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WGTOW Anonymous 4072

Today I came across 'WGTOW' - Women going their own way. It's similar to MGTOW in the sense women are actively choosing to lead their lives without the influence of the opposite sex.

These women prefer their lives to be filled with spending time with other women instead of men, being financially independent of them, and forgoing relationships with men.

A lot of these women seem to choose this lifestyle because they are drained from the emotional labor that comes with being around men. Some of them have other reasons including being abused by men. They seem to feel taken for granted by men so they choose to go without them in their lives.

What do you think about this line of thinking and lifestyle?

Do you think you could ever lead a life without participating in relationships and friendships with the opposite sex?

Anonymous 4073

Sounds more exhausting to purposefully avoid any male relationships, plus relationships with other girls can go wrong too.

Anonymous 4074

I think it's a bit stupid to pretend that all men are evil per se and should be avoided in order to be happy.
But I do really like the trend of women being independent and not put having a relationship as a priority.
I really wish I could do this more and have a friendcircle that consists of mostly girls as well.
But shit, I'm still too emotionally dependent on that to be able to cut men out of my life.

Anonymous 4076

I don't go out of my way to avoid relationships but I never pursue them either, and they sure as fuck don't fall in my lap, so I think I'll naturally be single forever whether I like it or not. I don't think it's bad at all though, I think it's a very safe way to live your life with minimal stress, hurt and drama. The only real problem (for me, and it might just be in my head) is other people's judgement, so thinking of myself as 'going my own way' helps.

Anonymous 4077

Lmao that just sounds like being a lesbian. I only know 3 men anyways.

Anonymous 4078


Disturbing. Anyone who actively shits on/stereotypes either gender despite both being about an equal amount of the entire human population has serious issues they need to work on in themselves. I don't understand how someone can be filled with so much hate to think about trivial stuff like this all the time. They are obviously not very busy since normal people know you have to interact with everybody to get somewhere in life. Humans beings are complex and most people are awful individuals regardless of gender so good luck to these people trying to avoid whatever it is that they're avoiding.

Anonymous 4079

I actually wondered if this existed like a week ago.

I don't go out of my way to make friends with guys, but I can work with them on a professional/peer level just fine. Besides family, my bf, and the one male friend I have, I don't feel like my life is incomplete because I don't have more male friends.

I'm not really the type of gal that men like anyway, which probs contributes to the lack of men in my life.

Not really a choice, but circumstance by nature.

Anonymous 4080


I actually really like this concept and find it not to be so much about demonising the opposite sex as it is learning to embrace an alternative way of living that doesn't rely on their presence the way it was previously necessary in order to survive.

Women have been conditioned to attach themselves to a man and live in symbiosis with them over millennia, but it was always about the woman giving more on her end than what she ultimately received. Sure some people can argue that the man would serve as a protector and offer a degree of economic stability to an extent, but in that course the woman almost always had any hopes of education, independence and individualism stolen from them and were expected to perform the roles of little more than housekeepers and breeders, and the saddest thing is that for many, many years that was the best we could ever hope to attain. That isn't to say that all men are evil, it's the gendered stratum, but what it has resulted in is a widely held sense of pejorative entitlement amongst men and infantilised parasitism amongst women that's still enormously prevalent today.

How many of us know women that seemingly drift through life aimlessly, crippled by feelings of insecurity and helplessness because of reasons they've never quite been able to understand? How many of us ARE those woman? This isn't about feminism, it's about true equality of the sexes in every sphere from social, intellectual etc.

Anonymous 4081

>my bf
I'm sorry but you have missed the point entirely

Anonymous 4082

It's only missing the point if I purposefully decided to do WGTOW. Which I haven't, I just talking about how I don't have a lot of males in my life anyway, so I don't see what's so wrong if a woman decided to GTOW.

It's not really that exhausting. Friendship and romantic relationships are just putting in effort to get to know a person. If you don't want to get to know them, you just don't extend the effort.

