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Your dream life Anonymous 577

What does your dream life look like? Where would you want to live, do you see yourself married, what type of jobs, and are you currently working towards the goal?

Have you found anything surprising about yourself? Have your plans changed?
>I'll start in the replies

Anonymous 578

I'd like to start bakery in a bigger city. I've grown up in small cities my whole life, and I want to live in a Large city.

I want to live in a large city so I will actually have things to do. I can try new foods, I can go to markets, I can listen to music in parks. That all seems exciting to me.

I'd like to open up a nice little cafe that serves desserts, fresh bread, and maybe easy food like pizza or sandwiches. I want it to have a nice low light setting and an area for a live band to play.

I hope to be with m my current boyfriend for all of this. We've known each other for about a year and a half and we've been dating for 6 months. My boyfriend isn't sure what he wants to do, So I hope I can make him help me with my cafe.

On the side I'd like to do music and work with independent film.

I just, in the end, want to have a nice life working at a cafe where I make everything and enjoy city life with my boyfriend.

Anonymous 580

I'd love to have a comfy small house in a small town near to a bigger city. I'd be married and ideally have 2 or 3 kids which we adopted. The house would have a large garden and if possible a couple of animals like a goat, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

I'm not too fussed about my job, I'd like something that pays for a comfortable lifestyle (travel a couple of times a year, good health insurance, be able to buy things I want without worrying). Ideally a job where I could set my own hours and be a bit creative, other than that I have no real job in mind. I do enjoy film editing so maybe work in that or making documentaries? I've always had a weird fantasy of me having some sort of more academic/artsy job and my partner having a blue collar job like being a mechanic or something, I like the contrast and I think it'd be a healthy and interesting environment to raise my kids in? Idk.

I just want to be able to wake up mornings, send my kids off to school, enjoy a cup of coffee with my partner and then work and be home in time to cook for my family and stuff.

Anonymous 582


My plans have changed, majorly.

For most of my life I was constantly in bands trying to make it as a professional musician. Each time I'd get closer and closer to "making it" until the last band I was in. We exploded out of nowhere, got a record deal, were played on the radio and in magazines etc. I'm from a small town so it was very exciting especially for me, as we would travel to the capital for meetings or to "work" essentially. Unfortunately we all started using drugs and it started making things weird. I was the front woman but I've had issues with depression since I was in primary school, and I generally find it difficult to talk about my feelings to other people (music was a big outlet for me). The others in the band were doing a shit ton of coke which I never touched and the combination of how everyone's personalities went was really clashing with the way I was (arrogant, cocky guys vs depressed, insecure girl). I was the butt of a lot of their jokes and they did some super messed up shit to me, psychologically and physically. They kicked me out and I later learnt from a mutual friend that one of them had suggested it might cause me to an hero, and potentially immortalise the band. I sunk to the lowest I've ever been, again I won't go into detail but you can probably fill in the blanks.

Fast forward three years and I've currently just finished the first year of a Computer Science degree. I feel awkward sometimes because I'm a mature student (although not the oldest on the course tbh) and I'm unsure if I "wasted" the years working on music instead of my other passion, computing. I'm thinking of a career in cyber security or medical tech/robotics, and I plan to move to Japan after I graduate with my best friend. I still write and record songs but I get mega sad thinking about it all. I can't even watch shows about musicians without getting this sick feeling.

At some point I'd like to settle down and have a kid or two but considering I'll be graduating older, I'm unsure how career advancement + family will end up working out. I feel very bitter when I think about how my life has ended up, and how much time was wasted on a dream that didn't work out how I wanted.

I am determined to, regardless of where I end up, own at least a cherry tree and a harpsichord. They're two childhood goals that have remained.

Sage because embarrassed about opening up this much about my life. Pic related; haven't been able to finish this anime because panic attacks.

Anonymous 583

I don't hope to sound insensitive but did you experience a lot of sexual harassment or comeons from your band members and other people? I know some women who are in the entertainment industry and they all have stories about that but I don't know how common it is.

I'm interested in music and getting in that industry too personally but I'm wary since it seems to fuck a lot of people up, esp young women.

Anonymous 585

>>583 tbh yes. I expect it though. I remember being in a band when I was 16 and older guys in bands being super gross towards me even though I'd literally just changed out of my school uniform before the gig.

The last band were really sneaky about the way they did things though. And it was mostly just sadistic than sexual towards the end. Although once they refused to unlock a door for me to go to the toilet and made me pee in front of them all into a tin.

Anonymous 586

I want to start my own construction company and get it big enough to the point that the PMs and estimators can basically run it themselves. Then I'll live my life travelling, staying in fancy hotels, going on tours, eating in nice restaurants and living in a big mansion somewhere that's sunny year round. Hopefully I'll be married with kids, too.

>Are you currently working towards the goal?

