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CORONAVIRUS HYPE Anonymous 46165

GO GO GO ! What do you think of Corona-chan ?

Anonymous 46166

I'm scared ;-;.
I'm already immune-compromised in other respects so I was already frightened of the flu and basic colds, so a spontaneous superbug scares the stuffing out of me. No shit, if it hits where I life I will quit my customer service job to avoid touching hands with people and getting sneezed on.

Anonymous 46171


3 cases in my country already, 2 in a nearby city

Come at me

Anonymous 46213

She's so cute, I'd let her infect me.

Anonymous 46216

>let her infect me
haha funny joke.

Anonymous 46246

I’m Chinese and my parents are actually in China for Chinese New Year right now (but far away from Wuhan, the city the virus originated from). I’m much more worried for their sake.

They say that around 70% of the people in the city are wearing masks right now, but for the most part, people don’t go outside anymore, and New Year festivities are canceled which is a big deal in China.

I’m more worried about my grandparents since they’re elderly in their late 80s, so have weaker immune systems.

Anonymous 46279

just a glorified flu
it's literally nothing

Anonymous 46284

If it was just another flu they would have called it that. There's something different about this and not a lot is known about it, that's scary.

Anonymous 46295

>the news isn't sensationalist

Anonymous 46298


Anonymous 46301

Teh rhythm of teh night

Anonymous 46302

I've been laughing at how the news took this so seriously to think that this virus was gonna be the end. Now I've just found out that my dad spent a hundred bucks my family doesn't have on soup and crackers just in case every store in the city sells out and he's terrified if anyone so much as coughs.

This disease is on the other side of the world in the unsanitary, crowded, disease-ridden China. Everything will be fine here, things are being blown WAY out of proportion.

Anonymous 46303

The end goal of the news in china is different from the end goal of news over here. If even the totalitarians got freaked out, that says something, because it would disrupt the harmony and compliance that they angle for.

This is not to say that I don't hope you're right and this is overblown.

Anonymous 46305

Remember how everyone was scared of the ebola virus but it hardly ever left Africa. It's the same situation.

Anonymous 46314

Not comparable. This one spreads much more easily and Chinese travel a lot more than Africans.

Anonymous 47846

Europe anons, what do you think about the panicmongering some "news"papers do refering to the newest cases in Italy?
Why can't we just keep calm?

Anonymous 47851

well, shit is going down, thats for sure

Anonymous 47855

I can't keep calm anymore. My country is close to Italy. They need to close their borders and stop people from travelling in and out.
Pasta miners, please be safe.

Anonymous 47860

Yuriko Tiger rests in piss.

Anonymous 47885

The seasonal flu kills 300k -600k worldwide each year and nobody bats an eye.

Anonymous 47886

The real problem with the coronavirus is that it could very well become a seasonal epidemic disease like the common flu. On top of the few hundred thousand flu deaths, you'd have the few hundred thousand corona deaths each year.

Anonymous 47891

>8 deaths 200+ infected ranging from Lombardy to Sicily
Why does have my country have to be such a shithole? We are the India of Western Europe

Anonymous 47892

corona came to my country. Fuck

Anonymous 47893

It's probably a virus lying dormant in more people than reported due to a lack of testing. For instance, Thailand relies heavily upon Chinese tourists and Asian backpackers and only has 37 cases. Seems sus. Other countries lack resources to carry out tests, or fear that taking it as seriously as a "potential" pandemic would incentivize mass panic and crash the market. Furthermore, two weeks isn't long enough for self-quarantine. Numbers point towards 30-90 days.

The morality rate is somewhere between 15-20% internationally and excluding Chinese data (since CCP is underreporting numbers for their "China strong" party image). That isn't so bad, but imagine if millions of people get infected. Most of the cases are mild. Patients at high risk would be those with pre-existing medical conditions or in poor health. The problem would be if hospitals become overfilled like in China, and the doctors have trouble giving proper care to the infected, leading to worsened symptoms.

While I do think that most people on this board will be fine, I believe that the media downplays the impact of Corona-chan to quell fear. Once governments acknowledge that this is a threat, it will be too late to control by then. I'm not going to stock up on hundreds of dollars of soup in crackers like >>46302 's dad, but I will make sure I have enough food to last me through two week, given that I'm actually in Asia. Iran and Italy of all places have become infected. A cult-esque religion in South Korea may have spread the virus to 20% of a town close to Seoul. Wash yer hands, Anonettes. There will be more countries impacted in the following months.

Anonymous 47894

>given that I'm actually in Asia
But which part?

Anonymous 47895

Two confirmed cases in Austria since this morning. I spoke to some people and they had mixed feelings from "omg I have to buy tons of food" to unoncern.

Anonymous 47910


wash your hands as well. i've found washing my hands before/after every meal and every time i change locations helps dramatically.

Anonymous 47911

isn't washing hands regulary normal behavior?

Anonymous 47912


it is for me, but maybe not for some other miners

Anonymous 47913

never go outside.j…

The NEETs shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous 47918

Yeah but many people don't do it correctly. They think rubbing their hands under the water tap for 5 seconds with some soap is enough. Some don't even use soap at all.

Anonymous 47920

It's really not worth worrying about. It's only killing the people who were already extremely sick anyways. In all honesty, I'm actually a bit upset it's not that dangerous. It sure would spice things up and be fun if this was the 2000's version of the black death.

I know that's terrible to say but I want to experience some huge exciting catastrophe.

Anonymous 47924

Don't dream it's over, anon. You know if you want it, it's never coming. That's just how the world works.

Anonymous 47926

Well I have to say that's me, just to get the greasiness off my hands

Anonymous 47939


Are you ready for the big reset, miners?

