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Anonymous 40407

Who here from /latin america/? Which country are you from? Bonus question: Which country has the best looking men in your opinion?

Anonymous 40411

Im brazilian, grew up in a poor area. Never went anywhere else in latinamerica though so idk much, but i know a buttload of immigrants. You guys havent seen true, raw ugliness until you see a poor, skinny, brown 50yo man who looks like hes 70, has only 4 teeth left, throwing you and your mother a compliment with a little wink and lip "bite" with the one tooth in the top front.
The hottest guys in latin america are non latin american guys, the elite, or guys who look like the elite.

Anonymous 40412

Cuban-american who is currently living in México reporting in.

Anonymous 40413

The father of my baby girl is Mexican, hence why I moved here. Also, Men are pretty average here in the Northern parts. Seen alot of good looking working class white mexicans but have also encountered goblins-tier mexicans. It isn't as bad as /pol/ makes it seem though.

Anonymous 40416

I'm from venezuela.

I haven't visited any other latin american country but almost all of my friends have emigrated at this point, so i have some second hand info.

Definitely the ugliest are the peruvian and bolivian. I would say that upper class brazilians are the hottest, unless you are looking for a white latino, then go for argentina.

Venezuela, colombia and panama have really pretty women but the men are mostly ugly manlets for some reason.

Also this >>40411 is very true. In every latin american country, richer mixed race people are taller and nore attractive, while poor non-mixed natives tend to be very short and ugly. Like for example i'm telling you venezuelan men are ugly manlets but my venezuelan bf is 6'2 and he's conventionally attractive.

Anonymous 40417

Also the part about natives sounded racist af but i meant to say that their access to food and healtcare plays a big role in their uglyness imo bigger than the genes themselves.

Children that don't eat enough growing up don't develop very well.

Anonymous 40419

Forgot to add that ecuadorians are also up there in uglyness, together with peruvians and bolivians.

Anonymous 40422

hmm.. I'd say I haven't met too many attractive nicaraguans, Nicaragua basically being the same shit as the countries you mentioned lol.

Anonymous 40427

You're right, guatemala also has a bad rep when it comes to looks but i don't know much about those countries so can't confirm nor deny.

Anonymous 40429

>willingly living in Mexico
Why anon?

Anonymous 40430


>ecuadorians are also up there in uglyness

Anonymous 40443

Average Venezuela women (i.e the brown ones) are just as ugly and short. The beautiful people here descend from the small population of European immigrants, but it's always been a minority. Venezuela women being beautiful is just a meme.

Anonymous 40445

Brazilian too. Which State are you from?
Probably guys from argentina or uruguay

Anonymous 40448

My man's family lives here. It isn't bad at all if you've got US income. Everything is dirt cheap. I spend $250 in rent and about $100 monthly in groceries. Even buying property is doable, this place has alot of potential for investment. By the way there are american companies here like walmart and sam's club, I don't live in a poor old pueblo lol..

Anonymous 40453

Are you a gringa?

Anonymous 40462

Sis i was talking about the men, the meeennnn. The men are ugly manlets, the women are petite goddesses.

I disagree. The rule of thumb is that you find ugly people at poor areas, pretty women at higher income areas. Although there's a ton of poor people so you might be right. But among the normal decent income people, the women are gorgeous.

And it's not because of some magical genes. Those three countries have GOD TIER beauty technicians, they're everywhere and they're relatively cheap (not only at hair and nail salons but also at things like lash extensions/lash perm, microblading, etc). Also there's a HUGE cult for plastic surgery, even despite the crisis.

In general there's a cult for beauty in venezuela, colombia, panama and also other countries like brazil, but i think in those other countries it's expensive and not as accessible.

Anonymous 40465

I guess, I was born in the US. Nobody's ever called me gringa though. I speak spanish fluently.

Anonymous 40467


Anonymous 40468

me on the right.jp…

i've lived in mexico all my life but i want to move somewhere else
maybe europe, i'm very pale so i think i'd fit in
>Which country has the best looking men in your opinion?
all i know is it's not mexico, maybe brazil? they definitely have beautiful women

Anonymous 40488

>>40417 wrote it out very well. I also ended up sounding really classist in my post (the first post) but thats the gist of it: poor people cant afford nutritious food, much less dedicate time and money into gyms, spas, beauty salons, surgery, etc. which makes them not a very nice sight to see, plus the financial stress gives you wrinkles much faster. This goes for men and also women. I think in SA this difference is a bit more obvious because the income disparity is so big between people, and (at least where i live) you need to be earning at least 150k/yr to be able to properly support for a family of 3.

Anonymous 40556

I've seen people from US, Australia and Europe saying that, as long as are rich, the more stable countries in the region, like Brazil and Chile are pretty much the best places to live in the world.
Any idea why?

Anonymous 40559

A tropical fetish probably, although some places in south america do have a few perks: nice weather all year round, a short drive can take you to the beach anytime, things are cheaper so you can afford stuff like a beach house and other things that would be much harder to get anywhere else.

