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Anonymous 48136

>Don't worry, looks aren't everything
>In the end what matters the most is what's on the inside!
>Just be yourself and I'm sure you'll find a great guy :)

Anonymous 48140

That is all true OP, as long as you are willing to get with a guy who is as ugly/fat as you are.

there are tons of great guys who are not tall or handsome

Anonymous 48179

But then both of you will fear you're just settling for each other. Or so the internet says.

When I see beautiful girls like in OP's pic, I just feel resignation. Why would a guy want to be with me when cute and sexy girls with a sun-kissed tan exist? Even I'm attracted to her.

Anonymous 48181

>But then both of you will fear you're just settling for each other.
But it is literally true.

Anonymous 48182

I know that feel.
My boyfriend is honestly one of the best looking people I’ve ever seen and I’m constantly afraid he’s going to become self aware and leave me when he realizes he can do better. I try to be the best girlfriend I can be, but I’ve been poisoned by the constant “redpilled” rhetoric about SMV and how Chad will never love me because my chin is too prominent to be a Becky or whatever.
Well that’s super helpful thanks anon

Anonymous 48192

Love is a choice, literally. Imagine being spooked by the word "settling" when in reality it just means a choice was made.

Anonymous 48195

A choice between settling and being single

Anonymous 48196

Is being single really such a problem? Would you rather have a boyfriend just to conform? I would rather not have anyone that pretend to love some loser. Also, if you have a loser boyfriend, after a while he will start to believe he is too good for you, and leave you anyway. It's better just to not bother

Anonymous 48197


Not really, no one is asking you to settle with a man who is below your league, just settle with one who is within your league, you'll have a much more balanced and healthy relationship, the vast majority of women can get a bf easily, the problem is when you just aim too high and get used because the men you want view you as inferior, once you realize that, your relationships with men will improve

Anonymous 48198

Stop being a spooked retard. Your choice is to have a relationship with someone, or to not have one. That is the only objective reality.

Is it society pressure and social standards that are spooking you about "settling"? Yet single women past 35 are one of the worst society images you can have. So what is it really that causes your delusional thinking? Some belief that you "deserve" someone "better"? As if you "deserve" anyone at all? Nonsense and inflated ego.

Anonymous 48199

I'm not talking about myself.
Clearly, as a society, we have billions of women who choose "settle" over being single. And yes, you could say it's a spook, society pressures you, just be single. But that's a spook in itself. I think it's extremely disingenuous to pretend that women only settle because society pressures them to not be single.

People "settle" all the time with everything else and we freely admit that. People want a nice car and a nice house but they get what they can afford.

Anonymous 48200

You miss the point in every post. You are spooked by the word "settle" because you think there is some negative idea attached to it. Your subjective mind dislikes the word "settle", because society has spooked you into a belief of nonsense.

Reality: A choice made through rational and logical thought
Spooks: False perceptions made through emotion and social thought

Anonymous 48201

The IS a negative idea attached to it. "I want better but this is all I can get."

Anonymous 48202

NTA but I don't think it can improve when I know there are some out there who see me as inferior, like you said, and I have to acknowledge they exist.

Anonymous 48203

Do you "settle" to eat spinach instead of candy and ice cream? No, obviously not. You decided that what was best for you was to eat spinach instead of something you wanted such as ice cream.

Do you "settle" for a man who respects you as an equal instead of a man who does not? No, obviously not.

Anonymous 48207

The whole "settle" thing is also ignoring that some people have varied tastes. I, for one, have never found conventional Chads sexually interesting in the least.

Maybe it's some next level subconscious cope, but it feels real as fuck. And I am sexually obsessed with guys who are my type.

So what difference does the "cope" make? It doesn't feel like settling at all if your tastes are atypical anyway. And I'm sure there are men who feel similarly to me. Since, you know, they're human. Surprisingly.

Anonymous 48209

Your comparisons make no sense.
I don't "settle" for spinach because I actually have the option to pick ice cream. The fact that I have the option to pick ice cream is what makes it an actual choice when I pick spinach instead.
The inability to obtain what you want, and thus picking something you deem of lower value, is what makes something "settling".

>The whole "settle" thing is also ignoring that some people have varied tastes.
No, it doesn't, because "settling" is not about what's commonly attractive. It just means that you weren't able to get what YOU personally wanted.

Anonymous 48213

Conventionally less attractive people are perfectly happy with other conventionally less attractive people, and don't tend to feel they're settling, unless they're part of a deluded minority. In long-term relationships, looks come to play a smaller part day by day as the couple gets used to each other's faces anyway.

Women in particular are happier with less (objectively) hot partners, because unless you count literal crushes on first sight, even physical attraction is defined to a large degree by how well you get along, body language, mutual empathy, etc.

I do agree that the deluded minority who pines after Stacies like OP is way larger in men, many of whom get off to visual hyperstimuli every day, also because men are generally more visual. But this doesn't mean that the sane and reasonable men who are worth dating in the first place would be disappointed with their looksmatch or feel like they're missing out. So your only benefit from stacymaxxing if you want the attention of a specific type of men which is worthless. Or the value mostly consists of a bunch of orbiters popping up to bring you Starbucks whenever you want, which is nice of course but hardly something to despair over.