Anonymous 47942

I hope to God this spreads. I hope it wipes out a good chunk of the population. If I die too, oh well. But. The world is so crowded. So full of horrible people. Humans aren't humans anymore. We're all just numbers. We're our jobs. And if you don't have a job, if you don't have a number, you're worthless.

I want what the boomers had for the people remaining. Reasonable pay, cheap housing, comfortable lives. If a good portion of us die, that's doable.

Come on Corona chan!

Anonymous 47943


This, a new age is coming, financial systems are going to collapse and the virus just accelerates the process.
8 billion people are too many for the world elite to control.
It's time for depopulation.

Anonymous 47945

>Carbon emissions from China have gone down 25% in 2 weeks
Is this /ourvirus/?

Anonymous 47951

I wish this too, I think there are far too many people in the world for the amount of resources we have and how we use them. My parents tell me I am Thanos tbh he is based I didn't watch the movie but just hearing how he wants to wipe every other person's existence makes me love him.
But most of the people who have died were just old people. It's not as dangerous as the media makes it out to be

Anonymous 47953

You're absolutely right. There's just so many people and it's crazy! For every one person 300 years ago, there's 14 people now!

No one cares about each other anymore. There's too much noise, too much chaos. The end is going to come sooner or later at this rate and it'd be much better for everyone if a large portion of people were culled by a disease rather than annihilating the planet.

But >>47951 is also right. I'd like to believe that the Corona virus will be the apocalypse, but all the signs say that this'll blow over in no time. The best we could hope for is a few million to die? That hardly puts a dent in the sardine can that Earth is becoming.

Anonymous 47954

I just remembered a book about a disease that rose up from overpopulation, it's very interesting, I still haven't finished it. I know it's off topic but I want to recommend it. It's called Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. I really think it's very interesting but it might not be to everyone's taste

Anonymous 47955

>slaves die en masse
>masters remain completely unharmed
Fools. Also this is going to wipe out the last remaining conservative whites (elderly) if that means anything to you.

Anonymous 47962

sounds good. we have too many old idiots in power who are stuck mentally in the past.

Anonymous 47963

Yes please! I agree. Too many people in the world.
Sucks that people are dying. But people are dying in wars, proverty and getting murder everyday. Hardly anyone cares about them. But then everyone cares about some virus.
I don't mind if I die. Only thing stopping me from killing myself is the chance there is a after life and getting punished.

Anonymous 47965

As a result, life in general becomes worse, but by no means comes to an end.

Anonymous 47966

Glad it's not just me.

Lol the fuck? Hardly. Good riddance to them too. You don't have to be a stiff racist grumbling about those darn kids and Jesus to understand this world is fucked and only getting worse.

Anonymous 47967

Say something new.

Anonymous 47968

And how is killing off all the starving and poor people going to give them better lives? No choice but life, anon. There's far better ways for you to start a revolution than get sick.

Anonymous 47969

They won't get the better lives. I probably won't. You probably won't. But those left behind will live better.

This 'live at all costs!' line of thinking is how we got into this mess. We should have never gotten to the point of having such a massive population.

Anonymous 47970

something new

Anonymous 47973

Then you shouldn't have started you're argument with
>Think of those old white people
If your just gonna turn it into
>Think of the poor

Anonymous 47974

>but those left behind will live better
With less numbers to make themselves known with. Inflating the population is one thing but encouraging genocide is another.

Anonymous 47975

Would it hurt you to think of everyone, then? Who's suffering enough to deserve such graceful death, and who's living good enough that they don't? See how that sounds? I bet you're a first worlder.

Anonymous 47977


Anonymous 47978

Then they wouldn't be starving or poor anymore and neither will I :^)

Anonymous 47979

If dying is a blessing, then who doesn't deserve it? Natalism 101 right here.
Very funny, anon. I'm sure you could look at a suffering patient and not think "it's great to be alive".

Anonymous 47982

Who the fuck would want to bring a another soul in this world to suffer?

Anonymous 47983

So a soul not suffering deserves to die? What of the evil ones? Do they deserve to live.

Anonymous 47984

What the fuck are you on?
Make sense.

Anonymous 47985

Death will come to us all.
Innocent people not suffering die all the time. Evil people live to be 80 years old. That's life you can't control it. You can't control a virus.

Anonymous 47986

What's natalism?

Anonymous 47987

Genocide is a horrible thing. But, if it's indiscriminate, then whatever it takes. I'm sorry for those who die, I'll be sorry if I die, but oh fucking well. You don't think 8 billion people is a teensy bit too much? Everybody benefits in the end if this virus mutates and wrecks havoc.


The Chinese are awful but I don't think they're soulless man. Just, Chinese.

Anonymous 47988

Who stares at someone suffering and go "glad that's not me" that's mean Anon, don't you have sympathy?

Anonymous 47989

I genuinely think Chinese became somewhat soulless after their cultural revolution. It had a terrible impact on them and now they lack empathy not only for the world and its creatures but also for their own. The fact that they still live in communism and ignorance doesn't help either.
And it's not worth fixing them they should just stop existing. You'll never getting rid of their animal torture centered culture anyway.

Anonymous 47991

I'm the one trying to make sense of this insanity.
Says you and your delusions. You don't seem like some kind of sage to me.
>genocide is a horrible thing but
Say no more. Seriously. If you stopped concerning yourself with the world and the problems within it, you'd be less of a weirdo. Quit watching the news.

Anonymous 47993

How long until it reaches the UK? I go to a university that many Italians attend so I’m at starting to freak out a bit

Anonymous 47994

People get hit by cars, mauled by animals, electrified by faulty wiring, freak accidents, murder. People die all the time regardless if they were a good person or not.
The virus doesn't intentionally go after the poor.It simply exist. It will inhabit the nearest body regardless of status, wealth and health. If a virus doesn't kill them it'll be another thing. Timely or not.

