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Anonymous 37098

Have you ever caught someone posting about you online? Bonus points if it was on an imageboard.

Anonymous 37100

Yes, my friend said "where is [me]" after i disappeared from steam.
I realized i shouldn't disappear from my friends.

Anonymous 37108

Did you talk to them after?

Anonymous 37113

somebody once made a few successive posts looking for me about a year ago
this was on 8ch

Anonymous 37114


A guy I knew posted a picture of myself and two other friends with the caption “smash marry kill” on /b/ a few years ago.

Anonymous 37115

No but my cousins was posted on a fucking incel website, they were rating her. It was so surreal considering they lying about where they were taking the picture and kept insinuating they were whores. The internet really is a small place after all….

Anonymous 37116

we rude now.png

I did that to a couple of highschool classmates on 4chan /b/ back in the day.

Anonymous 37121

Are your cousins instagram models? Did you tell them about the incel website?

Anonymous 37124

Yes. It was a very special imageboard. It wasn't anything mean or life-ruining, but I knew someone who was a regular browser and it was way too specific not to be me. Called him out on it the next time we spoke though and he basically confirmed it was about me lol.

Anonymous 37132


Nope. But a guy I knew in high school that browsed 4chan posted screenshots of his american gf sending pics of herself in a bra to some other guy over facebook. We're european, they fell in love online and I think he visited her in florida and even planned to move there. Not even sure what the context was anymore, I just found the pic in my 4chan folder with a 4chan filename a few weeks ago so now it's a mystery even to me.

Anonymous 37134

the absolute state of betas

Anonymous 37142

What was the overall consensus regarding you?

Anonymous 37144


Yeah, a couple of times on /a/ and /r9k/. It wasn't anything revolting though.

Anonymous 37150

I didn’t want to know, so I didn’t look. I kept refreshing the page every so often to check when it 404’d more than anything. most likely kill

Anonymous 37157


In a IB I once posted a pic with half of my face showing, I thought no one would recognize me because the picture was too dark. Then someone posted saying he knew where I was studying, I thought it was a joke but then said the place and it was right, I panicked and deleted the photo as fast as I could.

To this day, I still don't know who that person was.

Anonymous 37158


i can recognize you from your hands, the shape of nails feels like almost unique

Anonymous 37170


>t. congotrapo

Anonymous 37181

I'm not her, just saved her pics

Anonymous 37186

I posted in a voice thread once and someone said they recognized me, but it was probably a troll post because they never followed up.

Another time, a robot I had stopped talking to (not ghosted) made a thread about missing me.

Anonymous 37188


Yes, a guy from r9k I'd met up with once found a post I'd made on feels about meeting my boyfriend and he posted the screenshot on r9k.
It was a funny coincidence that he'd found my post, realized it was me, posted it on r9k, and then I found his post and realized it was him.

Anonymous 37208

No, I didn’t want them to see what they said so I never told anyone. They’re not even Instagram models just regular college students who happen to be very pretty, their instagrams are both private so it had to be someone they knew who posted it

Anonymous 37239


Kek, It's surprising where you meet other female arepanas.

Anonymous 37240

How do you get here? Someone posted about CC somwhere? This feels weird

Anonymous 37316


>How do you get here?


>Someone posted about CC somwhere?

not on liceo/, that i know of

Anonymous 37323

Weird, looks like we're at least 2 or 3 here on CC

Anonymous 37326

I bet it was fuck

Anonymous 37327

Yeah back over 4 years ago when I still browsed r9k.
Posted on describe yourself thread and started chatting up with trip fag. Got into email and ghosted him after a few messages.
Posted again a few days later, saying on a virgin thread that he thought a girl posting was me. Posted the same pic I used my post. Felt bad and messaged him again. Only to ghost again, sorry dude.

Anonymous 37711

I once found an unsent letter post that I think was aimed at me because the timing and details matched up really well, but who knows. The post was basically calling me a liar and backstabber.

Anonymous 37712

So were you a liar and a backstabber?

Anonymous 37716

I was searching my twitter username up on google one day and I found someone on a thread exchanging steam info on /v/. They posted my twitter and a steam account of the same name (I don't have steam) claiming to be underage. I genuinely don't know what to make of it.

Anonymous 37825

so he trespassed? I hope you're not with him

Anonymous 38619

I never met up with him a second time. He was nice and I'd have wanted to be friends, but he seemed very insecure and got weird about it. It's too bad because he really was nice.

I'm still with my bf though, he's amazing.

Anonymous 38666


Not exactly what this thread's asking about but I would say this in similar vein.

>be me, insecure fembot with low self-esteem

>curious to know what people think of her appearance
>post in /soc/ rate thread out of impulsivity laziness to post verification pics on other sites
>immediately leave 4chan out of regret
>irl acquaintance messages me asking if I go on 4chan
>tells me some random incel/male robot made a thread with my /soc/ image on /r9k/ saying I'm his dream girl
>OP also requested personal info

Turns out this acquaintance is an ex-robot who decided to randomly check /r9k/ one day to see anything new. Fortunately he didn't dox me even though he could have and the /r9k/ thread died. The main takeaways from that is to never let yourself be dumb enough to post anything personal on 4chan. If you do make sure the metadata of any images are wiped out before uploading to hinder any possible doxxing attempts.

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