Anonymous 48215


Well, maybe stop pursuing those who are way above your league

Anonymous 48217

ESL speaker confirmed.

You are correct.

Anonymous 48218

>there are tons of great guys who are not tall or handsome
That's like saying "there's tons of good food that doesn't taste or smell good".

Anonymous 48219

not everyone can afford to eat a full set menu at a 5 star restaurant so why would you expect to be able to?
pretty much everyone has settled for approachable pedestrian ``cuisine''

Anonymous 48220


Anonymous 48221


Anonymous 48224

If icecream/candy is an impossibility, then your only choice or option is spinich. Thus you cannot be "settling" for anything because there was no choice or option to begin with. If you are not coming to an agreement or conclusion between options, then you cannot be "settling" for anything.

Wrong. If you wish to argue for the definition of the settle then no one here is correct since it has little to do with this topic. OP has argued using a definition of settle that does not actually exist, but I didn't debate it because that would lead to nowhere. Instead I kept the conversation flowing by merely accepting it while putting it in quotes.

Anonymous 48226

Here's what I think: sexual attraction is the most important in a relationship. Dating someone you're not attracted to, and who is not attracted to you will make both of you miserable, thinking about how you don't like the person in front of you. You will also that you have to lie to that person about your attraction to them.
I do not believe in "arranged" relationships or that "love comes later", it is incredibly sad.

Anonymous 48227

I'm not pursuing anyone. These are people I see everyday on the street, etc. and I can't pretend they don't exist.

Anonymous 48228

I forgot to add that since there choice is impossible then there is nothing negative to be there. After all how could you be upset about something that is impossible, or to not have a nonexistent option? Otherwise you might get upset that the sky is not green, the world is not flat, and Hitler didn't raise from the dead to give you a quick shag.

Anonymous 48231

Other people will look down on you and in the end, it all boils down to this.
How people think of you matters the most in life, and if you cannot prove your worth to them you failed in life. Why are you even alive?

Anonymous 48232

So in the end we reach the conclusion that I spoke of in the very beginning. You are spooked by emotional false perceptions.

Even if I take your npc normalfag thoughts to be true, why would it matter that you cannot "prove your worth" in this one very particular strictly impossible manner? Could you not write a book? Follow a career? Do literally anything else to impress the worthless clapping chimps around you? Instead of doing that, you are upset over an impossibility. Are the flapping of their lips over this singular area (or any) of any real importance anyways? Nonsense and egotistical motivations.

Anonymous 48233

It's because I am a woman and things like writing a book and having a career will not get me the same worth in their eyes. If I were a man, maybe. But as a woman, you had one job. One job.

Anonymous 48235

ayn rand.jpg

Delusional, self pity, cringe, etc.

Anonymous 48236

She is still ugly and it doesn't change the fact men considered her ugly. You can be "one of the men" at most, but not a woman in the way a feminine woman is seen and recognized for your feminine/sexual side.

Anonymous 48238

I posted Ayn Rand in particular is because she is ugly and wrote a book in the utterly male dominated space of philosophy and politics. The point was to show that you can prove your worth regardless of physical traits or sex. Still you press on showing that you are emotionally blindsided over a singular impossibility, which is probably not even impossible, yet you have decided that it is. I don't even think you care about this issue or "proving your worth". You think yourself as ugly and unworthy of other people, seeing everything through that lens. Get yourself checked out, psychologist or self reflection; your choice.

Anonymous 48239

>Could you not write a book? Follow a career? Do literally anything else to impress the worthless clapping chimps around you?
No one cares about your achievements but you and maybe your parents.

Anonymous 48240

>Why would a guy want to be with me when cute and sexy girls with a sun-kissed tan exist?
Because there's a limited supply of Stacies. Unless you meant "why would the arbitrary guy I envision in my head who is ideal settle for me who is not ideal, and not Stacy" that guy wouldn't because he doesn't exist.
Settling from what? The arbitrary ideal guy in your head that doesn't exist?

Anonymous 48241

What does that have to do with my post?

Anonymous 48242

Depends on you achievements, assuming you are correct though >>48231 is still retarded because if nobody cares then it's a non-factor and doesn't effect your life.

Anonymous 48243

You suggested doing those things to impress others, and I'm saying others don't give a shit about them and won't be impressed.

Anonymous 48244

People care though.

Anonymous 48245

If no one is ever impressed by anything done by another human, then why do we know the names and actions of people whom we've never met? Ridiculous.

Anonymous 48246

Not really because you can have worth in other ways, for example by being kind and caring or by being funny and fun to be around.

Anonymous 48247


Anonymous 48248

Aren't I arguing the opposite of what they claim? But, whatever, as mentioned earlier you can have worth by being physically attractive too. These are things related to who you are not what you've done.

Anonymous 48250

They can't simultaneously care and not care at the same time. Be more specific with who you want caring, who is "people"?
You've failed to address my point or refute it. If nobody cares nothing you do matters.
>Not really because you can have worth in other ways,
That doesn't refute the point. What is this "worth" you speak of? Why is one path to achieve "worth" superior to another? All you've listed here is >>48231 >How people think of you matters the most in life

Anonymous 48251

Those posts are from different people, you seem to think it's one person who contradicts herself

Anonymous 48253

Just fucking kill yourselves then if you can't feel worthy outside of being considered C-grade fuck meat.