Anonymous 47995

You sound like you're in denial of death

Anonymous 47996

The disease can be stopped by plenty of possible factors involving wealth. You know that right?
There's already death in the world. Wanting more is wrong.

Anonymous 48000

How exactly do you know that it's too much? You're just saying it is and that people need to die.

Anonymous 48012

Anonymous 48014

I started to read The Stand by Stephen King (a novel about a virus killing everyone) and I was loving the outbreak, it gave me a full immersion. Iwas quite upset by how it was ending fast, but the new spread really got me hyped again. I'm terrible, I know.

Anonymous 48017

We're polluting the Earth. We're hitting hurting animals, destroying habitats, killing each other. Raping, stealing, lying. There is a finite amount of food and space. A finite amount if resources.

Don't be naive miner. Culling will be good for us

Anonymous 48018

do you have any more info on this?

Anonymous 48038

nta and I don't know if the post is fake / if the date is edited considering the Italy predictions etc., but I have some experience in genetics and the bit about how some Brazilian bat mutation is totally going to up mortality to 15% doesn't make any sense to me.

The best information you could have about something like this would be extremely hypothetical, like some old guy researching a receptor XYZ in the immune cells of some Brazilian bat for 40 years, then reading that the coronavirus binds to a similar receptor in humans, then getting excited that his research is finally relevant and coming up with some vague hypothesis for how if the virus adapts to these bats, it could maybe have worse effects on human lung tissue.

But most hypotheses like this are false because finding the correct theories in genetics/biochemistry is difficult and takes laborious experimental tests, and even if the hypothesis were true, the virus wouldn't just mutate exactly according to this theory right when it meets the correct bats in Brazil. I mean I could be wrong, maybe there's more information about these things available than I know, just seems dumb to me.

Anonymous 48050


This, but unironically

Anonymous 48113


We will be able to advance enough to not pollute the earth in the near future. As for the other part… Well, we can only hope for the forgiveness of God. Pray that we break free from the chains of sin as is His will.

You cannot call for a culling of humankind when every person is end unto themselves and loved by God.

Anonymous 48124

god make this virus lmao

Anonymous 48130

I can't even articulate how pissed I'd be if this virus causes the cancellation of the Olympics or other major sporting events.
I'm not likely to catch it myself being an American NEET. But it sucks that it still effects you in a global society.

Anonymous 48137

This virus, like every other disease is a natural evil. It's a product of the world we are in not a creation of God.

Anonymous 48138

How could it not be god's creation?

Anonymous 48310


what I hate about christcucks is they can never accept accountability for their God's actions. Yes, he created good, but he also created evil. Get over it. He loves none of you, and hates none of the 'heathens'. You worship a hack.

Anonymous 48311

Every other religion is completely okay in your books.

Anonymous 48312

Nope, you're just an idiot. All religious people are the same, in that way. They praise Gods who create strife among other things, and then won't admit to it.

Anonymous 48313

I just wanted to hear the mental gymnastics of how god didn't create the virus.
Because the previous statement seem contradictory. How can god create nature but not the virus.

Anonymous 48314

I'd love to hear them too, but neither of us will get to hear the reasoning. They never stick around after somebody pokes a hole in their explanation.

Anonymous 48325

You do know the basis of Deities both good and bad is that there is aj inherent good and evil in humanity, right? What's good is the cause of God, and bad, the Devil. Its really basic.

Anonymous 48327

God created the devil. Try again.

Anonymous 48329


谢谢 Corona-chan! :3

Anonymous 48331


You're probably posting ironically, but as a Chinese person who's originally from Beijing, this makes me happy somewhat.

When I grew up in Beijing, I remember the sky being so beautiful. I grew up near Heaven Temple (ancient temple in Beijing) and I remember going there and lying down, looking up at the stars in in the clear night sky. Nowadays you can't see that because there's just so much smog.

There's an old guy I follow on wechat (Chinese social messaging app) who's been making videos of him walking around in empty palaces and hutong (traditional Beijing streets/alleyways) during the coronavirus outbreak. While the coronavirus outbreak is definitely not good news, I can't help but feel like you can really feel the beauty of my home city when the streets aren't filled to the brim with people. It's nice, and my dad says that it's the way things used to be when he was a kid, especially during winter months when they stayed home to keep warm.

Anonymous 48332

The devil made himself. What part of free will do you not understand? Take responsibility for your actions.

Anonymous 48344

No no anon, I was actually astonished to see this and do think it's a good thing.

Anonymous 48354

Anon are you being daft on purpose? God created the devil. He also created angels specifically to be drones. They do not have free will.

Anonymous 48357

Is God the one who makes murderers commit their crimes? No. You have free will, as did the bringer of light. He chose to rebel, as a servant of God could do. He said he will ascend the throne. Not that he was programmed to.

Anonymous 48358

The devil 'chose' nothing. I just told you angels were created without free will. That is why they hated humans so much. Because we were made to have choice.

The problem with it, however, is that God does create people that have the potential to do bad things. Everything wrong in the universe is specifically his fault. Because he created it. He knows everything, and knows what every person and every creation will do. And he let's those things happen. Because he's a fucking cuck.

I know I'm wasting my breath but your ignorance is baffling.

Anonymous 48362

Why do you hate your freedom, anon? If you want to stop sinning, do it.

Anonymous 48368


Once the virus hits London, Ill be wearing gloves and a mask,for now I'll just disinfect and wash my hando a bunch

Anonymous 48369


Anonymous 48371


>tfw have a cough and have had a sick-ish feeling for a week
>tfw I just started being successful with a boy
Corona-chan is cockblocking me. I really am destined to die a tfw no bf KHV.

See ya, CC. It's been good. xoxo

Anonymous 48372

>if it reaches a certain population in Brazil the world is screwed.
For those of you who don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, it says that the two cases of Corona in Brazil have a different genome.

