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Racists on CC, are you bothered by them? Anonymous 45393

Anyone notice a rise in racist people on this site? Nobody condemns it as well, very disheartening to see as a non-white cc user.
Are non-white people welcome here? I wish the mod would create a rule against it, I saw in another thread people were casually spewing bigotry. I go on female dominated imageboards to escape racism and hate that's normalized on the male dominated ones but sadly it seems like it's part of the culture.
Inb4 I'm a big baybay, nah this issue has slowly been growing and I just hate seeing racist shit in a place where I felt safe and was around people who felt like friends, I know that sounds sad and pathetic.
It wasn't even that post that inspired this post but other ones like those weird race posts that use to dominate /b/, it's like any thread that even mentions race or nationality always has a few nazi-chans voicing their opinions.

Anonymous 45396


Did you report that anon? I think race debate is still a bit discouraged here even if it isn't an outright rule (eg. the ban on race threads on /b/). Might as well try notifying mods.
I know what you mean, though. I noticed that there are more blatantly racist anons here than on lolcow, they often come out of the woodwork when I post some boyz. Not to mention tradfags, we definitely have our fair share of anons who like/liked /pol/. But even if it's so common on imageboards it's still disappointing, especially when it isn't usually as harsh as other places.

I'm also non-white and the best we can do is continue posting, op.

Anonymous 45398

I didn't really consider reporting them until you suggested it also I thought I was the only know who noticed there were more racist people here than lolcow. It's way tamer than other imageboards so I didn't complain but after seeing that post (the one in my icon) and noticing that nobody gave a fuck or even condemned them for that shit I kind of felt like they must be racist as well and agree with that anon.
I'll continue to post after seeing that I'm not alone on this, I actually considered just leaving but I'm gonna stay and hope things change.

Anonymous 45403

I'm glad you're encouraged to stay, anon!
Some others are probably also racist, but I think many are also just numb to the racism at this point. Since I'm sure we have had a fair share of other nonwhite anons, too.

Anonymous 45405

There are lots of non whites that are still racist.

Being racist has nothing to do with being white. I am latin american and my whole family hates blacks and is more racist than any white people i know irl. tbh

Anonymous 45406

I think racism is stupid, but I don't really care about it or consider it a big deal. People have all sorts of dumb opinions.

Anonymous 45407

Of course nonwhites are welcome, just stand up for yourself like a normal person instead of throwing a tantrum like a child.

Anonymous 45411

racism is at the core of chan culture


Anonymous 45415

I know that, most cultures have racist people but that doesn’t mean you have to carry on those beliefs. Bigoted people from my country look down upon particular groups but I don’t because I realize it’s wrong and at the end of the day these ideas of inherent inferiority people assign to particular groups comes from a need to establish a heichrchy so they themselves aren’t on the bottom, it’s all so animalistic.

Anonymous 45416

I’m not throwing a tantrum just sick of normalized racism
Thanks for being an absolute piece of shit

Anonymous 45417

I don’t really think racist ideologies can be mildly categorized as “dumb” due to the vehemently malicious intent behind it

Anonymous 45418

Honestly I probably shouldn’t have made this thread, I was already feeling down and saw that post so It pushed me to make this thread. I’ll just keep my autistic ramblings to myself since it’s clear most people here are cool with what they said. Good day y’all, admin if you want just delete this thread.

Anonymous 45419

Why condemn it?

Anonymous 45423

Unless they are advocating for violence or different rights under law, I do not agree there is any vehemently malicious intent behind it.

Anonymous 45426

Ya, I'm gone, CC clearly isn't for me based on the replies.
Peace! Admin, you got a great site, thanks for running this place. I've been here since 2017 and spent a great deal of time here, I want you to know I'm grateful that you created a 'girl imageboard', it was nice to feel like I had community that I belonged too :p Sounds pathetic but it's true, it's rare to come across forums that are as comfy as CC.
Enjoy your time here y'all, and if you think I'm overreacting maybe remember not everyone has substantial social interaction, most of my social interaction for camaraderie comes from sites like this.

Anonymous 45429

This thread was cretaed by the moid screen capped in the image.

Anonymous 45431

Yes, you are welcome, but it's no one's responsibility to make you feel welcome. If you don't feel welcome, that's on you.

Anonymous 45433

How interesting, I've been here since 2017 and the last few months, this place has really gone down the crapper. It's basically a semi-female /pol/ with way more moid posting than I've ever seen the likes of before. That, or they at least tried to integrate.

