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r/RedPillWomen Anonymous 5047

a post in the unpopular opinions thread reminded me that I recently found out this is a thing.
what gives? what do you think?

Anonymous 5097

I think it's embarrassing to be so desperate for male approval. But they're just playing the game for the most part, if they want the trad life and a high status husband I cant blame them for making calculated choices to achieve it. At least they try to understand the opposite sex rather than delude themselves about what men want and complain when they don't succeed.

Anonymous 5199

I lurked a bit yesterday and read through some of their links. It wasn't what I was expecting. I would have thought it's a sub about how to seduce men but it seems to be about relationships. Pretty systematic too. And with a very old-fashioned view of things.

Is any of that stuff even true though?

Anonymous 5200

I am wishin the lolcow that I saw in a thread is here and poststhepicturesofsomeofthem. The cow said they were all ugly.

Anonymous 5201

Which thread?

Anonymous 5202

Anonymous 5206

Women who want to fit in.

Anonymous 5217

I'm pretty sure 90% of the userbase is men LARPing as ~tradishunal women~

Anonymous 5222

Nothing mysterious about it. It's just internalized misogyny feat. benevolent sexism.

If I had no self worth and thought I'd never amount to anything more than a living breathing fleshlight I'd be red pilled too

Anonymous 5246


Imagine being this triggered by a DailyFail tabloid article

Anonymous 5251

There are a lot of women who want a traditional life. I think there should be that option for western people and it should be encouraged for those that want it. If Muslimahs want to follow a traditional life, they have that avenue open to them, but if you're white it seems like there's only really one avenue you can go down. Shitsux.

Anonymous 5252

That's such a lame thing to say. In my experience it's also almost always false. I hate this sort of shit to no end. Maybe it's because someone has accused me in the past of having "internalised misogyny" over innocuous stuff like claiming that it's perfectly fine for men to be cocky and women timid.


Anonymous 5255

I'm being genuine and not trying to be a bitch here, but I just want to know what is stopping Westerners from pursuing a traditional life? I hear this a lot. The only thing I can imagine is the financial strain that a single income household could experience these days.

Are you talking about common societal attitudes? Because those still won't stop you. I mean I don't want to be 'traditional' whatsoever, but if I did I feel like nothing is stopping me from doing so. Why do you feel like you can't do it (assuming that's what you want? I get that impression from your post.)

Anonymous 5258

not that anon but at least in my case the problem is $. I went to uni, have a low paying yet stable job and would love to pursue a more traditional life my significant other where I am a stay at home mommy and wife, but we've been unable to do so because we're always fucking broke. Saging my pity party

Anonymous 5264

Yeah that makes perfect sense and I kind of assumed that's what people mean when they say they can't pursue a traditional lifestyle.

Well anon I'm not sure things are going to get easier or cheaper anytime soon, but I hope that things work out for you and your partner. Hopefully you guys will find some way to allow yourselves the lead the kind of life you want in the near future.

Anonymous 5290

I think they are right about a lot of things, like not talking badly about your husband or boyfriend to others just to gossip, not fighting with your husband/boyfriend over small things like where to eat for dinner or home decor, and not nagging. In my experience it just makes your relationship a lot smoother to do those things. That's not really a "red pill" thing though, it's just common sense.

Anonymous 5304

There are lots of very normal, common sense posts in RPW, which differentiates them from their male counterpart. In addition, they don't seem to have this mindset that "EVERYONE must lead the same traditional life or Western society is ruined reeeee" type of thinking. Why are men so fucking crazy lol? That being said, it's still cringey when I hear them use the term "my alpha-beta husband" in a serious context.

Anonymous 5324

It's just money for most people, not many men can afford to support a wife and kids.

However, if you ask your average MRA they will go on a rant about how degenerate women are killing families by being sluts and choosing careers over babies. Never mind that most people would kill to chill at home all day instead of going to work, reality doesn't matter to them when they're trying to blame someone else for their failure.

Anonymous 5396

It's true, you may forget and forgive because you put up with them everyday…. your friends and family will NEVER forget.

Anonymous 5397

I thought I was going to get into that trad life… but I got dumped out of the fucking blue. Didn't tell me there were problems, wasn't interested in even trying to fix he supposed problems. Things don't always work as you want them to, unfortunately.

Anonymous 5415

Not trying to be /pol/ here… okay I am. But you do wonder why it's that way. Most young adults to middle-aged people these days have to choose between aiding their parents or having children, and guess who is already alive? Not so much of a problem for people who have left their parents behind in countries with a """"lower cost of living"""".
And why is housing so expensive? Not enough is being built, there's too many people, and housing that IS low-cost and high density gets trashed. All problems that can be solved simply with bold action that no government seems willing to take. For some reason.>>5258

Anonymous 5435

I'm from the Eastern Europe, we're kinda West, but not really. In the rural parts, women are mostly housewives, however, they have to do a lot of work like milking cows, tending to chicken, working in the fields, along with taking care of the household, kids, and making sure there are 3 meals per day.

