it seems like that but I'm going to be fair and assume it will be addressed.

Anonymous 3577

At the risk of sounding dumb… what's wrong with that?

Anonymous 3578


you explained nothing about what was going on behind the scenes and called it spilt milk but you cant even confirm or deny anything about the first admin and you wouldnt address anything in townhall. you ignored all the questions people asked you about what was going on by telling eevryone it was spilt milk and you are not being honest so why shouldnt people believe what kiwi says at this point. if you have made the choice to not tell farmers the truth then if people move on or belieeve what other sources say thats your problem.

Anonymous 3579

There's a million threads with very few replies, and the only thread that gets any replies (The vent thread) is just people talking about themselves and getting into fights with other people. I think.

Anonymous 3580


ok but what's really stupid is the thread on the bottom right where someone is asking for a link to the lolcow discord. it's been up for a while now and hasn't been deleted at all. clearly a newfag. good job new mod team.

Anonymous 3581

Some of the administrative decisions got sketchy as fuck. Like remember that mod that locked the Sarah McDaniel/Krotchy thread, the decision received multiple complaints which went ignored, and then one day the thread was unlocked, new admin commented that it was done for a mod with a conflict of interest who had since been removed, and then never expanded upon? Like what the fuck was going on there? Had Krotchy infiltrated lolcow as a mod?
I also couldn't stand how many users sucked up to the original admin. Like I did think he was good for the most part of it, but something about how having a heterosexual man position himself as the figurehead and primary moderator of a overwhelmingly female board (of which was its main theme) squicked me out. Also I can't have been the only who became exhausted of this shit:

>somebody posts semi-positive comment in reference to a cow

>"lmao hi <cow's name here>"

Also, also what the fuck was with that idiot that kept trying to make "kooterfuzz" happen in the Dakota/Kirsten threads?

Anonymous 3582

>anyone remember that chinese phonebook post that an anon was banned for?


Anonymous 3583

So is current admin a man or a woman?

Anonymous 3584

>I don't know if the nitpicky nature of the board is a result of the lack of milk recently or if it accumulated over time

I honestly think a lot of this is the result of many of the more seasoned/ex-/cgl/ users leaving as a result of the influx and subsequent refusal to properly address the influx of newfags/underage b& who blatantly don't understand the system.
I still remember about a year ago in Kirsten's thread when Taco's identity/WF's account was discovered, and some fucking moron immediately messaged him some abusive bullshit, then had the audacity to cap their message, post it to LC and begin bragging about it as a triumph that she somehow thought we'd applaud her for.

To me lolcow always felt like a more slier, mature version of PULL, but imagine my horror when I ended up on PULL recently only to discover that the caliber of discussion there was in fact higher.

Anonymous 3585

I think as long as we keep the major drama out this place can stay comfy.

Anonymous 3586

The current admin is a woman.

Anonymous 3587

Super. We're already off to a good start then.

Anonymous 3588

Lolcow was great during the onision drama, something I think contributed to it falling apart were anons on the discord befriending incels (I mean what the fuck?) there is a lot of tension and I think their just needs to be time to come back from it.

Anonymous 3589

>Also I can't have been the only who became exhausted of this shit:
>somebody posts semi-positive comment in reference to a cow
>"lmao hi <cow's name here>"

No, you're not the only one. I understand people think it's part of the "culture" or something but it was really annoying. With the current hellweek it's considered "low quality posting", which I'm glad about.

Well, gossip threads aren't allowed, so it shouldn't be a problem

I honestly think discord was just a bad idea in-general. I mean it's a nice idea to have a place to chat but then you get robots and co join in like it already happened and eh… I also remember that there was some milk (idk which cow) and it got posted exclusively on discord, not the thread, needless to say that was shitty.

It might just be me but I think hellweek is helping? I haven't seen a lot of snark and nitpicking lately. Maybe some of the newfags left

Anonymous 3590

I've not been looking at lolcow much lately due to all the shit, so maybe it's calmed down now. I think the site and even the discord server can be saved in time, if we just turn over a new leaf but maybe that's too idealistic.

Anonymous 3591

I've come to accept that lolcow will never be as good as it used to be and that it will probably die someday. A lot of people seem to come for Onision drama and he'll eventually dry up like any other cow does.

I want to believe hellweek is helping but I feel that as soon as it'll over all the bs nitpicking and what not will return. I'm hoping it won't but you never know.

I'm checking this place more than the farm now. The drama there just isn't what it used to be so I may as well just hang out here more. How many oldfags or at least decent posters are actually left? Sometimes I go on and feel like I'm amongst children.

Anonymous 3592


I'm not interested in the kawaii weeaboo and ED cows so that eliminates the majority of cows there for me. I found the redpill/incel and political cows to have some lulz but everything else is so boring.

The people in those threads seem so pathetic - like a small group of astigmatismo instagram stalkers who keep bumping these shitty threads with no drama. I took a look in the Aly thread and it's still people calling her recovery fake even though she looks healthy now, and making fun of her broken English. Like what is even entertaining about this?

Anonymous 3593

* A U T I S M O

is this a word filter?

Anonymous 3594

The thing about Aly is that, while she gained weight, she went mentally downhill even more. She makes up constant lies about things that never happened etc. I guess some people find it interesting.

But yea, most cows are really boring. Even Momo and the rest of pt. Except maybe Onion since he's really crazy.

Anonymous 3595

Seeing all those users jump on Aly, making fun of her weight, calling her tubby, chubby, saying she's a fatty now when everybody knows full well that she's a legit recovering anorexic, who for the most part does seem to be genuinely embracing recovery. I just found the whole situation so reprehensibly disgusting that it actually became the last straw for me.
I won't visit lolcow any more. It's turned from something that was a slice of delightful mean-spiritedness into a place that leaves me with an acidic taste in my mouth. A lot of the threads and the accompanying commentary are actually just plain unpleasant to view and it seems like a fair heft of the nu-userbase could well do with a thread of their own.

Anonymous 3596

>the thing about Aly is that, while she gained weight, she went mentally downhill even more
What has that got to do with her weight though? I can understand making fun of her bullshit, but for christ sake everybody on that board knew how severely anorexic she was. There's an unspoken line that you just don't fucking touch and the old userbase never needed to have that spelled out for them.

Anonymous 3597

I agree 100% with you about Aly, anon.

Personally I decided to stop visiting lolcow so much because the general atmosphere, with the extreme nitpicking and cuntness, only makes me feel horrible about myself. Every fucking thing is about weight lel.
There are many times when I don't see anything particularly wrong with the cows looks wise, but apparently they're all extremely disgusting and fat, and I don't really need that now. I visit 2-3 threads and that's it. Oh, and the rant thread. Wishing the place the very best, and maybe I'll start posting on it normally again someday. I'm glad to know I'm not the only who thinks things went overboard there.

Anonymous 3598

The nitpicking levels on lolcow makes us look completely insane. No wonder robots think we're a bunch of crazy roasties.

Anonymous 3599

Agreed anon, the aly thread disgusted me as well. Yes she has issues but I know of the anons on lolcow have had/have eating disorders, to call a recovering anorexic fat when she's finally at a healthy size is disgusting.

Anonymous 3600

Yeah, I can see why the stereotype is that we're a bunch of ugly whales with low self esteem jealous of the people posted.

Anonymous 3601

meant "some of the anons" there, not that I know which anons lol.

Anonymous 3602

>all the guys posting in /g/ and getting away with it
Oh lord…

Anonymous 3603

Yeah I agree, the nitpicking is getting completely insane. Like basically a girl with any sort of wide hip/slight pudge is HUGE DISGUSTING FAT COW OMG!!!! and then if you tell them to calm down/the person really isn't that fat they chimp out and call you a whiteknight.

Suzy isn't that fat. Micaela isn't that fat. Biibii isn't a disgusting troll. Moomoo does have an unfortunate body but she has a cute face.

Like I can't tell if basically ana-chans bled out into other threads when their thread got banned and have taken over the site or what.

Anonymous 3604

>>Seeing all those users jump on Aly, making fun of her weight, calling her tubby, chubby, saying she's a fatty now when everybody knows full well that she's a legit recovering anorexic, who for the most part does seem to be genuinely embracing recovery. I just found the whole situation so reprehensibly disgusting that it actually became the last straw for me.

This is what disgusts me about most of these threads. I came to lolcow from staminarose, and only discovered staminarose during the "OMG PT is a pedo!!" meltdown that caused the site to RIP.

Now I feel like the board is basically just cyberbullying. It used to feel like a place to callout liars and scammers, and possibly child abusers or predators. Now, well…I mean, I still don't know why there are active threads for Venus or Dakota.

Anonymous 3605

Iirc the venus thread was made as containment because people kept discussing her in Margo's thread all the time and derailing it. I don't know why there's a Dakota thread other than farmers just hate her.

I think at least 50%of farmers have the body of Suzy or have the same amount of pudge as any "fat" cow they make fun of. Everyone is a triggered fatty if you say someone isn't that fat. If a thread consists of nothing but discussion of a cow's weight why even have the thread? I know a lot of anachans were mad about their thread being banned so maybe they did spill over to other threads.

Anonymous 3606

>>Yeah, I can see why the stereotype is that we're a bunch of ugly whales with low self esteem jealous of the people posted.

From the "eye makeup" thread, most farmers don't appear to be supermodels. In fact, some look ridiculous (ridiculously overdone, tacky makeup) and others look completely unkempt (unibrows, downturned uncurled lashes).

There are a few who appear they are likely pretty, but I seriously have to wonder which ones are throwing the tantrums about silly shit like nasolabial folds or "filters" etc. Is it the ugly farmers, the pretty farmers? Either way, the pretty farmers look on par with most of the supposedly "hideous" cows…..and yet there was an entire thread with anons sperging over the shape/size of Dakota's chin…one anon even posted a photo of a fucking 6 year old as inspiration for what Dakota should aim to look like….soooo even the farmers appear more cowish than the cows at this point imo (including in the Luna and Lurch thread, the only one I follow anymore, where farmers go on about their own heroin addictions/dealers/psychological issues/inpatient treatment).

I was always interested in the friend finding thread, but there's no way I'm going to chance connecting with someone who could possibly be as critical and angry as some (many?) of the farmers appear.

Anonymous 3607

>>Iirc the venus thread was made as containment because people kept discussing her in Margo's thread all the time and derailing it.

I mean, that would be fine and dandy if it were just discussions, but a lot of posts are saying shit like:
>>Venus looks so OOOLD!
>>She looks just like her old, ugly mom kek
>>Yellow facing!
>>Her boyfriend is so ugly
>>She's so fat now
>>She's too skinny now, must be ana
>>Why can't she just get a real job already lmao, grow up you spoiled brat!

It seriously disgusts me to read this shit, especially since not only is Venus still young and cute, but she had an abusive stalker mother and absentee father + no friends or stability. I personally think she has done very well for herself, especially given the circumstances.

Anonymous 3608


>now, well…I mean, I still don't know why there are active threads for Venus or Dakota

The Dakota thread exists so users can continue to screech about how she "NEEDS TO APOLOGISE!!!11!!1" about the bullshit pseudo-racist shit she said when she was a teen.
Don't get me wrong, girl's a mess, she's falling apart with body dysmorphia or whatever it is that's screwing with her head, but it's pretty obvious at this point that they don't really give a fuck that she said the word beaner a couple of times, it's a poorly executed veil for something else. A lot of them are genuinely obsessed with her not as a person but as more of a concept at this point. There's even a 'stylist' thread over on /g/ with her picture as the OP where somebody's dumping her pics and her shitty eye makeup tutorial.

Anonymous 3609

Every time I see a "omg her teeth are SOOOOOOOOO yellow!" comment I smack myself in the face.

Anonymous 3610


I actually had to go check it out again and I forgot just how bad it is. If you go into this previous thread for example and CTRL+F "teeth" you get 101 matches.

I remember Venus did actually start whitening her teeth as a result and then suddenly all the comments changed to shit like "lmao confirmed for lurking LC then!".
imo it's this kind of rampant, petty nitpicking that has destroyed that site.

Anonymous 3611

I think that to some extent Venus having a thread makes sense because she's still active on social media, and makes videos, etc. Not lulzy, but eh, I sort of get understand why. But Dakota? She isn't relevant at all anymore.
Not trying to be an apologist or whiteknight any of them. I don't even like Venus, in fact I can't stand her videos, but I'm trying to be realistic here.

I think that bringing specific cows to this thread, and if they're worthy of having threads, can be ~problematic~ tbh… so better talk about the current userbase and the state of LC just to avoid complications. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous 3612

>>There are a few who appear they are likely pretty, but I seriously have to wonder which ones are throwing the tantrums about silly shit like nasolabial folds or "filters" etc. Is it the ugly farmers, the pretty farmers? Either way, the pretty farmers look on par with most of the supposedly "hideous" cows…..and yet there was an entire thread with anons sperging over the shape/size of Dakota's chin…one anon even posted a photo of a fucking 6 year old as inspiration for what Dakota should aim to look like

Samefagging, but I forgot to address this: one of my theories is that the nitpicky crowd is extremely unhappy with their own looks, so they try to drag down any cow that looks slightly cute/average looking. Yes, we have a couple hideous cows, but those are extreme cases.
Also, I think that knowing someone has a shitty personality makes them less attractive. A couple days ago or yesterday I was reading one of the previous cam whore thread, probably the last one, and let me tell you, 80% of the posts were about how fat Megan is, and anons saying "well, is she X height? She can't be X lbs! I'm her height and so much thinner, I'm only X lbs". Not sure if that is still happening in that thread, I haven't kept up with them lately, but yeah. It gets boring really fucking fast.

Anonymous 3613

I used to love Momo threads since the girl was/is delusional hypocrite obviously off her rails. However in the past few threads its just become mindless hateful bullying to the point a few anons wished her crippling physical illness. Don't even get me started on the cringy anons who self-post themselves "calling out" her and expecting praise from other anons who naively give it to them. Or the stupid drawfags.

One of the anons took it too far and linked all of her siblings' social media accounts.. like what the fuck?

I've always said farmers are as cowish as the cows they talk about and that's the main reason why the cow threads aren't enjoyable for me. There's nothing funny about a bunch of retards laughing at someone who is as retarded as them. It lacks self-awareness.
There's regular nitpicking and then there's this neurotic obsessiveness that obviously comes from a severely mentally and/or emotionally damaged person.

Anonymous 3614


Here's something I learned with life, people who (unprovoked) nitpick on others looks especially if the other person looks good are usually quite physically unattractive or extremely insecure themselves.

This goes both ways. Male and female.

Anonymous 3615

Spot on.

The thing with Moomoo has gone too far, yeah. I had to hide the thread because whenever I was scrolling down /pt/ I'd see the last comments in her thread and sometimes they'd all be about how fat she is. For a person like me who doesn't follow her it just makes farmers look obsessed (although I do know she's an awful person for many reasons)
If I'm not mistaken we had people trying to take candids of her IRL too. That's pretty creepy imo, you need to be really obsessed to go out of your way to take pictures of someone who doesn't really mean anything to you, just to prove how ugly they are.

Anonymous 3616

>Now I feel like the board is basically just cyberbullying. It used to feel like a place to callout liars and scammers, and possibly child abusers or predators.

I've been on SR since it was first created and the whole calling out liars, scammers and shitty things people do is mostly PULL shit that happened when their users came to LC. /cgl/ brand drama has always been calling average looking girls disgusting ugly pigs.

Anonymous 3617

Oh, well then it should return to PULL brand if that's the case. The latter is just tedious and boring.

Anonymous 3618

I'm probably going to sound a bit pathetic here, but honestly when I first came to lolcow the constant nitpicking of certain cows looks started to make me feel insecure lmao. I remember when I didn't know it wasn't a good idea to argue with anachans I said something about Billie Dawn Webb not being fat/it derailing the thread as they were calling her blobby and I got sperged at and called a fattychan. The calling former anorexics like Pixie/Aly fat makes me uneasy as well, you're literally making fun of people for recovering at this point.

Anonymous 3619

I remember you and the argument in the thread at that exact time. It was ridiculous. I hope you feel better

Anonymous 3620

Thank you anon :) I do as I realised the nitpicking comes from a place of insecurity as cliche as that sounds lol. I mean when I discuss cows I want to discuss their behaviour and drama, not "omg she's over 90lbs what a fatty!1"

Anonymous 3621


Lolcow achievements:
>calling anorexic or recovering anorexic girls fat
>calling perfectly young looking people old because of normal lines in your face
>call girls tubby because their thighs move when they walk
>calling people with obvious BD ugly
>stalking "cows" irl
>calling perfectly normal noses "potato nose" (what the fuck even, i haven't seen that word used since high school)
>think everyone that doesn't look like an anime waifu needs to do surgery until they look basically like ayy lmaos (remember the "photoshopping the cows" thread, i swear that was eye opening by how fucked farmers standards truly are)
>thinking all trans people must die in a fire (seriously what the fuck is up with that place)
>"i wish i was asian, but i am white what do"
>you are not real woman if not attracted to hairy muscly men or if your boyfriend is not 10/10 bara husbando
>calling people fat or ugly for disagreein with them (middle school, anyone?)
>derailing threads for stupid shit like fucking teeth
>threads on normal people that barely use social media anymore or don't do any harm which consist of only picking on apparence
>telling people that if they do plastic surgery for comp'letly normal things they will be happier in life
>calling people who are proud of how they look self centerd cause they don't fit their standards so they must obviously have to hate themselves

Seriously, i am so glad this board was formed, so i can be somewhere that is not as toxic.

I used to love posting there for advice, i was very active in /g/ and /ot/ (and occasionaly would lurk /snow/) since a few years ago, people seemed geniuenly like a bunch of girls just looking to talk about themselves with other girls and give advice and have fun together, but now it's so absolutely toxic and annoying. Most of the threads are shit.
There are 4000 mental health threads (i posted in some, sometime, but fucking seriously?) or plastic surgery posts that sound basically the same, but god forive if you post a new thread of something that had been posted before just not to necro a 1 yr old post.
It's very inmmature, now it just reminds me of the insecure girls on high school that pick on everyone to make themselves feel better about how much they hate themselves.
I really feel for all the imppresionable young girls that go to that place and get their standards twisted to hell and back by anons that sound like they don't go outside and think anime girls/petite asian girls are real standards for women.

I'm kinda sad to see it go to this kinda shit since i used to check it almost every day, but now it just tires me if i'm on it more than 2 minutes.

Sorry for rant, i get carried away kek.

Anonymous 3622

It wasn't always. The method was that by playing into cows' inevitable insecurities, they would sperg out and spill some milk. See: anon's being overly nitpicky about pixyteri's weight and PT commenting on a picture of her in a too small bikini top that the squished fat on her torso were "lines from working out". Or watching them post/do some retarded shit in response to "the haters". It's not always an amazing quality of sperg but anons at the time loved it and it just meant that there was a point to being overly critical.

