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Unpopular Opinion General Anonymous 4559

Like the one at /hb/, but for everything else.

Series, books, movies, animu and mango, games, people, philosophies, whatever.

Anonymous 4561

I am shocked so many people like Game of Thrones considering all of the mindless rape, constant naked female props, boring dialogue, and racism in the show. I watched a couple episodes a few years back and had to stop when they introduced Khaleesi's character, it was comically offensive imo. Was expecting something like LOTR instead of a white men and such feminist khaleesi power tripping and having sex: the series. Unless I'm missing something, this was my impression of GOT.

Anonymous 4564


I don't know how much of an unpopular opinion this really is, but I saw farmers going bananas over this matter so.. maybe?

Anyway, I like the idea of a black Hermione? I think it's cute and really doesn't change the plot at all. Now, I do think it's stupid that JK was retconing like mad ("I only ever said she had messy hair, never said directly that she was white!"), she could've just said something like "Oh, yeah, a black version of my character is also cool", but anyway I digress. Call me tumblr or whatever but it's cool to see a bit of diversity within the main trio (heck, main group, even, with Luna and Neville and such) and it could be a nice role model for young black girls.

Also, I never liked Emma Watson and tbqf, I think she's kinda ugly. Maybe that's the true unpopular opinion lol

Anonymous 4565


Anime is really creepy and their behaviour is so odd. Jap comedy is boring and generally relies on exaggeration of facial expressions and the character's reaction to a situation rather than an actual joke.

The fanservice in some of them is also just incredibly fucking weird. I checked out No Game No Life because it was popular and they were zooming into the little girl's panties. How is this a popular anime? Not to mention the 1000's of years old lolis. Girls in shounens are just annoying props used to show their "assets". Girl's voices are high pitched and incredibly annoying to me as well. I hate anime cliches more than anything in this entire world, they're so fucking lame.

Not to say that there aren't any good anime, I enjoyed FMA and Death Note when I watched those with my sisters. Just… whats the appeal of the shit anime that ships every season? Please help me understand.

Anonymous 4566


Most main anime really are fanservice pandering shit because studios have to pay their bills and they need to cater to the lowest denominator, so yeah. Usually anime was better when I was younger because it was "filtered out" until it came to me, but nowadays you have access to all this information and media instantly and the shit is not filtered. I rarely watch anime nowadays unless a friend or reviewers I trust recommends it. There are still good shit out there, but even KyoAni, one of the best studios imho, had to resort to pandering to lolicons with Kobayashi Maid Dragon-whatever-the-name-is because they were not making any money. Really nasty.

Anonymous 4594


There's that word again. Always used to mean "less white". Never used to mean "less Chinese/Black/Japanese" etc.

Anonymous 4602

Celery is the most disgusting vegetable. Everyone I've ever spoken to about this always replies with "what do you mean, celery doesn't taste like anything".

It fucking does, it tastes like soapy metal. It overpowers everything you put it in and makes me retch.

Anonymous 4643

I felt the same way. I watched a few episodes of the series and totally lost interest. The random "shocking" sex scenes were so ridiculous. But maybe it gets better, I dunno.

I agree with all of this, except I think Emma Watson is cute.

Anonymous 4644

It really doesn't matter to me either. I could care less if the characters are whichever race, although yeah, a redhead black Hermoine does sound pretty qt.

Anonymous 4645

Have you tried it cooked, like in a chicken soup? Celery tastes a lot better cooked than raw.

Anonymous 4646

oh my god i fucking hate celery too, though i hardly remember what it tastes like since i avoid it, not exactly soapy metal, but some bitter taste or something

Anonymous 4647

I'm super pro-eugenics and pro capital punishment and I definitely feel like if people around me knew this they would be mega shocked so I never mention it. Humanity definitely has undesirable traits and people we need to wipe out.

Anonymous 4648

I think fat people are disgusting and embarrassments to the human race.

I would never say this out loud, and I do not treat fat people any differently than I would treat a non-fat person.

Anonymous 4650

I'm fat and I feel the same way.

I'm only mildly overweight though (27.6 BMI), so I'm like the mixed race of fat people. I think it makes my Uncle Tom'ing a bit more acceptable.

Anonymous 4651

I can understand maybe disgusting, but why are they embarrassments?

Anonymous 4652

>>4648 same. I actually hate how people want to overlook the facts that it's unhealthy by being like "reee muh body positivity" too.

Being fat shows a lack of self control/self discipline and I don't want to be around people like that. It's not the way normal people should be IMO.

Anonymous 4654

Because being fat is the epitome of being lazy and gluttonous. It's embarrassing because being fat in no way makes the quality of your life better, and this is widely known, yet the majority of the (developed) world is simply too lazy or stupid to fix their diet.

Anonymous 4655

I'd say most people actually do think this. Fatness usually relates to laziness, greed, unwillingness to change etc. They're all very unattractive qualities.

I'd never bash someone for being abit overweight though, don't know what they're going through.

Anonymous 4656

Does it matter to you at all that those are just a few of many complex factors that can effect weight? For example, I never exercise and pay no attention to my diet and eat whatever I want even if that means three servings of ice cream and no vegetables (it often is) and I bet if I got fat I'd just stay fat because of this. However, because of my metabolism I'm relatively skinny. Does my laziness and lack of attention to diet not bother you because of my metabolism?

Anonymous 4658

>>4656 there's other factors that give in someone has a shit diet tbh, not just their body fat. And yeah you should look after yourself better lol

Anonymous 4659

i cant stand small minded people who think someone is fat because 'they just cant put down the mcdonalds' or some equally stupid reasoning, also fat-shaming is cruelty for crueltys sake, you are not helping anyone you are making yourself out to be more of a fuckhead than you already are

Anonymous 4660

diversity in this context means "less white" because harry potter is a white (anglo-saxon) majority cast. having white characters in an anime with a majority Japanese cast would also be diversity. But whatever, Harry Potter sucks ass (my unpopular opinion i guess)

Anime is in an unfortunate state really. It's sad how perverted otakus are the only people willing to finance the industry, but in the end anime isn't really a genre, but rather a medium (2d animation) so i take comfort in that.

Anonymous 4661

being overweight = consuming more calories than you burn, regardless of disability, illness, etc.

I would never shame someone irl for being fat, but understanding the laws of thermodynamics does not make one a small minded person.

Anonymous 4662

i think vaping is cool

Anonymous 4663


Anonymous 4664




One of the yakisoba places I usually go puts celery in their fucking yakisoba, just wHY it ruins iiiiit

When people puts it in salads I also wanna die

Anonymous 4665

in my experience most people who are fat have stayed that same weight for a while they are not gaining anymore weight

Anonymous 4669

I find promiscuity repulsive. I do understand why people participate in hook up culture but I wouldn't want it for myself and I'd be turned off if I learned that my boyfriend or whatever slept with lots of people in the past. I'm not even sure if this is an unpopular opinion

Anonymous 4671


wtf no

Anonymous 4674

Same, I find Tinder and the people who peruse it disgusting

Anonymous 4676

I don't think that's a really unpopular opinion (at least not among half decent people). That type of behavior can be very reckless, and, especially, often self destructive. But whatever. If you call them out on it they will say IT'S MAAHHH LYFEEEE. And sure it is. So let it be.

Anonymous 4677

Seconding someone in this thread (can't find the post even tho I scrolled up a couple times duh), Emma Watson isn't cute. Looking like a normal girl isn't the problem. Lots of stars look like average girls and they're still beautiful. The deal with Emma is that she is plain ANS ugly.

Anonymous 4678

Very unpopular opinion, I guess… But Korean shows. Boy, everyone at work at their mom is obsessed with this shit to the point they act autistic. And yeah, I'm talking about mid 20-early 30 year old something people. A coworker suggested I should watch a show and I watched it because she's nice and I wanted to give it a try.

First of all, they all look the same. Yeah, I'm sorry to say this but they look pretty much the same to me. I grew up watching some maymay and a jp movie every now and then, and I can speak a bit of the language, so hearing korean also bothers me.
Also, according to most reviews I read most of these shoes are just cute love dovey shit where the girl has to end with the ~prince~.

Except for descendants of the sun in a distant future, I don't think I'll watch any of these shoes. Unpopular opinion, yeah, but Korean shit is just boring to me. Let's not even talk about Kpop, god!!

Anonymous 4679


Forgot pic

Anonymous 4681

Sorry for the awful spelling. I just woke up. Saging this for autistic spelling.

Anonymous 4683

It has nothing to do with them making money or not, it's that they want more. Anime is becoming more saturated with garbage, because that's what sells, and it's so easy to make. Why make a good anime with an interesting plot, fleshed out characters, and a unique setting when you can just throw a bunch of big tittied moe-archetypes/cute boy moe-archetypes into a school and make it a shit harem? One of them is going to sell a lot more merch of the husbando/waifu characters. Sure, the good anime will do well, sell some things and give a decent return, and it will probably have loyal fans, but it won't have gross otaku neckbeards and fujoshits clamouring for the swimsuit clad version of their favorite generic cute characters, throwing $100 at a time for a plastic model they can stare at all day. Selling this garbage anime is easy and lucrative, of course they'll do more of this.

Anonymous 4686

>because that's what sells, and it's so easy to make
>One of them is going to sell a lot more merch
>throwing $100 at a time for a plastic model
you're literally describing the studios choosing money over art and story. All the garbage has everything to do with money.

Anonymous 4700

Omg, I meant them going broke. I forgot to write not. It has nothing to do with them -not- making money, or, going under as anon said. KyoAni didn't make dragon maid out of desperation because they were going to close. For fucks sake.

Anonymous 4717

I feel like I see a shitload of posts that complain about the elderly and how weird and gross they are and about how their life experiences are totally irrelevant to young people because they may have held racist/homophobic views, etc, but I feel like most elderly individuals I talk to are gentle, willing to give life advice, and aren't as quick to condemn modern values as people stereotype them to.

Maybe I'm biased because the area I'm from is more progressive, I'm not sure. I feel like a lot of elderly people know when to shut their mouth if they disagree with something.

Also, I don't think because of their time period that they should be excused for their toxic ideologies, but I do think that they should be listened to because I think their many life experiences can hold value to young people. Maybe I'm too idealistic.

Anonymous 4722


I strongly agree with you, Anon. My father is the youngest of 5 children, so my grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles on that side were older than usual. They also lived in a rural area, so changes in their spot of America lagged behind the cities. One of my great-uncles was born in 1907 and died in 2005. He told me about what it was like to ride in buggies and care for horses, people's reactions to World War I, and popular music of his youth. Talking to eyewitnesses to history gives things a "human touch" you cannot get from history books. I have also been able to get good life advice from the elderly in general. I volunteer at a nursing home occasionally.

One of the oddest things in my experience is that the elderly men I talk to tend to be more respectful and polite and overall "gentlemanly" with me than many men my own age. When dating, I often feel that I'm viewed as less intelligent than them or that they cannot wait to get to the part where we fuck. Yet The common perception is that old men are all sexist assholes and young men are enlightened and polite.

Anonymous 4723

I don't understand where the idea that Tinder is a hookup app comes from. I joined it out of boredom after getting dumped, and ended up meeting my boyfriend of now over a year, who was in a similar situation. I don't think most people on there are strictly looking for sex, idk.

Anonymous 4739

/pol/ are unironically right about most things (immigration, trannies, breakdown of families, how disgusting most modern entertianment is etc), except the conspiracy stuff about Jews.

Anonymous 4741

Anonymous 4742

I don't want to turn this into a political discussion. But this is unpopular opinion general… Also I'm a former liberal.

Anonymous 4747

I've been attacked for posting anime pictures there before.

That said, anime is bad but I think it's pretty uncontroversial to say your average late-night HBO show is a lot worse in terms of what it shows (comparing the average of each type of media)

Anonymous 4748

Redheads aren't particularly pretty, it's literally only the rarity factor that makes people think they're attractive.

Anonymous 4751

I can't let that one slide. They're beautiful, right down to the freckles.

Anonymous 4752

God I cannot agree with this enough. I've had multiple people tell me "Emma Watson is the hottest actress ever". Everytime I hear that I feel so confused and angry cause I've seen WAYYYY hotter girls. There's literally nothing interesting or noteworthy about her appearance AN specifically her face. Yes she's cute, and has a nice accent, but nothing sparks interest for me. Whenever I try to tell people this they're like "well…she is pretty it's not like she's ugly". I'm not trying to say she's ugly im just trying to say she is soooo bland, it's like staring at a blank piece of paper.

Anonymous 4754

I can see the appeal but most of them look like absolute garbage without makeup

Anonymous 4755

>average girls


Anonymous 4757

Not that anon, but I can see how this is possible. Sometimes you see a girl and it's like, eh, she's pretty, but I've seen a face like that before and it isn't particularly remarkable.

Anonymous 4760

I get upset when people patronize a woman in an abusive relationship as if that's all she'll ever be; an abused woman.

Newsflash, some people choose to be in an abusive relationship because to not be in the current one they are in would be worse. "Abused" women can get fucking master's degrees, high paying jobs, fine social lives, etc. and I'm sick if it being viewed as a character flaw that one is still in an abusive relationship. I know, extreme projection is going on here, but I hate feeling like something's ethically wrong with me (because of others) since I don't "just leave" a relationship. I don't plan on having children to expose to the person I'm with, I don't see how it is wrong for me to stay since I'm the only one they abuse. I hate being looked at as weak.

Anonymous 4762

Anonymous 4763

Women in abused relationships aren't necessarily weak, but you definitely are. Have some self-respect, stop letting a man treat you like that.

Even if it's your kink, don't let a kink control your whole life retard

Anonymous 4765

Sorry, sis. I don't think that is just an unpopular opinion: it's a problem way deeper than you think. You probably need help. You shouldn't let negative, shitty people be in your life and abuse you, and just let it happen because you "chose" it. That's unhealthy as fuck and you should want the BEST for yourself, not a relatively comfortable hell.

Anonymous 4769

>mfw I was lurking fetlife and there are huge groups for women who genuinely want to be in abusive relationships

It's times like that that I think robots might actually have a point.

Then again their fetishes aren't much better.

Anonymous 4771

I feel like it is common for the average person to look down upon women who stay, whether it is because they are "retards" or whether it is because they are pathetic, and I wish people could just see it as a decision sometimes. Outside of anonymous boards, I'd never talk about it because yeah, I don't want to be looked down upon as a degenerate, pathetic person who has no self-respect for myself. I would like respect from the average person despite my "bad" decision to be in such a relationship.

Anonymous 4772

I feel bad for saying this but I bet papa was never home and their mothers treated them like shit (that type of upbringing can either break or make a person). Ok, half jokes aside…
How do you grow up to be like that? Why would you want to be in an abusive relationship? Jesus Christ… I know how it feels like to be trapped in one and feel like you can't escape, even though you receive threats and shit. it's horrible and it was very hard for me to get out even though I knew my ex was being a violent and abusive cunt. But willingly ask to be in a relationship with a guy who treats you like a shit stain? Work on your heart and mind, girl. Yikes… It's so sad to see women suffering because they can't leave their abusers. Meanwhile there are idiots out there who WANT to be mistreated. Let them have what they want, I guess. Hopefully they won't end up dead.

Sage for rage

Anonymous 4773

Can you at least describe your boyfriend/husband? Is he another American or a foreigner? Are you abroad or at home? Is there some mitigating circumstance here, like him having a lot of money and you living comfortably? Do you have kids with him?

Anonymous 4774

If I left, I'd be completely devoid of any friends and trapped with my family, who raised me in an isolated, near cult-like way in terms of my access to the world. They are more free with me now, but I feel stuck in the mindset I was in as a child, so it's always a gamble as to what is allowed and what isn't. The person I'm with is like my window to the world, or at least, that's how I feel about them. I'd rather be "free" and harmed than feel like I'm trapped in a small hole with no chance of escape.

Anonymous 4775

Lord of the Rings is overrated. I can't take anyone seriously who says they love J.R.R. Tolkien's writing style, it is stuffed to the brim with unnecessary details that don't add as much to the world as fans admit.

Anonymous 4776

Tolkien is not a great prose-writer, agreed.

Lord of the Rings is however still an incredible novel. I don't know how to explain it beyond saying you have to have a love for bucolic things and a bit of an aversion to urbanity to truly appreciate it.

So can you explain a little about this guy, who he is etc?

Anonymous 4777

I'm >>1066 for an overview. Lots of "bartering" i.e. sex acts for little tasks like him driving me home from school occur now, too. He's a very sweet person outside of his behavior with me, most people know him as a helpful, generous guy despite his lack of financial security. He genuinely means well and I do believe his apologies are genuine in terms of him feeling horrible for hurting me. I don't believe he is apologize in terms of him changing his behavior, however. There are no kids and we don't live together yet.
Saged and spoilered for OT

Anonymous 4809

My unpopular opinion is that all Asians look 99% the same (as in from the same country) without things to differentiate them as haircuts, hair color and the like. Except for pikarin. She's always recognizable because of her awful teeth. Lmao. Love her though.

I know it's not true, but I just see the same faces when I look at them.

Anonymous 4810

As someone who's severely allergic to a lot of everyday foodstuff, I don't mind diet fads like gluten-free at all. Money talks, and in the last years the variety of allergy-friendly products has improved significantly thanks to that demand. When I was little, my family had to go on 3 hour road trips to find a whole foods store that carried products I could eat, and they were exorbitantly expensive. Eating out was impossible.

When I express this, usually I hear that people with real allergies and tolerances are being taken less seriously as a result of diet fads and run into risk of being fed the wrong products in spite or to show them "it's all in their head", but if I pay a barista for a non-diary drink or ask for something to be left out, and they do it wrong because they think it doesn't matter, then that's on them and not the fault of the customer, no matter whether the customer is truly allergic or not. You're being paid to render a service and it's not up to you to decide if this customer deserves to have their order made a certain way or not as long as the ingredients ordered are available in your store. It's none of your business why the customer chose not to have an ingredient, as long as you offer it.

Anonymous 4916

I posit that Aristotle, John Locke, and Ayn Rand are objectively the 3 greatest individuals to ever walk the face of the Earth.
My criterion being philosophy's unique capacity to mass influence titanic amounts of people and that it undergirds every conceivable facet of our lives.

Anonymous 4938


Korean pop culture is garbage. The TV shows are garbage, the pop is garbage, the cuisine is overhyped (and largely a copy of aspects of Chinese/Japanese cuisine), it has some good movies but that's about it.

On top of that, the people are insufferable. Ever since Korea gained some international fame, the overseas ones have been shilling the heck out of it (for free) or think their god's gift to women (and men) in the case of Koreans in Korea. They also believe Korea was some great, important historical power, which was extremely wealthy, when in reality it was just some backwater de facto province of China.

Finally, they're racist, hostile, rude and unfriendly. And they have an army of socially maladjusted freaks ready to defend them for doing things they'd crucify white people for.

Fuck Korea.

Anonymous 4973

Are you sure that isn't some kind of coping mechanism? As long as you can convince yourself that you're choosing this kind of life for yourself willingly, you can feel like you have control over the situation and feel better about what's happening. But, it's not worth it. The baggage will catch up to you someday regardless of what you tell yourself today. It's better to find yourself a support network so you can start unpacking it rather than continuing to let it grow.

Anonymous 4975

I feel like you may have quoted the wrong post because that post gives no insight into what your abuser is like.

Anonymous 4977

I have bad facial recognition as it is, but I feel like east asian pop stars are especially difficult for me to tell apart. For a while I felt really bad about this but the more I think about it, I wonder if it's got to do with the fact that a large portion of them are going for the same "look". Like, same makeup, same clothing style, etc etc. In day to day life I can usually tell asian people apart about as well as I can tell most people apart. (Meaning if I've had 2+ conversations with them I'll usually be able to recognize them given I see them in a similar context the next time.) But, it seems like no matter how many music videos I watch I still can't recognize east asian pop idols. Are their faces just so caked in makeup that I genuinely can't see their underlying facial structure?? I'd really like to find out more about this experience I'm having because if it is racist in a way I can work on I'd like to.

Anonymous 4980

Korean ones tend to get exactly the same "ideal face", so they really do end up looking exactly the same. Even other Asians say this.

Anonymous 4982

That's reassuring to me, because it is the worst for me with kpop stars. Like, jpop idols I can usually still pick out my best girl in most music videos and I feel like if I put in effort I'd be able to recognize at least some of them by face, but I literally can't tell kpop idols apart.

Anonymous 5015

Fall sucks. It's depressing as hell and only reminds me winter is near.

I do like Thanksgiving and Halloween though

Anonymous 5016

Agreed. Everyone romanticizes it as being the ~super cozy hot chocolate red leaves firewood snuggle up in my bed and do nothing~ month but you can do that literally any other month, yes, even in the summer where hot teas and hot coffee are still consumed. Honestly fall is ugly as fuck with its eye-gouging, warm red/orange/yellow/brown colors and the weather is the WORST because it gets windy as shit and is in between the hot/cold phase so it feels disgusting out and it never rains which blows ass. At least winter has pretty white snow to look at and consistent weather, I don't mind the straight cold but if it's fall's in between hot and cold phase, it just feels like ass out.

It is overrated. I'm a fan of both the books and movies, but honestly it's boring as shit and I can totally understand how someone wouldn't be into it even if they do like fantasy and medieval themes. I didn't enjoy it at all when I first watched the movies and had to turn it off after 10 minutes.

Anonymous 5018

I'm with y'all, autumn makes me miserable, it's soppy and wet, I hate earthy tones so fall colors are ugly to me, and it's mostly grey and brown and none of that warm-toned golden leaf shit anyway.

Also I hate fantasy as a genre.

Anonymous 5024

Fantasy anything sucks 99% of the time.

