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Anonymous 41620

Anyone wanna draw?


Anonymous 41628

you are pretty good, sry you got your shit destroyed. Got more shit u have done?

Anonymous 41630



Yeah, here's a something small. Sorry for low quality

Anonymous 41631

also, while I'm here, anyone want to request I draw something? :D

Anonymous 41632

Could you? since you are very talented paint a picture of a braided smurf going skiiening?

Anonymous 41634

or a hobbit skydyving?

Anonymous 41635

or lets here me out… a mermaid surfing, like thats the shit mermkaids NEVER DO

Anonymous 41636

YOU CANT REQUEST SHIT! IM GOING BANANAS HERE… i want a LoL charachter name ashe kicking bowser (u know the dude from super mario) ass

Anonymous 41638


As you wish

Anonymous 41639


Small sketch, hope its alright

Anonymous 41641


Anonymous 41642

I want toad proposing to princess, i want an goose stealing someones sandwich, i want a mobilephone coming to life and yelling at its owner, i want a nun accidently straddling the gardeners dick while picking a flower, i want half cat half dog driving a motorcykel… man i got like 100000 more and you are crazy talented… please give me!

Anonymous 41643

This is really good! you have some skill.

Anonymous 41666

I'll try do some when I get home so stay tuned

Anonymous 41740


fill in the speech bubble

Anonymous 42733


I just got myself a wacom intuos and getting good, clen lines has been difficult. Hoping to get used to it.

Anonymous 42734

chik fil A

Anonymous 42735


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