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Anonymous 38404

what country are you all from ? What do you like/hate about your country ? Do you wish to move to a different country ?
Im from France if you're curious.

Anonymous 38406


Food is great. Mindset not so much.

Maybe depending the place. But my Grad Certificate in Law ( or my country equivalent to become a lawyer) is almost useless outisde Brazil.

How it is to live in France anon? It is a multicultural hellscape like 4chan likes to tell or it is a nice place?

Anonymous 38407


(pic not related)
I'm from Serbia. I like it how we're more tradition oriented over other countries and I agree with the conservative views most people hold here. Our politics is messed up, but I'm not too bothered by it, it doesn't affect me.
Our food is nice and the temperature is also fine.
I don't think I would want to move, I'm perfectly fine with living here.
What about you, OP?

Anonymous 38408

It kinda is but it depends on the places you live in. I live in a pretty liberal city so it's very "diverse" and "multicultural" but it's not as bad as in Paris.

Anonymous 38410

Living in Paris and the region around it feels like living in Apartheid South Africa

t. unfortunate prisoner of that hellscape

Anonymous 38417

Its must suck to be born in the first world but then it turns into third world. How does it affect your daily life? It is as bad as /pol/tards like to paint it or that's all o overblown lie?

Anonymous 38421

Other French here, basically it means there are places where you can't go. They're easy to avoid if you live in Paris, but the worst is medium sized cities where the whole city centre is affected, and of course if you're unfortunate enough to have to live in a shitty suburb because you can't afford better.

Anonymous 38423

Medium city dwelling frenchfag here. Can confirm. The suburb my grandparents lived in has seen its population mostly replaced over a decade. While walking in the heart of the city I'd consider myself lucky to see 1 blond-haired head in 10. The place looks nothing like what it did when I was a kid, and even then shit wasn't exactly good, but communities existed. Now it's like there's no drawn lines anywhere. Those who have the means tend to fuck off to more remote places in the periphery to avoid the increasingly pronounced problems we face, but even they eventually get caught up with. The no-go zones are more of a big city thing but there are areas where it's generally not a good idea to venture in as you tend to stand out, if you know what I mean. Growing up in middle school specifically you had to find a group otherwise you'd get picked on, sometimes hard if you say something wrong and appear as an easy prey.
I can go on with religious and cultural disparity that makes it hard to feel like you belong if you don't mindlessly swallow the incoming "culture" in place of your own. Just browse /pol/ and you'll get an idea. Or at least that's what I'd have said a couple of years back before the freefall in quality from the big influx from reddit and stormfront.

Anonymous 38433

I can't imagine what it would be like to be in your places.

Anonymous 38437

I live in a very small fishing province so can't speak to what actual big cities are like, but I find it comfy. I like the health care and find it efficient when population is low, and people are generally nice. Even immigrants learn to thank bus drivers.

Idk. Canada is such a milquetoast country. I love winter so I can't even complain about that, if I were to move it would just be to somewhere else in Canada lol.

I wish we had the death penalty I guess and I'm not necessarily in love with legalized weed.

Anonymous 38452

Come live in Eastern Europe. Only white people here. Only since living in London have I realized how much nicer it is to be around other white people all the time

Anonymous 38455

That's what Merkel and Micron want.

Anonymous 38513


I'm from Venezuela. I like the food and some of the music, I hate everything else. The culture, politics, people, mindset, everything. I would like to leave, Europe would be nice but anything that isn't a shithole is ok ;_;

Somebody get me out of here

Anonymous 38520

Please, stop

Anonymous 38521

I would say that Rio is worse. But I'm a southfag so can't say for sure

Anonymous 38548


>be American
>get shot

Anonymous 38595

Please tell me more about this pic, OP.

Anonymous 38596

I like how if you come from nothing you can climb to a high social class. Overall I want better public education and less guns, less hatred in general. I've thought about moving but I probably would be treated worse in Europe or Asia.

Anonymous 38625

That's Lady Oscar from The Rose of Versailles.

Anonymous 38641


It's generally okay here (for now), but I'm getting increasingly worried about immigrants. Apparently there are already no-go zones in several places around the country, but the government won't specify where. I do have a large family to keep me safe if political upheaval happens though. I used to live near Cologne (where all the sexual assaults happened on new years eve a few years back), and I haven't gone to any big gatherings without my male relatives since then.
Also I am the walking cliche that wants to move to Japan because anime and manga got me into the culture.
Just hoping I don't end up being perceived like pic related because of the different beauty standards.

Anonymous 38642

I'm also from Germany but live in a small town where the migrant crisis doesn't personally affect me as much. Or I live under a rock, who knows.

>Just hoping I don't end up being perceived like pic related

The woman in your pic is not exactly attractive. That's probably why she didn't get an Exotenbonus (something like "bonus points for being an exotic person" for the rest of you) in Japan and had problems dating.

Anonymous 38643

I'm from Singapore.

Like: Safe, very clean, decent cost of living, fast and reliable public transport and public services, heavily subsidised medical care, good economic prospects, air travel hub (especially to the rest of Asia).

Dislike: The weather! Tropical heat is really awful, it makes doing anything quite tough sometimes. It's hard to wear more than a single layer, unless you're going to be inside all day.

But hey, it could be worse. We could be Hong Kong.

Anonymous 38645

I have a close friend (online) who lives in Singapore! He described the country to me once as 50% jungle, 20% city, 20% military bases, and 10% one big airport.

Anonymous 38947


Too much for a single post, but we'll just go with the kookaburra in my backyard that calls every morning and night
The fact that it's slowly spiraling downwards towards what Europe is heading to.
Also the fucking possum that eats everything I plant including my potatoes, turnips, radishes and even half my tulips that took 3 months to emerge.
Born here and I'll die here

Anonymous 38949


I love possums but I guess that would upset me too. You should trap him and set him free a distance away I guess?

Anonymous 38950


Theres lots in the area, its one or the other. I'd also rather not disturb the local wildlife, more or less looking for deterrents at the moment, heard chilli mixed with oil in a spray works alright.
>mfw when they jump on my roof in what sounds like an orgy of possum rape at 2 in the morning

Anonymous 38954

>What country are you from ?

>What do you like/hate about your country ?

Like: Nothing, but my family.
Hate: Everything, but my family.

>Do you wish to move to a different country ?


Anonymous 39042

Oh fuck I'm from here too. Pls be my friend, all the other ones I had left the country.

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