Anonymous 48453

Remember not to touch the bacteria when you dispose of your masks and gloves.

Anonymous 48940


Aaand the stock market is indeed crashing and the italian government has just announced a complete nation-wide lock down, just like he predicted
Hope you're ready for the big reset, miners

Anonymous 48943

How can it be the roaring 20s without a economic collapse?

Anonymous 48984


Corona aftermath…

Anonymous 48985


Anonymous 48986


Things are getting bad out there.

Anonymous 48987


What is scariest about this whole situation is how this entirely shut down the hong kong protests and gave the government the ability to shoot gathering protestors.

Anonymous 48988


Anonymous 49024

Then a hundred years before that there was… nothing! Who the fuck actually believes in cyclical history? Seriously.

Anonymous 49026

1720 - Plague of Marseille
1820 - Cholera outbreak
1920 - Spanish flu
2020 - CoViD-19

Anonymous 49034

>economic surplus followed by downturn
Look at the post I'm quoting next time.

Anonymous 49181

:^) from the US, my college campus is shutting down. Hot.

Anonymous 49182

colleges around me are shutting their campuses down and tons of people are stocking up on supplies and its scaring me so much im semi suicidal

Anonymous 49184

>first confirmed case of coronavirus in my state earlier today
god i hope i get infected so i can die already

Anonymous 49186

The hysteria over the virus is mostly because people can be carriers for it without knowing it, hence the self-quarantining you see people going on about. This is mostly to prevent any transmission to vulnerable demographics like >>49185 described. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you or someone around you is elderly or has a preexisting condition.

Anonymous 49187


I am partly scared for myself and really wish I didn’t have to go to college tomorrow. I’m more scared for my boyfriend though because he has a condition that would make him vulnerable to the virus. I think it could kill him. He’s going to stop going to his classes though, thankfully. He also lives in another country so I’m worried about travel bans being set in place and me not being able to visit him.

I wanted to believe that the hysteria was overhyped like it was with ebola but I’m scared I was just coping and things are actually going to get really bad.

Anonymous 49188


>Now for the bad part. They are expecting this thing to mutate further. Those results from the Australian lab are not good This virus has a very high propensity to mutate into a highly lethal form and WHO is predicting a fairly probable likelihood that if it reaches certain bat populations in Brazil that it can lump to a 15% lethality rate. That means that the minute you hear about Rio or Brasilia or wherever reporting cases you need to immediately make sure you've got a month worth of supplies because its gang to start killing many millions of people.

how long until you realize we might be fucked?

Anonymous 49189


i didn't even think of mutations

Anonymous 49191

end me.JPG

I'm sure its only a matter of time until a vaccine is found.

I doubt Ill end me, because I'm young and healthy with no compromising medical conditions.

Anonymous 49192

was making more of a joke

Anonymous 49196

They moved my university classes online for the rest of the semester. Not sure to be happy because "social distancing" supports my borderline hikki lifestyle that I'm already doing on weekends or sad because they canceled graduation.

Anonymous 49200


>certain bat populations in Brazil
What bat populations?

Anonymous 49201

With a viral infection there are permanent biological changes made. If you ever had chicken pox, you survived, but you still have chicken pox in your nervous system, and under the right circumstances you'll get shingles which will cause permanent pain when it break out. You'll have to permanently fly live with phantom pain for the rest of your life. With Corona, the concern if you're not old isn't that it will kill you, it will have permanent changes that nobody knows what they'll cause.

Anonymous 49203


It was a joke on that cyclical history thing
Don't take everything so seriously, sis
While it is true that the ones who can't be saved are mostly old people, what's happening in Italy suggests it's not all so black and white
Thing is, many young healthy people still need to be ventilated, and there are only so many ventilation machines and medical personnel to use them, and because the disease spreads like wildfire before you even realize hospitals are full
So your country is going to have to shut down everything like Italy did or you're going to get thousands of young healthy people die aswell

Anonymous 49213

Same. But I don't want to be irresponsible and accidentally infect someone else while trying to get infected.

Anonymous 49214

I hope neither of you get infected or die any time soon.

Anonymous 49225

Literally fake news. This virus is very stable despite being an RNA virus because it has an error-checking protein. There was recently a story that came out suggesting that the virus had mutated into a new strain, but on further examination of the paper being referred to, the mutation in question was only 3 bps (IIRC the coronavirus is 30Kbps, so that's a difference of 0.01%). This virus has been out spreading for nearly 3 months now, so to have only diverged by 3 bps compared to the "original strain" is good news.

What they're talking about in terms of Brazilian bats is technically true, but highly unlikely. The only real way for this virus to significantly mutate is via recombination (viruses "sharing" DNA/RNA). The "getting to Brazilian bats" thing is a nothingburger too. People in Brazil don't have regular contact with live bats, and likewise we'd have to assume that the bats there are also harboring some compatible viral RNA, and that the virus would not only be able to make the jump to bats again, but that after spreading to bats, that it would spread back to humans. Unless we're talking on a long time scale of ~5 years, this is pretty magical thinking.

Vaccines aren't just, "found." They have to go through clinical trials like all other medications. Current estimates put the ETA of a vaccine at 1-2 years.

You're half right. Certain viruses can go dormant by being neuroinvasive, where they're able to avoid detection by the immune system. But the vast majority are not. Also, viruses don't really cause "permanent changes" in people. Otherwise humanity would be a bunch of cronenberg monsters within a matter of years. The immune system is very good at recognizing compromised cells and destroying them; that's what being sick is: your immune system literally killing all of your infected cells.

I will say, however, that there was one paper I read which found the capability of this virus (as well as SARS-1 and MERS) to be neuroinvasive. That said, to my knowledge, there's been no follow-up studies done on either patients who have recovered from any of these viruses to determine possible sequelae.

