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Anonymous 40983

Are there any other Dutch miners? Every white girl in this country except for me is GigaStacy it seems. Must be horrible to be black here, white guys are extremely racist and most non-white guys want white Stacies.

Anonymous 40988

I hate dutch people. I have no rational basis for this prejudice, just don't like em. simple as

Anonymous 40991

Do you even know any Dutch people?

Anonymous 40995

just don't like em

Anonymous 41008

>white guys are extremely racist
Based, there's still some hope left for yurop.

Anonymous 41013

no because the only thing they hate more than brown people is making babies with white women

Anonymous 41022

why don't they make babies with white women? i know some dutch girls and they were all stacies, yes. how are you holding up?

Anonymous 41059

Dutch guys only fuck latinas. They want girls who look like tan, silicone instagram models with big asses.

Anonymous 41083


Yes. Specially dutch and german guys are very thirsty for us (am latina). Dutch girls are usually pretty (germans are more potato-y though) so I think is some kind of tropical ethnic fetish but they still treat me like a princess and want to commit unlike where I come from so I am fine with it.

Anonymous 41089

can absolutely confirm. this german guy i fuck here and there once said "proper ass and curves dont exist in germany and honestly thats a tragedy. german women look like potatoes with my dads face glued on them"
i mean tough luck boy but hey, good for me lmao

Anonymous 41146

The other anons are right, if you’re a white girl you have to be an 11/10 Gigastacy to even be acknowledged, if you’re latina or slutty brown girl you get dick but you’re still discriminated against, and if you’re black it’s just already over. I’m an ugly white girl do Stacies just dab on me all day.

Anonymous 41179


Anonymous 41180

What are Dutch and German dudes like as bfs?

Anonymous 41182

>white men want white women
>white women want white men
What an absolute shocker, how truly dreadful of those white devils to want what every other race in the world does as a matter of course.

Anonymous 41187

that's not what they said

Anonymous 41206


I wanna go to the Netherlands to prove you anons wrong. I'm black and was just in Spain and France and the white guys were more than happy to racemix

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