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/b/ Secret Santa - 2019 Anonymous 43143

>How does it work?
People will post their Amazon wishlist link according to the instructions below. People who enter the thread may post their list at will, and it is your decision to gift who you want.
>Does my address get shown?
Your city and state, and shipping name. Refer to the instruction image below. Shipping name can be anything you want.
>How will I know if something has been bought for me?
Items disappear off your list after being purchased. You can also go to your list, press Filter and Sort, then select Purchased.
>Will the information of the gifter be shown to the recipient?
No, all of your information will be protected. The recipient will not see any info.
>Why should I gift something? I'm not gonna get anything in return!
This is a different take on a Secret Santa, where anyone can gift or get from anyone. If you're feeling generous, please do consider giving back to others.

Post anything you receive.

Anonymous 43144


Anonymous 43145

merry soon to be christmas, anons.
i'm excited to get gifting ohoho~

Anonymous 43147

I feel kinda greedy posting this but I guess why not. I'm excited to give someone else something though, I love gift shopping.

Anonymous 43185

I hope many anons will participate, this is a good idea!

Anonymous 43186

Post more anons, I love reading people's lists. It's cute seeing everyone's tastes and hobbies

Anonymous 43207

This is a really cool idea. Didn't know you could do this with Amazon wish lists. Looking forward to seeing more of other people's wish lists!


Anonymous 43208


Anon, I think your wish list is broken. Might want to recheck it again.

Anonymous 43260

I'm not sure if CC is big enough for this to be successful, but I know /a/ (and a couple other boards) does a holiday card exchange every year. I think it'd be cute if we could do something similar, if anyone were interested.

Anonymous 43475


I did this for fun, not expecting anything. Making wishlists is an activity I enjoy too, but WOW ANON THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Can't wait to read it.
(´。• ◡ •。`)

Anonymous 43511


Mysterious gifter, thanks again. I didn't see the gift note in the box the first time.

Anonymous 43521

You should ad sextoys and shit, now with all the talk about this place beeing flooded with moids!

Anonymous 43657


I think we’re definitely too small for that, but card secret santas are a lot of fun. I do the one with /a/.

Anonymous 43945



You should check your address. Getting this error message when I try to ship to you.

Anonymous 44154


ah! sorry i just checked this!
what item was it? :( my address usually works! i'm so sorry about this.

but also! thank you so much to the person that got me this!!! i'm so, so excited to do some art with these! i've always wanted to try them :~]

Anonymous 44155


Yay it arrived on time!
Amazon changed the delivery estimate to a range so I was concerned.

Anonymous 44156

ah! thank you so much, anon :~] i'm fiddlin' around with them now and it is so, so much fun (though i'm really not that great yet lol). do you have a list yourself?

Anonymous 44451

You're welcome! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
Funnily enough, because Amazon couldn't guarantee the arrival date, they gave me some credit for the order.
(Yes, it's in the thread already, I also like art stuff)

Anonymous 44484

can we still gift stuff? i want to make a fellow miner happy~

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