Anonymous 4083

>as it is learning to embrace an alternative way of living that doesn't rely on their presence the way it was previously necessary in order to survive.
I feel like most women I know in my age group (mid to early 20s) - and modern women in general - are encouraged to live/are living independent from men, be monetarily independent from men, not be a housewife/homemaker/stay-at-home mom, have a college education and legitimate career, do their own shit, expect men to carry their weight in chores and cooking, don't take shit when a man is rude, etc.

I get that WGTOW is a bit different than what I've described above, but I feel as if we're pushing towards something similar.

Anonymous 4084

I've known women exactly like you describe who still cry about how they can't find a good man to date or whatever, which I suppose is the difference between them and WTGOW.

Anonymous 4085


It's hilarious how many MGTOWs are in that subreddit, stalking and harassing these women. So much for men going their own way, kek. They're fucking obsessed with us

Anonymous 4086

tbh this is what makes movements like WGTOW necessary and sad at the fact that they are necessary.

Men cannot comprehend the fact that women a) sometimes do not want to be around them and b) do not actually need them. They feel like women wouldn't survive without them and cannot grasp that women do not obsess or do not crave the company of men as much as men do women.

I've seen men outright refuse to believe that women can hang out together and have fun without bringing up men. They also fully believe that all women need men in their lives to be fulfilled.

Anonymous 4087

both the male and female version of this seem utterly insane to me

Anonymous 4088

>Do you think you could ever lead a life without participating in relationships and friendships with the opposite sex?

Relationships maybe but friendships no? My father did a majority of my parenting, my best friends are all male apart from one, my oldest friend is a man, everyone I'm friends with at uni is male…. as a concept this just seems really odd.

Maybe these people should realise their lives are shit because of them and not men, or women, or fucking whatever.

I wish people would be more accountable for themselves. If you're *~emotionally drained~* from being around men you probably just aren't attracting the right people… that or decent people stay the hell away from you ha

Anonymous 4089

Not that this is necessarily you, but I totally felt this way when I was in high school, and it turned out that all my friends were really shitty people and I was just deeply in denial.

Since putting effort into making more female friends and being more selective and critical of my male friends I've been much much happier (although I'm not strictly a WGTOW myself)

Men are generally socialized with really shitty ideas of how they're supposed to treat others, especially women. That's not a "me" thing that's a "you" thing.

Anonymous 4090

>>4089 tbf men have done awful things to me before but my friends are the purest men. Perhaps it's the place we grew up but everyone is polite, respectable and elegant.

Women have also done awful things to me though. In retrospect, the people who did bad things were not from where I am from. I think it's obviously an upbringing thing, not a gender thing.

>suddenly gained a deep love for my hometown, bless this thread

Anonymous 4091

I'd say half of my serious emotional trauma was inflicted by someone who was assigned female at birth, so it's true that non-men can also be awful, but they're not raised to be awful in quite the same way.

I'm glad you grew up somewhere nice, though. That sounds nice.

Anonymous 4092

Man, if I was ever going to be a WGTOW it would have absolutely nothing to do with men in real life or how the people I know treat me. If anything has turned me off the male gender it's seeing them on the internet, where they can anonymously, honestly express themselves with zero social expectations or pressure. The things men say about us behind our backs are fucking appalling and they openly hate us for the most selfish, shallow reasons.

In real life, I find it hard to even imagine a man being mean to me because they're always trying to get girls on side. But these days I trust them about as far as I can throw them.

Anonymous 4093

I always wondered if the men spewing sexist remarks online are the same as normal guys in real life. I can't tell if the ones online are just bitter social recluses or if men in general have some sort of hate for women buried deep in them. Unfortunately, a lot of the men I've met in real life haven't been normal guys and are usually fat autists who treat women like they're some sort of down syndrome animal which makes me physically sick to think about.

Anonymous 4094

Be glad though. I know more male "feminists" and guys who say they're fair/not sexist/whatever who go around and say/do some pretty fucked up shit when they're not sharing "peace, luv, & liberal" shit on social media.

Anonymous 4095


It's not the fat autists you have to worry about, it's the ones who seem normal or even sweet that in reality have toxic perceptions of women (and that eventually filters through to their actions).

