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smirk wojak with e…

Analysis Anonymous 45306

>how often do you post on cc
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
>do you like cc? why? why not?

once a week, maybe less often

I'm trying to eave 4chan because I fear getting doxxed, also because it's full of fucking degenrate scum incels that can't stop talking about women and sex, that think women fuck dogs unironically and that objectify women and talk of them in an objective manner, I'm personally not a fan of modern feminism and I try to stay out of it, but enough is enough

I don't like CC all that much because it reeks of feminists, and on the other hand Judgemental Mary's who can't go a minute without shaming other women, and also because there are no boards for dicussion of culture like /int/ or /his/ or discussion of literature like /lit/

Anonymous 45324

agreed, I only fuck dogs as an ironic statement

Anonymous 45331

I personally only talk in a subjective manner. I think.

Anonymous 45338

>how often do you post on cc
Post around once a week, visit every day on most days
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I never left. I still visit and post on /a/ when I have something to contribute. Your experiences aren’t universal. It really depends on what boards you frequent. You’re not going to get doxxed posting about anime on /a/ or /m/ for instance unless you do something stupid like revealing personal info, which you have no reason to do on those boards. Regarding their views on women, it’s not always like that either. Really depends on which boards/threads you participate in. (I get it though. /a/ for example used to have bitches and whores threads against women all the time a couple of years back, but again, it all depends on which threads you participate in.) In some anime threads, I sometimes get the sense that some of the anons I’m talking to are women too.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I love it. So glad I found this place. Always liked anonymous discussion boards and like imageboards for this reason. And I grew up having only female friends (only started having guy friends recently), so it’s always comfortable for me to talk in a women-centric group. I wish there was something like /his/ or /lit/ too, but c.c is too small for that. You can always make your own threads on /b/ or /media/.

Anonymous 45343

>how often do you post on cc
Maybe once or twice a week, depends on if anybody else makes an interesting thread.

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I don't want to quit using that site. But I wanted a place where I could talk about guys I think are cute with other women not gay men.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

It's interesting, but way too slow. And so many posters are really insecure about themselves and would rather post pity party feels then talk about fun things.

Anonymous 45345

>how often do you post on cc
I check it every day, and reply to any interesting threads/posts that may arise in those 12 hour cycles. Can't get more activity without posting

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I left 4chn a long time ago during the second exodus. 8ch was really fun, but got extremely shitty after /pol/harbor, to which I left it. Then there was uboach*n, which is now overrun with trannies.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

I like it. Trolls seem to be the most active part of the posting community, but that's okay I guess. I was intrigued by an imageboard meant for women and doesn't allow trannies. I think I like it here.

Anonymous 45372


y-you know what I meant!
>Your experiences aren’t universal.
of course, they aren't, I'm not sure if there's a single experience that's universal for every human being. Try posting on /int/ or /his/ and try to '' discuss culture in an appropriate manner'' - as the board suggests, a lot of the times, boards turn into gay posting shitholes or a place where incels can pornpost and shame women. it ain't fun. I've never been outside /fa/, /int/, /his/, /lit/, and /mu/ so I can't say much about other boards.
the most based answer in this thread desu.

Anonymous 45391

>how often do you post on cc
Occasionally, like once or twice a month, I prefer lolcow since it has more posts and a lot of people here are apparently men based on the poll that happened last month. It's kind of obvious whose a man given they are the ones who are behind the weirdly racist and covertly sexual threads that dominate /b/.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
4chan is a racist shithole with nothing of value, I don't go there because I hate the energy and don't want to allow myself to think it's normal to use racial slurs or homophobic slurs at my big age
>do you like cc? why? why not?
yea, I was paranoid for a bit because I believed a rumor concerning the mod but in reality, they're cool as hell and totally transparent about what happens here. Much respect to you admin for maintaining this place, wish they had a donate option if they ever need help with the server costs.

4chan is a degenerate shithole, not sure why anyone would go on there post 2016 when the entire site became /pol/. Also, I don't know why you are scared of being doxxed, what are you posting on there lmao. Oh and I'm a feminist, I don't see anything wrong with female empowerment, are you a pick me? As for the lack in variety in boards, there isn't a lot of people here so it wouldn't make sense to create so many boards, a thread should suffice.