Anonymous 48254

t. ugly

Anonymous 48267

Sometimes being beautiful can corrode the soul, everything has its price. Consider yourself blessed if you're a modest 6/10 with half a brain

Anonymous 48273

What a dumb comparison.
Money is valuable because you can use it to buy things.
A partner is valuable because they bring beauty into your life.

Anonymous 48275

A beautiful face screaming you down is better than an ugly one loving you? Psychoooo.

Anonymous 48276

Most ugly people are bitter and hateful so it's not like they can love anyone.

Anonymous 48279


Just hit the gym, lose weight and get fit. Aside being in the 1% everyone can look good

Anonymous 48280

what about the face tho

Anonymous 48286


What about it?

Anonymous 48289

What exercise will give you longer eyelashes and a golden hour filter on all of your photos? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 48291

Now you're just trying to nitpick.

Anonymous 48292


Anonymous 48295

Imagine the girl in OP's pic screaming down a guy. The makeup sex would be bombastic for him.

Anonymous 48297

Carne, carne, carne, carne…

Are carnal desires all you can imagine? Ever think about making other people feel better, instead of just yourself? Self-sacrifice even? Not everyone's obsessed with sex like you are.

Anonymous 48300

Mom, is this you?

Anonymous 48304

I feel bad for your mom, and so should you.

Anonymous 48305

Honestly, men will always go for the prettiest thing they can get. However, they will only do that for a short period of time. The girl who wins is the one with the best personality. That's the one a man will marry.

So. If you're ugly as fuck, just know a nice guy will pick you after about age 25.

Anonymous 48306

By personality I mean, learn to love anal sex and getting cucked and garbage consoomer nerd shit. You too, can get picked by a male.

Anonymous 48309

Are you okay anon?

Anonymous 48317

>getting cucked
This especially. You do realize he will never really love you right? Men don't love like women. He may marry you but secretly dream about Stacies and jerks off to them. Enjoy being cucked and living as the second choice. There is no future for ugly women.

Anonymous 48319

Looks first, personality second.
If the man wants a short-term relationship, he will pick a beautiful woman.
If he wants to get married, he will pick a woman with both good looks and a good personality.
Ugly women are not considered from the start.
Looks alone are fine, personality alone is not fine.

Anonymous 48320

Look at this woman. She's adorable, successful, and an actual real life hero.
And apparently unable to get a boyfriend who meets some very modest height requirements without government assistance.
Sometimes life just doesn't make any sense and people should be more open to the idea that being "good" doesn't actually automatically build or guarantee happiness in life.

Anonymous 48321

>wants a 6'10 boyfriend
>"very modest height requirements"
Oh, the poor soul.

Anonymous 48341

Best chances are in the Netherlands or the Balkan quartet (Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia)

Anonymous 48342

Men and woman values diferent things to be beawtifull, succesfull or desirable. It also varies with culture. It also varies with the person.
The thing is, You will know better than anyone how desirable you are since you live with the attention You get from males.
Don't make it complicated. If somebody ends up with a fat and bald mechanic, it is because she saw happines in her future with him.

Anonymous 48349

Am I fucking blind or where does it say she wants 6'10 boyfriend? It only says she's above average height.

Anonymous 48356

It's actually really dumb of her to maintain a tan like that all the time. She will most likely end up with cancer.

Anonymous 48365

The illustrations at the bottom seem to imply her dream would be a boyfriend 40 cm taller than her. Translated into freedom length, that's 16 in, and with her being 5 ft 6 would require a 6 ft 10 boyfriend.

Anonymous 48422

There aren’t any “great guys” so enjoy your high stress levels and lowered life expectancy.

Anonymous 48424


>He is just shy, guys love it when girls approach them first!
>Just be confident and smile <3

Anonymous 48426

Why are men attracted to bug/fish looking women I stg

Anonymous 48430

Why dont you like asians?

Anonymous 48431

Asian womens narrow eyes balance out their flat/rounded facial features. Resemblance to fish averted

Anonymous 48432

Everyones face is round

Anonymous 48433


Anonymous 48435

And? It's not like people think "oh you're a successful author, that's so attractive"

Anonymous 48438

Them million shekels are pretty fucking hot

Anonymous 48441

This was so obviously written by a man, use your brain femtards..

Anonymous 48443

Men would rather date a penniless hot girl than an ugly millionaire woman.

Anonymous 48444

What a cope. Ugly millionaire woman knows her money is her only asset, a man who's not retarded will wife that, she's an investment. Broke hot girls are for using and dumping.

Anonymous 48445

Men aren't like women. They pretty much ONLY value attractiveness. Their second priority is usually just that the girl has a moderately pleasant personality, and even then it's a faaaar second. Her accomplishments and wealth are rarely on the list at all.

Anonymous 48446

I don't think that's true for all boys anon. My bf said that one of the first things he was attracted to was my personality.