Anonymous 49268

Aw, turns out the Corona virus is declining in China. Sounds like it's ending before it gets fun.

Anonymous 49275

Thank you for sharing this info anonette, I was reading this thread and getting spooked earlier today.

Anonymous 49286

I was tempted to write that off as a LARP too, but read the whole post
This dude succesfully predicted the stock market crash in march, and that Italy would have been the first western country to shut down
The post was written in january, there wasn't even any significant case in Italy in january, just a couple of chinese tourists in a hotel in Rome, unrelated to the later outbreak in Lombardy, they were above any suspicion
Can it really all be just a coincidence?

Anonymous 49363

I was kind of hoping that if it affected me, it would affect myself only.
My sister lost her job now due to the coronavirus scared and the grocery stores are filled. I'm scared if people keep hoarding food by the time I'm finally paid there will be none for me.
Now I don't know how I can support my sister or get food. Part of me wants to move back to my dad's farm and out of the city.

Anonymous 49383


>Italy also had the first confirmed cases in Europe IIRC
As you can see, France and Germany already had a handful of cases by that time, following your logic he should have bet on those countries
Hell, even the US and Canada had their first cases before Italy
Also, as i've already said, the two turists in Rome were quickly isolated and put into a hospoital, and they are unrelated to the later outbreak in Lombardy whose origins are still unclear, which as you can see is only discovered on the 21st of february

Anonymous 49400

this guy mixes up a bunch of truths with distorted info or downright wrong things, be careful with this kind of alarmist posts. What he was saying about the Chinese lying about the causes of death doesn't really work like that. Obviously all the other diseases continue to exist, and many patients have died because they didn't have access to the best medical treatment, because the system was overwhelmed with the infected patients. Those deaths weren't caused by the virus. Also someone who has a terminal heart disease and dies because the virus exacerbates the disease shouldn't really be counted as a victim of the virus directly, because what killed him was the original illness, in rigour.
The number of infected patients is a lot higher than reported, but that is not such a bad thing considering those unidentified cases are mild enough to go undetected, and it means the death rate is lower than we think. Calculated R0 depends on the measures taken to contain the virus so it makes sense that it was higher in China during the initial stages.
be careful but don't panic.

Anonymous 49409

Testing isnt readily available in USA so there could be potentially 100-1000s of cases waiting.

Anonymous 49452

Anonymous 49459


Anonymous 49488


From a creative standpoint, I find isolation rather stimulating.

Anonymous 49509

i'm scared my parents will die :( they are in their 60s and my dad's lungs are fucked from smoking

Anonymous 49512

Nice, post more pls

Anonymous 49554


I just wish humankind to get wiped out. I'm too tired of my life anyway, but finally there are more reasons to get up besides going back to bed. Now i monitor the virus spread and feel joy i've never ever felt in my life just by waiting when all of us will become equal in death. Merging with all the people into one hivemind entity would be nicer, though.
And i know it's not that serious and there would no significant damages to human population, but is it bad to feel good at least once in so many years?

Anonymous 49557

Perhaps evaluate why you feel so happy when it concerns others deaths and so bad otherwise?

Anonymous 49559

tbh, i wish the virus would spread faster.

Anonymous 49561

Well my boyfriend lost his job due to businesses closing down.
I still have my job of collecting rent. Which is leading to very awkward and difficult calls to make. I really hope they decided to freeze rent.
I have to say this isn't what I would picture of society ending. I definitely didn't think I would be trying to collect during a economic crash. I was in the middle of looking for a better job but I guess I'm stuck in the meantime. I thought it would end more swiftly. I hope society would rebuild for the better and less in control of he rich and less damaging to the environment.

Anonymous 49562

I hate how antivaxers are still a thing

Anonymous 49563

I’m really depressed I can’t visit my boyfriend who lives in Canada because of the border lockdown. I think the lockdown is a good thing for people’s safety, but everything right now is so uncertain and scary. This feels like a dream and I want everything to go back to normal.


>most people had it without knowing and recovered.
Source for this? It makes me wonder if I had it. I remember last month I had a really bad dry cough. I remember being surprised at how bad my cough was.

Anonymous 49574

Wow I can't believe someone else feels the same way I do. The moment I wake up I jump out of bed with energy I haven't felt in years and rush over to look up more Corona news and see how bad it's got. I'm constantly reading people talking about it and how they're suffering.

I don't like how it's not seeming like it'll be extinction level but we can dream, right?

Anonymous 49575

The Black Death killed a third of Europe but society recovered from it.
If this somehow wipes us out, we'd probably deserve it.

Anonymous 49578

Have been sick for 4 days now. Dry cough, sore throat, stuffed nose, head and muscle ache. Got some temperature too. Highest I have had was 38.2c and right now I'm 36.9c. I called hospital yesterday when I had 38c temperature and they told me to just stay home and take medicine. They don't think I have Corona but I'm so scared. I don't wanna die.

Anonymous 49579

You won't die even if it was covid, most likely you wouldn't even get symptoms worse than that. It can be dangerous to young people but quite rarely, especially until hospital max capacity is reached. We should avoid contact with others because the disease can still suck a lot even if you don't die, and so we don't infect (directly or indirectly) older or sick people, or take up a spot in a hospital.

Also a stuffed nose is rare with this virus, but very typical with the common cold, so most likely you have something else. Just don't take ibuprofen, the research is inconclusive but some have suggested it can make covid worse in young people. Hope you get better soon so you can stop worrying.

Anonymous 49630

i dont ,how can you stay creative?

Anonymous 49633

This. We deserve it if the earth is defending it's self. It's sad but true.

Anonymous 49647

God i hate anime

Anonymous 49679

Shut up, loser.

Anonymous 49680

I owe it to a restricted but supportive audience.

