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Anonymous 36969

What is your opinion on these kinds of people? Do you admire their business acumen or detest their enabling of perversion?

Anonymous 36970

she's very smart to do it, i'd sell my shit for 100$ if someone would buy it

Anonymous 36972

I wouldn’t do it myself but kudos to her for making millions off of being cute

Anonymous 36973


Really makes you think

Anonymous 36974

why do I find her so unattractive? Is it just repressed jealousy? I hate her nose highlight and her smile is freaky to me. I also dun like her eyes.

Anonymous 36975

Apparently her mom is half Japanese, which is why she looks vaguely like an animu person

Anonymous 36976


I find her pretty cute without the weird eyelashes.

Anonymous 36978

While I don't like her as a person, I have respect for her but also at the same time I don't understand why people fall for girls like her and pay her so much money. It's so baffling to me. I was a thirsty ass teenager too but the thought of orbiting a fuckboi and dropping money on him never crossed my mind so why do guys do the same for thots? Mystery of a lifetime. You can easily find companionship on the internet so I doubt it's just the "oh they're lonely and buying a friend despite deep down knowing their relationship is superifical" etc. Such a strange phenomena and good for her on monetizing it and draining dumbasses from their funds that they obviously don't deserve.

Anonymous 36979

I know what it is, her mouth is way too wide for my liking. Thanks for the dropped pic, helped clarify my taste.

Anonymous 36990

I can’t stop noticing this now

Anonymous 36992

I love that she’s making bank of dumb thirsty betas tbh. My only concern is that I hope she’s read a lot into personal finance and is investing a lot of the money she’s making, ideally she should deffo get a super cheap apartment somewhere to buy and rent out. Get that bread you irl cartoon lady.

Anonymous 37000


She is very attractive, I really want to be her.

Anonymous 37002


I hate her anyone that is retarded and degenerate enough to buy anything from her, but man, peak ancap, it's beautiful. I have zero respect for her,compared to other women she is a product. But it just works, she just puts some makeup and takes some picture and get a shit ton of dollars.

Anonymous 37004

I have zero respect for her,compared to other women she is a product.
And most people aren't even that. Nobody has any inherent value. She is so resourceful she is literally selling her bath water. This is peak self respect - putting yourself so highly that the things you touch are worth money to someone who wouldn't otherwise want said thing.

It would be empty ego if nobody would buy it but she knows how much she is worth and makes use of this. Most people can only dream of doing anything remotely similar to this. The only pathetic people are ones fully hating on her for not being able to make so much money of retards, and of course said retards who are buying this shit lol

Anonymous 37005

uh forgot the greentext in first line

Anonymous 37027

I do not admire it by any means. I find it really cringe(the fanbase, ugh) and I don't think she's some kind of genius or anything like some people seem to think (like… really?).
But I think she should be free to do it and get money that way.

Anonymous 37030

Neutral, erring towards the side of disgust. I don't care what people do with their bodies, and if guys want to spend money on it, that's their choice. That being said, the level of makeup, costume-ry, photoshop, and angles that go into these photos, as well as the sheer number of women doing this now, is giving men unrealistic expectations of the women they cross in real life from constant exposure to e-thottery.

Super cinched waists are a very rare occurrence in the real world, as are tiny noses and puffy lips. It pisses me off that men use your lack of looking like this against you. I had a guy get upset because I wouldn't wear "sexy dresses" and make the ahaego (or however it's spelled) faces. Keep in mind, he wouldn't do any of this for me if I asked for something in return. I'm noticing it's becoming a common occurrence among my friend group too.

Anonymous 37031

>make the ahaego (or however it's spelled) faces
Well, that's why you shouldn't date weeaboos.

Anonymous 37045

I don't care about them at all, it's their life. At most it's a little funny how they make easy-ish money off of hordes of lonely, horny guys. Tale as old as time.

Anonymous 37046

Have no strong opinion. People will get off to whatever 'luxury' item from a public figure they can get, though I wouldn't get this personally.

Anonymous 37062

Cant wait until this thot becomes irrelevant.

