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Anonymous 36616

Are men inherently bisexual? I'm noticing a growing trend of men admitting that they love guys who look cute enough. At first I thought that it was just a very vocal minority, but now I'm noticing that it seems to be a majority, even among macho men. Even my male friends now are into cute guys. Even my dad, who is a really manly, bearded trucker faps to traps.

Anonymous 36618

>Even my dad, who is a really manly, bearded trucker faps to traps.

Did you install a keylogger on your gross father’s gaming rig

Anonymous 36619

No, I just accidentally walked in on him watching tranny anal on my mom's computer.

Anonymous 36620


Well, my two cents are that there’s an important difference between same-sex sexual activity / arousal per se and what we refer to as ‘gay’: the latter is a historically contingent and socially constructed identity whereas the former is a broad pattern of behavior which may be observed across the animal kingdom. I don’t think it’s right to say that men are inherently ‘bisexual’, but it may be true that significantly more men engage in some degree of same-sex sexual behavior than only those who identify as homosexual.

Anonymous 36622

The more common saying is that all women are inherently bisexual. But the degree of it depends on each individual person.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was the same for men.

Anonymous 36625


Xenoestrogens are bad

Anonymous 36688


I'm also in the "sexuality is on a spectrum and very few people are actually 100% straight (or gay), at most they have a very strong preference one way or another" so feel free to throw my opinion in the trash will all the other inconvenient truths.

Anonymous 36698

I don't know, but I want to marry the guy in OP's picture, even if he is a /pol/tard. He is so pretty and cute.

Anonymous 36699


isnt this just kind of the reverse of “women are all gay until they get a husband”

Anonymous 126251

Yes. Moids will literally fuck anything that even slightly resembles a woman.
The reason this had never been acknowledged before now is because there's a much higher stigma for men to admit homosexual attraction than it is for women.
This is why whenever I hear someone say "Women are all bisexual, but men are either straight or gay" I think it's the dumbest take on male sexuality ever.
Most people are bisexual with a higher preference for one or the other sex.

Anonymous 126283

the real redpill is that people don't like others telling them what their sexuality is. Men start by deciding they are straight, therefore whatever makes their peepees hard is fair game, and thus heterosexual.

Anonymous 126287

I mean, men are more pedophiliac than they are gay.
There's even statistics on how gay men are highly into teen boys (I kid you not) but it isn't like this is all too different than straight men.

Anonymous 126305


yea nothing new, have you also noticed the zoomers who just found out about loli's through mammoth's " uoooh " posts for the very first time think they are edgy and special and some sort of " normies " repellent despite people having things like rustle threads without going full autistic about it and have it as their whole personality as far back to 2012? funny how being too much on the internt has rotten their brains to the point they think having a kiddie diddly fetish is some sort of badge of honor to crusade(lol) against le normalfags
probably, since i once went on my cousin's (he's like 26) laptop once and saw shemale porn saved on it, funny as fuck, weird how moids end up into things that are straight up vomit inducing and not erotic ay all (like the shemale stuff or diaper/inflation stuff)

Anonymous 126306

>send bf the OP pic
>"you're hot but Jesus Christ don't post on /pol/"
>he thought the twink was me
>he called the twink hot

Anonymous 126307

did you tell him you're a girl?
if so, the pol dude does look feminine so no suprise (moids do fuck anything that is remotely feminine either with a vagina,dick,tranny wound or not)

Anonymous 126308

>did you tell him you're a girl?
Obviously? What kind of question is this lol we have been in a relationship mutiple months and known eachother nearly a year in addition to having sex so I am pretty certain the girl part was clear
>if so, the pol dude does look feminine so no suprise
Yeah, I am a bit androgynous looking myself if you are just looking at my face and I have been mistaken for a man multiple times online and IRL. I keep my hair about thr same lenght as his, same color eyes and hair, and even own almost the exact same t shirt he frequently sees me wearing. My hygene has also been struggling and I make very little attempts to look feminine these days so. It makes sense I just thought all of you would find it funny.
The only thing that genuinly bothers me isn't that he thinks I look like a twink its that he couldn't recognize my face, but overall its actually relieving because I have issues remembering people's faces and recognizing them and there have been times lookimg at him from different perspectives I have almost not been able to recognize him. That always made me feel really guilty but seeing him do the same makes me feel a lot better.

