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candy Anonymous 46534

>what are ur fav holiday candies?

I love Valentine's conversation hearts and just got a lil bag yesterday while grocery shopping. They are just sugar chalk but are so weirdly satisfying to me.

Anonymous 46538

I don't know what's so controversial about them but I LOVE candy corn! Me and my family all got a bag of it during Halloween. They hated it and gave me their bags and then I snacked on candy corn here and then until Christmas.

It just has such a great and unique flavor you won't find from anything else.

Anonymous 46539

I like cordial cherrys. Really any kind of chocolate with a creamy or fruity center.

Anonymous 46543


Cadbury creme eggs.
>tfw dairy and cocoa break me out so will never have one again
Haha rip

Anonymous 46547

I love:
>The valentines conversation hearts
>Caramilk eggs
>mini Halloween caramilks (I swear they make them different from the usual kind)
>Cadburry crunchy eggs

Anonymous 46550


Oh yum. I remember loving these as a kid but always needing to drink a whole glass of water with it bc it was so sweet. The little yolk is so cute.

Anonymous 46551


Me toooooo. I could eat a million. I dont understand the hatred except, y'know, the wax.

Anonymous 46555


Love candy! Just what the doctor ordered.

Anonymous 46559


I am completely obbessed with these

Anonymous 46624

>Thanks for the clap
Ugh, one of my old friends knowingly gave it to her boyfriend. Her excuse was, "Loads of people have it anyway, its not a big deal."

Anonymous 46642

These look really good tbh. For some reason I have it in my head that cherry cordials are gross, but I can't remember actually ever eating one.

Anonymous 46646


Chocolate with cherry is a delish flavour combo

Anonymous 177480

bump because the holiday season is coming up!

Anonymous 177482


For dia de los reyes magos, my favorite candy is marzipan. they sell it year around but i only eat it on the holiday because my grandma would leave it in my shoes when i was a kid.

Anonymous 177483

omg i used to eat this all the time as a kid!
not sure if it's a holiday candy but i love those chocolate orange wedges.

Anonymous 177484

what are orange chocolate wedges? is it like chocolate strawberries?

Anonymous 177485

Spekulatius and pepparkakor hands down.

Anonymous 177489

pastissets de moni…

I really enjoy any type of pastry with sweet potato in it

Anonymous 177492

is hot chocolate a candy?

Anonymous 177493

those look like azevias but we do them with chickpeas usually. where are you from nona, southern europe?

Anonymous 177494

Peanut marzipan is weird. It should be made with almonds.

Anonymous 177498

I never seen almond marzipan before, nona

Anonymous 177499

That's what it's supposed to be made of. You shape it into fruits or pigs or roses.

Anonymous 177506


these little guys

Anonymous 177549


does anyone like these things? it's one of those foods that i am not sure if i like or hate

Anonymous 177557

So I'm not the only one in the world, I love candy corn and especially caramel candy corn but my husband always pokes fun at how I like the 'most boring candy'. I'm convinced he's never even tried eating a candy corn in his life, just repeating a dumb meme.

One of my most favorite holiday candies and even better than candy corn.

I also really enjoy anything that's pumpkin spice flavor.

Anonymous 177581


i’m not a big sweets girl but i can really fuck with these every once in a while

Anonymous 177586

On God…. The best

Anonymous 177588

mmmm grandma candy

Anonymous 177592

granny? is that you?

Anonymous 177595


Since we're gonna list off that kind of candy

Anonymous 177596

images (3).jpeg


Anonymous 177725


I freaking love those. Can't find them where I live in the U.S. though

Anonymous 177728

I like these! Mint + chocolate is one of my fav combinations

Anonymous 177994

Amazon much??? You can get virtually anything on Amazon especially normal and imported candy

Anonymous 178011


…Except Amazon is saying they are out of stock or unavailable.

Anonymous 180056

I love those candies!!
Does any nona know where you can get Chinese candies of different kinds online?

Anonymous 180070

I loveee kinder eggs! The littles toys are always neat. I wish they made kinder eggs for adults though, somehow. slightly bigger with slightly nicer toys. I wish I could've eaten kinder eggs as a kid, but alas I am an amerifag. I also really like mellowcreme candies like candycorn, candy pumpkins, mellowcreme icecream, and easter corn.They all taste the same but easter candy looks super cute to me so I love it. And I'm super sad that most places don't sell circus peanuts anymore, they were they best. Well, after gummy sharks.

Anonymous 180075

Woah calm nona, there's plenty of vegan candy: https://www.everythingvegan.com/blogs/learn/list-of-vegan-candy
Also most of the animal products in these candies are from crushed insect shells used as food coloring, not cows.

Anonymous 180078

You can always try hard candy, there's tons of really nice hard candies being sold in all sorts of crazy and awesome flavors. If you ever get the chance to go to a victorian-style candy shoppe where they make it in house, go there! Also, even though its not advertised as holiday candy, I consider botan rice candy to be christmas candy cause as a kid I only ever got it during christmas

Anonymous 180093

I used to like coconut wreaths but now I find myself loving those cheap marshmallow Santa's

Anonymous 183455


Cherry rainbow canes and Xmas m&ms

Anonymous 183456

These make me SO nostalgic

Anonymous 183478

>go to grandparents house around Christmas
>demolish their stash of candy canes on the tree along with my siblings

Good times. Anyway my favorite holiday treat has to be snickerdoodle cookies. There really is no reason I can't bake these at any time of the year, but I do enjoy these during the Christmas season.

Anonymous 185473



Anonymous 185480

I love these, especially the sour ones.

Anonymous 185523

What do these taste like I see them everywhere in Central tx

Anonymous 220288


I've always wanted a heart shaped box of chocolates. I'll see what's on sale tomorrow.

Anonymous 220314

i don't know if you meant for this to funny but i lold

Anonymous 220323


chocolate covered almonds

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