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Anonymous 35905

What is your opinion of relationships with age gaps in which the older partner is the woman?

Anonymous 35913

just as gross as it is when it's the man

Anonymous 35914

As long as everyone's well into adulthood, I don't care.

Anonymous 35915

I go by the X/2+7 rule

Anonymous 35919

I like them. I’m into slightly younger guys myself, but if the age gap is too big (like more than a few years), I’m not really comfortable with it.

Anonymous 35920

I find massive age gaps to be weird unless the person is really mature for their age (and is of the age of consent of course).
This is a good guide imo. I’m 22 and I would never date someone younger than 18 and would not date anyone older than 30.

The better question is why would anyone with want to date someone who’s in a different stage of their lives entirely? The only answers I can think of imply less than pure intentions and/or one party getting screwed over.

Anonymous 35922

It really depends.

If it's a 18 year old dude with a 40 year old woman it's… well, awkward. If she's a fit woman that doesn't age fast then maybe it'll be less awkward.

As long as the couples are not 2 decades apart, it's okay in my book. Provided the guy is actually an adult.

Anonymous 35924


>The only answers I can think of imply less than pure intentions and/or one party getting screwed over.

One can conceive of other explanations

One can conceive of other explanations

Anonymous 35932


Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux,[413] 24 years his senior,[414] who was a teacher in his high school, La Providence High School in Amiens.[415][416] They met during a theatre workshop that she was giving when he was a 15-year-old student and she was a 39-year-old teacher, but they only became a couple once he was 18.[417][418] His parents initially attempted to separate the couple by sending him away to Paris to finish the final year of his schooling, as they felt his youth made this relationship inappropriate.[14][418] However, the couple reunited after Macron graduated, and were married in 2007.[418]

Anonymous 35933

I hope you don't actually adhere to that so strictly. It's a shit rule because the maximum age gap is allowed to increase over time. So what was inconceivable last year could be perfectly acceptable next year.

Anonymous 35937

It looks wrong, I can't bring an explanation without being labeled a misogynist. Age gaps where the man is older make sense because he's supposed to protect the woman, but the other way round? Young men are weak and the woman looks desperate.

Anonymous 35940

>young men are weak
the hell? they are at peak strength, unless we're talking about teenagers

Anonymous 35942

My opinion depends on their age gap, the genders are irrelevant.

My knee-jerk reaction is to judge them as weird and abnormal because I personally can't fathom dating someone who is much, much younger or much, much older than me. People also talk about a power imbalance and grooming especially when it comes to older man-younger women relationships but I don't know much about that.

You sound more like a misandrist than misogynist.

Anonymous 35944

>>35940 they're tallking about onions bois

Anonymous 35946

I always felt creeped out by older man-younger women relationships because often the older man keeps the women dependent on him. I feel a little less weird about older woman-younger man, because the women is less likely to prey on the guy and rather teach him to be a better, more competent man. Even if it's still grooming in the end it's less creepy.

Of course you have the opposite where the guy is a manchild and the older woman babies him but I don't think those ever last long.

Anonymous 35955

I am fucking DISGUSTED when the male is much older than the woman in the relationship. The bigger the gap, the more I want to puke. I think it has to do with the obvious power unbalance + my daddy issues (he cheated on my mom with a much younger girl) + a touch of man-hating.

I don't see that much of a problem when the woman is the older one though. I still think it's weird, and mildly unsettling, but I see it with other eyes. I think it's even cute that a guy would be interested in an older woman. Much older like enough to be their grandma - that's a bit fucked, yeah. I feel like women do not abuse the power dynamic in relationships like men do.

Anonymous 35956

I meant next to an older woman.

Anonymous 35960

Who gives a shit as long as it's consensual.

Anonymous 35961

I know a guy who's 25 and has a baby with a women who in her early to mid 40s and it was obviously super weird. (But he looks very mature and she's bubbly, stylish and younger-looking, so you get used to it.)

A short while ago his younger brother (22) started dating a 17-year-old and suddenly the other couple is no longer so bad at all…ew

Anonymous 35962


Are you saying an old woman is stronger than a young man in like an emotional sense?

Anonymous 35967

Anonymous 36178

If everyone is an adult, at least 20 then I think it's fine and perhaps something to aspire to in a way, since rich famous old ladies like Madonna do stuff like this when they can.

Anonymous 36208

If the man is max 15 years older and the woman max 5 years older, I think it's fine.