Anonymous 126310

a fag doesn't like vaginas even if its on a masculine looking girl,i would've said its not that much of a problem since there are lots of girls who look like the dude in the OP but the fact he didn't recognize your face judging by the fact he has seen images of you before is very odd, i thought you showed him that picture first and just assumed its you (i have a face recognition problem too but come on, with a person you talk to alot? no)

Anonymous 126314

Kinda hot

Anonymous 126316

moid moment

Anonymous 126321

Well in prehistoric times most of their value as a mate was being able to provide protection. If someone is too strong then they don't need your protection ergo why would you waste your time trying to mate with them.

Anonymous 126324

part of me thinks it just bypasses sexuality and boils down to the fact that most moids are disgusting coomers that'll fuck anything and everything. They're straight initially and the only way they can continue to maintain their cumbrain mentality is by consuming more taboo shit and usually it's femboys/traps/feminine males first.

That's just one of the possible theories I guess. I don't think there's any real definite answers.

Anonymous 126328

the past few hours its slowly been pissing me off more and more

Anonymous 126331

i'd ghost him if i were you, if you guys dont have much in common i think you're wasting your time

Anonymous 126353

Homosexuality is becoming less stigmatized and twink porn has become extremely widespread so it's easier for people to discover their twink love. Moids delude themselves into thinking it's somehow less gay to lust after vaguely feminine boys so they're more popular and it adds to the destigmatization.

Anonymous 126357

yea aside from the fact discord groomers are grooming kids into trooning out or becoming gay and the fact that kids that have been diddled as a kid become gay as an effect from that actually have their condition celebrated instead of being sent to therapy as you can see with alot of zoomers having pronouns and le rainbow meme flag on their bios
very cool.

Anonymous 126361

it's called prison gay. same reason why stereotypes abut fugging sheep, goats, etc. exists.

Anonymous 126363

There's another element of men being attracted to effeminate males that I find off-putting too.
The feeling of how they get off to the idea of esmaculating another guy by feminizing and infantilizing him. Like you said, they get aroused by emphasizing how masculine and strong they are compared to their partner, who is supposed to be weak and pathetic in comparison. Feminizing another man is seen as an ultimate move of masculinity because one man's machismo is canceling out another's. It's gross. Like a weird self-masturbatory excercise in autoandrophilia.

Anonymous 126364

Prison gay is done out of desperation for access to sex and being deprived of female contact.
A lot of guys nowadays have access to plenty of pornography featuring women but still choose to fetishize twinks instead.

Anonymous 126387

Male sexuality is less categorized by gay/straight as it is defined by dominance/submission and objectification. "Heterosexual" men are often just attracted to femininity, not actual XX women. Most heterosexual males would rather jerk off to a little boy in makeup and a dress than they would a grown adult female butch.

Men are very retarded and can't tell the difference between constructed gender roles and biological gender. To them, the definition of a woman is "pretty, small, ornamented thing that makes me horny" (or a house slave mommy therapist if we aren't just talking sexually). This is also why they never make GC arguments against trannyism. They literally cannot grasp the concept of gender roles NOT being the most important distinction between people.

Anonymous 126431

Most guys start fapping to femboy porn and all that stuff due to lack of girlfriend and addiction to porn

Anonymous 126432

>NOOO you can't just have unclean thoughts
Sorry I'll become a nun like God intended for women

Anonymous 126447

All Moids Are Faggots

Anonymous 126458

Men actually can't be bisexual, unlike women. Genital arousal experiments showed men who are aroused by other men are not actually aroused by women, even the ones identifying as "bisexual". With women it's the opposite, most are aroused by both men and women regardless of sexual orientation.
"Bi" men are just gay.