Anonymous 5034

There's also a LOT more anime being made per season now than there used to be. The ratio of good to bad series is probably the same, but the sheer volume of bad series is more noticeable when there's 40 of them being made every few months. There is still good anime being made, and good manga left to adapt, you just have to do your research before picking things up. Like, that anon watched NGNL just because it's popular and that was a mistake. It's popular with pervert otaku, you can even see 'ecchi' is one of it's genres on MAL. I guess if you're not familiar with the medium you won't spot red flags that a series is fanservicey garbage, usually just the series promotional art will make it obvious.

Anonymous 5039

Oh god. I agree with this so fucking much. I can only stomach very few anime but I generally despise, despise anime tropes and anime "humor". I just can't for the life of me understand why that lame, garbage mess is so popular.

They're about what and what. At least the late-night HBO show isn't targeted to a clearly younger demographic.

Anonymous 5040

There are so many anime that I think it's hard to say anime as a whole is bad or good. I have the same opinion regarding the sense of humor and fanservice, but I tend to say that I like anime and manga because there are enough of them that don't have much fanservice and other bad/unlikable aspects that I love.

I feel like there are two types of popular anime: the ones that are very clearly aimed at a hardcore otaku audience so the fans are very actively involved in these shows, spend a lot of money on merchandises and BD even though in the end the number of fans is relatively low, and the ones that have stories and/or art styles that appeal to a mainstream audience as well as otakus, so while not everyone isn't going to be hardcore fans, the number of fans in general is going to be huge,, like for FMA and Death Note as you said. I tend to be picky and avoid fans of weird shows that come every season and are just boring harem or fanservice shit, I find it easier to find good shows and not be disappointed in general.

Is that really an unpopular opinion? Everyone I know hates it.

I don't think it's disgusting by itself but I don't get why people talk about their sex life irl or to accounts with their real name and face like they talk about the weather, now that's pretty disgusting.

>There's also a LOT more anime being made per season now than there used to be.
I think that's the reason why anime/seasons tend to
shorter, so it sucks if you like when anime have more than 12 episodes per seasons.

Anonymous 5044

Anonymous 5045


I really dislike studio ghibli movies. I don't enjoy anime to begin with but it seems like everyone and their asian mom enjoy studio ghibli. Each ghibli movie i've watched, was boring and slow as fuck. I could feel my brain just dragging across the floor and melting into a cesspool of sameface art, dull colors, and nonsensical plot with 0 character developement to be found. I could've taken a nap instead and that would've been more exciting. I don't get the hype

Anonymous 5046

I was OP and that's exactly what I meant. Spot on.

Anonymous 5053

It's a nice idea but Hermione wasn't written to be black. Unless you consider "messy hair" to mean "black" which imo is more offensive (and then you'd have to ignore a part where she was described as 'pale' which is an odd thing to say about a black person). Characters should be written to be diverse, Dumbledore being gay, Hermione being black or Katniss being Native American shouldn't be an afterthought added later to the lore on order to gain a few new fans.

I can appreciate that some people feel the desperate need to project their own features onto book characters in order to relate to them but it doesn't make it canon. Demand more diverse characters in media but don't force that diversity onto existing characters, that's pointless imo.

Anonymous 5054

I couldn't give a shit about HP and black people being portrayed or not in fiction, but I read an interview with the author and she said she never described her appearance in the books, so being black isn't that far off. I don't really equate messy hair to black hair, but there are several blacks with straight hair (at least in my region).
But you're probably right, they just want to get new fans with fake diversity.

Anonymous 5055

YES THANK YOU. Also all of the people complaining that giving up allergens is "trendy" are NEVER people who have allergies themselves. They're usually people working in the catering industry or parents who think having an allergy makes Little Jimmy special.

As someone with a bad dairy allergy, veganism was the best thing that happened for us. When I was diagnosed as a baby, all there was available to me was soy milk. Now there's almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk, vegan cheese, vegan ice cream, vegan cream…it's Also easier than ever to eat out. Every cafe now stocks soy milk and people are more aware of allergies (lol when I was younger, a barista made me pay for a coffee with skimmed milk because he thought I ordered soy milk because I was trying to lose weight) whereas before I had to pay the same price as everyone else for black coffee/tea.

Allergies exist for a reason. Milk and gluten were only introduced into our diet pretty recently in our history and not everyone has the ability to digest them. If you feel cramps or bloated after eating either of them, why the fuck would you continue consuming them, confirmed allergy or not? There are other benefits of giving up milk and gluten for people who don't have allergies like having more energy and having better skin.

My unpopular opiníon is that people should mind their own damn business when someone orders something and says they've an allergy. You shouldn't need a doctors note to eat out. If someone says they're allergic to tomatoes, whip up something without tomatoes. Your job is to make food, not give people advice on their dietary choices. If being a chef is your passion, you should be able to work with whatever you have and enjoy the challenge. I've actually seen a café in my area ban vegans because they're too lazy to learn how to make something without cheese.

Anonymous 5056


Black Hermoine playing in a musical isn't the problem, it's the angry, reaching SJWs who try to say that's her canon appearance is the problem. The way her appearance was written, and the fact that Rowling flat out drew her white TWICE and shaded the parts she wanted to be dark in both the illustrations, and the time period the books were written (and in western europe no less), black people weren't as relevant, important, or popular. It's obvious Rowling made her to be white. All of this was talked about in the lolcow thread.

It's just not canon and it's weird to suddenly drastically change the entire appearance of one character to cater to a small group of people. It's almost like fetishizing blacks, the same way koreaboos and weebs fetishize asians. The entire situation is really gross and creepy how this is accepted. Turn it around, and it's white washing which would raise even more hell and the series would be shunned. I absolutely hate the hypocrisy we're living and think it's repulsive.

Anonymous 5057

which movies have you seen? it's hard for me to believe that we're even talking about the same studio when you like 'sameface art, dull colors, and nonsensical plot with 0 character development'. kiki's delivery service is like character development 101. maybe you need to develop your empathy?

Anonymous 5059

What does develop my empathy even mean? I'm quite the crier when it comes to movies and shows which makes it worse. I guess it's hard to get emotional when there's nothing going on.

Anonymous 5063

This, I'm more disgusted with Rowling herself than with the casting choices, because they were done explicitly because the write race-swapped their own character because SJWs are too racist to realize white girls have different hair textures and they thought fuzzy curly hair=black. Race-swapping as a general thing pisses me off because it's stupid. People should be making their own content to fix under-representation. But no, they always latch onto popular shit that, guess what, got popular without the weird representation swap shit. Make this character a girl, make this one trans, make this one black. And they fly off the handle and threaten you when you insult their "head cannon" or representation of it. It's outrageous and seeing a writer play into it and justify these people is disgusting.

Anonymous 5067


Black Hermione IS the problem. Don't give an inch to these people, they aren't interested in "meeting you in the middle", they want to publicly humiliate you for your wrongthink and rub it in until you're on all fours begging for forgiveness.

Never give them a scintilla of an inch, eg saying things like "oh, you have a point with X and Y". These isn't two 1900s English intellectuals having a debate over tea about the merits of classical liberalism versus toryism. These are pathological, mentally ill lunatics whose politics are a surrogate religion.

Remember what happened to Brendan Eich and Peter Thiel. You need to be just as uncompromising. They're too used to people being compromising - give someone an inch and he'll take a yard, as they say.

Anonymous 5069

I can tell all my Asian friends/classmates/coworkers apart etc..but sometimes Kpop singers can be difficult to differentiate. I think it's because they are always changing their appearances.

Anonymous 5071

i mean you maybe you just don't relate to the characters. i'm a weeper, too, and there's only a handful of movies from ghibli that I can sit through without tearing up, but it's hard to believe that you think they're boring. there are great action sequences all through castle in the sky, princess mononoke and nausicaa. some of their other films are more slice-of-life, though.

Anonymous 5073

Thank you Anon, I wrote >>4810 and this is the first time someone actually agrees with me lmao.
I'm not only allergic to cow's milk but also to soy and nut milk including almonds and cashew and coconut, so I don't even try anymore since most places don't carry rice milk or oat milk and that's fine, I just really hate it when I ask for something to be left out and they ignore it.
I'm allergic to eggs and all the time I go to asian fusion places and get an order of fried something and say NO EGGS PLEASE I'M ALLERGIC and then watch them pour the egg into the wok anyway and die on the inside because I'll either have to confront them and have them make it again (which I hate because I'm shy and hate making a fuss) or prepare for the shits.

Anonymous 5074


Emma Watson is absolutely hideous. I hate her oversized brown doe-eyes. She looks like an unbaked roll.

Korean plastic surgery terrifies me, I think it is uncanny valley tier. They don't even look Asian anymore, it is completely creepy and bizarre. The V line surgery is the stuff of nightmares. It all looks just as bad as pic related to me.

I bunnies and do not find them cute at all. They have an uncanny quality and resemble animatronic stuffed animals to me. I don't see the appeal in keeping them as pets; they are finicky, dislike being held/cuddled, and must eat their own shit to live. That's disgusting.

Anonymous 5076

I don't get the obsession with Emma Watson either. She has no flaws, but she's utterly boring and up her own ass.

Cats are pretty and elegant but I don't like them as pets.

I can't stand Serial Experiments Lain. It was a good show but the absolutely creepy waifufication by fans killed it for me.

Anonymous 5078


I saw something complaining about Sharia zones in U.K., and they showed this sign to display the ~evils~ of Sharia law. I really think everything listed seems pretty reasonable…and although I don't want to live in a poor refugee neighborhood with crazy guys, I wouldn't mind these laws being enforced in a neighborhood I was otherwise living in.

Likewise, I think the London (Muslim) mayors plan to ban ads depicting scantily dressed women seems like a nice idea.

To take it a bit further on this unpopular opinion about Sharia/Islam, If burqas didn't come with shitty Middle Eastern culture I wouldn't mind if it became a worldwide "trend" to wear out in public. I like fashion, but it'd be nice not having to worry about how I look every morning. Not having to fix my makeup etc. I could do my hair/makeup and get dolled up before having friends over. Otherwise, I could sleep in until the last minute every.single.day…

I also like the idea of men and women being somewhat separated (onsens and women-only cars in Japan for example). I wouldn't mind male/female separated swimming pools, cafes, gyms, movie theaters etc.

>>I'd say the above encompasses most of my unpopular opinions.

Anonymous 5079

>I really think everything listed seems pretty reasonable…
You think banning music is reasonable? What's your rationalization for that?

Anonymous 5081

>Anon, I know it's for you to believe, but not everyone who is not a racist piece of shit is a raging SJW like you see on the Tumblr screenshots your favourite anti-SJW propaganda Facebook page posts.

It's not a matter of them being raging SJWs, the fact is that when you acknowledge the veracity of their historical framework, they win by default. E.g:

>"I know my ancestors did horrible things, but…"

You've lost before you've even begun. No. Your ancestors didn't do horrible things, they did the exact same things everyone else did but on a different scale because they could project power across huge fucking oceans. Moreover, why am I the only one who has to preface any historical commentary with ancestral mea culpas? No other group is expected to do this. Etc etc.

You have to challenge the kernel of the thing, which is that whites are somehow uniquely morally evil in terms of their behavior, otherwise they'll just trap you into using their own rhetoric and beat you through pattern-matching rhetoric of their own ("See? Shes' one of those white girls who says 'not all my ancestors', haha, it's right here in my tumblr bingo card")

Anonymous 5082


If you listen to music with headphones in your home, no-one will know. Otherwise, no neighbors blasting loud music. Ever. No matter who your neighbor is.

Anonymous 5085

I actually agree with everything except the NO Alcohol. Alcohol in private/moderation is fine.

You are attracted to the discipline inherent in this movement, which is understandable, but it's also worth bearing in mind that Islamic Traditionalism isn't the only sort of traditionalism. There are other forms too, that are perhaps more in step with the way Europeans/Whites think.

Anonymous 5086

I like looking at Ghibli scenery but the stories are slow and boring and loaded with overwrought morals.

Anonymous 5087

>>Anon, c'mon, It's the unpopular opinion thread.

And no, I don't go to parties with drinking/drugs/sex, but I do have fun (movies, amusement parks, golfing etc).

I think people should be able to live in peace and quiet in their homes/neighborhoods is all. Of course you can do a lot of the above listed things in private and nobody would be the wiser, but at least it would be illegal so it would have to stay private.

Anonymous 5088

parties are cool in the right place but neighbors blasting mexican music all day and night turns me into trump too. if it's rap music, i'm turning into the kkk, if it's classic rock, i'll let it slide.

Anonymous 5089


My dog used to eat her own shit and vomit also? Some animals can be disgusting AND cute. (When I saw that happening I would toss her aside and clean the shit, ofc. But I don't know what was happening when I was away…)

Anonymous 5090


Hey anon, you've definitely got me in regards to the traditional aspect of Islam. I guess I just prefer conformist cultures where things are more regulated (by law and society).

I have no interest in the Middle East ironically, but shit like female-only places, burqas being A-Ok, and banning things that break up families and cause crime sound pretty nice. I'm highly considering moving back to Japan (sooo peaceful and quiet) or somewhere like Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Honestly, I just want a peaceful life.


That's true, but I'd rather just slip on a burqa than trying to change how society has functioned for thousands of years. I appreciate that others are more interested in changing viewpoints though.

I'd say you're right in classic rock being the best choice, but I'd personally rather have peace 24/7 without having to worry the neighbor will start partying while I'm reading/working on a project/sleeping etc.

Anonymous 5091

You have the wrong impression on what a ban would entail. There's debate in Islam on whether music in and of itself is haram or halal, and to what extent, no matter the context. It's not just a question of blaring music, or listening to it quietly.

Anonymous 5092

Hey anon, I'm actually already aware of the debate on music but even in the most conservative Muslim societies people listen to music. Most people don't care if you are listening to music if it isn't causing them or others harm. And even then, there is music for the most hardcore of Muslims (no stringed instruments, just male voices etc)…but if someone is in their home it's not like standing outside or sitting in their car. They have to sell their house or break their lease and find a new place if they want to escape an inconsiderate neighbor who plays music all day. Or get the neighbor to turn it down or move (which can easily escalate into an all-out battle…).

Anonymous 5094

>but shit like female-only places

Europe/America had female-only places 60 years or more ago. Back when aggravated/violent rape was still punished with the death penalty. Remember?

Anonymous 5096

My point was that bunnies HAVE to eat their own shit to live. I know that dogs do it too but it is not a requirement for their survival.

Anonymous 5118

anon i dont think you understand how traumatizing rape is, being cheated on or betrayed by your boyfriend would still be terrible but 1000 times better than being raped by a stranger

Anonymous 5129

tbh I agree with that person. If my own boyfriend, a person who I loved and trusted with my whole ass heart, raped me, would fuck me up forever. Even if the actual trauma of rape was the same, the broken trust and betrayal would make it far worse.

I'd rather be brutally raped by a stranger, than cheated on by a boyfriend.

Anonymous 5179

too bad classic rock is shit and only has-beens play it

Anonymous 5181

>neighbors blasting mexican music all day and night turns me into trump too

Fucking lol anon. I like you.

(Though I don't agree with you at all. I personally find hearing my neighbor's loud parties kind of comforting. Which I'm pretty sure is an unpopular opinion, because logically I know it's annoying and inconsiderate as fuck. But idk I live alone so it makes me feel less alone I guess.)

Anonymous 5183

>only has-beens play it
lol this is so true but only for the dads who are trying to relive their youth through soundwaves.
it's pretty stupid to call 50-30 year old classics that everyone knows about "shit" though. what do you listen to anon

Anonymous 5190

i recently watched the prince of egypt for the first time, and i honestly hate moses. i get that he's supposed to be the hero, but he's such a dick and a god enabler. the movie was great tho

Anonymous 5215

who's everyone?

Anonymous 5220

Literally everyone who isn't living under a rock or in a bomb shelter in thukululu, mauritius.

Anonymous 5243


>youtube isn’t and will never be a real job
Boohoo h3h3 isn’t making money. Boo fucking hoo onision isn’t making money. Oh are you getting demonitized? Oh poor poor you!
Nah fuck that. Get a real job. People love h3h3 and phil dephranco so they get angry when people say this. “Its their source of income! They put tons of work into their channel! Youtube is a full time job to them!”. Fuck off. If they want stable income get some stable job like the rest of society. Making youtube videos reacting to jake paul or whatever and reading the fucking reddit frontpage out loud aren’t jobs. There are people out there busting their asses everyday that make hardly any money. You yell at a camera for 10 minutes and get mad that you can’t afford a mansion or whatever? Fuck off. Enjoy it while it lasts.
>kpop fangirls are creepy as hell. they're all autistic too. they all dress the same and boring imo. they remind me of men who are obsessed with anime & japanese women. both creepy.
>i don't believe that everyone on the internet has anxiety now.
like eight years ago girls on tumblr always were always accused of "faking mentall illnes". since, young girls can't have depression according to neckbears or whatever. but now if you go to reddit at any given time, its always "i have anxiety guys. i'm depressed. i have anxiety. please give me gold. this mass murder guy, he was probably depressed guys. mentall illness is a serious topic now because now i believe in it". fuck off. its always a pity party too. i don't believe every single guy who posts on reddit that has "super legits social anxiety" is real. i think most of them want pity upvotes and that’s all. So I hate em all. tables have turned etc etc etc
>i don't believe the sjw boogeyman
Social media alway complains about them, but i don't see whats inherently wrong with sj/being pc/ etc. Nowadays everyone can say some fucked up shit and hide behind "Oh its the sjw ciritizing me again. stop getting so offended!!". like, you're being an asshole, people are allowed to call you an asshole. If you can say whatever you want, let people say what they want too.
>i hate harry potter. i hate that people think its a great series just because its trendy to like it/i don't get the hatred for twilight. i hate that people think its the worst book ever just because it was trendy to hate it.
i don't know. i don't think the movies or the books are special. what i hate is that irl i can't ever say that i don't like it, because people legit say shit like "omg anon don't be a muggle! you don't like harry potter??! well i don't like YOU xD!". grow up. read a different book. Its 2017 and I still see this shit. One of my teachers in college wears a harry potter necklass everyday. Oh man…
i don't care for twilight either, but i hate the bandwagon hate that it got. its the same quality as any other young adult romance. who cares. you haven't read it, dude. you saw some memes making fun of it and now you act like the book ruined your life… i know no one cares about twilight any more but i legit see it in the same tier as hp. unpopular opinion thread and all.

>mfw people will lynch me

i'll even add astrology here too since i know some people HATE astrology. its so fun, guys!

Anonymous 5244


agreed 100%. no surprise that most anime fans are awkward as hell

Anonymous 5245


All of this. All of it.


I actually enjoyed Twilight as brainless soul food and the snark community around it was fun and occasionally spot on in their analysis of the character archetypes. It's a bit like OITNB in that the main character is a soulless husk with the side characters being much more interesting. As a rule of thumb, the fewer lines someone has in that series, the more they should've been focused on.


Most people screeching about SJWs never ventured outside the Tumblr echo chamber of moronic teens and now use that sliver of the movement to disregard any and all criticism. Almost every SJW I've ever met in real life was an average person with their own convictions like everyone else. People spew about muh freeze peaches but as soon as people try to rally for something well-intended they get dismissed as crazy Tumblrinas.


You don't base your livelihood on a fickle social media trend. I hate PDP but at least he seems to have saved up and lives a moderately modest livestyle instead of blowing all his cash like Onion on dumb shit like two massive houses, two Teslas, plain tickets for whoever catches his fancy at the current time, and other dumb tech gadgets like these quads(?) he owns.
If you're lucky enough to go viral and make a ton of money from anything, the first thing you do is put a majority of it in the bank and use the rest to treat yourself.

Anonymous 5248

oh god, were twin sisters. I agree with absolutely everything.

Also adding my unpopular opinion - all those Kpop boy bands look super girly and I don't find any of them attractive. Some Asian singers like Hyde can be very hot and manly but those Kpop boy band skinny sticks? I'll pass.

PS. I'm a virgo.

Anonymous 5249


I'm a woman who has never worn make up in my life and the most extensive thing I do with my hair is curl my bangs on the rare occasion where I feel like it, and honestly this is stupidest fucking thing I've ever read. I can assure you that I don't get pelted with rocks by "society" every time I leave the house, and if you grew some balls and sanity and stopped doing things you don't want to do, you wouldn't be either.

Anonymous 5250

Hyde is cute. I'm not really into Asian guys but Japanese ones are the only ones I'll occasionally find attractive.

My theory for girls who are into femmy Korean dudes/hosts/other fuccbois is that they perceive they're stuck in that eternal younger-adolescence where they pine after men who are explicitly non-threatening. The problem here is that a lot of those femmy Korean dudes/hosts/etc are more predatory and scummy than your generic fratboy Chad is. Just look at some of the stories on /pt/.

Anonymous 5253

I always thought it's plastic surgery. Isn't plastic surgery really popular in Korea?

Anonymous 5254

>the first thing you do is put a majority of it in the bank
No, invest it.

Anonymous 5259

? Okay I get it when people appropriate the term twin for appearance, but viewpoints? Get real, anon, twins aren't the same person.

Oh, and on that note, here's my unpopular opinion: movies like the parent trap, etc are really damaging for twin children to watch. For one, they use the same person to represent two people, which should be obvious as to why that is fucked up. Secondly, it contributes to all the stupid "stereotypes" which imo are completely made up by single born people because they are so threatened when they see two people and seem to barely be able to comprehend their autonomy as two individuals simply because of appearance. A lot of "twin" behavior is made up completely by people who think it's a joke, twins get raised by singleborn parents, they get indoctrinated (i.e they get taught how twins should be), and the cycle continues.

The weird thing about makeup is that I've noticed that if a person never wears makeup, people don't care, but if you alternate between wearing it, yes, you can get negative attention either way (wearing makeup or not wearing it).