He is a weirdo pretty much the farthest thing from a Chad,so most boys are probably cumbrain Stacy-loving trogs

Anonymous 48447

thanks ️eter

Anonymous 48448

>They pretty much ONLY value attractiveness.
It's funny because the men who are the pickiest and harshest about looks also have the least to offer. They are typically the ugliest, inside and out. I've seen plenty of attractive guys with average/below-average girls, and I've lived in a lot of places.

Anonymous 48449

The man has his own money, he doesn't care about the woman's money. He will get a young, hot and submissive gold digger.
I assume the millionaire woman can do the same, but why would a woman date a male gold digger.
However, she could get plastic surgery so looks are not an issue anymore.

Anonymous 48450

How does that girl look like a bug/fish or Asian? What the fuck are you all smoking?

Anonymous 48451


Feels good being asexual so all this worry and panic isn't part of my life. I'm jelly at how full OP's hair looks though.

Anonymous 48455

I agree with you, but I still don't think they generally value a woman's wealth at all.

Anonymous 48457

Who gives a fuck what they value. Are you implying that money buys true love? Well it doesn't, no matter the gender dynamic. If a wealthy man were to marry me I wouldn't love him, unless he was also a sweetheart. Similarly if one of the femcels here is loaded enough to simply buy a Chad, then no shit he wouldn't love her either. He would keep the gravy train going for as long as she wanted him around.

Anonymous 48459



Anonymous 48472

Men value women who have not had loads of sex. Get a LTR and have kids.

Anonymous 48475

you're doing the incel thing

Anonymous 48476

Only incels do. Normal guys don't care unless you are a turboslut/pornstar and even then it might be forgiven if you are attractive enough. If you beautiful you can do honestly anything and people will make it out to me charming/quirky.

Anonymous 48478

True love is not a thing, it's conditional. If you can buy love, that's fair enough for me.

Anonymous 48479

No. I'm saying the exact opposite? Money won't get us anywhere with guys. They don't care.

Anonymous 48483

You can't buy love, but you can buy a good dicking down
Again, guys won't love you for your money/wealth/success. But that doesn't matter if you can buy aforementioned dickings down.

Anonymous 48486

What about very skinny guys who like strong girls?

Anonymous 48487

As long as you have a pretty face.

Anonymous 48488

Why are you trying to steer people away fron happy normal marriages?

Anonymous 48493

The face and proportions also matter, at least within average/good loking men.

Your fashion sense, make up, hairstyle, personal higiene, wealth and everything else is something they don't even detect

Anonymous 48499

Shut up, you wouldn't like an ugly face even if she had a personality.

Anonymous 48501

>Your fashion sense, make up, hairstyle, personal higiene, wealth and everything else is something they don't even detect

That is factually fucking wrong.
Great going giving people advices that might undermine their chances attracting someone.

Anonymous 48502

>it is not enough that i should succeed - others should fail

Anonymous 48506

It's not about types, a 10/10 can come in many types. We're talking about objective beauty.
>authoritarian for […] image
Congrats, you proved everybody's point ITT.

Anonymous 48507

Remember to report moids and stop replying to them.

Anonymous 48510

You keep repeating our points and then saying we're the wrong ones.
Anyway, I'll stop replying because I don't want to get banned because of you.

Anonymous 48512

The whole point of this site is to be an echo chamber. Read if you must but stop posting.

Anonymous 48518

giphy (1).gif

I-I mean I could, if someone I liked came along. R-right?

Anonymous 49256

A younger man literally left his wife to be with her. She basically formed a sex cult. Men love degenerate intellectual women.

Anonymous 49265

People say its looks that matter, but everyone knows the mind's the most powerful organ of them all.

Anonymous 49283

I think anon is right; attraction is the most basic human instict in a relationship, everything else comes after.
If you dont like your partner physically your subconscious will prevent you from liking them on a moral and personal level

Anonymous 49318

Commitment is the most important human instinct in a relationship. You don't just leave your bf because he was horrifically scarred in an accident.

Anonymous 49330

It's physical attraction that makes you think "I want to date this person" and later "I will stay committed to them". That is the natural progression of things.
She would probably not leave him because they already had a past together. But men leave their gfs/wives for reasons like this all the time.

Anonymous 49332

I see two things wrong with this post. Number one is that you're not thinking with the big brain. You should have more control over yourself than just "ugh meat" like some basic zombie. Try thinking of people more as souls in flesh prisons than bodies given life. Behavior like this is stereotypical out of some robot's playbook of how he thinks the world works. Its basically unreal.
Second, don't do what everyone's doing, even if it's wrong. If you want change in this world, you need to become it, and giving into the flesh parade is not going to do that.

Anonymous 49334

You're denying biology. I used to think that way but it's a delusional way of thinking. Good looks is a sign of good genes, you want someone with good genes to procreate with (and bad looks are ofc a red flag).

Anonymous 49336

With that kind of thinking, is it any wonder why you're miserable, sometimes? Chin up, anon. There's more to life than breeding. That's just a bonus.

Anonymous 49339

>Good looks is a sign of good genes, you want someone with good genes to procreate with (and bad looks are ofc a red flag).
What does good genes mean in this context? All good looks tell you is the other person is reasonably disease free, and possibly socially conscious, the latter of which can be taught.

