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Anonymous 40912

Which adult problem you wan't warned about during childhood, fellow miners?

1) How to choose veggies and fruits in shop.
2) Cats leave a lots of fur on furniture, chew/torn everything on sight and catch illnesses even without leaving house.
3) Everyone is evil for a reason.
4) Never have any relationships with people w mental illnesses.

Anonymous 40913

>How to choose veggies and fruits in shop
anon wot…?

Anonymous 40915

Money. How hard it is to gain it, how pitifully little it is each month, and how quickly it all vanishes.

A poor (wo)man's life really is a dog's life…

Anonymous 40916

I feel like if youre young/dont have a family to provide for and youre complaining about money youre probably just wasting it on dumb shit tbh

Anonymous 40917

Do you know how much education costs? lmao

Anonymous 40918

Im a uni student lmao. dorms cost next to nothing and aldi has cheap af food and as long as you have food and shelter youre gucci

Anonymous 40919

Мы идем в тишине.w…

What kind of education are you into, that costs money and worth it?

What's your job oppotunities with that education?

The best jobs don't require any education.

Anonymous 40920


how can one woman be so based. Id drop out of uni to join hotel moscow tbh

Anonymous 40921


Starting a mercenary corps and then evolve it into full-scale mafia is illegal in most of countries by default.

You need to get warzone expirience first and then think if it worth it.

Protip - in most cases and countries it's really don't. And being a female mafia sidekick sound weird, in most cases you probably end as prostitute.

Hovever serving in army sometimes is much better than just study for useless degree and get useless job. Simply because you could be instead of foot solider pilot for example or at least HQ staff.

But, whatever, it's your life.

Anonymous 40922

In which country?

Anonymous 40923

Anonymous 40924

Trannies are all mentally ill fetishists and not real women, weebs and gamers are not good people to hang around with and their opinions should not be taken into account ( and all AGP trannies are weebs so they overlap). Also, men trying too hard to come across as male feminists and allies are doing it because they want to camouflage or think they'll get laid with poly amorous libfems, all manipulators, and communists humanities professors are creepy groomers and rapists that should be reported for misconduct if you see them making a pass at other students.

In general, just avoid leftists, even if you don't get edgy cool girl woke clout, thats a cesspool of BPD , drug addiction, mental illness and STDS

Anonymous 40926

thats not how it is like here lmao. its a dog's fucking life. i share the house with 2 other people, work 3 jobs and i still somehow end every month on a worse red than before.

Anonymous 40927

Get into better country, hop a wall or something

Anonymous 40928

what country? how much do you make and how much is your rent?

Anonymous 40929

How hard it is to find motivation in life without outside factors like parents or laws "forcing" you to follow a path.

Anonymous 40934

Not so sure about the mental illnesses part, my partner is kinda fucked up in the head to a point where I considered homicide, but I can still see us having a family together.
But yeah, no one warned me about how hard it was to choose a career.
Choosing vegetables is damn tricky too

Anonymous 40935

>choosing vegetables

not to sound insensitive, but I don't get it. just choose what sounds good to you. why is this hard?

for me it was:
1) you have to make a lot of phone calls as an adult
2) seeing your parents get old is hard.
3) pay bills until you die

Anonymous 40973

The cold hard truth that ultimately, you either have to decide to have kids or will die alone after burying your parents and (maybe) loved one.

Anonymous 40979

S shit;,, i hadnt realized that,,

Anonymous 41058


Having kids is a fucking lottery.

After giving birth you surely won't be able to do career'n'shit for next 5-8 years, which means w/o provider-husband and supporting grannies you will be pretty much doomed and literally destroyed.

Also, most of marriages broke after that kiddies stress-test, so you got shitlot of chances being abaddoned single mom.

On the other side after kids grow up you could be pretty much careless person about future. You won't die alone in misery for sure.

Anonymous 41061

Why does dying alone have to be a thing? You could have friends and/or a partner who doesn't want kids

Anonymous 41064

friends change/leave and the partner thing is a
lottery. either your love wont h old up to the test of time (= dying alone), or they will die first (= dying alone), or you die first which is "ok" but then you reserved them the fate of dying alone.

also, your memories/experiences/impacts/life will be forgotten mush easier/faster (unless youre isaac newton level of famous, which youll never be)

Anonymous 41066

Pretty sure OP is a troll and only wanted to make people insecure with the last phrase.

