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bullies cry throug…

Thoughts on Trolls Anonymous 52480

Thought on Trolls, no not the kind under he bridge, the ones in basements. Why do you think of why they do it and where do you think it comes from? Have you ever been a troll and why did you do it?

I often think back to the school bullies on the school yard. The kind that had a bad home life, rather it's from abuse verbal and or psychical, neglect or other traumas. And they don't know how to express the confusion and frustration they feel. So they take it out on other children, so they can feel in power. Basically continuing the cycle of abuse. I think a majority of them feel hurt, either from their life or from world failing them. They need to bring others down so they feel more powerful then their oppressors. To have someone else feeling their pain or worst.Thats how I used to feel.
Then again not everyone fits into that narrative. Some people have it all and can some still want more and that's how they feel the world had failed them.
The internet allowing anonymity, is a big reason why trolling is so abundant. It allows people to feel more free to express themselves. There's a illusion that's it is untraceable. Making some people feel guilty free about posting some stuff.

Idk, I just want to hear other people's thoughts. I try to be one of those people who look for the better in people.

Anonymous 52482


> I try to be one of those people who look for the better in people.
consider directing your empathy somewhere else.

Anonymous 52484

I just want to know how people can be so negative all the time.
It just seems like a huge waste of energy.

Anonymous 52485

>It just seems like a huge waste of energy.
except it's your time and your energy that is being wasted.

Anonymous 52486

Can you elaborate, your whole point?

Anonymous 52488

Back before normies flooded the web it was mostly the bullied kids who were trolls online. I don't think it has considerably changed.

Anonymous 52493


Anonymous 52496

no emotion.png

Anonymous 52501

I’ve thought about this a lot. The short answer is- creating stuff is hard. It takes a long time to form meaningful friendships, professional relationships, works of art, civilizations, etc.

On the other hand, destruction is fairly easy and instantaneous. In seconds you can demolish your social status, a year long relationship, a painting someone has worked on for years, etc. Just send porn to your boss, cheat on your bf, blow up a building, delete that book you’ve been typing.

This is why, I think, weak people are drawn to destructive behaviors. They’re afraid of committing to something that can be created. On the other hand, it gives them a feeling of power to destroy, because it’s instantly rewarding to call someone a slut or a nigger and watch their self esteem crumble. Or to blow up a building or deface a national park. These people have no power to create meaningful relationships or beautiful works of art, so it gives them what they think is the same pleasure to tear someone else’s art or self esteem down.

Anonymous 52533

I’ve trolled/bullied people. However, it was always people who treated me badly first IRL. For me it was about revenge. I wasn’t jealous, or weak, or whatever victims say to themselves. I know some people might find it crazy. I don’t care though, I feel so much better afterwards. Once I’m done, I leave them alone. I would never do it to anyone who didn’t treat me badly first.

Anonymous 52534

My brother was a "school bully" and he never really had a tough time. I guess he was/is a bit shy. He did it to those who he didn't like and feels bad when I remind him about it.

Anonymous 52544

I think it's always bizarre when people try to spin any kind of mean behavior into being a result of jealousy or internal pain or something. Does having an emotionally supported, stable life make a person incapable of feeling enjoyment from outsmarting, fooling or being stronger than someone else?

Hurt people pick fights, but the ones that are genuinely having a good time and enjoy playing games with people probably just get a kick out of it and that's all there is to it.

Anonymous 52547

I think the victims don’t want to believe (or are unable to see) that they might have done something bad first. They tell their friends it’s jealousy and of course their friends side with them without questioning.

Anonymous 52550

This is incorrect.
It was my teachers and several psychiatrists who told me it was because of jealousy on the bully's part.
When I grew up I did my own research in studies on the subject and learned that I had been lied to and gaslit by trusted professionals for no reason during the darkest times in my life.
Nowadays the general public seems more fact-aware regarding bullying, but that leaves you blaming people who were like me for repeating the lies that everyone in the education system threw at us in preference over actually trying to solve our problems.

Anonymous 52555

It depends on which kind of troll you mean. There's the faux troll, which has been incorrectly labeled as a troll by the mainstream. They are people who engage in abusive online verbal activity because it's a sort of twisted vent, or because they're bitter and want to feel free or in control.

Then there's the original 4chan troll. These were anons who required some level of skill and did it for the "lulz". Their modus operandi was very different. Their goal was to portray themselves as an asshole to provoke an overreaction they found funny. Like the navy seals pasta, or hey faggots my name is John pasta. Like some Satan-esque fable, the rule of this game was that you had to exploit other people's sins, namely their self importance or self righteousness, to get a response. And that response would trigger another response, and another, and so on.

Personally I found the latter very funny and wished it happened more nowadays.

Anonymous 52559

I’m sorry that happened to you anon. I do think the “it’s jealousy” is just an answer passed on from person to person, as in you case, but I don’t think anyone really believes that, not if they really think about. When does anyone actually get so jealous of someone that they would bully them for an extended period? It doesn’t make sense but people want a simple answer that they can attribute to the bully.

Anonymous 52560

>When does anyone actually get so jealous of someone that they would bully them for an extended period?
A certain website named "lolcow.farm" immediately came to mind.

Anonymous 52563

That would be a vendetta thread which isn’t allowed. Threads need evidence and screenshots. If it’s nothing but petty things it will end up like Dakota Rose’s is now.

Anonymous 52564

Is that why people bully Chris-chan? Jealousy? Were they all in the same contest Chris won as a child?

Anonymous 52570

I think trolls are similar to "sjw", but instead of doing "activism" they criticize people and use humour against them/provoke reactions to try to expose their flaws. It can also be a way to distract attention from their own flaws.

Anonymous 52572

Someone has been watching Contrapoints

Anonymous 52898

Creation and destruction are both beautiful things. Stop making it sound bad, it’s just the world returning back into inevitable chaos

Anonymous 250132

trolls are lost souls who drag people down intentionally so they don't have to stop being trolls.
i have met people who are bottom of the barrel nobodies who troll and people with 100k followers on Twitter who go into private spaces to troll vulnerable individuals who are just trying to do better.
i was a troll when i was in an abusive place and took it out on other people. i stopped engaging with that behavior when i entered a place where i felt safe and "woke up."

Anonymous 250133

spoken like someone who can't create

Anonymous 250135

I love to troll for the kekz and lulz, its the only thing for me left in this joke of a world that brings me some joy. Sjws are usually targetd because its very easy to trigger them.

Anonymous 250138

you sound male

Anonymous 250141

>Why do they do it and where do you think it comes from?
Everyone has their own reasons. Some people are just empty on the inside and doing evil things is the only thing that makes them feel anything. For some, it's a learned behavior from their environment and for some kids, it's hard for them to understand and develop empathy during those primary years

Anonymous 250146

I like to do and say stupid shit on the internet, but never with the full intent of embarrassing and hurting someone, just a little devilish fun is all. I'm a devilish trickster!

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