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Anonymous 41772

Miners, do you ever get approached by guys on the street when you're out and about?

How do you generally react?

FYI I've never been approached so I don't know what I would do.

Anonymous 41778

Oddly…twice. I don't go many places and have acne so I have no idea why it happened at all, unless my face and body are better than my dysmorphia tells me. Which is possible, I've been called cute.

The first one, he was using obvious PUA techniques while approaching multiple women. At university of all places. The negging and going through women like an assembly line didn't sit well with me so I rejected him.

A second time it wasn't directly romantic and I'm still unsure of his intentions (we're friends now…I think). He just walked up to me in the food court, sat down, and started talking nervously (I mentioned this on /feels/ when it happened, if anyone recognizes it). He's very cute but now just sends me cryptic one word messages sometimes and is very talkative at other times, he's hard to read. I'd say yes if he escalated tbh, I'm just tired of being the one having to do that.

Anyway, I generally just am friendly unless they make it obvious that they're being romantic. There's no need to be a jerk right away, and there's also no need to pussy out when you're disinterested.

Anonymous 41784

I was going to say no but you reminded me of something awful. I've been talked to by homeless men, drop dead drunk men, and once, a pair of middle aged men who thought it was funny that I was pretending to be an adult (I was literally 21 but they were so sure I was younger). All of this actually happened on the same night.. I went downtown because I desperately wanted to see the city. A weird thing that flairs up in whimsical bitches like me. What I learned from it was that the only men who want me are either literally homeless or so drunk they can't see.

That's life I guess.

Anonymous 41787

Oh, so you saw the first guy approach several other girls before he approached you?

>Anyway, I generally just am friendly unless they make it obvious that they're being romantic. There's no need to be a jerk right away

Sorry, I'm confused… Being a jerk means acting as if he's interested in you romantically?

Anonymous 41789

if his intentions are non-romantic => act polite to him
if his intentions are romantic (annoying from strangers youre not interested in) => be a jerk

I assume thats what she meant anyway

Anonymous 41790

Panic internally while being nice. It's always been ugly guys or ones who approached me in weird ways so I just panic a little and become very honest. They ask for my number and I give it to them to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Afterwards I never reply to their texts or calls.
I don't mean to say I dislike it. It's a huge ego boost, but I'm still shy so I panic. At least now I have a bf so I can just tell them that to end it.

Anonymous 41800

No, if he's a jerk I find it fine to bring out my inner jerk.
I don't find cold approaching alone jerk behaviour though. I've done it myself, I'm sympathetic. But if they refuse to take no for an answer or start negging harshly then it's fair game.

That said I was never a jerk to either guy. I told the first one "have a nice day" after rejecting him despite him seeming on the edge of flipping ("well I just wanted to sleep with you anyway").

And yeah I saw him talking to a couple girls first. It was kind of sad.

Anonymous 41801

Drunk or homeless men are more vocal than a typical person seeing an attractive stranger.

Anonymous 41803

I cannot concive any smooth way to pull this of, talking to strangers out of nowhere while not being cringe/intimidating is not realistic. Why do they think it can work?
I'm super shy so any type of confrontation with romántic intentions directly translate to a "NO BACK OF" even if they are cute

Anonymous 41804

I've been asked by male strangers about my ethnicity since I'm mixed but each time I never gave them real answers and just left them standing there.

According to Americans, "what are you?" questions towards women fall under being approached but since none of the men who looked to be in their 50s, by the way, followed up with any questions, I think they really were just curious about my foreign-looking appearance.

Anonymous 41813

It's worse if they're cute because all my spaghetti spills out and they realize I'm actually retarded.

Anonymous 41815

I’ve never been approached by a guy on the street unless he was a homeless guy or from some non-profit org asking for money.

Anonymous 41818

This is actually a frustrating thing. I'm going to say this at risk of sounding like total bitch or im humble bragging, but I hate when I meet an interesting guy and having to bring up that I have a boyfriend. Like, I don't want them to feel like their being creepy or pushy at all. But I also want to not accidently give the wrong impression to anyone. Its like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, yknow?
I wish it was easy for guys and girls to be literal friends. It happens, I've had it happen. Its just tricky and lots of times someone feels friendzoned.
Again I am not some ego maniac I am actually insanely anxious and uncomfortable all the time.