Even sadder are men who are aware of how women are treated, yet they still treat women horribly because of internalized misogyny even though they genuinely believe otherwise.

Anonymous 4096

I wouldn't call myself a WGTOW but I do tend to avoid making friends with men.

I don't think men are evil or anything, but in my experience it's near impossible to be JUST friends with them. Nearly every guy I befriend eventually tries his luck getting in my pants, despite knowing full well I am in a long term relationship.

In the span of six months I had one guy at uni telling me he loves me after only knowing me for a week. This same guy kept messaging my friend about me, asking her what he should talk to me about and telling her how much he likes me. This went on for several months.

Another guy I'd hung out with once the year before trying to invite himself over to my house, I told him no five times before he changed tactics to trying to invite me out for dinner instead. This guy had even met my boyfriend and even asked me how he was doing in the same conversation.

A third guy I'd met in a previous uni course decided I must be in love with him because I didn't want to participate in a conversation about him having a threesome with some girl and her boyfriend. Then started trying to impress me by blatantly lying about his qualifications and hobbies, at the same time he admitted to hitting his ex gf publicly on fb.

And finally a guy I knew from highschool wanted to hang out on his birthday. It was actually a really fun time before he leaned in to kiss me.

Again, every single one of these guys knew I was already with someone. I make a point of talking about my boyfriend any and every time it's appropriate (i.e. telling highschool stories I'll mention some of my bfs highschool escapades). It's easier for me to just hold men at arms length, be casual acquaintances and leave it at that.

Anonymous 4097


>>Anyone who actively shits on/stereotypes either gender despite both being about an equal amount of the entire human population has serious issues they need to work on in themselves.

>>Humans beings are complex

you can't have it both ways
the women who GTOW are, as you say, complex and have complex, individual reasons for doing it

Anonymous 4098

That's just twisting my post around and cherrypicking. When trying this hard, you could also point out the hypocrisys in any post in this thread and wgtow's posts too. You can't have it both ways. :)

Anonymous 4099

>. :)
Don't do that.

Anonymous 4100

>actively choosing to avoid women
That's what they tell themselves. It is not the truth.

Anonymous 4101

MGTOW is an incel coping strategy. WGTOW is VERY voluntary.

Anonymous 4102

why not

Anonymous 4103

It's crazy obnoxious and makes you look like a shitter, which you're probably not irl.

Anonymous 4104

Also it's against the rules

Anonymous 4105

That too, but I'm ngl I use emoticons myself sometimes, I just try to use them appropriately. It drives me nuts when I see people debating and one of them starts pulling out this obnoxious bullshit:
>oh sweety
>look here cupcake

It's like they're trying way too hard to come across as blasé, when really you can tell their emotions are getting in the way of their conviction.

Anonymous 4106


I think only emojis are against the rules, no? And obnoxious weeb shit like ^.^ o.o XDDDDD

I think an innocent :( or stuff like that now and then is unharmful.

Anonymous 4107

>I think an innocent :( or stuff like that now and then is unharmful.

It's not "Unharmful" we're on an image board, if you want to convey an emotion use a reaction image. It goes against the whole spirit of the site's format.

Anonymous 4108


Anonymous 4109

would u knock it off? why are you so mad that someone wrote a smiley face? cringe.

Anonymous 4110

You're linking two separate people but I'm not mad, I just don't see a necessity for the cattiness. The retarded emoticons and disparaging namecalling is exactly why women being incapable of engaging in proper debate is such a widespread stereotype.

Anonymous 4111


Freaking out over a :) doesn't make you much better, anon

Anonymous 4112

Who's freaking out? Are you the Anon that posted the >. :) ? You seem awfully sensitive on the subject lmao

Anonymous 4113

No I'm not. Can we all just move on? Christ.

Anonymous 4114

please go back to lolcow with this tinfoil hat stuff. everyone else is over it except you. you're the most sensitive person itt

Anonymous Moderator 4115

Please move on, thank you.

Anonymous 4116


Ladies, please control yourselves and form a line if you wanna shag this alpha MGTOW

Anonymous 4117


Part 2/2 of this glorious Chad

Anonymous 4118



Anonymous 4119


Oh, by the way, does your wife let you stand up while peeing?