/cgl/, SR, LC type drama has always been on the borderline of cyberbullying, depending on how thin your skin is. The whole thing is, if it bothered the cows, they should just ignore it. And for the most part, that's what cows are doing these days, which is why the nitpicking looks so obsessive now.

As for PULL, imo PULL sort of set in motion the rapid decline of LC (it might've started earlier with SR). PULL's whole thing was exposing liars and scammers, but they would still come to LC on anon to be just the same type of vindictive nitpickers and bullies, but on actual nobodies they were jealous of/had a vendetta against, with the added bonus of being new to chan culture and falling for every bait imaginable and derailing threads with their bullshit and blogposting. That and people who clearly don't come to the site for the cows, get their feelings hurt in /g/ and baww.

It seems with the decline of the site and the general laziness the PULL types brought to the site, all the heavy lifting anons, ones who would pretend to be friends with cows, catfish them, dig up their most obscure social media accounts, find new milky cows, said fuck it and left. If there is nothing really interesting going on, people are just going to nitpick.

Now we just have farmers who contribute to the laziness by constantly complaining about low quality milk in threads who don't go out and find some, because there are always milky cows out there somewhere.

As for the beating-of-the-horse-type cows like Dakota, that's just because the threads are publicly visible and there's always some new person stumbling in and then adding their 2 cents to it.

Anyway, I'm glad cc exists now. LC was and will always be a cunty hellhole, but that's just the nature of the game.

sage because this is a whole lot of nothing

Anonymous 3623


>remember the "photoshopping the cows" thread, i swear that was eye opening by how fucked farmers standards truly are
The fucking shoops are one of the things that REALLY get my back up. They take what are (let's be honest) reasonably average young women, and warp them into these horrifying flesh constructs with the dayglo skin/teeth, animu eyes and pencil waists that you'd have to lose 60lbs and remove 4 ribs to obtain irl . The concept of beauty there is completely fucked and imo it's really illustrative of how much of the userbase is underageb& now. Half these bitches have BDD.

Anonymous 3624

I'm so happy that the Kota thread was autosaged by a farmhand.

Anonymous 3625

Tbh the "fatty" comments are probably what triggers me the most too (especially because I went from anachan to fit and still struggle despite not even having an ED).

I've seen some anons saying the same thing in a few threads (x cow isn't fat etc) and yep, they still sperg.

I'm taking back what I said about hellweek helping. Some of the cunts seem to be back and there are even a few robots.

Spot on.

I also used to be active in /ot/ and /g/ but honestly all the rude/aggressive comments put me off. Like mentioned, even if you look for advice, you get ignored. They just want to talk about themselves.

I wonder how many of them actually get out of the house? You don't even need to talk with people or have friends to see what an average person looks like

Did that happen today? Because I was there like 2-3 hours ago and it was still on the first page

Anonymous 3626

Maybe I'm one of those people, but I don't think that photoshopping cows to make them more attractive means you don't know what the average person looks like. An average person isn't necessarily attractive in any case. They're just average. Of course the shops are going to be ridiculous, or striving to be like the rare model-type of beautiful. Why edit something to look "normal"?

Anonymous 3627

Because a lot of the time people say they're photoshopping them to look normal, there were some scary luna shoops recently and they were like "this is what she'd look like cleaned up" no she wouldn't turn into an anime character once she showers.

Anonymous 3628

Yeah but the thing is that they don't even look attractive post-shoop. Overwhelming majority of the time they actually look much, much worse, like, retarded, alien-demon babbies. If in the shoopers head that's what passes for attractive, well they're gonna need a special type of a therapy for that brand of crazy.

Anonymous 3629

Venus thread is a cancergrowth and you pinned it down pretty well
>Yumi King
Some anons were wishing she would miscarry and be unable to have kids, yikes.
Laci is a cunt, no wonder she's awkward around her. Besides, why can't she have male friends?
>Taylor R

I could go on and on, the amount of petty children there seems to be is amazing.

Anonymous 3630

>some anons were wishing she would miscarry and be unable to have kids, yikes

Oh now what the fuck, what the actual fuck.
To actively wish miscarriage on a woman is just FOUL, and I am a goddamn antinatalist.

Anonymous 3631

>you are not real woman if not attracted to hairy muscly men or if your boyfriend is not 10/10 bara husbando
Where was this said? Majority on lc seems to claim to be some sort of femdom who's into pegging and dominating skinny twink looking boys. That's all I see talked about on sex related threads.

Anonymous 3632

Actually, most of them were saying that they were making them look "normal" or "average" because otherwise they looks monstuous supposedly /shrugs.
Though either way, if their view of beuaty or "improvement" is a pale lackey demon looking thing from weeaboo hell there must be some problems with their perception of beauty in real life, thus, the nitpicking.

Maybe it's not as rampant now, haven't been going there much.
But most "cows" boyfriends were mocked to hell and back for not being manly, and thus, being trash or "not real men". (think venus boyfriend, i don't know his name, for example.)
Or if anyone dared say they did not mind dating asians in some thread (yellow fever apart) a bunch of farmers would tell them that no asian is worthy of love because they all look like hairless twinks and that real men are big and bulked up/chubby and that their taste is trash.
Apart form the fetish threads i remember mostly being like that, but maybe i am remembering wrong so don't mind me lol.

Anonymous 3633


I think so? At least that's what was said. No one has posted yet so I don't know if it's working.

Anonymous 3634

personally I enjoy the "gossipy bitchy" side of lolcow when it's threads like old onision threads, or old incel threads where everyone is making fun of GENUINE stupidity and shitty behavior, not nitpicking appearances.

Anonymous 3635

Is lolcow offline for anyone else?

Anonymous 3636

Anonymous 3637

Lolcow used to be great, it was mocking people for genuine hitty reasons like Margot being an abusive asshole, Momos hypocritical delusions and Onisions whole being, and every so often there's a drop of new milk that shows a glimmer of that.

But mostly these days it's just a hostile environment that it full of nitpickers, people with horrible body dysmorphia who have no idea what humans actually look like and truly disgusting people trying to knock people off the recovery wagon for various things/people.

Hopefully Hell Weeks works and a lot of the userbase gets a ban, otherwise it's going to continue being this hostile, nitpicking environment with no milk ever, honestly Kiwis Beauty Parlour has most of the cows covered and we now have here instead of /OT and /G so it's very possible lolcow could die if they don't get the users sorted/

Anonymous 3638

I feel like the mods are very poor as of late.

I got banned for "cowtipping" for a month for a comment relating to a cow's PO box that was posted. I wasn't even saying -to- send them stuff, just that someone probably would.

It's just frustrating when they cherry-pick stuff on the threads that -may- be bad but ignore offtopic nitpicking and tangentially related shit that actively derails the threads. So many threads devolve into "oh she's so fat" etc almost immediately.

Anonymous 3639

Lolcow is literal cancer now thanks to admin. It used to be fun. I thought giving the old farmhand the boot this week would have helped improve the site because they had a habit of banning everyone. Nope. I got banned today somehow for ~~unspecified reasons~~ forever yet haven't broken any of the rules or made a post in ages. I cba to appeal against it because how can I appeal against something unspecified.
>"y tho?"
Times like this I consider joining the PULLtards. I feel they actually still have fun there, unlike over at AuschwitzCow

Anonymous 3640

Why would you post that on a board where the majority of farmers won't see because they either don't visit this site or they don't know about it at all? Admin, your credibility is somewhat lacking. Like >>3578 said, it's kind of hard to
believe you and not anyone else when you don't openly acknowledge anything.


This is depressing considering we just got new farmhands. I'm really hoping they can fix the site but I don't really know anymore. It's been a week and I suppose it could take a while to get the hang of things but I just don't know anymore. The discord used to be really fun but now I don't even enjoy it anymore.

I think lolcow is just going to be a sunken ship eventually and something new will pop up. I really don't want to post because I would rather not get banned over nothing. I know it's hellweek but the rules haven't been updated in ages. Last I checked, the rules pages said they haven't been updated in over a year. Trolling and shitposting are supposedly an issue but the rules still say they're allowed. If you don't update your rules, how do expect these things to not become an issue? It may tone down during hellweek but once it's over, the farmers causing issues will just go back to doing those things nonstop like they were before hellweek and new staff.

I'm ready to just jump ship completely and join Kiwi Farms and use this place as my go to for girl discussion. This place is small but it's userbase is already better.

Anonymous 3641

I will respond to all of this and on lolcow especially, I'm swamped right now with the new features and hellweek. I apologise for the delay.

I and another mod checked all permabans from today and found nothing that looks like it could have been you. If you change your mind about not wanting to appeal it, we'll sort it out.

Anonymous 3642

Reading all of the replies here, I don't really think the site has changed, but rather part of the userbase got soft and are trying to rally changes into the site when whatever hugbox they truly want just won't happen there.

imo /g/ never should have happened there and whatever disaster it is now, was going to happen inevitably. hell, LC and it's predecessors were made because anons were getting too snarky and bitchy for fucking 4chan's /cgl/, let that sink in.

the new hellweek rules won't change the amount of nitpicking and unnecessary comments, as long as it's saged and doesn't devolve into trolling/arguing. Which, if saged, won't stop people from making comments about so and so's teeth, if Anisa is really a cheater, and shit like that. So lolcow is going to be fine, it's not going to die until people stop being overly snarky and rude, but let's be real, they're not going to be.

Anonymous 3643

Yeah, I hate it so much that anons get offended when they get banned for stupid posts. I also hate it when mods do nothing about the heaps and heaps of unnecessary, childish nitpickers.
The amount of speculation, insults, stupid advice (every cow needs to be a perfect plastic surgery doll whoms BMI is below 19, but not thinner than nitpick-chan, then they're anorexic) and plain out retarded theories. If you can continue to spam a thread with "this cow should bleach her armpits!" and "I wish she would get rid of that n**r nose!", the sage won't do shit. Those comments have nothing to do with the content of their cowness. It's come to the point, where I no longer care to visit /pt/ or /snow/, since I know to catch up, I'd need to read 900 posts of nonsensical insults, "fanart", stalking of unrelated people and obsessions.

Is it really getting soft, when you wish people could draw the line with their own projecting and actual milk? A lot of actual milk has been ignored/not posted, since the point of the threads have devolved into insanity.

Anonymous 3644

You really think anything actually changed? Take a stroll to the catalog and find threads from y e a r s ago and shit is still the same "what's that dark spot on her armpits EWW!" muh nasolabial folds countless photoshopping of what PT ~could look like~ with animu tier delusion people fighting if a BMI 21 is obese people being dramatic about how "haggard" yukapon looked then and so forth. Dakota was a dead horse even before dramu was banned on /cgl/

>Is it really getting soft, when you wish people could draw the line with their own projecting and actual milk?

You're delusional if you think an anonymous drama site could be anything besides infighting and projection.

Anonymous 3645

Just to add PULL didn't get like that because people had to make an account. The same with KF/Beauty Parlor. The old drama sites like efagz eventually became members only. Drama on anon is just asking to crank the senseless cattiness to a million.

Anonymous 3646


I got extra-salty triggered the other day when I went to go check out lolcow to see if anything had changed and spotted this thread in /ot/.
The woman in this OP is Fiona Apple, a 39 year old singer, who periodically dips in and out of bouts of severe anorexia. This developed at 12 years old after a stranger followed her into her apartment block on her way back from school, pinned her down just feet from her front door, and brutally raped her. And she's being used as an example of how "not to age badly". These people don't have their heads screwed on right.

Anonymous 3647

>anons were getting too snarky and bitchy for fucking 4chan's /cgl/, let that sink in.
Except that's not what happened. Cgl was under fire for allowing "cyberbullying" and quickly becoming personal vendetta general with less focus on cosplay and lolita and more focus on lol cows. It's not that "anons were too bitchy for /cgl/", it's that anons wanted to do nothing but bitch on /cgl/ and that's not the point of the board.

tbqh not everyone knows who she is or what her story is, anon. I personally don't think she's a good example of aging badly since she still looks super pretty, but I wouldn't condemn OP either

Anonymous 3648

I think the atmosphere is still bad there and I don't think the nitpicking has lessened, but I can see things getting better with the current moderation, especially when it comes to /pt/ (not posting new threads except if you're a farmhand or admin herself). I think they made a wise choice there tbh.

I'm posting way more on CC, but I still browse LC and comment here and there. I will probably stop once we get more traffic here.

I've come to realize that I probably want to distance myself from all the cows and drama because I'm at a different place in life now where I just want to be positive with things, and where I don't see any point in read what those delusional idiots are up to, or spend time laughing at them. Not reading the most nitpicky threads anymore has also done wonders to my self esteem. I really don't need that crazy shit.
Cows/milk/drama lost its appeal to me tbh, and I think that to some extent I just go to lolcow out of habit, not even boredom.

I still visit Onion's thread because he's a horrible person and I really want to see him go to jail or pay for the atrocious things he's done, and watch his downfall. Oh and Luna's because I have hope for her despite things not looking good. That's pretty much it, I haven't commented​ in a while, I guess (not counting /g/ and /ot/).
The camwhore thread used to be fun and lulzy, but now I'm just disgusted by those girls and I don't even think their trainwreck lives are entertaining to watch… They're just pathetic, gross and sad. After reading some old threads for fun, I stopped checking the current one and I only read it when it's in the first page.

So yeah, maybe it's my attitude that has changed, and I've lost interest.

Anonymous 3649

>overtaking most of /cgl/ with bitchy, snarky "cyberbullying" doesn't mean that anons thirsty for lolcow drama were too bitchy and snarky for the board

lol okay, clearly they were. so much that the bitching and snarking actually became a cultural problem on the board that moot had to step in and ban lolcow type drama despite the fact that he admitted he forgot that /cgl/ existed. so yes, I maintain that the type of drama that anons who eventually led to lolcow wanted was too much for /cgl/. they almost cannibalized the board into what lolcow is today.

it is funny you say that though, because my whole point is that anons who want a nice place to constructively talk about drama or women's problems without nitpicking and stupidity isn't the point of lolcow either. and it never has been, considering the lax rules and almost nonexistent moderation since day one. look at the hellweek post! they are not going to out right ban nitpicking as long as it's saged. don't hope that no one is going to post about fucking teeth after hellweek is over. from what i've seen, people are happy to let threads get autosaged by farmhands instead of changing their own ways.

crystal cafe exists now. lolcow was never great and it never will be. >>3648
>So yeah, maybe it's my attitude that has changed, and I've lost interest.
I suspect this is true for the majority of you who think the site somehow changed for the worse.

Anonymous 3650

I'm just tired of getting banned there for stupid shit & seeing people getting banned for stupid shit. Somehow the mods have tighter reinforcement but they're completely missing their aim on several different threads? Okay.

The quality of the site has only gotten worse and I hope all the regular posters and mods choke on a dick.

Anonymous 3651

What was the "stupid shit" you got banned for?

Anonymous 3652

I've never been banned but I've noticed a lot more users getting banned for things that I don't think they should be. A lot of times it's normal conversation relevant to the thread

Anonymous 3653

Same… I think they're trying to artificially turn lolcow into a place of friendly discussion but that will just kill the site.

Anonymous 3654

the mods are telling me how to post and that my manner of posting is wrong despite me hardly posting and always remaining on-topic.

Anonymous 3655

>the quality is only getting worse

Lolcow never had good quality to begin with. I think it's a bit odd for the admin to want to "make lolcow great again" when it was never like that at the start. That aside, I do agree the quality has gotten worse but I guess that's part of a changing userbase. The site will likely die off in a few years or it will get passed off to someone who has even less of a clue on what they're doing. Whether it does or doesn't something will pop up to take it's place. Crystal.cafe is basically an upscale version of /g/ and /ot/ and I visit it more than I do lolcow now. Lolcow might be slowly running it's course which happens with these types of sites.

Anonymous 3656

>Lolcow might be slowly running it's course which happens with these types of sites
That's true. Looking back the community has gone through quite the number of migrations. First originating on /cgl/, moving onto Tumblr blogs, then PULL was setup and not too soon after MaximumFaggotry, then Stamina Rose, then lolcow. Shortly after that PULL imploded in on itself and PULL 2.0 was erected, lolcow users ended up splintering and moving onto KiwiFarms, which also shat itself and died, albeit temporarily, and now crystal cafe has sprung up in order to cater to those that are being repelled by lolcow's increasingly acidic atmosphere.

What's interesting is the exceedingly short lifespan of every one of these sites. I guess you burn out fast when the only fuel stoking your fires is hatred.

Anonymous 3657

>I guess you burn out fast when the only fuel stoking your fires is hatred.

Not just that, but also I imagine the entire community experience is hard to handle for a long time. Even if you somehow manage to make all the users happy, you can't spend day in day out being personally involved to this degree, including threats of lawsuits and handling CP raids on top of an increasingly insufferable community without it taking its toll until you want to just fuck off.

That said, I enjoyed lolcow a lot more around a year ago, but I also visited much less often then. It's a combination of too much nitpicking, moderation, cows getting more secretive. I long for a new cow.

Anonymous 3658

Cows aren't really going to be as fruitful anymore. A lot of the cringe online these days is your run of the mill tumblr snowflake. People are probably getting smart about lolcow or sites similar to it. People announce their plans to go troll/catfish/do whatever all for the sake of getting milk then wonder why the cows suddenly went quiet. If there's one piece if criticism I have it's the discord. Some farmers sperged over an Onision server and flew into it then were upset when some mole announced they were in there and spoiled their plans.

The discord somewhat feels like a bad idea because things like that are allowed to happen. Imo it's like cowtipping and they shouldn't have been surprised one of his army was in there in the first place. Milk isn't going to magically appear if one obsesses that hard and hovers around a cow hoping something happens. I think it was inappropriate for the admin to allow that considering you aren't supposed to announce when you're going to mess with/hang around a cow for the lulz.

I somewhat feel the discord was a bad idea. It felt good for socializing but it's not real great otherwise. I also feel like it allows you to see where some of the "low quality posters" are coming from.

Anonymous 3659

Yeah, the best cows were around the Jessi Slaughter era, iirc that's when CWC first surfaced as well as PT. Nowadays you don't really have that anymore.

Anonymous 3660

Yeah I think it's that a lot of newer drama is either catered to specific communities which are already being looked at (drama yt channels for yt drama, beauty vlog drama being covered by those channels, tumblr drama being covered by callout blogs etc) And there's this sense of closed off communities among cosplayers/cons/lolitas that even if there's a cow-worthy person in a community, posting them leads to either vendetta claims or people not caring (they think that because it's something far away it isn't worth it or it needs to be a big celeb for it to matter). I think there are definitely new-age PixyTeri's, but because focusing on someone funny from a random town isn't seen as fun anymore they aren't cropping up.