Anonymous 126465


Anonymous 126484

This could be true if sexual orientation was determined by genes on the X chromosome. If men only get one copy, they may be forced to be strictly gay or straight, while women would be more likely to be bisexual as we have a higher chance of getting one "gay X" and one "straight X".

Anonymous 126486

I have no evidence that this is actually the case however, it's just an idea.

Anonymous 126536

Some new studies seem to contradict this though.

Anonymous 126538

Do you think these men who are vocal about trannies are just a minority? Think again and look closely enough. All men are into dicks and feminized dudes

Anonymous 126539


This was debunked Lol. Look at the most recent research on this done by Michael Bailey

Anonymous 126540


Men are not just bisexual. Their sexuality is polymorphous and they are especially attracted to clothes, makeup and things of this sort as opposed to biological sex or even species

Anonymous 126543


I noticed that too, all men are faggots and now I've lost all attraction whatsoever for men. Aside from being all the terrible things they are, they are also faggots hahaha why the fuck would I even talk to a male

Anonymous 126578

Contradictory results do not mean "debunking". The fact of the matter is that the existence of bisexual women were universally proven by these experiments, and the evidence for men is shaky and contradictory at best.

Anonymous 126581

Anonymous 126583

>not really
I don't know why you thought linking me an opinion article from a political magazine would be a good rebuttal. Anyone who knows how science works can tell you studies with contradicting results are not really "debunking" each other. What it says is that they had different results with different populations, ie the results were not reproducible. The point stands that this is only true for bisexual men, and not bisexual women.

Additionally, the article you provided is about a meta-study and concludes men are rarely straight, even when identifying as such.
>It's important to note that the most equal bisexual response from the participants were found in men who rated themselves as Kinsey 2s, i.e. straight leaning, despite the vast majority of their arousal tests displaying at Kinsey 3. Researchers surmise that for social reasons, their presenting identities are more to the straight end of the scale.

Anonymous 126587

>Additionally, the article you provided is about a meta-study and concludes men are rarely straight, even when identifying as such.

And thats true. The article mentions the research and the name of the researches. You can look the papers up

Anonymous 126599

Could be that getting with a trap feels more realistic for an incel

Anonymous 126603

To be fair actual traps that pull it off and aren't just super young are extremely rare.
Maybe it's more like about…idk, homosocial stuff?

Anonymous 126623

Bisexual means attracted to women and men.

Men can be attracted to men and women.

This is the dumbest take ever.

Anonymous 126638

Oh you mean everyone's finally coming around and admitting they like cute guys??? Thats funny and kinda sad though.. ultra macho men were always the ones trashing them in the first place.

I don't really like the thought of sharing them with that kind of hypocrite. Masculinity as a rule is hypocritical bs, taking taking taking but never willing to give back in the way of beauty and subtlety and sensitivity. Its like they think its their right to take take take, taint taint taint while they remain entitled to this right to be degenerate and ugly.

One more thing they think they're just entitled to ruin.

Fuck them.

If we're talking about men who take care of themselves.. who give BACK visually, what they take, and aren't hypocrites then okay, but fuck the filthy "entitled to masculinity and power", kind. I don't trust them because they always go 10 steps further than they should, hurting people, sexually abusing, being lazy.

Anonymous 126649

This entire thread is about "men are bisexual and that's disgusting". Way to stick it to the fujos :/

But for real. Can't we all just agree that bisexuality is like red hair or having a favorite color, and not something gross? If I loved moids I wouldn't be on crystal cafe but there are other better reasons to shit on them than this.

Anonymous 126656

It's pedophile stuff too. Many of these passable "traps" are teenagers.

Anonymous 126662

I don't know what your problem is.
Some straight and gays don't like bisexuall. It is like a lesbian doesn't like men. Yes some wording is not the best but if someone doesn't like it it is not that bad as long as they are friendly in real life.