Anonymous 49766


Anonymous 49767

guys I don't want my grandma to die wtf she's always been so sweet and nice to me

Anonymous 49768

That's a totally reasonable response. By distributing the ventilators to people with COVID-19 many lives can be saved, as once the person recovers the ventilator can be used by someone else. This makes far more sense than one person selfishly keeping it for themselves.

Anonymous 49776


Le trolley problem has arrived

Anonymous 49779


Just take all of the ventilators and sell them to the highest bidder.

Anonymous 49782

Well it's either that or letting the Corona patients die.
So now the government gets to play god and decide who leaves and who dies, and I assure you there is absolutely no "correct" choice to make.

Anonymous 50290

Triage isn't murder.

Anonymous 50348

it's a way to maximize the number of lives you save. people are not numbers, but can you think of a better way to do it?

Anonymous 50429


Is this making anyone have suicidal ideation? Every time I read the news about this and see that things are only getting worse I start thinking about suicide. I’m not suicidal but I just keep thinking of it.

Anonymous 50435

press S to spit on "no big deal just a flu" retards

I don't understand this mindset at all. I might off myself if I got 'rona and my condition was deteriorating, because it seems like a pretty unpleasant way to go. But if you're comfy indoors and this crazy drama is unfolding outside…Why not stick around to see what happens?

Anonymous 50439

Yeah. Try not to think about it but some days are worse than others. So you’re not alone.

Anonymous 50444


Are you still there, anon?

Anonymous 50489

>But if you're comfy indoors and this crazy drama is unfolding outside…
I still gotta go outside to go to work, where my hours got cut. Also my boyfriend is in Canada and I’m in the US which means I’ll be unable to visit him for who knows how long. I feel so lonely and touch-starved. I hug my pillow at night. Everything just feels stressful, pessimistic (ex. “June will be the virus’s peak.”) and depressing. I just don’t like the uncertainty of it and how it feels like life is on pause.

Yeah I try not to think about it either or look at the news because it is literally all negative.

I’m still here anon. I heard about that girl. Everyone on 4chan was calling her a normie even though she had autism.

Anonymous 50497

They probably called her a normie because she’s pretty. If I had to guess there was lots of “Stacy mad because she can’t get Chad’s attention so she khs what whore lol” and the like.They think that is you’re an attractive girl you can’t have problems.
God I hate those edgy e-retards. So happy I stopped going to 90% of the boards

Anonymous 50518

>Stacy mad because she can’t get Chad’s attention so she khs what whore lol
Yes, the posts were literally exactly like that. They’re so naive, remind me of something an edgy 15yo would type except it’s men in their 20s. Also the males who spam on here who think they’re sooper ~epic~ trolls are unfunny and just embarrassing themselves.

Anonymous 50999


Anonymous 51099


First week back at work, I miss lockdown. :'(

Anonymous 51109

Where are you at, if you don't mind me asking? It feels like I've been waiting forever for lockdown to end where I am.

Anonymous 51614

This didn't age well lol.

Anonymous 51628

wonder if this anon is alive

Anonymous 51714

Central Europe
Under these circumstances my job is to an increasing degree emotionally and physically draining and I need much more time to regenerate than before.
But that's oke and I'm in a good mood most of the time. (=^ ◡ ^=)

Anonymous 51735

I'm wishing you the best of luck through this. Stay strong!

Anonymous 52451

For any non American anons in this thread, does your country / culture also have conspiracy crazies who are denying the existence / danger / potency of this virus, to the same degree that the American far right is? I’m wondering if these lunatic fringe groups are just a uniquely American phenomenon birthed from the high stress crucible of our two party system, or if there’s something latent in the human nature to deny science if we can’t physically see it with our own eyes.

Anonymous 52466

Yes, I'm from latin America and my mom genuinely believes corona doesn't exist. She says something else is killing people when I ask her about the deaths, or says that nobody has actually died (because they haven't shown the bodies).
I think it's mostly a boomer thing. Like they can't imagine that something so bad could actually happen so they deny it.

Anonymous 52467

Is your mom a Bolsonarista?

Anonymous 52468

Not from Brazil. People here don't have a political identity like they do in the US anyway.

Anonymous 52469

Totally. We're also getting all sorts of shitty disinfo because of Facebook. Maybe we're getting even more than US because people are still stuck in Facebook era over here, which is the most efficient cesspool for bullshit. My mother thinks corona was made in a lab so gubernment and Bill Gates can force chips inside our bodies by vax, which can be activated by 5G to turn you into a zombie. She also thinks she's a blue ayylien who came to earth to save people thanks to YT. Trying her best to spread the lies too, tells everyone IRL to follow her facebook.
She even has the audacity to say that her feed is getting censored. Clearly she hasn't seen proper censorship, because all she sees is conspiracy shit. If it were me I'd wipe it so hard no one would see it.
It's an uneducated person thing. My mom also says there's 0 casualties. Her reasoning is that people who die of other complications but have covid get written off as covid deaths. Also, there's no covid deaths because she's seen 0 people in her facebook feed or in her circle who is infected or has passed due to it. She says "back in the day when someone was infected, starving or dead, everyone in the neighborhood knew, we heard from people themselves, now, no one is saying their family is sick, it's only fake people dying." And she says that everyone who gets tested comes out infected for some reason, but if it were like that everyone would be infected. The rates would be much higher.

So she says, "doctors don't actually know what covid is. they just get a protein that all humans have and they're told its what covid looks like. also they get a test kit but they don't know how it works, just how to use it." This bitch thinks doctors don't know what a protein looks like. She went to med school and came out a ""nurse."" is this the power of soviet education?

I am so goddamn tired. If I have to spend another 10 years interacting with this woman in any way I'll kill myself for sure.