I guess it's just that this place has changed enough to where I don't identify with it anymore. It happens to communities.

Anonymous 45435

Let’s be honest though, there are no black people on this site lmao

Anonymous 45436

I did not say I share those beliefs. I am saying not only white people are racist. White people do not inherently create all the racism in the world and are not the only cultures/race capable of bigotry. It is very prevalent in black culture as well and used as a scapegoat.


Na black femcels can easily find this place.
The question is, if you're non white or asian and use imageboards, especially not expecting racism, why? What the fuck are you doing, and how did you even get this far? Leave. Racism has been a community staple of imageboards since they began, it'll never be removed. If you're a poc who comes here you are indirectly agreeing to tolerate racism being explicitly mentioned about your race, you're expected to, this isn't Leddit, you're not guaranteed the right to peaceful silence.

Anonymous 45439

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 45441

Nobody said anything because it's obviously a troll, it seems like we get raided every other week so you can't just assume it's a woman either.

Also it was hidden in yet another thread about a woman with no self esteem bitching about being a woman with no self-esteem and blaming society for it.

Anonymous 45444

Im a white african and im a bit racist towards blacks. i live in turkey so there arent many here but back home its a real problem. i dont have any problem with jews or asians.

Anonymous 45445

Whining about racism in a imageboard is pretty dumb tbh
Also 90% is ironic. Very few people actually think blacks are inferior or whatever

Anonymous 45448

Please don't leave, anon-kun! The community gets better with your cuteposting. Peace!

Anonymous 45449

at least for me I just reported them and didn't want to give them any attention, they thrive on attention, so I just ignored them. Most of us here are definitely not racist

Anonymous 45451

not racist and don't have any issues with people of other races but that stuff doesn't bothers me, I've never had any significant contact with people of other race. I've seen alot of stuff written and said about my nationality and it doesn't bother me either, hell all that racism doesn't come even close to what we call and do to eachothers based on regional stuff. For example, you getting a job may even depend on which side of hill your ancesters were in some places. So I guess I have thick skin for that racism stuff. We may seem very tribalistic and primitive

Anonymous 45455

~ long post warning ~
most people are racist and have a reason to be. every ethnicity deserves a home for their race. and it's normal for people of all colors to be racist to foreigners living in their country. if you have been an immigrant elsewhere (i have, for 15 years) you will know that majority of people will not try to start a fight with you or confront you irl, they will be respectful and polite. but they will still vote for nationalists and conversatives. it's not that they have a personal grudge against you.

it's just the most pleasing experience for the large majority of people to live with their own kind. humans gravitate towards those that look like them, talk like them, were raised like them, etc. regardless of their race.

white nazis are just more aggressive these days, because white governments are actively doing the opposite of what white people want. in this context, i mean western whites (canzuk, germany, scandinavia, etc)
they are constantly being fed media making fun of white people, politicians blaming white people, public figures insulting white people, journalists saying that white people are being replaced and that they deserve it, basically telling them they should not only die for being white but should actively "snitch" and try to bring down other whites as well. it's soul crushing for any race, not just whites.

imagine you are from country x ""some"" people bought out your media and sat down talking such bullshit about you and how shitty your country is and how shitty you are for being an x-person. imagine them telling you that you should stop having kids because they will be x color.
you would be infuriated. you would be drained, and slowly, you would begin to hate them.

you might find it difficult to imagine yourself in that situation now. but if it happens to you (i hope not) and your race you will slowly start to cave in and the pressure will get to you more and more. this is why white posters on imageboards are so angry when it comes to politics. because there is already so much pressure, and imageboards are the only place any person can talk shit about anything freely. there is no other platform other than chans for these types of people to vent.
and there's girls among those people too, so they also want some space for themselves. this is why people say "racism is chan culture" and this is why, for now, racism and bitterness is inseparable from any imageboard.

but all anons of all races should remember that:
1 it is wrong to treat a demographic as individuals
2 it is also wrong and unjust to treat an individual as a demographic
3 race bait of all sorts is beneficial for (((them)))
4 (((they))) are the ultimate enemy, (((they))) are the one threatening your livelihood, no matter your race. the priority should not be petty fighting like whites vs blacks, but world against (((them)))

what you call ((())) is dependent on your beliefs. you might call them jews, bourgeoisie, fascists, whatever. but remember that ((())) are all the same. ((())) is your government, ((())) are the billionaires denying human rights, ((())) are the provocateur journalists, ((())) are the ones making you fight pointless wars in the middle east for greed. ((())) are the ones who want to disarm you and make you helpless.

all that said, it is pointless to be disrespectful to your fellow anon-chans. treat each other like human beings. there is no one here that is winning, we all suffer, and the one we should fight is not each other but the governments that are abusing us.