Anonymous 5260

Anon was just kidding you loon. What's wrong with your weird ass?

Anonymous 5261

Did you just write two paragraphs about how I shouldn't have said the word twin in that context? Lmao. I guess that's your unpopular opinion.

Anonymous 5262

I know i came off as extreme, I was just letting off steam.

Anonymous 5267

>I get it when people appropriate the term twin for appearance, but viewpoints?
Not that anon, but yes, twins are also extremely similar when it comes to their viewpoints, personality etc.
Anyone who's been around identical twins can attest to this. And if you haven't, there's plenty of scientific literature that documents it. Genes influence the development of your brain you know. The brain is a biological organ just like any other in the body.

The more you know.

Anonymous 5268

So to make this on-topic, your opinion is about as unpopular as flat-earthism. It's flat out factually wrong.

Anonymous 5269

>you loon
lmao hey i use that word all the time on here
we must be twin sisters

Anonymous 5270

That's cute. I'm an identical twin and my twin and I are rather different. You remind me of how people used to use "science" as proof to discriminate against blacks, etc.

Twin studies are not as accurate as people treat them. For one, like I was stating about how twins are treated in the media, if a twin is exposed to that all their life, it essentially is telling them how to be with their twin. That's like saying that women "scientifically" are more caring than men; it's difficult to actually measure because there is such a large social expectation of that on them from a young age.

Furthermore, twin studies only take into account people who want to take them aka twins who like being similar to each or find that interesting about each other.

Lastly,you completely ignored the existence of epigenetics.

Clearly you don't think about how your kind of thinking affects someone growing up as a twin.

Anonymous 5272

Ive know various sets of twins and I feel like it's a 50/50 situation if the ending up turning out super alike. I've known twins who end up super different- one is into the military and nature oriented stuff while the other goes to college in the city. I've also known twins who turn out to be super similar- looks and interests wise, to the point where they wear the same clothes, hang out with the same people, and do the same things. I still have trouble differentiating them sometimes.

Anonymous 5273

And you remind me of one those tumblrina SJW types. (How the fuck did racism even get into the picture?)
My major is biology so I actually know a thing or two about this stuff. Your personal experience does not invalidate the vast amount of data we have. You also don't know anything you're talking about. And by the way, yes, we women actually are more caring than men, on average.

'Tis all verifiable dear.

Anonymous 5275

Identical twins are similar a lot more often than 50% of the time. It's closer to 90% of the time.
With fraternal twins it's different though.

Anonymous 5276

>You also don't know anything you're talking about.
I mean about twin studies where everything you said is plain nonsense, and also epigenetics, which does not affect development the way you think it does.

As to your personal experience, that's great, you're one of the exceptions that prove the rule. But I bet your twin sister is also very keen on differentiating herself from you, and I wonder to what degree you exaggerate your differences to that end.

Anonymous 5277

are you dumb? calm down. sorry your only interesting feature is that you're a twin anon, but this is reaching.

Anonymous 5278


I don't know if the historical illuminati is still active but there are definitely people in power who really like putting the imagery in their media which usually contains Gnostic themes. Anime is mostly free from this for some reason though which is why I prefer it over Western entertainment. Japan has their own problems with their media but at least it seems like they don't have a cult of transhumanist gnostics running the show over there… Or maybe they have the same agenda and are just working a different angle than the Americans are and not being so campy about le pyramids everywhere and le all seeing eye and le freemason checkerboard floors and the red and blue Kabballah color symbolism. Weeb traps are different from western transpeople who really like Marvel and Cartoon Network but they all got brainwashed just the same.

Anonymous 5282

You missed the point (or I did not articulate what I meant well at all). Yes, women are more caring on average then men; however, people often use that to assume women are somehow biologically disposed towards that, when I'm saying that is not necessarily why. People immediately assume the same with twins, that it must be genetic, but I doubt it is as dependent on genetics as it is made out to be. Twins are often forced to wear the same clothing and participate in the same activities for a long period of time as a child, and even in cases where they are raised separately as children, they still are often raised by parents with similar backgrounds who may know they are a twin anyway. I don't think it is explored enough in terms of why twins are similar how twins get affected by their depictions in popular culture, the fact their parents already have a preconceived notion of what being a twin is, etc.

You were saying I don't know anything about twin studies. Since I apparently don't, enlighten me as to why the factors I've brought up aren't valid.

Also, I don't see why you being a biology major necessarily trumps what is I'm saying. It's a broad field and if you're only an undergraduate, i have no idea why that would give you so much authority on the specific topic of twin studies unless you've devoted a lot of time to the study of it.
I never cared about differentiating myself, she did. I do care about how I got treated by other people though, I don't wish that upon anyone else.
I'm on mobile, I'm guessing it was autocorrect.

Anonymous 5283

please stop getting so buttmangled by an aspect of your identity having a stereotype. it's not even negative and tbh, even without biology involved what everyone is saying about twins is true. twins are socially predisposed to becoming similar be it due to their parents influence or how close they are to the twin.

Anonymous 5284


I genuinely hate how I'm expected to praise and fawn over everyone's basic-ass, ugly-ass body art and body mods all the time. I hate that it's "impolite" to tell someone that their body art is unflattering and distracting. I could say that about their t-shirt or their haircut and nobody would give too much of a shit. It's not like I'm insulting a facet of their appearance that they can't help. They chose to "modify" themselves and 90% of the time those modifications look unflattering, distracting, shitty, or all of the above. I'm supposed to prostrate myself before the patron saint of ~individuality~ that sat in a chair for 19 hours and paid $2000 to look like a childrens' coloring book? Fuck outta here.

I also hate this current trend of having a fucking door knocker in your nose coupled with those blunt Yolandi bangs that make everyone's head look like a fucking bucket.

Anonymous 5285

idk if these are unpopular or not tbh fam. i 'm not prude, but i also don't have to like someone's body mods either.

Anonymous 5286

>>it's not even negative
Getting told as a child that it doesn't matter whether a person talks to you or twin because you're the same person is not negative? People telling you that it makes them uncomfortable to be around you and your twin because you look alike isn't negative? Having family tell you you don't matter enough to them for them to want to tell you apart from your sister isn't negative? That's just a small handful of shit that often happened when I was a kid. Idk if you're the biology anon or not, but you act like you lack the skill of thinking outside of yourself.

Anonymous 5287

you're really reaching anon, i think you need to find some help for your personal issues. nothing you said is a stereotype any of us are talking about and seems to be simply your own projection. and i've literally never heard anything like that.

if you'd re-read the posts, you'll realize everyone's just been talking about how twins, especially identical are biologically susceptible to similar thinking and higher empathy towards eachother in an almost otherworldly way, which is true. that's even what the original anon >>5248 was refering to, that the viewpoints of >>5243 mimicked hers so closely it was shocking.

Anonymous 5288


>I could say that about their t-shirt or their haircut and nobody would give too much of a shit.

That's also rude as fuck? lol Just keep your opinions to yourself like most adults.

Anonymous 5289

It's rude af but it's not on par with insulting someone's body or a facet of their appearance that they can't help, which is how people respond if you insult their body art.

Anonymous 5293

>enlighten me as to why the factors I've brought up aren't valid.
They're valid, but they're controlled for. Family influence, and shared environment in general (schools attended, etc.) is taken into account.
>People immediately assume the same with twins, that it must be genetic, but I doubt it is as dependent on genetics as it is made out to be.
Really? You doubt that the blueprint every organism on this planet is built out to is not related to the characteristics of that organism? :(
The assumption is eminently reasonable: identical twins are each others' clones. Literally. They even share the prenatal environment, so they get exposed to the same hormones during development. There is a lot of ground for similarity to occur.

You, on the other hand, are coming up with all sorts of untenable just-so scenarios, pointedly to minimise any influence biology might have. It's kind of ironic really. You're not made of plasticine, to be moulded by your parents first and then "society" to whatever shape they see fit. You're already born as your own individual being with your intrinsic characteristics. And yet, in striving for your individuality, you reject its most solid basis, constantly over-emphasising the influence of others on who you are.

You are unique in your own way, even were you to be extremely similar to your sister. Obviously I can't relate to you since I don't have a twin sister. But maybe you're getting too hung up about it too.

Anonymous 5294

Body art just grosses me out tbh. I don't even like to wear earrings.

Anonymous 5296


Shit, I didn't expect that innocently calling a fellow anon my twin would create this amount of drama. But I guess this is a valid discussion for a thread on unpopular opinions? lol.
Sorry if I upset you twin-chan.

Anonymous 5299

That's a pretty shitty experience but I think it has less to do with you being a twin (or facts about twins, or stereotypes about twins like anon said above) and more to do with your parents being straight up assholes. I can emphasise more with you now that I read this though, and I can see why you're so keen to differentiate yourself from your sister. But I think you're blaming the wrong things.

And I really feel like I should say this again: you're not made of plasticine. If you want to assert your individuality, the worst you can do is to constantly involve yourself with what others think of you.



The plus size movement is … difficult.
By all means be proud of your body but also strive to improve yourself
I'm no model myself but at least I force my orversized ass in a bicicle every day until I do 10ks just to feel like I am doing something to help my situation

I've been seeing so many people celebrating big bodies and that's amazing but those people are still unhealthy …
Idk I feel like we should aim as a society to normalise people's bodies in a " I jiggle a bit whilst running and that's ok" instead of forced positivity.

Anonymous 5301

I'm always baffled (but amused) at how instantly pissed people look as soon as the first drop of rain hits their face and then everyone starts running through the streets like it's some kind of acid. It's just water.

Anonymous 5303

I have a weird mindset about tattoos. If a person has a bunch of medium-sized tattoos (or even just one) put in random spots, it looks fucking ugly to me. It reminds me of people who put bumper stickers on a nice car - yeah, you added your "personality" but now it looks cheap and ugly. The weird part is sometimes I really like the look of full sleeves. It looks much more cohesive and aesthetic to me than a bunch of random, individual tattoos thrown on a body.

Still probably wouldn't get any myself though.

Anonymous 5320

I hate seeing overweight children and pets, I think it should be considered abuse to let them get like that. Especially when you consider how many obese adults were fat as children and simply lost hope of losing weight.

Anonymous 5322

I feel the same way, it's such a difficult subject. I don't hate fat people but being overweight really isn't normal/healthy/something to be praised.

Anonymous 5323

Screenshot .png

I don't think using/calling people slurs all the time will make them ineffective.

Anonymous 5325

I'd never go out of my way to criticize someones appearance but damn, it's always an awkward moment when they show you a tattoo and you feel obligated to say something nice. It's hard to be genuinely complimentary but the last thing I'd wanna do is make someone feel bad about something so permanent.

Anonymous 5327

How did a moron like ricegum ever become so popular in the first place?

The guy makes PDP look comparatively likable.

Anonymous 5328

>It looks much more cohesive and aesthetic to me than a bunch of random, individual tattoos thrown on a body.

This, tattoos that are coherent can look nice, but just weird, individually placed tattoos with no rhyme or reason to them aren't attractive at all.

There's nothing to debate. As a society you can and should only hold one standard, anything else is obfuscation and dishonesty.

You can either hold the standard that encourages people to be as athletic and fit as possible or you can encourage a standard that is permissive and holds nobody to any standards and dishonestly claims attractiveness is wholly subjective.

The anon you are replying too is correct. You may be different from your own twin, but for the most part twins are very, very similar.

As a society we're uncomfortable with the reality that genes are very important even outside of appearance because these ideas have some baggage, but then again the idea that environment determines everything also comes with baggage too, that isn't as widely publicized (Soviet Union and Lysenkoism for example).


Even the extent to which your mind has plasticity is genetically determined, plasticity isn't something that can overrule mendel/darwin inheritance entirely.


Anonymous 5343

They're both insufferable, but at least Felix is nice to look at when he's not purposefully making himself look like a caveman.

Anonymous 5362

Agreed, anon. I went to the beach last week and I was baffled that almost every child was overweight or obese. In most cases the parents weren't even fat but their kids were! Unreal.

Anonymous 5365

Uh yes? Attractiveness obviously carries a huge biological component. Do you think humans are fundamentally different to any other species in this regard?

Anonymous 5377

No, I'm saying human beings are bipedal mammals who can spot genetic fitness in others. Of course there are outliers who find hideously obese people attractive etc, but this doesn't invalidate the overwhelming general trend that there are basic principles governing what we find attractive for the vast majority of us.

Being able to spot genetic fitness from things like the shape of a face or the consistency and healthyness of ones skin is quite literally a biological imperative.

Humans are not speshul snowflakes, no matter our level of technological abstraction we are still part of the natural world, and to the natural world we return.

Anonymous 5378

Not that anon, but agreed, people seem to always assume that culture overtakes biology somehow, where as they both work side by side.

Anonymous 5382

>I hate that it's "impolite" to tell someone that their body art is unflattering and distracting.

Why the fuck would you even feel the need to comment on it? I don't have any tattoos or body mods myself beyond a few small piercings but if someone went out of their way to tell my that my ear piercings were "unflattering" or "distracting" them I'd be pretty fucking pissed. Just don't look? How hard is it to be a grown adult?

Bet you're the same kind of person who stands open-mouthed, glaring at people with disabilities too. Can't resist making a comment about a burn victim's scars either, huh? When friends told me about these kind of people, I thought they were just being self-conscious. Nope, I guess they actually exist.

Anonymous 5383

I don't like the idea of praising people who are overweight because their lifestyle isn't good for them. But at the same time, when someone needs help, getting angry with them just pushes them farther away. They have a disorder. You wouldn't get angry at a depressed person for being moody all the time, you know?

I kind of get the fat-positive movement because it's probably hard to live with some kind of eating disorder or mental illness and have everyone remind you that you're worthless, feeding into your mental illness. I'd love for fat people to be more comfortable going to the gym, doing everyday things. But yeah, it shouldn't be encouraged.

Anonymous 5384

How the hell are they gonna make Harry Potter less Chinese.

Anonymous 5386

i think anon means that the opposite is never okay, case and point.

>the west making gits movie with a white lead role despite the japanese asking for that causes a huge ass fuss and is appropriation


>batman being turned into a literal japanese guy and a ninja in an anime is totally fine

Anonymous 5387

1. I don't think anyone literally polled Japanese people asking whether the major should be white or asian
2. It's irrelevant anyway because the people who were upset were Japanese Americans, who have a culture and set of values separate from Japanese people living in Japan.

Anonymous 5411

Japan's monoculturalism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, patriarchy and lack of hate speech and discrimination laws are all good things which the UK should adopt.
Any Japanese prime minister who does not worship at Yasukuni should be branded a cuck and hurled from office.
The British government should repeal the obscene publications act, video nasties act, dangerous cartoons act etc too, and give immediate pardons to all victims.
Gun control in the UK should be rolled back to pre-1980 levels.
Smoking in pubs should be re-allowed and tobacco sponsorship should be allowed to return to motor racing and other sports.
The death penalty should be reinstated, by firing squad. It can give soldiers a taste of real killing when there's no war on.
There should be a major push to revitalise the ancient religions of the European tribes. "Reconstructionism" be damned. Besides, the Anglo-Saxons had slightly re-named Nordic gods and there's a fuckload of Nordic literature left, I'm sure the Anglo-Saxon beliefs were not greatly different. There's your "reconstruction".
The British government should "nationalise" limited heritage production of original Minis, Morris Minors, MG Midgets and MGB's, with no concessions to modernity at all.
National Basic Income should be introduced in the UK, but only for women who stay at home and raise children. It will be increased incrementally for every child, but non-White children will be capped at one, whereas White children will be capped at three, White children with parents who can demonstrate 4 generations of UK residence will be capped at five.
Britain ought to have mini blocks of flats and tiny houses like Japanese cities. What the fuck do you even do with all those rooms? I live in a building of 6 flats which would fit comfortably in the area of my parents' house back home. The housing crisis would be solved at a stroke.

Anonymous 5418

So? That still doesn't mean Japanese Americans can get mad about something that was originally Japanese if it's a "seperate culture". Plus, other times that Japanese representation happens they hire Chinese actors because they just need to 'look right'.

Anonymous 5422

Because the whole thing is about giving opportunities to asians in hollywood, maintaining the integrity of the series comes second. GiS would have been the perfect role for an up-and-coming (asian) actress because it already has a fanbase. i also noticed that asian americans are a lot more unified, so having a chinese actor portray a japanese person isn't really a big deal, but japanese people from japan would probably get more pissed

agreed, edgy teens want to use slurs because of the connotations, so it's kind of stupid when they argue that "it's just a word!" and that they're actually helping reduce the bad meaning of the slurs by constantly using them…as slurs? like, just use the slurs but don't try to justify it with skewed social justice

my unpopular opinion: i think buying dogs from breeders is fine (i draw the line at puppy mills).

Anonymous 5423

>i also noticed that asian americans are a lot more unified
not sure where you live but this is definitely not true. asian american communities are constantly pushing for distinction in their communities, and do get upset when say, chinese actors portay a japanese person, and hate for 'other asians' to speak for their culture , such as in the boston MFA kimono display incident. the idea that 'asian' americans are a singular culture and not racially diverse and are interchangable is a white notion, that only sjws and younger asian americans. this occurs especially within chinese, japanese, korean, and vietnamese communities, because all of those cultures view themselves seperately, despite their similar physical appearances.

Anonymous 5437

Even the NSDAP were opposed to smoking and wanted to wipe it out eventually so I don't understand why you'd be opposed to smoking bans? Assuming you're a nationalist it's good for the health of the general public.

>2. It's irrelevant anyway because the people who were upset were Japanese Americans, who have a culture and set of values separate from Japanese people living in Japan.

This isn't really true. And it wasn't really "Japanese Americans", who are some of the most quiet Asian-Americans. As ever with "Asian American" issues the loudest voices were ethnic Chinese and Koreans. Remember the embarassment about the Boston Museum of Fine Arts holding the Kimono party organized by the Jap consulate and the Koreans and Chinese who gatecrashed it?

>is a white notion

Not really, it's a sort of pan-racial nationalism they've fashioned as a result of living overseas together with people who are drastically different to them even moreso than their immediate neighbors. And obviously there's probably PRC money behind a lot of these "AAPI" organizations that constantly create friction and conflict in America.

>giving opportunities to asians in hollywood

Why should we? Asian Americans threw a literal shitfit when a single Chinese big-budget movie (a fantasy movie remember) featured a couple of non-Asian characters (The Great Wall).

Asides from that one film, Chinese media is virtually monoracial and they were fighting to preserve that monoracialism in East Asian media. So why should westerners reciprocate with open-ness to people who are plainly and obviously racial nationalists?

On a broader note, the younger Asian-Americans I've met, particularly the males, are some of the whiniest people I've ever had the misfortune of encountering. They really do believe their hopelessness with white women is some sort of crucially important racial-discrimination/civil-rights issue that needs "redressing". They're arrogant as fuck too, it's like an entire ethnic group with /r9k/ levels of entitlement.

And the women constantly go on these weird Freudian rants about white men fetishizing them while having insane levels of white-fever only surpassed by their men (see: Suey Park and Anna Akana as two examples off the top of my head).

I've got a special contempt for Asian-Americans. I find them dishonest, disloyal and unbelievably whiny. I have no idea why I ever imagined them to be stoical as a group. They're the furthest thing from it!

Anonymous 5438

something tells me you have a penis and you never used it on a woman

Anonymous 5484

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 5495

>having a black hermione means we'll be raped my third worlders

Can pol leave? holy hell

Anonymous 5497

drama free.jpg

That has got to be the most sensationalist thing I've read all week, good job

Anonymous 5499

not an argument. inb4 you get triggered by stefansplaining

Anonymous 5506

>muh keelin da white race!!!1
>crying on a girls DIY pad website about this
Yeah well, it's no ones fault but your own you're unattractive. Furthermore, like SJWs you join some crazy movement to feel like you're doing something when, well, you're just sitting on your ass bitching online and making yourself out to be a victim whe you aren't one. You revel in what OTHER PEOPLE did and use it as an excuse to act high and mighty. Meanwhile, you? You as an individual have done nothing with your life.

Keep bitching, scum, it's so hot and manly!

Anonymous 5514

Well the entire argument about diversity is that it should reflect the increasingly non-white demographics of formerly white countries right?* And they are becoming increasingly non-white because of mass immigration. If there was no mass immigration, this argument would therefore hold no water.

*I'm aware diversity-pushers often claim all-black/non-white productions are "diversity" too, so even by the standards of population proportion it makes no sense.

Btw not >>5444

Anonymous 5519

>Yeah well, it's no ones fault but your own you're unattractive.

Lots of people were dealt shitty hands in terms of appearance, and appearance has a direct impact on personality. The harsh reality is that less attractive people are mistreated when growing up, and that creates personality defects and/or trains people to be avoidant which will in turn create more personality defects. The diseased cultural zeitgeist (spread via the media) enables this mistreatment by amplifying the importance of physical attractiveness and this has narrowed the spectrum of what is perceived as valuable in another person, especially in the under-35 crowd.

In essence, it is not your fault you are unattractive and by extension, not really your fault you have unattractive elements to your personality. The fault lies in an inability or willful failure to recognize unattractive traits and work to improve them, though this entire process often gets derailed by the depression the state of being unattractive in body and/or in spirit creates. It's easy to self-medicate and seek escapism when you are in a dark pit and can barely see the light of day up above.

Dismissing angry/pessimistic/bitter men and women as losers/failures ignores both the root causes and the very real suffering these people experience and on a more personal level, limits the quality and objectivity of your thought process and spiritual development. One does not ignore data simply because it paints an ugly picture, and the angry incel beta/bitter spinster tropes are far too widespread to be easily dismissable outliers. The fact that these people exist in large numbers and with similar problems and world views indicate a very important and conveniently malignancy in the social fabric that is of an origin exogenous to the people affected by it.