Anonymous 37071

Yeah no, the ahegao shit has become so ubiquitous and pervasive that most people on the internet nowadays are well acquainted with it. Especially with the upsurge of belle delphine (and ppl alike) these past few years.

Anonymous 37072

She's got a good face structure for getting away with lots of make-up and getting that 'Anime-look'. You should see her without all that make-up. Not very impressive to say the least.

Anonymous 37073

That's vile. Absolutely abhorrent and disgusting.

Anonymous 37074


She isn't the most attractive person ever - even with pounds on top of pounds of make-up on. But I think that the main thing making you dislike her appearance so is solely based on your dislike of her as a person and what she does. That's at least why I dislike her.

Anonymous 37075

Oh she's got them angles perfected. However >>37074

Anonymous 37077

We can discuss the subjective immorality of her actions for days but we'll get nowhere. There's no point in putting blame on someone that has found a loop-hole in a system built to brutally fuck our backsides. She's just making do with what's been handed to her. In the end it's not about her - but the system that has lead to this. I personally don't think that anyone's at fault here except for capitalism.

Anonymous 37078

It is what it is. I think that our persistent squabbling and bickering about this matter is only a sub-concious ploy to somehow justify our excessive interest in this.

Anonymous 37081

Countdown until she starts putting out fart stuff

Anonymous 37089

I think she's super cute but something always threw me off about her face, I think it's her top lip being so thin and her wide mouth. I do think it gives her a unique look though and almost catlike? which makes sense since I imagine a large part of her fanbase is into those half girl/half cat characters lol

Anonymous 37091

on one hand I think good for her making serious bank from these incels and neckbeards with minimal effort (the bathwater thing is insane). but on the other, the way she plays up how young/innocent she looks to pander to nasty pedos is disgusting. I'm really on the fence but I lean towards detesting the enabling of perversion for sure.

Anonymous 37130

>Nobody has any inherent value
Go to hell.

Anonymous 37137

if human life has any inherent value then how do you cope with fact that thousands die every day? that's a fucking tragedy isn't it?

Anonymous 37139

It is. This is what funerals are organized for. Again, go to hell you cartoonishly evil shit.

Anonymous 37190

I get uncanny valley vibes from her, especially her videos. Her fixed smile; her flawless, anime-like makeup; her impeccable pink hair; the supplicant, big eyes; the fantasy- and gamer-style costumes; her slim body. It's a good gimmick, and while I feel vaguely repulsed by her, I have to watch in awe and slight jealousy as she collects obscene amounts of money from thirsty men online.

Anonymous 37193

Sad, only because there will be people who will buy it unironically.

Another thing, doesn't anybody else find it pretty pathetic that people ((gross men)) make fun of her for being a 'thot' but at the same time probably get off and contribute to the popularity of her and many other 'instagram thots'?

Anonymous 37196

It's peak capitalism and it's beautiful, anon. The incels were right. The market always regulates itself.
Their ideals are disgusting but their observations are on point. Always.

Anonymous 37215

Well she goes for that irl animu look and hit the jackpot. I admire her resourcefulness. There are probably girls in the world who would look better than her as 2dbaits but didnt think of it and will never get rich.

The idea is 90% of the product.

Anonymous 37216

Its not even incels, just beta cucks. I browse /r/braincels for shits and giggles and they are seething because
>a femoid can literally sell bathwater! MEMEGENDER!
and whine its because of cucks who enable such behavior. They really despise Belle.

Anonymous 37237


Anonymous 37244

>This is peak self respect
Is this serious? Building a whole identity around being fapbait for neckbeard lardwhales isn't self-respect.

>putting yourself so highly that the things you touch are worth money to someone who wouldn't otherwise want said thing.

Nah, it's been proven time and time again desperate men will buy disgusting things like this, soiled panties (with shit), socks worn for months, etc.

Anonymous 37256

Dont act like sweat smell cant be attractive

Anonymous 37258

>woman acknowledges supply and demand and uses it to her advantage
>Omg evil women
>Men literally buy strangers bath water because they think she's hot

I sometimes wish I lacked self awareness similar to men

Anonymous 37259

You act like people dont shit on the guys who bought the water. Everyone rightfully sees this as peak fedora behaviour

Anonymous 37260



>Is this serious? Building a whole identity around being fapbait for neckbeard lardwhales isn't self-respect.