Anonymous 45456

>but I think many are also just numb to the racism at this point.

This is what happened to me. When I see racism on the internet I just keep scrolling because it's just a normal part of the internet for me, at this point.

But OP, I don't think you should get so hung up on it! We're all anonymous, so it doesn't matter what you look like in real life. I do believe most of the people on this board are men in disguise anyway.

Anonymous 45458

I noticed the racist post you screencapped but like >>45441 said, I assumed it was a male posing as a girl because of the way the conversation went in the thread. And one doesn't reply to obvious racist bait because that's exactly what they want.

Anonymous 45473

lol moid

Anonymous 45478

Someone in pol posted about cc a week ago and they're probably lingering here to fuck with us.

Anonymous 45479

Couldn’t smaller imageboards rotate between domains once in a while? It seems like a great way to break links that are scattered across 4chan and all the pastebins.

Anonymous 45482

go back to /pol/ you fat neckbeard

Anonymous 45498

You'd also lose a sizeable part of your userbase each time you changed the domain.

Anonymous 45523

If you get bothered by just racist slurs honestly this isn't a place for you.

Anonymous 45643

imageboard autist definition of racism is insulting non white people while white people are off limits. lol no everyone gets it

Anonymous 45648


Racism was not prevalent here when the site began 2 years ago. They started flooding in after losers from r9k and kc spammed the link on pol. Just keep reporting any trolls you see. Mods remove the racist posts (which are more often than not men from pol.) Idiots who feel threatened that they cannot be racist here: good.

Anonymous 45655

Idk about you but i see slavs get insulted pretty often.

Anonymous 45741


This is true but not for why you think it is. Internet board culture has always been deeply woven with counterculture, and screaming the N word is one of the ultimate cultural taboos. Racism isn’t the joke, counterculture is, racism is just a vehicle.

To OP’s thoughts, I think men and women are equally racist, it just comes out in different ways.

Anonymous 45752

>are you bothered by them?
>Nobody condemns it as well
No one is obliged to.
>Are non-white people welcome here?
Do you see a "I'm white" box under "I'm not a robot"? No? That means the site is for everybody, and everybody here can have their own opinion, and voice it.
>I wish the mod would create a rule against it
Freedom of thought and expression, your wishes are not more important than any anon's right to say whatever she thinks.
> and I just hate seeing racist shit
Ignore it or change board if you feel discomfortable.
Most importantly, get over yourself; "I am brown so stop thinking and saying what you want to, mods please change rules for me"? You sound incredibly arrogant and spoiled, nobody is trying to control what you think and say, the least you could do is doing the same, and no, your skin color does not give you a free pass for applying censorship. If you see something you dislike and is not against the rules, act maturely and ignore it. And as a sidenote, it doesn't seem like you decided to post that email address in pic out just of sheer chance, out of many other racists posts, op.

Anonymous 45753

Desu there could just be a blanket ban on racial topics like there is on moids. You can treat both identically so your point is moot

Anonymous 45754

I think I'm just used to it at this point, but when I started using image boards a couple years ago it bothered me. For reference I'm black/middle eastern. I don't support it obviously and I just ignore the race bait threads, because 90% of the time it's just moid bait. You can always report it.

Anonymous 45755


>a blanket ban on politics
Maybe there should be. Politics and racial topics in any community invite not actual discussion, but rather an exchange of slurs, with no deep analyses or insightful comments. Eventually, the threads just boil down to "my dogma is better than your dogma." Users read a single sentence by another poster, and decide the entirety of the other poster's beliefs, political standings, childhood, lifestyle, and reduce people to left or right, with no in-between. No one in a political thread is interested in what other people have to say, which is why they are so inclined to reducing posters to mere caricatures, and why they refuse to acknowledge that others are full-fledged persons with various views on various topics. They just want to post 56% ameriburger, "Post the in store prices" Leaf, Cucked europoor memes. If CC had flags enabled every post in this thread would be about some stereotype related to the posters' countries.

It is most interesting for males visiting here to see what kind of political beliefs women on imageboards have. But for us it does not create any meaningful discussion. Nothing beyond shit-throwing and stress, which few masochistic people enjoy.

Anonymous 45756

ily anon good post

Anonymous 45758

not true

Anonymous 45760


Agree. It's really annoying and distracting. I wish there was a more effective ban on it.