For evey "I won't date a man who had dated another man." there are "I am together with my boyfriend, but i am afraid to miss out on girls"

people have preferences.
Fujos are a complete other topic

Anonymous 126680


>Can't we all just agree that bisexuality is like red hair or having a favorite color, and not something gross?

No, cause male bisexuality is gross, bizarre and spreads AIDS to women

Anonymous 126681


If that was my dad I would probably kill myself

Anonymous 126696

she should do an honor killing

Anonymous 127735

youre wrong stfuuy

Anonymous 127765

I would kill the dad

Anonymous 127769

Sex is completely unnatural. Imagine being such a slave to your genes to rub up against males and accept their diseases so you can host parasites for them.

Anonymous 127770

Ask me how I know you're a lesbian.

Anonymous 127778

I'm not. Ask me how I know you're a moid.

Anonymous 127789

If men are inherently bisexual, then women are inherently bisexuality

Anonymous 127795

I'm not. I just enjoy sex with men. is your vagina broken?

Anonymous 127796

Based tbh

Anonymous 128339

All the people who claim "haha men cant be bisexual you silly!" are stupid people whose thoughts around this subject were completely shaped by media, our current culture and the bullshits invented by "evolutionary psychology" that were fed to them. Men literally had whole empires where bisexuality (with a preference for little/feminized boys) was the rule among men (and suprise: they were highly misogynistic). Researches that claim men CANT be bisexual because their sample show arousal to either one sex or the other are already based on a (false) premise that "sexual orientation" is something inborn and immutable, which is nothing more than LGBT propaganda. I do believe that until now, most men showed attraction to either one thing or the other, but thats because of culture, which is changing nowadays

Anonymous 128341

>where bisexuality (with a preference for little/feminized boys)
That's just pedophilia, anon.

Anonymous 128345

Pedophilia/pederasty can be attraction to little girls, little boys or both, but the institution of pederasty/pedophilia in those places was especifically centered around boys, whom were considered by men to be at the peak of their attractives from around 12yo up until they grew beards

Anonymous 128404

So, yes, pedophilia. It's no news that men can be pedos. This says nothing about bisexuality, considering those pedos would probably not be attracted to adult big bearded dudes.

Anonymous 128453

if we wanted your opinion we would ask on reddit

Anonymous 128470


> real reason is just because females have become too much of a hassle to the point where people would rather deal with another man than even begin to touch a woman, especially because modern relationships end up with alimony or child support.
What's the hassle? What, women don't want to uh, "fulfill their role as mothers and a caregivers" anymore? You reactionary retards don't have enough brains to realize it's men who have been too much of a hassle all along, along with childbirth.
> with artificial wombs becoming a thing
They're as much a thing as women being able to make babies with each other, if not even less possible. All I'm getting is "men only want women as long as they have reproductive/sexual use to them"
>dating a woman has become socially walking on eggshells, it makes more sense to go out with someone of your own sex.
Makes sense that more and more straight women are wishing they were lesbians. Also, what's "walking on eggshells"? Not being able to make sexist jokes, pressure women into sex as quick as possible?

Anonymous 128474

No in prehistoric times they just fucking raped you if you were female. Being useful my ass. More like parasites

Anonymous 128476

I want to get out of the relationship with everyone I've ever met. They are suffocating, I need space.

Anonymous 128479


Umm you just don't get along with people y'know, umm you're just toxic y'know, umm men like X and you don't have that y'know, umm

Anonymous 128485

If they have a preference for boys then theres a homosexual element to it

Anonymous 128493

its not that they are inherently bisexual but inherently wanna coom. that is it.

Anonymous 128500

>is not that they are inherently bisexual its just that they fuck both men and women!

Anonymous 128611

it's due to porn sickness and misogyny. if your conception and appreciation of womanhood is women as visually stimulating wet holes then why not just fuck a man whom meets the same criteria? also it's more disgusting therefore has the capacity to be more arousing during the moment. bisexual men are degenerate.