Anonymous 4120

Honestly I'm glad men like this are voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool, it makes our job much easier

Anonymous 4121

To be honest, he himself said he is gay, and plenty of gay people have kids. Some adopt, some rent a womb and use their own genetic material.

I don't really have anything against gay people having kids or adopting, not talking about the specific person in that image but in general.

Anonymous 4122

He sounds bi or a straight dude in denial

Anonymous 4123

> women can't keep their hands off me
> but I'm tired of being shamed by women

Yeah okay, sure, please go your own way and leave us women alone. I don't want to waste my time tip toeing around such fragile masculinity.

Anonymous 13982

If only it was seriously an option for me to never have to interact with males I would but that's kind of difficult and we live in a world where you need to get along with the opposite sex in order to get things done in life. Even if the only men in my life are gay.

Anonymous 14008

I go to a women's college and it's the best damn decision I ever made.

Anonymous 14016


I think it's good because having a man around when you have mood swings, migraine, period, is quite unconvenient.

Anonymous 14022

What are you majoring in?

Anonymous 14023

Not sure but probably something in the humanities.
>inb4 unemployment

Anonymous 14026

It is an absolute waste of a degree. Not only will it be difficult for you to land a job, or even a decent paying job (unless you have connections already), it's a waste in the sense that Humanities majors don't make any real beneficial impacts for significant local or world problems. You're using tax payers money probably for financial aid. If more people understood how many people like yourself waste it, a mob would appear outside the White House within a day demanding change. Think it over.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 14027

I wish these existed for STEM majors, in CS and hate the sexually charged atmosphere.

Anonymous 14028

1. What the fuck
2. I'm not sucking on the government teat, I have a scholarship and me and my parents are paying for the rest.
My college has a CS major and I think most women's colleges do.

Anonymous 14031

Now I feel like I fucked up lmao

and don't listen to the humanities basher anon, I sometimes wish I had chosen one of those those majors myself. I love reading and analysis. It's sad how in STEM actual reasoning and writing is neglected so much, when someone in a STEM major claims they know how to write, usually it means they are capable of creating a mid-tier high school paper, kek.

Anonymous 14038

random but i noticed white women get bullied for not being skinny way more than any other race does.

Anonymous 14040

If you mean low tier engineering jobs, sure. But to say
>Reasoning is neglected in STEM
is one of THE dumbest things I've heard. I bet you never went further than a statistics class anyway.
The reasoning is objective in numbers and cuts the fat of writing. It leaves less room.for writing. What do you think made this civilization you so arrogantly live in?

Anonymous 14044

@all male scum in this thread please log out of here and then log out of life.

Anonymous 14046

I'm a third year CS major, no idea why you're being so cunty.

>The reasoning is objective in numbers and cuts the fat of writing

This doesn't mean a person is well-equipped to analyze an article, form an opinion, and defend their position well.

Anonymous 14062

>What do you think made this civilization you so arrogantly live in?
A multitude of people with varied backgrounds, including humanities.

Anonymous 14066

But femanon don't you know that MEN made EVERYTHING about civilization!!! MEN are the one who raped and impregnated and abused and murdered your female ancestors, aren't you grateful you cunt?!?!

Anonymous 14158


Not for me but sounds like a good lifestyle choice for others who find it appealing. You can do a lot of good for the world with your life without being tied to a relationship, makes it easier to go do things like volunteer for the Peace Corps that involve a lot of traveling and helping the most oppressed people living in poverty in the world.

Anonymous 14181

>The reasoning is objective in numbers
>The reasoning is objective
Then it's not reasoning at all now, is it?

>What do you think made this civilization you so arrogantly live in?

What do you think made the very method you so arrogantly defend as the only true one?

I'll never understand STEM students who belittle humanities, the very scientific method they consider the be-all end-all was created by the "humanities".