Anonymous 49341

You actually can't tell if he's reasonably disease free. Heart disease, inherited diabetes, AIDS, joint problems… The only visible diseases are skin or weight.

Anonymous 49344

I suppose I phrased it incorrectly. Reasonably healthy has
>no open wounds
>general indication of parasites
>not starving
All those things the monkey part of your brain considers important in a partner. All the diseases you mention are hidden, but as far as the "instincts of attraction" were developed are too sophisticated for detection. Because animalistically, without medical intervention, none of the traits you've described would survive long in the wild. Anon says you should look at things biologically so we have to reduce sophistication.

Anonymous 49345

*general indication of lack of parasites

Anonymous 49347

It means a high quality person.

Anonymous 49349

What do you mean by high quality?

Anonymous 49455

From what my good friend Eggs Benedict told me, it is mainly a matter of trust and power dynamics.
If a woman of the strong is willing to initiate a relationship with a man of the lank, it could come to reason that she is somewhat tolerant of weakness in her partner.
And thus, the man of lank is able to find some relief from the harsh pressures of the outside world through the woman of the strong.
He is able to trust her to not leave him when his weakness is expressed, as relative to her he is always expressing weakness.
Another part is that it is significantly harder for woman to gain muscle than it is for men due to differences in the amount of upper body testosterone receptors.
So if a woman possessed the drive to work out to the point where she is visibly buff, this would be regarded as a positive trait as it expresses her rather strong willpower.
This could also mean she might be more direct in taking what she wants, judging by the fact that she was willing to break the general societal taboo of girls gaining large amounts of muscle.
That is not to mention the aesthetic and sexual appeal, which is largely due to the fact that muscle can be sculpted while fat cannot.
Also, really good cuddling I would imagine.
A large part of the appeal is the cuddling.
The cuddling would be really great, just very high quality.

Anonymous 49458

>Also, really good cuddling I would imagine.
A large part of the appeal is the cuddling.
The cuddling would be really great, just very high quality.

Am I the only one who feels this reads like a Trump tweet ?

Anonymous 49519

IMO the solution is to date someone truly ugly, as in physically disabled, you will look like a goddess next to them.

Anonymous 49522

And then have that completely backfire because those men will inherently look down at you for lowering yourself to be with them. Most of the time, ugly men treat women worse. They take it as an ego boost and will likely cheat on you or abuse you. Sad but true

Anonymous 49533

This is true. If a guy thinks he's hopeless but "scores" and gets a loyal, committed, 6/10 gf (aka you) he will just want to cheat to "see what else is out there". If a guy knows/thinks he can get whoever he wants but willing chooses to settle down with you, that's going to last much longer.
I'm not saying date Chad, I'm just saying that you should date someone who has already experienced enough women to not be tempted by the next girl who makes eye contact with him.
>but what about muh pure virgin who won't leave me because he doesn't know better
Hold the infographics, anons. Virginity will not make anyone stay with you. Everyone is a virgin at some point, but most don't stay with their first partner unless there in some sort of culture that values chastity outside of marriage and discourages divorce.

Anonymous 49534

Yup, this is why you should NEVER do anything that can potentially give men an ego boost, if you don't know them well enough to know how they would react. An example would be how low-quality men will think you're cheap/easy if you approach them or talk to them first, never give them that satisfaction because those types of people deserve to be alone.

Also I used to love the idea of virgin men but in reality most of the time, they are virgins because they are off-putting in some major way. Very few men are virgins of their own accord like women are, ie. some sort of moral code/waiting for the right person. And even if they are virgins, they could still wack off every day to facial abuse or some other fucked up shit.

Anonymous 49537

But ewww anon, I honestly just don't want anyone who has "already experienced" a lot of women.

The only answer here is a guy who is mildly-to-moderately-attractive, secure in himself with good social skills and nothing to prove, and could have a 8/10 gf or casual sex if he wanted but is basically demisexual and not easily impressed (like, swore off dating and friendzoned cuties left and right until he happened to specifically meet you, because he never thought he would meet anyone so compatible).

Trust me, if you can achieve this it will be the best imaginable relationship. Not that many such men in existence of course.

Anonymous 49538

Just don't date LVMes

Anonymous 49540

LVPeople deserve relationships, too.

Anonymous 49546

Have you experienced this before?

Anonymous 49549

But ""demisexual"" guys don't exist. They are visual and visual only.

Anonymous 49550

This is what the majority of men will tell you, but it's lies. It's in their interests that women believe there are no better men around, because otherwise we wouldn't settle for looks-focused cavemen who will trigger our insecurities like it's their day job. It's true that most men are like that, so ok it's kind of an unicorn hunt, but it's possible.

t. plain face with bad adult acne but fun personality and cool interests, also a kind and wonderful software millionaire bf whose uni class had 2 basic nice & super cute girls I know, who he rejected bc he just wanted to code lmao

Anonymous 50172

>tfw actually a very attractive woman
>last bf dumped me because i'm depressed and seem sad all the time
sorry i was born this way here let me just kill myself.