She´ll probably be able to retire before she hits 30
and live comfortably if she plays her cards right.

At 40 and still wagecucking your life away for scraps you tell her about self respect.

Anonymous 37263

>Is this serious? Building a whole identity around being fapbait for neckbeard lardwhales isn't self-respect.

Who's saying she's building her identity around it? It's just a way to make money for her. You wouldn't say that a cashier at a supermarket builds her identity around being a cashier at a supermarket, would you? As far as I know, she's pretty reserved with her actual identity.

Anonymous 37274

This, I know sex workers who live pretty normal lives if they're stable, there's also sex workers like hungry lips who doesn't even show her face and still makes an insane amount of money

Anonymous 37280

A lot of people are able to live comfortably without doing this. This is a last-ditch resort, meant for people who have no value, self-esteem, or skills outside of humiliating themselves to get desperate men off. I don't know why people are idolizing her like she's some sort of hero. She can sell her bath water now but she's still spent a significant amount of her life, time, and effort appealing to basement dwellers. Pathetic.

Anonymous 37288


She's now selling a whole tank for 10k.

Anonymous 37289

She's probably having more fun than people who just live comfortably.

Anonymous 37290


Ntayrt, but I don't idolize or support what she does either, but you have to realize that sex work wouldn't be an option for her if there was no demand. So if anything, the only person who lack respect here is the men who buy/share/save her work. Sure, the pandering is pathetic, but you know what's more pathetic though? The degenerates who get off to it.

Somewhat relevant, it's not just basement neckbeards who like her. There's probably a fair share of normal men that you see outside everyday that jerk off to her shit too since she's popular on social media. Really makes you think…

Anonymous 37291

let me know when she finally sells her pee

Anonymous 37292


Anonymous 37295


No strong feelings on her, as I know almost nothing about her as a person. I just think the men who buy her content and bathwater are pathetic.
Also, it's funny to see some people get angry about her success, but also defend capitalism tooth and nail. If you're in support of capitalism, what's wrong with this? This is the system working exactly as it should. Here is the circus you ordered, complete with all its clowns and monkeys. What's your problem?

Anonymous 37300

She's trying so hard to be "random XD LUL" at this point. Have you seen her instagram and youtube videos? It's like forcing a meme until it becomes painful to look at. She's pushing being weird to a point where it's not funny, shocking or cute. It's sad and boring.

Anonymous 37301

I wouldn't classify this girl as a sex worker tbh.
Also I despise sex workers.

Anonymous 37302

Well being sad and boring never did bring anyone so much money. You're just not her audience, that's all.

Anonymous 37303

she is definitely a sex worker. she's selling sex, even if she's not nude.

Anonymous 37306

Her audience is 13 year old boys, of course I won't enjoy something that's not targeted at my sex and age group. But why do people think it's funny or interesting when that retard sticks googly eyes on an octopus and plays with it for a video?
This. Just because she't not directly fucking those greasy incels doesn't mean she doesn't do sex work.

Anonymous 37311

Shes not appealing to incels, incels hate her and everything she stands for, i already wrote about it ealier, check r/braincels , they despise her.

It's beta males who buy that shit. Same guys who watch e-thots on twitch and donate to them. Incels would kill themselves before giving money to "femoid" if we're going by what they themselves say

Anonymous 37328

Then could you please define "sex", "selling sex" and "sex work".

Anonymous 37330


>humiliating themselves
>people are idolizing her like she's some sort of hero.

Contradictory much.

>still spent a significant amount of her life, time, and effort

Doesn`t seem like she is spending much of either of those things and her income is way larger than senior engineers and doctors make, for something that virtually takes no stress or effort and required no previous skill on her part. She seems to enjoy the attention and is having fun too.

Anonymous 37331

in lots of places, strippers don't get full nude and are classed as sex workers, so i think it's safe to say she's a sex worker

Anonymous 37336

She's sticking dildos up her ass on her premium Snapchat.