I actually think people who values STEM above all else are the dumbest of all, simply because they subscribe to a specific line of thought and believe it to be correct and absolute without ever questioning it or even entertaining the notion that there might be something more to things than empirical observation and numbers. This particular kind of blindness is embarrassing and the ultimate sign that someone is an idiot. The fact that they can't write a convincing argument that doesn't rely on data to save their lives and are thus unable to even defend their beliefs is the icing on the retardation cake.

It gets even better when they claim it's possible to derive morality from science.

Anonymous 14192

Wow look at all the men role-playing as women.

Anonymous 14194

womens work.PNG

I just find it funny how so many of them believe the "men are better suited to quantitative methods" meme is biological fact.

Anonymous 14253

MGTOW and WGTOW are all about stereotypes. Women are known for being too emotional and men are known for being too lustful, junk like that just isn't true for a lot of people. I find it shocking that these people who are going their own way believe that women and men are all the same and have never met someone who's outside the stereotype. Humans in general are not perfect and expecting them to be is setting yourself for disappointment.

Anonymous 14261

Isn't the entire idea of "going your own way" flawed given that such a thing is letting the opposite sex influence you in a really fundemental way?

Anonymous 14326

i mean the whole site is basically tranny central.

Anonymous 15945

where'd you come across it, OP?

Anonymous 15946

In theory not really, unless you consider the opposite sex very important to begin with, giving them up is not a big loss or a hard decision. You consider them a negative influence on your life, so you don't bother. Pretty easy. The only reason it seems like a radical decision to avoid relationships is because society expects you to strongly want one.

In reality, MGTOWs spend all their time raging about women and are indeed very affected by them. I don't think there's enough WGTOWs to comment on them in general.

Anonymous 15952

I'm too needy and wouldn't like to live like that. I don't like being around men much and mostly dislike them like any reasonable person does, but I can't be single for eternity and I'm not gay.

There is more to life than having love like that, but to me it will always be main point.

Anonymous 18407

I wish there was more information provided by OP on this. I wonder if there are any irl communities like this. I will update this thread as I find more information ~

Anonymous 18412

What more information do you need? It just means you don't care about interacting with men any more than you need to.

This is what I dislike about these movements, MGTOW and WGTOW alike. If you were truly an independent person who's not concerned with what others think and just care about living your own life, you wouldn't care about being involved with communities of any other (M/W)GTOW people. People who identify with these groups are just replacing being dependent on one group of people with being dependent on another different group of people, probably out of personal spite at the first group and their inability to get along with them.

Anonymous 18418

You're missing the point. It's not about being completely independent and avoiding relying on other people for support, there is literally nothing wrong with that. It's just about not being in a relationship or getting married because you think it will have a negative impact on your life. Other relationships, whether it's friends, family, or just an online community of likeminded people, are important for general wellbeing and that's especially true when you're doing something out of the ordinary like staying single for the rest of your life. There is a fuckload of pressure on people to date and get married, and it's perfectly natural to want to discuss it with people doing the same thing as you instead of being surrounded by nothing but judgement and negativity from others. If the MGTOW community could exist without revolving entirely around misogyny, I wouldn't begrudge them that. WGTOW doesn't have anywhere near the popularity or recognition and we should have other women to discuss it with.

Anonymous 18429

Women did it before men, second wave feminist separatists had similar ideas

Anonymous 18434

I generally don't like talking to men but I have a boyfriend and there are a couple guy friends I have that I like

Anonymous 18467

Anonymous 18833

there are way more lustful men than over-emotional women

Anonymous 18834

wgtows dont spend their time sperging about men though and making them the center of their attention like mgtows do though. spinsters and cat ladies have existed forever and they bothered no one.

Anonymous 30191

We reviving this thread?
Personally I legitimately do not like spending time with men, the only male I have ever liked being around was my uncle. Would rather spend time hanging around my female friends any day. There is no reason to make WGTOW into a movement though, just abstain from sex and relationships if you want to and go about the rest of your life as usual.

Anonymous 30230

WGTOW is just radical feminism and lesbian activism. And the funny thing is that it actually works, because women are socialized properly. MGTOWs spend all day crying about how they don't need women, being miserable without them in their life.

Anonymous 30239

So it's separatist feminism, which has literally been around for over 50 years.