Anonymous 50196

i refuse to get either meds or therapy. i may seem sad from time to time but I'm not stupid, i don't cut and i've never attempted suicide, and i'm usually cheerful/content on the surface. i don't need "help". this is just my natural personality. i've been this way since i was a small child. i'm not even bitchy or lazy and using depression as an excuse either. i spent literally 6 hours repairing my ex's coat for him as a christmas present. if i have to take drugs to be "happy" then i don't want to be happy.

Anonymous 50206

so what does being happy feel like?

Anonymous 50220

>sorry I know it’s a girls only board
Then why did you post?

Anonymous 50221

Probably because he thinks breaking the rules is worth it to spread some positivity. Every time I read a post like that, it almost always comes from a teenage boy who still sees things through the lenses of optimism. His kind words might work on younger girls but not on unattractive women over the age of 21.

Anonymous 50225

i fear to imagine what was the other thing that'd decided to marry it.

Anonymous 50228

Fuck off

Anonymous 50229


Most likely another fatty scooter beast. Could also have been some military incel manlet who married the first woman he shagged.

Anonymous 50233

trannies not welcome, also where are you raiding from

Anonymous 50243


Because any man worth having refuses to marry me "while he's still young" and I'm not into the divorced "entrepreneur" type.

Anonymous 52032

Assortative mating is the norm. One recent example is Musk and Grimes meeting over a piece of artificial intelligence wordplay.

The average is 100 IQ, so for most people they have 90-110 partners to choose from, or the majority of people. This allows them to prefer looks.

Anonymous 52044

what does that even mean

Anonymous 52045

don't autistically overthink it, some men just find buff women appealing

>Also, really good cuddling I would imagine.

>A large part of the appeal is the cuddling.
>The cuddling would be really great, just very high quality.
that's true though

Anonymous 52056

lurk moar

Anonymous 52060

I have lurked more than I'd like, just not on /r9k/ or wherever these terms are used

Anonymous 52061

Looksmatch should be self evident enough. It just means a person who matches your looks, as in a partner of the same level of physical attractiveness as you.

Stacymaxxing is admittedly more cryptic. "Maxxing" originates in pick up artist/incel/male improvement communities and refers to improving yourself to the maximum level you can reach in a particular area. "Stacey" is a stereotypical super hot girl. so staceymaxxing means making yourself as attractive as possible.

Anonymous 52070


>muh bone structure

Anonymous 52071

She looks ugly in both pics.

Anonymous 52072


I almost agree.
Wouldn't class her as ugly (<4/10) and I personally find America cute, but she's nowhere near op pic.
She's also ethnic which is a negative for many men, and I'm saying this as someone who is non-white with some similar features.

That said she does have a husband irl so she's not a femcel lmao. You'd have to be really removed from reality to say so.

Anonymous 52073


Does she pass the bedhead test? Fresh out of bed no makeup shit hair mode

Anonymous 52163

What does it feel like to date somebody who doesn't like/resents you? That's the only realistic option.

Anonymous 52211

literally all I want is a girl who isn't amazing looking but cute, not totally obese, and intelligent. I've dated girls that look sorta goofy, and I'm honestly fucking destroyed by one who I loved more than anything, but was by no means a 10/10. Literally just have a personality, strong interests, and make sure you're both reaching out to each other and you'll have a good relationship.

Men get far more attached than women. It's why they kill themselves or completely snap once women leave them.

Anonymous 52213

>men get far more attached than women
That's why they cheat and grow tired of their partners more, I guess? Lmao

Anonymous 52214

From what I seen, the infidelity gap has been closing in recent years, dunno if that is a good or bad thing.

Anonymous 52215


You have low self esteem now, right? You don't think it can get any lower. Well if you date someone who resents you, say goodbye to whatever vestiges of self worth, self esteem, or happiness you may be clinging onto. It fucking destroyed my self image knowing he would rather be with someone prettier and more worth him but had to settle for me. And you'll be constantly paranoid about cheating too. I believe in the end it is better to have loved and lost, but the consequences of an unwholesome love are ruinous.

Anonymous 52251

Attachement has nothing to do with cheating.

Anonymous 53319

This is unironically true though, I decided to start eating a can of sardines every day for breakfast since I learned about the nutritional benefits, it doesn't taste especially good or smell especially good, but I've grown to enjoy it.

Anonymous 53320

"Men will go with anything" is in fact just a meme, just because he wants to give you a ride with his car doesn't mean he will become your bf or your sex buddy

Anonymous 53322


You can't control your mercury levels

Anonymous 58405

Lots of great guys who are tall and handsome too. Why should I settle for some short ugly loser with a "great personality" that consists of saying good morning and night?

Anonymous 58415

I think that advice was for fat/ugly people.

