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Anonymous 48663

Have any of you ladies been diagnosed with autism/asperger's as an adult?

If so, what was it like and did it affect your life afterwards?

Anonymous 48669

I'm not sure how to read those numbers at all.
At first glance it looks like higher score = more autism, but when I look at the by gender breakdowns that would mean that the average neurotypical woman is actually more autistic than the average neurotypical male, and the average diagnosed autistic woman is significantly more autistic than the average diagnosed autistic male.

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Anonymous 48671


Well since women are less likely to be diagnosed with Autism period, it could be that those who are diagnosed have to present more or more severe symptoms to get diagnosed at all

Anonymous 48672

Neither of those explain this:

Average score for male neurotypicals: 81.4
Average score for female neurotypicals: 84.3

That's a small difference, but considering the numbers involved (sample size of more than 56,000 neurotypicals total) it probably does carry over across the general population.

Unsuspected, undiagnosed female autism would have to be this socially pervasive epidemic for a few spergy girls to skew the results that far, especially given that we could expect a lot of spergy dudes to be oblivious and undiagnosed.

Anonymous 48673

To be more clear I think these results come from self-reports administrated on the RAADS-R website. So the numbers themselves matter less, what matters more is whether you met or exceeded the threshold levels, which were set by the questionnaire authors. At least I think this is how it works.

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