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Anonymous 57498

What is an ideal woman / what do you aspire to be like?

Anonymous 57511


Misato and Ritsuko are so cool, I prefer Ritsuko.

Anonymous 57515


this unironically

Anonymous 57528


Anonymous 57531


I've been thinking about buying a PS4 just to play FFVIIR because of Tifa.

>can kick any male ass if she wants to

>runs her own business
>can take care of herself
>holds many female, maternal qualities, probably hates what feminism has become
>is in great shape, has a gorgeous hair

Anonymous 57671


I’m a teenage girl, so Kasumi Toyama is really inspiring to me :) she’s super passionate and kind

Anonymous 57698

I want to be more cold-blooded. I think I'm becoming it as I get older. I'm trying to be more calm without erasing my feelings. It's like I always overreact or I don't feel any emotion at all. I want to be more empath with the people I'm close. I believe it's a sign of maturity.

Anonymous 59569


I wanna be like Sanae. Or at least as strong as her after being rejected. Because I don't deal well with rejection. And I cry a lot. I'd also love having long straight hair. Black or amethyst though, not really into red hair.

Anonymous 59583


I love her, I was to be as independent as this Nana.

Anonymous 59652


Nobody knows about her but she's been important to me. No other female character has been able to occupy her exact vibes and over the years I've realized that I take her as inspirational.

Anonymous 59655


She's almost one-dimensional as a character, but Tohru Honda from Fruit's Basket strikes a cord with me. There's something about the unapologetic compassion that gets to me.

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