Anonymous 105977

I have the exact same fantasy too, and I think it's just an excuse to not go to the gym or keep not exercising.
>Weeeeell, why would I go by myself when there's a cute more knowledgeable person right around the corner? I'd just be wasting my time, it's best to just wait until I find this person and we can work on it together as a cute gym couple :)
I really should just go already, but motivation sure is hard to find these days lol

Anonymous 149496

I think these spaces focus too much on looks something when I read these posts it sounds like these people are chronically online. Life isn’t as shitty and looks biased as people think. Sure a very attractive naturally born model will have a lot of benefits in life but so will people who are born really smart. And the thing about looks is that someone can greatly improve them throughout their lifetime. People in these places need to go outside and realize real people aren’t models. I’m even sure the girl in the picture either has edited the photo or does a bunch of things to stay that beautiful.

Anonymous 149534

Gurl why is you so orange

Anonymous 149581

>>Also because men are more visual

They are absolutely not and I'm sick to death of this. They're typically so ugly it hurts, and makes you feel numb.

Anonymous 149587

God in all honesty why would any of you care?? Why would you bother caring since attraction reduces you all to this mentally ruined state??

All I hear in this thread is how widdled down you all are. Miserable and insecure over a guy because you have to perform the feminine role, but all I see is how, in reality you all hate it to death!

You complain about men but then you actually get behind this ridiculous performative femininity, while they do ZERO in return.

It doesn't matter how you fantasize and dream, it looks like a shit tradeoff, and none of you will win no matter what you look like, because your brain and pride will turn to shit in the end, and they'll use you MOST of the time.

So why would you kid yourself ?? Most of the time all you can do is settle.

It will never actually be ideal or attractive to be in a relationship for me because it just sounds like the 9th ring of hell, to have to sound like all of you. You sound like you would throw yourself off a cliff for something this stupid

Men are ugly as fuck. This thread, and the sentiments in it, are equally ugly as fuck. They all sound desperate.
It kills all possibility I'll ever be attracted to a guy. There is virtually nothing in it for you, but self-loathing, and suffering if you're female. Its a shit tradeoff NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, you still have to play house and play stupid in self hatred no matter what you do.

Relationshit, its such a staggering and tremendous waste of time.

You're sold this perfect image so men can lead you around on a leash by your self-hatred so they, and other women can bully you into living and talking like heaps of garbage set on fire by a lie. It looks ridiculous.

Anonymous 150116

Doing things for other people is easier than doing things for yourself, no?

Anonymous 150266



I would be lying if I said it still doesn't completely upset me not looking like your or mine picrel, but at this point I am more bothered about not being smart enough, not about not being pretty enough. With where the world is going, we need more intelligence. Dirty rich old men are winning because they expect us to "improve" by bimbo-ify ourselves, not work towards a proper career or anything like that.

Anonymous 150694

Play house as in weaponize their incompetance and use you for sex yeah, like I said, no thanks

Anonymous 150695

Why are men so scared of dying alone lol. That’s your only threat towards women and the thing you act is like the worst thing in the world. Everyone dies alone, get over it moid pissbaby.

Anonymous 150697

Isn't this girl on IG? What's her name again?

Anonymous 150699


I thought it was Dasha Taran but I could be wrong. Hard to tell these Koreaboo girls apart as they all do similar makeup style.

Anonymous 150738


I often wish I was more striking looking in an attractive way. I think it’s because I’m so plain and there is nothing interesting about me, the men I fancy and the girls I find to be most attractive are always slightly offbeat looking.

It’s weird, I don’t get jealous of conventionally beautiful sorority stacies, kpop girls or tiktok girls, but I get so jealous of models who have a really striking or unique features and are signed to major agencies, and get lots of positive (and even a bit negative) attention for it.

Anonymous 150832

Maybe it's residual self-hate from my teenage years (i'm brown) but there's something ethereal and out of this world about a very good looking platinum blonde with blue eyes. I mention very good looking because of course you can find ugly/average blondes with blue eyes.

The third woman (bottom left) in your picture is just insanely beautiful she doesn't even look human she looks like an elf. I wish i'd look like an elf, too. In some way it's a bit like you've just said, i'm attracted to beauty that looks a bit otherworldly.

Brown women can have this kind of otherworldly beauty though don't get me wrong. There's just something special about the combination of very light blonde hair and blue eyes, too.

Anonymous 150833

They honestly look weird and ugly. Almost like i am looking at aliens lol

Anonymous 150845

The bottom right's chin and brow is too much.

Anonymous 150883

Thse girls look like they're albino. Are some of them albino?

Anonymous 150884

For sure that bottom right one is.

Anonymous 150898

None of them are albino, they all have dyed hair and eyebrows. They are probably natural blondes, but their hair is still bleached and toned. You can even see the darker roots on the first one.

They look beautiful but honestly this vibe is achievable by any white person who bleaches their hair.

Anonymous 154037

You’re right, the problem is that the people who whine about how Chad/Stacy have it on easy mode (like incels and some femcels) are usually pretty unpleasant, superficial and miserable assholes to be around. They think everyone hates them because of their looks but it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as they become more and more negative and resentful. If you’re ugly and have a really shitty personality then ofc people won’t want to hang with you. I know tons of ugly people who have friends and partners simply because they’re pleasant people and have good traits outside of their looks.

Anonymous 154108

Pfft no they're not, they're desperate cows. Most men can not get laid lately, and they vastly out number women on dating apps.