Anonymous 45768

I’m not even a POC but I agree with you 100%. This place has turned into complete and utter trash. Plus sometimes I feel as if this place is even more misogynistic than 4chan (“flat chested girls have no hope and should just deal with it!” In the big boob thread)

Anonymous 45769

It's literally incels who been coming here lately due to pictures of femcel and incel infiltrator posts sensazionalizing this site and making moids curios.

Anonymous 45770

>“flat chested girls have no hope and should just deal with it!”
How is this misogynistic? That's like saying a man is being sexist against himself when he thinks, "short men have no hope and should just deal with it."
I think I've seen that post before and the girl who wrote this seemed like she had many bad experiences with men and arrived at the conclusion that flat-chested girls aren't as desirable in the dating world than non-flat-chested girls, just like how short men are sometimes discriminated against for being "too short" and they become all defeatist about their height.

Anonymous 45771



It's called internalized misogyny. It's still a way that patriarchy acts on us, even if it's woman-on-woman or a woman hating herself.

Anonymous 45772


that makes a lot of sense and i hope it's really true. i'm sure there are still racist/alt-right woman around here, but hopefully they're more few and far-between than how it appears. fuck moids.

Anonymous 45774


>realizing that men tend to prefer big over small boobs is internalized misogyny

Anonymous 45775

Were you dropped on your head as a child? Are you serious?

Anonymous 45777


I didn't say anything about the preference itself, I'm speaking about the "no hope" aspect.

A woman with small breasts can never have a bf? Can never be happy? That shit my friends and I would say to each other in fucking middle school. Grow up.

Anonymous 45779

Trips of truth. I long outgrew putting down other women despite being blessed with nigh perfect breasts. It would be so easy to do, but I am more kind and humble than those anons could ever understand.

Anonymous 45782


clearly you are a woman.

Anonymous 45783

>dat humble-bragging
You're proving flat-chested anon's point. Poor flat-chested anon.

Anonymous 45784

Idk about you bitches but every guy I was with loved my flat chest and fat ass. Small chest is not as big of a deal as being short for a guy is. As soon as insecure gals realise that they'll have a nicer time.

Anonymous 45787

Hope you're not racist to black people because we're the reason your flat chest + fat ass combination is even seen as attractive, when in any other decade that would be the worst body type to have (hell, even black people used to like big boobs far more than they do today). I personally don't care about big asses and flat chest combination, tho, only if the girl is fit. I actually dislike very prominent hips especially when combined with a too small chest in general.

Anonymous 45796

Are you implying races such as latinas don't commonly come with that body type and only black women "normalized" it? Cause personally I wouldn't attribute it to just blacks. Also my country is 100% slav with quite the large racist population so lmao
And birthing hips have always been attractive, at least in my culture judging by all the old literature from my country so eh. A good pair of breasts was nice too but men frequently described big hips and a modest chest as attractive, so nah you're not the only reason for it being seen as attractive. Tastes change after all, fat gals used to be hot too since it signalized wealth etc.

Anonymous 45800

I thought we already had a thread where we flatties could cope or whine, stop derailing everything.

Not that this topic wasn't shit of course

Anonymous 45802

>Are you implying races such as latinas don't commonly come with that body type and only black women "normalized" it?

You know Latino is not a race and many Latinos have minor or dominant African ancestry? Also, mestiza Latinas tend to actually have flatter butts + bigger breasts combo or the apple shaped body type.

> Cause personally I wouldn't attribute it to just blacks. Also my country is 100% slav with quite the large racist population so lmao

Congratulations. They're still influenced by American pop culture to find fat ass attractive and surprise, American pop culture has a heavy contingent of Black (american) culture. You people seem to forget when we say "black people" we are talking about black emphasis on american. How dense to you have to be to go through 100 years of history and only see recently that this very specific type of body type is considered desirable by a large amount of men and think it's not related to another country influencing yours via globalization and the internet??

>And birthing hips have always been attractive, at least in my culture judging by all the old literature from my country so eh

Yeah no, there's a difference between "birthing hips" and the extremely round shaped wide hips that IG popularized as "attractive" a la Kim K and her copycats. Just a few decades ago a slender girl with a nice hip size of 36" would be considered to have "birthing hips" while that body type today would just be seen as skinny or not particularly curvy. You know the perception changes?