Anonymous 41068

can confirm that it isnt a troll. got involved with a bunch of mentally ill people over the years. they all acted in different ways/had different kinds of mental illness (or in general werent 100% fit for living in society) and they definitely made my life much worse to live through.

Anonymous 41070

Okay let's try this.
>Never have any relationships with unstable people
Is this good advice? Yes. Are mentally ill people unstable? Yes. So is OP right? Yes.

Anonymous 41071

All correct

Anonymous 41072

It shouldn't be a problem. It's just the ultimate truth. Does it really matter if you die alone or not? What's important is that you're ready to live on your own when your parents die.
That's the cycle of life, it's in Lion King and all the other similar movies.

Anonymous 41078

Mentally ill people need to get help and be taken care of. It's whether you are responsible enough to provide them with it. I think spoilt people who only expect others to entertain them would never be able to do this and just end up being "hurt" and "mistreated".

Anonymous 41082


Fuck no, love yourself and never go into relationships with toxic mentally ill people who would drain you. Cluster bs are particularly terrible partners.

>Mentally ill people need to get help and be taken care of

Wtf, so your romantic partner should be your mom and take care of you? fuck no. Get your own ass some help rather than looking for a partner to mooch from and take your abuse. You are actually the spoiled one if you think like this, relationships are supposed to be mutually beneficial.

Anonymous 41084

We are talking about people with mental illnesses, they are more dependant in general and have difficulty living their lives normally. Just a question of being a little altruistic and showing some concern - it's as simple as that. But you don't actually seek a relationship to support each other rather to play around and get easy pleasures, even as you call good relationships mutually beneficial it should be beneficial for you only, shouldn't it?

Anonymous 41088

i think this >>41078 anon means something different than what others are thinking: as in, s(he?) means for example down syndrome while >>41082 means narcissism, borderline, etc.

my opinion on this circus: no adult that has the opportunity to be responsible has the right/obligation to be babied thoroughout life or be deprived of their responsibilities. period. no one is going to be mommying you 24/7, nor do you have the right/obligation to play full-time mommy and deprive your partner of their responsibilities - deal with it. that means no "oh nooo i cant workkk bc [insert excuse], but im def gonna attend this concertttt, so guuuud/play this game 8h/dayyyyy mmm i looove games"

if the person has actual problems going through life because of disease, they should seek professional care that helps them cope or heal. if you have bpd, npd, or other such problem, you should seek professional help before getting into any kind of relatioonship. if you have more serious limitations, you should seek what care is sufficcing/available so that you can lead a life as normal as possible.

if youre going into a relationship with a person who has (genuine) limitations, you should be aware of their differences and accommodate them as they accommodate you, but stay aware of the fact that no one deserves to assume a 24/7 parent/child role in a relationship that is supposed to be about equals supporting each other through life. if you get into a relationship with a person who you know has npd/aspd/etc and refuses to get professional help, youre dumb asf lmao

Anonymous 41097

I think that the concept that an intimate partner does not naturally have caretaking responsibilities as a consequence of the relationship is at least a little poisonous. And "supporting each other as equals" doesn't really cut it imho; inequalities occur, and discovery of such shouldn't give a scrot the excuse to cut and run that they're all looking for. When >>41085 says she'd care for someone who enters a condition or whose condition worsens, that she'd personally care for them, it sounds like that's being reduced to a matter of personal taste, which the rest of society has no right to judge. But a society is nothing more than a network of all interpersonal choices, and that network maintains itself by applying various pressures. We have societies and obligations to each other specifically in order to ensure that our bonds to each other support the health, wellbeing, and connectedness of the rest of the network. Men abandon their wives when those wives come down with cancer [citation: https://www.newsweek.com/why-men-leave-when-cancer-arrives-76637 ], and that is because men are utter scum who deserve to be socially hounded and excoriated unless they fulfill the basic obligations of human decency, and failing to do so should leave them exiled from the network of society–and all of its legal protections–entirely. The men who divorce, abandon, neglect or adulterate their wives when a serious condition arrives are not men who made a completely personal choice, nor a matter of mere aesthetics, nor an action that only affects themselves and their partner, a Millsian self-regarding action. Their choice affects every other connection their wives had, and legitimizing that choice affects every other connection in the network of society, and society would be right to bring the law to bear on them for it.