Anonymous 128793

This is probably a very controversial especially from someone who is bisexual but a lot of these men don’t seem attracted to other men they’re just attracted to a meme, if that makes any sense. They watch too much porn and their perception has been warped by it it’s obvious to pick up from how they talk about men. They want a guy that’s tries to make his boy more feminine, this usually means guys that are very young.
A hole is a hole to them, I would be insulted to be lumped in with them.

Anonymous 128796

Men like them because they are feminine. This may just be an appeal that is ultimately not sexual or sexual but only in a compartmentalised porn/erotic sense. And the rest are bisexual or homosexual. People have all sorts of preferences within those labels.

Also, as for young guys, the term is 'pederasty'. Something far more common in history than general male homosexuality. Often instances of pederasty are held up as instances of homosexuality, and while it technically is this is rather misleading given in our times a global subculture owns this label and it isn't merely descriptive.

Anonymous 129130

If it's young/feminine enough in looks then it can trigger the straight male lizard hindbrain. If a table leg has the right curves it can remind them of a woman and give them a boner. Get them desperate enough, and they'll fuck whatever it is or at least fap to it.

I remember some study that looked at brain scans and I think other bodily signs of arousal for different orientations. Dunno if I can find it again, but the gist was that straight men reacted to women, gay men to men, and bi men reacted either to men or women but never both. If you're curious, straight women reacted to both to varying degrees every time, gay women only reacted to women (not men at all), and bi women were just a more concentrated version of straight women and reacted to both.

Anonymous 129473


Do you have a happen to have a link to that study?

Anonymous 129534

Spicy straights. They're attracted to women, and men who look like women. Find a discord server with gender and sexuality tags and see how many "bisexual men" are actually attracted to men who don't look more feminine than the average woman, good fucking luck lol.

Anonymous 129546

>Dunno if I can find it again
Sadly no, though I've really wanted it to do a comparative study between it and other ones, as well as get the links on its sources. Tried poking around using phrases I'd remembered from it with little luck. I remember the exact place on the page where each piece of data was, but not the title. Nor the date, thinking about it, which makes me now question the accuracy more.

I have a much more recent one showing male bisexuality is a thing, just… not as evenly-attracted as the bi guys reported their preferences to be. Given the history of research on the subject, older ones will usually say that they like one or the other sexually, but may like the other for romantic reasons rather than sexual attraction. As for the lesbian point, at the moment I just have one on how both straight men and gay women have asymmetrical brains and similar amygdala activity. Straight women and gay men also have similar brain symmetry/amygdala fight or flight response. (Both mention that straight women show at least some attraction to other women.) Consuming as many recent studies on the subject as possible while paying attention to the source and funding seems to be the way to go, as usual. Guess I'll do that when my time leans in that direction.



Thanks for getting me to revisit and reexamine the memory, regardless. Revising and comparing with new data is always a good practice and I haven't done that with this one in a while.

Anonymous 129554

I hate men who like femboys and troons

Anonymous 131704

why tho

Anonymous 131746

they get groomed into being trannies

Anonymous 131845

>Most heterosexual males would rather jerk off to a little boy in makeup and a dress than they would a grown adult female butch.
God, the fact that I'm seeing this being proven each and everyday is really fucking up my perception of moids. Everything else you said, too.

Anonymous 131899

its porn addiction that gets em like this

Anonymous 132082

exactly. i think its just as simple as that. hatred of women+porn addiction= degenerate faggot men into traps. men despise women to the point they can barely even stand to look at them, but theyre still obsessed with the feeling of control they get from seeing feminine/weak bodies being degraded and used by men. so their coomer moid ape brains find another solution, which is traps/femboys.

Anonymous 132083

What are you even talking about? Gay men hate women so they have sex with men who look like women to avoid having sex with women? What? Did you microwave your brain this morning?