I also didn't agree with how the Onision thing was handled on the discord tbh. The discord users shouldn't dictate what is posted on lolcow, and holding back info/trying to keep stuff from the board isn't cool.

Anonymous 3661

>open nightmare thread
>lolcow admin and dynastia from kiwi farms shitting it up

I don't care if the lc admin is here at all. I just don't get why she would invite someone to a thread who is known to namefag on lolcow in an attempt to shit up a thread. I'm sure she didn't mean anything bad by linking Dynastia but I don't think it's something she should do. You can love a site but still do things to hurt it even if it's unintentional.

Assuming that was the actual admin in the thread(it seems like it because of opossum posting and what I've read in the discord) I think it seems like valid criticism and probably something she should be aware of. Lolcow is already barely salvageable, and I don't think anyone wants parts of what's killing the site spreading to here.

Anonymous 3662


Check out Simply_kenna, she has been giving milk nonstop like 2 months now and is too stupid, so she sucks at hiding

Anonymous 3664

>>3663 wait doesn't the photo state snail has given Regina IPs

>erm… snail pls explain

Anonymous 3665

What the fuck.

Anonymous 3666

Am I the only one who dislikes Regina? She always embarrassingly comes to every imageboard/thread that's talking shit about lolcow, the mods and she makes long posts defending herself plus the staff yet they still haven't done shit and never do. This happened last year on the bannedcows board on 8chan. I find it odd and cringeworthy that she hangs out in the cafe discord and lurks here.


And of course pulls shit like this lol. If you can't handle running a site and respecting it's users, then give up the site to someone who can run it without abusing their power. Wtf, admin?

Anonymous Admin 3667

I'd like to explain what happened. In a way, it starts with Spoony.


Users have already begun spotting her posts, which is unfortunate.
She's been posting a lot to c.c and made a lot of really good banners for us.
I don't think she should be banned, especially since she makes the board more lively than it would be without her. But many users think she's a plight and needs to go.

I'm unsure about this for the reasons I mentioned and went to Regina for input.

A few weeks ago when I realized Spoony might be posting, I reached out to Regina to verify that it's her. This included some false alarms too, of course! And it so happened that in today's thread, Spoony had indeed been posting a row of comments.
Where I went wrong was instead of simply denying that a subsequent post was Spoony's, I joked that it must be a cat lady since her post history mentioned a really big amount of cats. I didn't think this would be so damning but Regina recognized the user based on that fact. Regina does not have an account and the only other user information we exchanged was during hiring to avoid double agents who would be able to see IP and post history on both sides. I'm very sorry for compromising the anonymity of crystal.cafe. I promise I won't be sharing information about any posters again.

Anonymous 3668

I knew I never felt safe there. Something about it always made my security feel threatened and it was a unsettling feeling.
I'm glad most of my posts were just general comments and half-truths now.

Anonymous 3669

Anonymous 3670

Totally, especially on a website where the Admin has "outed" its own users in the past.

It was usually justified, but in the wrong hands access to that info can be abused against normal posters

Anonymous 3671

A poster as obnoxious as Spoony would be drowned out on a larger imageboard, but is incredibly irritating on a smaller one, let alone as small as c.c.
I like the cosy and polite atmosphere of c.c, and since she's an abrasive AND frequent poster, I don't want to have to see her derailing every single thread. She has an incredibly unfortunate personality and is incapable of using an imageboard in a reasonable manner.

I know what you mean, I always stayed as neutral and anonymous as possible in my posts and stopped using the discord when I realised I was suspicious.

Anonymous 3672

This is so disappointing. It seemed like there was potential here in spite of some rough edges.

Anonymous 3673

this is very upsetting but if >>3667 is telling the truth, i'm not ready to give this place up just yet. i really like the cozy atmosphere and it's a breath of fresh air compared to lc.

Anonymous 3674

I don't dislike Regina but I think she's done some really questionable things. >>3661 and >>3663 are reasons why I question her as an admin. Neither one are things she should be doing. She can interact with Dynastia from Kiwi Farms as much as she wants but linking someone known like him to a site isn't really wise to do.

Aa for the whole thing about lashing out at a user, it's kind of silly given lolcow is a site dedicated to making fun of people. It was basically ok to laugh and criticize cows until someone criticized her. I don't know, if someone runs a site meant for gossip and poking at people, she shouldn't be upset that people will question and possibly laugh at her. You can't judge people online and then get upset when others do it to you.

Thank you for addressing this. I was a bit worried about the info exchange and assuming this all is true I think this site still has a shot as long as this doesn't happen in the future!

Over at lolcow's /meta/ Regina has mentioned she's stepping down and looking for a new Admin for lc. I think this has created a lot of tension and given what's been said in this thread since it first spawned, there's probably already some distrust between farmers and staff. I imagine it's worsened somewhat now given the whole mess that's just happened. If she steps down I personally don't think she should even be a farmhand. She needs to let go of the site completely and focus on herself. Plus her lashing out publicly makes her seem like a risk as a farmhand who may vendetta ban imo so once handing it over it's best of she just isn't involved at all anymore.

Anonymous 3675

Thank you admin for addressing this, i was in the discord when it happened and it kinda ticked me the wrong way seeing it all devellop and all the shit being thrown around.

I think that while the Spoony thing seems like a fair explanation as to why, it still doesn't make full sense as to why IP's needed to be shared.
If an user is shitposting, not following the rules, sperging out or whatever it may be, that user should be banned of course, but i do not understand why it must be checked if it's Spoony or Mystery or whatever before you decide to ban them, as it will change virtually nothing since they will change IP's either way. Would it not have been the same if you had banned them without checking if they were Spoony and sharing multiple IP's? (since you said some were false alarms, which indicates that non trolls normal posters ip's were also cross checked, if i understand correctly).
If you had to check because they were not shitposting or not ignoring the rules but just had a certain posting style, then i do not understand the harm in them posting. Lolcow drama should stay on lolcow, if they begin to sperg like they did there, ban them like any other user.

I think this will very negatively affect the community, both here and in lolcow if it spreads.
People have shared incredibly personal things, both here and in lolcow, because they knew they would not be held over their heads thanks to the anonymity, once that is gone, you threaten your userbase.

While I am aware that a certain mod has been let go for threatening mass ip banning, that is certainly something that will happen again if it's encouraged by the higher ups of this site and lolcow.

I think this was a slip of mind and i certainly don't hold it over Regina or you, as we are all human, but this will rise tensions higher than they've been and might make the incredibly small userbase here even smaller or turn posters into lurkers because of fear of their identities being exposed.
Chan boards have an appeal, an that appeal is anonymity, having that broken and shared with other users for personal reasons seems like a huge breach of what makes this kinda platform great and could very well kill this site before it's even truly born.

Anonymous 3676

On lolcow /meta/
>Doxxing is no longer allowed.
>I know some people will disagree with this, but please consider that we never allowed or encouraged cowtipping anyway, so the information gives cows and unintegrated users ammo and invite vendettachans without being of much value to threads. Most of it can be found online anyway.
>Remembers lolcow admin cross referencing IPs of its users with CC in an attempt to erase the anonymity of its users and reveal the identities of the farmhand complaining about her capabilities of running LC.
>Remembers lolcow admin runs a site of gossiping and criticism but can't handle crititism and gossip of themselves on another site and essentially tries to doxx.
>Remembers lolcow admin essentially cow tipping and inviting robot dynastia (who is worse than spoony) to a relatively unknown girls only imageboard.

Also agreed with >>3675
I debated on whether to post this or just to start lurking due to what just happened, but I'm going to try and put my trust back in to the admin at CC

Anonymous 3677

>Remembers lolcow admin runs a site of gossiping and criticism but can't handle crititism and gossip of themselves on another site and essentially tries to doxx.

Outing someone on a site completely seperate from lolcow was incredibly inappropriate for the lolcow admin to do. Users shouldn't have to silence themselves to spare her feelings given the type of site she runs. She can work hard and have as many problems irl as she likes but that doesn't justify her actions. I don't know how anyone could blindly defend her knowing she possibly fucked up the trust in cc and more than likely lolcow along with letting her personal feelings get in the way of things.

Imo I think an admin should be held to a higher standard just as high as mods or janitors or maybe even higher. When mods of lolcow were less than satisfactory, everyone complained but when the Admin was caught being beyond shady, her asslickers comw to blindly defend her. It's wrong and it's bullshit. If someone can make a bad farmer or a bad farmhand, then a person can be a bad admin and shouldn't be put on a pedestal just because you like them or they're having a rough time.

Anonymous 3678


>mfw lolcow admin outs herself as possible lolcow material ohohohoho how the tides have turned

Anonymous 3679


She definitely is. She always rubbed me the wrong way with her immaturity, constant blame on ex admins, and her astigmatism of opossums. It ain't cute unless ur 6.

Anonymous 3680


Thank you for being upfront, Admin-chan. I really like cozy-posting here, and the few times I've actually talked in c.c. Discord, everyone's been nice.

It's neat having a woman-based image board; I don't want to give that up(even if I'm a bitch-ass loser who can barely type "hi").

Anonymous 3681

This is so sketchy. So as long as enough people don't like you, the site Admin can dox you with another site Admin in an attempt to run you off the site? I don't care for Spoony either but if she wasn't breaking any rules or ban evading, then why even follow that line of action?

Shit talking Spoony still feeds her ego. There wasn't any problems until anons with Spoony hateboners took it over the edge

Anonymous 3682

>but when the Admin was caught being beyond shady, her asslickers come to blindly defend her

Honestly I think this happens because we all know, in the back of our minds, that Admin could "out" all of us if she chose to do so. Even if we don't like them, Admins always have this unspoken power over us… hence all the bootlicking

Anonymous 3683

In hindsight I think the discord was a bad idea for this reason. With the ip verification and whatnot, if a user did something to piss off the admin, she could out them if they've posted cringy things. Fortunately, I don't think she'd do this because it'd be shooting herself in the foot even more and killing off userbase because they'd lose trust in her. It's just not something I'd see her doing even though she's already done it once and realized how bad she messed up

Anonymous 3684

Ngl I was very suspect of the discord and IP verification so never participated. Discord also dried up the threads imo.

Her doxxing wasn't even a spur of the moment dun goof, that's the thing, it was a calculated dun goof so I don't know how she thought she can play the whole "forgive me I made a mistake" card, she had plenty of time to realise what she was doing was wrong and not go through with it- the key word being ANONYMOUS. It's like being impregnated at an abortion clinic, that doesn't just accidentally happen kek. The key reason we come to these threads is to anonymously talk shit and not have to deal with the embarrassment or the consequences of sharing TMI or the judgement of others and it is wrong for admin to take that away from its users and dox them because they are in a vewwy gwumpy mood tewday cus no tendies uwu

This was no mistake, they got cocky and abused their power and thought no one would question it.

Anonymous 3685

Did she doxx anyone other than spoony?

Anonymous 3687

Didn't she find out what LC staff had been talking shit about her in the CC thread too or am I wrong? kek

Anonymous 3688

if they're not breaking rules why are we even trying to find out if it's mystery/spoony or whatever…

and yeah >>3663 shows that

Anonymous 3689

Well, apart from >>3686, she also publicly outed a member of LC and CC on the LC discord because she posted something negative on this board about her (she said IP's for that user were not exchanged, but if she was able to identify her i assume some kind of post history was shared), a mod threatened to IP ban everyone that criticized Regina (which again, makes me assume more info is thrown secretly behind the scenes, otherwise how would the mod know who exactly was talking shit), and as the admin stated avobe with the false alarm claims, it's quite probable they compared even more Ip's of normal users just to try and catch Spoony or Mystery, thus, destroying the privacy of the userbase of both CC and LC for their own satisfaction.

I love CC and enjoy LC, i am a regular poster and i am verified in both discords (which now makes me quite uncomfortable, because as >>3683 said, if i pissed off any of the admins they could air my shit around), in the boards i share some stuff i would not like being linked back to me, and knowing that maybe me, or othe posters are being outed because the admins think that spergs are invading the board and hurting their feelings (which apart from that forky person, i did not see anyone breaking the rules or spergng out, but i digress), makes me not want to post as regularly.
Incredibly shady business going on.

Anonymous 3690

i agree but spoony and mystery broke a ton of rules. they're r9k tripfags

Anonymous 3691

here on CC?? did they?? where?? this is a separate site m8y

Anonymous 3692

sorry i didn't mean here. though spoony arguably has been since she keeps selfposting

Anonymous 3693

the argument i have is that if they're not breaking rules on CC we shouldn't be outing them at all, ie the Mystery ip check to see if she'd posted here.

Anonymous 3694

Which rules did they break here on CC? Maybe I'm a dumb ass but they shouldn't have to doxx you or reveal your identity before hand to ban you from posting. Spoony or not, they shouldn't treat spoony any differently from any other user in regards to breaking rules. Nor do I think users banned on one site should be banned on every single board. I honestly feel bad for Spoony for this witch hunt (never thought I'd say that, fucking kek) but it's also infringing on every other anons privacy trying to find "Where's Wally" with someone who will just switch up their IP address once they are banned, again hahaha. Like does it even matter that we have to always do the grand "it was Spoony and she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids" reveal every time they are banned.. JUST BAN THE USER IF THEY BREAK THE RULE AND BAN AGAIN IF ANOTHER RULE IS BROKEN ALONG THE LINES, ITS NOT HARD GUYS

Anonymous 3695

A mod here on cc was threatening a bunch of bans? lmao why are we dragging lc staff drama over here? Do the imageboard admins really need to form secret alliances at the expense of the users? I would really just appreciate if the admin here would distance herself from others who will attempt to have influence over her/this board. I don't want this petty situation to kill the site so soon when we're hoping to attract more traffic.

Anonymous 3696

I back this because, admin, there is a reason why some of us are here and not on lolcow right now (clue being we began to hate the site due to drama and admin)

Anonymous 3697

when a Crystal Cafe mod is threatening to IP ban users here and when the Crystal Cafe admin is sharing IPs and outing users from here to the LolCow admin I think it should probably be mentioned here even if it is bringing drama to our comfy space. But it needs doing even if it's as simple as to get Admin to distance herself and not form cliches.

Anonymous 3698

Sorry I thought they meant dragging the drama over here meaning spoony and mystery drama and trying to ban them here too because LC hate them. I think the issue with LC admin should be discussed here, probs get put to pasture if discussing it over there kek

Anonymous 3699

i don't want ip sharing but i also don't want spoony here. she's infested every board i've tried to use for like 5 years. jfc girl

Anonymous 3700

Yes, she said so on the lolcow verified discord.
Being brief she basically said "okay so i am a mod on CC, how dare you treat Regina this way, i will ip ban you all that say anything about her", then proceded to call everyone a bunch of salty cunts.
She later apologized for it and deleted the message, so there is qute possible no screencaps about the whole thing. And either way, i think she felt really bad for lashing out, so it's better that this stays dead since she no longer mods the community (admin confirmed this on Discord).
I don't personally think any of the people involved deserve a witch hunt, and the few times i talked to Regina or Admin they have been very sweet, but what they did was incredibly stupid and petty.

It seems idiotic that the lolcow drama is passing onto this site and slowly consuming, when this site was formed in the first place because the lolcow drama was too much to handle for some of it's userbase.

CC should be a clean slate, not lolcow 2.0 minus cows.

Anonymous 3701

I'm curious why it is that most female-run communities tend to develop this sort of drama. Is everyone really young or what? Are we unable to look at things rationally?

Like, just take a step back and have a breather before you start making stupid decisions.

Anonymous 3702

well just look at kiwi farms. they're run by men but have constant drama and scandals.

Anonymous 3703

I don't care if Spoony or Mystery are here as long as they stick to the rules and don't namefag etc.

Everyone makes mistakes in life and they deserve a second chance. Like the rest of us; we're sat here on CC like "awhh anon happy dreams and buttercups" knowing one drama site ago we were being super toxic about people????? We're clearly trying to grow as people and the community is clearly growing up and moving on to an extent.

As long as people don't break rules even kiki damn kannibal can post here. IDGAF.

Anonymous 3704

>>3701 most drama sites admin are male lol

Anonymous 3705


That's a really bad way to look at the situation considering Kiwi and EDF2 have their share of drama between each other and they're both heavily male dominated.

>Everyone makes mistakes in life and they deserve a second chance. Like the rest of us; we're sat here on CC like "awhh anon happy dreams and buttercups" knowing one drama site ago we were being super toxic about people????? We're clearly trying to grow as people and the community is clearly growing up and moving on to an extent.
Damn anon, you're so right. Pic related is me reading ur post

Anonymous 3706

That's what I think too. I'm sure many of us have done cow-worthy things before. I sure have. As long as they don't start shitting up the site, I don't see how it can be a problem.

Anonymous 3707

For the LC users that started all of this in the first place by trying to initiate a witchhunt on an anonymous platform, I think you need step back and consider the extreme irony of complaining about the presence of other users whilst actively going out of your way to pursue them. Just a thought.

Anonymous 3708

>admins think that spergs are invading the board and hurting their feelings

I don't understand the point of outing someone if they hurt your feelings on a site you should have no control over. I am not sure if Regina thought everyone was her friend or had only good things to say but I don't understand it.

Yeah, it probably could have been easily avoidable had the witchhunt for spoony or mystery not occurred. I'm debating as to whether or not I should continue posting here(or even on lolcow) given the shitstorm involving IP addresses and users being outed.

I don't care if spoony posts and I don't care if mystery does either. I didn't even notice spoony was here until people began pointing her posts out.

Anonymous 3709

I don't think anybody actually got doxxed or had their IP shared. From what I can understand of the situation it sounds like Regina was querying Admin whether negative posts made about lolcow and/or her were made by spoony, and rather than just saying "No, it's not her", she made a joke about the OP being a cat lady due to the fact that the user had posted about owning multiple cats. No actual information of substance was exchanged, but because Regina was supposedly familiar with the person based on that description, she was then able to out her.

imo I think it's just been a silly oversight and a stupid overreaction. It would be sad to see the board collapse in it's infancy owing to a few teething issues.

Anonymous 3710

>but because Regina was supposedly familiar with the person based on that description, she was then able to out her.
This is the part I think I am missing. How did Regina out them? In a post? On the Discord? Here on CC?

Anonymous 3711

She asked about a post, found out who it was through that and the description mentioned, and then went at the person in the discord. There's chatlogs of it still that people have evidently saved screenshots of.

Anonymous 3712

People were complaining on the large about the numerous amounts of posts Spoony had made here. LC admin asked was a certain poster Spoony too. CC admin made a joke that it's a catlady and not Spoony, LC admin recognised the poster from that alone. No IPs were shared.