Anonymous 40179


Not really. Just women avoiding man. Im not feminist or lesbian. And im wgtow…also i'm still virgin and i have pretty traditional world views. Btw i don't care about it lol. Im just scared of men and women i also support the mgtow idea. Now gtfo and go live your own way. :) i do hate modern society anyway…

Cus they rly left me no choice but celibate.

Anonymous 40180

>2d boys >3d men

Anonymous 40193

Based and animepilled.
I personally prefer tsundere 2D boys. No tsundere 3D man will ever come close or rather most 3D men are only tsun-tsun, they're too heartless to be dere-dere.

Anonymous 217621

Both WGTOW and MGTOW are a bit retarded…they claim to be "going their own way" but can't stop from talking about the faults in the other gender on the daily.

Anonymous 217637

wgtow doesn't exist. there doesn't need to be a movement for it because women will do it anyway. it's only men need it because they cant get over women and their sexual hatred for them. wgtow dont seethe the same way

Anonymous 217654

The difference is mgtow cant stop looking for strategies to get laid and would abuse said women the second they got around to it.

Wgtow want to get away from men, period. Men can be animalistic and parasites that completely drain a woman. Theres a reason women live longer single and men live shorter single.

Also, this.

Anonymous 217680



uhh wgtow is getting huge, it just goes under a lot of different names

radical feminists, separatist feminists, desisters, 4b…

the movements don't get as much attention because women who abstain from relationships with males just live good lives and that's not as newsworthy as writing a manifesto and going on a shooting spree

also misandry accounts on regular social media get banned REALLY quickly

Anonymous 217712

What is 4b? Is this a UK thing?

Anonymous 217713

>the movements don't get as much attention because women who abstain from relationships with males just live good lives and that's not as newsworthy as writing a manifesto and going on a shooting spree
It's kinda funny now that you mention it nona. The MGTOW type of guys always seem miserable and constantly bitchy, but when it comes to women they genuinely seem more happy, and even if they weren't it's not to the same level of neuroticism as moids.

Anonymous 217715

South Korean feminism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4B_(movement)
>Its members renounce four activities:
>sex (Korean: 비섹스; Hanja: 非sex; RR: bisekseu),
>child-rearing (Korean: 비출산; Hanja: 非出産; RR: bichulsan),
>dating (Korean: 비연애; Hanja: 非戀愛; RR: biyeonae), and
>marriage with men (Korean: 비혼; Hanja: 非婚; RR: bihon).

Anonymous 217877

I remember that MGTOW was supposed to be a protest movement. They're not happy women have rights and self-worth. The idea was to walk away from relationships en masse until women get desperate and come crawling back on 100% men's terms. Whereas WGTOW doesn't have a goal like that, it's just a community for single women.

Anonymous 217922

I'm really curious about how widespread this movement is

Anonymous 217928

> The 4B movement claimed to have 4,000 members in 2019

Anonymous 218690

>media starring and created by women
Where fictional women date fictional men and female viewers/readers hate on female characters for the tiniest reason while they worship male characters as long as they are handsome. Doesn't matter if he's a mass murderer and stalker and manipulates his girlfriend "for her own good", he's hot after all!
>female-made music
Where the majority of female singers sing about first love and heartbreak with men.
>female-written literature
Where female authors tend to give their female protagonists a male love interest.
>female-only spaces
Where normie women defend their Nigels and won't hesitate to badmouth or make fun of other women because of a man.

I don't want to be negative but some of these seem pretty pointless when the majority of women don't practice female separatism and their lives revolve around men which is mirrored in the media they make and we consume, as well as the conversations they have. The only male-free spaces that exist are lesbian communities but considering that I'm not a lesbian, it wouldn't be right of me to join them.

Anonymous 221345

i guess those women will have to accept their financial independence and living their full lifespan is a loss for feminism because some of them wear concealer sometimes, jfc is anything women do ever enough

Anonymous 221360

>Do you think you could ever lead a life without participating in relationships and friendships with the opposite sex?