And OP yes I've been approached by random men. When I was at an arcade some guy started flirting with me and clearly wanted to smash. But I turned him down.

Anonymous 41821

Oh, thanks for clarifying, it makes sense now.

>I don't find cold approaching alone jerk behaviour though. I've done it myself, I'm sympathetic

Could you please tell us more about that?

Anonymous 41824

It's nothing interesting, I've just asked 3 guys at uni out to coffee. I also have simply made the first move in befriending 2 classmates who I was attracted to, if that counts.
I have yet to succeed in getting a bf, but the 3 all said yes so I must not be horribly ugly. Just odd. So I need to find an odd bf.

Anonymous 41825

How come you didn't bf any of your 3 coffee dates?
You didn't like them in the end?
Aslo what did you like about them that made you ask them out?

Anonymous 41830

I get what you mean. While waiting for my bf outside of class at uni, a really nice guy approached me with a super dumb question but he was very sweet and we both were huge autists so we got along really well in those 5 minutes we talked. But them my bf came out and I had to leave. I really wanted to be his friend, but I couldn't just give him my number or something.

Anonymous 41831

What was the question he asked you?

Anonymous 41832

Oh haha, no. They didn't end up liking me. Which is valid since they were pretty normie. One rejected me straight up, another just didn't give me any way to contact him again, and the other wasn't looking for a ltr.

I'll be honest. The thing that drew me to them was that they fit my fetish for very short men.

Anonymous 41836

>manlet fetish anon stil hab no bf

Anonymous 41838

Forever alone, baybey.

Anonymous 41839

"Do you think I should get a haircut". It made me laugh, he was a sweetie. I hope things turned out well for him.

Anonymous 41840

Ha-ha, it can be a really funny line for a guy who's already bald or has a super short haircut!

Anonymous 41844

I've only ever been approached a time a two and they nothing like my type. I just say 'oh thank you but I have a bf' cause I'm scared saying 'no' will lead to them just pestering me.

if an attractive guy spoke to me like that idk what I'd do, I'd try to play it cool but I cannot guarantee I'd manage that

Anonymous 41854

I've been catcalled exactly once in Portland, closest to a cold approach I can remember. I felt sort of complemented but I would have shit my pants if he approached me directly.

Anonymous 41855

If its catcalling, keep walking. Dont answer, dont react. Ive seen a few women already cussing them out or giving them middle fingers and i wish i could be like that
If cold approached, be friendly and if it turns out to be romantic, let down gently. I never give my real name or address. If the situation allows for it/is dire enough i say im underage. if they ask, give the wrong number. If i get creepy vibes i take the long way home or go somewhere else, like family's house.

Anonymous 41861

>If its catcalling, keep walking. Dont answer, dont react
What if he is actually cute?

Anonymous 41869

I'm a sperg so I automatically say something around the lines of "no thank you, bye" whenever basically any stranger approaches me in public, regardless of gender or intent. It works most of the time.
For context, I live in a city and any idiot who will just randomly come up to you on the street probably isn't some qt potential bf. It's usually a scammer or a Jehovahs Witness.

Anonymous 41871

>tfw you stare at a cute guy hoping that he will approach you but he awkwardly looks away

Anonymous 41881

Then he wouldn't need to catcall random women, would he. Catcalling is gross.

Anonymous 41919

Maybe it's just me but I don't consider "catcalling" and "being approached" to be the same thing? To me catcalling is basically throwing a compliment at a passerby, usually on their appearance. Approaching someone is actually going up to a stranger and trying to start a conversation.

Anonymous 41920

Yes, my thoughts exactly. I didn't mean catcalling when I was creating this thread.
In my country catcalling doesn't even exist. Okay, maybe only in the absolute lowest 1% social strata.

Anonymous 41926

Has any guy ever taken you on a coffee date?