The city women are expected to work and sadly, I've heard the same thing as I hear in the West, ladies who'd prefer to be stay at home moms or housewives are lazy, freeloaders (even my western bf joked about it, not sure how serious he is) etc. Oh, but there is also a catch about it. Not only we're expected to have a job, we have to take care of the household, kids, food and other things while men's only responsibility is to work.
However, these are the times where we can't survive on a single income and God forbid we rely on a man. There's no way I'd be homeless after the fool decides he doesn't like me anymore or finds another girl.

Anonymous 5436

Money. A big part of what holds family formation up for westerners is the cost of real estate, we've traditionally only founded families after moving out of our initial family home for example, and at the moment that's next to impossible for a large portion of the population. The level of demand - largely spurred on by immigration - for property is simply too high for it to ever come down meaningfully relative to average income.

By comparison the average house in the UK was something like four times the average salary in the 1950s and 1960s.

We've gotten poorer since then, if anything.

Anonymous 7818

I am what alot of people would consider "wedpilled" but not for shekels or validation from pathetic self hating women like lauren southern for example.
I have just done alot of research that has led to depressing conclusions about the society we live in and because of those believes i may get lumped in with radical shitstains.
i suppose most people would call me a classical liberal

Anonymous 8948

what does that entail?

Anonymous 8949

Not to mention that many other cultures have the newly wed couple still living with their parents/grandparents/other relatives while western societies seem to shame people for living with family members past a certain age.

Anonymous 8950

That has always made me go hmmm. I live in a Westerner country where it's socially acceptable to live with your parents in your 20s as long as you contribute, or even if you are married, but you and your spouse contribute.

Anonymous 8954

being depressed and hating liberal feminism, feeling ashamed for my own culture

Anonymous 9557

The real redpill is that everyone is acting in their own best interest. Women want freedom and independence and men want quality wives. These so called "redpilled women" are just jumping on the bandwagon for attention and approval while actively working against their interest.

Anonymous 9634

>while actively working against their interest.
Why do you say that?

Anonymous 9663

Why would any women want to be submissive to men?

Anonymous 9665

>Women want freedom and independence and men want quality wives
Agreed. The sad thing is that it doesn't seem as though each group can get what they want simultaneously. Men seem very very bothered that women want freedom and independence. As for women, and I'll speak from my own POV here, I am very very bothered by men that only see me as a fuckhole and incubator, and because of that I avoid relationships. I would choose freedom/independence over a relationship devoid of mutual respect and genuine love any day.

I'm not that anon, but in my opinion the 'redpill' and trad women attract a very specific type of man, and that isn't the type of man who sees women as anything more than sex dolls and domestic slaves. Unless their interest truly is being treated as second class, then it does seem as though they are working against their own interest.

Anonymous 9666

Because they are either masochists, brainwashed to believe that the men they are appealing to won't fuck them over and do this for the sake of asspats (I'M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS!), or have internalized misogyny against other women who don't live the way they want.
Without feminism these trad women would have none of the fun that prevents them from going insane while housebound.

Anonymous 9671

>>I'm not that anon, but in my opinion the 'redpill' and trad women attract a very specific type of man, and that isn't the type of man who sees women as anything more than sex dolls and domestic slaves

NTA either. There are men like this out there who are attracted to "good" traditional women, and yes, they are rare but they do exist. I was raised in a strict religious community and know several people who are very traditional and have standard good moral values who want "good wives" and actually see women as people and not as subhuman creatures, and treat them with kindness. Maybe I just got lucky to get to know people like this, but they do exist. The only ""problem"" is that they wouldn't want most women because they have high moral standards, but that's not really a problem imo. It's logical.
Now the only thing that might bother some women is that they do see us as more fragile beings physically wise and some of my friends hate hearing this.

Anonymous 9678

Welll, I'm glad you know some men like that. I wish I did, really.

>The only ""problem"" is that they wouldn't want most women because they have high moral standards, but that's not really a problem imo.

I totally agree. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with having standards, but there is something wrong with attacking and demeaning people that do not meet those standards. Just move along and find someone who does meet them. Unfortunately I haven't met very many men who seem to know how to do this. They love to shit on women who don't meet there standards, as if it's some kind of personal offense against them.

Anonymous 9688

>that the men they are appealing to won't fuck them over and do this for the sake of asspats (I'M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS!)
It's one thing to be sexually submissive to multiple men just to get attention, that's definitely self-destructive behavior. But if you're just doing it for your husband, submissive or not you can't have a healthy relationship based on mutual love and respect if you can't even trust the person you committed to for life to not leave you for someone else.

Anonymous 9689

>dismissing differing views women have on politics because of money grabbers like lauren southern

Anonymous 20343

The only situation where I would be a trad woman is if the man is extremely rich

Anonymous 20741

i'll also add the condition of there being an easy way for me siphon away a bit of his money ( just in case he decided to dump me for someone else )

Anonymous 21304

>or have internalized misogyny against other women who don't live the way they want
And this is different from what you're all doing…, how?

Anonymous 21306

Nah, it's also cool otherwise. I mean we literally are under poverty line and it's still paradise, even though there are occasional dry streaks

Anonymous 21322

Same, we have enough to afford food and all our bills and I love it. To me the tradeoff is totally worth it living with less and keeping house for my loving husband than being a wageslave in a soul-sucking job to a corporation where you are replaceable and treated as less than human.

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