Anonymous 52473

Hmm I guess it could be uneducated in terms of how the world works nowadays. She did go to school, but in the last year she also ended up believing in other conspiracy theories. She also has a wakjob friend who believes in lizard people and Illuminati so she ends up influencing her ideas. I think they are both disillusioned with life (since we do live in a pretty awful place), so they are willing to believe someone else is responsible for all the bad things in life.

Anonymous 52494


Anonymous 52521

That's exactly it. My mother isn't exactly a successful woman, and she's mentally unstable. She is the wackjob friend who influences others. And she is stuck somewhere in the 90s. Thinks TV is poison and mind control but believes everything she reads on the internet. 0 self awareness. She totally believes in the lizard people too. It all started as a meme, but I guess it turned into a real conspiracy theory! I could go on about all the bullshit she spews every day. Spends all day watching 3+ hour podcasts on this stuff. This is ridiculous.
Ex-soviet country, but not Russia.

Anonymous 52522

I'm so bored.

Anonymous 52590

> Her reasoning is that people who die of other complications but have covid get written off as covid deaths.
That's indeed how it's handled in several countries, eg. Germany and Italy.

Anonymous 52644

Yes because of comorbidity. It’s not a conspiracy; COVID will help other ailments kill you.

Anonymous 52854

Your comment didn't age well. Your father should be very proud of himself.

Anonymous 52858

Anyone who includes in their post "This disease is on the other side of the world in the unsanitary, crowded, disease-ridden China" pretty evidently doesn't have an idea of what they're talking about.

Anonymous 52902

Oh hi. I wrote that original post you replied to from way back then. You'll be pleased to know that my life is pretty fucking miserable right now.

My dad has had to work from home for the past three months and I have no clue when he'll be going back. The rest of my family is going insane because, honestly, we can barely tolerate him but he makes the money for the house. I used to live nocturnally and have the entire house to myself at night but he's up at that time too now and what used to be my quiet time to relax is now ruined by the sounds of his video game at all hours and the man NEVER GOES TO SLEEP.

Of course the disease itself has had no effect on anyone I know (I don't know anyone who's gotten it) but I haven't been able to have a proper meal in ages because the stores are always sold out of the good stuff. This is Hell and society needs to pick itself back up as soon as possible (these riots aren't helping) because I can't take it anymore!

So yeah, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Anonymous 54616

Yeah I'm alive. Saw this post way back but wasn't able to post here until now (I wasn't banned as far as I know, but each time I tried to post anything site would complain about captcha).

The symptoms got worse after that post and I was sick for 7 more days. Temperature was 37-37.5c and I had so much phlegm that sometimes when I was coughing it up I'd feel like choking. Like the amount was just insane, I had mountains of paper jsut because I had to be blowing my stuffed nose so much. Had a lot of headaches and pain in general. It got better eventually and I recovered but I had no sense of smell for a week after. Probably wasn't corona but it was definitely the worst flu I have ever had. Luckily I haven't been sick since and I definitely hope I wont catch corona because just normal flu was so terrifying for me.

Anonymous 64771



Anonymous 64813

We can only wish

Anonymous 64936

Stay out of politics.

Anonymous 64937

Like he isn't the rich fucker. Unlike most Americans he can actually afford top notch medical attention. You wish he would stuggle like some common man.

Anonymous 64938

Just to make it clear I hate Trump and wasn't defending him. Just stating the fact that he as access to all medical help without the need to regard the cost.

Anonymous 64942

he's going to die baby.

Anonymous 64950

Go back to bunker- oh wait.

Anonymous 69372


Happy 2nd lockdown!
I am already losing my sense of time. Is it saturday?

Anonymous 69646


>9 months ago

Anonymous 69790

I wonder how OP feels now. I know when this all started I was super hyped and excited for a "happening" but I am BEYOND sick of it at this point. I'm poor, I can't go outside, and I don't know when it's going to end.

Anonymous 69792

Numbers are starting to rise again where I live. Way less than the us but still scary. There are a lot of irresponsible older people who don’t wear masks for some reason, and also parents who don’t make their kids wear masks properly. And then people in their 20s-30s going out to bars in huge groups…

Anonymous 69801

> I'm poor, I can't go outside, and I don't know when it's going to end.
how did anything change? normalfag?

Anonymous 69821

>and also parents who don’t make their kids wear masks properly
I've straight up seen parents not put on masks on their newborn babies. It's like they want them to die.

Anonymous 69825

The point of the mask is to prevent you from getting other people sick. Unless it's an n95 mask or better it does very little to protect you.

Anonymous 69835

I got a job during the pandemic, I was unemployed before this

Anonymous 69881

Thats like the opposite of most people lol.

Anonymous 69937

tired of the hysteria.

The average age of people who die from it is 80, it's basically a more dangerous flu. Sure it's bad for some people, but nowhere near bad enough to justify all the lockdowns and closures and restrictions.

If I had to live like this forever I would consider spearheading an underground club movement, or barring that, suicide.

Anonymous 70920


Anyone got any info on this? I’m no anti-vaxxer but this pic related shit got me trippin tbh. I don’t want the old people to die but I also want kids someday.

Anonymous 70924

I think you are a man-made bio-weapon made with the intention of the Chinese Government to infect the Hong Kong Protesters. And no one can convince me otherwise.

Anonymous 70968

I'd say don't get vaccinated if you don't have any comorbidities yourself, as no vaccine yet has been proven to be effective at stopping transmission, so there's no reason to think you'd protect anyone else by getting vaccinated. Even the pharmaceutical labs acknowledge they don't have any data that indicates the vaccine may hinder transmission.

Anonymous 70971

Ok so I just typed out a really smug ans snarky thing about how there's no way that's true because that would be insane, and then just to be sure I looked it up and wow. That's insane. I can't believe the UK just approved a vaccine when they have no idea if it actually works and it might actually just make things worse.