Anonymous 5764

that doesn't excuse them being total shitlords though

Anonymous 5796

Nah I was an ugly duckling and treated like shit when I was growing up and I don't have a shit attitude like that. I look good now and take care of myself now too.

Genuinely ugly people tend to be genuinely ugly inside. No surprise.

Anonymous 5797

>*I'm aware diversity-pushers often claim all-black/non-white productions are "diversity" too, so even by the standards of population proportion it makes no sense.

But those are not the same groups of people who want a sprinkle of pepper in a sea of salt, lmao. By diversity they mean something for black audiences to watch and identify with as opposed to all tv shows being full of white people.

Who the fuck cares. Everyone has their own show with people they look like them.

Anonymous 5806

unnamed (16).gif

My unpopular opinion is that I don't like the idea of abortions.

Before I start a war: I'd never say anything to discourage anyone from getting one (which already happened before when a relative got one and didn't tell anyone but me), and I know anyone's abortion won't affect me personally, and that in most cases it's done very early so the soon to be baby won't feel pain…
Etc etc etc

But it still makes me sad/depressed to think about it and that the baby, if healthy, won't have a chance to live, and that's unfair to not give someone a chance at living no matter the circumstances.

But I know these are just feelings, not logic, and that every case is different, so I keep it to myself.
Maybe I think like this because my mom was always very against it, she is very religious.

Anonymous 5807

I don't think that's unpopular, that's what most pro-lifer's feel. It's probably unpopular here, because it's stupid, and you sound like you know very little about abortion. They, don't ever abort babies, just cells that are going to turn into babies. I know you say your feelings aren't logical, but it sounds like you don't even know what you're talking about, and are going completely off of emotion, which is dangerous and stupid.

Anonymous 5808

It's very unpopular among my friends and the people I associate with. And yes, you're right that I'm not very educated when it comes to abortion, but I'm educated enough to know that the feelings I have due to my upbringing shouldn't dictate what other people do and don't.
Get off your high horse.

Anonymous 5813

>get off your high horse
>posts an uneducated 'unpopular opinion'
>explicitly says her opinion is based on feelings
>expects people to not call her out

yeah, and you need to get off your high horse since you obviously have the attitude of those idiots who'd rather have a baby have to live on the streets because 'life is precious' or something. get out.

Anonymous 5816

You can call me out on anything you want, it's the unpopular opinion thread anyway.
I don't need to justify myself again and again, i already explained why I think the way I do.
I think you're overly angry for pretty much no reason. I made it very clear I am not one of those people who bomb abortion clinics or try to convince people not to get them. It's just something I think because of how I was raised, but I know the way I think is illogical and biased, and I keep it to myself.

If it's morning where you are go eat something. Maybe you're hungry, that's why you're overreacting and being a bitch.

Anonymous 5820

That's not an unpopular opinion. Choosing to have an abortion isn't something people take lightly. It's really difficult and a lot of women feel bad about it but for women who are financially unable to have a child, for children that won't survive out of the womb, for women who have been raped, for women in abusive relationships etc. etc. etc. It's the better option.

Anonymous 5822

>If it's morning where you are go eat something. Maybe you're hungry, that's why you're overreacting and being a bitch.

this is a really shit attitude, and it doesn't explain why you're being a bitch. ffs.

Anonymous 5824

A proper response to someone who was acting triggered from the start.

Anonymous 5825

Can you calm the fuck down already? I'm the 3rd person to say something to you, but it looks like the only triggered one here was you. Anon said your ignorant opinion was dangerous thinking, and she's correct. No one was trying to tell you not to have it, you're the one who started bawwing about 'muh upbringing'. Maybe have some common sense and come into the thread with some balls instead of assuming everyone will just see your biased, uninformed opinion and not mention anything.

Anonymous 5828

> because 'life is precious'

You'd better not be a liberal, because they believe in the same sort of nonsense, just in different ways ("everyone is equal!" etc).

Anonymous 5829

>Who the fuck cares. Everyone has their own show with people they look like them.

I'd be 100% for ethnically exclusive media in the US. Wholly white shows, black shows, hispanic shows and asian shows with other shows that aim for a cross-racial appeal having people of different races.

The problem is that the moment you cast an all-white cast, morons start ree'ing.

Anonymous 5830

You guys are being a little sensitive. She admitted she would never try to stop someone from getting an abortion and she keeps her opinion to herself irl. And this is an unpopular opinion thread, if there's a place to post a private, controversial opinion it's here.

Anonymous 5837

I feel like she's being sensitive, this is the unpopular opinions thread, but that doesn't mean no one is going to comment on hers. That's par for the course, if she didn't want that she shouldn't have posted. There's tons of in-fighting ITT about much less serious stuff.

Anonymous 5838

>the moment you cast an all-white cast, morons start ree'ing.

This is my problem too, like with many other things, they are trying to promote what they'd like to see by pushing out what they don't want to see. This kind of attitude is a problem as well. People should focus on adding more media rather than removing or changing something that already exists.

Anonymous 5840

Thank you. That's exactly the point: I am not a pro-life activist and I keep my opinion to myself in my daily life.

Had I said I think abortion IS wrong and tried to justify it with this or that reason, then I wouldn't mind the way people are reacting. I never said that people shouldn't get them, and I made it clear in my posts. I know the reasons behind the way I see the topic are biased and very personal, which is why I don't say anything about it IRL.
That first anon was acting as if I was trying to stop women from getting abortions. Fucking lol.
Anyway this will be my last post itt because I don't want to derail it any longer just to keep repeating myself over and over to one or two angry anons.

I'm glad I was able to get it off my chest though.

Anonymous 5846

You're really annoying.

Anonymous 5851

People who support murdering of unborn children are more than annoying ,they're disgusting.

Anonymous 5865

My parents had me in their mid/late 30's and honestly it has had a number of negative repercussions for me, both as a baby/kid and today, and I strongly discourage it in others. I'm not going to go full retarded male poster and claim 22 year olds need to find an older male partner (lol if anything find a younger one imo) and start shitting out babies RIGHT NOW, but seriously, people dying or having serious health problems in their 60s is not uncommon, and it really fucking sucks when you're 22 and your aunt has just died, or you're 25 and you have to stop your life to help your dad who just had massive heart attack that he barely survived, or when your 26 and your mom lets it slip that she's pre-diabetic but won't change her lifestyle or eating habits. Don't do to your children what my parents did to me.

Anonymous 5871

Yeah, this is how civilizations die. The quality of your human capital just gets lower and lower through dysgenic and unhealthy fertility.

Not even joking or trolling. It's a biological fact.

Anonymous 5874

My parents had me in their early 40's (close to 45). I agree with everything you said.

I've felt since a very young age that I had lower energy levels and wasn't as healthy as my peers due to having older parents.

The media always rambles on about how older parents are ~better~ because they have their lives together, are financially stable and can pay for top education etc. My parents were poor, unstable AND old (old to be first time parents). Literally, my case isn't that uncommon, but it's completely ignored by ~older parent advocates~

I'm 27 now, and even though I think kids are cute, seeing as I likely won't get married before 30, there is no way I will have kids of my own. Even though I'm not going to have kids, I'd say between 22 and 31 are the "prime" years to have a child. Not too old, and not too young.

Anonymous 5891

I'm starting to hate youtube. It's too filled with drama and stupid internet disputes. It's just not my thing. I also don't like the community/most fanbases. Too much mob mentality and immaturity in general.

Anonymous 6220


Wine is the most overrated drink, especially red. It's the 21st century sheeple, wake up, we don't need to drink this disgusting crap anymore!

Anonymous 6225

not trying to be edgy or anything but i genuinely love seeing my blood drawn and don't mind getting shots or anything whatsoever. not that i rly have a thing for needles, i just love how blood looks and as a little kid was always really fascinated that something scary could go into my skin like that and be okay (probably scared my nurses lol). this is probably related to why i like getting acupuncture so much

Anonymous 6239

I really, really dislike the word "miners" being used to refer to "people on crystal.cafe." Frankly, it strikes me as a somewhat desperate attempt to emulate /b/tard, f/a/ggot, /v/irgin, fa/tg/uy, /fit/izen, or even "robot." I know it's a bit different because the name of the board/site isn't literally in the moniker, but I feel the effect is still the same. It's like a forced attempt to make us seem unified and we have a unique unbreakable culture to me. I fully support the sentiment behind it, I just don't like it being done like this.

Also, every time I read a post in my head, I second take and think it's saying "minors" which always makes a post sound creepy.

Anonymous 6243

Probably really unpopular but… people who are missing an arm or leg(s) are not "brave" (unless they lost them by saving someone etc). There's nothing brave about that? It absolutely sucks, yes, but what else can they do besides live on.

Anonymous 6289

Living on is pretty brave when your existence is painful and difficult, if I was really disabled I would probably kill myself rather than endure it. They deserve some credit for not giving up. Admittedly, missing a limb doesn't seem like it would ruin your life once you were used to it, I'm thinking of more debilitating issues.

Anonymous 6306

Heres news for you honey.

It IS precious and it IS a baby as is all life.

What isnt precious is your vagina or pretty face or feminist art career.

No one will remember them or you.

Anonymous 6308

my unpopular opinion would pretty much be considered "biphobia" if i spoke about it to other people, but i never do. i am "bisexual" myself, i guess, but i really hate it when straight af girls label themselves as bisexual but would never go beyond anything but watching lesbian porn.

they say they'd never have a romantic relationship with another woman, or that the only time they ever fucked one was that night when they were drunk, lol.
i mean, before anyone like that gets triggered: fuck it if you wanna call yourself bisexual but wouldn't really be with a woman for real. do it if you want to. i cant be in your head to say who you feel attracted to, so thats your business, but please don't go around saying you're the B in LGBT when you just did it once when you were drunk asf (better call yourself bicurious), and that you're convinced you could neeeeever love a woman.

that sadly just fuels idiots heads when they say all bi women are straight girls experimenting, or bored, or sexually repressed. that is dumb and only gives ammo for the REAL biphobics.

Anonymous 6314


Same. They are so unwilling to take criticism that it's ridiculous. And their response is always the same shit: "why do u care lool?!?"

Like uh maybe because it shows that you are willing to introduce foreign materials into your own flesh for the sole purpose of expressing your juvenile faux-individuality.
Granted, I do not even bring it up in person, because I am polite. But the mentality of these people makes me sick, it's so childish, "it's MY body" etc. They think in terms of social cliches and borrowed ideals and express no capacity nor desire to consider the symbolic meanings of the decisions they make and the moral character that they imbue.
Cue people calling me names and "why do u care lol?!?"

Anonymous 6319

What if that baby grows up to have a feminist art career though? Does it stop being precious??
Jokes aside,get the fuck out of here. Do you also think men shouldn't jack off because spunk has potential babies in it? clumps of cells aren't babies, you goon.

Anonymous 6321

Not that anon, but have you ever seen an aborted fetus at 8 weeks? If not, Google it. It looks like a tiny human baby, and yes, having an abortion at 8 weeks is absolutely legal in most countries where they have abortion laws. Everyone should decide by themselves if they want to have an abortion or not, but saying it's just a clump of cells as if it was some sort of cancer is absolutely disrespectful not only for the pregnant woman, but also for the baby. No matter how you put it, that clump of cells will grow to be a human baby if pregnancy isn't interrupted. If you wanna feel better about abortion, okay. But don't pretend the pregnant woman is gonna shit out a brick instead of human life. You're disgusting.

Anonymous 6324

No, you are disgusting. Suggesting that a potential abstract human that hasn't developed any sort of conciousness yet has the same rights as a fully developed human baby is absurd.

Anonymous 6325


They actually want to give MORE rights to a fetus than you or I have. I don't get to strap people down and steal their blood or organs, even if they're dead, even if I give it to people who would die if they didn't get them. Hell, my parents made the choice to be dirty sluts and have me, and yet the minute I got out of the womb neither of them were under any obligation to, say, give me their liver if mine failed. But women are supposed to be incubators for fetuses, even though they're literally parasites, sure.

Anonymous 6327


it looks like an alien

Anonymous 6328

Still has human DNA and will grow to be a human if pregnancy isn't terminated. Not the mom's, but their own DNA, meaning it's not some sort of freaky tumor. It has eyelids, upper lip, and the nose tip.
I never said it IS the same as a human baby, but that it will be one, and calling it a clump of cells is fucking disrespectful to many women who endure pregnancies, even for many who decide to get abortions. I'm not a pro-lifer, I just get horrified by people like you who try to dehumanize the entire process of pregnancy. Many people do that though, I shouldn't be surprised. If you want to keep comparing fetuses and embryos to cancer cells feel free to do it though.
(Reposted this to fix a typo)

Anonymous 6331

This a hundred percent.

Anonymous 6352

haha looks more like those little jelly aliens that came in plastic eggs full of goo than a "baby"

Anonymous 6355

People who use recreational drugs, including cannabis, are complete scum. The people who normalise cannabis use are scum. I'll keep voting against it being made legal.

Alcohol really has no place in a healthy society. Binge drinking is as disgusting as binge eating. Alcoholics are generally shitty people. I'd vote for prohibition today. Same goes for tobacco.

People who don't care about the environment and respecting the only life sustaining planet are scum.

Gay people should not be allowed to have children or adopt, especially gay men.

Men really are disgusting sex-crazed creatures and this is highlighted most obviously in gay male culture.

Asylum is meant to be temporary and ought to only be given to single women or girls without children.

Citizenship should only be granted to those whose parents are both born citizens.

Sex should only occur within marriage. Sexual promiscuity promotes mental illness. You're not empowering yourself by engaging in high risk behaviour. You're also disgusting.

Women who normalise pornography and prostitution as legitimate career fields are traitorous scum. Both ought to be banned.

BDSM is a way for abusive men to get away with being abusive. 90% of the women involved are subs. Sexual power dynamics are unhealthy. Kink shaming is good.

Race and intelligence have a direct correlation.

Anonymous 6358

Idk if this is bait but I secretly agree with the majority of the points you made. Maybe I'm horribly outdated, idk.

Anonymous 6364

Anonymous 6365

every time i come to this thread and think to myself it can't get any worse it fucking outdoes itself lmao

Anonymous 6374


Party at Anons place!


Anonymous 6423

Cats are overrated and cat people are more often than not obnoxious

Anonymous 6425

This miner speaks the truth.

Anonymous 6427

I don't trust cat people.

Anonymous 6429

Dogs are usually dumb as fuck (no, your dog and the super trained dogs used by the cops are not even comparable). So if you treat a dog nicely, the stupid dog will like you. That's why people like dogs. Meanwhile, you have to be worthy of cats love and affection. Dog people are usually just lazy asses to want dumb pet slaves as company.

Anonymous 6434

call me prejudiced but, I am immediately wary of anyone who has more pictures of their cat on social media than anything else. Men with pictures of their cats/a cat and no pictures of themselves are the most suspect.

Anonymous 6435

I think it's so lame when people try to dis cat people or dog people, it's like a lazy radio show topic or something. In the US, a third of people own a cat and over a third of people own a dog. And there's a lot of overlap in that too. Any problem you have with people in general, being sloppy, stupid, lazy, WHATEVER, can be labeled to either group and be kinda right just because there's so many damn owners of either animal. There are archetypes like the crazy cat lady where you feel like you can tie them down to one group, but I've met some crazy dog ladies too.
kind of goes both ways on the lazy thing, you don't have to let a cat out to use the bathroom regularly, you just change it's box however often, and you don't have to walk a cat. And as far as cat owners or dog owners being.. problematic.. I know SO MANY dog owners who don't play with or exercise their dog enough, if at all. They're practically just decorations for their home or little backyard. And they feel so guilty over it that they exaggerate or lie about it too, I can easily picture someone on here doing the same and saying "that's not all of us! I know better!" when they walk their dog once a month. People who act like this really should just own cats because clearly they aren't "dog people", and I don't think most people who own cats are "cat people" either, but cats are independent as heck and can just be background characters and it's okay. I agree with you on the affection thing, dogs just like you, it's just what they do, you have to treat most cats well for it to like you and depending on their personality that may not even get you anywhere. I've had lots of both animals but if I had to label myself I'd say I'm a cat person because I think they're so pretty and their behavior suits me more.

Anonymous 6438

Oh yes, I totally agree with you on that since dogs require more "attention", in a way; as in going for walks. I should have explained that better. Both owners can be very problematic tho, in their very own ways, as you beautifully explained.
I don't hate dogs, they're very loyal, I guess. But I'm a cat person, I've been one since childhood… I guess I understand the hype of posting your cats pictures everywhere: you don't really take your cat for walks, so the internet is a good place to let the world see your cat, or your friends see them. I'm not on social media so I don't post my cat everywhere, but I do understand the feeling behind it.

Anonymous 6439

Penetrative sex is good but overrated. Clit for the win.

Anonymous 6440

I think cats would greatly benefit from going on walks. Cat people stereotyped as lazy introverts for a reason.

Anonymous 6441

I am for kitties outside for the ones that like it. It is a good compromise for indoor cats that used to be outdoor cats.

Anonymous 6442

Anonymous 6444

The one time I took my cat on a leash outside he didn't enjoy it at all and got sick three days later. I don't think cats can go on walks.

Anonymous 6448

Penetrative sex is inherently demeaning to the one being penetrated. It's also demeaning to perform fellatio. Part of the appeal for men is that they're debasing you, and it makes them feel powerful.

Anonymous 6450

Cats can go on walks it's just some enjoy it and some don't. I've had cats who enjoyed it and others who prefer to just dart around the house or look out the window. It takes a lot of teaching to train a cat to walk with a harness though

Anonymous 6451

Hmmmm that is probably true. That also explains why I'm 50% gay and like women better in general when it comes to sex.

Anonymous 6469

People who don't play withtheir cats, don't groom them, get them declawed, and leave out a huge bowl of Meow Mix for them to get fat on are shitty people.

Anonymous 6470

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion, haha. You're absolutely correct.

Anonymous 6471

goddamn I hated reading that because you're right. I hate being a woman so fucking much.

I literally am never going to have sex. The way that men view women makes me so sad, I almost wish I didn't know.

Anonymous 6472

Maybe someday we will evolve into asexual beings, anon. I hope evolution keeps going faster and faster.

Anonymous 6473

if i didn't feel really bad for you two i'd be laughing, this could be dialogue in a comedy skit

Anonymous 6474

Nah, you don't have to feel bad for me, I'm not the person who said penetrative sex is inherently demeaning. I'm happy with my bf. But I think lots of problems would be solved if everyone was asexual. No rape, no STDs… Can you imagine that? Amazing. Too bad we're still too far from perfection.

Anonymous 6475

Why is >>6471 funny to you? It's not like I'm making shit up out of thin air. Men view women with pure contempt and hatred. They don't give a fuck what is demeaning and what isn't.

Anonymous 6476

I'm not the anon you're quoting but I agree with >>6471 for the most part, sadly. I don't think it was funny, just sad, but based on the reality most of us see when guys show their true colors. Maybe it's not even their fault, it's biological, idk.

Anonymous 6477

I finally can get this off my chest in this thread: Harry Potter is shit and Emma Watson overated.

Not only that, but also slightly ugly, not normal-pretty or average. Just ugly. She's a nice actress though.

Anonymous 6479

On the topic of YA fiction, I think John Green is creepy and should stay away from young girls.

Anonymous 6485


Asexuality is not feasible in most large organisms, and humans have too few children and live in social conditions where disease is too rampant for asexuality to ever be feasible for us. I'm sorry, but your weird fantasy is never going to come true.

Anonymous 6486

Voluntary human extinction is always an option.

Anonymous 6487

Or cyborg future where reproduction is not tied to sex anymore.

Opinion is I do not see the appeal of the fjallraven kanken backpack.

Anonymous 6488

Let's see you say that in 1000 years.

Anonymous 6489

I don't think things are that black and white, I think there are lots of great men out there just like there are a lot of great women. A majority of men definitely don't hate women, and you could try to say oh because men tend to do this thing or generally think this, that means they hate women, but it's always bad logic. Even as you are now with your shitty outlook there's probably some dude out there who fits you to a T, probably thousands.

Anonymous 6490


I mean we pretty much already have that, you could go out right now and buy some sperm and pop it in you with 0% sex or if you really want to be a purist pay for some female doctor to take your eggs out, fertilize them and pop them back in.


Pls anon stop saying things you're doing science a hurtter I already drink enough and these things, you keep saying them, and they… you don't… That's not how…. pls anon staph

Anonymous 6500

I've never seen a cat love a human being. They hate being touched, they hate the smell of humans, they're quick to scratch and bite. There's no relationship between humans and cats. It's pathetic watching people try to bend over backwards to try to get their cat to like them lmao.

Dogs are highly intelligent animals. If you ever had one, you'd know. My dog (without ever teaching him) knew hundreds of words (car, bed, walk, people's names, cat, the name of all the rooms in our house, the names of other dogs….I could go on). I've never seen a cat do that so I definately can't vouch for them having any kind of intelligence. He wasn't my "slave", he was a very independant dog. He told us when he wanted to eat, when he wanted to go for a walk, when he wanted to go outside for a pee, when he wasn't happy with something.

Dogs and humans have been together much longer and they have a really close relationship. The only symbiosis that cats offer is they stick around because they get fed and the humans get the satisfaction of having a live deccoration in the house. Honestly though, I'd encourage cat people to still continue getting cats. Cats are an animal for lazy people (they don't need to be entertained, they don't need to be fed because they can hunt for themselves, they don't need walks, they don't need to be washed…) and a cat person wouldn't be able for the responsibility of having a dog. I'm just sick of cat people constantly spewing about how superior they are to people who have dogs, it makes them look worse in my eyes than if they'd just say "Yeah I love having an animal that requires me to do little to no work and also it hates me and I'm okay with that, I still keep it because it looks cool wandering around the house".

