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Screw it Anonymous 46390

I'm a lesbian now.

Anonymous 46391

>actually bi but gold star because never got the d

Anonymous 46393

You can't just decide to be lesbian

Anonymous 46395


she just did

Anonymous 46396

Golf star febfem?

Anonymous 46397

This is a clear typo but I'm leaving it up because I find it funny.

Anonymous 46401

Congrats. I wish I could change my sexuality into 100% lesbian, too.

Anonymous 46408

Any particular reason why?

Anonymous 46413

There is nothing more beautiful than a yuruyuri relationship. The gentle touch of her skin, her light float scent, her warm embrace, as your locks intertwine. Hearts in perfect unison. A cherishing moment…one which could San Hai.

Anonymous 46417


Anonymous 46603

i think i'd be considered a failure by my family and everyone around me although I wouldn't have to deal with men which would be nice. so no thanks overall.

Anonymous 46611


One answer would be a manly girl who can be more girly with you, or a girly man who can be less girly around your friends and family. Did I just achieve world peace?

Anonymous 48042

same. boys r smelly

Anonymous 48083

no offense, but that's a bit gay hun.

Anonymous 48088

I know that you're kinda joking, but why don't men wash regulary

Anonymous 48094

My ex showered twice a day?

Anonymous 48095

outlier, and bad one. 2x a day is bad for skin

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