Anonymous 41927

no. a lesbian bought me pizza last week tho

Anonymous 41950

i've only ever really been approached by weirdos and never really someone my age. two weeks ago a middle aged man followed me to work and asked me if he could take me to wherever i was going.

it makes me kind of sad that no one my age has ever approached me because it reinforces my self opinion that i'm ugly and unattractive. one time when i was working a part time job this guy smiled at me and called me a couple hours after he left to ask me for my number. but i just feel like i can't trust any man that tries to "get to know me" because maybe i look easily gullible and manipulatable. i don't know. i just wish i were pretty. sorry to write a journal entry.

Anonymous 42000

I only really go out when I’m drinking and end up ghosting whoever I’m talking to because of afraid of rejection.

Anonymous 42015

So you're scared of a thing beingbdone to you, but you still do that thing to other people?

Anonymous 42017


I see a difference between talking up someone for like an hour and never speaking to them again versus going on a date or being intimate and the person deciding they don’t like me, but yeah basically

Ghost them before they can ghost you

Anonymous 42701

do you want to be aproached on the street
what does a man have to go on there?
probably just your looks
believe it or not but the men that are worth being with have other standards than just looks, so they probably won't aproach strangers just because of that, except maybe if you have made eye conteact and are basically flirting already

Anonymous 43098

A few weeks ago, a weird dude was shouting, "Miss! Miss!"at me while I was walking to work. I ignored him and he yelled that I looked like a man. Damn right I do, and a sexy, androgynous one at that.

About ten years ago another dude was snapping pictures of all the women who walked by him. Walking past him was a bit creepy.

Another time an old man kept telling me to get in his car when I was waiting at the bus stop. My city is known for its serial killers; I bet he was one of them. Glad to have avoided being in pieces in his freezer.

Now that I'm older, I don't have a baby face anymore and I've perfected my resting bitch face, but I definitely had a few run-ins with creeps in the past.

Anonymous 43099

>My city is known for its serial killers

Now that's an unusual tourism pitch, which city is that ?

Anonymous 43151

>do you want to be aproached on the street
>what does a man have to go on there?
>probably just your looks

Uhm, well, yeah. And if you like his looks too you can go on a date and evaluate each other's personalities.
I though it works like that.

Anonymous 43153

>she can't instantly identify a person's personality, values and thoughts with a single glance

Anonymous 43160

Don't complain about love problems, anon.

Anonymous 43162

I was making a joke about judging people based on their looks. Must have failed.

Anonymous 43164

I thought it was funny anon :)

Anonymous 43168

I thought it was unfunny. >:(

Anonymous 43174


I thought it was

Anonymous 43179


London, Ontario. There are tons of unsolved murder cases here, including the Forest City Killer (not to mentions frequent stabbings). We're also the fentanyl capital of Canada. Yay for us.

Anonymous 43180

Oh God, that picture makes me so uncomfortable.

Anonymous 44058


Anonymous 44066


You give off a crazy vibe.

Anonymous 44067

> going downtown to the city
Were you alone?
It shouldn't be that way but it's exactly what you should expect from the big shity

Anonymous 44098

>My 2 favourite characters
Absolutely wholesome

Anonymous 44103

Yes, though it always wasn't that way, kek.

It started happening practically every single time I go out since I dyed my hair red, in contrast the mousy brown I used to have.

I have crazy long (like 24 inch extensions with 330g) brightly colored hair, and I live in Rural small town, so I think I /stand out/ in comparison to the usual Midwestern 'murican.

It's a conflict of wanting to look nice with dat Ariel hair, but also wanting people to leave you the fuck alone. I'm a passive, conflict avoidant person, and I have difficulty telling people outright to "fuck off," I beat around the bush, and think I can signals with body language, so I don't have to ~hurt anyone's feelings~.

A lot of the people that approach me make weird comments about my outfits reminding them of anime, or that I look like a "15 year old," and then following that with flirty comments, which is super weird.

Anonymous 44104

Is getting hit on/ hitting on someone ever acceptable in the gym? It's never happened to me but I've heard some stories from my friends. One guy's approach was actually kinda unique so she ended up going on a date with him. He was weird on the date so it went no where apparently.

Anonymous 44175



Anonymous 44266

Hello fellow London miner. We haven't been a murder capital since the late 80s. Here's a crime map you might find interesting.https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/services/Crime-Map.aspx

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