Anonymous 132399

Men have no sexual orientation. They are mindless beasts driven by their instinct to shove their disgusting cocks into any hole they see.

Anonymous 132402

Isn't it fair to assume that sexual attraction, at least neurologically, is more based on facial markers than anything? So of course if a cute guy with a cute face comes around they'll be aroused. It's their brains misfiring. They think they're seeing a girl when in all reality it's simply a testosterone deficient man.
I could get into my theory about men liking cum just generally because it's evolutionarily advantageous to be aroused at the sight of your own semen, but I'm getting a bit off track here.

Anonymous 206559

EVERYONE is bisexual around someone cute.

Anonymous 206617

Trannies are disgusting fucking kys

Anonymous 207243

the ancient Greeks were also like that. I don't think it can be blamed completely on porn, but there probably is a lot of environmental conditioning involved.

Anonymous 207255

all those replies to that dude who posted his photo. i wonder what they said

Anonymous 207256

Anonymous 207263

men are bi pedos,they like children’s traits not women’s traits, that’s why it’s not surprising they like underaged boys

Anonymous 207364

"…[M]ost men who molest little boys are not gay. Only 21 percent of the child molesters we studied who assault little boys were exclusively homosexual. Nearly 80 percent of the men who molested little boys were heterosexual or bisexual and most of these men were married and had children of their own."

Dr. A. Nicholas Groth, researcher on adult male offenders and author of “Men Who Rape: Psychology of the Offender”, states that it is a myth that adult males who molest boys are homosexual. He provides several clinical examples to back up his finding including the connection that molesters see themselves in their victims, but would not be attracted to adult males.

"…They see the boy as a projected representation of themselves. They feel themselves to be more child than adult – more boys than men – and therefore find themselves more comfortable (especially sexually) in the company of children…." (Groth, 1982)

Remember, judges also go lighter on pedophiles who rape little girls, but harsher on gay pedophiles, mainly because they can empathize with boys more. Be very wary of men who prefer specific types of women, specifically feminine, they would prefer a little boy, who looks more like a "little girl" more than an adult butch. Hence the amount of men who date TIFS.


Anonymous 207365

delusional tranny thread

Anonymous 207430

I don't think I understand. I thought butch was a term for a lesbian subculture, not just a physical appearance? So a man who does not hound butches would just mean he isn't deluded enough to think he can convert a lesbian to heterosexuality with his magic penis?

Anonymous 207455

It is, but what I meant by this, is a "masculine" woman, aka, a woman who does not conform to being "pretty", etc.

Anonymous 207456

Sorry. I should have clarified that. I do not mean women who are "tomboys", most trad men want to "correct" tomboys due to equating them as children and think teen girls who don't put on makeup are tomboys. Look at what happens to "stocky" women, or women who are genuine big and muscular, with short hair, etc. They shit on them and would go with the younger/smaller option usually. I am saying this as a 19 year old girl of average build. The ones who obsess over "muscles" do it because they view as something to conquer. I am not against femininity, but feminine women, be very wary how your nigel treats a woman who does not meet his beauty standard. Be it her height, weight, etc.. When you get that way, he will see you that way.

Anonymous 207471

a sex act with the same sex is homosexual no matter how you try to present it. exclusivity doesn't matter and is very rare. you will also find in the gay community lots of pedophilic tendencies and that most of them had sex with an adult man when they were children. these claims are very poor.

Anonymous 209208


'straight' males have always had pederastic urges. Look at the Greeks, Romans, pre-modern Japan even. Christianity/Abrahamism then came along and shutdown homosexual shit so guys either repressed it or did it on the DL. Then homosexuality became ok again during the 20th century but pederasty and anything that might be considered even adjacent to pedophilic was made illegal and socially shunned.

Modern internet "femboy"/twink and to an extent tranny culture is just the newest form of pederasty, except with guys that LOOK young rather than who are actually young. Any honest guy who is attracted to OP image would also be attracted to teenage boys, but they won't admit that so instead they engage with their legal and not completely shunned form of "pederasty". That's my two cents anyway.