"Don't ever get into a relationship with a mentally ill person" is not anywhere near as obviously wrong as "abandon a wife with cancer" but it certainly looks like there is an existing, if soft and slight, social prejudice against it. The network reaction against it already exists and is visible in this very thread, and that reaction feels like more than a matter of mere taste. That every response to that reaction has had to surrender some extremely significant ground to what have been purely emotional reactions shows that this current runs, not fast, but deep. >>41088 has modified it in two places; first, that if the person is not actually unable, then responsibility for their wellbeing does not extend to others the way it would with disability; and secondly, that people have a responsibility to themselves to know and understand what responsibilities they are actually able to take on for other people. Those are great points, but points which seem likely to be held by both sides of the discussion, and therefore dissolve into neutrality. Her statement about getting into a relationship with a person with a serious disorder who refuses to get help is just an aspect of the second point; getting into a relationship with someone who has serious issues of any sort involves taking a meaningful role in their treatment, even if that treatment isn't curative, and so ensuring that the relationship depends upon them engaging with professional help would be taking on an aspect of responsibility for the other person. The relationship becomes closer to the description of "full-time mommy," not less, when the more capable partner has rules, requirements, and direction providing structure and discipline for the less capable one. And an argument that sometimes a partner is not capable of actually providing that just leads back to the idea of responsibility to the self.

Equality of responsibilities between both partners does not necessarily follow from any of that. Un-equal responsibilities have been the rule for social structures for most of history, but even when modern social researchers focus attention on the subversion of the patriarchal structure, they seem to find un-equal relationships and un-equal responsibilities are more effective for society, at least in the domain of reproduction, and likely in other domains as well: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271536689_Why_do_some_women_prefer_submissive_men_Hierarchically_disparate_couples_reach_higher_reproductive_success_in_European_urban_humans
And it is hard to imagine that women who out-earn and have sexual dominance over their husbands as in the above study having more babies than more equal relationships, if those women were not generally happier in their relationships as well. If it were solely observed in husband-dominated relationships then that could be argued, but it's not.

Husband-dominated relationships seem like the natural and healthy form of a relationship pattern that becomes perverse when expressed in other ways. Young women who fell into the dd/lg meme would probably have had less disturbing relationship patterns than what they ended up with, if men and society alike were clear that being anyone's partner means being taking on responsibilities towards the other and being emotionally and socially supportive significantly beyond the bounds of friendship, and not just entering a financial and sexual arrangement with a drinking buddy who you like watching movies with. "Husband" might be able to signify a certain ideal, a supportive relationship partner who takes on various important social, emotional, and financial responsibilities in a relationship, and that might be the kind of relationship those women seek, but that's not what "husband" means today. Because a sexual relationship isn't supposed to be about assuming responsibility. "Daddy" is what's left. It's unnatural.

I don't believe that there is any school of therapy, counseling, or psychology which states that depression, anxiety, social avoidance, or pretty much any other non-psychotic disorder can be resolved solely through professional intervention without an existing social support network or supportive relationships outside of the psychiatric system, either.

Anonymous 41111

A mentally ill one's reporting in.
I'd compare mental illnesses with a cold which could never be cured but it's not that bad, you have a runny nose and a little cough with slight sore throat and these normally don't affect your activities much. Though sometimes it gets real worse and you can't operate normally anymore, even simple everyday activities become hard af to perform. That's when medication could help and actually it can get better on its own.
But, nonregarding man or woman, there're plenty of healthy shit people who are bad for you.

Anonymous 41154

The sheer amount of taxes I wasn't aware of on every little fucking thing, from reporting income (not just from a job), to just receiving money from deceased relatives. You're lucky to get a penny when every third party service is done taking a percent from you when you own a small business. Even money itself is taxed if you're in the business of numismatics. I want to blow my brains out because of (((them))). Boomers fail to realize "the power of hard work" is a meme. If you're a law abiding citizen, you'll never make a significant income bracket near what big corp owner or politicians do, even if you play all of your cards right. If by some chance you do make it, the government will just take it so your kids won't inherit shit. I also have to give a huge percent of my income, even while living abroad, in addition to whatever taxes I pay there too. Big business have offshore bank accounts all the time; over half our congress has dual citizenship to Israel. I've gone slightly off tangent, but my point being, by boomertard parents failed to educate me that, hard work, does not in fact make you better off, maybe only slightly better than your lower-middle class peers.

Anonymous 41227

I think my biggest issue has been realizing you can’t take everyone to heart. When I was a kid I took everything at face value and it took being royally fucked over by several people in my adulthood to understand that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to change.