Anonymous 45402


>how often do you post on cc
Every other day, sometimes daily. I live here.
Also on lolcow.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I still lurk several boards but was never really a big user of 4chan in the first place. I used to use tohno-chan regularly (the reverse rules about gender applied there), then stopped posting on most until fate lead me to lolcow. Now I'm here and there since it's my only contact with other women outside of my job. RIP.
But anyway, 4chan is mostly bad to me because of the misogyny from /pol/tards and robots, the genuine racism, and of course the pedophiles.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I like that it's comfy and less pinkpilled than lolcow since that shit radicalizes my femcel brain, but also hate the occasional racebait and/or maleposter. Also hate the slowness but I do my part.

I also realize it's hypocritical that I hate maleposters since I used to do the same in the past, but I've grown since then. Believe it.

Anonymous 45450

Based everything ngl.
> Oh and I'm a feminist, I don't see anything wrong with female empowerment, are you a pick me?
lol, no, well, somewhat desu, at least I was, but I'd never fake my views on something to get attention from men. And I don't see anything wrong with female empowerment either, I just don't like the radical ones. the ones that make us all look bad, my father was a huge incel so maybe I'm just projecting, I'm terrified of confident women for some reason. I guess I'm just afraid of getting hurt by women, who knows. Maybe I should just accept the fact that there'll always be misogyny no matter how women act. I guess I should also stop being so god-damn insecure about myself. thanks for the question! made me think about myself a bit.
why don't you have contact with other women besides on your job? also, based post.

Anonymous 45453

>how often do you post on cc
Pretty much everyday.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I still browse it sometimes, I just try to avoid /pol/ oriented discussions. Once my favorite board, /tv/ is dead because of it.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
The last month or two were bad, but I've been here for long enough so I trust it will be my comfy place once again.
Agree about the men-hating posts and the lack of a more intelectual board though, that's a good sugestion.

Anonymous 45476

>how often do you post on cc
Couple of times a week
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
Userbase is complete trash. Same reasons as everyone else. I have nothing new on that.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I do. It's chill here and people are thoughtful. I'm also on lolcow but lurk there more.

Anonymous 45504

I struggle with escalating woman-woman interactions into friendship so I only have male friends. Not even in a ~not like the other girls~ way since I genuinely like women, I'm just intimidated.

Anonymous 45507

men and women cant…

Do you feel bad at all knowing most if not all of them want to be romantically involved?
That prevents me from having male friends.

Anonymous 45510

>how often do you post on cc
I usually only post when I feel like I have something to say, so I’ve been on-and-off since this is a slow board. When I’m on a roll it will be two posts a week, but sometimes I’m off for weeks at a time. I have to take breaks because there’s a lot of talk of loneliness on here (as with other imageboards) and I don’t want to get too in-my-head about my own loneliness.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I still lurk there but rarely post. Honestly there for the lewd boards at this stage.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I like it here. It’s helped me a lot with my sense of place in the world to see people who are enough like me for me to be able to relate to, even if we’re not exactly the same. It feels like it’s kind of affirmed my identity a bit and saved me from feeling like a black sheep.

Anonymous 45511


Nah, they don't. I posted about this on /feels/ a while back and if anything this is the position I'm in haha RIP.
My personality is just pretty spergy which may turn them off? Or the stars aligned and I'm none of their types. I've also been rejected by many other (non-friend) men too, but there is never a "looks disparity" which leads me to think it's just me as a person.

One kind of eats me up inside since he's so fucking cute but he friendzoned me immediately. I didn't even CONFESS ugh.

Anonymous 45512

What is it about your personality being spergy that you think turns them off?

Anonymous 45514

It's a lot of things, but the main thread is that I just can't seem to keep anything to myself after the friendship title is achieved. Boundaries are hard for me so I get personal too fast and am open about my traumas and weird anxieties immediately lmao. Barely any thoughts are kept to myself.

For closest friends, they also know of my sexual…obsessions…and I'm sure it weirds them out.

But I'm generally goofy and caring. Just socially off in a way that's not quirky and hot.