Spoony, I know you're here still in multiple posts, samefagging, in this same very thread. Stop holding your grudge. The admin who permabanned on LC you isn't the same that's around now. Stop trying to raise a spergarmy due to a stupid misunderstanding. The mod who sperged about the criticism got let go.

Anonymous 3713

If it's not a big deal, then why did Regina decide to step down? It was a dumb thing she did, many agree criticism of lolcow admins doesn't mean it's all spoony.

Anonymous 3714

How are you people able to spot spoony so easily out of all the personal posts in here?
I understand lolcow, since she was derailing, but most threads here encourage a little bit of self posting or personal venting.
Everyone is complaining about her and mystery sperging out and shitting up the board but i do not see it?
It feels like i am missing the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous 3715

^ This
I've not noticed any of them posting and even if they are…so what? As long as they're not shitting up the site or causing drama why is it an issue? It seems like there's people holding grudges out for them tbh.

Anonymous 3716

moot vs spoony.png

She has a private life too.
We've all gone off at someone for no reason due to other problems. Regina has a private life outside of lolcow. Her talks weren't due to her spergout at the catlady, but she sperged out because of tired/stressed. She apologised for going off for no reason and stepping down was because of that.

As for people holding a grudge against Spoony, I genuinely hope that she has changed.
I just also happen to remember her past behaviour. For those with short memory, she tried to build a personal army against moot, ostrengas and other tripfags. She to this day plays that it was them bullying her. Moot personally came around to tell her to fuck off for good, that's how bad her posting got. The same behaviour continued on from /cgl/ to /r9k/ and she again got permabanned, then she did it on Lolcow and got permabanned from there.

The "grudge" posters hold against her is due to her being such a shithead that 3 places (I've heard she got permabanned from some smaller imageboards, but I wasn't around to see it) have permabanned her for
a) attentionwhoring
b) building personal armies
c) trying to play the victim (like when she ran a dozen ostrenga hateblogs and sent them creepy shit, then came to cgl pretending the ostrengas are stalking her and she has never ran any of those blogs)

For 10 years I've been lurking, I've never seen her stop this behaviour. Why should I believe that suddenly, after 7 years of constant spam shitposts, she would suddenly be able to NOT shit up a community?

Pic very related.

Anonymous 3717

Are those recent though? No, so why is it relevant to this site? If she starts fucking up, ban her. If she's not doing anything rn there's no need too.

Anonymous 3718


Spoony is that you? She lied multiple time about ban evasion to Moot and the mod team knew every log in point of hers. She was a bothersome person then and is now. The Lolcow ban is from 2015? R9k ban from 2014. Those are recent.

Anonymous 3719

No I'm not spoony, also two - three years ago really isn't that recent. Again there's no need to hunt people down on different sites, as I said before if she starts fucking up just ban her, it's really not that hard.

Anonymous 3720

Anon, Regina is still going to be criticized or judged for what happened. Everyone goes through things in their personal life but no one here knows her issues except probably a close circle of bootlickers or good friends that happen to be farmers. Multiple people agree what she did was idiotic and since she's an admin she is probably held to some type of standard. I don't know because I'm not everyone who has posted here.

I think this entire shitstorm has ensued because of the hunt for spoony. Personally, I don't give a damn if spoony posts and she shouldn't be nailed until she's actually broke some rules. If anything, she's probably loving the discussion of herself in this thread since she's always been a big attentionwhore.

Anonymous 3721

>2-3 years ago
pick one m8y.

but really if she's not banned stop witch hunting as it leads to stuff like this tbh, but hey maybe Regina just got bored of lolcow and wanted rid :^)

Anonymous 3722

Posting in a thread multiple times without a trip=/=samefagging, and I remember that thread because moot screwed up and tagged a completely unrelated Tripfag's post as hers. This is a really poor attempt at trying to decontextualize a situation to suit your vendetta, so I'll do you a favor and link to the original thread here.

Stop trying to bruteforce drama onto a site that was setup specifically to avoid drama. This entire thing with Regina only happened because you couldn't help flinging your shit on LC trying to push for some witch hunt, and frankly it's weird that you're clinging onto this after what has to be 6+ years now. Grow up Anon.

Anonymous 3723

I was happy when cc first opened, since lately lolcow has been a hot mess, and I was glad it wasn't going to be all about drama.

However it seems some people can't stop being petty and that's sad. I don't understand why some users care so much that spoony is posting if she's not breaking any rules.
Unless she's breaking rules there is no reason for her to be outed or for admins to even check her ip to see if it might be her. I don't care if a former cow is posting on cc, unless they are namefagging and breaking rules. If they are, I don't really care to know who they are either. This isnt lolcow. I don't want the admin to go through someones post history and out all the posts a user has made because it's funny. I thought this was going to be a different type of board.

This is proof that Snail and Regina ip shared btw.

Also, stop claiming everyone is Spoony.

I've also decided to stop using lolcow until lc has a new admin.

Anonymous 3724


> claims to clear chat
> claims that channels were totally deleted
> secretly keeps all the logs of everything
> even keeps logs of irrelevant channels like vidya
Regina really loves to keep our cringe

this image is every single room on the lolcow discord, nothing is EVER deleted

Anonymous 3725

where is that from?

Anonymous 3726

It's a little script I wrote, it just shows all channels on each server I am in.

Anonymous 3727

Okay now that's extremely fucked up.

Anonymous 3728

I guess I wasn't around for whatever this is about. Did she claim to delete discord channels somewhere?

Anonymous 3729

Why is this a big deal? Obviously someone who runs a channel will keep things archived? She's cleared the chat before to keep stuff from possibly leaking/at the request of other users.

Why are you running a script like that? It's pretty creepy, anon

Anonymous 3731

When did she ever claim to delete the channels? I don't remember her saying that. I just remember her saying she was going to clear the log, at least once.

Anonymous 3734

Where does it say she's deleting the channel?

Anonymous 3736

>to keep future members from seeing it

Sounds to me like she was just trying to avoid leaks.
It's really not that deep.

Anonymous 3738

Clearing isn't the same as deleting anon. Clearing basically means that everyone but her cannot see it.

Anonymous 3739

She is heavily implying with her language that it will be deleted, but considering Regina is a control freak that likes to dangle information over people's heads, she probably is just hiding it.

Anonymous 3740

>to keep future members from seeing it

Anon this clearly implies that it'll be recorded/kept but just not available to the public.

Anonymous 3741

"Clear" in English means to clean something up completely. Regina could be trying to say she's only hiding it, but if that's the case it's her just being bad at the language.

Though now I'm more interested in
how many attempts you made at writing a reply to me.

Anonymous 3742

what are you even talking about? If you mean the post number discrepancy I have no idea why that happened, probably someone posted and deleted something.

Secondly. She did clear it to the general public. It is wiped away for the general public. You're being obtuse just to attack her.

Anonymous 3743



well obviously she knows what she was doing is wrong as she deleted those channels.

Also, hello Regina

Anonymous 3744

Rereading this thread, especially from the point where this whole mess with Regina kicks off, I think discord was a mistake. Aside from the Spoony witch hunt, the discord was what led to this mess as well. None of the shady stuff with IP addresses or whatever would've become such an explosion or brought to anyone's attention. Plus I think Regina should have had a completely seperate discord account. One for Admin things and one for just talking to everyone like a normal user provided she didn't tell anyone that was her non-admin account.

I don't think the archiving of chats is that big of a deal but I don't think Regina deleting them helps her case either. If there was nothing to hide, I would've just kept the archives anyway. She should be held accountable for the IP mess but the chat log thing isn't really important howecer it's kind of dumb to delete them since there's more than likely nothing in them.

Tbh, I don't think this entire mess is due to what's happened recently. I think doubt of some kind has been bubbling for awhile. IP verification to become an "official" farmer of the discord probably created some type of distrust. Mystery was, imo, hilarious but I think that might've contributed to it given she was a farmer in the discord. And like it's already been stated in this thread, people are worried that because of the verification thing, their business could be spread around or their posts could be revealed. I don't think Regina would do it but it is obviously a concern. Now that this mess has kicked off, more distrust has probably been added because it might feel like people can't post about lolcow on a completely seperate site. Like I said, it's probably more than just this recent debacle.

I think whoever the new admin is going to be should either nuke the discord or get rid of the IP verification process. Also, ever since the mishap with Regina happened, lolcord has been weirdly tense. Whether anyone has noticed it or not there's just a huge ball of tension hanging around and I think once the tranistion to a new admin finally happens, things will go back to normal. Lolcow is just barely hanging on so it probably can't take a whole lot more upsets with admins.

Anonymous 3745

I think those are some good points but you're suggesting to remove the farmer-only Discord channels, then? Because the only way to confirm someone has posts on lolcow is with their IP.

I think the goal was to prevent robots and incels from getting into private channels and cowtipping or creeping out girls, and tbh I liked having the private channels free of men.

Anonymous 3746


I was the OP of the Alt Right Snowflakes thread. I was hoping we could have some political lulz but the thread has degenerated into talking about Lauren Southern's snaggle tooth, thin lips and "fat thunder thighs" (she's average).

I really hope the next Admin will look through people's post history and start permabanning people who do contribute little but autistic nitpicks because it's really ruining the quality of the site.

Anonymous 3747

Fuck, I thought that thread had potential to not be shit since they are a bunch of sad milky people that barely get talked about. But of course it ended with nitpicking perfecrly normal girls while ignoring most milk and shitty things they do.

I don't see hellweek helping much at all this time around, the cancer crew thread is mostly omg pearhead omg manface and nitpicking of Anisa, the alt-crew most of the same, the aly thread is mostly about how shit she looks, etc etc… I barely see any difference in the boards in regards to shitposting at all.

Anonymous 3748


>regina + snail

Anonymous 3749

Yes and no now that you made me remember about robots and trolls. I'd actually forgotten about those. I like having the inner channels as well but I do think maybe the IP verification helped set of some of the distrust that's been going on if it hasn't already existed. I suppose the next admin could stop verifying people but the decision is up to whoever it will be. I'd rather the inner channels not be removed but if nuking IP verification has to be what it takes to assist in getting farmers to trust admins again, then it's a possibility we have to face. I think there should be a townhall or something like it so we all can discuss it as a community with the next admin. There might be solutions or compromises we just haven't thought about yet

Anonymous 3750

The jvlogger thread is nothing but "omg sharla is fat" and speculating over if she is pregnant or not. That thread has always had 0 milk but now it has reached negative milk.

Anonymous 3751


This is what happens to 90% of the threads in snow. People rather nitpick on someones appearance rather than, idk, anything else, really. The Jessie Blush thread is a perfect example, as well as the others listed.

A shit ton of the threads should just be on auto sage.

Anonymous 3752

>I don't see hellweek much this time

I think the issue is there are probably a lot of silent bans plus it's pretty easy to ban evade from what I understand. We're in the middle of summer so that probably doesn't help. It just feels like threads are full of insecure girls or people who believe they're an expert on psychology because they have a mental illness. It doesn't really feel like hellweek honestly. It feels like another regular week on lolcow day after day.

Anonymous 3753

It's actually because a rule that was made was nitpicks had to be saged. If you pay attention, people are just saging their BS more often. But a sage doesn't change the quality of anything. And you won't get banned if you sage your BS.

Anonymous 3754

make or become clear, in particular:
remove (an obstruction or unwanted item) from somewhere.
"Karen cleared the dirty plates"

Now in this case, since this is the dictionary definition, do you indeed believe Karen threw away the plates, or moved them to a new place? Since, you know, it actually means to remove an object from somewhere to another vague place.

Just for clarification, since you said it means to delete.
>She is heavily implying with her language that it will be deleted, but considering Regina is a control freak that likes to dangle information over people's heads, she probably is just hiding it.

Now, just to once again to remind you. Clear means exactly what she did, congratulations, I hope you learned a new word while at it! :)

Anonymous 3755

Is Regina really so unpopular that she needs her friends to come whiteknight her on a completely unrelated forum?
I know you think you're being all incognito coming here to stan about how she dindunuffin, but how about taking it to the site she ACTUALLY moderates.

Anonymous 3756

>Pulls out meanings of words, but cant deal when the tactic turns out to not work
Tinfoil time! I disagree with a lot of her choices, like the nitpicking being okay if its saged and the existance of a lot of threads on snow. BUT, I also wont jump on a bandwagon because youre unable to comprehend the english language. Trust me, most adults know how to differentiate between legit criticism and stupid shit like yours, go learn english first if you want to nitpick about it, dumbass.

Anonymous 3757

Girl you need to go chill your beans, I'm not even the person you were previously arguing with, but you're being pedantic about this to the point of childish namecalling which makes it pretty evident that you have some sort of personal stake in this debate. You can argue semantics all you want but it doesn't change the fact that to any native English speaker, if somebody states that they're going to "clear" a digital transcript, it means it's going to get wiped. You know what to 'clear' doesn't mean? It doesn't mean you take over a year's worth of assumedly private interactions made between 100± users and secretly archive them for your personal perusal.

I understand that Regina is German so maybe this was just a miscommunication on her part, but even if that were the case there's no defending this kind of disingenuous activity that has the potential to threaten the safety of users she's supposed to be administrating.
I've never even participated in the lolcow Discord, but if I had after having had my anonymity assured, only to discover that she'd done this? I'd be fucking PISSED.

Anonymous 3758

Also if you REALLY want to go that route, let's consult the Cambridge Dictionary for 'clear' as a transitive & intransitive verb.

>clear verb (REMOVE BLOCK)

>B1 [ I or T ] to remove or get rid of whatever is blocking or filling something, or to stop being blocked or full:
>if you press this key, the computer screen will clear (= the text and pictures will be removed from it).


Oh snap.

Anonymous 3759

You have no idea what you're talking about. That chat wasn't even made until winter, it's not a year worth of private interaction (in a chat of over 1000 members, very private), and you just said you were never there so you just want to keep stirring shit. Or you're so selfobsessed you think anyone cares specifically about the cringey shit you posted in the chat. Drop your vendetta, Spoony, Regina is a shit admin nnd needs to pass the baton but she's not the one that banned you.

Anonymous 3760


Anonymous 3761

Not that poster since i actually like Regina and don't even care about the whole chat debacle. But this shit of calling everyone who disagrees with anyone about lolcow's admins or website "Spoony" is getting very tiring.
People are allowed to have opinions that do not match your own and not be Spoony.
This shit of calling everyone who dislikes lolcow administartion Spoony/Mysetry/Kiki or whatever the fuck is getting so tiring, annoying and childish.

Anonymous 3762

wew, cringe. the sperging is real

Anonymous 3763

I'm actually sick of having to read about this on /b/ every damn time I go onto it. Can we start saging further posts? I literally don't care at this stage, I'll seek out the gossip later.

Sage for obvious fucking reasons

Anonymous 3764

agreed. this is by far the biggest thread on c.c and it's not setting a good precedent. i think it should be discussed as much as people want but please respect the community by not keeping it bumped all the time.


Anonymous 3765

The arguing over the meaning of "clear" is kinda silly. So is the accusing posters of being Spoony. This will just be lolcow 2.0 if this continues. I think we should just continue discussing admins, the state of lolcow, or its seemingly grim future. If the thread is going to be bumped at least let it actually be about lolcow or somethubg related to it.

Sage because added nothing

Anonymous 3766

That old chestnut huh.
Since you don't seem to get it I'll spell it out for you. The only reason people flock to any chan board in the first place is for the offer of anonymity, and so it is supremely fucked up that an administrator would abuse their position of power to secretly archive hordes of deanonymized transcripts of user interactions.
People share a lot of really personal shit on chans and in messengers, shit they wouldn't even dream of whispering if they thought there were any chance of it being linked back to them irl, but they do it anyway under a promise of anonymity. What do you think happens then when one user manages to piss off a rogue mod enough with an opinion and that mod happens to have a log of that user discussing, say, that they own a lot of cats? What happens when that mod has an IP linked to those messages, and a web log detailing that IP address' entire post history?

Anonymous 3767


Saged for rant but I think this hellweek(month?) is too strict. Like fuck, even banning people saging their shit? I mean, unless the poster shitposted too much and only admin knows, I think it can kinda suck the joy out of the place. Like, when did gossiping become such a deal that it has to have such strict rules?
Fuck that.

I'll keeping visiting the goddamn place still because I am addicted to the milk

Anonymous 3768

>it is supremely fucked up that an administrator would abuse their position of power to secretly archive hordes of deanonymized transcripts of user interactions

All of this. There's no reason for the admin to archive discord logs.
I also think sharing Mystery's posts set a bad precedent and hurt the trust between the admin and the userbase. I admit that I laughed a lot and yes, she was a hypocrite, but it could have been done a different way.

Anonymous 3769

the precedent was set when Spoony was the first user to be threatened to be outed by the original owner of lc, because it was the only way to keep her from ban evading and same fagging.

then Kiki Kannibal was the first victim.

then Victoria.

then a Joytard (?)

and then Mystery.

it was even part of the official rules, that you could be exposed at any time for breaking a global rule.

Anonymous 3770

>As the newly appointed assistant to the new admin then I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of some new changes that were recently announced.

>Currently, the new admin has decided that any disparaging comments about lolcows appearance will be reported to their ISPs for cyberbullying, I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the new rules that are going to be put in place so there's no confusion.

>If you have any questions about the new changes then you can feel free to send me a PM or ask on discord and I'll make sure the new admin receives them, he may or may not be able to or be willing to answer or comment, but I'll make sure that they're received.

>Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous 3771

Screen Shot 2017-0…

Came to post about this. I just don't fucking understand the direction Lolcow is going in anymore.
>Please no cyberbullying [[on this literal cyberbully site]]!
Another thing: Dynastia as a mod/admin. The king of autists from Kiwifarms. What the actual fuck. I think it's time to abandon Lolcow for good, but I just don't know where else to go at this point. Crystal Cafe is nice, but I need somewhere I can talk shit without disrupting the flow of things.

Anonymous 3772

>believing anything Dynastia says
>believing anything posted without Admin or Farmhand tripcode

Miners plz

Anonymous 3773

This is what I was thinking too. Seems too crazy to be real, and they still haven't posted with a Farmhand trip

Anonymous 3774

I'd like that, but it would have to be contained to a single board and even then I fear for the future of c.c - it might end up overshadowing the rest.

Anonymous 3775

Based on the conversations going on in the Discord (Wildchild asking Dynastia how shit works and how to edit her posts), I think this is real.
I want to ask what the fuck they're doing in the /meta/ thread, but everything's been so dodgy lately with the IP/data collection shit that's been going on that I'm actually somewhat scared I might get permabanned, doxxed or harassed for speaking out. That place really is falling apart. I just don't know what to think anymore.

Anonymous 3776

>cyberbullying is against the rules
>doxxin is allowed

…what? Is that sarcasm?