Venezuela used to be like this pre-socialism, my parents had a crazy youth riding on yatchs every weekend, and we still own a nice beach house but we can't even go anymore because it's become too dangerous.

Anonymous 40560

And my parents were regular office workers btw. Nowadays i can't even afford to move out of their house at 25.

But other countries are probably still great, i know at least chile is an amazing place to live in because many of my friends moved there.

Anonymous 40585

Venezuelan here

In my opinion you can find hot guys in all Latin America, but Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have a lot of ugly guys. The rest of LatAm have more mixed race. I went to a lot of countries here and where I saw more attractive guys was in Argentina.

Anonymous 40586

Let's suppose you're very rich but not super rich like Warren Buffet.
Wanna have a 250 square meters apartment in the center of a large town?
A huge ranch with a large estate with 10 bedrooms where all your friends and family can sleep?
A large house by the beach with a pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi, plus the ones in the country club (of course the house is in a gated community)?
Of course, all of them with your very army of maids?
Without many of the handicaps of poorer countries of Asia and Africa?

Some countries of Latin America are what you're looking for.
Things like cars, phones, computers, etc. are usually more expensive here, but services (maids, civil construction, etc) are really cheap.

Anonymous 40674


>brazil is the best place to live

Anonymous 40887

I’m from chile but I’ve been in argentina and brazil.
Both have handsome men along with uruguay

Anonymous 40996


Brazil is a huge economy, is like the 4th in the world and while it has a lot of favelas and shitholes like all Latam countries it has some high standards bubbles of development were a lot of international franchises have business, people are well educated, have high income and access to technology, travel, good architecture and all commodities a burguer or eurofag would have. Those are usually the same brazilians who you find studying in expensive colleges abroad and working on some tech company or artist studio on the first world.

Mexico is similar in that way too, it depends in what part of the country you are. Relative to other latam countries that are just shitholes from one end to another with zero industries and zero urban development, using the same roads and buildings since the 50s a place like Brazil is a big step up and theres a lot of migrations within the center and south american regions for that reason.

Its just burguers who think everyone who comes from Latam grew up poor in a favela. In reality a lot of brazilians are just like burguers except they speak portuguese and use torrents more.
A lot of cities in the US also have just about the same racial demographics as brazil, so…

Anonymous 40998

Watch out your triple digit inflation, boluda.

Anonymous 41019

Found the palhaca who lives at vila europa. Are you a bolsominion or some shit? Are your parents politicians? (read: mafia members) the fact you speak english already points towards being a rich white girl.
The life quality standard you just wrote about is reserved for the top 0.001% and is absolutely disconnected from the brazilian population's reality.

Anonymous 41023

Not her, but read the thread. The very point of it is the fact that there are very few places better than Brazil to live if you're ultra rich.
>the fact you speak english already points towards being a rich white girl.
You do know that almost every middle class children here take private English classes since they're toddlers up to college, right?
The fact that such a service is so cheap around here shows her point.

Anonymous 41032

>Are you a bolsominion or some shit?
>top 0.001%
>the guy got elected with 60% of the votes

Funny how I just became a 'Bolsominion" just because I think he was not as bad as the left! Even funnier when you consider what the left did to this continent over the last decade.
Inb4: y-y-you didn't need to vote for him! There were other options! Yeah. That's why the first round I didn't vote for him as well and unfortunately most of the citizens thought that him and Haddad were better options than Meirelles or Amoêdo. That being said I will gladly vote for him again in the second round again in 2022 if once more his oponent is anyone who endorses literal convicted felons who destroyed most of the already frail economic pillars of this nation.

Anonymous 41037



>The life quality standard you just wrote about is reserved for the top 0.001% and is absolutely disconnected from the brazilian population's reality.

And i bet you think the leftists crooks who turned billionaires making people miserable with XXI century socialism for the last few decades are not accountable for that

>the fact you speak english already points towards being a rich white girl.

>Muh hur dur white girl bad, Muh PT thieves did nothing wrong

i wonder what are you, another tumblrina from burguerland who knows shit about Latam?

Anonymous 41077

Since you forgot the "ç" in the palhaça and you think speaking English is a big deal here even though you also speak, I assume you're not from here but probably from some first world country. May I know where are you from?

Anonymous 41178

I’m not argentinian but ok

Anonymous 41215

So, where are you from?

Anonymous 41220

I’m Ecuadorian

Anonymous 41224


>the fact you speak english already points towards being a rich white girl
The fact that you think this points towards being a clueless firstworlder talking shit

Anonymous 41238


Anonymous 41239

What's the problem? It's the best political party we ever had. No, it's not perfect, but it's the best we've got.
Inb4: b-b-but muh white middle class! Neoliberalism is bad, the banks are evil! Go away, Barbie!

Anonymous 41247

anyone from Colombia? asking for a friend.