I’m still empathetic, but I’m a lot more quick to cut people out who I think will do me harm in the long run.

Anonymous 41243


>4) Never have any relationships with people w mental illnesses.
fug…wish someone had told me this earlier

Anonymous 41261

-How hard it actually is to "be successful"
-Dealing with the imposter syndrome that comes from success
-How to deal with not having full school breaks devoid of all responsibilities
-When and how to intervene with a friend's alcohol/substance abuse issues
-Dressing "professionally" every day

Problems don't go away when you grow up. They just get bigger.

Anonymous 41263

Then you are living beyond your means. If you can't afford uni, save up for it first and come back later. It is not hard to cover the cost necessities if you are working full time hours.

Anonymous 42062

>I've fantasied about killing my partner
>but I can see us starting a family together!

You sound mentally ill and you should not have children.

Anonymous 59887

It's actually astonishing how difficult and time consuming it is to earn money, and how little it will be per hour and per paycheck, versus how much bills and student debt are. Let alone a real expense like a house or health insurance premiums, neither of which I could possibly ever afford. People pay $600 a month in health insurance premiums, and that's not even counting the deductible if they actually need care. A paycheck for me is around $800 a week. So almost 25% of my income would vanish to some trillion dollar insurance company somewhere and I wouldn't see a single bit of benefit from it unless I got cancer or something.
boomers had it so easy it hurts just to think of it.
this isn't 1965 where you can afford tuition on a summer job's wages. without a degree you can barely get a job to cover bare cost of living, let alone save enough money to pay for university tuition. it takes people with BIG BOY JOBS a decade of working just to pay off the loans it took to get them into that job. you think someone working as a cashier at a department store or some shit can just save that much up in a year or two? you're delusional.

Anonymous 59908

I don’t know how to clean anything properly since we always had a maid.

Anonymous 59912

If you're in the US, you should use CLEP exams and challenge exams from any CC which will award them, such as Tulsa cc or Springfield tech, and then transfer to a 4 year college. There are also colleges which let you transfer in virtually all the credits you need to graduate. Which degree do you plan on getting?

Anonymous 59916

Anything regarding money. Personal finances, taxes, etc.

How to properly bathe and wash my hair. (How to work up a foam, massage the scalp, properly wash out shampoo. )

Anonymous 59924

-How there is no rest from the pressure of needing money and just how little i earn. It just doesn't go away, you can aways lose your job for a mistake and be fucked if no one is hiring. There is no safety cushion and everything depends on having money.

-Just how fucked financially my parents really are and that i would need to choose a field i don't exactly like to be able to help them someday even if i'm bitter about how they treat me.

-How my country is almost turning into a theocracy and my rights are being taken away, but unlike what i thought as a naive kid immigration is damn hard and expensive.

-If i knew how hard it is to decompress and how tired i would be after work i would have enjoyed my hobbies more. Now it seems too late to do anything not related to earning money. I was told to work, not enjoy my teens and i regret it.

Anonymous 59927

The problems of living with roommates.

Maybe running a business as well. However, if there were no problems to solve with a business it wouldn't really exist.

I never got taught by my parents personal finances but school had that covered.

Anonymous 59945


definitely money. it goes so fast, earning it is slow and often tedious (when you're lucky/skilled (?) enough to even have a job), and you always fucking need it. always. you cannot survive without money.

every day i pray to win the lottery. or be contacted by some long-lost stupidly rich relative

Anonymous 59961


To not be an autist and always attempt to speak in a simple manner as nobody is interested in what stupid shit you're into.
And also how you should be able to develop your social skills from age 0 as not having any of that makes you pretty much a disabled person.
NTA, but do you even realize how much money do illegals make? They don't pay taxes whatsoever contrary to liberal media bullshit, more often than not they're in other illegal shit like human trafficking and drug dealing, and they are also sketchy and always lie about pretty much everything, especially in legal matters such as the tax return form.

You strongly lack common sense regarding illegals.


They are, as you will never be able to get the life that they have, ever.
Read some more about the boomer wealth topics. You lack economic literacy.

Anonymous 59966

>They don't pay taxes whatsoever contrary to liberal media bullshit, more often than not they're in other illegal shit like human trafficking and drug dealing, and they are also sketchy and always lie about pretty much everything, especially in legal matters such as the tax return form.