I remember there was something going on with Dynastia on LC, they were banned or something iirc? Idk

The site is dying as it is. /ot/ is full of hateful threads about xyz and /g/ is basically 90% dead, except maybe 2-3 threads. Even then the responses you get are often dumb, childish and/or hateful for no real reason.

I also remember wildchild namefagging on the site, and it was allowed despite many users being against it

Now I'm 100% done with posting. I might not be a cow but I surely won't put any more personal information/secrets/vents etc on that site, where someone could use them against me just because.

Anonymous 3777

Apparently it was all a ruse. The new admin is Sencha, not Dynastia.
Not sure if the "new rules" are legitimate or not. Probably not.
Regina's watching this thread pretty closely.

Anonymous 3778

This has got to be the most low level trolling I've ever seen. Why is Wildchild even allowed to namefag openly and why is Dynastia even allowed to pull this type of shit off? I seriously doubt Dynastia is the admin but this makes lolcow look like a huge dumspter fire. It already is anyway but this doesn't help at all. All this has the potential of doing is causing confusion amongst users about lolcow ownership changing hands or not. Even if he were admin that'd be a good way to kill the site.

Anonymous 3779

Because admin/staff "like them". That was the reason given the first time they namefagged on the site.

Mind sharing anything about them?
I don't use discord so honestly no idea who that is.

Anonymous 3780

I don't know anything about them, s/he doesn't seem to post much except for casual chats.
It's funny how steamed they all got about the comment on "data collection", though.

Anonymous 3781


From Regina's resignation post on KF. "Aussie". "He". Welp.

Anonymous 3782

Tbh it seems like Regina(if that post is actually her) wanted to troll people. Troll or not it doesn't make her look good but I guess she doesn't care at this point and probably just wants to be done with lolcow.

Anonymous 3783


Is this somehow related to the person offering money to "get unbanned"? I hope not. And just selling the site? That sounds bad.

Well…whatever it is, it won't affect us anymore.

Anonymous 3784


They were discussing this in the lolcord after they stopped with daddynastia's trolling, assumed it was also trolling, guess not kek.
Oh well, maybe it won't be too bad even if it's a male admin since the place is mostly for dramu-only now and the more "girly" boards are dead or dying.

Most people that are not there for the drama already started giving up on lolcow and coming here since /g/ and /ot/ are full of BDD-chans, salty idiots that sound like summerfags all year long and posts that sound high-school tier.
There, it's impossible to have any kind of level headed conversation without someone coming with her autistic salty screeching nitpicking the most trivial shit of the post, so it was bound to end up dying anyways.
Kinda sad, as i spent the last few years being an avid poster or /ot/ and /g/ and genuinely enjoying discussing things with other farmers, to see it's decay through the years.

Anonymous 3785

She said on LC's meta that admin is a woman

Anonymous 3786

this sounds like a troll

Anonymous 3787

I checked it and it's not even a registered account, it's a guest post. Something doesn't add up.

Anonymous 3788

How do you know who the new Admin is?

Anonymous 3789

I was banned from lolcow a couple weeks ago for baiting a couple overly-sensitive anons. Not sure how long I'm banned for, guessing it's a permaban. I don't mind not being able to post, but the site forwards me to a mirror-image site, "farmcow.lol"

Not going to bother to reset my IP or use a VPN etc. though considering lolcow seems to be changing from an anon site to a user-doxxing site.

Happy that crystal.cafe exists!

Anonymous 3790


What the fuck is going on.

Anonymous 3791

kiwis were trying to confuse people. it's resolved in /meta/ now

Anonymous 3792

Why hasn't Wildchild been put out to pasture yet?

Anonymous 3793

people were thinking that dyn was being serious/taking the trolling seriously.

He would never get access to the site. Firstly because he has an even worse powertrip than Josh, he'd out everyone in seconds and he's also complete scum.

It's a shitty ongoing joke in the discord that people come in asking for an admin that he says he is the admin and people in the public channel have been going along with it. It's nothing more than a joke that people took seriously.

Anonymous 3794

I guess the same reason they allow Dynastia to shit up the place - because they like him.

Anonymous 3795

Ugh how annoying. If I was admin I would just get rid of the official discord entirely. I don't like the idea of having some elite inner ring of posters. It's goes against the spirit of an anonymous culture.

Anonymous 3796

That was my exact thought when it first came to see the light of day. I knew it was going to be one big circlejerk involving select people. Sad, really.

Anonymous 3797

I think the site is shit because of the mods and the way it's set up. They choose favorites and ban people based on whose been an anon longer etc

If you ban people then put "this user was put out to pasture" under it or some other snarky comment of course new people aren't going to come back and I've seen people banned for things that weren't even against the rules. The site is bitchy and negative because that's the environment the people in charge make.

Anonymous 3798

>ban people based on whove been there longer
Nah. I've been poppin on that awful site since 2014 when it first began and I got banned a few months back for posting copypasta which NO ONE seemed to remember, not even the newfag admin or mods despite there being a literal banner of the copypasta too. All the anons there and staff get baited so easily, I must've struck 12 nerves.

The put out to pasture thing is a pun and regular imageboard users easily spot why the poster got banned. There doesn't need to be a reason under it.

Anonymous 3799

snow should just be deleted. There is no point for it.

Anonymous 3800

I'll never stop laughing over the Anon that posted how some girl had "more Chins than a Chinese phonebook", only to promptly get banned for racism.

Anonymous 3801

I used to really enjoy the discord but now that people like Dynastia and Wildchild are allowed to do whatever because they're well liked or "harmless" I think it's kind of ruined it. If Wildchild is allowed to namefag just because they're harmless then everyone should be allowed to and no one should be banned for it. They're basically getting special treatment in a way for it being allowed. I also don't get allowing Dyn to pretend to be admin. It doesn't help lolcow either. I could care less if they hang around but really they shouldn't be allowed to run around and do whatever they want. Whatever happens to them and the discord though will be up to the new admin.

I used to really love lolcow but I'm coming to accept the possibility that it will just end up shutting down eventually. With all that's wrong with it, it'll just be easier to close it down at some point than switching admins over and over. I don't want that cause I enjoy the gossip but that's what will end up happening because I imagine a lot of people would rather not even touch the idea of owning the site. You don't make money off of it and it's clearly going south anyway.

Anonymous 3802

I actually quite like /snow/ even tho everyone seems to hate it. I think the ongoing /pt/ threads are just as unmilky and repetitive except with 30 threads saying the same stuff. At least there's new threads being made in /snow/ for reading something different and getting a drop of potential milk.

Anonymous 3803

MaxFaggotry, Stamina Rose, Lolcow… we'll just make a new one

Oh is it that I'm a 9/10 copypasta? That's a classic. Idk why they would ban you unless you were spamming it

Anonymous 3804

Yep. I got a nice "calm your astigmatism, bitch" (v professional) which means they thought it was my words. The irony was strong in that one.

Anonymous 3805

If you only posted the copypasta then that's indeed a stupid reason to get banned. However, if you were arguing and trolling on purpose then I see why it'd happen.

While I hate it when stupid arguments start in threads, especially if it's OT, I still think it's a dumb reason to be a bannable offense considering it is/was stated in the rules that "inflammatory comments" were allowed.

Anonymous 3806

So many thoughts…

I got some short bans for "whiteknighting" lately, you can say super nice things about many flakes but don't you dare to defend the ones they have a hate boner for.

I report trolls stalking and doxing innocent people just for talking to the cows, trolls discussing ancient drama in an endless loop, trolls that literally cyberbully the flakes on their social media and then blatantly post their screenshots of their trolling later in the thread.

Some farmers have the biggest hate boners I've ever seen.. but yeah, apparently that kind of abuse is also "freedom of speech" *

Anonymous 3807

Maybe just me, But sometimes I feel bad when I call those girls "cow" or "flake"…

I have fun in lolcow but deep inside I hate it, at the end of the day I feel sadness.

Anonymous 3808

I feel bad because I'm basically bullying people and there's no way to justify it.

Anonymous 3809


Same. I learned about lolcows after discovering PT during her StaminaRose "child molester" phase and, being vigilante scum, got immediately pulled into the drama. Somehow I got addicted to the drama, so even when lolcow went to shit (petty cowshit) I had a hard time leaving. I'm not exactly sure when things changed, but I started noticing most "flakes" and "cows" weren't really bad people - in fact, some seem incredibly normal or even nice.

I purposely started baiting anons for about 2 months before I got permabanned. Did this in part because I started getting tired of all the petty bitches on the site and in part because I wanted to prevent myself contributing to the site any longer.

Lolcow goes against how I know I should behave, (it's really wrong to frequent a cyberbullying website) so I feel guilty still wanting to visit. Luckily I no longer post and haven't visited for a few days already.

I've been struggling with depression the past few years, so I'm not exactly sure why, but I am pretty sure it contributes to me wanting to visit a site like lolcow. I'd actually say I'm a pretty decent person, so not sure what drew me to continue visiting a site that went against my moral compass. I used to frequent sites about fashion and kpop. It's honestly a struggle to forget/not visit a site like lolcow. I'm hoping once I get my depression under control, I'll never have a desire to visit the site again.

I'm guessing a lot of anons there also struggle from serious depression or other mental illness as well. I still don't know why these would make a site like lolcow popular, but I know I wouldn't have frequented a gossip site in the past when I was happy meh

Anonymous 3810

I actually have always had a lot more fun on hate culture websites like 4chan/lolcow by being altruistic and kind for no reason. Its way more enjoyable and hilarious when 10 anons hate you for being nice than it feels to agree or fit in with THAT type of person. You can't get banned by posting "I love her beautiful facial structure and fashion sense" because you're technically not doing anything against the rules.

Anonymous 3811

>I started noticing most "flakes" and "cows" weren't really bad people - in fact, some seem incredibly normal or even nice

Same here. Sure, some of them ARE terrible people and have done terrible things, but honestly… most of them could be forgiven for lying or whatever. The site literally turned into girls nitpicking girls they think are prettier or uglier than them just to make themselves feel better.

>I still don't know why these would make a site like lolcow popular

I guess it's because it's anonymous and it gives people an outlet? Honestly a lot of anons there have pretty bad body image issues, are fat or mentally ill and I feel like them whining and shitting on others is a way for them to blame the world instead of actually getting help and working on themselves. Or they see how even the worst cows still somehow manage to live their life, get money and a partner and are, well, jealous. (I really hate using that word as an argument because it's so cringy and like a high school tire insult but it some cases I feel like it's true.)

Anonymous 3812

>maybe just me, but sometimes I feel bad when I call those girls "cow" or "flake"…

No I agree, it's incredibly dehumanising.

Anonymous 3813

>Same here. Sure, some of them ARE terrible people and have done terrible things,
Anon but how much of what you read is actually true? Evidence is often provided by trolls manipulating or twisting their words. Some of the girls could be telling the truth or have all the right to be upset about the site, but some very dedicated anons twist their words or manipulate the evidence, directly attack them etc, and basically they are convinced that the girls they hate deserve to be bullied for literally years for whatever they did and will justify their bullying forever as well. Funny part is that sometimes anons and staff get super offended every time someone calls it "a hate site", double standards much? The point of the site is discussing drama but anons break the rules all the time and are not better than the girls they ridicule tbh.

>but honestly… most of them could be forgiven for lying or whatever.

Exactly, but rabid anons won't open their eyes soon, it's sad. The site makes everything evil in you come out.

>The site literally turned into girls nitpicking girls they think are prettier or uglier than them just to make themselves feel better.

I wish it was only that, there are some users that are very dedicated trolls and stalk entire families and attack them, leak their information, post links to the site in their social media etc.

Anonymous 3814

>deserve to be bullied for years
It's kind of like they stop treating these people like humans. Like those weirdos who take candid pictures of momokun at con to laugh at her.

Anonymous 3815

I wouldn't trust posting anything against the grain on lolcow because it seems like a lot of the mods would stalk or doxx anons they don't like(like other people have said in her they also have favorites). They're not professional and they think emotionally. Even 4chans mods are more professional than them.

Anonymous 3816

I will admit that other posters bully tons of cows/flakes (which is what we call nitpicking I guess). Bullying to me is taking inconsequential information (such as their appearance) and using it against that person in a deliberate manner to harass them or manipulate people against them. So, in a nutshell, I think all the nitpickers who constantly discuss the cow's physical features are malicious bullies. Derailing threads with minor details that are overall unimportant is the norm and I think that's crossing the line into cyberbullying territory, especially when there are several threads on the same person with the same low-quality discussions.

It makes me think the main demographic for lolcow is insecure teenagers or ana-chans who are consumed by their paranoia of being seen as fat or ugly and they literally resort to frantic bullying as if they're holding on for dear life. If i'm being honest, it truly is pathetic.

However, I have participated in lolcow for the last 2+ years and I do find the site to be completely useful for discussing people who do deserve to be exposed. I will never comment on, for example, simply_kenna's appearance because I really don't care, but I kept up to date with posting about the plagiarism issues because I believe that type of criticism is deserved. Or let's say, again I don't care about Mira's appearance, but I do think it's appropriate to have a place to discuss her absurdities. The same goes for many youtubers. Where do I go to discuss suspicions or evidence of their true characters? Hatesites like lolcow seems to be the only venue.

Anonymous 3817

sage for samefag

My biggest dilemma about a cow is actually the same reason I started posting to begin with. I do have a personal vendetta against a girl I knew for quite a few years irl prior to her having lolcow threads. Even before she really had an internet personality, I was bothered by her, because we were from the same area with the same hobbies, interests etc but I found her to be a snotty and spoiled bitch. She was loved by everyone in our community but she constantly rubbed me the wrong way and I held a grudge about her for years. Fast forward to 2015, she posted on her personal fb about people doxxing her and mocking her mom on the farm. So that's how I was introduced to lolcow and at first it was kind of like sanctuary for my bitter feelings (lmao) because after so many years people online were finally starting to see her behavior the way I had.

The real dilemma is… maybe she's not THAT bad to the point of deserving these types of criticisms? farmers go too far by dissecting every minor aspect of her appearance/behavior because they're desperate to conclude that she's (insert mental illness here). There's been so much inaccurate armchair psychology about her or worse farmers who outright claim to know her but get their facts completely wrong and I have to expose their inaccurate fucking story. It's always Americans. Always. They don't realize how easy it is to call bullshit when they use American terms despite the cow being from elsewhere. At the end of the day, I still participate in her threads, I criticize her annoying actions, I explain why I think her actions are wrong etc but in the last year alone she's become a staple on /snow/, her threads fill up so fast with bullshit comments about her weight. I know it's fucking wrong.

I started more than half of her threads, I actually help to keep them organized with accurate timeline/info. I've also contributed a lot of the "milk" in the early threads when they were slow and at the time I actually felt like I was one of the only posters who bumped the thread. Now she even has several banners and idk I feel like her popularity on the farm is partially my fault and I should abandon ship.

Anonymous 3818

Lolcow is exhausting and has passed the line of documentation at this point. People use it as a means to bully people for the stupidest thing. I was into following Moocow but it's become a whole thing where they tip her, she reacts and then everyone is like "oh she should just grow thicker skin" like bullshit they wouldn't respond in the same way after being continually harassed even though that's not the point of lolcow. Snow is a wasteland and it needs to be heavily
moderated. The people in the simply_kenna thread sound unhinged over a girl who is one out of a million and the revival of the berry thread is pushing me to my limit. If I have to see her school picture from 11 years ago as a comparison to what she looks like now one more time, I'm going to lose it. I don't look the same as I did 11 years ago and I don't know why they expect this internet thot to.

Anonymous 3819

>because they're desperate to conclude that she's (insert mental illness here)
It's always either Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or Histrionic Personality Disorder. That or they're a le sociopath maymay xDD~*
Of course the true irony is that you could easily conclude from the content submitted to lolcow that the majority of the userbase is suffering from the aforementioned three disorders.

I think the root of the problem with lolcow is that it's essentially a space for young women who've reached a demarcation between their adolescence and their impending adulthood that they're having difficulty crossing over. Many if not most appear to be very immature and carry with them grievances that bleed out into their posts at any given opportunity. Individually they're not bad people, they're young and they're frustrated, and they're desperately seeking an outlet. Gather them up, place them into an echo chamber where they're allowed to air their insecurities and imbalances unchecked, and what you've got is lolcow, and honestly I can relate to the mindset because I used to be just like this. I'm guessing most of us here do.

Anonymous 3820

I think lolcow should delete blatant vendetta threads and nit pick threads rather than keeping everything for posterity. Even the Admin said she hates certain threads, but it would be too big a rule change and farmers would revolt. I want to discuss harmful cows and scammers, not pick on random young girls for trying to be online famous.

Anonymous 3821

Oh, I agree with that and I don't believe anons something just because they say it's so.

What I meant with terrible are people who actually did bad things, like scamming or everything Onion does. But we don't have that many cows, that are "actually" cows.

Anonymous 3822

The nitpicking of their appearances really makes me feel insecure about my own self.

It's getting ridiculous honestly.

Anonymous 3823

>One out of a million
Well perhaps you're not concerned with widespread plagiarism but do you really see no merit in calling out art theft?

Anonymous 3824

Same, anon. I've started posting less and less on lolcow because of that, especially after the mystery thing. I know lots of farmers thought that what happened to her was absolutely hilarious and milky but when you stop to think about it…fuck. that was absolutely unprofessional and made me rethink everything I ever posted there

Anonymous 3825

It's in the infos that you get branded for breaking certain rules. BTW, girl was deserving of it. All you who act like you're each being stalked and doxed are paranoid or cow material in disguise.

Anonymous 3826

Sometimes I feel like anons have to add a mean part to a nice comment to avoid getting a "Hi <insert "cow" here>", a ban, or the hate from farmhands or who knows…

Anonymous 3827

>It's in the infos that you get branded for breaking certain rules. BTW, girl was deserving of it.
I've seen worse anons breaking the rules ALL the time, reported them, caught them on their lies and even posted evidence, planning shit against the cow in the site and attacking them on social media, but I don't see them perma banned/marked…
so what's the criteria to "deserve" it?

>All you who act like you're each being stalked and doxed are paranoid or cow material in disguise.

Anons are just being honest, the site is biased and full of vendettas.

Anonymous 3828

Looking at her thread I get the impression that the staff were just itching for another scandal on par with the Kirsten debacle, which is why they invented the "no asking for your thread to be removed" rule and applied it retroactively as an excuse to expose her.
I don't like much like mystery at all for my own reasons, but looking back I do feel that what was done to her was actually cruel. It's pretty obvious from her post history that she's not emotionally well, and a warning that her post history would be exposed it she didn't cease probably would have more than sufficed.

As for the other rules she broke, in the case of any other anonymous user they would have just been banned, so you have to ask what made mystery so special to warrant such special treatment, and how does that leave the state of moderation on lolcow? If you piss off a mod enough do they now have the option of exposing your entire post history on the site as punishment?

