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What's in my bag? Anonymous 5457

I know these are kind of old, but I've always loved them.

Show us what's in your bag! Explain your favorite items, why you carry this and that, etc.

You can submit drawings or photos.

Anonymous 5533

- Wallet
- Keys
- Rape alarm
- Water bottle
- Lock
- Hairbrush
- Lip balm

Anonymous 5538

Makeup pouch
Medical gear
Usually lunch
Hair ties
Wet wipes/tissues

Anonymous 5541

-Bottled drink of some kind
-Wallet & keys
-Small pouch thing with for my hard drive and tampons
-Usually 3-4 thumbdrives full of who the fuck knows
-Ibuprofen for cluster headaches
-Glossier cherry balm
-Wallet for business cards
-What feels like an endless amount of receipts, dating back months probably.
-Band aids
-Body spray

Anonymous 5543


Not very good at taking photos.

Anonymous 5546

- phone/wallet/keys
- change
- tissues
- handkerchief
- spare hair ties
- lip balm

School bag: (all of the above plus)
- spare phone charger
- sunscreen
- notebook, pens, paperclips

Anonymous 5757


Just procrastinated on my work to make this, lol. This is what one of my bags looks like if I'm going on a date or something similar. Phone/charger/pads/hairbrush not pictured.

On regular days I have a bunch of school stuff in a bigger backpack instead of a camera

Anonymous 5762

- laptop & charger
- wallet with cards and no cash ever
- deodorant
- lip balm
- some random thing that's been in there forever that I keep forgetting to take out like dirty undies or random nail polish
- lots of cookie crumbs
- salt packets from mcdonalds
- lotion

Anonymous 5769

What brand water bottle is that anon? I really like it!

Anonymous 5784


Not the same anon, but it could be a Zojirushi insulated thermos: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B005PO9T4Y/ref=twister_B00D6D4ZPE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Anonymous 5785

Thank you anon! I think that's the same one…You're good!

I was actually wondering/hoping it's a Zojirushi. I recently ordered one from Japan and hope it looks as nice in anon's pic. I've heard really good things about the brand.

Anonymous 5786

- wallet (ID, student card, credit/debit card, health card, at least $20 cash)
- keys (I have a swiss army knife keychain I attach to them)
- phone (Huawei Nova Plus)
- a rollerball perfume (something from VS)
- hand sanitizer
- tinted lip balm
- a pocket mirror with a brush
- a tin of vaseline lip balm
- 1L water bottle (I'm cheap so I use an Evian one, lol)

that's basically it, I travel light

Anonymous 5787

-my phone
-ipsy bag with whatever makeup I wore that day (just in case I need to touch it up, which I rarely do but it's a habit now)
-2nd ipsy bag with eye drops, ibuprofen, motion sickness tablets, and tissues
-a pen and a small notebook
-my kindle

Anonymous 5788

I lovvvvvve Zojirushi. I have their water bottle and rice cooker. Both are great quality and awesome. Would rec

Anonymous 5789

images (5).jpg

Oops, sorry! The other anon is correct, it's a Zojirushi. The only difference is that mine is pink. I know the color doesn't show well in the pic i took, but there you go. They're amazing~

Anonymous 5799

Grey Nintendo Switch w/ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cartridge
Work Vest
Box Cutter
House Key

Anonymous 5826

i'll take a photo at home but here's my very long list…


>eyeglasses cleaning cloth
>makeup bag(not listing everything but pretty much everything to do all my makeup on the train)
>false lashes case
>ibuprofen bottle
>mirror with oil blotting paper
>hand lotion
>spray lotion/moisturizer
>rollerball perfume
>body mist spray
>body/face razor
>eco grocery bag
>hard candies

i think that's it haha! like i said i'll post later.

Anonymous 5827

I just bought a different model (pink for me and black for my fiance), they look great! I have a rice cooker, breadmaker and hot water boiler by them and their products are just fab.

Anonymous 5869

>iphone 5
>phone charger
>makeup (foundation, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, brow stuff, lip tint…basically everything)

Anonymous 5875

Do you carry your passport with you regularly, or just today?

Anonymous 5904

Yeah, kinda dumb but I use it as id. I travel for long periods of time and always bring it along with me during those times, I guess that's why I got used to carrying it around.

Anonymous 5925

- wallet for american money and cards (ID, suica, etc)
- separate, smaller wallet for yen
- iphone
- charging cord
- 1 main ac adapter +2 extra
- gum
- miscellaneous pens and pencils
- sunglasses that I don't wear
- planner that I don't take out because it's JYJ and it has their faces plastered all over the front. I like it, it's just embarrassing.
- comb
I don't carry any makeup (I don't wear it) so I carry very little. Most times I just take my wallet and that's all.

Anonymous 5926

That's cool. I'm too scared to carry my passport unless absolutely necessary.

Do you travel/live between Japan and the U.S. anon? Why do you carry both American and Japanese money at one time + adapters?

Also, I'm envious of your JYJ planner. You should use it instead of being embarrassed!

Anonymous 5928

I work on the american base in my city so if I want to buy anything on there I have to use american money. It's so tedious. Some places take yen, others don't. Separate adapters because one chargers quickly, and the others are my official apple one. Those are just for loaning out to others or if my main one breaks.

Anonymous 5958

I have to disagree, a JYJ planner is embarrassing as fuck considering the group contains 1 rapist, 2 women beaters, and 1 dodgy 'businessman' who doesn't pay his employees.

Anonymous 6010

JYJ only has 3 members, anon.

Anonymous 6030

Correct, Yoochun is listed twice since he both hits fans and is a rapist.

Anonymous 6051

I heard that they were all false allegations and the first woman to accuse him was sent to jail for two years. What is the truth, anon…?

Anonymous 6064

about the rape I mean*

Anonymous 6068

an accusation is a verdict nowadays

Anonymous 6154

i usually just carry a jansport with…a lot of junk in it

-work clothes/hat if going 2 work
-usually an extra beanie and pair of gloves
-ipsy bag w tampons/pads in it
-ipsy bag with lipsticks, eyeliners, perfumes, oil blotting paper
-klonopin script
-jar of water
-wallet (id, student id, debit card, random cards and receipts)
-keys (car keys, 2 apartment keys, mace, portable dabber)
-cloth bag with stones/jewelry
-empty wax container
-usually something gross and random i forgot to take out like trash or dirty clothes
-usually tea bags and honey packets floating around
-steel baton

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