I only feel sorry for these boys that will inevitably either have lifelong identity issues as they age beyond their adolescent looks, or are more likely groomed into trannydom and taking HRT.

Anonymous 209229


Femboy is just code for pubertal male, it's funny when moids say that women are naturally bisexual.

Anonymous 209279

I think that everyone is "bisexual" to a point. But yes, I think that males are more inclined that way compared to females. The obsession with labeling females as bisexual is projection on moid's part.

Anonymous 209282

Women may be naturally bisexual, but men are naturally pedos.

Anonymous 209287

The obsession with labeling women as "bisexual" always seemed to me to be an attempt to wave away the actual implication of the same scientific studies used to support that same thesis. That implication being that women including bisexuals are only performatively androphilic and do not normally experience genital arousal for men, but genital arousal for women is genuine and normal. Since those studies have been widely replicated it's less troublesome to men to take whatever path is possible to avoid having to think about compulsory heterosexuality and the inherent problems with consent in a culture that constantly pressures and shames women into sleeping with men, or even reflecting for one second on the fact that culture does currently place a massive amount of pressure on women to behave androphilically regardless of their own pleasure or interest. But since men see that those studies and their implications make women deeply uncomfortable and can't resist citing them, even if they have to massively distort the thing that actually causes said discomfort. So they somehow think they can twist that discomfort into "you're all bisexual whores for Chad" and retain the discomfort of "you're probably being abused and taken advantage of by any and every male lover you take since he is only able to function as a lover by ignoring your body's responses and emotional needs."

Anonymous 209289

>women including bisexuals are only performatively androphilic and do not normally experience genital arousal for men
what does this mean in simpler terms?

Anonymous 209300

It means finding men handsome and cute and wanting to give kissies but finding penises vile and offensive.

Anonymous 209301

what? kek

Anonymous 209326

Coincidentally I was reading up on the biological/evolutionary basis of homosexual behavior, and apparently there may be a 'gay' allele (very ambiguous wording here not set in stone), and there is evidence to suggest that it is a sex-linked allele (i.e. male homos inherit the allele from their maternal side). In the sex-linked hypothesis, this allele is expressed as attraction to men; if it appears in women, those women become more attracted to men than normal (which 'explains' why female relatives of male homos have more kids than female relatives of male straggots). If the allele appears in men, it turns them homo. Anyone who has this allele is apparently 'homozygous' by default as it is a 'fixed' allele, implying that bisexuality may be widespread. This would explain the evolutionary advantage of the paradox of the proliferation of male homosexuals (who obviously reproduce less often than heterosexuals),

Everything I wrote has some backing in the scientific community, but also take it with a grain of salt, because they only studied male homosexuals (lesbians are wildly understudied and may have a different biological etiology), and the researchers generally conflate bisexuality with homosexuality, so everything that referred to male bisexuality was even more ambiguous than male homosexuality. But I think the general consensus is that varying degrees of bisexuality is probably a lot more common in the general population than we usually think.

Anonymous 209328

>lesbians are wildly understudied
damn I wonder why is that

Anonymous 209377

IME, bisexual men are quite promiscuous, so I'm inclined to agree with you.

Anonymous 209418

Calvin Klein.png

>At first I thought that it was just a very vocal minority, but now I'm noticing that it seems to be a majority, even among macho men. Even my male friends now are into cute guys.
That unironically because majority of the people making today's media or creating today's clothing are gay themselves, and have made it their goals to make women look as repulsive as possible (If they don't look androgynous enough) while propping up twinks who look more feminine. Seriously, look up the sexual lifestyles of these people and you will see a pattern emerge.

Anonymous 209419

May be slightly related but I think this is the reason for the eyesore that is "genderless fashion". It's always the uglies, most unflattering potato-sack cuts that they put women in, absolute zero respect for our female physiology.

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