Well I couldn't stop working with them. But i could easily pass on everything else. Maybe I could stay friends but I would never want to to actually be in a relationship. I've been in a few, but I wouldnt want to do it again. I don't like the feeling of having my life taken over by a moid. Or of having to adapt everything I do to feeling over shadowed. I always feel relationships are overbearing or smothering. I loathe the feeling. I also loathe domestic existence around moids. The totally one sided kind. I don't even want to tell them what needs to be done or how. Even that phase i desperately want out of my life. I just dont think living around moids is feasible. I know they don't care and dump domestic things onto you. It really makes me feel the pinnacle of used. Wgtow for me means living free of that and living the childfree life.

Yes this lifestyle is way too easy to stick to. I also joined the subreddit. I find more wgtow women actively participate in 2x though. (Twox is also kinda terfy which I like)

Anonymous 221370

>Yes this lifestyle is way too easy to stick to
That's the scary part. At some point, you look up statistics, and every one tells you you're better off without a man. You try it out and it's true.
My guess is we are brainwashed into serving, diminishing ourselves and our lives for men. For the first time in history, we have the legal, economic, social possibility to live without men, it feels comfy.
>(Twox is also kinda terfy which I like)
wat. I've you read their sticky?

Anonymous 221390

>Yes this lifestyle is way too easy to stick to
>That's the scary part. At some point, you look up statistics, and every one tells you you're better off without a man. You try it out and it's true.
>My guess is we are brainwashed into serving, diminishing ourselves and our lives for men.

I was hyperaware of the erasure of my pride and mind as a female since I was a child. It really stuns me other women are not aware of how much your mind is consistently attacked and degrades under the brainwashing through middle school and high school. I would have none of that. I feel like everything I saw in high school turned me of to relationships with men.

>For the first time in history, we have the legal, economic, social possibility to live without men, it feels comfy.

I will never give it up. Actually tempted to get a bisalp to prevent ever getting pregnant after the attacks on women's reproductive freedom in my country. I really dont think much more is going to happen though. There is simply no way in hell I would ever stay pregnant whether they banned abortion pills or not. Hell I'd go to Canada to take care of it.

>(Twox is also kinda terfy which I like)

wat. I've you read their sticky?

Lol yes, but troons there still complain that it's terfy. Some terfy replies still get posted and almost no posts there concern trans identifying males. Unlike r/witchesvspatriarchy which is a troonfest ugh. I mean a least I'm not reminded of them. I can just forget about that nightmare. Not perfect but i get a lot of good information from that sub.

Anonymous 221398

Seeking independence from men while seeking their approval through cosmetics is still somewhat counterproductive.

Anonymous 221400

It is so convenient to use powder though ! I actually don't always have it anymore because I hardly ever need it, but once in a while on my period I'll get a pimple and it's so convenient. I'm not obsessed with cosmetics and wearing tons of makeup. I love the bare look. But powder is just handy af

Anonymous 221403


>the brainwashing through middle school and high school. I would have none of that.
Good for you. I'm near the half of my life, and I'm still working on cleaning that up.
At some point you have to accept the world is fucked up. You can't do everything right because it is not possible. But you do your best, and you acknowledge that you can't be 100%.

Anonymous 221521

It's kinda funny seeing how het and bi women argue over if men should be avoided or not and if they should boycott dating them

like if it makes you happy, sure do it.

but if you cannot think of abandoning your boyfriend then just dont do it lolol

I've been living without men since i was a kid because i'm a lesbian and I knew that since i was prett young so i've always felt unsafe or weird around male spaces (and most female spaces) and I think just not being around them has saved me from many bad experiences

sure women can also be bad but they are never as bad as males

like even during the three or four occasions i've been around males, they straight up bullied me and or harassed me about my sexuality

Anonymous 221536

I already do this but unintentionally. I think being ugly makes men avoid me, for both relationships and friendship. However, I'm not afraid to admit that my lack of social skills is the main reason for this. While I wouldn't truly want to be a "WGTOW" I could probably pull it off if I really wanted to. However, I don't want to. I do not hate men as a whole. I may be afraid of men, but I don't ignore them or try be rude to them. I hope that makes sense.

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