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Items you would buy for your home/room Anonymous 42571

So sometimes I like to pass time by putting on some music and 'window shop' online (I think I wrote that out weird lol). Anyway, I like to envision what my future home will look by adding neat items I find to my wishlist even if I don't actually buy it. Found these cute coconut bowls.

Anonymous 42573

aaaa my apartment is so dusty. I really need to get my shit together. I wanna invest in a good comforter/duvet but I wanna make a smart choice.

Anonymous 42576

Ooo I really like the big white linen comforters with the feather stuffing. So comfy.

Anonymous 42582


I don't really care too much about fancy furniture but I did get really into browsing high quality bed frames once

Anonymous 42590


That's freaking wild. Love it.

Anonymous 42596


A bean bag or a low level chair for reading. Right now I don't have the space for it in my apartment, and the couch isn't the comfiest. Also want to replace the huge dining table with a small table just as low as the chair, so I can sit on the floor and do away with extra chairs. Oh, and more fairy lights in the bedroom too.

Anonymous 42604


based. Fairy lights willnever go out of style for me. Found these pyramid style paper lanterns on Etsy a while back ago.

Anonymous 43081


a proboscis monkey plush for my bed. this one has such a cute little face!

Anonymous 43082

this is very cute, do you happen to have a sauce?

Anonymous 43086

Not her but I found one on Amazon for you. Here's the link:

Anonymous 43094

Yup. That’s the right source.

Anonymous 43710


These are some nice looking bowls. I’m a bit of an ASMR weirdo so I immediately thought that they’d make some lovely sounds.

These are cute.

What a lad.

If I ever live long enough to live in a house of my own I’d like to get some of these (pic related).

Anonymous 43713


maybe this isn't exactly what the thread meant, but I always thought if I have a lot of money in the future, I want a pretty garden with a pond of goldfish or koi. I love fish

Anonymous 43722

Oh yes, me too!

Anonymous 43730


i dream of having a big canopy bed someday – with lots of cozy drapes and fairy lights and shit

Anonymous 43731

Anonymous 43733


peacock chairs are cute as hell

Anonymous 43761


I dont know how to play the piano nor do I have any money, but I love window shopping antique pianos. This one is only 75k.

Anonymous 57564


I want one of these ugly things

Anonymous 57603

i unironically find these cute

Anonymous 58192


Some kind of foldable mattress. I prefer having my bed on the floor level.

No idea if pic-related is realistic (for long-term) or even good, it just think it looks cute.

Anonymous 58252

I bought a japanese style futon and have been sleeping on it for about a year. During the daytime I roll it into my closest. I love it.
But then again I am a weirdo and been sleeping on the floor normally. I don't plan on buying a mattress anytime soon.

Anonymous 58254


Same! I have a throw bed like the pic, but it is filled with down, so it needs to be fluffed every night because it gets squished flat when I sleep on it.

I prefer the floor, too. I really hate beds.

Anonymous 59457


i've wanted this fucking clock to hang in my future home for damn near 10 years
one day, when i make it, i will triumphantly hang this clock on my wall

Anonymous 59458

>tfw have this clock

Anonymous 59796


I want to adopt pet mice :)

Anonymous 59821

i love mice so much and i kept them as pets throughout my childhood, but they are so. so stinky. i feel like if i were going to keep them as pets again i'd want a whole dedicated room like creekvalleypets… on the far side of the house away from where i have guests lol

Anonymous 62506

where do you buy these?

Anonymous 62515


um can we all be friends… i do this constantly…

im really into glossy retro pieces right now!!

Anonymous 62780

I have a little pond but I'd feel bad adding ornamental fish because frogs and dragonflies breed in it

Anonymous 62866


I really want to buy but I'm trying to save money and stop wasting money on stuff I don't need.

Anonymous 62867

If you do ever decide to buy one, make sure you turn it over every couple days otherwise the underside will get moldy.

Anonymous 62880

I've been thinking of a futon for the longest time. Found a good local store to buy one too, but I'm confused because everything except the most basic products just start looking like regular beds.

I think I'll get one of these to isolate me from the floor (floors get very cold here during the winter):
but I don't know if I should get the "traditional" futon that's 100% cotton:
or the "luxury" futon that has all these gimmicks inside it:
or something in between.

Anonymous 62914


im obsessed with Norwegian sleeping alcoves. i know they are works of master craftsmen and not some thing you can pick up at ikea but it would be sick to have one. id imaging changing sheets would be a bitch and it would be an all around shitty investment but they are so fucking beautiful and comfy looking. same goes for chinese marital beds.

Anonymous 62928

this pic gave me claustrophobia

Anonymous 62929

Holy shit I just want this…

Anonymous 63184


great taste anon
these look so cozy

Anonymous 63194

Oh my god this looks so nice and luxurious and comfy. ;_;

Anonymous 63215


right? i love anything that's customized but the woodwork on these is super gorgeous. i dont find alcoves claustrophobic at all, just comforting.

Anonymous 63275

i had a shikibuton from amazon for 2 years and it was the comfiest bed ever. unfortunately it had a mold accident and i was moving into a furnished place anyway. it was $200 and western style beds cost at least $1000 apparently.

they're super comfy. and no squeaking! i hate squeaky beds. boxsprings are stupid and ridiculous, if it wasn't furnished i wouldn't use the stupid shit. boomers were a mistake.

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