Anonymous 6501

My kotlet follows me everywhere. She is always pressing her face against mine or trying to groom me. She insists on sleeping on my lap at all times, or sleeping next to me in bed. That's how cats show affection.

Anonymous 6504

fandom culture is weird and gross

Anonymous 6505

Cats are capable of showing affection, just not in the way you'd like them to(leg rubbing, bunting, attempts at bathing you, kneading, etc. purring isn't the only way). You don't seem to have had very good experiences with cats but many actually need a lot more attention than you think. I've seen plenty of cats that might as well be dogs at a certain point. They take more time to understand so maybe you don't have the patience for figuring that out.

I like cats because they're so complicated and it's fun seeing what makes each individual cat respond well. I've had dogs but I just don't enjoy them as pets as much because I felt like I didn't have as much to learn about them. I like them and will gladly watch over them if need be but I'm not crazy about having them as pets. They can be nice pets but not what I'm looking for. I work with cats p much day in and day out now and love it because the learning is nonstop.

t.cat nerd

Anonymous 6510

I live in a country that had wars/communism so a lot of people from here left for other countries (mostly the US, Germany, France). I HATE how these people that left when they were kids- and now are grown up- don't teach their own kids about their roots. And when they come over here they think they are hot shit because they were raised some where else (as illegal immigrants of course). Get off your high horse bitches, and teach your kids where they are originally from. They should be proud of their OWN history and heritage.

Anonymous 6523


This. Dogs are truly man's best friend.
Cats just stick around because they get free food.

Anonymous 6527


>>I've never seen a cat love a human being. They hate being touched, they hate the smell of humans, they're quick to scratch and bite. There's no relationship between humans and cats. It's pathetic watching people try to bend over backwards to try to get their cat to like them lmao.

My cats have only scratched me if they slip off my lap (accident). They love being petted (will often jump onto my lap and lay on my chest (they've even tried jumping in my lap while I'm bathing). They often lick me, so I doubt they hate the scent of humans. They have never bitten me except with "love bites" which are gentle and don't hurt. Sounds like you've just had a shit time with cats, anon. I used to not be a cat person either, but one day I was walking around a pet store and immediately fell in love with my first own cat. Then I got another, and well, I love my cats and have completely changed my views.

I didn't like cats much either because I had some weird cats growing up, much like you described cats to be…but there's a ton of awesome cats too!

Anonymous 6528

you know what's interesting is every single person i've known who doesn't like or hates cats has either been allergic to them, or had a bad experience with hostile cats growing up. i always thought it was super weird how common the latter one was, like you're gonna base your entire opinion on a whole species on one shitty unfriendly cat? i've had my hand clamped onto by a doberman, and a german shepherd jumped on me and gave me a scar, but in both of those experiences i knew the dog didn't mean any harm and still love dogs as well as cats (weirdly enough i WAY prefer big dogs to small ones). it just weirds me out that people who are more cat-leaning never seem to HATE dogs, but people who call themselves dog people have this like strange vendetta against all cats. like it's not that deep guys

idk, i love all animals for their individual quirks. maybe having a dog that acted like a cat and growing up with a cat that even cat-hater friends loved because he was doglike helped me appreciate the variety of personalities animals can have.

Anonymous 6530

Yeah, there is way too much generalizing based on anecdotes used against dogs or cats.
Both types of animals come in different breeds and temperaments.

But this is an opinion thread so no one is right, just how they express their opinions might be way one-sided for personal reasons.

Anonymous 6531

but everyone is responding to the person who was dissing someone else's opinion.

Anonymous 6534


My cats have always been so needy I was never able to understand why people say they don't love their owners. Mine literally follow me all day long, it gets a little annoying at times. When I go to bed they all come to the bed with me and won't sleep anywhere else, seriously, when my boyfriend comes over we have to lock them outside the bedroom and even then they scratch the door for a good half hour because they want to be with us.

Are you talking about >>6429? Because nobody agreed with them

Anonymous 6544

People who are allergic to cats are allergic to all animals to an extent but someone explained to me once that cats produce more oil which makes people more allergic to them.

I haven't had a bad experience with cats as a child (actually took care of two stray cats who I loved). Many of my friends have cats.

I still hate cats in general and think they're shit pets. I'd never want another. They just hang around your house for food, they're not actually your friend.

Anonymous 6556

I'm a bit allergic to cats (don't hate them) and if I spend a long time (few months) away from the family dog I get a lil allergic to him for a couple days. Interesting thing to know.

I don't mind cats, don't fuck with them cause allergies, but some cat people can be a bit much imo. Personally, I think it's kinda gross that the cat owners I know let their animals on their kitchen surfaces and stuff, even while they're cooking.

I know quite a few of cat people who hate dogs because they don't work like cats. It's pretty sick imo.

Anonymous 6565

I don't like trannies. It doesn't change my life at all if and if I talk to one I treat them like everyone else but no I don't think they're women.

Anonymous 6572

Is that even an unpopular opinion if you're not among a bunch of SJWs?

Anonymous 6573

I don't dislike them, I just dislike how our society treats trannies. I think they'd benefit more if they got mental therapy, because it's gross we push mutilation on to them.

Anonymous 6588

>>Personally, I think it's kinda gross that the cat owners I know let their animals on their kitchen surfaces and stuff, even while they're cooking.

I do this, and agree it's gross. I just enjoy the company and find it sweet that they want to hang out with me, although usually they sit on a kitchen chair rather than the table. With that said, I move them and then wash my hands if they get too close to the food I'm cooking. Even as a cat person, having anyone's hair in my food is nasty and embarrassing so I'm extremely careful to keep things clean.

I think the main issue is a lot of people aren't very hygienic when they cook anyway, and having cats walking around and shedding hair just exasperates any bad cooking habits.

Notable examples of filthy cooking habits that are made worse by cats:
>>dropping food on the floor and reusing instead of tossing or rewashing with soapy water
>>dropping utensils on the floor and reusing them
>>not washing food at all before cooking
>>not washing hands while cooking
>>tasting food from a spoon and putting the spoon back in the food being cooked
>>being lazy when washing dishes, and not thoroughly cleaning
>>long hair swinging all over the food they are cooking, rather than pulling it back

These same people often have no issue petting their cats and then getting fur all over the food.

Anonymous 6590

okay anon, slow down there.

first off, do not wash food with regular soap, ever. that will make you more sick than anything on the floor unless it's like a fully unpeeled veggie or something.

second off, there's nothing wrong with dipping a spoon in what you're cooking -while- it's cooking, that is not unsanitary, ever heard of hot pot?

you sound like one of those neat freaks who actually has no idea what they're doing.

Anonymous 6596


SJWs who post almost all the time about how racism, transphobia, sexism, homophobia, etc. is so bad tend to secretly be racist, homophobic, or sexist but in different ways than usual. The number of time I've seen black american shit all over other POCs who are at least treated as badly as them, is incredible. That's just one example among many others.

Trans people are either mentally unstable or attention whores, I don't understand why they're associated with the LGB part of LGBT group, aside from historical reasons. They're giving everyone else a shitty reputation.

I have no pity for people with illnesses, disorders or injuries that they brought on themselves. Don't smoke (cigarettes or anything else), drink alcohol with no moderation whatsoever or eat until your obese or get diabetes and complain about it. It's your fault.

There should be more places that are only for adults, no just bars and nightclubs. I know it's the case for some conventions, but I don't think that's the case in my country. Or if it is it's not common. I'm sick of going to cons where there are so many kids who hate it, with parents who either ignore them or hate the con as well, and see that so many of them don't know how to behave, especially when some of the con guests can be hentai artists and the booths are covered in NSFW pictures and merchandises. There's a cat cafe in my city that's only for clients above 15 or 1 I think and so many people are salty over this, but it's a great thing imo, because the only time I went there, it was full of kids mistreating the cats and playing with them like they were toys. I don't even dislike children but I guess I'm tired of them these days.

I don't like fanarts that depict racebending because the ones I see are all about "fixing" the character design and those ones are almost all ugly. Just fanarts that change the character design of literally anything to make it less "problematic" is usually shit and made by mediocre artists at best.

Fanfictions with almost any AUs are bound to be shit, depending on the original story. I'm sick of seeing Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy fanfics being college AUs or coffee shop AUs, they're always OOC and cringey. Or when more realistic stories with a modern setting have steampunk AUs or omegaverse AUs or whatever the fuck.

Chocolate is overrated. Pespi is just as good as Coca Cola, it just tastes different.

Girls who used to insult other girls with thick lips and eyebrows until it became trendy and who use cakey makeup to make it look like they have thick eyebrows and lips need to fuck off.

I'm sure there are other things I can't think of right now.

Anonymous 6598

>chocolate is overrated
Now that's just taking things too far anon

Anonymous 6600

>chocolate is overrated
Woha there, calm down, what the hell was that for?

Anonymous 6601

>>Trans people are either mentally unstable or attention whores, I don't understand why they're associated with the LGB part of LGBT group, aside from historical reasons. They're giving everyone else a shitty reputation.

Same. Trans isn't a sexuality.

>>There should be more places that are only for adults, no just bars and nightclubs. I don't even dislike children but I guess I'm tired of them these days.

Agreed. Even in regards to housing, it's annoying that having 1 pet cat can exclude you from certain places, but having 5 screeching toddlers is considered A-OK. Luckily, a lot of countries are having fewer and fewer kids, so even in "family-friendly" places, it will be mainly adults. I hardly even see kids these days.

Anonymous 6602

>I hardly even see kids these days.
I hardly even see your people walking in my town

Anonymous 6603


Anonymous 6604

Your non-corrected comment made me laugh anon.

I'm actually happy there are less young people (maybe unpopular opinion). I like the idea of less future competition in the work force and things being more adult-centric.

Anonymous 6639

Guys with abs are overated tbh.

Anonymous 6674

'headcanon' fan art is just a shitty grab at attention. the artist is too creatively bankrupt to design good characters that others will like so they cling to popular things and change them for pc points. most of these artists who are known for this would have 0 following if they didn't do this and simply drew oc.

Anonymous 6680

Guys with big cocks are overrated too.

Average is where it's at imo.

Anonymous 6683

Agreed 100%

Anonymous 6691

Not sure if anyone else feels this, but I don't feel a lot of sexual attraction to someone's body.
I had an ex with a "perfect" body who didn't care about how I was feeling in sex. My current boyfriend has a tummy but he's very caring and patient in sex. That is the most important thing for me.

My ideal is average cock, larger than average girth, but as long as I cum in someway the cock doesn't really matter.

Anonymous 6697

Asexuality is a meme. Unless one is severely autistic or a sexual trauma survivor it's highly likely that they are just memeing for attention.

I realize there are exceptions to this rule, but nearly all of today's asexuals are just 2005's "bisexuals." In a few years they'll get over it.

Anonymous 6698

I'm tired of society and especially other women giving men a pass at everything

>"Tee-hee I don't mind my bf's humongous flabby gut chubby guys are kawaii ^___^, but oh girls I'm 120 pounds instead of 90 pls help me lose weight I've going to the gym during hubbies CoD time but I just can't lose more!"

>"Omg <insert white bread actor here> is a frumpy ugly freak but I ~like his personality~ so I've joined the cult of personality around him"
>"My husband is a piece of shit who doesn't nothing all day but I can't possibly leave him because then I'd be one one those females who's ALONE without a MAN and omg I just can't do that this is jsut how men are uwu"

Fuck you and fuck off

Anonymous 6699

>>I realize there are exceptions to this rule, but nearly all of today's asexuals are just 2005's "bisexuals." In a few years they'll get over it.

Hmmm I never thought of this before, but you seem to be on to something anon.

Anonymous 6702

So what happened to the 2005 bisexuals, though? Just curious because I was young during that time period.

Anonymous 6703

NTYAYT but they moved on and went back to straight.

Anonymous 6705

Most MtF trannies are fetishists who are partly interested in transitioning for social benefits.

Progressivism is a social individualism, conservatism is an economic individualism. Both suck.

Psychiatry has a lot of problems. Antipsychotics cause irreversible brain shrinkage and cognitive decline, and definitely should not be prescribed for stuff like anxiety or depression. The depression epidemic is inflated with a bunch of mentally healthy people who crave concern and validation.

All drugs should be legalized.

The internet has made people more unhappy. Pornography should be illegalized. Smart phones are AIDS.

Eugenics is misunderstood and underrated.

The higher education system is increasingly expensive and nearly useless.

Anonymous 6706

>Most MtF trannies are fetishists who are partly interested in transitioning for social benefits.
Met one like that IRL
>Psychiatry has a lot of problems. The depression epidemic is inflated with a bunch of mentally healthy people who crave concern and validation.
True to some extent
>Pornography should be illegalized
I agree but sadly it'll never happen

Anonymous 6708

Which is a little weird, aren't young people supposed to want to experiment instead of… backing away and doing nothing? That's why I never hated the ~bisexuals~, it was dumb and attention whore-y but it was understandable.
I think that ace as an identity is very much a meme but I do think a lot of teenagers are indifferent towards sex.

This >>6703
All my emo/scene/whatever "bisexual" friends returned to straight like nothing ever happened. A couple girls went full lesbo though and now post pics of their girlfriends on facebook, it's adorable

>Eugenics is misunderstood and underrated.
Couldn't agree more.

My own unpopular opinion is that disabled people who are against people aborting disabled fetuses (astigmatism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome etc) are retarded. Especially when they think parents shouldn't be allowed to have the test.
You're literally disabled. As in, not healthy, there's something developmentally wrong with you. You might be a nice guy but being diseased is not a good thing and the fact that you're really cool despite your retardation does not and will not change that fact.
That fetus might turn out to be cool too, but chances are it'll become a huge burden on its parents and society.

Anonymous 6709

>Pornography should be illegalized.

out of curiosity, how do things like drawings, comics or written erotica figure into it? especially content made by women for women

Anonymous 6712

>The number of time I've seen black american shit all over other POCs who are at least treated as badly as them, is incredible.
This. I saw some post on ig calling out racism against asians and at least 50% of the comments were people saying "wELL but they're racist against black people!!" As if some asians being racist against black people excuses other people being racist against asians like how stupid.

>My own unpopular opinion is that disabled people who are against people aborting disabled fetuses (astigmatism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome etc) are retarded.
My problem with people aborting fetuses the moment they're told they will be disabled is that otherwise they would have kept that child. Giving birth to a non-disabled baby does not guarantee that they will not become disabled later in life.
I think you should be allowed to abort whenever for whatever reason.
But, if the only reason you would abort is the possibility of disability then I think you should not have children AT ALL, because what are you gonna do if you're healthy-born child becomes disabled? If you can't care for a disabled newborn, do not have children at all imo.

Anonymous 6714


>Which is a little weird, aren't young people supposed to want to experiment instead of… backing away and doing nothing? That's why I never hated the ~bisexuals~, it was dumb and attention whore-y but it was understandable.

I think that ace as an identity is very much a meme but I do think a lot of teenagers are indifferent towards sex.

MFTE, so here comes another unpopular opinion: I don't think experimenting and flaunting a new identity are bad things, how are you gonna find out who you are if you don't try it on to see if it fits? Instead of condemning ~phases~, I think we should just let young people find themselves without making a huge deal out of it.

Also agreed that a lot of teens seem to be not very interested in sex outside of a hypothetical scenario or fantasies. I don't see a sex drive in a lot of my friends and think a lot of them go ~queer~ because straight relationships mean sex.

Anonymous 6715

agreed on all fronts. especially porn. not even just porn for males, but porn is a huge issue that fucks up your brain as far as sex is concerned.

Anonymous 6719

Same deal, because pornography has issues other than exploitation. Erotic comics and literature are just as bad when it comes to giving people strange fetishes and distancing them from prosocial sexual interests.

Also, saying porn should be illegal only for men only is hypocritical and pathetic.

Anonymous 6720

>Antipsychotics cause irreversible brain shrinkage and cognitive decline, and definitely should not be prescribed for stuff like anxiety or depression. The depression epidemic is inflated with a bunch of mentally healthy people who crave concern and validation.
Yep, I think something similar to this but I have a different take on it.
Doctors are far too eager to hand a bottle of pills to patients who can be effectively treated with things like cognitive behavioral therapy alone. Drugs should be reserved for those who have suffered severe mental trauma that's left something distinctly out of place, for lack of a better way of wording it. It's irresponsible to prescribe antidepressants to people who are mentally and emotionally balanced enough to go without them, especially because they could have worse side-effects.

Anonymous 6722

Maybe it's because I don't want and don't like children at all that I'm able to think of it this way, but if your child becomes disabled you deal with it because there's nothing else you can do at that point. But an unborn child is still "a project" in a sense, you can do something about it, so why would you keep it going if there's a big enough chance it'll be disabled? Scrape it and try again. Why put yourself, the child, and the world around it through that suffering?

Anonymous 6724

not that anon, but that's like saying people shouldn't have kids if they're worried they're going to die from a disease or something. the issue isn't the unknown, it's dealing with the known.

Anonymous 6729

It's obvious that you don't like children at all from that kind of bullshit you typed.

Anonymous 6738


I hate it when people argue today, because majority of them argue to be right, not to challenge their knowledge.

It is fucking impossible to learn today, because as soon as you question it or argue against it, they think you're attacking them or their way of life.

Anonymous 6745

There's nothing wrong with makeup, and I definitely like wearing some myself, but most people just wear TOO MUCH. Then complain they have horrible skin and that they're aging fast at 22. Of course, you pretty much paint your face everyday.

Most girls don't even need foundation tbh. I'm sure YOU reading this rn looks good without it. Trust me.

Anonymous 6746

i agree but i think a lot of the problem is that a lot of people are wearing the wrong makeup, not just too much. i wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis but it looks good because it works with -me-. makeup is something you need to pick out for you specifically, you can't just buy what everyone else buys or buy an expensive brand and expect it to look good on you. another thing is that people follow tutorials to a T and it looks bad because the tutorial only works good for the person who made it or people exactly like them.

adding to this, i feel that makeup tutorials in general are stupid unless it's strictly technique, because of everything i just said. i think that people can copy a look, but then they have to have good understanding of how to translate something that someone does onto their own faces. think of white girls trying to copy looks from japan but not trying to fit it to their face and just doing the exact same thing as if their face works that way.

Anonymous 6749


Make up is literal poison that capitalism sells by creating and fostering and then preying on insecurities in women and only women. It should be banned.

Anonymous 6750

>Literal poison

Anonymous 6752


Artificial chemical goop that contains slightly less heavy metals than it's ancient counterparts who's only purpose is to make women look unreal. It's proven to damage your body, it's proven to increase infection, in every society that uses it it has literally killed people. It. Should. Be. Banned.

Anonymous 6753

Can you share the source where you read it's literally killed people (im talking about modern makeup, not ancient Egyptian makeup)? I don't doubt you're right tbh. Im just curious to learn more.

Anonymous 6754


Bitch shut the fuck up you voluntarilly partake in it and there's plenty of all natural makeup. How else do you thibk our ancestors invented that shit?

Anonymous 6757

lol not all makeup is shitty drugstore shit you fucking idiot.

Anonymous 6760


When make-up became a thing again at the turn of the century it was almost unchanged from the 1700's. Flappers used Kohl or a nice mix of Vaseline, fat, and fireplace soot, foundation had lead, rouge had a good chance of being another type of lead or mercury, and then you had things like the Lash Lure incidence. It wasn't until 1938 that make-up came under the rule of the FDA and deaths began to drop.

However, if you think that means the make up industry still doesn't use toxic chemicals you're a fucking moron. They still use lead and mercury and zinc and all those pretty little pigments- just in concentrations low enough that it won't outright kill you and mixed with other chemical agents- one's that'll give you cancer. On top of that in recent years people have had to worry about counterfeit or just cheap make-up from China that has the cancer chemicals AND the old unsafe levels.



There's no such thing as natural or healthy make up you dumb hoes. Your bare minerals foundation still has titanium dioxide manufactured from the same factory that the KILZ house paint gets their's from. It's still got petroleum byproducts to set it and give it that nice consistence. It's still packed with preservatives or else it wouldn't even be legal to sell. Fucking hell, just pour some fucking mineral oil and curing salt into a quart of odorless semi-gloss and slop it on your face with a roller, it's same fucking shit as your organic vegan mineral powder.

Even if we were somehow to invented an artificial gorp that's physically okay to leave on your skin for hours, the psychological and social damage make up does is so insidious and horrifying it should be done away with anyways. But oh it's okay if little girls grow up thinking women don't have pores, that's totally healthy and man you just gotta smear some overpriced crap on your nasolabial folds or else the world will end. Without make up a penis wielder might not thinking you're the prettiest girl at the ball and then all your puking will have been for nothing :'(

Anonymous 6761


>I don't like thing
>So I should remove the option for peopls to partake in thing
>because it's like 99% of things in the modern world and gives you ebolaids
>oh and it hurts my feefees

Anonymous 6763


Sure, I want it banned just because I don't like it, not because it has a myriad of bad aspects to it. Go dunk your head in the KILZ bucket.

Anonymous 6765

Found the tinfoil hat fearmonger lol.
Your processed food, the chemicals lingering in the clothes you wear, your tampons, your soap, your shampoo, your sunscreen, the polluted air you breathe, even the hormones your body releases when you stay up late. All of that has dangerous chemicals that give people cancer. Not to mention all the dangerous radiation you get bombarded with every day, not only from electronics but from the sun as well. Whether you wear makeup or not it barely makes an impact compared to all that. You're cherrypicking something you don't like and trying to shove your self righteousness into people's faces because you're a fucking weirdo. So please calm them tits. Don't like makeup? Don't wear it, no one cares.

