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Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Anonymous 54662

Anonymous 54669


Hopefully married, hopefully with children, hopefully with a big garden and chickens. In my most wild hope, I'll also have a freelance art career.

Realistically… well, I hope I'm on the right path to making these things happen. I know I can fritter away an entire decade having accomplished nothing, because that's what's happened to my past one. But I'm going into this next one with a better mindset, and taking steps to make myself into the person I want to be.

Anonymous 54680


Still waiting to get my act together and pursue my hobbies and dreams. Hopefully I'll at least have some close friends.

Depression is a bitch. I'm trying to at least get my looks act together so I can get a portrait done and donate my eggs before I'm 30. I don't want kids, but I have ridiculously good genes (mensa IQ, pretty face, tall genes (though I'm only average myself)) and I want to pass them on.

I see myself making a lot of money. I'm 2autistic4relationships, but as long as I keep my body active I should be able to live comfortably on my own until I feel it's time to blow my brains out.

Anonymous 54696

Geez anon. Nobody deserves to blow their brains out even if they'll have a good life like that. Don't kill yourself over not being able to handle relationships like some cluster b manipulator. I'm sure you can find somebody as autistic as you are. You just need to push yourself to it.

Anonymous 54706

> But I'm going into this next one with a better mindset, and taking steps to make myself into the person I want to be.

I like how realistic and simple your dream is, but ambitious enough. it’s kinda wholesome, and based on other people around me living similar lives, i really do think you have the right mentality to lead you there.

Anonymous 54708

Having gained enough experience to start my own business hopefully (though that may take another 5 years after that point.)
Own some form of property.

Anonymous 54771

I kind of know where I see myself in my wildest dreams- a successful author living with my husband in a nice house that backs onto some woods, and we have a couple of kids and I have a nice little office with a nice window where I can sit and write, and we can go camping and visit friends and have friends come to visit, and sometimes at night we can hear crickets and owls from the woods.
Realistically I feel like I'll end up still working on writing but working in academia somehow even though I'm realizing I don't like it as much as I thought… or rather I don't like the bench work stuff, but I love sitting and reading/writing papers. Maybe I'll work in public health, maybe I'll find some other kind of job I can't even foresee. I feel like I'll still be in Canada, I don't want to live in the US because it's such a shit show. Pretty sure I'll still be married (as long as my fiancee's benign brain tumor remains benign like it has for a decade) and might have a kid or two, honestly wouldn't be mad if we hadn't had them yet or were just working on that.
Either way I'd like to own a house, be writing in some capacity, and have a steady job. I'd like to be in contact with the friends I'm closest to now. I'd like to feel financially independent (even if I'm in debt, ideally from buying a house). Also I want a dog… and to somehow get over my fear of training dogs, because despite being raised with dogs, I don't know how that works.

Anonymous 54829

that sounds awesome anon, seriously. it’s kind of weird how closely my dream life and the comfy-type sentiments attached to it is basically kind of the same as yours. it makes me wonder what makes long term desires like the ones in this thread and yours so universal.

Anonymous 54854

>it makes me wonder what makes long term desires like the ones in this thread and yours so universal.
In the general case, imageboards attract a selective group of people, while it of course varies in degree, imageboards tend to attract those who socially mal-adjusted. This is why autists (a condition related the impediment of learning and understanding social norms) and schizos (a group usually rejected from society by estrangement) and those with social anxiety are, on average, the stereotype for who posts on imageboards. Furthermore, they are restricted to those with computer access, and, for the sake of crystal cafe specifically, those who were either brought up in an English speaking country, or have been educated enough to speak it as a second language. Finally, to a lesser extent, you find a stratification of intelligence where you find those with very low IQ and those with very high IQ who have been rejected by the general populace that doesn't understand them as well. With this selective pressure in mind, you find that most long-term dreams are similar in ways related to social norms. A lot of long-term dreams will, on average, contain themes of peace(relief from anxiety or depression), relative social reculsion(less stress from social interactions), some form of mastery (conversely, a form of understanding and appreciation for themselves as inviduals), and, usually being socially ill-adjusted but still carrying base desires, a mate that they do not posses or do posses and guard dearly. Conversely, you will very rarely see a post describing someone's dream of being a major socialite, being invited to all kinds of parties and events, traveling around the world, and living in some high profile penthouse apartment.

Land ownership is also common theme as well, but that's common for anyone in the lower or lower-middle class of first world countries, were property is scarce and expensive.

Anonymous 54886

Start an animal sanctuary and a self-sufficient farm.
One can dream, right?

Anonymous 54889


Dead I hope!

Anonymous 54890



Anonymous 54987


Realistically, either dead or still wasting away in hopes of getting a good job that pays more than minimum wage someday.

