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Anonymous 56407

What is your life goal?

Anonymous 56421



Anonymous 56425

Anonymous 56426

A quick and painless death hopefully

Anonymous 56428

I want a unexplained tragic death that becomes a local urban legend.

Anonymous 56429

Having a stable job and owning an apartment.

Anonymous 56431

I just want a family

Anonymous 56435

Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? I love the very last scene, of the Mom and Dad sitting together, their kids asleep upstairs after an exciting and memorable Christmas, just watching the snow fall, and feeling so content and peaceful. Sure, I'd love to rich, but if I can get that happy family in comfy home on a nice quiet street… sign me up.

Anonymous 56438

You don't have to give up the career, unless your really keen on the masculinity of your partner.

Anonymous 56522

To rot

Anonymous 56523

Big fucking house for no other reason than to have multiple places to sleep and chill in, like 3 cats at least and a woman or man to spend the rest of my life with. So long as said partner can eat it like the groceries, I'm not that picky.
Or just offing myself, the first one sounds like too much work to get to and I'm suicidal most of the time anyway.

Anonymous 56534

What kind of job?

Anonymous 56537

It's my dream to work with animals in a shelter or aquarium, but as they don't pay much i would be happy with a nice programming or tech support job.

Anonymous 56538

What is that? Do you need a degree or preparation for those things, don't you? Animal sheltering and programming look like two completely different things, it's cool.

Anonymous 56539

To be heroic and help those around me.

Anonymous 59994

having a stable job and to make those around me happy

Anonymous 60002

Yes, you do need a degree and technical skills to work with wild animals and conservation. But you would also need some financial help because unpaid internships and work for months are the norm. It's a field for those who are passionate.

I don't have this financial help, in fact i need to financially help my parents and aunts so i chose tech.

Anonymous 84477

I'd like to move to the countryside and build a awesome house.
I have yet to be convinced why I should live in a city. There seem to be a lot of people that think living in a city is vastly superior to living in the countryside, but I never understood why cities are supposedly better than the country.
Cities seem to be more about making friends and people seem to be primarily defined by their friendships.
The countryside seems to be more about building your own domain with fewer friendships and interactions with other people.

Anonymous 84509

Graduate, marry my bf and start a family

Anonymous 84514

I want to do a bunch of drugs and ruin my life and eventually die. My life has been too much of a success and that doesn't sit well with me.

Anonymous 84515

Give out some money to charities

Anonymous 84519

I already donate quite generously to charities.

Anonymous 84521

making good money, having a house in a decent neighborhood, being able to help my family financially, own a car, travel the world, get a gf who i love dearly and then get married to her.

Anonymous 84556

I'd like to live on a small farm.

Anonymous 84567

get a job related to graphic design and be successful at it

Anonymous 84583


I want to get the hell away from my family, get my sister out of my dad's house, finish college and get a good job I can live off of comfortably, and have two or three kids that never have to go through the shit I went through

Anonymous 84588

right now I just want to find the love of my life and get my organs scrambled like eggs whenever I ask

Anonymous 84685


A few months ago I would have said my goal is to become a doctor, that was my goal for the longest time, but recently I've been feeling more conflicted about it. Despite enjoying most of the specialties this year, I can't see myself working in any of them (definitely not paediatrics or obstetrics & gynaecology,too much of a wimp for emergency medicine, too stupid for anaesthetics). Maybe this is just a temporary slump and I'll eventually find a specialty that inspires me. But I find the competitiveness of medicine hard to cope with.

I would like to write an album someday. And my other goal is much less likely to happen, if on the off chance I somehow make millions I would like to open a shelter for women and girls fleeing domestic violence etc. But need lots of money for that, and if I can't hack it in medicine then it's even less likely to happen

Anonymous 85834


Pretty much live in a better comfortable life with family and not worrying about money.

Still not sure what I actually wanted to do. Thought of becoming a talented artist creating art for fun and for people while making some money by doing commissions or selling products, but it looks complicated and stressful. Not to mention drama and toxicity in the art community. Couldn't draw pass a mere sketch with little to no digital art skills other than a drawing app.

Anonymous 85926

Acquire ever more wisdom and knowledge. Hopefully along the way I'll find a way to become immortal or prolong my own life so I can co tinue learning things.
Though it's fine if I don't.

Anonymous 85982

same here friend

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