But they're happy and that's all that matters! Who cares if they saturate the healthcare/education/police/law/prison sector with their 1m new illegals every year, it might be a federal crime to cross the border but human being aren't illegal!

Anonymous 59967

you're both retarded

Anonymous 59970

I love how you can't even wrap your head around how fucked it makes the social services to have 1m adults added to it yearly, nope gotta bend your knee to these parasites that can't even learn the language.

Anonymous 59971

ok lmao

Anonymous 59972

Yes I agree completely! I have been the victim of hit and runs by illegals twice. But they don't care. They drive without a license or insurance so I guess I'm SOL but also a monster if I complain. So done with it.

Anonymous 59974

If there's anything they didn't warn me about it's there's people that are so concerned about being woke they would defend rapists and murderers over the livelihood of the women and girls who's lives they've ruined.

Anonymous 59976

This isn't how you win a debate, anon. There's always pride before the fall.

Anonymous 59983

It's one of /pol/'s campaigns to "redpill" women.
Just don't respond and report them.

Anonymous 59985

hit and run.png

yeah I'm sure /pol/ hit and run that other girl too

Anonymous 59995

artist's mefomefo.…

Give me a counterargument that doesn't cite fishy sources funded by the liberal media, anon.
You know deep inside you that this is a leftist issue as well as funds used to support illegals could have always been used for something else such as helping the non-druggy homeless, abortion clinics, etc.
Yeah, that happens literally everyday with illegals who are also human traffickers, and is always a "breaking news" for the liberal Spanish speaking news channels.
I'm just so tired of this, but you can't fight back or else you will literally get murdered.
I'm the eclipseanon, and I am not /pol/ but a Mexican with a green card that is seeing all these sketchy things with illegals firsthand.
The richer Mexicans are also guilty of this as they are also supporting illegal immigration for cheap labor instead of the typical "destroy capitalism by making labor cheap xDD" Marxists "activists".

Such is life when Mexican nationalism rose very high in the past decade, and it sadly comes to the U.S. where it doesn't rightfully belong.

Anonymous 59996

*said by elite-funded Marxist "activists."
God damn it, melatonin is kicking my ass hard.

Anonymous 60009

>relationships with people with mental illnesses

Wait, don't normal people with no diagnoses at all overreact and make threats too? Don't make sense to me. Anyone can do it.

Anonymous 60036

wait, i forgot: doctors. unless you have great health insurance (and even if you do, it seems) the medical industry is full of crooks and people that just don't give a damn. literally unable to understand why so many doctors are shitty people

Anonymous 60037

I've managed to avoid this problem by not being able to afford to go to doctors.

Anonymous 60038

I know this all too well, I have some skin issues and every single doctor diagnosed it as something else, with one saying it was some fucked auto immune disorder and giving me cell reproduction inhibitors, over some allergy induced eczema. The medical industry is a joke and they'll ruin your life without a second thought.

Anonymous 60090

My mom and aunts have had horrible upright false diagnostics from doctors. Told her she had to remove her uterus because of non-existing cervical cancer, told my aunt she had to abort her baby to get surgery for hemorrhoids, one got back surgery where they opened her up and then closed her without doing anything. They got a second opinion every time and each case had been misdiagnosed. My dad also went to the doctor with an aneurism, they didn't pay much attention to it and he died a couple weeks later.
Also not exactly doctors, but one of my aunts was studying to become a dentist and she quit because dentists would constantly prescribe unnecessary treatments and she couldn't handle the guilt.

Also know horror stories about plastic surgeons.

Anonymous 60125

seriously. one time i went to FIVE different doctors before getting a correct diagnosis for a very simple problem. someone else i know went to ELEVEN. google helps me more than doctors ever have. i don't bother with health insurance, it's a scam. doctors are in the business of keeping people sick and hooking them on pills, not helping them. i'll go if i break an arm but that's about it.
one time as a kid i went in to a dentist and he told me i had eight cavities. EIGHT. i cried and begged my parents for a second opinion because i was in zero pain at all and thought he was lying because i had been doing such a good job brushing and flossing. parents didn't care, they got me drilled. now all those fillings need replacing every 10-15 years and who pays for it? i do. and every time they get a little bigger, until eventually it will all become a root canal or the teeth just break apart completely. dental fraud is the WORST thing you can possibly do to a human being. i don't care if you sell them a lemon car, defraud them, steal their identity, go for it. but putting someone in very expensive horrible crippling medical issues for life that need continual additional operations, just to make a quick buck that you'll blow on stupid shit like shoes or overpriced wine? i wish hell was real because dentists need to burn for what they have done. i still from time to time think about tracking down my childhood dentist and blowing his brains out. thank god i don't remember his name, thank god. there is NOTHING worse, nothing. i would have preferred to get raped because at least then you only get fucked once instead of every 10 years per tooth.
t. have toothache right now and need a root canal on one they drilled for funsies. fucked me over for life to make $200.