Anonymous 6772

I think single parents should get more financial support from our state if they work but don't get payed much and don't recieve child support. They are under a lot of stress taking care of a child alone and working fulltime. They shouldn't have financial troubles on top of that.

Many people disagree because they worry it will encourage people to be a single parent. But I don't think a significant amount of people would want to be a single parent with low income.

(I'm not a single parent btw.)

Anonymous 6773

Okay, who cares. Let people do what they want with their fucking face you psychotic cunt

Anonymous 6774

people in this thread are really protective of their makeup apparently

Anonymous 6775

Actually, I never thought of or heard this idea, but I think it's an awesome idea and definitely deserves more support (also not single parent, but my mom was a single parent and even though my stepdad helped out a lot, it was obviously stressful)

Anonymous 6782

I hate how people idolize dumb celebrities, and don't you dare criticize said celebrities. It's like you're telling their moms to go fuck themselves. It's utterly stupid.
Most of the time they're absolutely talentless btw.

Anonymous 6785

Not directed at you but I think what someone thinks about, say, the Kardashians, tells a lot about what kind of person someone is and where their values are.
You don't see them criticized for any of the legitimately shitty things they've done, only that they have the audacity of being carefree and filthy rich and vapid which isn't a crime even though people treat them that way.
Most of the time the top complainers are men who never had a second thought about how much their fav soccer players earn and how they provide the same privileges (plastic surgery and a lavish lifestyle) to their women, or not like the other girls syndrome.

Anonymous 6787


Totally agree with you, not sure why you've been met with so much anger. Makeup is full of horrible ingredients and gives men unrealsitic expectations.

I feel comfortable in makeup, ngl. I don't leave the house without foundation, concealer and mascara on. But I hate living like this. I'm so jealous that men can walk outside unashamed with patchy red skin or acne and nobody even says a word. When I don't have makeup on I get comments about how I look sick or too pale or tired and everyone will comment on how my skin has broken out, which makes me feel like shit. I feel naked without makeup and that's NOT a good thing.

I'm also really happy for women who have made careers for themselves with makeup. I love seeing women do well. But they've built their careers by selling things to other women that they don't need. Advertisements for women create this horrible anxiety around aging and it's sick. That same pressure to put on five different creams before bed isn't put on men.

I love makeup but I also hate it. It's dangerous and I don't think it should be sold to us like it is.

Anonymous 6789

holy shit, you have no idea what you are talking about. please calm the hell down, you sound like you just scanned a fucking anti-makeup blog and left it at that. most of this shit is scare tactics and misinformation, also you're doing the same thing.

Anonymous 6790

she's being met by anger because she's talking out of her ass, acting like western and chinese makeup are the only kinds of makeup, and implying that women are too stupid to understand what they are using. she is being very hateful, as are you. no one makes you wear makeup and it's you fault for acknowledging gender disparity but not making a choice to change how you are affected by societal expectation.

Anonymous 6792


>I love makeup but I also hate it. It's dangerous and I don't think it should be sold to us like it is.

Agreed. I love it, I derive pleasure from exercising my creative skill when applying it to my features to emphasize the ones I like and hide the ones I don't. But I can't help but ask: if women aren't objects, why are we painting them?

Anonymous 6793

that's not witty and you sound like an idiot.

Anonymous 6801

I don't like how people make fun of fat people and pity every anorexic they see.
No, I am not part of the fat acceptance movement and I hit the gym and eat healthy food most of the time. But I think it's fucked up to laugh or mock fatties without knowing if they suffer from binge eating disorder or eat for comfort due to a trauma, not all of them are simply lazy. In the end many are just as mentally unhealthy as anorexic people tbh.

Anonymous 6804


>Found the tinfoil hat fearmonger lol.

What have I posted that is tinfoil fear mongering? The FDA is a tinfoil organization now? Multiple studies by multiple organizations is unsound science now? Lol please.

>Your processed food, the chemicals lingering in the clothes you wear, your tampons, your soap, your shampoo, your sunscreen, the polluted air you breathe, even the hormones your body releases when you stay up late.

The difference is all of those things provide us with stuff we actually need and which improve our lives, there is a concentrated and real effort to minimize the damage they do to us, and they effect people more or less equally instead of only being forced on one gender.

>Whether you wear makeup or not it barely makes an impact compared to all that.

If make up didn't have an impact then compared to people who don't use make up make up users wouldn't have more skin damage, worse acne, spend more money, and have more ageing effects. But they do. This is same as saying "Well I'm not going to limit my car usage because there's so many other sources of pollution!" It's dumb and irrelevant.


What exactly are these scare tactics and misinformation? Show me some damn sources. The one's spreading misinformation are the one's saying completely stupid shit about """""natural""""" make up.


Please tell where these magical make ups that are so different from every other type out there are found and how their manufacturing differs from every other make up?

>implying that women are too stupid to understand what they are using

You apparently are since you don't even understand what is in your make up, how it's made, the impact its use and the businesses behind it have on the world, or the impact it has on it's users are.


Lol if I were to described make up and it's effects without calling it make up everyone would be outraged and horrified. A product sold by a multi-billion dollar industry that women are specifically pressured into using that's made out of questionable substances with evidence of it being unsafe and proven to have many negative side effects? If it were any thing else there would be serious hesitation about it, but since it's make up don't even question it. But hey, it's good to know all those commercials the industry spends a lot of time and money shoving into our faces are doing their job.

Anonymous 6806

people like you ruin this fucking site. is this spoony again?

Anonymous 6807

Hateful? What?

Anonymous 6808

Yeah, I'm fat and I also go gym but I eat HEAPS. I'm fine as it is though.

Anonymous 6813

I agree.

Anonymous 6814


If Glee were a good or atleast a better show Klaine would've broken up and Sebastian and Blaine would've gotten together and would've had far more compelling storylines together and character growth.

Blaine had the potential to be WAY more interesting and a better character then Kurt, if in the hands of better writers, with how his backstory could've been written.

Will and Emma were actually kinda okay.

Not pairing up Artie and Mercedes never made sense and they had great musical chemistry.

Anonymous 6821

Some people are just fucked. Too stupid, self-destructive, crazy, whatever. Maybe this isn't that unpopular, but I don't know.

Anonymous 6824

All makeup legally on the market is fda approved you dumbass, that's the fucking point. And there's "studies" and "proof" for everything on the internet, that's why anti vaxers and flat earthers exist lol.

>make up users wouldn't have more skin damage, worse acne, spend more money, and have more ageing effects.

I ain't reading your bogus studies forcing their weird ass agenda lol plus people that have acne to begin with are more prone to use makeup to improve their situation in the first place. And i was talking about an impact on you getting cancer, dont know how this even came up.

>all of those things provide us with stuff we actually need

A vegan would disagree with you on that, you don't need to eat shit food. In fact you don't really need anything from that list, you don't even really need to use soap, lotions or shampoo to wash yourself, that's all a new thing, humans have been washing with natural stuff for millennia, you just use these products to have a pleasant smell, as other people like to use makeup to improve their lives. So unless you're a hardcore vegan no-poo no-soap no-electronics hippie you're just being a hypocrite.

>"Well I'm not going to limit my car usage because there's so many other sources of pollution!"

How does this even relate? people can choose to reduce their personal chemical intake however they want to without affecting others, theres a million ways, why does it have to be YOUR way, so weird. I can assure you a lot of people that wear makeup everyday have less chemical intake than you, either they are vegan, live in a less polluted country, go no-poo… theres just too many variables.

>being forced on one gender.

Why do these people talk like someone is forcing them to wear makeup lol what the actual fuck, i know more women that don't wear makeup than women who do. Boohoo, if you don't wear makeup you get comments about how you're ugly?? Well if you wear it you're gonna get comments on being fake anyway, good thing normal people don't fucking care and do what they want.
If anything, it must be equally bad being a man with bad skin and having to suck it up and live with it because it's not socially acceptable for straight men to wear makeup yet, as in, they're getting fired if they do. At least i get to choose.

I'm gonna stop wasting my time on you because honestly you sound like an impressionable teenager's first day on the internet, swallowing up all the bullshit and sperging it like an idiot. But let me just say this so you understand why everyone hates people like you:

This is an unpopular opinion thread, not a misinformed facts thread. If you say you don't like makeup bc it has all of these fucked up chemicals like everything else, then it's okay, no one is going to argue or try to convince you to wear it bc people understand that we like and dislike different things and that's normal.

But when you go around telling people that makeup is literal poison and it should be banned and if they wear it they're gonna get cancer and die (lol) you just sound like a fucking idiot. I hope you understand the difference.

Anonymous 6825


>All makeup legally on the market is fda approved you dumbass, that's the fucking point.

And the FDA isn’t infallible and requires regular product control tests. And what they find from these tests is that make up is toxic and bad.

> And there's "studies" and "proof" for everything on the internet, that's why anti vaxers and flat earthers exist lol.

With flimsy evidence and questionable originations that even the average person can see through. None of what I’ve provided are those things.

>I ain't reading your bogus studies forcing their weird ass agenda

I DON’T NEED NO EDUMUCATIONS. You don’t want to be wrong, so any evidence showing you’re wrong just doesn’t exist. You’re a child.

> lol plus people that have acne to begin with are more prone to use makeup to improve their situation in the first place.

Except for it doesn’t improve their situation, it makes it worse.

>A vegan would disagree with you on that, you don't need to eat shit food.

Yeah, because everyone has access to or can eat vegan. Any food, even non-vegan food fulfills the purpose of providing energy and nutrients to the human body.

>don't even really need to use soap,

Well you’re fucking disgusting, not that that’s too much of a surprise. Yes, you do need soap, everyone needs soap for basic hygiene.

>lotions or shampoo to wash yourself

Lotions are used to treat dry skin that is uncomfortable and in some cases a health hazard. Shampoo is used to clean hair, or keep hair color, or restore moisture, or a number of other things.

>humans have been washing with natural stuff for millennia

What is with your stupid ass baby boo-boo talk? What the fuck is this “natural stuff” you keep sperging about? Actually, I know the answer to that, it’s god damn nothing, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. And why do you keep harking back to what humans did “for millennia” when humans were stupid as shit with frequent diseases and low lifespans during those millennia?

>So unless you're a hardcore vegan no-poo no-soap no-electronics hippie you're just being a hypocrite.

I think the hypocrite is the one who won’t eat meat but smothers their face with artificial chemicals and metals.

>people can choose to reduce their personal chemical intake however they want to without affecting others, theres a million ways, why does it have to be YOUR way, so weird.

Why does anything have to be anyone’s way? Make up is harmful, and it hurts not only its users but the people around them.

> I can assure you a lot of people that wear makeup everyday have less chemical intake than you, either they are vegan, live in a less polluted country, go no-poo… theres just too many variables.

Show me some fucking proof. So far you haven’t, even when I ask for it. Teasing out variables to determine their individual impact is a basic principle of science. On top of that, why would someone reduce their chemical intake in all ways but the most basic and easy way? If someone’s obese and starts running and eating more carrots but doesn’t stop their soda intake, the running and carrots doesn’t magically cancel out the soda and they should still stop drinking it.

>Why do these people talk like someone is forcing them to wear makeup lol what the actual fuck

It’s not surprising that you’re too stupid to understand why businesses work and advertise and influence the media the way they do, or the nuances of what they do to society, but believe me, many people far smarter than you do.

>If anything, it must be equally bad being a man with bad skin and having to suck it up and live with it because it's not socially acceptable for straight men to wear makeup yet, as in, they're getting fired if they do. At least i get to choose.

Oh noez, the poor menz. Are you a robot? That would explain a lot…

>This is an unpopular opinion thread, not a misinformed facts thread

Again, what have I posted that’s misinformed facts?
Oh that’s right, science that you don’t like and so aren’t going to read.

>But when you go around telling people that makeup is literal poison and it should be banned and if they wear it they're gonna get cancer and die (lol) you just sound like a fucking idiot. I hope you understand the difference.

Yet you have no issue when people are talking about banning porn, or trannies, or whatever else. The truth is you’re just a little bitch who’s buttmad someone called out the disgusting shit you’re brainwashed into sloping on your face. It’s hilarious that you’re such an autist that you won’t drink milk and don’t shampoo your hair, but you slather mercury on your body daily and somehow think you’re healthy.

Anonymous 6826

Holy shit, I can't believe people are getting this fed up about makeup. Yeah, maybe it's not the greatest for your skin, but if you don't like it then don't use it.

Anonymous 6828

What the fuck, when did i say i don't use soap or milk? i was just pointing out your hypocrisy? Reading comprehension where?
It's the first time I've even said the word "natural" you deranged bitch, and people have used oils and water separately instead of emulsifying agents for millennia, and there's natural emulsifying agents too, agar for example.

The fact that you can't even see that it's statistically obvious that there're millions of people that wear makeup and still have a lower chemical intake than you, talks about how self absorbed in your stupidity you are.
Pretty much anyone who lives in Brazil for example has a lower chemical intake than you, whether they wear makeup or not, because they live in a place where processed foods are not the norm, have easy access to local food suppliers, less polluted air because of the amazon rainforest, and aren't as bombarded with radiation from electronics than someone in a first world country. Pretty much any vegan has a lower chemical intake than you, because it's fucking easy to compare the big amount of food that a human eats in a day to a few drops of product on your face.


Lol or maybe I'm a fucking normal person that can wear makeup whenever i want and don't wear it whenever I'm lazy or just don't want to? If you part from the premise that people's fee-fees are so weak that they get that easily influenced by media then you'll have to ban all marketing and advertising lol because that's the fucking point, and you're being """"forced to wear, oh noes!!!1!1!"""" way more products than you realize.

How old are you? Believing that your stupid opinions apply to everyone is inmature as fuck.

I agree, sorry for feeding the troll.

Anonymous 6829

It's time to STOP

Anonymous 6831


I thought you had flounced out and weren't going to respond to me anymore? And of course you still have no statistics, no evidence, nothing but >muh nature. If it's so easy to compare and so obvious, SHOW SOME DAMN SOURCES. But beyond that, I'll repeat it again, so what? If you eat better and have cleaner air and all this stupid shit you keep desperately throwing out it doesn't magically cancel out the lead you're absorbing through your skin and you should still stop.

How old are YOU? You won't read what you don't like, you can't follow through with what you say you're going to do, you're having a shitfit because you can't handle someone being against a bunch of stupid useless chemicals all while hypocritically remaining silent when others have called for the banning of things far less harmful. Jesus christ grow up.


Get >>6828 under control then.

Anonymous 6833

we get it anon, you are completely opposed to the idea of not only yourself, but other women, looking presentable. pls go live in a forest far far away from any harmful evil human creations

sage for actually engaging with a lunatic

Anonymous Moderator 6834

Please stop infighting

Anonymous 6835


>Women have to wear make-up to look presentable while men of course don't.

Oh wow, the one defending the deeply misogynistic industry is a misogynist. What a shocker.


BUT MOOOODDD, WE'RE HAVING FUN. But fine, this'll be my last posts in this convo.

Anonymous 6837

I don't believe that there's a "war on free speech" or all that "thought police" bullshit. No one is telling you what to think, but when you think shitty things and say them out loud people are allowed to call you an idiot and an asshole. People are allowed to not want to associate with you if they think your opinions are shitty, and no one is obligated to give you a platform to share your shitty opinions (yes, even if it hurts your precious feefees).

Anonymous 6861

the "war on free speech" isn't about the minor annoyance of being called an asshole for something you said, it is about the government being able to pursue legal action against you (possibly detaining or jailing you – or even executing you) for something you said. this is already the case in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, and Turkey.

If somebody is making credible threats to incite violence that should certainly warrant government intervention – but fining, censoring, or detaining somebody for posting an "offensive" meme on social media is definitely traipsing into the realm of thought police and thoughtcrime, and this is something we are increasingly seeing in the US, Canada, UK, etc.

Anonymous 6902


>god enabler

idk who you are but you are a goddamn genius

Anonymous 6979

Maybe this isn't too unpopular of an opinion but the alt right is full of self righteous edgelords who don't really understand the big picture and slink their way through arguements using certain loopholes. They cherrypick using the dumbest people on the left as examples too.

I guess the internet is to blame for idiocy in politics at the moment.

Anonymous 6986

unpopular opinion but
good god the louis ck drama that's unfurled of late is making me really annoyed. from what i understand, those women all consented to participate in his exhibitionism fetish with the exception of the phone call iirc. sure, exhibitionism is odd and uncomfortable for some, but does having a weird kink make you a sexual abuser? not really. the one part that i would have a problem with are the allegations that he tried to quash the careers of women who refused him…but tbh, that can't actually be proven. and ffs, Tig, the man helped out your career and asked for nothing in return and your problem with it is your belief that he he only helped you because you're a woman? Would you have preferred no assistance at all? tf.
but of course, I can't say any of this to my friends, because if I do, I'm 'siding with the abuser' for pointing out that those were consensual sex acts. I fucking know what abuse is, and watching a guy whack off in front of you after you've said 'well, okay' to it doesn't fit my definition. also! you can't just bandwagon onto the first side to point fingers without evidence. that is a fucked up way to think, and that is how you get women who make false accusations of rape or abuse in order to enact 'revenge' on their exes or w/e. before you dismiss that as hyperbole, i know of at least three women who have already done this in the past seven years and one more who's planning to make a false accusation and actually discussed her plans to do so in detail with me. it does happen, it's just that these women rarely ever get caught. i always thought it was a myth perpetuated by bitter incels until i saw it happen, and now it's completely colored my view of these types of accusations. there has to be more than just hearsay for me to believe anything these days.

Anonymous 7003

I noticed a lot of the lower end healthy range BMI girls who want to lose a lot of weight are skinny-fat and like to pretend other women are as clunky looking and sedentary as they are. What they need is the gym, not a diet.

Anonymous 7009

Your post reminded me of one of my unpopular opinions: I see absolutely nothing wrong with skinny fat women, and I tend to find their physique attractive (of course it depends on the person, but I like female skinny fat bodies in general). A bit of belly fat can even be cute to me. Idk why, I just think it's adorable lol.

Anonymous 7014


Female incels are a small but nonzero fraction of the general population

Anonymous 7020

I fully understand the irony/hypocrisy of posting this here but I legitimately abhor social media. I plan to completely remove myself from all social media within the next 2 years. I dislike sharing my life with others or making any parts of my life public; I always have to ask myself, "Why do I want to share this? What am I trying to prove? Who even cares about this besides me and the people I'm with?" I realize that social media is not all bad and I will miss the convenient aspects of using it, but I just feel like I need to unplug. I barely post in the first place but I still post, and I still care (even slightly) about getting engagement/attention. I hate the way I reach for my phone without even thinking about it, and I hate how many hours of my life are swallowed up by bullshit on the internet. It truly is an addiction and I just hate it.

I suppose this isn't really an "unpopular" opinion but it is admittedly cringey and I would never say it out loud to anyone.

Anonymous 7154

It's actually more common than you'd think.

I have a Facebook and a LinkedIn account. The Facebook account's for keeping in touch with acquaintances, since if they were actually friends I'd text them personally. I update my Facebook account about every 3 months? Usually with joke posts. The LinkedIn's for work, of course.

Anonymous 7155

Kind of OT but does anyone even use LinkedIn? Like, does it work or something? (I'm from a backwater place so not that it matters much.)

Same anon. I've been also doing the same thing for a few years now - removing old posts, deleting accounts etc., it actually feels liberating. But at the same time I hate that everyone pretty much expects you to have a social media account (otherwise you pretty much "don't exist")

Anonymous 7156

I don't have a facebook account since deleting it mid highschool, and I don't miss it or feel like I've missed out on anything without it. It's just a drain and there's nothing interesting on it. At least on instagram you can look at pictures, fb is just a popularity contest.
No point adding people to your friends list if you don't like talking to them or never do imo, and there's faster and more convenient ways to connect with friends nowadays than fb.

Also I don't think it's a cringey opinion at all.

Anonymous 7163

i thought Hermione could be black when I started reading philosopher's stone. I think because she was so out of place and on her own. she didn't read the same as the rest until almost the end of the book. to me.

I agree I don't think emma Watson is cute and I think that's the real unpopular opinion. I also think Radcliff did a horrible job as harry and never grew into being an actor. the only real child actor there was Neville and luna. I also think snape overacted. there I said it. he telegraphed too much. also the movies focused on friendships while the books were about class. which made the books better. also the books weren't written very well. like this post. I had to book on tape the rest of the books and lost interest at the end of half blood prince and didn't buy the last 2 tapes. ps. her retcon Dumbledore taught me to pay her no heed. Dumbledore was not gay in the first few books. she waited for feedback and then changed the character tone.

Anonymous 7164

I agree with everything you said.
I only read up until book 4 before I lost interest, but I've passively followed the fandom because some of my friends are really into it and it seems like JKR has no spine when it comes to her characters and will adapt them based on popular opinion. e.g. Hermione black, Dumbledore gay, Snape's whole storyline…

also just based on the first 4 books I don't understand most of the endgame couples.

Anonymous 7165

There's nothing wrong with "being a weeb" and/or dressing in alt fashion, it doesn't necessarily make you any less attractive. I keep seeing girls in imageboards saying they "finally let go of their silly childish tastes" and how now that they're normie they're getting all this attention and compliments, but I don't think that has anything to do with a change in style, but rather with a change in attitude.

What makes me even more sure of that is the fact that they mention eating right, going to the gym, caring about their appearance, and learning how to speak to others as part of their becoming normie efforts. It sounds so silly to me, because you absolutely can do all those things and keep your interests without having to engage in music, series and other entertainment that you don't care about for the sake of "fitting in".

I don't judge anyone for trying to better themselves, but I find it very sad when they make looking down on things they used to enjoy (and on the people who like these things, which happens very often) a part of this "bettering themselves", just because it came with a negative attitude and lifestyle for them.