Anonymous 45515

I would have thought there'd be a lot of guys who'd like that, but maybe they don't like that you're just as open with everyone else. Have you tried being more selective about who you share things with?

Anonymous 45516

Eh, I'm split on it since it's actually something I like about myself even if I know it should be embarrassing. I am selective about the sexual shit at least.

Of course the ideal partner would have a similar disposition and would appreciate my weird ass. I did meet a man like this who seemed to like me, but he lied about important things and then lied about flirting with me. So…need me a blunt boy with morals next time. Or change myself. Both are challenging haha.

And thanks for taking the time to talk to me about this, anon. It's nice to vent and bounce ideas off of someone else instead of just getting deep inside your own head.

Anonymous 45534

>how often do you post on cc
Depends. I have periods of time when I post multiple posts every day and sometimes I don't visit for a week.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I've been on 4chan for like 12 years now. I frequent and post on 20 boards regularly, spent a lot of my time on that site. I always avoid /pol/ topics when I can and I used to have nice female related convos on 4chan in the past, might've just been lucky though. Like many anons here I also hate the fact that /pol/ spilled into every single board but places like /his/ seem pretty hateful towards /pol/ so there's hope I suppose. What pissed me off recently was when I mentioned my gender due to it being related to a convo, something I haven't done in a while but I felt like it was safe to do since it was a female interest oriented thread and got so much hate and disbelief from an anon (whom I know is a regular poster on that general) and it just made me feel like shit, I didn't get in an argument about the question of my gender in such a long while. It especially irked me since the whole attack was so out of place and I agreed with the guy about the argument itself, he just got offended by the fact I used myself as an example \blog
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I like the fact I can be open about my gender, it's getting more and more exhausting on 4chan sometimes when I feel like talking about girly interests and experiences. For sure though, this place seems to be overly sensitive sometimes and has a lot of gender hating as well but I just stay out most of the times

Anonymous 45555


>how often do you post on cc
Depends, I try to post once a day.

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I spent some time on 4chan ~10 years ago, just sporadically. It was a fun place back then, even for women like me who are not really made for imageboards. I can recall hilarious evenings full of cats, Spider Man, Chuck Norris, Happy Negro, Pedobear, Xzibit.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

It's a mostly cozy place with mostly cozy people (and I think there's at least ONE other woman here), so I'll stay.

Anonymous 45697


>how often do you post on cc

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I haven't looked at /b/ in 10 years, it fucked me up started to make me hate being a woman and terrified of all men.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

it's p good. i like the cozy advice stuff, do not like the racism and gender crit stuff.

Anonymous 45698


hi anon, what others boards would you recommend? i really only look at cc, lc, and dreamchan. other comfy/cozy recs?

Anonymous 73506

what's dreamchan?

Anonymous 73535

>how often do you post on cc
whenever I come across a thread I think I have actual input on, so a little less than once a week
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
Never really was there. I found out about here via kiwifarms, but I've never thought about letting kf go
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I like it, I like the vibe when it comes to posts that aren't doomerposting about males, but I like even those posts when I'm in the right (wrong?) mood

Anonymous 73601

shirt 4.jpg

>how often do you post on cc
everytime i find something i can contribute to, so like once every two or three days [not counting my huge unprompted breaks from this site]
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
no good content
>do you like cc? why? why not
yes absolutely. good community, better content, somewhat active.

Anonymous 73635

>how often do you post on cc
Usally every second or third day, depends

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I didn't fully leave

>do you like cc? why? why not?

Its nice, but it is very niche, which keep the population of the board low.
This means that CC is a very slow imagie board, only usally getting about 3 posts an hour site wide. It means it hard to give up other places because it's harder to get thing rolling here

Anonymous 74173

>how often do you post on cc
I lurk daily but I post about every two days or so.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
I'm not the targeted audience anymore. I feel a bit sad about having to leave it behind but I just can not stand the zoomers and phoneposters that have invaded the place.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
Yeah, just wish it was a bit more active.

Anonymous 74179

>how often do you post on cc
Once every 2-3 weeks.