>so nah you're not the only reason for it being seen as attractive.

yeah okay sure a trait american pop culture popularized alongside with twerking is totally not related to american pop culture. You sound delusional and coping, tbh. Not even in the 1930's were the desirable curvy women of your culture the same to the desirable curvy women of today

Anonymous 45811


I'm too lazy to reply to everything because it's a dumb convo but pic related is an absolute monstrosity that became a hit in my country, her fake tits were plastered all over newspapers and men all over the country went crazy over this woman, she looks fucking horrible, no hips, fake breasts. Tell me blacks inspired this I dare you lmao
We're like 20 years behind in "american" beauty standards, rap and hip hop just recently became a big thing in our normie turbo folk music so there's time till guys start preferring fake asses over fake tits here
Do pretend you understand every cultures beauty standards though, ignorance is what americans are the best at!

Anonymous 45814

kek you think big butts are exclusive to blacks? here in southern europe they are historically desired and pretty much a given to any women native from here. that and plump lips, although very fat lips are considered ugly.
>b-but whypipo are all flat

Anonymous 45815

You should brush up on your abysmal English because I said big breasts and flat asses are the OPPOSITE of the current beauty standard in the U.S.

>kek you think big butts are exclusive to blacks?

Yes, big tear dropped or pear shaped jutting out butts is a black feature. A black woman's big ass looks different from a white woman's big ass. IG models tend to try to emulate the former. Idk why this is so triggering to you because even people who dislike black women's aesthetic will make sure to point out the difference.

> here in southern europe they are historically desired and pretty much a given to any women native from here.

i've been to "south europe" (btw, each country has different standards) and even your chubby and curvy women don't resemble the curvy and overweight American women. Again two different body types. You and the other retard are fucking delusional to think in the mid-late 20th century people wanted to be thicc and not thin and athletic.

>b-but whypipo are all flat

It's like you barely read my posts and are just saying random shit that comes into your mind, lmao. You do know not all curvy women have big asses, or big tits, or whatever the fuck? You seem to not know what curviness actually is wtf

Anonymous 45817

I even said I prefer the older beauty standard of more leaner curves as opposed to the exaggerated type Ig/post-00s american culture is promoting and the dumb bitches in here still think I'm saying all white people are flat. Holy fuck!

Anonymous 45820

>You should brush up on your abysmal English because I said big breasts and flat asses are the OPPOSITE of the current beauty standard in the U.S.
Are you pretending to be retarded and have no reading comprehension or? I KNOW they're opposite, that's why I'm telling you these are my countries standards and they don't follow american ones. A.k.a black fat asses are not that much of a thing over here, which you claim they should be because according to you the whole world has to follow what americans like. Jesus christ anon wtf

Anonymous 45822

i was replying to an anon who said men love her flat chest and fat ass then I said it's only liked because the influence of american pop culture globally (which is true, I never said I liked american pop culture influencing shit, i actually hate it). I don't know white guys back in the day who liked that body type because they were more into tits and smaller, perkier asses. I didn't notice white guys liking big asses again until about the early-mid 10s.

You are too lazy to follow what the fuck i was saying, so how is that my problem?

Anonymous 45824

you are delusional and also ignorant but maybe that's just being a standard american. bet you never set foot in italy, spain or portugal. any difference is purely anecdotal, big asses jutting out is common in non-northern europeans.
but please keep educating us dumb europeans on our own beauty standards, black tumblr-chan.

Anonymous 45825

also it is impossible to be curvy without big asses, hips or tits. fat is just fat. fat is ugly everywhere except in the us.

Anonymous 45826

And im the girl with a fat ass (well now I don't know what you see as curvy anymore but 38 hips and 42 ass for reference) and a flat chest in a country surrounded with men who love girls like the one I posted. Our body standards do not match the body standards of americans but men still find my body attractive and not a deal breaker. Why? Cause it's a healthy female body that signifies I'm fertile, regardless of my countries standards and preference for huge titted bimbos.

I'm too lazy to reply to long winded untrue statements written by an apparently black american woman who probably doesn't know shit about south-east european body standards. I mean I don't blame you for not knowing or caring but don't pretend you do

Anonymous 45827

>big tear dropped or pear shaped jutting out butts is a black feature.
where tf do you live? White women have had this feature for a while. They definitely tried to minimize the look of their asses pre 2010s, but they are all out there, and it's natural.

> You do know not all curvy women have big asses, or big tits, or whatever the fuck? You seem to not know what curviness actually is wtf

apple shaped fatties are not considered curvy. Curvy does imply there is at least 1 feature (ass, tits, hips) that is large. Your definition sounds like fat, not curvy.

