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Anonymous 55865

Which are you? I'm gothic lolita

Anonymous 55866

im probs attention whore cosplayer and gamer ha

Anonymous 55867

female /a/sshole

Anonymous 55869

I guess moralfag fits best now, but I've been so many of the others in the past.

Anonymous 55870

probably the /a/sshole and the japanophile lol

Anonymous 55874

>needing to be a lolicon to like guro
why do men always project so hard

Anonymous 55876

tbf when it comes to sex weirdos, even women, extreme shit often overlaps.
I assume meme just generally refers to Nemu-tier gals.

Anonymous 55877

this is from a time where 4chan was absolutely diseased with lolicons, and pedobear, and being a pedophile predator online - all TOTALLY ironically. if lolicon wasn't in a thread it could be shoehorned in somehow.

Anonymous 55896

>”I’m not in here”
>sees hiki internet stalker

Well I’m being a model citizen in 2020 :D

Anonymous 55897

What did you do?

Anonymous 55899

Saying inside, not talking to or breathing on anyone. Hikki lifestyle makes social distancing super easy.

Anonymous 55903

You can still stalk people from the Internet.

Anonymous 55912

>batshit insane bisexual lolicon
i just like guro lol

Anonymous 55915

why is there so many moralfags? especially those weird anti-shippers who make entire tumblr blogs and twitter accounts obsessed with “problematic” ships?

Anonymous 55920

I wish we could go back to a simpler time

Anonymous 55928

Fat yaoi fangirl, except I have no boobs.

Anonymous 55931

How old is this image? I think the newest anime here is TTGL.

Also do people still watch Gravitation and Loveless in 2020?

Anonymous 55935

>my dad
Also, fanartist

Anonymous 55944

i remember seeing this floating around in 2008, so it might literally be from 2007

Anonymous 55950

Resident narutard, sakura was my favorite bitch

Anonymous 56029

I’m hikikomori internet stalker

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