Anonymous 37344


Anonymous 37349

>are classed as sex workers
Well, why don't you think for yourself instead of trusting other people's classifications?
I think that a sex worker is someone who participates in sex for money. So either a porn actor/actress or a prostitute.

Anonymous 37354

>She's sticking dildos up her ass
so is every incel in this site

Anonymous 37366

have you heard of that girl from /r9k/? if i were belle i'd disappear from the internet forever. in fact, it makes me want to do just that and i'm not even an e-girl.

Anonymous 37367

Yeah… Apparently she talked to a lot of robots and was just addicted to validation from them. She talked to me a bit about the time when she was popular and how much shit was pulled on her, but also how she missed the attention sometimes, and then suddenly I saw her corpse all over /r9k/. I think she had some really bad issues that made her attracted to awful people and it ended up costing her life in such a terrible way, fuck, I can't even imagine.

Anonymous 37368

South Park S20E04 …

What now?

Anonymous 37369

a robot decapitated a girl, they met thru r9k/discord. he posted about it after.

Anonymous 37370

I don’t understand why anyone would meet up with a rando they found on a board for mentally ill young men who hate women. Not trying to victim blame here but it seems like a bad idea.

Anonymous 37374

Holy shit post pics?

Anonymous 37375

Just heard about it. This is why I could never be jealous of people who appeal to degenerate males; that shit can put your life in danger. The other day I was reading about a pornstar, she was talking about how she's constantly harassed by male police officers who recognize her/immigration officers while traveling and other people who abuse power in their job, she ended up leaving America because of it. No amount of money could ever make up for being in situations like that.

Anonymous 37376

This is what I was thinking as well. Even when she fucked around with that fake pornhub account I was nervous something could happen to her, men are seriously retarded animals so it wouldn't have surprised me if one had gone after her out of anger about that. Didn't she already have to move because she got stalked? I agree, she should try to get off the web.

Anonymous 37377

I read she was 17 and potentially mentally ill too

Anonymous 37379

Incels would rather castrate themselves than buy overpriced water from some random "gamer girl" on the internet. Her "target audience" is edgy youtubers.

Anonymous 37384


There's a KF thread on the whole thing.

Anonymous 37386

wrong, her target audience is YOU
or rather just normal dudes. Just my opinion.

Anonymous 37387

is there any woman on earth who would buy this sort of shit off a guy?
regardless of male supply in the sex market (if you can imagine a world where that was low)

Anonymous 37394

>going on KF

theres not much to know. Most of the things about her were misinfo by orbiters and trolls except for her age, drug use and having mental illness. Nothing is confirmed about what led to it yet.

Anonymous 37396

There is a small but nonzero number of girls who listen to guys talking on Youtube and some of them buy used guy panties probably

Anonymous 37405

There are texts from the murderer. He was obsessed with her ever since they played a game for a week or so and snapped when he found out she had a boyfriend. She wasn't meeting him either, he followed her to a concert he knew she'd be at and dragged her to his car. He wasn't a boyfriend at all.

Anonymous 37408

I'm fairly certain that there are women who would just the same buy an attractive guy's bathwater or cumstained briefs if they were available.
Didn't Japan have those kinds of girls who would preserve anything their crush touches or some similar shit?

Anonymous 37410

Oxy/bianca was killed by a friend she knew in real life. Even her met had met him.
He was a /b/ poster, not an /r9k/ poster.

She was a tripfag on /r9k/ back in 2016, but she moved to discord and joined the servers all the other e-girls were in.

Here is what we know:
This person was a hispanic, friend of hers and her family's.
He was not her boyfriend, she had rejected him in the past.
He drove her to a concert where she met up with another guy and she made out with him.
The perp got angry from witnessing that and attacked the guy and Bianca on the way back (inside the car)
Bianca died on the scene. Her guy friend is in ICU.
The perp tried to kill himself and failed, he is also in ICU.


She started posting at around age 14.
She was selling nudes to discord users.
She was selling private snapchat access.
She ALLEGEDLY had sex with 9 people from discord.

That's the info thus far. Primarily coming from her own sister and from discord screenshots.

Anonymous 37411

the guy friend is not in the ICU, he talked to a friend of hers on Discord because he sensed something wasn't right after he left, and then she told him about the picture. That's how they called the cops. The murderer guy is in the ICU with a slit throat.

