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Miners irl? Anonymous 51585

Do any anons know of other women irl who post here? Any friends, or have you seen girls in public mobile browsing?

I don't personally, but I did advertise it in a uni bathroom last year and always wondered if anyone who saw it came and stuck around. One girl wrote underneath it thanking me and drew an anime girl but idk if that means she's still here.

Anonymous 51586

>I did advertise it in a uni bathroom
Not a bad idea! I'm glad to hear that someone took note of it. I'd love to advertise or promote this site somehow, but being that I'm unemployed and not in school I don't really have anywhere to do so. Maybe a women's restroom at a library?

I graduated from high school last year (inb4 "UNDERAGE" I'm 19 and was 18 before graduating) and a girl I had some classes with almost certainly is aware of or browses this site. She was open about her radfem/GC views (we had English and elective Writing together, sometimes we had to write opinion pieces) and in the few times we talked at lunch she expressed disdain for the small "LGBTQA+" crowd that was present at our school, though still identified as a leftist and feminist. She'd often browse lolcow on her laptop during class (I sometimes did on the school computers, though I don't think she knew) and some of the things she'd say sounded almost exactly like posts I'd read there. Aside from that, the only thing that makes me think she'd know this site is because she was very fashion-conscious and wore clothes similar to what I've seen in our fashion/beauty threads.

Honestly, the idea of someone I know closely in real life browsing and posting here is odd. It's like, if they ask me, do I pretend I don't know what this site is? Do I tell them that I also post here? But if I do, what if they start recognizing which posts are mine, and vice versa? I'm far more open online than I am in real life and I feel like that kind of situation could be unintentionally embarrassing for me, lol. I've had similar experiences in the past, when I was more active on 4chan, where men asked me if I knew what 4chan was and I just pretended I'd never heard of it for simplicity's sake.

Anonymous 51587

I wish I did. I think your idea is solid, I wish I had the guts to do that when I was at my university. The problem is, I'm about to graduate and it's in the midst of covid-19, figures.

Anonymous 51588

are you kidding, there are only about 25-50 regular posters on this site, wouldwide.

Anonymous 51591

>One girl wrote underneath it thanking me and drew an anime girl but idk if that means she's still here.

That's so cute. I know 2 women who post here, but it's because I introduced them to it. We try to spot each other's posts sometimes.

Anonymous 51612

I always went on crystal.cafe in public when we were allowed outside but I’ve never had a “moment” with someone. Real life people barely know that 4chan exists and have never seen an imageboard, why would they question some weird non-Facebook website I was browsing?


It’s honestly such a good idea for recruitment and I would’ve done it if I had known before the Wuhan wheezer shut down everything. If was a college student and I saw some graffiti or a shitty flyer stuck up in the bathroom that said “go to crystal.cafe” I would’ve at least checked it out. A lot of legit feminist clubs on campus used to recruit that way in order to avoid male student harassment.

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