Anonymous 3829

The rules always said that breaking a major rule can get your posts outed. Mystery was exposed at https://lolcow.farm/pt/res/368493.html#376059

She harassed the admins with a lolsuit threat trying to get her thread removed due to supposed vendettas and revenge porn but was caught posting revenge porn about someone else and making vendetta threads.

Anonymous 3830

The first time I saw them calling Dynastya "our bad boy" I felt sick, are they for real? Farmers get so offended about everything Onision says about women but when it comes to Dynastya bullying and doxing women = a harmless little troll, "our bad boy"… EW

Anonymous 3831

Do you get paid to lick that much ass or do you genuinely enjoy it?

Not in the context of the other shit, no

Anonymous 3832

The people who deserve it they don't like or they don't care about and the people who get away with everything they do like. The mods think too emotionally.

Anonymous 3833

Wow wtf? That makes me want to vomit.

I've noticed no one is complaining about this in lc meta though. You know there are trust issues when everyone feels they have to go to a different site to vent.

Anonymous 3834

That's laughable and embarrassing. Inb4 they brush it off as saying it "ironically". Gross man.

A lot of people at lolcow don't know about what's happening. I feel like most of them don't even know this site exists because lolcow is constantly getting new users as evident by what's being posted and the same threads being made over and over.

Anonymous 3835

>the rules always said that breaking a major rule can get your posts outed
No they didn't.


That rule didn't exist until 26/04/2017, the day mystery had her posts exposed. They cooked up that rule last minute and then applied it retroactively because they were looking to bring some entertainment to the board. It was an extremely shitty thing to do, and whilst I'm sure some users found it highly entertaining, it's also succeeded in eroding the trust of the entire userbase.

Anonymous 3836

>Keep in mind that this privilege may be voided at any time if you break a global rule or frequently break non-global rules, however.

Anonymous 3837

And you know what's really funny is that on that same page it details a list of things that are permitted on the board that were then said to be the major offences that mystery was exposed for breaking:

>Is everything else really allowed?

>Yes. This means the following things are permitted:
>Inflammatory and hostile comments
>Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers
>Pornography involving people aged 18 or older
>Shitposting and trolling
>Racism and any other -ism (except for the boards with guidelines against it)

On that same page there is even a rule that says "No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world", but did anything happen to the Anon that approached Momokun in real life, photographed her without her knowledge and posted it to lolcow? Because that broke a major fucking rule, but it was ignored entirely for "teh lulz". If moderators are allowed to enforce and overlook guidelines and rules according to their personal biases, then what's to stop one of them from say, retroactively applying the rule that everybody that tells a subject of discussion to kill themselves should have their entire post history exposed? Because imo encouraging a person's fucking suicide is 100x worse than sending silly lolsuit threats and creating vendetta threads.

I'm not saying that she shouldn't have been punished, and I never in a million years thought I'd be defending her, but she should have been issued a warning because honestly what it looks like to me that the moderation team deliberately allowed a person, that everybody is more than aware has issues with her mental health, to continue making a fool of herself, deliberately allowed her to continue sending frivolous threats, let it all build up and up and up into this nice little package of humiliation, and then decided to fuck her with it, all for the sake of a temporary amusement.
I'll actually retract everything I've said up until now though if a lolcow moderator or admin can step forward and confirm that they did in fact forewarn mystery that her post history would be exposed if she continued threatening them with litigation, but I expect nobody will, because nobody did.

Anonymous 3838

>deliberately allowed her to continue sending frivolous threats

kek what are you on?

hi mystery

Anonymous 3839

>hi mystery
Now that's just sad Anon.

Anonymous 3840

Yeah it did. Do you not remember when Princess Doll was outed?

Anonymous 3841

I don't know who that is. I only ever really used /g/ and /b/ to be honest.

Anonymous 3842

Wtf? Then why are you blabbing on as if you know anything?

Anonymous 3843

>our bad boy tee hee desu~
Ohhhh wow. Fucking puke.

Anonymous 3844

Same to you Anon. If you love lolcow to the extent that you're off whiteknighting it on an entirely unrelated website, why are you here and not there?

Anonymous 3845


>pointing out that you're outright incorrect is white knighting

ok anon

Anonymous 3846

This isn't a support group for Anons who dislike lc, it's a discussion thread. Deal with it.

Anonymous 3847

Lolcow has pretty much turned into talk "shit about girls who are prettier than me or I feel don't deserve anything because they're uglier than me" the web site. I think a cow like pt wouldn't be interesting to the majority of the users and many would probably just Bitch about there being no milk because she's not famous.

Anonymous 3848

I never said that pointing out I was incorrect was, but the constant "dindunuffin" attitude is kinda wearing thin. I want to know why it is that the staff play favourites with some users, and choose to apply some rules and disregard others according to their biases.

Anonymous 3850

I kind of agree but I'm willing to give the new admin a shot first.

Anonymous 3851

A thing that irritates me about lolcow is that anons on threads accept constant nitpicking of looks even if they're not saged, but if you dare make a side note (saged) on something that is still some what relating to the subject of the thread, you get sperged at some anon telling you to stay on topic. I have legitimately had anons reply to posts I made days ago reeing at me to stay on topic lmao.

So for example on the Lauren Southern thread "her fans are disgusting, I've had some bad experiences with that sort of anti sjw myself" OMG STAY ON TOPIC REEEE but "omg she has roots and a slight stomach, burn her!" totally acceptable.

Anonymous 3852

A bitching site is always a hate site and that attracts undesirable people and a lot of problems, also the girls discussed there are always going to try to take legal actions for slander and defamation, you can't have that Utopia.

Anonymous 3853

Princess Doll was a "kawaii" Instagram nobody who made a thread about herself in /snow/ and kept samefagging and making fun of herself in it. The Admin outed all of her posts - this was back in 2015, and I believe it was the first time someone had been outed. So it's been a part of the website for a while, but I never had any issues with it because Admin made it very clear that this would only happen with serious rule infractions. What bothered me personally is when noob Admin started discussing regular posters.

Anonymous 3854

I feel like that's the thing that actually bothers me about it? Like there's a pretty big difference when it's a case of exposing the samefagging and vendetta posting of pseudo-ecelebs who approach places like lolcow for means of self-promotion or tearing down competitors, i.e. Kirsten. When it's an otherwise regular user who happened to take it too far though, but had a plethora of really sensitive intimate posts, the whole thing just feels really disgusting. What's more disgusting is knowing that it wasn't even done to get rid of her, a simple ban could have accomplished that, it was done to publicly humiliate her in the worst way possible and so that thousands of people could take pleasure in that humiliation.
I have a bunch of posts on lolcow myself where I've discussed incredibly intimate details about my life, my family, things that have happened to me that I can't even talk to my boyfriend about, and I know that if that all of those posts were exposed and it happened to happen on a bad night, I would probably legitimately want to kill myself. For something like that to happen to somebody else would be unforgivable imo.

Anonymous 3855


Probably unpopular opinion but simply don't shit where you eat?

Mystery did the same and worse to others, you can't ignore the context of her outing. She faked her suicide and named users in her note and used a news article from her area to make it look legitimate. These tumblr users thought they had her blood on their hands. That's not nearly in the same ballpark as you're trying to make it look. Besides she openly taunted users to 'go and make a thread about me if you hate me so much' multiple times but then threatened lolsuits to make it disappear. Her outing was more than deserved.

Anonymous 3856

Reported for being an annoying cunt. Stop that shit.

Anonymous 3857


Just because an anon challenged the attitude of another anon who challenged the ethics of a site doesn't mean they're not discussing things. The fuck are you on?

Anonymous 3858

>Her outing was more than deserved

Sure thanks for exposing a girl's shit in a site full of shit and catty bitches who could be worse.

There's serial shitposter in he thread comparing her to a hog.. normally ana chans or shit posters like that get banned in record time but not in her thread… does she deserve that too?

Anon pls..

Anonymous 3859

Not sure what you're on about either sister. Anon said a factually incorrect thing ("This was never a part of the rules"), then when she was corrected she sperged out and accused them of white knighting

Anonymous 3860

*And told them to go back to Lolcow, on top of that

Anonymous 3861

lol where did I 'sperg out'? Or are you one of those people that invents fantasies to fit her own narrative? I think you're taking this a little too seriously.

Anonymous 3862

Anyone have info on the new Admin? Is she a discord regular or what?

Anonymous 3863

Don't worry, Most of the people nitpicking are ugly bitches who literally call thin people fat.
Like with sharla, she's not fat. She has a bit of a tummy, so she's chubby at the most. People treat her like she's 900 pounds, it's so silly.

I'm sure you're a cutie.

Anonymous 3864

These rules changed right? serial shitposting and sockpuppeting was a no-no before

Anonymous 3865

Agreed, most of the girls posted on lolcow are "skinny fat" or slightly chubby yet are treated like they're huge lol. Pixie is another normal sized girl they ree is huge, their perceptions on how women should look is weird af it was shown in the photoshop thread where they made every woman look like a 2D anime waifu.

Anonymous 3866

>it's also succeeded in eroding the trust of the entire userbase
This is what happened, no one can deny it. Even if it was a rule before, this was different. Princess Doll kept making threads about herself and samefagging. Kiki and Spoony aggressively shat up the whole site with their posts and it was obvious it was them. Mystery was just an average poster that happened to be a hypocrite. She didn't selfpost and her posts could have been written by any other user. There was no reason to out her like that.

Anonymous 3867

What the fuck? LC is being invaded by kc and 55ch(apparently)? Yikes, I hope that they don't find out about this place.

Anonymous 3868


I have bad news for you.

But I've seen two recent threads disappear quickly so Admin-chan seems to be on top of it.

Anonymous 3869

>slob ass guy laughing at a beauty board
fucking lol. of course

Anonymous 3870

What gives? Not even robots gave a shit about this site when they heard about it. I don't understand their agenda.

Anonymous 3871

>>3868 I don't even get how people can be so desperate for attention they do shit like this.

I miss the mid/late 00's when channers "raiding" were actually against people who deserved it.

>sighs in old.

Anonymous 3872


So Regina hasn't resigned? I'm confused.

Anonymous 3873


Anonymous 3874

IIRC she said she would stick around to teach new Admin and help the transition

Anonymous 3875

i keep getting banned for "unspecified reason" and have been getting really pissed off. i usually only post on /b/ so i don't know how they even justify banning me. i don't feel like i'm being rude plus i've been saging my posts. it's only become like this within the past few days, so i feel like a mod just got in it with me and is banning me now for whatever.

Anonymous 3876

Try asking in the Discord?

Anonymous 3877

When you get banned does lolcow redirect to farmcow? I feel like I'm the only one this happens to. I was permabanned, but would still like to read /g/ and /ot/

Anonymous 3878

Damn lolcow is a great entertainment but most of the snow boards are literally insufferable. Copious amounts of nitpicking and ripping apart normal girls like Micky who are literally just cringy teens on the internet and are harming nobody right now. When milk dries everyone just jumps straight to stalking and nitpicking instead of letting go of it and maybe recording the good drama somewhere. We get it, Momo has gotten bigger, Micky is shit at coords, Pumpy is too skinny, Meg's tits are saggy, some random bitch's mug is ugly. People just keep slamming the same statements over and over and over again. Asides from Moo's thread most of these chicks don't have any more active drama and are just being discussed for their appearence. Those threads should just be all put on autosage or something until some real milk spills.

Anonymous 3879

55ch is involved in this?

Anonymous 3880

yep there were tons of brazilians posting in the worst english you will ever see anyone speak. you can spot them because they just kept posting olavo de carvalho pictures. someone no other country gives a fuck about.

Anonymous 3881

Thank god I didn't catch that. 55ch was always cancer but nowadays it's even worse

Anonymous 3882

Genuine question: if you stopped posting on the site, how have you felt?
I'm not necessarily counting /g/ and /ot/ since they're pretty much drama free.

I still browse it when I'm very very bored, but I can't really remember the last time I posted on pt and snow. I don't want to sound preachy, but I feel a lot better in general, especially because I used to be very active on the site.
I mentioned this ITT earlier – I just think at least some of us were done with the idea of milking the cows because we didn't think it was right, or it was affecting ourselves in a very negative way.

I did love that place during a bad era of my life though. Good dark times when I hated myself a lot but wanted to laugh anyway

Anonymous 3883

I'm around 1 month sober from lolcow. I posted 1 time using a VPN (I purposely got myself banned by trolling, but still wanted to browse /ot/ and /g/ on occasion). Around 1 week ago, I quickly scrolled through /pt/ just to see if there was any news on Pixyteri, but in the process felt disgusted by the other threads.

lolcow is oddly addictive; the anonymity, the drama, reading the darkest thoughts of others that people would shy away from sharing irl or even on most of the web. With that said, like you anon, I was in a pretty rough place when I found the board. My life is getting better, in part because I finally started making active efforts to change it…and I'd say also in part because I've no longer really been browsing lolcow, except to see if there are any new beauty/fashion-based threads.

I can't really say whether it's my views that changed or not, but I could have sworn in the beginning the site focused on exposing scammers, child molesters, and other terrible people. I know it's been said a million times before in this thread, but seriously, it seems like a catty bitchfest now.

>>BTW, has anyone else noticed that lolcow seems slower than in the past?

I wonder if more of their user base will make the career shift from farmer to miner

Anonymous 3884

It's been slow since last august when the first admin left. I think a lot of the userbase moved back to cgl.

Unfortunately I went back to browsing the shithole, either to mess with the psychotic bitches there and to see the insults the girls throw at people because sometimes, they're genuinely funny and witty and not an insult you'd find anywhere else.

Anonymous 3885


There was a period of time when I was starting to question my basic feminist beliefs, starting to hate other women, and starting to develop a proto-I'm-not-like-other-women attitude because of the bullshit on lolcow. Watching anorexics tear down any women who wasn't a skeleton and cry about being normal sized instead of severely underweight while excusing or ignoring fat, ugly men, reading stories of them putting up with (or still putting up with) abuse because "I didn't want to be lonely uwu", the stories of doing really fucking stupid things (mostly to pander to men) and then trying to play it off as "lol I was just a dumb teen tho" despite the fact that even as a teen I wasn't that fucking stupid, the stories and encouragement of being a nasty ho or doing unscrupulous things for money or attention instead of just getting a fucking job and leading a normal life… It really shook my faith in my own gender and made me fear that more women were like that than not. And if women really are like that… no wonder many men hate us and accuse of of being stupid, vapid, and terrible to deal with. We ARE stupid, vapid, and terrible to deal with.

When I stepped back, though, I realized that lolcow was pretty unique in how bad it is, and that every other female space I've been apart of has not been like that. Most women are not like that, and we're getting better at battling toxic mindsets like that.

Anonymous 3886

The site never really affected me much (as in my self esteem etc) but reading some posts (about cows or replies to other users) sure did upset me mostly because it was often something nitpicky, bitchy, rude without a good given reason. Now I just roll my eyes if I come across stuff like that.

I still visit the site maybe once every 1-2 days to visit the alt cow thread. The discussion is somewhat civil and there isn't a lot of nitpicking going on, which I like. Unfortunately because there isn't a lot of milk, the thread is going in a circle.

>in the beginning the site focused on exposing scammers, child molesters, and other terrible people

Tbh I think that stuff wouldn't be considered "milk" on the site, at least not for long because it seems that the majority prefer to shitalk other peoples appearances and don't want to contribute.

Anonymous 3887

I was going to highlight the parts of your post that I agree with but holy fuck, the entire thing is so spot on. That's exactly how I feel/felt too.

Anonymous 3888

Yeah I think there's become too much of a focus on aesthetic/female internet personas rather than actual milk.

There is plenty of milk flowing from a shitton of people, especially in the youtube community and even some still in the con circuit, but I feel like it's just ignored for more posts about "lol look at moomoos rolls in this pic" or posting about some random camwhore who has maybe 4k followers and does DD/LG porn or something.

Anonymous 3889


because farmers nowadays only care about girls who got popular off the aesthetics they like.

Anonymous 3890

Really? I started loving and accepting other women because of lolcow. Sounds like you were focusing too much on the wrong things and threads (anorexic posters and camming or whatever for money). Just laugh off the stupid stories, everyone's done dumb shit no matter the age except for weirdo shut ins.

I liked that in ot and g we banded together against obnoxious ass male posters, uplifted each other in threads, and were able to have girl talk. Before then, when I spent time on other (male dominated) imageboards, I had the mentality that I was sooo special and not like the other girls. Users on lolcow typically even make fun of the "girls are competition/im not like the other girls" types which is p great and should be encouraged.

Anonymous 3891

You (and others) were so willing to paint an entire gender with the brush of a portion of women/posts/threads on a small gossip site in some backwater part of the internet… Why are you guys like this? Where does it come from?

People on lolcow are terrible because it's a terrible site. Why the fuck would it influence your views on women as a whole? That's some fuckboy tier shit.

Anonymous 3892

Not that anon, but humans as a whole have a tendency of doing that. Just think about it for a second. It's nothing uncommon.

Anonymous 3893


I don't really think I was focusing on it, it was so prevalent. There were threads I knew to avoid because they were really bad, but it would spill out everywhere.


Hey, when all you're given is shit you tend to start to think the thing giving you shit is an asshole. At the time I wasn't able to really hang around my other women-dominated sites, and what I was getting was just so fucking appalling.

Anonymous 3894

I suppose you're partially right, but I just can't relate to that kind of thinking.

Why would you extrapolate the shit you see on a very small sector of a sector of the internet to half of the world's population. I think a lot of 4chan/redpill males online are absolutely, irredeemable garbage, but I don't feel like my faith in the male gender is thrown in to question and ALL men are equivalent to that trash. And that redpill shit is MUCH more prevalent online than anything on lolcow is. I'm butthurt because over the years I've seen way more women than necessary being SO ready to throw the rest of us under the bus and fall for the "maybe the trash men are right" meme because some population of women are trash people.

Anonymous 3895

Chill, why are you so mad that anon felt that way? Let everyone speak their minds, don't get so triggered. I understand it's hard to understand why someone would feel that way, but you're overreacting a little. This thread is about LC, not why people are mad/disappointed at the other/same gender.

Anonymous 3896

I started lurking lolcow a few months ago one long, sleepless night. Even if it was negative, I liked being able to find so much about smaller, unpopular girls who I was too shy to get to know online, like Taylor, Venus, etc. I have really severe insomnia and the deprivation lets anxiety attacks seep in if I'm not occupied, so lolcow was that mindless filler, alongside tumblr, skinnygossip, youtube, insta.