Anonymous 41554

im from the capital, its all cold and rainy rn
really comfy

Anonymous 42070


Anyone from Chile? Are you going to the protests?

Anonymous 42072

piñera jojo.jpg

I'm going almost every day

Anonymous 42073

Her English isn't very good anyway.

Anonymous 42079

>highest HDI
>highest income of the continent
>best social indicators
>social inequality dropped almost 20% since the 1990
I'm not saying you live in Switzerland or whatever, but honestly, the very things you're criticitzing so much are the keys of the spectactular growth of your country.

Anonymous 42080

Every single country in latin America is doomed to be retarded for all eternity. I hope I can leave this mutt infested godforsaken hellhole someday.

Anonymous 42086


Why is everyone in our continent so retarded when it comes to politics, sis?
You're either a radical Christian who misses the Middle Ages, a rabid ultraneoliberal, a moronic transgender third wave activist or a fucking tankie that believe that killing people is ok as long as they disagree with you?

Anonymous 42090

I blame the iberic and Roman Catholic heritage for the despise of the human rights and progressive values. I also blame them for this ridiculous anticapitalistic bias surrounding the entire continent, but I blame the people here even more for that.
>still trying ideas that didn't work after decades
>people still behaving like we're at the peak of the Cold War
>no sign of learning anything about economics or evidence
You don't need to like it, but look, Capitalism won as the most efficient method of creating and allocating resources. It's far from perfect, it needs regulation and state social security has is role, but hey, you're not a fundamentalistic market worshipper just because you know the government cannot spend more than it collects forever, just like I'm not a commie because I disagree with many values professed by the church.

Anonymous 42111

You think Trump and Sander are retards? They're are mild when compared with Bolsonaro or Maduro though.
We had no slaves (at least legally) for 130 years, and colonies were gone long before that.
That doesn't mean we're done with prejudice and other problems, just that we're still insisting on failed institutions that despise property rights and any form of progressivism.
US, Canada and Australia were build on strong albeit imperfect institutions that favored development, while people here are still debating theories that were already outdated 50 years ago.

Anonymous 42160

/pol/ pls calm down


Anonymous 42187

Latam has been pretty much obsessed with politics since 2013 at least, if you don't wanna see posts about it here you should just close the thread.

Speaking of it, are my Argentinian sis with your new president?

Anonymous 42206

Congrats boludo you guys made the most retarded political decision of the year.
Retarded for all eternity and beyond.

Anonymous 42628

Anonymous 42696

>Lula released from prison in Brazil
>Bolivia's president resigned
>Chile's President announced a new Constitution after protests
>Argentina elected another retarded
What a busy week for Latam politics!

Anonymous 45263

Anonymous 45317


Anonymous 45536


>tfw doomed to poverty because of no Protestant Work Ethic

Anonymous 45600

miscegenation and because it was just colonies to squeeze money, unlike other colonies had some working or even civilized people.

Anonymous 45601

miscegenation and no culture

Anonymous 79092

Peruvian here, ofc peruvian men aren't the best looking. I've been living in Colombia for the last few years and traveled around latam, I think Colombian men are better looking than peruvian but I think Chilean and argentinan are better. still, latinoamerican men arent my favorite, most of the guys I dated irl were europeans.

Anonymous 79097

Brazilian reporting in.

RIP Chile.
Nothing good can last in latam.

Anonymous 79098


Forgot pic related.

Anonymous 79123


australian here. send help, my country is flooding rn.
smol Filipino boys are so cuuuute

Anonymous 79141

>largest catholic country but filled with viados, prostitution, poverty in the favelas, white-pardo-black rich-poor problems

Anonymous 79148

>Damn daddy speak that porch of geese
Quack quack

Anonymous 79268

B-but the Philippines is not in latam, my WASP friend…

Anonymous 79269

i thought the question was for any country? i'm an indigenous australian too, not white

Anonymous 79270

Ah, I see now. I thought all the questions were isolated. Maybe the thread should've had a title or sth. Oh well, I'll make myself scarce.

Anonymous 79333

I didn't mean to scare you away, sorry. Come back.

Anonymous 79334

>Believe that you need to know English to post on a IB in English
>believe that knowing English is synonymous with "white girl"
>giving importance to things like "race" and mentioning it disparagingly
Yes, I'm sure it's 100% Yankee.

Anonymous 80459

ı think slavs are cute asf

Anonymous 80463

Pretty sure Turkey isn’t a slavic country. I agree that slavs are cute though! I like the really pale ones.

Anonymous 80465

yeah ıt's not unfortunately :(. I wish I knew russian better..

Anonymous 80482

Ooh, I just realized you were answering another question. I thought you were saying Turkey was a Slavic country. I misunderstood anon.

Anonymous 100013

lol I forgot about this thread and it made me realize that I have more than 1 year posting here

Anonymous 100024

Leaving this shithole of a continent soon besties wish me luck.

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