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/brit/ Anonymous 37682

A general dedicated to the discussion of British culture.

What part of britain are you from girls?

Anonymous 37683

Iyaaa liverpool lass believe it or not lol

Anonymous 37684


evening gents

Anonymous 37685

er maj.jpg

pic related is me haha xx

Anonymous 37686

coventry here lmao

Anonymous 37687

come on lasses let’s get this thread geared up and ready to go, sorry state of affairs only having four posts within nought but a quart of the hour xx

Anonymous 37690


having a go

Anonymous 37696

bumwanking a scodger

Anonymous 37747

Philomena Cunk is watching this thread.

Anonymous 37750

I like your fish and chips and period movies but I don't understand any of your accents.

XOXO, a neighbour from the Continent

Anonymous 37751

If it makes you feel any better, half of us cant understand each other either.

Anonymous 37754

bumtossing a bender

Anonymous 37780

I understand the british accent more than the american accent. But maybe is because I watch a lot of british movies

Anonymous 37783


Do you have a loicence for creating this thread, luv?

Anonymous 37785

I watched Under the Skin not all that long ago and some of the northern accents were completely and utterly incomprehensible. I think that was partly done intentionally by the filmmaker but damn it wasn't just "thick" it was impenetrable.

Anonymous 37792


North West, I travel to Liverpool a lot for work.

Anonymous 37816

doing a poo

Anonymous 37824

are the Isles of Scilly a nice place to visit?

Anonymous 37845

actually cannot deal with this heat today

on the loo?

Anonymous 37851

Anonymous 37857


It's only getting worse, tomorrow is supposed to be mid-high 30s or something.
I'm going to die.

Anonymous 37858

laughs in australian

Anonymous 37859


Yeah well you lunatics are used to it.
Plus you've got air-con, which none of us do.

Also [some joke about criminals and drug abuse and so on, you know the drill, god save the queen]

Anonymous 37861

you have air conditioning, I have a piece of A4 paper folded into a fan and a damp flannel…

Anonymous 37868

I still can't get used to the idea that Australia's seasons are the opposite of what most of us experience.

Anonymous 37873

Really not everyone has AC. I live in a crumby old house without one, all I have is an electric fan which I 100% recommend for you in your situation. Of course no new house would go up without one now.

Doesn't help either if you work outdoors, in a warehouse or factory, if you work as a driver of some sort, or really anything that isn't office-ish type work. People are still going about their day no problem. The only time I've seen people outside stop work completely is when it hits >40.

If you have to do anything in that weather - even if it's as simple as like going to the corner shop - just drink lots of water, stay in the shade as best you can, and take lots of little breaks so your body can recuperate. Do your best!

Anonymous 37897


What part of London are you from lass?

Anonymous 37937


Anglos have always stolen their culture to begin with. Can't loose what you never had.

Anonymous 37940

what the fuck do you do on christmas day with your family? I mean lunch and presents sure. But what about all the time in between if you don't drink 15 beers outside before it gets dark?

Anonymous 37943

The chav part of London. Am I right or am right, >>37891?

Anonymous 37959

All of London is chavvy, not a single area of worth to be found in the entire city.

Anonymous 37960

sorry but you can only be a chav if you are white working class, of which there are few in London

Anonymous 37961

Just came here from /brit/
What happens here?

Anonymous 37962



Anonymous 37994


we laugh at the dumb americans who think the welsh are attractive now because of the actor who played Elton John in Rocketman

Anonymous 38087


I'm from Finland

Anonymous 38088

reckon you lasses should come over to /brit/

Anonymous 38089

haha benis :–DDDDDDDDD
spurdo sparde

Anonymous 38758

rory stewart.png


Anonymous 38955

who you asking to the crystal cafe - /brit/ after school disco lads?

Anonymous 38981


What do u lassies think of the recent rise of gammon memes?

Anonymous 39090

simple as.jpg

anglophile form Sweden worrying about Englands demographic doom
Love them.

Anonymous 39102


Oh god now I crave greggs shitty pizza slices.

Anonymous 39356


How about the gregg’s only diet?

Anonymous 39439



Anonymous 39443


Anonymous 39449

I hate /brit/ threads. It's just stupid memes and nothing to do with actually living in the UK at all.

Anonymous 39466


But that pretty much sums up living here.
What else is there to talk about right now other than endlessly fucking rehashing whether or not Brexit is going to completely derail the country forever, or just mostly derail it for a while?

Anonymous 39471

on this drag queen in particular? or the show? I'm looking forward to it! I'm a big drag race fan though so

Anonymous 39475


So tell me Brits, does this taste as good as it looks like?
I regret not getting it during my holidays in your country.

Anonymous 39476

>does this taste as good as it looks like?
>looks like vomit mixed with poo
I don't want to be rude but as a person who's very sensitive when it comes to how the food looks like and feels in the mouth it amazes me how people can look at something like this and say it looks good.
For some reason I've suddenly felt the need to make that remark, I guess because it's so bizzare for me but I understand that I'm the weird one here.

Anonymous 39478

You might want to check with your doctor if your poo comes out with colourful bits.

Anonymous 39479

>vomit mixed with poo
vomit does

Anonymous 39480

its decent. its really easy to make yourself at home if you want. its basically just mashed potato and minced beef

Anonymous 39889


Who here /Manchester/?

Anonymous 39918

Had a horrible dream
Did some random shit with Gordan Ramsey about people writing in about some primitive cooking book, only for some reason it involved a whole bunch of chicks sending their tits in
And i really wanted the book but i kept forgetting what it was called and half waking up and wanting to write it down then forgetting
Only to slip back into sleep and for Gordon to give it back to me a few times and one time a golf club as well for some reason

But then there was a recession and i got a job offer in Melbourne so flew down. But when i got there my mum sent me a Facebook message saying it was probably fake and why would they head hunt somebody like me during a recession.
So i got annoyed and was walking around Melbourne i decided i may as well have a beer.
There was one of those counter sticking out of the wall places like which might sell coffee only they only sold xxxx and vb.
The weird thing is though all the melbournians were only drinking xxxx even though its a Queensland beer.
And im standing at this fucking counter for ages. New people are constantly coming but im never served.
Theres a list of all the sizes of beer but they're all wrong.
Normally i can't read in dreams but shit like a schooner is called a schooeeywooey and middy(which people use in Melbourne i think) was a midriff.
And i want a pint but im not sure if i should be self conscious about it because everybody else is getting runt sized beers.
Never got my beer just woke up

Anonymous 57186

alri lasses as if this is still up haha mental that

Anonymous 57188

What a boring post

Anonymous 57232

Why's it so bloody hot…

Anonymous 57252

cuz ur mum's fat

Anonymous 64858


Lol'd. Nice joke.

Anonymous 67159

wtf I made this thread a year ago and unironically forgot the name of the website. No way is it still up haha.

Anonymous 67160

First album is their best. Fight me.

Anonymous 70284

Anonymous 70304

who here /kent/?

Anonymous 70321

im not even from britain but looking back on my life every tv show i have truely loved was from UK. any shows you can reccomend?

Anonymous 255291

What's for din dins?

Anonymous 255296

i ate a sandwhich with fish n chips inside

Anonymous 255298


I'm from the island continent of Britain. I work at the local fish and chip mine digging for fresh cod and halibut. My sister cleans chimneys for the count of Worcestershire. We use our meager salaries to buy stale bread and porridge. We live in a large shoe and use collected rainwater to brew our tea. It's a hard life but a humble one.

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