Anonymous 45829


>also it is impossible to be curvy without big asses

lol okay

this is a fat ass to you? it's a nice ass but is it fat? really?

Anonymous 45830

>where tf do you live? White women have had this feature for a while.

post non-bbl pic examples.

>apple shaped fatties are not considered curvy

never said that but ok. the slim curvy white girls dont have big tits or big asses but are still curvy. there's a lot of skinny women with curvy bodies also. not sure why you're thinking i'm talking about apple shaped fat women but it seems like you're projecting and also confused.


why are women with huge tits bimbos now? tbh i only came at you for your entire transparent cope from your original comment. personally, i think flat chests and fat ass is not an attractive trait , whether its on a black, white, or any other race of woman and looks disproportionate as hell. The only time it looks good to me is if the ass isn't too prominent and the hips have a modest size

Anonymous 45833

It was a joke sdmh

Anonymous 45834

>why are women with huge tits bimbos now?
I'm talking about the stereotypical "attractive" woman in my country. A bimbo kinda gal. Most of our turbofolk singers go for that kinda vibe and subhuman (read: most) men find it hot.
You can think what you want, my body is not disproportionate, you just seemed to project a certain image onto me when in reality I look pretty normal when clothed and I don't think my body stands out tbqh. My ass is fat, just not as fat as you imagined I suppose.
And I don't get what's there to cope about still

Anonymous 45836


I said one of those has to be prominent. she has big boobs, a small waist compared to the hips and a nice ass. you don't need to have a minaj-type fake shelf ass to for it to be big, just bigger than average. also cindy crawford is not the curviest out there, she was a supermodel after all.
pic related is a spaniard

Anonymous 45838

Consider this: a FAT booty is ought to be deformed and less than ideal. A curvy hind is voluminous (not bony), but petite and firm enough to contain itself in a shapely manner. That's what white and arab men like, and that's what they think "fat" means. "Fat" is attractive everywhere in moderation. Ghetto-bred negroes, however, seem to think that an obese bum is good enough to be considered the same as a "curvy bottom."

That aside, fascination of butts is a generally Arab/Black trait. Whites and Europeans have a preference of breasts, instead. I am not sure about blacks, but Arabs have trained themselves to love booties due to the poophole loophole in Islam. It's not chaste to do it the right way, after all. I have lived in a Muslim country, and when a Muslim man sees a pretty woman, primarily he thinks of fucking her in the bootyhole. It's the first thing on his mind. In the particular country I lived, some boys even considered it the true fuckhole, because "Allah would've found a better way to dispose of shit that's not attractive, he definitely created bums as a cover for sex."

Anonymous 45841

can this be a pic where shes not bending herself to purposely emphasize it?

Anonymous 45842


lol there's def non black men who find actual fat asses attractive. a lot latino and mexican dudes are like that as well.

i dont know about that other shit but black american culture likes butts because they find it feminine and a prominent feature of black women. black american culture also likes shapely and big legs, thighs, and also big breasts (but its more common among boomer/gen x/millennial black men than zoomer black men).

Pam grier was considered the ideal bw body type for black men and she had big boobs with a slim body type, very different than the shit you see today so..

Anonymous 45843

pam grier is gorgeous, but I wouldn't consider her body slim, weight-wise it's average.

Anonymous 45845

People (I assume it's more than one) saying that huge boobs aren't along with a cute face and a healthy belly the most imporant traits for men are either trolling, coping due to their small boobs, or simply unaware of how much they are important because they already have them big.

I mean, ass is extremely important, I know many men that wouldn't go for a women without a nice butt and hips, but not only they tend to value shape more than volume (unlike breasts, where it's 70% size and 30% shape) but also think they're almost worthless without a huge pair of boobs.

Anonymous 45846


Cool, I accept being alone if men are this uptight and absolute about their standards. Imagine desiring conventionally "undesirable" men and ALSO having no standards about income/social status but being femcel because of a-cups.

You're tempting me to return to being full stag febfem, anon.

Anonymous 45848

This sounds like nonsense. I have never heard of anyone getting rejected because their boobs are too small, so they can't be that important.

Anonymous 45852

I recall reading that men's preference in boob size was related to their socioeconomic status, with men of lower socioeconomic background being more likely to prefer larger boobs. So maybe one's perception of the importance of big boobs is influenced by their social circles.

Anonymous 45863


i've stopped frequenting this place because of them so yeah. sad that another imageboard has been shit up by dumbass racefags yet again.