Anonymous 37412

Oh sorry, I thought they were both in the ICU from reading the police reports.

Anonymous Admin 37413

Discussion of Bianca is not banned, but I deleted the thread that was made because it was clearly male bait and had no comments from actual users so far. If a respectful one is made, I'll leave it up. If you must post the images, use the spoiler feature.

Anonymous 37414

I like her because she looks like anime character, like she can't possibly exist in real world. I like her style and sense of humor. If there weren't any background information and people talking about her I wouldn't even understand that what she does is sexual. Like ahegao faces, I would just think they are funny faces and that's all.

Anonymous 37415

rather they are old ugly men who are used to paying prostitutes and having waifus but are not incels or part of other subcultures like that. They probably follow her as one of the girls they are obsessed by and might even not have heard about 4chan or are too old to use it any more.

Anonymous 37459


reminds me of Perfect Blue, but also seems like that girl was really getting into terrible and incredibly dangerous situations, were the fuck were her parents? i´d rather believe all the alleged shit is slander because its kinda messed up.


i believe it , the fangirl world can be crazy, but fujoshis just do the weird fetishy stuff and wathever degrading thing groupies do, but with the rape and the killings it is even close statistically.

Anonymous 37472

I mean I could be tempted to buy some saucy pics or vids but nothing too expensive. if he started selling his bath water I would think he was a joke

Anonymous 37473

have you seen her instagram though? it's full of highly sexual pics - holding a dildo while in a bikini for one.

Anonymous 37474

the idea makes me shudder. she looks so young - that's the part that disturbs me. you know a lot of these guys love the fact she could pass for 14 in some pics. brb puking

Anonymous 37478


Looks like r9k girls can't compete.

Anonymous 37482

Who dis?

Anonymous 37485

You must be extremely petty to post a girl's photo from /r9k/ on here just to make fun of her.
I bet you are way uglier and are coping.

Anonymous 37487

Some random hoe from /adv doing the time-tested spiel of "Oh I'm so ugly" to fish for compliments.

Anonymous 37496

I saw this and posted in her thread, damn. Context: Some robot is going around asking insecure girls for selfies and convincing them to send one, this one did it and he immediately made a thread sperging out about how ugly and hopeless she was but didn't share the photo, only a cropped part of her hair. Of course everyone pushed her to just show how she looked because it couldn't possibly be so bad, and when she did they even gave her advice and told her she was relatively cute, but it was still probably really humiliating for her. I talk to robots sometimes but I would never show my face to any of them. If you're searching for validation on 4chan, you've already lost.

Anonymous 37498

>but I would never show my face to any of them. If you're searching for validation on 4chan, you've already lost.

Yep. You must be mentally ill to post your own selfie on imageboards or send one to an imageboard dweller in this day and age.

Anonymous 37502

>is there any woman on earth who would buy this sort of shit off a guy?

The k-pop fandom probably would

Anonymous 37503

I think she’s a degenerate but a smart one. It’s really men’s fault for giving her the time of day so they can’t really complain if she takes advantage of them.

Anonymous 37505

Nothing thinks of them in a good way either. People see them as the disgusting freaks they are.

Anonymous 37506

Tbh I value myself more than money. Like I know lots people would lots of dumb shit for money and not really care. If that’s you then you do you. But I would rather wagecuck that sell myself out to gross degenerates.

Anonymous 37508

I know 4chan isn’t the most reliable place to get info but there have been screenshots post of stuff she’s said. She wasn’t the nicest person although that definitely doesn’t justify her murder. I find that people tend to glorify someone after they’ve died even if they were total assholes while alive.

Anonymous 37510

exactly. even if I was rolling in dough from doing that kind of thing I'd never be able to get it out of my head that I'd lowered myself to acting the way belle does for nasty ass neckbeards the world over to slobber over

Anonymous 37511


>But I would rather wagecuck that sell myself out to gross degenerates.

Anonymous 37512

>pretty eyes
>nice skin
>nice hair
I think she’s cute idc

Anonymous 37516

Just because you want to be a mindless e-thot doesn't mean everyone else does.

