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Anonymous 48278

Hi. Have a problem and just wonder if this is normal. I'm a 25yo who looks very good, has nice body long hair and gets many stares at me. I ended it with my ex after 5 years together because he did not have time for me so now I have started talking to some guys because I am bored and looking for someone to have fun with. I am talking to some guys right now, everyone is very nice and so on but I feel slutty because I have had sex with two of them, but yes I feel very good out of it and I feel crazy wet, not been so wet for eternity. But I get that damn anxiety after slowly saying goodbye and coming home after having sex .. Can't breathe type, very strange. Tomorrow I booked a hotel with a guy I was with a month ago .. he stopped contacting me after the first sex. Two weeks went by and i sent a text message that I want to cozy up with him again and he answered very positively and said he also wants. The worst thing is that I really like him but he said I should not like him because he does not want to hurt me. right now they feel like i am using him for proximity while he is using me for sex .. but at the same time i think it is nice to be able to have sex and he really turns me on i get so happy i still want him to have sex with me again .. will meet two guys for next month also who come here from another city just to meet me. Feels so weird I never in my life had this many guys at once at the same time, feel so crazy horny again for the last year with my ex I felt terribly bad but now that I am sexually active with others I have got back the sparkle of life. But why do I get such anxiety? Is that normal? Am I afraid of something or what is the matter with me?! ??????

Anonymous 48294

It's just your morality trying to hold on, like a thin person's stomach trying to wretch a buffet meal. You'll probably get spiteful if I go any further.

Anonymous 48315

you're the one feeling the anxiety, and you already know exactly why.
come to terms with it.
you either can stop what you're doing, or you can just keep doing it until it becomes your new norm and the anxiety goes away.

but don't forget that this is a turning point in your life, you will never be able to go back to what you were.

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