Anonymous 60155

also while this is somewhat off topic i think it's important to note that not all boomers are rich, or even well off. a lot of poor boomers get fucked by the system too (i'm speaking from the viewpoint of someone in the us: you have no idea how many boomers go fucking hungry because they can't afford good dental insurance, and don't have teeth to eat with).

we shouldn't be boomers vs x young gen, we should be everyone against…whatever the fuck has messed things up to this point

Anonymous 60158

>we shouldn't be boomers vs x young gen, we should be everyone against…whatever the fuck has messed things up to this point
Wow, cool it with the anti-semitism.

Anonymous 60161

so, rich boomers?

Anonymous 60162

Boomers did not decide the rules of the game, they only played by then.

Anonymous 64405

boomers sat back and allowed things to get to this state without speaking against it or attempting to fix anything. boomers ARE 100% responsible for the current state of how fucking FUCKED we are.

Anonymous 64479

>Boomers did not decide the rules of the game

Actually, they did. They changed laws that protected workers, maintained public infrastructure, and kept productivity inside the United States.

Anonymous 64526

If you spent your entire early career drowning in debt, stressed out of your mind in competitive school exams during school, and all you got to do at work is file paperwork, look at people's open sores, and try not to get sued, you'd be a pretty shitty person too. The only types crazy enough to be doctor's in first world countries are those with a huge thirst for money or prestige, who else would bother with all the fences you have to jump over just to help people?

Anonymous 64527

You'll die alone no matter how many people surround you during the event. The moment of death is 100% solitary in nature, the withdrawing or sudden stop of the senses can not be shared or expressed.

Anonymous 64531

That is true, but there is still lots of decades before that when you would wish you had close family to take care of you.

Anonymous 64623

>resolve to kms at ~60
>avoid 95% of medical problems and their expense
>avoid 95% of pain and suffering
>avoid "dying alone"
>avoid being a wrinkly old fuck and having my teeth fall out and break hips just walking around the house
>don't have to live in misery just to save for retirement
>don't have to waste my life raising puke-puddles to "take care of me when i'm old and feeble"
>don't have to worry about faggoty 401ks and other bullshit
>don't need to buy a house and all that fucking bullshit
>cancer? MS? dementia? eye failure? incontinence? parkinsons? lmao not gonna be my problem
why the fuck are people so afraid of dying? it's better than being some 89 year old sitting in a piss soaked diaper spending your days watching daytime television and looking at a wrinkly sack of bones in the mirror. at 60 you can still be fairly attractive and mostly healthy. lmao just jump off a building lol.

i've had enough medical pain and suffering as it is. i'm not giving birth and i'm not enduring old age. take the suicide pill. living to old age isn't success–it's horror and degradation. i'm going to pop off at 60 looking like i'm age 35. hell, maybe i'll commit lover's suicide with a qt 25 year old moid.

Anonymous 64640

If you've resolved suicide as the best choice why haven't you committed suicide yet? You can get cancer before age 60.

Anonymous 65001

Cancer isn’t a certainty, whereas aging is. It makes no sense to kill yourself out of fear of living with a cancer you don’t have when you could just do so under the event of getting it.

Anonymous 68680


God in my country uni students honest to god have it easier than workers. At one point my sister got more money from scholarships (and she's pretty average grade wise) than I did working 40 hrs/week. Like, she didn't have a lot of spending money sure but tuition was paid, she got her apartment paid etc. If I was going to try and get my own place it'd cost me at least half my paycheck. Mom gives her 400/month while I pay my mom 200/month to stay at home.

What am I just supposed to go to university and study whatever dumb bullshit so at least I get my own place?

Anonymous 68685

Then why commit suicide at age 60? If the problem is cancer, then the statement is "kms if I ever have cancer" not, "if I reach 60".

Anonymous 68876

>What am I just supposed to go to university and study whatever dumb bullshit so at least I get my own place?
Just study something retard-easy and generic, like Sociology.

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