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Anonymous 47853

Have you considered a life of serving our Lord Jesus Christ?

Anonymous 47857

Yes but it has more downsides than upsides for someone with my personality so I decided against it in the end. Thanks for asking, all the best!

Anonymous 47861

Depends what you mean by serving him, I suppose… some people say they are serving him while raping children, others change the world in his name. What do you mean, anon?

Anonymous 47862

By becoming a nun of course.

Anonymous 47865


I have a problem with nuns, Of course individually they can be really great people. But when they are in these groups, and they are isolated they have been known to go a little crazy.. Growing up in a place that was a big catholic I remember hearing stories about the priests having sex with the nuns.. reading articles like these makes me realize how they kept their position while doing things like that…

its not murder if you hide it in the walls, right?

Anonymous 47868

god doesn't like me im too gay

Anonymous 47869

Just be a gay nun, anon.

Anonymous 47870

He just doesn't want you to be a pervert, anon. Sisterhood is still fine.

Anonymous 47881

You can be gay and be a nun you just obviously can not act on it just like a straight nun can not act on any lust she has

Anonymous 47883

I am actually considering becoming a nun. I was very resistant to the idea before because it's always been a dream to be married but after expierencing love and such I don't think I would miss it. Not because I have had terrible experiences but mainly Its not as what I thought it would be in my fantasies. I would love to devout myself to God and actually do something meaningful with my life.

Anonymous 47884

What’s stopping you?

Anonymous 47914

do it do it do it
nuns have such positive impacts on the world

Anonymous 47928

I have a little bit of debt I must pay off first since you can not enter if you were in debt. Thankfully, I am almost clear of it all so in a couple years I most likely will start the process of becoming one.
are you also trying to be one anon?

Anonymous 47946

praise him

fear him
love him

serve him

Anonymous 47947

i love serving the lord

Anonymous 47959

hope those debts are cleared up soon :) i’ve heard discernment was wonderful.

Anonymous 47964

Religion is a mental illness.

Anonymous 47971

Bible is misogynistic and sexist. I'll pass. Christians are pathetic.

Anonymous 48001

But the upside is an eternity in heaven. How could there be more downsides?

Anonymous 48003

No, it’s not. People are just far too liberal and self-serving these days.
I’ll pray for you anon.

Anonymous 48007

Are these nuns inflatraing us trying to get people to join them?

Anonymous 48008

Whaa?!?!? peoplr are so liberal ?? what kind of excuse is that. kys


Anonymous 48016

Government mind control.

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