Anonymous 45867

I don't think it's really about disagreeing on the subject at hand. It's not a matter of freedom of speech or censorship.

Some people enjoy crude humor and edgy memes. Others can tolerate them or simply don't mind them. But to some people, that stuff is repulsive.

Anonymous 45870

fuck off homophobe

Anonymous 45871


Anonymous 45872

>men all over the country went crazy over this woman
only peasants and some boomers, and newsportals harvested their clicks with bait news. And it was entire "region" not just our country

Anonymous 45873

the real statistic is that 98% of all violent rapes are committed by men

abort all male babies lmao

Anonymous 45874

You're right. I used her as an example because she was pushed as a sensation by the media just how ridiculously proportioned black women and kardashians are in America. I don't think she's a representative of the top tier woman for every man here which I'm sure is the same in America. Tastes vary after all.

Anon if small breasts were really that horrible to have evolution would've already taken care of that. I know you're trolling but I'm exhausted and honestly I see less small breast hate on 4chan. Ain't that weird

Anonymous 45875

brown man bad

Anonymous 45878

also i feel no sympathy for the racistfags when they get raped/abused/have mental problems/ect

feels good when that happens to them tbh

Anonymous 45892

People like this aren't made for imageboards so that's ok. Stick to nanny sites like Reddit.

Anonymous 45907


i used 4chan in its heyday from 2006-2012 when every other thread wasn't derailed by unironic stormfaggotry. some people are just sick of the constant racial politics shitting up non-related discussions.

Anonymous 45913

nta but I'm sick of the stormfaggotry as well but I also don't get people that get their panties in a bunch when someone says nigger

Anonymous 45920

Four Chan 8.jpg

>i used 4chan in its heyday from 2006-2012
If you did use 4chan during that time then you would know that:
>/n/-news was switched from news to transportation
because of rampant stormfaggotry
>/new/-news was created
another board made specifically to discuss news because stormfaggots were spamming other boards with their "nigger-news of day" stories every chance they got
>/new/-news was deleted
because of rampant stormfaggotry
>/pol/-politically incorrect was created
Another incarnation of /n/-news, created because of rampant stormfaggotry on all other boards.

All of that happened during that time frame and it was all pretty big deals for the rest of the site.

Anonymous 45932

calm down and listen… To the booty

Anonymous 45959

>a few nazi-chans voicing their opinions.
Lol, racism and nazism are two different things. One is just discrimination and is perfectly normal, the other is a shitty totalitarian ideology for losers.

Anonymous 46044

I dislike politics and /pol/ posting makes my skin crawl, but I don't see why the argument of conservation isn't valid. In my country at least, immigration which is of course fueled by views on race has been the most important issue to voters for over a decade.

Anonymous 46425

white nazis are just more aggressive these days, because white governments are actively doing the opposite of what white people want
which is frankly pathetic tbh, you can't have everything your own way all the time.

Anonymous 46426

How about you stop being such bitches, unprovoked?

Anonymous 46430


>nazis are just more aggressive these days,
Nationalists aren't as violent or as large as they were 10 years ago, let alone further back. Why has everyone forgotten this?

Anonymous 46433

It's not that they should have it their way, but it should work in ways that favor the citizens. People get upset because they favor the outsiders instead.

Anonymous 46500

White people are colonizers. They are the outsiders.

Anonymous 46501

The Native Americans didn't live in North America since the beginning of humanity, they found it the way it was just like we did. Stop putting arbitrary dibs on land that nobody has to respect.

Anonymous 46502

Nazis have become more vocal as a reaction to "sjws". Also fuck off.

Anonymous 46505

Maybe I don't spend enough time here but I haven't seen anything racist and the OP image isn't a great representation because it's clearly a joke.

So if this is the only example you have then idk what to say other than maybe imageboards aren't for you. It's anonymous, people tend to make edgy jokes or voice their deepest, darkest views. You're welcome to do the same?

Anonymous 46507

If there are no arbitrary dibs then there is no such thing as “outsiders.”

Anonymous 46508

Sure, they were outsiders to the undeveloped yet partially occupied part of the continent. But then they build civilization on unoccupied parts of it, and the others became the outsiders.
This isn't about pieces of land, or where it is, or who was there first. It's about what people built inside them physically and socially.