Ideally i would have moved countries, renting a one-bedroom apartment and owning 3 cats. I would have a nice job, no brain fog making me stupid, and it would be possible to finally flirt with girls and not worry about being disowned.

Anonymous 55100

Ten years further along in my career. Best ending is if I actually found someone and am living the sapphic dream in a nice home somewhere. But I'm cool if it's just me and maybe a pet.

Anonymous 55404

Thanks :) Hopefully some day we both get our cozy dream lives. It's always nice too to know I'm not the only one lol
This actually makes a lot of sense yeah, these kinds of places aren't visited by "normal" kinds of people, or by extroverts. The kind of life I describe is ideal for those who are introverted and bookish. The one exception is that I don't think I'm socially maladjusted (I get along with people quite well like 95% of the time) and I'm not lower or lower-middle class, I'm just sick of relying on my parents for everything and hope one day (maybe sooner rather than later) I can not do that anymore.

Anonymous 55405

I hope you get your dreams anon. You deserve to have a nice apartment with cats and a gf <3

Anonymous 55418

>masters degree
>speak 3-4 languages fluently
>able to work in any country i want because my skills are in-demand
hopefully married but if not, then i will be a very sexy 35 year old with a six figure income.

Anonymous 57775


Anonymous 57893


me at 30

Anonymous 58030


Good job, husband, some kids and nice small countryhouse

Anonymous 58060

I'm not even 30 yet and that's me now

Anonymous 58099


I always loved the idea of getting a tiny home and go live off the land somewhere in northern USA. I would have a little farm and somehow manage to have a dog and a cat. And use my free time to paint and draw. I might not be too far from a town, sell my
produce for gas and supplies.
But my current life is a complete mess and right now I'm financially trapped living in a city. I love to be able to set money aside to at least move out. I have no intention of getting married or having children.

Anonymous 59459

dead, hopefully

Anonymous 60472

lost my weight from having my son, finished school and got my job as an ultrasound tech, fiance finished school and got his job as software engineer, having more kids.
Basically (ideally) middle/upper middle class with kids and a decent house.

Anonymous 61484


I'm in early thirties and still kinda dreaming of happiness, hope keeps me alive, hope can be a cruel thing though. In another 10 years i will be either happily married or dead.

Anonymous 61503

My constant fear: exactly the same way I am now, but a NEET. Suicidal, maybe dead already.
My "successfully integrated with society, realistic hopes" outlook: Working a nice white-collar job. I have my own apartment. I have a cat, and if I'm lucky, I've found a good partner. If I'm really lucky, maybe we live together and are thinking about kids. I'm busy and stressed, but I still have enough time to draw. In other words, I've done everything I'm supposed to.
My ideal outlook: Same as the realistic outlook, but a few shades rosier. I feel fulfilled by my job. I'm good enough at my hobbies that I produce content regularly and have gained recognition for them. Everything in my living space is finely tuned to what I want, quaint aesthetic, very Marie Kondo. I have friends who I hang with and bake for regularly, and I feel a genuine connection to them. I am actually in love. I wake up in the morning and feel full of energy and want to actually do the day. Trying not to get my hopes up for this.

Anonymous 61519

Married with 1-3 children

I already have a guy lined up, and provided I don't screw up I should be able to get him to marry me in 2024 which is when he should be able to land the 200k job he was promised by his father.
Then he can work, and I can take care of the children and pursue my own interests.

So yeah my plan is to marry a rich guy and not have to work

Anonymous 61677

Is it 1 or 3 kids.

Anonymous 61745

Means X to Y
So 1 to 3 children
I'd prefer 3 though

Anonymous 61747

With a PhD, I'm finishing up my masters right now.
Married to my boyfriend (who is really an exception to men).

I'm not gonna lie, a part of me wants to get a PhD so I can rule over all the peasant incels on 4chan that say women aren't capable of thinking, lol.

Anonymous 61914

Get a PhD for yourself, anon. The fact you have a college education means your above a lot of people already. Also settle your debts.

Anonymous 61924

Having a PhD doesn't mean a person is capable of thinking.

See, any moid who has held a PhD and claims women can't think.

Anonymous 61931

why settle when you can take them to the grave

seems like a waste of liquidity

Anonymous 61932

You really don't care about how your debt will effect everyone around you?

Anonymous 61936


I'm debt free, but sometimes I wonder if I'm being stupid considering what everybody else seems to be doing. Basically I feel like a sucker for believing in being decent, given where it's gotten me (exactly as far as everyone else)

Anonymous 61937


Fighting for the last roll of toilet paper in the thunderdome probably or starting over with a new identity in panama if society and my student debt still exists.

Anonymous 61941

I've asked myself the same thing, but when I get down to it, why stop? It's gotten me far enough as is.

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