By the way, I'm 25 and older I get more I'm attracted to younger men.
I prefer 22 years old man than 30 years old man.
Do you feel the same or it's just me?

But I think it's more acceptable to find a man 2-3 years older.

Anonymous 36209

>tfw dating a guy 6 years younger than me and took his virginity

How low am I on the degeneracy scale

Anonymous 36210

it depends of your age.
How old was he?

Anonymous 36211

He's 23

Anonymous 36212

I don't see the problem, seems fine.

Anonymous 36232

I know that feel

Personally, I like the boyish look on a guy, but most of these guys are either teenagers (gross) or in their very early 20's (no financial/relationship stability). I know I SHOULD like older guys, and have seen many girls my age (22) get engaged and married to men who are 25+ and are very happy, but these men just look unattractive to me. What do?

Anonymous 36233

Men between 19-24 are more fun, carefree and better looking.
Single old men are often (not all) boring, bitter and their hairs are falling.

At 22 you can still date and marry a young man with a potential good financial stability and it will not be gross.
Depends on how you look

Anonymous 36239

What about a guy who looks young but is older? My bf is 30 but he looks 20. Good looks without the emotional immaturity of a younger guy. He's lovely.

Men between those age are also tend to be immature, whiny, entitled, not willing to commit, etc. You might get lucky and find a unicorn though.

Anonymous 36242


I like the dynamic. If you're into this type of relationship. 'Game Over' by Mizutani Fuka is a cute manga to read. Highly recommend it!

Anonymous 36261

Please teach me your ways.

>I know I SHOULD like older guys … but these men just look unattractive to me
Can I ask if you dated in middle/high school?

Anonymous 36263


Personnaly, I was shy and didn't date in high school.
I'm in my 20s and i prefer young men.
Older men make me feel old and sad, I wish I was a teenager again

Anonymous 36268

this pic makes me sad

Anonymous 36273

Because of theirs looks? Or because they are young?

I wish the girl was me, they are so cute, the boy looks so good I want to cuddle him

Anonymous 36277


This agrees with my impression that people in their 20s who prefer younger people missed out on dating in high school and feel like they have to make up for it later in life.

Anonymous 36292

its a rare sight for a reason - women prefer men their own age, men prefer women who are 20-25 no matter if they themselves are 30 or 50

Probably because 20-25 is around best age for women to get pregnant while age of man doesnt really matter as long as he can produce sperm and pump it out

Anonymous 36297

I feel you. Wouldn't date a high schooler (although it would technically be legal here), but definitely 18-19 despite being 22 soon.
I always suspected it's because I'm a femdomfag who likes younger looking guys (small, babyfaced, frail, etc.) but it may be my femcel past too…

Anonymous 36316

it really does matter, male sperm quality degrades pretty severely, have babies with old men and they'll end up with all sorts of problems. it's bad genetic stock

Anonymous 36318

It degrades in a sense that it may be harder for an old guy to make the girl pregnant because sperm degradation = less chance of impregnation.
Not some random genetic defects.

Anonymous 36319

>male sperm
as opposed to female sperm?

Anonymous 36320

Old guys pass down autism and ADHD

Anonymous 36321

Nah that's the case for women, not for men. Eggs get worse over time since we have a limited amount of them. Sperm is unlimited and men don't enter menopause

Anonymous 36329

No, semen and sperm quality decline with age also. Furthermore, older fathers have a greater risk of siring offspring with certain psychiatric or developmental disorders such as schizophrenia; however, advanced paternal age associated risk is not as severe as advanced maternal age associated risk.

Anonymous 36351

please at least google the things you're talking about before you post misinformation. sperm quality degrades.

Anonymous 36634

my bf is 11 years younger than me but has a well paying job, pays his bills, is an adult, etc
it's super weird to me when i remember this is the case. no one notices because we look around the same age.
his fam and friends are okay with it but i still get paranoid he will wake up one day and regret it and worry i victimized him or something

Anonymous 36661

>le rare cougar lady boomer anon

Please teach me your ways. I only have older men who want a stepmom for their kids who are interested in me

Anonymous 36682

>my bf is 11 years younger than me
Are you cougars just lying in this thread and making up your own fantasies or have I been brainwashed by the rest of the internet that men are not into older women?