Anonymous 46509

When will people understand that racism is a natural thing and that all people are born racist
to an extent since all people prefer the company of their own kind more than the company
of other races. What matters is what kind of a racist are you? A neutral/passive racist
that only has racist thoughts, but would never do anything harmful to a person of a different
race unprovoked or an aggressive/militant racist that wants to psychologically/physically or financially
harm/sabotage people of a different race. People who only have racist thoughts are not
bad people because by that idea everyone would be a criminal for committing thought crime.
If a white person who sees a black person during night time crosses to the other side of the
street that does not make that person a bad person. If a black person indirectly laughs at a white
person for getting sunburned or for covering themselves in sunscreen from head to toe that
doesn't make that person bad. If an asian kid at school doesn't want to make friends with whites
or blacks because they seem too loud and obnoxious that doesn't make her/him a bad person.

How about this racism* test? I would really like to know what are CC thoughts about this?
If there were 3 groups, each consisting of 100 people of a different race (blacks, whites, asians)
and you could only save one group which group of people would you save and why? You have
no info beforehand which group has more children/scientist/doctors etc. If you refuse to pick
a group all 300 people die.

Anonymous 46510

I choose the white people to die because I hate them.

Anonymous 46512

>different race (blacks, whites, asians)
This is why we hate Americans.
Being "white" means nothing in Europe. Asia is too huge to be generalised with a single word. Big difference between an American black person and a German Ghanaian one (I'd pick the Ghanaian btw).

Anonymous 46513

>thinking euro mayos are distinguishable from each other

Anonymous 46522


>Nazis have become more vocal as a reaction to "sjws". Also fuck off.
Yeah, because skinheads have never had disagreements with other groups. Like, for example, the Reds.

Anonymous 46523

Hey, some of us are. Western Europeans are harder, hell, I can barely tell them apart. They're mutts, lmao.

Anonymous 46524

>complaining about racism in an anonymous forum

Oh you.

>Are non-white people welcome here?

I am japanese-brazilian and i feel very okay in here.

Anonymous 48591

All the femanons pushing against this on this site have my respect. This shit has ruined 4chan. Good job fighting the good fight.

Anonymous 48599


This, people here should stop being racist because racism is a crime and crime is for n1ggers.

Anonymous 48600

Japanese came to Brazil to work as manual labourers
Now they have higher average wages then even the Brazilian whites
This has nothing to do with race teehee

Anonymous 48601

While it's good to never hate, I hope none of you are hypocrites!

Anonymous 48618

Do you live in a country made by whites? If so then leave.

Anonymous 48650


>Japanese came to Brazil to work as manual labourers
>Now they have higher average wages then even the Brazilian whites
That's also true to Sandpeople here.

Anonymous 48696

Pretty sure it's because this place was discovered by weirdos on 4chan it's probably inevitable.
White men disproportionately sexually abuse kids and commit financial crimes. Are white men genetically inclined to be pedos and money grubbers?

Anonymous 48704

Financial crimes, yes. Child abuse, no. It happens a lot more between minorities.
Yeah I would say that whites are genetically predisposed to commit more non-violent crimes.

Anonymous 48787

(((White))) men.

Oy vey. 9/10 bait.

Anonymous 48790

I really dislike "rude" racism. Like when you call someone a nigger or otherwise show a lack of decency and manners.

In fact this really really bothers me now. So much so that I would take up an anti-racist position, even though it's not my political position. I just really dislike rude, crude and vulgar people.

Anonymous 48793

So you prefer kind racism?

Anonymous 48799

I also dislike them and think they have no class, but I think the worst ones are ones who are covert and serious. The ones who make allusions, bring up "statistics" and try to change the topic. I feel like the first type is only half-serious while the second type would really like to oppress people in real life. They have that vibe.

Anonymous 48821

Systemic racism is fake
From Brazil to Canada to France to China and beyond, blacks underperform

Anonymous 48824

No duh. Which is why programs meant to bring out the best of them, the cream of the crop per se should be utilised to seperate the wheat from the chaff. The same happened to overperforming whites a long, long time ago. I don't think genocide is the answer like you do.

Anonymous 48908

So a ehite layina

Anonymous 48915


>overperforming whites a long, long time ago

Like… never.


I prefer it scientifical free-choice oriented. Meaning that i am not going to live near the 13% responsible for 54% percent of all crimes.

Anonymous 48916



Anonymous 48951

Like the Medieval era system of feudalism creating a noble class resulting in a rise of imperialism. Strong beat weak. Smart trick dumb. Do you think stuff like welfare and free housing is meant to help the rich?

Anonymous 50020

>Being "white" means nothing in Europe.
It kinda does now. Like, have you ever been to Paris, London or Amsterdam?

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