Anonymous 7166

fan fiction. she would go to the chatrooms and get ideas. at the time there were rumblings cause people just wanted her to write but the majority was happy that she was writing what they wanted. i dont think her books are going to hold up years from now. harry and jenny make no sense. she told told us at the time that the some pairing were always meant to be and others just went that path but its a lie.

she is a plagiarist–too me. she has been sued. some were thrown out but I believe at least one went away quietly. a lot of the elements in her books come from other sources and she does a fantastic job of blending. like the elevator at the ministry, the weasleys house, and Dumbledore himself. there was a time where I could tell you where everything came from. her Wikipedia page has been edited to death to whitewash everything but one of her old jobs was for a newspaper or something. she did a lot of reading. kinda like how Edison worked at the patent office.

Anonymous 7168

Not the anon you replied to, but I was just browsing past and saw what you were saying and had to come say that I really agree with you!

Two books/series I can think of off the top of my head are "Worst Witch" and "Witch Week." Both of them are quite similar to HP's world in general:

Like you say, there are other books and movies that were really rather blatantly ripped off, but I've forgotten them now because it really didn't seem worth devoting the neural space to it.

Anonymous 7205

I don't find piglets cute. Something about them just annoys me.

No I don't hate them or would hurt them, they just annoy the shit out of me

Anonymous 7212


Same, I don't find babies in general cute, not that I wish harm on them.

Now adult animals on the other hand…I'd love an adult pet pig. The thing I've never really understood is the obsession with kittens and puppies. They don't have any formed personalities and can't do much.

Anonymous 7215

What do you GIRLS think of this nonsense (imo)?

>Do not refer to female pupils as 'girls' or 'ladies' because it 'reminds them of their gender', headteachers told


Anonymous 7219

Ugh. Gender shit is nonsense. Can we just combine gender and sex already? Gender is assigned based on sex, even if you're trans(gender or sexual they are the same thing) you are changing from BOTH your assigned gender AND sex in most cases. Gender roles and the idea that people MUST uphold them, are the issue, and the reason gender gets a bad rap. Why even keep it and just use the term female or male when referring to people the same sex (oh because that's stupid and gendered/sexed pronouns exist for a reason)

Anonymous 7223

I thought it was going to be about not calling adult women "girls", which I agree with. If they're a minor though, I don't see the issue?

Anonymous 7224

I mean, now, I would find it a bit patronising if I was in a restaurant and someone referred to my group as "girls", for example.

But the article I think is quite silly. How else do you refer to groups of students? "Guys" is a bit informal. Ladies or girls was always fine in secondary school. That's what we were…girls.

Anonymous 7230

Since this is the unpopular opinion thread…

Personally, I think the entire idea of gender and gender defined roles needs to be retired as a societal concept and we'll be better off for it.
If you're born with ovaries but want to wear practical clothing like work pants or overalls, wear it. If you're born with a penis and actually want to wear fussy fancy frilly clothes and pantyhose, hey, fuck it, just wear it. You have ovaries and are intelligent, go into a STEM program, whatever, who the fuck cares. You have a penis but want to be a pediatric nurse, same deal, just do it.

That said, the problem is that our society has a mouth-breathing, slack-jawed, erection-in-public obsession with SEX. Even if we dropped the concept of gender-defined behaviours and the limits they put on people, there still would hitches because some males would still be distracted because HOLY FUCK TITS ON THE WORKSITE BOYS!! WHOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!

Tl;dr: sometimes I'm not sure there's a way to unfuck western society.

Anonymous 7231

You are supposed to call a group of girls "they" anon.
Gawd, don't assume everyone's gender! /s

Anonymous 7232

The real issue is that you can't unlearn centuries of sexist influence. Our ancestors' life stories, all our media, all our history is interwoven with sexism. You simply can't decide to sweep all that under a rug unless maybe you started with a completely isolated group of people who can never talk to anyone else, consume any media, or know anything about our history ever.

Anonymous 7233

>>Tl;dr: sometimes I'm not sure there's a way to unfuck western society.

Western society is way more progressive on this matter. In most countries if you say shit like "My name is Sally pronounced Fre-d and my pronouns are ze/zey/zer" people are going to think you are insane, and nobody is going to take you seriously. Even being gay isn't taken seriously in most of the world.

Personally, I think genders existed for thousands of years. Let's just keep them. If people want to defy gender-norms then sure, I agree with you on that.

Anonymous 7236

By making that comment, you just presumed I am of the gender binary. Way to hold up the patriarchy, shitlord. /s

Anonymous 7240

Gender is necessarily about gender roles now that it's separated from sex. That's why everyone who's marginally sane hates transGENDER (not transex) people, they uphold and reinforce the gender binary by demanding that others do retarded shit like refer to a female by male pronouns because she's a tomboy.

I love this place

Anonymous 7241

When speaking of biology, the idea that sex and gender are separate is a very recent idea with origins in transhumanist philosophy and sociology. If you are a man, to think you are a woman is a delusion.

Anonymous 7246

sometimes America seems so surreal to me with all that gender stuff

Anonymous 7248

I get it that you're joking, but seriously what is the honest problem with people who are non-binary?
Or is it that the non-binary movement attracts people who are more seeking ~*Special Status*~ in general as opposed to irregular gender presentation?

Moving away from societally created restrictive rules like "real girls wear skirts" or "real boys don't cry" can only be a benefit to society as a whole. But it seems like any move forward on any facet, be it political or personal, attracts a small league of people looking less for societal advancement and more for their own personal 15 minutes of fame and followers.
I can fully comprehend annoyance with that.

Anonymous 7257

Star Wars is overrated. Maybe it was groundbreaking during it's time but I didn't find anything special about it.

Also it seems like being a Star Wars fan is the normie version of "being a nerd"

Anonymous 7258

It's not a mere annoyance because they're special snowflakes. Not to sound like a crazy SJW but their existence as transgender (or non-binary) itself is problematic because of the things it implies.
>Moving away from societally created restrictive rules like "real girls wear skirts" or "real boys don't cry" can only be a benefit to society as a whole
Exactly, but that would mean the person accepts they are a boy/girl (considering they are cis and are fine with their biological bodies) and knows that just because they are that sex/gender it doesn't mean they need to follow their roles. That's breaking the rules, and doing what you said in what I greentexted.

But "being nonbinary" is an inherently shit thing to do, and that's why they're all snowflakes. They need to be delusional and extremely self-centered to believe that not conforming to the sex/gender rules is something that sets them apart from others; if they took one second to look outside themselves they'd see that's how nearly everyone lives. By that logic, either everyone is also non-binary (which is fine and just another name for "breaking the stereotypes") or everyone who isn't is a caricature stereotype. And considering the big deal they make out of their identity, I don't think the first option is the one they believe in.

I just googled it to see if there was any good argument against this and nope, there aren't. They just repeat the same "I'm different, I don't feel like my gender" crap and seem incapable of understanding that placing yourself outside a system is a way to validate said system as a thing that exists and cannot be changed or destroyed, only escaped. How are people this fucking dumb

Sage because I honestly can't stand this nonsense anymore. It's seeping into my everyday life and the government is passing actual laws to validate it. What the fuck.

Anonymous 7259

Literally every single instance of J-fashion I've seen have so far have been a combination of unflattering and ridiculous. The Japanese sense of aesthetics is baffling to me.

Anonymous 7265

not that anon, but i think the real issue is separating gender and sex. i get that gender roles are bad, but every fucking person who isn't 'cis' acts like gender roles are the be-all end all of their SEX. TransGENDER is also tranSEXUAL, they are the same word and have the same meaning. most trans people get SEX REASSIGNMENT, not gender reassignment. plus, if you look into the idea of gender and sex being separate it was pioneered by a guy named john money. a psychologist that idolized freud and forced a boy who had their penis mangled by circumcision to live as a girl and get molested by his brother.

Anonymous 7266



I haven't even seen any of the new ones, and I have no desire to.

Anonymous 7268

IMO its a cultural thing.
Like, if you live there you would understand. I dont know how else to explain it, without sounding like a total weaboo.
But if youre white and wear j-fash then you 99% of the time look horrendous

I agree. PLus we all know LOTR> Star Wars

Anonymous 7270

Confusing post. I don't get why you're trying to find a cause behind my personal taste.

>IMO its a cultural thing

Yeah… what else would fashion count as, if not cultural?

>Like, if you live there you would understand

Are all the posters in the j-fashion threads on here and lolcow living in Japan or something?

>But if youre white and wear j-fash then you 99% of the time look horrendous

Nearly all of the images I've seen were from magazines and had Japanese models.

Anonymous 7272

I think j-fash anon was trying to say that whites and non-japanese races do not look as good in J-fash compared to actual Japanese people.Implying that j-fash is typically made for Japanese ppls body types.


I can agree w/ you about j-fash being kinda unflattering, and I think anon was trynna point out that it is unflattering due to Japanese culture. For example (correct me if I'm wrong) but Japanese women tend not to wear low cut t-shirts or tank tops which I guess can be considered somewhat unflattering.

But since most j-fash you have seen was worn on Japanese women >>7268 's points are kinda canceled out lol
this wasn't an opinion just trying to make sense of what previous anon said

Anonymous 7275

ugh did you watch that one video by basic (i think) on youtube and are now copy-pasting their beliefs? ugly.

>> plus, if you look into the idea of gender and sex being separate it was pioneered by a guy named john money. a psychologist that idolized freud and forced a boy who had their penis mangled by circumcision to live as a girl and get molested by his brother.

this is an ad hominem, get a brain and look for reasons other than that the founder had bizarre ways of projecting his ideas onto test experiments. as fucked up as it is what he did, that does not discredit his ideas in of themselves.

Anonymous 7283

Calling someone else "ugly" because you don't like their opinion is also an ad hominem, anon.

Anonymous 7285

"Ugly" as in, what they did is ugly. I wasn't talking about their appearance at all. As in, "that's an ugly thing of you to do".

Anonymous 7286

Which is an insult directed at her character, the definition of an ad hominem. You are also doing the exact same thing you are accusing that other anon of doing.

Anonymous 7288

Not that anon, but attacking someone as well as arguing is different from attacking someone as a way of arguing. The latter is ad hominem, the former is not. If anything, >>7275 is commiting the "fallacy fallacy" that is pointing out someone's fallacy as an argument.

But this is a retarded discussion to have lol

Anonymous 7290

I'm saying that act in of itself is "ugly". I said nothing about her character. To begin with, that part was meant to be separate from the part where I quoted her. The >>get a brain
part was not meant to be personal, but was me aggressively conveying that the reasoning using the founder as a reason to not believe in gender roles alone is fallacious. I admit, it's strong language, I was in a pressed mood for other reasons when I stumbled on her post.

Where in my posts are you getting this? I wrote:

>>look for reasons other than that…
>>that does not discredit his ideas in of themselves
I was only pointing out that the specific reason she listed (that I quoted) is considered a fallacy. I didn't say anything about whether that discredited the overall argument she was trying to make.

Anonymous 7294

Good point, and looking back now,
>I didn't say anything about whether that discredited the overall argument she was trying to make
Yeah, and she didn't even make an argument to begin with so there's no way you could have lol
My bad

Anonymous 7299

Slut shaming should be encouraged if the person is indeed a slut. That goes for male sluts too.

Anonymous 7308

I think sex work of all forms is bad and I have no problem admitting that. I don't really blame most people who get into it though. I hate that I can't talk about sex work being negative without people thinking I am dissing sex-workers instead of just sex-work, because they are too ready to jump to defend them.

Anonymous 7310

Women on government assistance, or recipients of dependent's assistance, should be required to be on birth control. Subsequent pregnancies that aren't aborted mean lifetime loss of any and all assistance, or transfer of control of funds to a non-family court appointed guardian in the case of dependents. I know they're working on a reversible birth control for men, as soon as that's available it should be mandatory as well.

Also birth control should be mandatory with only medical exceptions from puberty to age 18. No one under 18 should ever be having a child.

Anonymous 7316

Anyone who thinks that a woman(other than people who needed to get their breasts medically removed, cancer etc.) getting fake breasts is doing it 'for herself' is retarded. Having big breasts is a societal standard of beauty, getting fake breasts only reinforces the standard. Even if you claim that in and of itself is them 'doing it for themselves' you are wrong.

Anonymous 7349

>alcohol is disgusting, and people who say they drink to appreciate the taste are full of shit
>having tons (I said tons) of tattoos and piercings doesn't make you look unique and special, just desperate and/or disgusting and in some special cases, like a criminal
>women who still go after men who explicitly said they don't want to have anything to do with them are pathetic and if they get fucked by said men and then dumped, they have no right to complain (seen this too many times)
>you got in abusive relationship? okay, I can feel sad for you. Wow, you guys ended? Finally! But wait,v what? You're in another abusive relationship? Nah, I'm not gonna pity you again. You know how bad those can get and chose to stay in a 2nd abusive relationship: you're fucking retarded

Anonymous 7350

This a million times except I don't feel bad for the ones who choose to get into it even though they do have other options.

Anonymous 7351

This new wave of acceptance towards paraphilia and sexual fetishism is disgusting and completely counterproductive to fostering healthy attitudes towards sexuality. They are unnatural tendencies, and kink shaming should be encouraged.

Anonymous 7353

I absolutely agree

Anonymous 7355

So do I. The latest posts in this thread regarding human behavior, sex and beauty have shown me I can still have a bit of hope for mankind.

Anonymous 7356

agreed. the idea that kinkshaming is even a thing just stupid. of course people aren't going to want to hear about what gets you off, unless you are in that kind of relationship with them. in fact I think that advocating anything that allows people to make others uncomfortable like that is stupid. you aren't going to feel uncomfortable by not expressing your lust for feet but other people are damn well going to be made uncomfortable.

Anonymous 7374

everyone has their own weird 'stuff'. It's up to their partner to draw the line as to whether they feel comfortable entertaining that kind of thing. I used to date a guy who wanted to wear my underwear and use a strap-on, but I didn't judge him for that. It was just his kink. We eventually broke up because I couldn't get into the role-playing aspects of that kind of situation, but I don't think any less of him for it.
The truth is that we have a number of individuals out there in society who have an 'unhealthy' view of sexuality, if you define healthy as 'totally without kinks, only missionary position, only heterosexual' relations. We can't get rid of them–once someone is conditioned to get off to a certain fetish, it's not like they can erase that from their experience. But are they really hurting anyone? Unless their 'thing' is snuff films, child abuse, or extreme sadomasochism, no. So if it doesn't impact others or society as a whole, why should it be a big deal what someone does in the privacy of their own home?

Anonymous 7375

I do draw the line between sharing something with a person who you're in a relationship with and sharing something with the public, though
like if I was in a relationship with someone and they told me I had nice feet, I might draw the conclusion that they have a foot fetish. If I'm in a shoe store trying on heels and a random stranger approaches me to compliment my arches, that's gonna be received in an entirely different way than the former.
tl:dr; Kink-shaming is a shitty thing to do to other people, but only when it's non-consensual, or if they're trying to use the general, non-consenting public as a vehicle to publicize their agenda or enact their weird fetish on.

Anonymous 7378

>The truth is that we have a number of individuals out there in society who have an 'unhealthy' view of sexuality, if you define healthy as 'totally without kinks, only missionary position, only heterosexual' relations.
Kinks have as much to do with sexuality as anything else, which is not much. They're a bit like ornamentation, in which they divert it from the thing in itself. People's tastes are becoming overly-saturated to the point where they can't even imagine how sex can be exciting and fulfilling without these things, and that's exemplified by what you associated with "healthy sex" and 'a lack of kinks."
Not to mention things like BDSM and humiliation sounds like people are internalizing the religious mores of the inherent sinfulness of sex instead of working past it. Beats the fuck out of me why anyway would ever think that associating sex with destructiveness is a totally healthy *~sex posi~* attitude, literally. Meh, I don't really give a fuck if someone likes to suck toes, but the products of this anything goes attitude where anything short of actual pedophilia and bestiality is encouraged - aren't all equally innocuous. Sex is being continuously watered-down and treated like taking a shit instead of being upheld as something good and worthy of reverence.

Anonymous 7379

"Kinkshaming" is something that's being used to try to justify people talking about their kinks in public spaces. I think that's what >>7356 and >>7351
are talking about. I kind of agree either way. If your partner wants to 'kinkshame' you, that's something to try to work out in your relationship. It's no different than anything else in a relationship, and could be a dealbreaker. Public expression of kinks on randos is a huge issue though. I don't want to be at the beach with someone sperging about how much they love feet, side eyeing my sandals, who then gets mad at -me- for expressing discomfort. This shit happens more and more, probably because 'super progressive' college students are trying to be open n shit. I've seen idiots equate it to homophobia, which is disgusting, being gay isn't a kink and it doesn't imply anything sexual, just romantic.

Anonymous 7393

I'm >>7351
I meant in general, not just in public, but that goes doubly for making people uncomfortable out in the open. I'm sick of people pestering with "c'moooonn, what are your kinks" and then ironically shaming me for being "vanilla" because I've been trying decondition myself from the internet and I don't want to tolerate abuse in my sex life.
There's a reason why you feel empty after you fap to extreme rape fantasies, your mind is trying to tell you something.

Anonymous 7396

Why do you think that sex is worthy of reverence? it's a reproductive act. It's only because we've been conditioned by society to think of it as an intimate romantic act that we treat it as such. I think what you seem to be criticizing is more the issue of casual sex rather than kinky sex.
When you're talking about 'anything short of pedophilia and bestiality', I assume you're referring to common kinks like sadomasochism? I think that sort of thing can actually be healthy for people, as long as they restrict it to the bedroom and they're not going all Patrick Bateman in the rest of their life and actually physically or emotionally abusing their partner. It's kind of cathartic to have someone else take control of the situation if you have a high-stress life where you're usually the one in charge.
But like you suggested, it comes down to conditioning. With the easy access we all have to porn nowadays, it's natural that people are going to be exposed to unusual kinks, and just saying 'shame, shame!' won't fix that once it's already incorporated into their sexual tastes. But I think sex can still be a 'reverent' act even if it has kinky elements– it's more about the relationship between the partners than the physical act itself.

Anonymous 7491

French is really fucking ugly and very overrated.
Before you think I'm a bitter anglophone, English isn't my first language.

Anonymous 7492

Omg me too, for some reason I find French just ugly to listen to. However, English is my first language, so take that as you will. I prefer how Spanish sounds.

Anonymous 7493

Yep. Spanish can be very beautiful! And Brazilian Portuguese is beautiful too (European Portuguese is alright, but not as soft). I really love Romance languages, except for French. I do understand what people say when they explain why they like it, but it just doesn't sound good to me. It sounds ugly.
Oh, and Greek sounds oddly sexy to me.

Anonymous 7494

Practicality and logic beats out feelings.

Anonymous 7495

Are we talking France french or Quebecois french?

Anonymous 7496

I'm not Canadian, so I don't know how Quebecoise sounds like. But personally I dislike French in general, it's the language, not the accent.

Anonymous 7501

Oh wow I've never heard of anyone who hated French, I think it sounds very seductive and graceful. Personally I don't like the way Italian sounds, I was trying to learn because I was there for awhile but I couldn't garner much interest because I just don't like the sound of it.

Anonymous 7507

I feel like if someone attempted to speak French into my ears I'd probably be horrified not arou– hmm. Time to test my condenser mic to see how horrible that'd sound.

Anonymous 7518

I don't like the sound of French or Italian…

>>And Brazilian Portuguese is beautiful too
Yeah, although Portuguese is related to French, it sounds wayyy better.

As for another unpopular opinion…

>>Am I the only one who thinks standard American English sounds nice?

My favorite accent is mid-atlantic, although it was just used for old-time movies…would love if it caught on…..Even then, I like my native Californian accent and light Southern accents.

Prefer them to the various British accents even.

Anonymous 7520

I'm biased b/c I am from America, but I do like the general American accent quite a bit, but particularly the Californian accent where I've lived my whole life. Light Southern accents can sound sweet and warm. I have a somewhat strong Valley girl accent and I like it, I don't mind that someone who is judgmental might think I'm stupid because of it.

This is another unpopular opinion, but I hate English accents. I have no idea why everyone over here think they sound "hot" or "educated". I feel like it sounds dumb for some reason and if a YouTuber has an sEnglish accent, a lot of times I have to switch the video because it annoys me so much. I like the old-fashioned (not sure what it's called) English accent on women, though. It's not harsh, wish I knew the name of it.

And yes, mid-Atlantic all the way, I wish it were a regular accent used today.

Anonymous 7525

Agreed. I had to study it for 6 years because the French government pays my country to teach it. It's just really nasally and harsh.

Anonymous 7526

Yeah I'm seriously not a fan of English accents, I have a pretty plain and simple American accent, I guess it could be called neutral even. Regardless I used to live out in the country for a small while and surprisingly I've never really picked up any accent, though i admit I'm a sucker for a Valley girl accent. Something about it is just really appealing, like there's always a story to be told by someone with that voice.

Anonymous 7538

Dark circles under eyes can be very hot sometimes.

Anonymous 7587

Infinity scarves are ugly

Anonymous 7588

agreed, they look like a floppy neckbrace

Anonymous 7605

Terms like "culture vulture" and "culture appropriation" are starting to get stale, corny, and just a lot of times the person that says it harbors extremist racist thoughts they're hiding under "social activism".

Or maybe I'm just mad my favorite singer has been called this repeatably for no good reason, but still.

Anonymous 7611

I think stiletto nails are kind of tacky.

Anonymous 7695

Only in men, I have severe dark circles, I look like the walking dead :( And there isn't even a way to get rid of them surgically

Anonymous 7701

kpop sucks

Anonymous 7705

I agree, it's just terrible.