I wouldn't post often, a few defenses and "blogging" here and there, maybe 30 in total. But, I could feel some of that evil slowly sinking into my mindset – little flickers of horrible thoughts would squeeze in by my normal thoughts like, "Why did you donate to her the other day? Its her fault for not getting an abortion, YOU deserve that money" or "even if she's a child rape victim, she's awkward. So its ok to stalk and make fun of her".
I stopped immediately after noticing. Switched to podcasts and filled up my tablet with ebooks from the library. I don't read it anymore.

Anonymous 3897

what a heartwarming story

Anonymous 3898

Go back to lolcow

I also browsed lolcow due to anxiety and insomnia. I got away from lolcow by focusing on other things as well. Which podcasts do you like anon?

Anonymous 3899

You did the right thing. I've been browsing lolcow for a few years. At first everything seemed too intense and hateful, and I honestly felt so sick with all the hate and negativity that I'd stop going there for weeks before needing my cathartic outlet again. With time I started interiorizing some of the ideas, which only fueled my self-hate and made me feel bad, but I was already hooked.
There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little nitpicking when you're feeling more frustrated, but you should turn away if you feel like it's becoming harmful for yourself.
I ended up forming an emotional bond with the site and felt connected to the community, probably due to my lack of friends irl. I'm happy that this site exists, hopefully it will be more active in the future.

Anonymous 3900

I just like listening to random voices. The news, night vale, everything on the stitcher front page, all the "how it works" offshoots, pretentious journalists going all over the world, npr, anything with talking voices to drown out my own inner thoughts.
I think you're describing that same feeling I had, like there was a whiny nitpicking monster dragging all of my personal thoughts into an awful place, but I kept feeding it for "fun" until I realized it wasn't actually fun at all, it was miserable, deluded, and pathetic. It turned out that confronting my anxiety source felt much better than reading hate gossip at 4 am.

Anonymous 3901

>>I just like listening to random voices. The news, night vale, everything on the stitcher front page, all the "how it works" offshoots, pretentious journalists going all over the world, npr, anything with talking voices to drown out my own inner thoughts.

Ah okay. I used podcasts and music to help rid my negativity from lolcow and get me away, but focused on religious music and podcasts (mainly Muslim and Christian stuff even though I'm Buddhist). The teachings on kindness, love, helping others made me feel pretty damn guilty

Anonymous 3902


lolcow must be broken right now because no ones replied to anything in almost a day. not even 4 threads down in snow and i already see a smug troll and someone heavily sperging out by derailing a thread with people telling them to quit but they aren't. funny shit. too bad mods are too retarded to clean anything up.

Anonymous 3903

I think LC is working normally again though… It's just slower than it used to be imo. Not sure if I'm right but that's the impression I get when I lurk.

Anonymous 3904

>It's just slower

It's just dying.

Anonymous 3905

I enjoy reading your experiences with LC, miners, there are many many things I'm curious about, and I'd really love to know…

>Do you secretly wish the site was gone forever?

I do.

Anonymous 3906

I wouldn't complain if the entire thing got deleted along with every archive of every thread. (Except for some of the Pixyteri memes, of course.)

Anonymous 3907

That's what I assumed too, but I wasn't sure if it was really slower or if my impression was wrong since I barely ever still check it. Are g and ot dying too or only the gossip boards?

Anonymous 3908

Considering how LC has become nothing but a place to nitpick on slightly popular, average people, I honestly wouldn't care.
The only thread that might would be worth archiving would be Onions, unless the stuff was archived somewhere else.

Anonymous 3909


Not necessarily, at least it acts as a containment site to an extent, and really, it's the user base, not the site itself. But yes, I do take comfort in the knowledge that many of it's users will be dead or at least too fucked up to breed in 10 years.

Anonymous 3910

The Anisa and co threads are the biggest load of shit on /snow/ and completely devolved when underage ian fangirls shitted it up, talking about how ugly and fat Anisa is and how her gaping, evil, man trapping vagina just won't let poor, depressed Ian free.

Anonymous 3911

You realize the hypocrisy?

Anonymous 3912

This made me kek, but the fact it may be true is pretty sad.

I'm so glad CC exists and the whole atmosphere here is a lot more heart warming and chill, but I don't wish for the death of lolcow. I don't post anymore, I just lurk from time to time (mostly because of onion), but I know some people need to have a place like that to let things out and just act like cunts to feel better about themselves. Honestly no one needs such toxicity in their lives when they're truly happy or trying to get better. hopefully the site will die in the right time when most users have moved on.

Anonymous 3913

One thing that skeeves me is farmers going balls-deep cowtipping for fame and recognition amongst other farmers. Befriending or flirting with cows is abhorrent, considering most of them have a mental illness or are excruciatingly lonely.

Anonymous 3914

Exactly​. And going out of their way to take pictures of moomoo. Lmao.

Anonymous 3915

that's a little different. you don't have to talk to her to take shitty phone candids.

Anonymous 3916

still, you are probably very obsessed to go out of your way to take candids of someone who doesn't really mean anything in your life just to prove how ugly and fat they are.

Anonymous 3917

Am I the only one who didn't think it was a big deal? If that farmer stalked her in an everyday situation and took a picture, that would be creepy, but sneaking a candid at a convention is a total non-issue and not worth all that pearlclutching.

Anonymous 3918

its weird how they over analyze their pictures and so easily skew the vibe, particularly the disneyland ones saying, "ians too disgusted to touch her body. body language says a lot. you can tell how unhappy they are in their relationship" like no… he's just really awkward and a dork so he doesn't know where to place his hands for the photo.

Anonymous 3919

I don't remember the entire situation to say if the anon who took the picture really went out of their way to do that, I just believe that's what happened because that's what people used to say back then. If anyone here remembers the whole thing I'd be nice to hear the whole story. As far as I remember people planned on doing it just to ~expose~ Mariah.

This is just my personal opinion but when you go after someone IRL just to sneak a picture to post it on the internet just for the sake of proving how fugly they are, then yes. It's creepy because it makes you look a bit obsessed no matter what. It makes me wonder: does that barely e-famous nobody mean so much in your life you need to do that? Even if it was in a convention, I can't see how that's normal.

Anonymous 3920

They should realise that if they're still together even with "all the evidence" on lolcow, they mutually like each other and enjoy each others company, as omg insane!!!1!!1 as that is, they need to suck it up.

Because it's getting to point where it's embarrassing to read the thread with how they only come off as jealous, salty fangirls with the way they are so desperate to prove how unhappy Ian is.

Anonymous 3921


Can't wait to move on from the toxicity of lolcow, amirite ladies?

Anonymous 3922

>>3921 massive difference between people discussing whether models are ugly or attractive due to their unique features and thousands of comments about average Josephine's being fat for not weighing 40kg and having nasolabial folds when they smile????¿¿¿¿????

Sage for salty mcsaltsalt

Anonymous 3923


Anonymous 3924

>but I know some people need to have a place like that to let things out

I'm sorry miner but bullying and nitpicking aren't a type of therapy and "Cows" aren't doing hours of community service with their threads.
If you had a thread would you be like "thanks to my thread, all those stressed cunts feel better about themselves now, I'm helping"
kek hell no.

Anonymous 3925

>she's dutch
hey i was pretty close

Anonymous 3926


holy fuck, hahaha! if you compare that small discussion (and i use the word discussion here very lightly) to a whole board created to milk cows, i really don't know what to tell you.

btw, crystal cafe wasnt created to be a hugbox. and it isn't. its just a female oriented imageboard. if you go to /disc/ you're going to find threads where you wont see any giggles and hugs and people disaggreing with each other all the time.

the difference is that the overall atmosphere here IS a lot warmer and lighthearted when compared to LC and that is undeniable.
as the community grows, things may change too, we can't know. but if you're so hurt by that anon's comment, im sorry.

Anonymous 3927

no, I totally agree with you. I just meant it's sad that some people need a place like that (to most likely make themselves feel better). I know I did when I felt like shit, even when I was unaware that I feel like shit. I'm not saying that some people don't make idiots out of themselves online though – they do. Onion is someone who def needs to have his moves documented.
I just think that if you need a place to shit on those cows and laugh at them, you're probably going through some hard times yourself.

Anonymous 3928

Kek I'm not sure if this whole thing was some kind of an inside joke I'm missing out on, but isn't the "most German looking person" usually considered to be blonde?

>>Sage for dumb comment

Anonymous 3929

Oh now I get your idea.

>I just think that if you need a place to shit on those cows and laugh at them, you're probably going through some hard times yourself.

Yeah definitely. It's kinda sad actually.

Anonymous 3930

uh… considering thats a wig and hair colour is an impossible way to tell what country someone comes from, i'd say your comment is very dumb. take your personal stuff elsewhere, anon.


Anonymous 3931

I was responding to the anon who called the pic of that girl "the most German looking" person she's ever seen, and the other anon who replied she's Dutch. It seemed like a peculiar set of comments is all (maybe hinting the girl in the photo is a white-supremacists or another type of cow idk). I know it's a dumb question, but let's be real, my comment wasn't any more personal than your reply.

Anonymous 3932

cool, and you're still responding to her. and that woman is just some random tripfag cosplayer from cgl, not a white supremacist or whatever you've made up in your head, anon.

>my comment wasn't any more personal than your reply.

are you ok

Anonymous 3933

Anon, take your frustrations and mirroring elsewhere. I'm fine, and was simply asking a question. Chill

Anonymous 3934


Not that Anon, but they hit the nail on the head. You sound extremely insecure and you know what you were bringing up when you were self aware how retarded the question you asked was. Keep your sperging about hair and eye color to yourself and stop derailing the makeup thread and this thread too.

Anonymous 3935

>>Does anyone here have suggestions for sites (doesn't need to be anonymous nor an imageboard) with similar topics such as Jfashion, anime, and kpop?

I feel like this place started as a good alternative to the pettiness of lolcow, but is quickly headed in the same direction.

There is too much arguing and anons seem unusually easy to trigger both here and on lolcow

I'd like a place to discuss weeb/beauty/fashion topics with other adult women without all the bitchiness.

Thanks in advance anons~

Anonymous 3936

tumblr would be good for you. have fun.

Anonymous 3937

>does that barely e-famous nobody mean so much in your life you need to do that?
tbh I think farmers who pull that crap want attention and recognition from other farmers, they probably don't really care for the cows.

I think something similar is happening in the Aly thread. The comments which are calling Aly out are probably farmers who comment then post it on LC.

Anonymous 3938

I like lolcow because it is a female oriented anonymous image board. I usually avoid cows and milk unless something actually interesting happen. And it feels like those days are long gone.

I like crystal cafe because it is a female oriented anonymous image board. I like that it is separate from lolcow because we do not gossip about e-celebs and cosplayers. What I dislike is us having a thread dedicated to discussing lolcow.

I feel like that just opens the door up to gossip and nitpicking and complaining (like the things that have been said in this thread) this thread is the most popular one on this board. And I dislike that. I dislike that we have a thread dedicated to discussing and critiquing and complaining about lolcow. I see lolcow and crystal cafe as too separate sites. But this thread has connected them and I can see it becoming a problem in the future.

It is like this thread is the place for everyone with a problem with lolcow to hang out at, instead of these issues and problems with lolcow being discussed with the admins, mods, farmhands, etc on lolcow.

Sage for long and rambly post.

Anonymous 3939

To be fair, most of the users here are lc refugees so it's understandable that many are easily triggered to some extent. I think that for the most part we're pretty much drama free around here and way less bitchy. The problems we may have are still easily controllable and since the premise of CC doesn't revolve around drama, I have high hopes for this place. I've said this before itt, that no one knows how things will be once the userbase grows, but as for now I'm happy. Some pettiness and stupidity are part of an imageboard, you can't have one without a bit of those every now and then.

Things were different when this thread started. LC was pretty much collapsing and almost everyone was hating on Regina and the mods, so having a LC thread made sense. It was a hot topic. Now, well, idk anymore. You made me think. Maybe this thread should be locked in a near future (?), we shall see.

Anonymous 3940

I hope you know that wasn't a serious post.

Anonymous 3941

I didn't derail the makeup thread, anon

Whatever. I'm out of here. Won't even bother asking for similar places as the suggestions probably wouldn't be any less toxic.

I actually contributed a lot to this place, but bitches like you are too much to handle. I swear people like you and quite a few others here must have miserable, shitty lives to nitpick so much. If you and the other miserable anons weren't so nasty, maybe your lives would be better. Bye. Not going to read nasty replies, so don't bother posting.

Anonymous 3942

Even if it wasn't, it does mention some serious things: this thread is pretty much a bunch of posts saying the same old thing… That people who still hang out at lolcow are petty, vapid and super nitpicky. We're trying to create a nice atmosphere so having this thread is a bit weird at this point, I guess.
And if the non serious post you're mentioning is >>3935, I'm a lil sleepy and taking things a bit too seriously, that's what I do when I can't sleep. My bad.

Anonymous 3943

I don't know why this thread was allowed in the first place once it turned into witch hunting Spoony and Regina, meanwhile >>>/disc/968

Anonymous 3944

>Do you secretly wish the site was gone forever?

Yes and no? I think the site is good for when there's actual drama happening and not just people screeching about how fat/old/gross someone looks. It'll just die off on it's own whether we all want it to or not and then we can just make a new site. There were sites before lolcow so it's not like once lolcow dies it'll be the end of the line. I do like the site but I wouldn't be too torn up if it just shut down one night and never came back.

I think part of why it's been allowed it because people don't want to get put out to pasture for speaking out or possibly being identified for setting off staff or admins. There are probably other reasons people are posting in this thread and why it's allowed that I'm not seeing/aware of so that's just one idea. Plus this place is full of lolcow refugees as many have said so it's not like this thread popping up or being the most commented on thread is a big surprise.

Anonymous 3945

>Onion is someone who def needs to have his moves documented.

This reminds me, why is our own admin flirting with him? This doesn't give me high hopes for this site staying drama free desu.

Anonymous 3946

>why is our own admin flirting with him?
wait what? lol when did that happen?

Anonymous 3947

I saw that, too. Here's to hoping.

Anonymous 3948


- Greg had spotted a new potential trinity victim, Vix, until he was cockblocked by her boyfriend. He has a lot of feelings about this difficult situation, all of which are totally platonic of course

Anonymous 3949

Eh who said that is our admin? If that was already talked about sorry for being so oblivious

Anonymous 3950


it is

spoopy bot tells you alot about a server. she has the highest rank in the crystal cafe chat.

Anonymous 3951

Why would you want to continue with the line?
serious question

>people don't want to get put out to pasture for speaking out or possibly being identified for setting off staff or admins.

Miners are just sharing their feelings and trying to find a way out of a negative atmosphere and thoughts, "refugees" aren't here because they want to attack admins or staff also you can get put out to pasture there for simpler reasons.

>Witch hunting
isn't that ironic?
Miners are giving their point of view in a civilized and objective way, this is not a "witch hunt".

Anonymous 3952

That's not our admin. Admin is Snailtan#5286

Anonymous 3953

I didn't mean I wanted to continue down the line but I meant that if lolcow were to vanish today or next week or whatever, there's probably someone who would make a new site for those still interested in drama. It would only survive if it were better run than lolcow though.

I never said those from lolcow wanted to attack staff or admins but what I meant was triggering them could get a person or identified in the discord but yeah I do agree you can get put out to pasture for simpler reason(ex. that trivial more chins than a chinese phonebook joke). I'm not sure if it's still hellweek so that may be why but idek with lolcow anymore at this point.

That's not our admin but I don't understand to this day why farmers were allowed to openly go into Onion's server and play around and announce they were gonna record stuff(then wonder why the onion server caught wind of it). If they want to do it on their own time then sure go cowtip but don't tell people it's you or what you're gonna do. I just feel like discord was a mistake.

Anonymous 3954

I know, I was asking about >>3945. Admin is not flirting with onion wtf

Anonymous 3955

who the fuck is vix

Anonymous 3956

just a random cowtipper, nothing to see here. retarded anon-chan confused her for our admin.

Anonymous 3957


Anonymous 3958

oh ok! sorry miner I misinterpreted a part of your post.

Anonymous 3959

of course she looks like that. that would explain the attention whoring my god..

Anonymous 3960


she's super cute, you jealous? ;)

Anonymous 3961

no ma'am. i dont think anyone would be

Anonymous Moderator 3962

This board is for discussion, please keep it civil! Thank you!

Anonymous 3963

Why does everyone from lolcow have edgy piercings/tattoos?

Just go to facebook an search "lolcow farm" to see what I mean.

Anonymous 3964

>>3963 speak for yourself. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

Anonymous 3965

Who cares?

Anonymous 3966


Anonymous 3967

>>3966 god damn this is almost as cringe as the beta dudes on my facebook taking selfies with kekistan flags. Imagine being this lame.

Anonymous 3968

Quick, delete your posts before someone finds them!

Anonymous 3969

She even put lolcow-tan as her profile picture lmao

Anonymous 3970

I miss the lorena threads. They were gold

Anonymous 3971

the lame edgy pierced girls are louder and more idiotic enough to post about imageboards on social media than the normal/jfash girls browsing lolcow who know to stay quiet and anonymous. not surprising with people who have that sort of look.

Anonymous 3972

Thanks to the anon who dropped this link into the Onision thread. It's sure been an interesting read. I'm probably one of the few who thought original admin was okay (enough), during his open time as admin at least. I've hated the Regina era (however long it's lasted), it's been sappy and messy as fuck. As for this current admin, the "Hellweek" is being very weakly enforced. Messy anons have taken over the threads, busy shooping pictures of thread subjects and offering workout advice.

Anonymous 3973

Wow the comments here are crazy. I have nothing against lolcow, still use it regularly but it's a little slow (to be expected though, considering nobody is actively provoking the cows). My favourite is the Onision thread because I hate that fucker and I want to watch him burn. There are some great threads in snow also (Yumi King's is another favourite of mine).

People getting upset over the function of the website is pointless and silly. If you don't like gossip, that's fine it's obviously not your thing. Not even sure why you feel the need to comment on it then. It kind of reeks of people who haven't spent that much time around others much irl. Gossiping is like crack to people. People hate whoever their friends hate or gang up on each other's exes. "Personal lolcows" are such a huge thing because people find weirdos in real life fascinating. Nobody is actively hating on anyone who doesn't deserve it, just silently following people who are so bizzare that they've developed a dedicated following. If finding out something weird and previously unknown about someone who plasters themselves all over the internet doesn't excite you then why complain about people who do love it?

A lot of the problems people are upset about are just general community rules followed by imageboards? I love the fact that posts that derail are not allowed because it clogs up the threads and leaves only quality posts. Obviously anyone outting themselves as a man, sjw, /r9k/er, tumblrina, underage person is going to get banned, it's an imageboard and they're not familiar with the etiquette or how to properly behave themselves. It was set up for a specific purpose (to gossip about online weirdos) and if you've got something against gossip, why the fuck are you even there to complain? Really don't get some people's logic here.