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I don't. I go to /pol/ for the lols every day. It's the only uncensored place left and sometimes you can find a nugget of really interresting news. It's a lot of trash tho.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

Sure. It's refreshingly honest too. But just too damn slow. If it was more active I'd be here more.

Anonymous 74180

I post about once a week now and then. If I’m not just casually looking around, I take the time to write.
Left because its mostly troon pr0n, BBC, and other gross stuff that isn’t unironically as much a degenerate waste as other things (despite us being a branch of the same origin tree).
I love cc, It is hard to constantly worry about pseudo posts or b8 from moids but, still a nice place. Although slow, the more populated a place gets- obviously - the worse it ends up.

Anonymous 74184

>how often do you post on cc
once or twice a week, it depends on how much i have to contribute

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

i only ever browsed /cgl/ and my lolita comm isn't doing any in person meetups which was my favorite part of it all so i'm taking a break. i still go on it for the lifestyle and aesthetic threads though.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

i like how niche it is, also definitely different from what i'm used to on the majority of the internet especially now that imageboards are semi-abandoned. i don't agree politically with what some people say, and i think there is way too much nitpicking for a supposedly feminist board but nothing is perfect.

Anonymous 74188


>how often do you post on cc

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

pic rel.

>do you like cc? why? why not?

i do, it's comfy here. i only wish there were more fujos.

Anonymous 74202

With regard to your pic, I've come to despise the majority of anons on 4chan, especially those on /a/, I would never enjoy having an internet discussion with the average 4channer, not,because they have different views than me, but because they're horrible people.

Anonymous 74294

miki katoh.jpg

>how often do you post on cc
2-3 times a week on average, would post more but everything is so slow… I'll think up some new ideas for posts now that I have more time.
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
Didn't really leave, but the culture is just not the same, and I am also not the same. /jp/ lost its relatively entertaining outsider weirdness, /cgl/ is a cesspool of bitchy normos with the same old conversations, /a/ has little to no anime discussion and the level of conversation is no different than what I'd expect to hear at a 12-year-old boys' get-together… or maybe I just outgrew those interests. Everyone has their little Discord clique, which quickly turns into a popularity contest. I'd just like some original content and organic opinions, I guess.
>do you like cc? why? why not?
Yes, it is the best little corner of the internet I can think of right now. I like how we didn't turn into a "haha slight variation of meme posted 12375 times"-type place. I wish there were more people, but then we'd have men and the aforementioned types, and then it wouldn't be so comfy.

Anonymous 74310


Wherever I remember this place exists

>leave 4ch

Never. Unfortunately. Since 8ch is gone it is the only place i can go to have my anonymous conversations about whatever, but it's way too normie now that it's a household name so I only really care to browse at night when kids are asleep.

>why CC

I found out about this through some really cringe screenshot and came here to find more cringe to show friends. Now I kinda like eavesdropping and occasionally interjecting anonymously on your handmaiden Larping imageboard.

Sauce is Wass on Twitter he makes good stuff.

Anonymous 74311

>made me hate being a woman
>I don’t like gender crit threads
Get pinkpilled sis this is not it
Also lol @ associating gender critical with racism

Anonymous 74313

I left the other site when an ex of mine posted hidden cam pics of him fucking me with my contact info and they spammed it all to my parents and teachers

I was 15

Anonymous 74314


Anonymous 74325

i knew about CC for a while but thought i was just troons larping. came back and it looks a bit better than it used to, less blatant male and uwu-posting.

starting off on 4chan years ago(/a/, /jp/, /co/) but could never really get into it due to moids constantly arguing over retarded shit. female imageboards are way better and i'm thinking this one is starting to become more appealing than LC

Anonymous 161795


>Whenever I see a thread or post I can be bothered to reply to
>did, factors from biggest to smallest: I do not particularly care about chan-boards anymore, not enough to browse more than one anymore, I am convinced bots are 85% of the posts on the active boards, Moids getting more and more politically argumentative and no more comfy threads. Literally all just mindless slur flinging.
I still use /wg/ though.
>It could be better, I wish more women realized the internet doesn't have to be a miserable anxious experience like it is on social media, reddit, (and of course 4chan)

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