Anonymous 154111

Sounds so scrotish/ desperate and manipulating in the typical moid way lol "get in a relationship with a moid or question your value"

Pfffft it's better to either get the best experience with the best kind of guy or just enjoy your freedom away from a relationship of any kind.

Men can be absolutely parasitic and women are waking up to that en masse

It is only beneficial for the guy, because he gets to suck the blood of a victim in most cases.

Anonymous 154113

They look practically albino.

Anonymous 154141

What's selfish about wanting to be alone?? Lmfao

Anonymous 154142

Guys always say that shit. I wonder if they're projecting. What's so bad about not wanting to be in a fucking relationship especially if you're not pretty anyway

Anonymous 154228

Yeah that's so true..you explained it so well

Anonymous 154241

It's not our problem if men chimp out because they're lonely hooligans. Women dont do that. It made no difference back in medieval times/ feudal times/ ancient times when men were constantly embroiled in war, brutally going on murdering rampages with any enemy tribe at the drop of a hat. It makes no more different back then than it does now. This is. Just chimpy borderline terrorist moid rhetoric to terrorize women into relatinships with them OR ELSE.

The plus side today is you dont have to live with triggerhappy swine anymore, if you dont want to. If you don't want to have a family because it sounds nightmarish to you that's your God given right as a female.

Family is honestly one of the most toxic institutions reinforced for control, resources, sex, status quo and to give men the ability to leech off women emotionally. I mean there are perfectly happy families out there but holy f they are not something you should anticipate if you're realistic. If you're a realistic person you'll anticipate a ton of conflict and soulsucking..some kind of hell when living with a nuclear family that is always going to place MOST of the burden on the woman. To not expect this is to live in fucking lalaland. No not all the time, but you're CRAZY to not expect something that isn't soul destroying from the woman's perspective.

There are also women who suck men dry and use them like credit cards and act like fools.

Whyyy would anybody really want that as a default for society?? A lot of people just SHOULDNT participate and shouldn't be parents either

Anonymous 154244

Yea people like that are incapable of love. They view everything from a lense of hate and wonder why all their relationships fail. Absolutely toxic people but incredibly easy to avoid. Rotten begets rotten. These scumbags gravitate towards eachother. Divine justice.

Anonymous 154245

Ok then why do they cheat and spread stds and go after underage girls?

Anonymous 154248

Lol it isn't, and its not mine. It's always been the same. They've been controlling/violent chimps from the dawn of time. It's better now because we have options, apart from being forced to take care of a family/ forced to birth one

Family/marriage was only ever established for control of resources, to produce heirs, control women for sex sex, control culture in general.. its a BLESSING that its totally optional

If you don't believe Family is truly based in material things, youre either a moid or you're a naive girl drinking romance kool-aid.

They worlds biggest problem is climate change, not crazed moids. There has never in our human history, ever been a shortage of angry violent men, who kill, rape theeaten, terrorize. You don't have to live around moids if you don't want to though, THATS where you win big nowadays

Honestly you sound like a butthurt moid on a soapbox

Men have taken women's voting rights, education, incomes, freedom away for 99.999 % of history. Why would they suddenly change into completely different creatures with completely different natures in one century?? How do you manage to convince yourself that?

Anonymous 154281

Looks really aren't everything. I'm ugly and I've had many boyfriends

Anonymous 154395

I've dumped them myself. The thing is that all guys suck in some way and you need to compare his good and bad sides and when the bad side is more prevalent you get rid of him and get a new one. My ex turned into a depressed misanthropist last year so I got rid of him in December and now I have a new one which I got in February. He says he's gonna start a business and make a lot of money with it but he's also a bit of a drinker so I'll give him a year or 2 to get things started or I'll just get another one. It's simple

Anonymous 154397

Sry I have no idea what you're trying to say. Are you a virgin moid or what???

Anonymous 154401

I know someone who said this but I saw their pic and turns out they're perfectly normal looking average to slightly above white woman. White woman don't struggle in dating.

Anonymous 154842

This. Outside there's nothing you can do other than try to look ugly/unapproachable. I use anonymous discord account with no pic and imageboards with other no social media at all. Being goodlooking while living under male supremacy is a curse sent to keep the world full of feminism, there cannot be another reason god would do this to us

Anonymous 154843

Samefag, happiest relationship was blind moid.

Anonymous 154877



No, it's some girl Anna Primak I randomly found. I think she might have been an IG model, but I haven't been able to find her literally anywhere other than (for some reason) Chinese sites that repost her pics. I've looked everywhere like a creepy stalker moid, but she seems to have no social media presence. At least not on any English site.

>The third woman (bottom left) in your picture is just insanely beautiful she doesn't even look human she looks like an elf.

That's how I felt seeing photos of some of these IG models. Would have loved to know who that girl is in particular because she seems insanely beautiful. Would want to ask her how she does her makeup like that too or something.

Anonymous 154955


Does anyone prefer a darker phenotype? Brown skin, thick dark hair and prominent noses are really beautiful imo.

My best friend in school looked a bit like my picrel. I miss her.

Anonymous 154968



Anonymous 157217

Why do you assume settling is bad? Always thinking you're missing out on something better is not a good mindset. Instead, you should maximize what you have, not what you don't have.

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