Anonymous 3974

You sound so new there.
Most if not all the anons itt were once part of lolcows userbase. Their values changed, or they changed, or they feel like nitpicking behavior has taken over the community or the direction it's taken. I don't see many people here focusing solely on how bad gossiping is.

Anonymous 3975


Yeah, I mean people take pictures of Chris-Chan all the time when they see him out in the open. It was a con, not her house.

Anonymous 3976


This is the photo in question.

Anonymous 3977

I've been using it since the very beginning. I came from /cgl/.

Anonymous 3978

Hahaha girl, it's nice you are here, you need some Crystal Cafe in your life.

Anonymous 3979

I don't get it. The more I read here, the more it seems like a tumblrina safe-space heaven.

Anonymous 3980

Because we're not tearing each other apart and trying our damnest to make everybody's day that little bit more worse? Since when did not being an asshole mean being a Tumblrina?
I don't mean to be rude Anon but these opinions sound like the kind that somebody very young would make. The whole "4 teh lulz" and "drama allday erryday lmao xD" attitude was the kind I had whilst still in my late teens. If you don't like the vibe here it's cool, you don't have to use the site, but some of us are tired of being shitty people and are trying to move on past that childish shit. Most of us here just want a warm, cosy digital environment where we can chill with the grills.

Anonymous 3981



Honestly THIS.

Im tired of seeing all of these imageboards where the only goal is to shit talk about someone. Like most of ppl who goes to other imageboards are often ashamed of it cause those places are full of hateful, nitpicky messages.

Why don't we make being miner to be something you are proud of, not something shameful and hateful?

Why instead of being nice and kind, we should shit on each other? In rl hate among girls is already so tiring.

Don't get me wrong, I love some good trolling in a while, but sometimes it gets boring and unnecessary mean. And I love he fact that there is finally a place which is filled with kind and reasonable people on which you can depend to get a good advice instead of being laughed at cause you are such a normie.

Sorry for my mistakes in advance, English isn't my 1s language.

Anonymous 3982

Idk anon if you read through /disc/ and threads on other boards this isn't really tumblr. I think your issue is the lack of drama and shitstirring that's allowed. Yes, it's part of imageboard and 4chan culture to be as shitposty and rude as you want but this site isn't 4chan. Not every imageboard has to have that culture just because that's how it is over at 4chan or lolcow or wherever you visit. I still go on lolcow and quite honestly this place is no different from /ot/ or/g/. It's basically just lolcow without all the drama tbh. I like my drama but crystal.cafe wasn't created to discuss everything in pt or snow when the site dies or whatever so I just stay on lolcow when I feel like being a salty bitch. Lolcow can't even hold onto staff or admins and the place is a mess right now so can you blame peope for wanting to come here?

Side note but I find it weird that people in this thread mentioned lolcow being full of newfags from PULL or tumblrinas but on the thread on crystal.cafe in /g/ this place is the tumblr zone. I wonder if the community is just divided at this point.

Anonymous 3983

is lolcow down rn? I cant access the site

Anonymous 3984

Yep. Their servers are down :(

Anonymous 3985

it seems to be back now

Anonymous 3986

one of the few things that kinda made me uneasy is how the admins have exposed posters in threads or exposed posts from certain individuals across the site

i'm mostly referring to the mystery.jpg drama, she was a frequent r9k and lolcow poster, she got her own thread eventually because of all the drama surrounding her
now all of her posts have a sig which identify them as her. i understand she was a huge fucking hypocrite, a vile person and threatened legal action against the site but exposing all her posts across every board made me feel.. weird

i don't know if im overreacting, there's no risk of this happening to me but it still made me a little wary/paranoid about what i share there

Anonymous 3987

You can be as lulzy as you like there. The only reason mystery got found out was because she was fucking around in the discord and tripfagging on 4chan which got traced back to more of her social media. As long as you don't attention whore with a name, you're perfectly hidden.
Mystery and Spoony have nobody but themselves to blame for their stupidity. They both knew the risk of slapping names on themselves for attention on a site that goes against that and who's userbase shames it.

Anonymous 3988

>I don't get it.
Spend some more time here then, you need it.

Anonymous 3989

>the discord and tripfagging on 4chan which got traced back to more of her social media
I'm no fan of mystery, but even I know that she hadn't been tripfagging on /r9k/ for almost a year by the time her posts got exposed.
So is that how or works on lolcow then? If you've ever tripfagged on any board at any point in time, and somebody recognises you, that basically gives the moderators free license to encourage a witch hunt and publicly humiliate you for a passing entertainment? Because I can guarantee you there will be other ex-trips browsing lolcow and CC, and weirdly enough I don't think any of them deserve to be stalked and have their past publicly dragged up on account of characters they electronically submitted to a digital Mongolian fish exchange bureau years ago.

You have a problem if you genuinely believe this is normal and healthy behaviour. Let go Anon.

Anonymous 3990

>You have a problem if you genuinely believe this is normal and healthy behaviour. Let go Anon.
Are you okay? I never stated any of that in my post. Chill out, anon.

I don't see how just because someone browses imageboards and is "one of us", (which they aren't if they're tripping like retards) that makes them being cows any different than a cow who is dicking around on other websites like twitter or instagram. Lolcows are cows no matter where they come from.

I was just explaining that their past can easily be hidden and you can post whatever the hell on lolcow. There's really no reason to worry, especially if you haven't done anything.

Anonymous 3991


Mystery got exposed because she was tripfagging on discord and posted about lolcow on some other 4chan board when she wasn't getting the attention and asspats she needed.

Anonymous 3992

I wouldn't know anything about that, but I thought the excuse was that she was exposed after sending frivolous litigious threats. Either way I think it was very poorly handled on the moderator's end. All I can see is that a very evidently mentally ill woman was thrown under the bus for the sake of a week's worth of giggles. You forget that none of us here actually knew how bad mystery was until after we saw her posts, but the mods knew all along, they could see her post history, and they should have demonstrated greater restraint and a little humility.
If people have lost faith in that site it's not because of the low or lack of content, it's because the people responsible for administrating, the people who have access to every individual user's post history, IP and location, behaved like a pack of immature, spiteful little children and can't be trusted as a result.

I am not saying I support or even like mystery. I don't and I have plenty of my own reasons to dislike her, but I'm trying to look at this objectively away from the "4 teh lulz" hivemind, and whichever way I look at it what was done to her was fucked up. Maybe this could have flown 5, 6, 7 years ago, but I think people here forget that this isn't the early 2000's any more and we're not playing at Neopets. The internet is becoming increasingly more personal and interconnected day by day, and this is the kind of thing that destroys people's lives irreperably and results in suicides.

Anonymous 3993

>Lolcows are cows no matter where they come from.

Girls are not "cows", if you stop dehumanizing them for a second, maybe you will finally understand the point of this thread.

Anonymous 3994

100% this. Maybe some of you need to stop and consider for a moment that these aren't playthings for you to poke and prod for your amusement, they're real people with real lives and real feelings, and probably pretty good reasons for being the way that they are.

Anonymous 3995

Also notice how this girl is super concerned for what miners say about LC here but is totally ok with a site exclusively for defamation.
Those doube standards…

Anonymous 3996

Because it's a toal us v.s. them hivemind. They think it's okay to treat people however they like, just so long as they're not the one it's happening to. When it comes to mystery the double standards reappear, because again, she was "never one of us in the first place so it doesn't matter!" >>3990

>I don't see how just because someone browses imageboards and is "one of us", (which they aren't if they're tripping like retards)

Anonymous 3997

lmao I'm sorry guys but is this seriously what this thread is turning into? An "us vs them" scenario? Like 90% of CC posters are from LC and probably still browse it even if they don't post as often any more. You can have both sites, it's not like now that CC is here every miner has to go "drama is bad uwu"

I post actively on both sites and have had issues with LC but this demonizing of it just because there's an alternative now for you to bitch is pretty pot meet kettle, don't you think?

Anonymous 3998

You need to give up, Spoony. You're all over this thread and we know it's you because you write the same shit everywhere you go and keep hinting at your backstory with Mystery and your concern of other tripfags being outed for past mistakes.

I'm really happy for you finding a board that hasn't banned you yet and I'mma let you finish but Mystery was one of the worst users of all time.

>using news articles to fake her death

>naming people in her publicly posted suicide note to guilt them
>thousands of posts full of racism (I know this one won't bother you because you like to post about muh muslim terrorists) and wishing death on camgirls when she was one herself
>openly mocking other mentally ill camgirls like her

She ignored you when you reached out to her for a joint pity party, you can stop kissing her ass now. Going back and forth between I don't know about other outings! I only browse ot and g! and but this is how everything happened isn't helping you.

Did the outing of her personal posts cross a line? I don't disagree here.
Do you need to stop going in circles in this thread? Yes.

Anonymous 3999

Are you OP? Because the point of this thread seemed to be
>lc users are becoming cattier towards each other

and you seem to read much, much more into it.

Anonymous 4000

I'm OP, and honestly depending on the how the thread developes in the next few days, I might request to lock it. (If admin would allow it)

So far I don't like where this is going.

(not trying to sound like I'm threating anyone lol)

Anonymous 4001

In mystery's case, we never even got her full name and she literally faked committing suicide (how fucked is that considering how serious suicide is, like you were saying).

Stop fucking treating us like we are children that need to be herded into your POV. Your language is condescending, don't pretend you are somehow better than people who do care about talking about controversial or problematic figures.

Anonymous 4002

I fell down the Mystery.jpg hole when her thread was first made and all her personal blogging was all over the 4chan archives already because she posted everything about her abuse and mental health under her trip. Nothing new was revealed other than that she's consistently awful and hasn't changed since her r9k days.

Anonymous 4003

that's exactly what they want imo.

This is not a "new thread for bitching" like these girls are saying, seriously miners aren't harming anyone with this thread, we were just sharing our thoughts and feelings, but now some girls feel personally attacked and try to silence the whole thread? what about the ones that aren't involved in Mystery's case?

Anonymous 4004

Ew no, I don't want it to be like that at all, people should be allowed to use whatever site they want. It's just frustrating that that's the excuse that people keep giving out whenever it comes to mystery getting exposed, that it didn't matter because she "wasn't one of them anyway", and you would think that what with what happened lately with the Discord/IP shit that that that kind of attitude would be more of a concern for people.
It's like everybody wants to have their cake and eat it, but whenever something happens, whenever shit hits the fan, everybody cuts themselves off from it, or "they weren't one of us anyway". It's like when that chick died, Kailyn or w/e her name was, it was all fun and games right up until it was publicised that she'd passed away, so ofc her thread got instalocked and you had people panicking and freaking out that LC was going to get subpoenaed and that they were going to be getting a knock at the door from the popo for participating in activity that directly resulted in her death. Lucky for them it wasn't a suicide afterall, but when is enough going to be enough?

I'm dipping out anyway because I've said my bit, ad nauseam. I saw somebody say it a while back and they made a good point, that on a site that was created as a friendly alternative to lolcow, it's kind of weird that the most active thread on the board is one about lolcow.

Anonymous 4005

All I want to ask is where are people getting the idea from that cc was made as a friendly alternative? I've been around since the thread on /g/ was made to gather input for the board and have never seen cc admin say anything to suggest that. A clarification would be nice so either side can stop putting words in the team's mouths.

Anonymous 4006

I avoid it cause the weird ass racism, it feels like that shithole 4chan

Anonymous 4007

Agreed. Some people on lolcow are racist cruel and ignorant. Racist posts are also super edgy and cringey. I rather just not be associated with those kinds of people.

Anonymous 4008

I don't get this site. Why are there certain topics that are not allowed because people are trying to get away from "nitpick culture" or whatever, but shit like "health" and "beauty" still take priority? Where are the science and computer programming boards if you're trying to be different?

It seems like a community where everyone is afraid of offending each other and it doesn't feel as freeing as other anonymous imageboards for that reason. The "culture" here feels so stiff and I think that's why anons above mentioned tumblr, because it's a similar culture. I can understand wanting to build each other up and I think that's great but a lot of what's posted here feels very insincere and fake.

The reason why people like imageboards is because they can say what they like. Lolcow has its specific culture, you have to remember, because a lot of its original memebrs came from 4chan's /cgl/ (which in itself has a different culture from the rest of 4chan). I'm not really sure what the point of restricting that is. Some people have not-so-nice opinions and that's life. Imageboards can be a reflection of that. I don't think you can be truly honest without hearing some of the bad too. It's very comforting to browse lolcow and see that there are a lot of women who share my unconventional beliefs, specifically with regards to radical feminism, which isn't so glamorous to admit you're into irl.

I don't think that honest and open culture has made its way here. Until it has, I don't think I could fully trust anyone here 100%.

Anonymous 4009


I've given my honest blatant opinion on here multiple times regarding user submitted art, etc. and no one has given me shit for it, anon.

It might be hard to believe but some people like being nice for the sake of it, or not even for the sake of it, sometimes the truth is "nice" or "kind". You could argue that lolcow encourages unnecessary nitpicking and that if you don't, you can't be one of them (coming from someone who does like lolcow).

Anonymous 4010

I mean, you technically could argue that but I've never gotten that impression. I've seen just as many people argue against it as I have seen argue for it. I like that kind of discourse.

I'm not saying that every post here is insincere but just that I find it harder to distinguish what is. I think there's too much focus on building a "nice" community/culture rather than just…being one.

I just don't get how people think restricting what others say it going to somehow help achieve a nicer culture. An online culture is build based on what its users praise and criticise, not based on what is and isn't allowed. And it's 100% up to the personality of the users. If you trust others to be nice, why is restricting certain things even necessary?

idk if I'm making sense.

Anonymous 4011

I fully agree that too many users here are trying to police what the board should represent or how users should behave, but that's not really a topic that should belong in the lolcow thread.

Anonymous Admin 4012

I made crystal.cafe as a way to expand on the /g/ and /ot/ boards on lolcow.farm in an environment that is not merely a side dish for a gossip board known for being ruthless and mean. I personally like and visit lolcow.farm, but its growth as a platform for girls will always be limited by the stigma that is attached to a so-called hate site, whether you agree with that label or not!
In short, crystal.cafe is unaffiliated with lolcow.farm, but it is not an anti-lolcow site! There is no pressure or even encouragement to be nice and sweet to everyone. Every user may speak their mind, only when it turns into over the top harassment we will step in.

The board selection was left up to the users. I indeed want to open a tech board, but the site is unfortunately still very slow and more boards will dilute this! The more crystal.cafe grows, the more boards we can open to cater to more specific interests! Next up will be a board for all the aesthetics threads to be moved to so conversation threads don't get buried all the time.

So far, we have no restrictions other than not making drama threads specific to single persons, advertisement and thinspo.

Please move all future discussion and complaints about crystal.cafe to our /meta/ board!

Anonymous 4013

>There is no pressure or even encouragement to be nice and sweet to everyone. Every user may speak their mind, only when it turns into over the top harassment we will step in.
>So far, we have no restrictions other than not making drama threads specific to single persons, advertisement and thinspo.

Thank you for clearing all of that up, Admin. >>4008 I am this anon and I think I just misunderstood the intentions of the site based on posts from some other anons in different threads. I'm sorry!

Anonymous 4014

>not knowing what a lolcow is
you do realize that it's not a gender specific term, right? holy shit this is the most tumblr thing i've read on the site too which is why majority of lc doesn't want to browse here. they caught wind of that. absolute cringe itt.

yes because it was only "1 girl" and totally not multiple people who think you guys are off your rockers with your us vs them mentality. those double standards.

Anonymous 4015


>Being this new

Anonymous 4016

I may not be happy with the current state of LC but the point of this thread isn't to tell people how bad it is to have dramas or "call girls cows" as you put it. It's to discuss lolcow and how people feel about it. Are all the people on lolcow actual cows? Probably not but that's doesn't mean there aren't actual lolcows posted on there. If I'm misinterpreting this post please tell me because I don't get it.

I love crystal.cafe but for fucks sake like Admin said in >>4012, this isn't a silly alternative to lolcow or a place that's supposed to be all hugboxy and happy trees with Bob Ross. Many users are from LC and it's only natural a thread would be here. No one(itt at least) has said "stop going to lc cause cc is muh safe space. We all just wanna sit and talk about it or issues that arise.

Anonymous 4017

THANK YOU. Some of the bitches here are getting so uppity because a lot of us still browse there then try to flip it on us that we're trying to separate the communities. Like, huh??? LC is a lot more active so going there naturally attract users still.

Anonymous 4018

Uh nobody is trying to say it's actually an us v.s. them scenario. I was the one that said there was a retarded 'us v.s. them' hivemind going on here and that was only because of the LC Anon which I referenced here >>3990 said "I don't see how just because someone browses imageboards and is "one of us".
Stop trying to further categorise and separate people, they're allowed to browse w/e site they want regardless of preference or personality. This entire conversation has gotten primo-retarded.

Anonymous 4019

Lmao man you're really triggered about my days old posts still? Holy fuck.
>nobody is trying to say it's actually an us v.s. them scenario
>says it
>Stop trying to further categorise and separate people
>didnt read anything i wrote
go take a nap.

Anonymous 4020

There's no good reason for you to be this aggressive. If you want to debate try typing like an actual adult and not a catty, pouty teenager please.

Anonymous 4021

im not aggressive. however you're reading it in your head is aggressive because youre upset that i called you out on your hypocrisy and people what… browse two different sites?

>If you want to debate try typing like an actual adult and not a catty, pouty teenager please.
take a good hard look at yourself and try not to project as much. go take a nap.

Anonymous 4022

I'm not upset aha, I'm chuckling inbetween building a wardrobe at your little "lmao"'s and "le triggered" may-mays.
Nobody is triggered. Nobody is upset. Nobody needs to take a nap. This isn't lolcow, I'm not going to swear at you or insult you, so you can either talk to me like the adult you are or not at all, because this is pointless otherwise.

Anonymous 4023

holy shit, you built a WARDROBE? slow clap. i hope u take a nap after u built that wardrobe. too much exertion while shitposting on an imageboard will make u sensitive and cranky. im glad u were offended by my lmaos lmao

Anonymous Moderator 4024

/disc/ is for serious discussion, not attacking one another. Stay on topic.

Anonymous 4025

Jeez Anon are you okay ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Anonymous 40492

Chronically Maddie Instagram anyone know if this person is a real account or catfish also known as Maddie Tay on fb

Anonymous 105773

The lolcow discord is sensitive as hell. Bitches too stuck up for some imageboard hags

Anonymous 142123

Does put out to pasture mean banned from the whole site? Bc they just fucking did that bc I made a thread about performing arts, and maybe put it in the wrong part of the site, but STILL. All they had to do was move it. They really are bitchy.

Anonymous 161573


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