Anonymous 37543


Anonymous 37622

I hate you.

Anonymous 37655

seems like her account has been banned from Instagram. Incels mass reported her.

Anonymous 37670

Fucking lmao. I hate when incels get their way, but this is a win.

>buh we need to support fellow wahmen

It’ll hurt the men who followed her without donating more than it’ll hurt her business in the end. When she retires at the age of 30 with all of that patreon money she’ll be the one laughing.

Anonymous 37671

I never actually really disliked her, I hope she moves on and stays safe from any stalkers or creepy males. Guess it's kind of silly for me to feel so bad about somebody who at one point was making 154k a month just posting pictures but eh

Anonymous 37672


Its not a good precedent, they can do this to any woman online that they don´t like, and is not just ethots that depend on social media and patreon for their bussiness.

Anonymous 37676

honestly i can't think of any other business that depends on patreon and could possibly be banned from instagram except for e-thotery

Anonymous 37695


A million legitimate artists for starters.

Anonymous 37708

>Do you admire their business acumen or detest their enabling of perversion?


Anonymous 37718

but why would they be banned if there's no sexual content?

Anonymous 37843

I love Tom

Anonymous 38108

Yeah, she really is borderline retarded. I didn't believe that she had management at first because she does so much dumb shit, but by now it's obvious.

Anonymous 38134

Her photographer bf seems to call most of the shots. They're in greece together right now and her fans are having a meltdown because she's wearing a ring on her ring finger kek. She went on snap to reassure them she's single forever because she insists on catering to angry incels that would laugh if she got her throat slit Bianca style.

Anonymous 38163

Ya'll are so fucking jealous lmaoo. No self-awareness at all

Anonymous 38164


every time someone criticizes something they're jealous. Fuck off scrote she's not gonna blow you.

Anonymous 38186

>wanting to be a disgusting whore retard who has no respect for herself
Ah, I see. Another scrote so obsessed with porn he literally thinks women are cocksleeves who put themselves on show to anyone WILLINGLY.
Be so kind and die, the world will be much, much better off without your kind.

Anonymous 38353

If we're talking about people in general who profit off of male desperation without actually giving out acts of sex I'm fine with it. It's the customers that are pathetic retards that should be laughed at.

If we're talking about BD specifically I can't ever support her knowing she started her biz at 16 by stealing a tumblr pornstar's nudes and profiting off of them to pedos that thought they were real CP. Not only did she enable pedophiles but she profited off of someone else's stolen work. I could only ever support her knowing that she turned those pedos in after taking their money, which I highly doubt.

I'd rather have tits and be a social recluse cat lady nobody with a stable job than have a bunch of unpredictable patreon money and tons of ugly pedo moid attention for dressing up like a toddler, thanks.

My job will keep me until I die, BD will only have money until her 30's at best. Your face and body don't stay young forever.

Anonymous 38359

I don't really feel strongly about this whole thing but it reminds me a whole lot of the ongoing political debate around loan debt

>It's the bank's fault for giving a loan to someone who can't repay it!

sounds like
>It's the streamer's fault for taking advantage of desperate, weakwilled men
>It's the borrower's fault for signing a contract for a loan they could never reasonably repay
sounds like
>It's the men's fault for being so weakwilled and stupid in the first place

I don't know if this is an ethical answer or not but my answer in both cases has been… you can't legislate stupid. We'll never see a law making it harder for people to take out loans and we'll never have laws that keep men from sending worship dollars to streamers (or strippers, etc.)

Anonymous 38426

belle delphine wit…

Anonymous 38427

Lol she earns over 150k per month on Patreon (and that was in january). She's already made more money that you probably ever will.

Anonymous 38428


The fact that a girl can glow up like this is lifefuel to me. I mean that sincerely.

Anonymous 38487

that's not her, literally different shape of the nose

Anonymous 38488

I'd be willing to give her some bucks on Patreon to teach me how to glow up.

Different angle, different shape.

Anonymous 38490

Highlighter and facetune are your friends.

Anonymous 38491



Some people are affected negatively by this kind of content they make. Perhaps the same will happen to Belle in the future.

