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Uni life Anonymous 55695

Anyone going to university this autumn? What are you studying? Are you going for mixed or same sex halls? What sort of accommodation have you chosen? Etc

Anonymous 55722


I will continue studying psychology, its fun and I like it. I'm kinda living on easy mode rn since my uni is literally in the same town I've lived all my life so everything is pretty comfy.

Anonymous 55726

I only have one class left to graduate from my computer science degree, and it’s online. So I’m going to be living at home and doing all my school virtual. From what I’ve heard, campus is going to be about 60% full, any classes that can be online will be.

Anonymous 55762

Im going in to my last year of maths. I'll be living alone (although Im having trouble with the paperwork for the flat I signed for)

idk if the classes are going to end up online only and Im wasting money on a flat tho

Anonymous 56063


Finally got my accomodation sorted out! Got any advice for my first year of student halls?

Anonymous 56066

be prepared for parties every night. whether youre in them or crying in your room because you want to make use the kitchen or go take a shit but there are 20 wasted normies in there…

Anonymous 56069

I'm going next year but i'm not really excited. I can't come out as a lesbian so i have to pretend 24/7 and i don't really like my major. It will just be 4 hard years.

Anonymous 56072

What is your major? And why wouldn’t you be able to come out anyway - it’s freakin college no one cares if you’re gay

Anonymous 56080


I chose to be in a quiet area, will this change anything?

Anonymous 56081

What does "being in a quiet area" mean? It doesn't sound like you're in a frat house, but if you have any roommates that are social normalfags (this is highly likely) they're still going to invite strangers over.

Anonymous 56082

It's an option for the accommodation when I booked it online. I don't really know what it means but I guess we'll find out. I also chose mixed halls since I was worried girls only would be filled with foreigners I can't really hold a conversation with, was this a good choice over sharing an accommodation with men?

Anonymous 56087

I don't really know how to translate it but it's STEM i think.
It's because i can't afford to move out yet, so i'm going to college in the same town and where some old friends and family go too. I'm not out to my parents as i would get kicked out and / or seriously hurt them since they both have heart problems and this would be extremely shocking and hurtful to them.

Anonymous 56106

we had a similar thing where you could chose to be in a "quiet" area (a small questionnaire where youi got to chose whether you prefer reading or partying and similar things lol) and my flatmates still invited people over every night. they were just also pseudo intellectuals who thought they were giant brain for reading the commie manifesto

and mixed halls will have more parties than female only

Anonymous 56217


>pseudo intellectuals who thought they were giant brain for reading the commie manifesto
Oh dear god

Anonymous 59287


God I'm really worried I won't manage in uni, that I won't be able to connect to people or relate to them. I have no friends from school or college and I'm so worried I'll just go to uni and not make any connections when this is my last chance to do so and have good social experiences. I'm really scared.

Anonymous 59288

It will work out anon, tons of people will have no friends since they moved to another city to attend uni so keep an eye out for those

Anonymous 59289

you'll be okay anon, everyone is awkward in college. i'm pretty introverted and managed to do fine socially just by being nice in class and joining some clubs

Anonymous 59295

The first month of classes is sweet spot for talking to new people and really getting yourself out there to make new friends. In that first month everyone is going to be awkward and lonely and striking up conversations. On thefirst day of classes just forget who you feel like you’re “supposed to be” and just be super extroverted you won’t regret it

Anonymous 59319


Thanks guys I appreciate it. I really hope it all goes smoothly. I'll try and do my best.

Anonymous 62740

hatoba tsugu.png

i just moved into student halls, there's two girls who are also here so far
they both seem nice enough, we had a drink together on the first night and one of them even gave me some throat sweets but i feel like we don't have that much in common
is it possible to become good friends with people you don't have much in common

Anonymous 62743

It's possible, just difficult to find things to talk about.

Anonymous 62746

I'm studying computer sciences, my Friend and her Friend and i are still trying to find a house to rent

sage 62922

It's possible to be friends if you don't have much in common, I never had much in common with any of my friends but they're still good people so we're friends. I've lived with my roommate for 2 years now and we'll be living together this year too and we have almost nothing in common except for going to similar colleges but we get along great, I think personality is more important than interests.
Don't worry about it, I don't know if your classes have already started or not, but I also didn't know anyone in college, I even actively avoided everyone but I was still able to make friends because they came to me. I have one very extroverted friend so just from hanging out with him I got to know so many more people. Just sit next to some random person if you can't seem to find anyone.

Anonymous 62923

Oops I messed up the sage

Anonymous 63426

the gays.jpg

Things are actually going pretty well, even though the three of us have little in common we're able to bound over similar sorts of things like boys and anxiety towards uni. It's really nice sharing a communal area with female friends too since until now I've only really done social things with boyfriends.

Anonymous 64155

Dropping out of uni again.

Anonymous 64156

No you aren't. You will stay the fuck in uni and graduate and get on with your life already.

Anonymous 64157

I graduated from uni once, and then got a job as a cashier.

Anonymous 64163


Please don't drop out, what was your last degree?

Anonymous 64214

It's not worth it. I'd rather just leave everything behind and die already.

Anonymous 66981


Economic Science

Anonymous 67031


specifically, CS and philosophy. Then I'll have my lame ass interdisciplinary degree with a fuckload of unused credits in subjects like engineering and I'll two minors.

My accomodations make me guilty. I am not officially registered for any, but I have gotten my psych 2x, soon to be 3x, to extend deadlines for me with a handy dandy letter. I feel like it's unfair. At the same time, I literally will be in bed for days crying over my relationship, and I'll cry at work because I want to die, etcetera. BPD is such a shitty reason to get extensions, but I'm desperate as fuck to end my time as an undergraduate.

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