Anonymous 71167

finally a way to sterilize myself without having given birth to two children or medical evaluations

Anonymous 71185

This pandemic made me wish online classes would be thing forever. Seriously, why can't there just be online school? The worst obstacle for me to go from NEET to student is the fact you'd have to wake up early in the mornings and have to go into the coldness (in my country) and take a buss to go to school. It'd be just easier to be able to get ready at home and sit on computer.

Anonymous 71186

I don't know where you read that, but although there is no robust data that says it prevents transmission, the limited data we have now does point towards it being able to. Don't forget we know how other coronaviruses and RNA vaccines work, there isn't a very big chance that this one is going to be completely different.
The big doubt is whether it will give herd immunity. We have no idea about that yet.

Anonymous 71188

A vaccine is dropping in my area soon, anyone else?
It would be nice if this could get things back to normal. Just reached my goal weight and cleared my skin only for this year to block me from profiting. I just want to be cute, make new friends, and not worry about bringing death to my family.

Anonymous 71212

Fuck yeah give me the Antibabyspritze

Anonymous 71281

Anon are you stupid?
Masks should never be put on infants, they can't get enough air. Faceshields are ok.

Anonymous 71314

this is ridiculous lol have either of you met a child in your lives

Anonymous 71316

Nonsurgical sterilization AND it protects me from covid? I would be first in line

Anonymous 77640

Corona-chan is a lying bitch. Not a virus, not a bioweapon, and definitely not a 5G disease. Just a repackaged relabeled flu season birthed by propaganda think tanks spread through the coughs of likes, shares, and retweets. AKA a hoax.

Everybody knows this but does nothing.

I'll join your club movement.

Would be nice but it wont. Just go outside and make new friends.

Anonymous 77676

>german physicists worried about female fertility
I've met a lot of german physicists in my life, more than should be statistically possible, and they're all nuts and creeps. Without seeing an image of this man I can already picture him in my head.

Anonymous 77678

Antinatalist wet dream. Thinking about how there are scientists in high places dedicated to permanently ending humanity makes me smile.

Anonymous 77679


i like wearing masks cause i'm ugly

Anonymous 77699

Me too, I also think they look cool

Anonymous 77724

Ayyyy uggo gang rise up

I keep my mask on even when it’s “unnecessary” like at the gym while working out or walking out from stores. Not scared of the coof, just insecure about my lips

Anonymous 77755

Yep. I get suicidal from thinking how much the world got fucked over from these unnecessary lockdowns. Hell even reading the word "lockdown" sours my mood for about an hour because I don't wanna be reminded. If it goes on any longer I swear I might snap. I can't bear to think about the old people locked in elderly centres dying from loneliness, how fucked up kids are gonna be, the millions of people starving and getting denied medical care etc etc etc. For a flu that 98% of people survive. How's that for "saving lives." What a fucking joke.

Anonymous 77763

Agree with you about the lockdowns; the cure is worse than the disease.

Anonymous 77767

its population control by the states, they all agreed on it.

Anonymous 84615

I can't believe it's finally over, at least here in America.
It's probably going to be a bit until everything goes back to normal but at least things are actually happening now. It feels kind of random that suddenly the CDC today was just like "Eh if you got vaccinated you're fine" but I'll take it.
Goodness who would've thought the Corona would last this long?

Anonymous 84619

I'm gonna miss being able to talk to myself in public.

Anonymous 84625


Forget about Corona-chan. How about Corona-kun? Post more virus boi.

Anonymous 84626


It's a crime that there's so little when it comes to male gijinkas. He's just so cute and smug!

Anonymous 84634

Anonymous 84819

Don't listen to this retard >>84634
Corona-kun is cute as fuck

Anonymous 84821

He's too old :(

Anonymous 84892

ok pedo moid lol
the pros of corona-kun is that he isn't a sexed up nine year old

Anonymous 84938


Anonymous 84969

damn that's a hot corona-chan

Anonymous 85023

You mean Corona-kun?

Anonymous 85025

OG Corona-chan simp here. This made me reconsider my opinions on men. Thanks corona-kun

Anonymous 88113

Yesterday at a barbecue people were talking about getting the shot and literally every one reported getting sick. But they acted like that was normal and not a big deal. They just laughed it off like "Oh yeah I was barfing everywhere lmao."
Then they asked me if I've gotten mine and I said no.
>Shame on you.

Anonymous 88124

i've rarely heard of anyone getting nausea. your story sounds fake and gay

Anonymous 88126

I didn't get nausea myself but it's listed as a symptom you can expect on the official list of vaccine symptoms from the CDC so I don't see why it would be far fetched at all.

Anonymous 88129

you are something of a retard aren’t you?

Anonymous 88138

yes, as one of the less likely symptoms. what's the likelihood ALL of the ppl at this bullshit barbecue had nausea? most people report soreness throughout their body, headache, chills, fever… nausea, much less so. anon is full of shit, just listen to him/her

Anonymous 88153

Not everyone was saying nausea but a couple did.

Anonymous 127344

Anyone else kind of missing the Corona? Like it was dreadful, don't get me wrong, but it was just a little bit exciting to have a little incident going on.
I especially miss the early days of Corona when the store shelves were completely empty and people were preparing for the world to end. I've never seen anything like it!
Now the Corona's just completely vanished from people's minds. I hope this BA.2 becomes a problem, I just want more action!

Anonymous 127348

I'm sad it didn't lead to the collapse of society. I wanted to put all the post apocalyptic media I've consumed to use. I didn't even get a toilet paper shortage where I was.

Anonymous 127376

Don't worry, WW3 is brewing and ready to erupt aaaany day now.
It's going to be a lot more interesting than Corona too.

Anonymous 127497

I was promised landwhale genocide. I did save 10h of commute time a week though.

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