Anonymous 38493

Are you blind

Anonymous 38494

She has no business acumen, she's getting pimped by her boyfriend.

And to answer your question, I'm jelly as fuck

Anonymous 38504

You want to be pimped out by your boyfriend, or you want to be the one doing the pimping?

Anonymous 38560

I don't really care about her, she doesn't have any impact on my life.
But I do respect her for being able to make so much money at such a young age, no matter how she made it. Her path wouldn't be what makes me happy, but it's her life and her responsibility.
I just hope she is investing the money in her future and won't start taking drugs.

Anonymous 38585

>you ever will
That money will dry up after she stops being relevant or does a big oopsie. After that she'll have to get a real job or rely on her boyfriend. My yearly wage is 85k+ and I'll always have that even after I'm over 65. Especially if I marry a man with a similar or better wage. I will definitely have more wealth than her in our lifetime lol.

Patreon is an extremely unstable platform and being an e-girl is not a stable career.

Anonymous 38586

Why would you ever need that much money though? I hope you donate a lot to charities.

Anonymous 47637

Ethots and camwhores are pitiful and gross. BUT belle delphine has made a killing and never even took her top off, so well played I guess

Anonymous 47666

>that money will dry up after she stops being relevant
Assuming she hasn't squandered all of her money on nouveau-riche bullshit, and properly managed her money into appreciating assets, index funds, retirement funds, she could have worked 3-4 years and retired in complete security for the rest of her life.

If she's still working even now, it's either because she enjoys it and being a minor celebrity, or because she needs even more money.

Anonymous 47667

Anonymous 47669

I don't think there's nothing wrong with wanting to monetize own beauty and making a career out of it. Almost no difference with being born very smart and doing something with it.

Anonymous 47671

>being born very smart
Nobody is born smart: either you work on it or you stay silly.

Anonymous 47681

The ones with visible nipples are fake and have been shopped. She's wearing a top in the original pics.

Anonymous 47685

Educated != intelligent

Anonymous 47708

How can people still act like dumb people are educated and vice versa?

Anonymous 47715

She was underage when she started. Not by a ton but still, she lied to the men she sold nudes to and stuff. In a way, I find it tragic.

Anonymous 47719

It's possible. You can get far in education purely by just memorizing all the textbooks and then getting all the scores, without actually understanding anything.

IQ is genetics and I believe IQ does reflect person's ability to make logical decisions in real life and in decisionmaking in general. So people that are born smart/high iq can get far in life easily than others if they want to, just like beautiful people, or people that have talent at something (music is very good example). I really don't think there's something wrong with being blessed at birth and making something out of it, be it intelligence, beauty or talent.

Anonymous 47723

IQ doesn't mean shit, desu. I am doing a year of psych at uni and all the IQ tests out there are flawed and test only a specific part of our intelligence. There's people out there who have a really high IQ but struggle with simple maths and there's people with medium IQ who understand sciences better than anyone. The concept of IQ is a scam used by people to make themselves feel better.

Anyway, I don't really think you need to be textbook smart to have such a huge online presence which grants you a shit ton of cash.Just social awareness and to know how people work and function. Bit of studying and understanding of how sad internet men work got her far, not necessarily wits.

Anonymous 47726

But anon. Smart people are way better at memorizing things. That's just big cope by scrotes who need a scapegoat, "She got better score than me? It's not real learning blah blah blah".

Anonymous 47728

IQ is a meme and memorisation isnt "fake" intelligence

t. 130 IQ and completely unable to memorise things

Anonymous 47731

>completely unable to memorise things
You only think that because your intelligence allows you to measure yourself against savants while having no idea how badly average people have it.

Anonymous 47733

Ive taken memory tests and scored bellow average normies

the ability to remember things is in and of itself an impressive and intelligent thing and saying stuff like "w-well you just memorised it" is dumb cope

Anonymous 47845

Belle Delphine is based af and only witless incels seethe at her

Anonymous 50433

The going rate, apparently, is about 25 cents for each picture of a man, and 25 DOLLARS for each picture of a woman.
That's what people are willing to pay for webcam pictures.
It's no wonder how people like Belle can fare so well these days.

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