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Wizchan.org Anonymous 55440

What is Crystal cafes thought on wizchan? I love to browse the place because there's less people trying to get in your pants.

Anonymous 55441

I don’t want moids posting here, and wizards don’t want women posting there. Wizards aren’t the ones who raid us, it’s always kc or 4chan. So, I stay away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 55443

This, I used to browse wizardchan when it first came out because I was a hikikomori at the time looking for people to relate to, but I quickly stopped because ultimately I don't like the feeling of being a voyeur

Anonymous 55460

This. The wizards have never bothered us. Leave them alone.

Anonymous 55616

I only have just now heard of it, but it posts seem less rancorous than 4chan's /r9k/.

Wizards > incels

Anonymous 56198

i personally like to browse it when im on my lowest lows, especially the wageslave one. I'm not the type that is "misery loves company". Just feels supportive when no one else understands your pain.

Anonymous 56399

it's tiresome hearing the same self-defeating bullshit every day. but i like their music/media threads because sometimes i find some genuinely interesting material. but the place is so toxic and overrun with mgtow and blatant child porn i can't stay long.

Anonymous 56405

u know what? seeing females lurking on wizchan makes me feel better about the male lurkers. equality i guess

Anonymous 56406

Wizchan is technically a virgin male board though. CC isn't necessarily for femcels. The culture is inherently pretty different, gender aside. /Fit/ is more like a CC counterpart than wizchan

Anonymous 56409


>/fit/ is more like a c.c. counterpart

Why, cuz we’re all homosexuals?

Anonymous 56411

Anonymous 56516

good thing you haven't heard about ccluster
otherwise known as literally pedochan

Anonymous 56544

wizchan is my yaoi fantasy

Anonymous 56554



Anonymous 56557

so you’ve got a whole website of males who aren’t interested in females, well, you can see where the feelings would develop

Anonymous 56559

>not interested in females
the incels have already taken over wizchan

Anonymous 56563


doujins when

Anonymous 56565

so they have some rule where they’re not allowed to express feeling towards females, I can just imagine them struggling and slowly coming to terms with their new gay relationship, the old coming to terms with the gay stuff you know if you’ve read any mangas

Anonymous 70093

i like to browse /b/ all they talk about is poop and taking shits and obsessing over femboi catbois

Anonymous 70112

I browsed once and it was incredibly depressing.

Anonymous 70171

>cute 2d males
what do miners think of virgin tastes

Anonymous 70176


It needs more cute shotas tbh

Anonymous 70183

unbelievably based

Anonymous 70186

>all that Norn9
It was just an ok game, nothing special. Overall I would say their taste is just ok I rate it 5/10.

Anonymous 70269



But fuck the groomers, though. They remind me a little too much of trannies.

Anonymous 70342


I don't post, but I do lurk /dep/ sometimes, as I find certain threads there (wageslave, depression crawl) more relatable than what I find on CC or LC or even /r9k/.

Anonymous 70377


it's because they don't have many "single axe to grind" posters who are only here to post about 1 subject instead of posting flexibly or about something that just organically came to mind… imo.

like our resident GC refugees, or our anti-communists who just read mises and needs you to know about it, or our communists who just read parenti and need you to know about it, or "subtle" white supremacist moids posting blonde women in fields with thread titles like "anyone else interested in finding a farmer husband?"

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