Anonymous 7707

kpop, and koreans in general, copy Japan/ japanese ALL the time, even though they supposedly hate japanese.

Anonymous 7717

I don't "hate" K-pop, there's a few songs that I've listened to in passing that I thought were catchy and not much else, but if there's one thing that I resent it for, it's for spawning quite possibly some of the most frothing insane fans that I have ever seen. I've never gotten the hype.

Anonymous 7718

japanese humor and cliches are awful, about as bad as american humor and cliches. i hate korean culture and k pop is extremely derivative.

Anonymous 7725

Since we're talking about Korea: their dramas are over hyped, they're the modern and hip version of Mexican telenovelas.

Anonymous 7732

Agreed. I used to be a huge kpop fan (years before it got popular outside korea), but the songs today all sound the same (in a bad way). I was a fan for over 10 years when the quality dropped. I noticed a change in quality around 2013.

Similar thing happened to Reggaeton imo. It's gotten very "Westernized" for the most part, although at least there are still sooooome good songs.

I've moved onto Afropop, Muslim pop, and country…until those likely start tumbling downhill.

I really miss the 2005-2009 kpop era. ;_;

Anonymous 7733


To add to this I hate the styling of kpop boy bands these days.

Big Bang is the perfect example of (once) hot guys who now look like unbathed, sexually confused, closeted crossdressers.

Anonymous 7734


Here's a before pic btw

Anonymous 7735


Aaaand since TOP isn't in the first pic…here is his "modern day look"

Anonymous 7738


>look at this pic
>then look at TOP in the next post
>mfw pic related

He used to be hot what the fuck happened??? Glad I left the realm of kpop ages ago.

I don't get the obsession with kdramas. I don't mind if people enjoy them but I know someone irl who is painfully obsessed with them. Fans of both kpop and kdramas nowadays are more rabid than the average weeaboo. The person I know is slowly becoming one of them. It seems like something only middle schoolers should be obsessed with but grown ass adults are flopping all over it.

Anonymous 7739

>unbathed, sexually confused, closeted crossdressers.
LMAO haha I love you miner

Anonymous 7749


I wouldn't call this an unpopular opinion, but a polarizing one. Capitalism is a disgusting system which feeds off the worst of the worst, riles us all against each other, and reduces our lives to an illusion of significance and freedom. The future where we all work together, motivated not by greed and money, but by something beautiful and noble, may seem unrealistic for some, but it is one I want to fight for.

Anonymous 7750

> worst of the worst, riles us all against each other
> beautiful and noble, may seem unrealistic for some, but it is one I want to fight for
Not really the best choice of words imo. Warm and fuzzy though the ideas of Marx may have been, even he acknowledged that we didn't have the technology to make it happen, and we still don't.

Until all of the raw material processing (lumberjacking, mineral mining etc) is fully automated, and we have fusion to power these devices, and automated mass production and repair of said devices, it's a nice idea but it's not realistic. What beautiful, noble motivation is going to make anyone want to go into a career maintaining sewers and unblocking your toilet?

Personally I prefer to think of it as building a better tomorrow, rather than fighting for a change that we aren't able to make.

Sage'd because it's neither an unpopular nor a polarizing opinion, it's just a wishful ideal, like a caveman thinking "it sure would be nice if I could start a fire with a lighter instead of having to bang rocks together".

Anonymous 7751

Agree completely and wholeheartedly.
If I could high-five you across the miles that probably separate us, I totally would. <3

Anonymous 7753


>motivated not by greed and money, but by something beautiful and noble

Lol bitch you go work for something "beautiful and noble", I'll be on my couch not giving a single fuck and not doing anything because I don't wanna and since idiots like you are providing me with everything in your theoretical utopia I don't have to.

Anonymous 7756

I think that in the "theoretical utopia" people are motivated by creativity and a thirst for knowledge. Things which I imagine you've never experienced.

Anonymous 7923

Sun damage isn't the worst thing on earth that can happen to someone and people who are so obsessed with it can be really annoying.

>inb4 you muzt look old or some shit

Anonymous 7925

don't come from lolcow to post shit here and not expect other people to be from lc too.

sun damage isn't opinion, it's fact.

Anonymous 7933

If other people caring about their health and looks annoys you it sounds like that's your problem, not theirs. I mean, maybe you know you should be more cautious and you're reminded of it when people talk about their sunscreen use or whatever.

Anonymous 7935

Not sun damage anon, but chill. I get her point, and some of you get unnecessarily ass blasted with posts in this thread.
Weirdly enough I know several women who used to fry themselves under the sun a couple decades ago that have amazing skin for their age, and others who are in their 20s to early 30s and do all they can to protect themselves, but look old for their age. Shit genes or bad luck? Hm.

Anonymous 7940


I didn't see the hype surrounding Zootopia. inb4 le edgy soshul commentary as if no other piece of media has done it before

I feel as though lolita fashion is something that only certain people can pull off and many (both in the eastern and western communities) look a lot worse when they're stuffed into a large dress and wig with falsies. Its less about dress your age and more about, "This makes you happy and I'll keep my thoughts in my head, but it doesn't suit you in the slightest."

Anonymous 7946

Not the anon you replied to (but one of the others that agreed with her), I find it hard to believe that you don't have a job that you've previously dreamed about doing, whether it's being an artist, a playground designer, or an architect designing waterslides, or something else completely. What do you wish you could do all day if you had to contribute to society somehow? How do you wish you could spend your time?

Anonymous 7950


Yeah, that's retarded white people shit. Even if I did I can sit on my ass in my living room and ~quench my thirst for knowledge~ or whatever stupid bullshit with my socialist phone you'll so kindly provide me, I don't need to lift a finger with people like you around.


>I find it hard to believe that you don't have a job that you've previously dreamed about doing


>What do you wish you could do all day if you had to contribute to society somehow? How do you wish you could spend your time?

Sitting on my fat fucking ass making it fatter :)

Anonymous 7951

Then you'll obviously need to be hospitalized and spend time in the "Re-education Centre" until your priorities are back in line.

And if that doesn't work, your proletariat compatriots are fully confident you'll make delicious Soylent Jelly for our afternoon toast and tea.


Anonymous 7952

Do you use that phone app that alerts you when people respond to your posts?

Anonymous 7953


Lol reeducation camps and forced labor are okay, but it's capitalism that's the disgusting system?


Nah, just browsing as usual.

Anonymous 7954

I'm being sarcastic obviously since there's a fine line between responding with a legitimate criticism of an economic principle you don't personally advocate and responding in a trolling manner without contributing anything of substance to the conversation, and I must say, your toes are already hanging across that line and if you get any more obnoxious you'll be full ass and teakettle across the thing.

All we're asking is for you think outside your box for a bit. Call it a thought experiment. I promise it won't hurt, and it won't damage you permanently.

Anonymous 7955

FYI: "Making Soylent Jelly" does not equal forced labour.
Watch some damned classic cinema.

Anonymous 7956


It's not trolling to tell you that I don't give a single steaming shit about working together or any of your other naive white upper class ideals and that I, and many many many other people, aren't going to do anything to contribute to a society that gives us no reason to contribute to it. Also, it's not really a joke or a thought experiment considering that every time a state has tried to implement your oh-so-superior system they literally have had to brainwash, makes slaves of, or kill people who didn't fit the system. I'll take my ebt, HUD housing, and medicaid/care, or at worse a soup kitchen and a shelter under the ebil capitalist system over your options, thanks.

Anonymous 7958

Are you…male?

Anonymous 7960


No. I do find it interesting that you think anyone who doesn't buy into the hugsy-feely ~lets all live and work in harmony~ crap to be male thought. And by interesting I mean banally sexist.

Anonymous 7961

Are you a mod or something?

Anonymous 7963


I'm >>7756. I also wrote >>7750. As I said in that post, the theoretical utopia being described is a post-scarcity civilization. Meaning that we'll have enough resources that you can just sit around on your couch, scratching your ass and eating watermelon all day if you want. You'll just be even more boring and uninteresting that you already are.

> retarded white people shit

> naive white upper class
> by interesting I mean banally sexist
Kek, calling people sexist while being casually racist - do you even have a sense of irony? You clearly don't know what the definition of 'upper class' is either. All you've done here is provide further evidence that pic related is as true now as it will be in a post scarcity civilization.

Anonymous 7964


Why don't you and your kind do likewise and make yourself scarce. You've got a whole WWW for your shit.

Anonymous 7965

> do likewise
Are you trying to "win" by using non-sequitur statements now or something? You lost as soon as you brought race into it.

Anonymous 7966

And I would say the same thing to you.

You and the other alt-rights have almost the entire American nation currently, is that not enough? But yet the second someone questions the status quo you start windmilling your arms, essentially REEEing, and revert to flinging insults rather than actually debating what, specifically, you have a problem with of any of the ideas anyone has presented to this point. Let's hear your theories and ideas, let's see you explain why capitalism is so great and means so much to you. Hell, let's even see you scrawl out a longer than 100 word response about just what it is you even have a problem with.

I've had more knowledgeable political debates with drunken primates.

Anonymous 7967


Oh, my apologies, but that was my first post ITT for roughly a month. I wasn't part of your irritating, pathetic, cyber-crusade. Now do me a favour and clear out.

Because from here to Cathay, there is not a single website I can visit that doesn't have some whinging, squealing, idiot, moaning about what a terrible time he has being white in 2017.

Anonymous 7968

I don't even agree with that post but my unpopular opinion is that we should stop with "are you male" posts for no reason or simple disagreement. I know it's normal to be suspicious sometimes but if you suspect there's a male poster just report their asses so staff can check post history? Seriously, that's just fear mongering and like someone else said, pretty sexist. >>7961 is also fear mongering.

Anonymous 7969

They are really clearly male. I mean, really.
The holier-than-thou attitude, the head-up-ass argument position, it's just undeniable at this point.

Anonymous 7970

seeing as this is an 'unpopular opinions' thread, I'll just leave this here.

Anonymous 7971

Please, please go away. If you wanna be a raging cunt incapable of speaking in a civil manner, go to lolcow and make a thread there. Or post to their unpopular opinions thread. Just please don't bring your unnecessary negativity here.

Anonymous 7972

My unpopular opinion is that we should nuke this thread, it always leads to crazy ass arguments.

Anonymous 7973

For what it's worth I really want to apologize, I'm one of the original anons responding to the anon you're responding to, and I never intended for the conversation to go this way, and I'm sorry it did, and I'm sorry for the negativity I caused by contributing.

I actually will be going away today, for an unrelated reason, but hopefully things will improve. I'm sorry, and I hope you have lovely holidays.

I almost feel like we might be better served by dividing this thread into two threads: one a no-response, confession-style thread with a no arguing rule, for use by people seeking to vent but not argue; and then having a separate legitimate debate thread with strict professional debate-club style rules (like no flaming, no insults, and only stating well-thought out responses with the end goal being finding a common ground between the two opinions, or something similar) which can be used by posters looking for a sane and intelligent debate or exchange of viewpoints without insults, flaming, or trolling.

Having the two separate threads like I describe eliminates the fuzzy middle ground where the arguments seem to start, and it also allows anyone who wants to have a debate a space to do so, but sanely without bullshit troll-like responses.

Anonymous 7975


As long as they never leave the thread I'm fine with it.

Anonymous 7976

internet argument.…

agreed, it's a containment thread at the end of the day.

nice in principle, and I do honestly like the idea of a debate thread, but
> only stating well-thought out responses with the end goal being finding a common ground between the two opinions
> internet
pick one, unfortunately. The reason irl debates work is because they're structured and tightly moderated, without that it's just pic related.

I think it could work if there were say a monthly debate thread created by an admin with clear rules/standards and infringing posts were deleted, but I think that's asking more of them than is reasonable tbh. Post your suggestion over in the comments thread >>>/meta/9 and see how they feel about it I guess.

Anonymous 7977

Oh and I think you'd probably need poster ID's to be visible (like on /pol/) to make it easier to keep track of who's making which argument, half the rage lately in this thread seems to be people mistaking one poster for another.

Anonymous 7978

>Oh and I think you'd probably need poster ID's to be visible

That's a garbage idea, this thread is a dumping ground with enough ego already.

Anonymous 7979

Jesus Christ, no.

Anonymous 7980

If you think about it, it's all about social control, and the only reason people are the way they are online is because they believe there are no rules or social guidelines.

However, if you made the debate thread here and said "These are the rules" 90% of us are intelligent enough to obey them without overhanging consequences because we understand that honoring the rules is the polite thing to do, if we want to have a nice community.

The other 10% of posters are the problematic idiots who insist on squatting and taking a shit on everything good, despite consequences.

Tl;dr: Those 10% are why we only just barely manage to have nice things.

Anonymous 7981

Part of the problem is also that the turd in the punchbowl doesn't realize he's a turd, he thinks he's a lovely floating cherry just like everyone else.

That's why a debate thread would need both strict rules and guidelines for posting to let potential posters know what is expected of them and their responses. We'd have to design official debate guidelines and have something like a googledoc with all the pertinent "How to make an effective argument" info.

The sheer amount of effort required would act as a deterrent on its own, because a lot of posters just wouldn't be interested in putting in the work.

For the those who were interested though, it could be really fun.

Anonymous 7983

I'd love that but even with strict no reply rules there would be trolls every now and then, so no one could take the bait. I also worry it would attract shitheads from other chans.

Anonymous 8012

Miggs Bryer and other personality tests are garbage

Anonymous 8017

I don't think we need official debate guidelines or anything of the sort to keep things civil. Even when we have arguments or "infighting" it's hardly on the same level as the shit-flinging that happens out there. That's why the anon upthread surprised me so much, I think it was the first time I saw anything like that around here.

And shitheads come and stay when it's fun. If nobody engages them and they get banned without as much as one response, that's not very fun. I doubt they'd last long.

Anonymous 8022


I think this image may be useful if you were to try to create "guidelines".
Personally, I think the best way to prevent infighting is using the good ol' "don't feed the trolls" way of thinking -it takes two to fight and such.
I think so too, Anon! It's the kind of things that just give people another super speshul label to put on themselves, imho (then again, I may be wrong. Does anyone know if they serve an actual psychological purpose?)

Anonymous 8047

>Fanfictions with almost any AUs are bound to be shit, depending on the original story. I'm sick of seeing Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy fanfics being college AUs or coffee shop AUs, they're always OOC and cringey.

Same as fuck. What's the point of consuming a fantasy product if when I get to the fanfictions they're all set in our world? I came for magic, drama, war. In fact, I am sure most of the people who write these AUs started playing Fire Emblem only for the supposed shipping (most of the time it is stale as it can get) and don't care a single bit about the story. I remember how hellish it was in 2014 to go anywhere and find tons of Inigo/Owain stuff in coffee shops and college AUs. Annoying as fuck.
Obviously people can write what they want but it gets so repetitive to see.
sageing for blog

Anonymous 8071


Myers–Briggs oops forgot the proper name. I get my letters confused constantly, very bothersome :/

Too bad it's not that special. Also, I don't know if they serve an actual purpose. I see it all over the place though

Anonymous 8072

o h my god I'm not the anon you responded to, but I assumed you meant to do that on purpose to make fun of it, lol

Anonymous 8075


No lol I know people do it to make fun, but I got an issue with reading/seeing letters is all

Anonymous 8076

I have nothing against really fat/thin people and it makes me feel like I'm around immature posters whenever I see that kind of vitriol on online forums like lc. It takes me back to high school where nobody had anything else to hold over others. So as I age, seeing grown people be so nitpicky about looks gives me the impression that they don't have a lot going for themselves.

I mean there's so many more relevant flaws that makes someone a piece of shit! Like being mean-spirited or self-centered. Being a mooch or a malingerer. Being spoiled. Just to name a few. It makes me so mad how a person's behavior and actions are more than enough for discussion, but that takes the backseat so some anons can feel better about themselves by shitposting physical flaws for an evening.

Also, whenever they say shit like "Haha x cow has tiny boobs she must be so insecure!", they're not just saying that about the person in question. They might as well be saying that to any lurking poster that it applies to. And I'm no saint for it either because I know it's easier to lock in on the physical flaws of someone that I dislike, but I'm much more aware of the things I post these days for it.

>obv unpopular bc if I were to post this on lc I'd get a "found the fatty/ana/tiny tits/big nose/etc." response

And I find it so hypocritical how they can't take their own kind of heat sometimes. I remember a month ago how there was a defensive response to an anon in a thread who said something about bad teeth are hideous. Like oh gee, it's only wrong when the flaw applies to you? How convenient…

Anonymous 8078

Men are overrated. Yes, even the ""nice"" ones.


Agreed. I'm ugly and fat so I feel like I understand more because I am not being treated with hidden intentions.

Anonymous 8087

Anon, you don't have to type anything into the email field. Just leave it blank. Just a suggestion because I can see what posts are yours.

Anonymous 8209

For rule #9 there sure is a lot of thinsparation and anachan posting on /hb/. Admittedly I don't go on there very often, but when I do I'd rather not see a bunch of photos of big girls being used to full some bitter anas self hate and thinspo encouragement and a bunch of talk about how body part touching other body parts triggers someone's astigmatism.

Anonymous 8216

Shoving stuff up your butt is disgusting. I can understand if it's a fetish or something, but let's stop pretending it's super normal. Most men will reee and say you're a prude if you don't want to give him your asshole nowadays. That should never be seen as normal wtf.
>>inb4 this is muh asshole, muh choices
you can shove your whole fist in there if you want, I don't care tbh. Just contributing to the thread.

Anonymous 8217

C'mon girls, you GOTTA be self-motivated! I swear its getting to the point of herding cats over here! You CAN’T rely on me to continuously cheer you on in your prolapsing goals to keep you going. I mean sure, I’ll reply with words of encouragement or give you my opinion of your progress. But I can only give you so many tips and advice before I’m just repeating myself. If you want results, keep working on your hole. Patience and practice makes perfect.

Anonymous 8220

>>this is muh asshole, muh choices

LOL need to get this printed on a shirt

Anonymous 8226


+1 a thousand times over.

The anus is simply not made for sex. Doctors are seeing an epidemic in stds, anal infections, and anal damage like prolapses amoung straight women because so many never learned porn =/= reality or to say no.

On top of being disgusting it's the stupidest "sex" act I've ever seen because unlike men who at least have a prostate, there's literally nothing up your ass for a woman to derive pleasure from. It's either purely psychological or stimulating the vagina in the most ass-backwards (forgive the pun) way possible.

Anonymous 8229

that pun is gold anon. but i kind of disagree. the anus does have a lot of nerves that do infact react to pleasure. but i agree that it totally isn't worth it.

Anonymous 8237

Sorry to give my two cents but
>"the anus does have a lot of nerves that do infact react to pleasure"

That's the relief of taking a massive shit fam, not a peeny in ur bum bum.

Anonymous 8238

Anal sex is all mental. Physically it's painful and a hassle to even 'train' the anus. Most men who've tried anal sex on women admit that there isn't even much sensation past the sphincter. The vagina is superior in every way.

Anonymous 8243


The anus does have a lot of nerves, but not all nerves do the same thing or transmit the same messages. The nerves in the anus are more akin to a combo of skin nerves like on your arm or foot and nerves that coordinate muscle spasms (for pooping) than the nerves found in and around the clit, g-spot, and nipples. It might feel nice to get a foot rub, but you're not going to orgasm from it alone, you know what I mean?

Anonymous 8245

I previously lived somewhere where Asians were considered the standard of beauty, mostly held office in government and were business owners, and were given preferential hiring because of family connections. I never believed in the idea white privilege because I had never experienced it. However, since moving to the USA I am really shocked by how white people generally act compared to people of other races. They seem more likely to have an "everyone out for themselves" attitude, a sense of entitlement in how they treat customer service people, and their children are often very misbehaved and act immaturely. I don't know if this is what middle-class/wealthy American culture in general is like regardless of race or if this is what people mean by "white privilege" but it's kind of s culture shock to me.

Anonymous 8246

The Last Jedi was great.

Anonymous 8251

Are you from Malaysia or Singapore by chance?

Anonymous 8252

Do you live in an area with lots of white people and other races, or just white people? Most children of low to middle class people regardless of race act like spoiled brats to me, but maybe I'm just projecting because I'm white myself.

For me, white privilege is more that white people are overall able to get more opportunities and privileges than people of other races, and though that could extend to meaning that people are more tolerant of their childrens' shitty behavior, I feel like I see a lot of crappy parenting from all races where I live.

Anonymous 8254


Japanese media is incredibly overrated.

Anonymous 8263

Race is a social construct and as such "white" is less about skin color or ethnicity and more about social status anyways. Although fewer between, you can find technically non-white people who come from a background of equal privilege and socioeconomic standing, and I think it's not unfair to generally consider those people white, despite their apparent ethnicity, as long as their family lineage was far enough separated from the typical lineage for their "race".

Like, there are some rich mexican republicans who have really racist ideas and literally consider themselves white. So, even if their skin is a bit darker and they're technically not from a place we'd usually consider to be white, they still count.

I probably wouldn't really take that stance publicly against any individuals especially since I'm also white, but I think it's fine to generalize about "white people" in a way that includes some technically non-white people too.

Anonymous 8264

I actually like anime but not Japanese culture. It's really weird that a place like lolcow which has tons of radfems also has weebs that seem to worship the Japanese way of life and are really fucking obsessed with "what Japanese people think of X". Last I checked the country puts women's right on the back burner.

Anonymous 8265

You can disagree with certain aspects of a culture and still like other parts of it.

Anonymous 8278

How high were you when you wrote this? I'm embarrassed for you.

Anonymous 8279

What a great point; you really changed my mind on the issue.

Anonymous 8280


I really dislike most of anime designs. The way they draw faces, architecture, clothes, majority of anime art ends up looking artificial, overly detailed and tasteless

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