Anonymous 36684

Milf porn is very popular. Also, just look on r9k, it's full of guys who want a mommy gf.
I'm the anon with a 6 years age gap and I never considered dating a younger guy until recently, I think the older you get, the less fucks you give. I'm the opposite of you; I had no clue so many girls were into younger guys until c.c.

Anonymous 36696

just specify you are into younger guys, that is what i did. it also helped we have a lot of similar interests and have the same life goals.
yeah you've been brainwashed.
i have learned that when men say they aren't into "old women" what they mean is they are scared by the life experience we have. they like the power they have over younger more naive women.
so any man turned off by your age alone is trash and you don't want him anyway

Anonymous 36722


You think she pegs him or just pays blacks to fuck him whilst she watches?

You just know coked up banker boy must be into the weirdo.

Anonymous 36803

Do older women in relationships with substantially younger men also wield considerable power over their partners by dint of greater life experience and emotional maturity? 🤔

Anonymous 36804

maybe, but you don't often see younger men in the same dependent role in age gap relationships. women tend to prefer partners who have jobs and their own money and educations etc, so someone like that is less likely to be taken advantage of

Anonymous 36872

My mom and dad have a 10 years difference. They were respectively 30 and 20 when they had me. I turned out relatively OK (aside from being a femcel and browsing image boards…). I wouldn't call their relationship "functional", but the age difference wasn't the issue, and they stuck together in the end. Before she had me, my mom also give birth to my sister at 20, with a 15 years old boy. He's still around too, he never said he regrets it or felt like a victim.

Anonymous 36889

i think that is a "problem" only when the age difference is 15 or more, and one of them are rich, politician or any shit like that.
Becouse in this cases its obvious that are interests in the middle (that usually is relative to corruption), not "love".

Macron is a good example.

Anonymous 39450



Anonymous 39456

why so specific

Anonymous 39485

It isn't a big deal and outside of MGTOW or rabid "trad" spaces this dynamic isn't really shamed. When I get older if I am still single I may do it. Right now I am still attracted to older guys (in my 20s). It really just depends on the couple and how they look together.

For me the turn off currently for younger guys is that a lot of them act effeminate whereas older men have all that sexy testosterone set in. We all like different things and as long as you aren't a pedo or hebephile then whatever.

Anonymous 39486

I used to be okay with it but it honestly creeps me out a bit. especially after seeing a vid with a lesbian couple, where the girl was like 20 and her partner looked like she could be her actual mom, you only knew they were dating when they kissed. it was uncomfortable, and not because they were lesbian.

theres clearly something wrong with the younger individual in these types of relationships, always, like they're looking for a parental figure in their older partner. its a bit fucked up to say the least.
i dont think women should be held to some higher moral standard though when men arent, just saying the younger partners seem to have some other issues going on. 10 year gap might be acceptable if the guys well into his 20s-early thirties already, beyond that is a bit much imo.

Anonymous 39491

I'm 23 but I think it would be pretty hot to date a younger guy, especially as I get older. there's something appealing about possessing someone who could potentially date younger and hotter girls, but instead he belongs to me. I love guys around 18, too, in that young stage of life where they're too excited about fucking everything. I'm such a fucking asshole

Anonymous 41337

>but they only became a couple once he was 18
LMAO, does anyone actually believe this?

Anonymous 41339

I don't really care what other people legally do, or how they appear to others while doing it, but I wouldn't want to be in one, which is fine as well.

Anonymous 41340

With an elite boy who was groomed since early to become president, it's possible that they had the presence of mind to withhold themselves until Macron was 18.

Also, I googled it, and the age of consent in France is 15, but 18 is still seen as being more socially-acceptable there.

Maybe they were wise and truly played it safe; it's possible.

Anonymous 41346

He wasn't groomed to become president, tf are you smoking

Anonymous 41355

> because the women is less likely to prey on the guy and rather teach him to be a better, more competent man.

haahahah what

Anonymous 41359

How are you so sure about that?

Anonymous 41361

Fair enough. I don't know if he was groomed since an early age to become president, but I've read Gore Vidal's biographies of U.S. presidents, and they were all groomed since early for the job.

I extrapolated.

I think it's a fair assumption. Their whole lives will be scrutinized.

Anonymous 41363


He was definitely born into the very upper class of the country (jesuit education, intra-muros parisian high school, and then """"elite"""" schools). He wasn't specifically groomed to be president, but he was definitely born into the incestuous oligarchy that rules the country. He just happened to be a competent puppet at the time of the election. It sort of explains why his presidency is such a disaster.

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