I'm still an apprentice so I can't legally work alone, never mind start a company. I have a bf though who seems pretty serious and talks quite a bit about "when we get married" "when we have kids".

I just don't want to be a wage slave my whole life.

Anonymous 591


My ideal life is basically a ghibli movie IRL, it's so cheesy i barely talk with about it with anybody.

I would love to live in a town close to a big city, but still isolated enough so that it doesn't have a lot of noise other than the sound of animals and the occasional car. Basically you would be able to calmly go on a bicycle or walking without car noise or fear of being run over, all the while only smelling trees and flowers and the occasional smell of homemade food.
The town would be full of friendly old neighbors and small shops, surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see.
There, i'd open a little rustic cafe/bakery. I would serve homemade pastries and delicious coffee. It would be made in a vintage style and made of wood, it would also have asmall fireplace so you can relaz there in winter.
The cafe would also have a small cat-cafe style part, full of rescued kittens which i would live with during the time the cafe was closed. I would also love for it to have a certain night where live music was played.
With the money i had made by that point, i would open a rescue center for abandoned animals and help them recover and live a fulfilling life.
I'd like to run the cafe with my future boyfriend (which i would have met because he kept coming back to the bakery every day, and we grew close together until we fell in love), who would help me in everything and we would have fun baking together and enjoying our life isolated frome everything, growing our own food and rescuing animals together.
Then we'd grow old together, always running our cafe with our group of friends occasionally helping, then we'd have a daughter and a son and they would grow with us,, helping us run the cafe, teaching them how to bake together, and when we became unable to work anymore, we'd pass it onto them and we would retire to a cabin close to a river, enjoying our hobbies together in a calm mood, but still occasionally help with the cafe because we love our life so much.

i know it's disgustingly cheesy and almost impossible, but a girl can dream

Anonymous 592

This is so disgusting of them. You go girl, I hope you'll be able to not let their stupid bullshit behaviour affect you. Most likely they were jealous of the attention you got and the fact as a female (from what I also understood younger)you "got it all better" than them.

I don't know what else to say, other than that you're a champ for pulling it through.

Anonymous 594

My dream life would be waking up in the morning on my own with cat cuddling to my face. I get up and I vacuum the house, have a shower and do my makeup. I bake a cake in a little apron. Then my husband returns from work and I kiss him on the cheek and feed him cake. The end.

Such a simple life, but I'm single, haven't had a date in years, no cat and can't cook ( i _ i )so this simple life will never happen but I can dream

Anonymous 602

I'd be married and own a beautiful, modern house with my husband a little outside of the city. I can walk to a lot of places, like little boutiques, coffee shops, even the grocery store. I'd work occasionally as an interior decorator, stylist, or something creative, but mostly I'd just travel or take care of our home. Maybe I'd go back and get my Masters. Ideally, my husband works out of the house so we don't have to deal with each other 24/7 so when he comes home, I can cook for him or we go out on dates to cute little cafes.

I have all the plastic surgery I want and no debt. My family is also taken care of in some way.

>Am I working towards this goal?

It's unrealistic, so no, haha. I might live back in the city in a nice apartment or in the suburbs in a nice house, but nothing as fancy as I'd want. I'm not in a creative field right now, and I don't have a current plan to switch.

Anonymous 603

This is so cute it made me smile. Keep on dreaming!

Anonymous 604

I feel like my dream life is too boring to be posted but whatever. Basically I just want to live in a small and comfy flat all by myself and my cat, it would be a calm place where I could do whatever I want whenever I want, like playing video games or watching a series in the middle of the night without being worried of waking someone up. I don't see myself living with someone, and I can't see myself with either a bf or a gf for a bunch of reasons.

I would like to have a stable income that's big enough to support myself and treat myself whenever I want, so I could go shopping or to restaurants anytime. But most importantly I could afford traveling abroad once in a while. I would like a job that's interesting with nice colleagues and with enough free time for myself, too. But I'm not sure what kind of specific job I want, I would like to become a translator but I'm not sure that'll be possible for me.

Actually what I want the most is to b able to do what I want at my own pace and be comfy, overall.

>are you currently working towards the goal?

I'm going to college so I can have a degree that could land me a decent job, and I finally have a part-time job so I can save money from now on. It'll help I hope, though I'm not sure I'll get my master degree as soon as I would like.

Anonymous 605

I'm sorry to hear about all of that anon. If it makes you feel any better, I was forced (I cringe using that word, but honestly, it really felt that way) to learn professional-level guitar growing up. I had music lessons every week, and hated practicing for them.

I sometimes feel the talent I have now was completely wasted on me, and wish I could pass it on to someone who really wants to learn guitar. I never told anyone irl that I hated playing guitar because everyone else seemed to want to learn. I felt guilty, and when I was 19 I went for a small job interview where I had listed on my resume that I played guitar.

The interviewer asked how I liked it, and I lied as usual and said that I loved playing guitar. He told me he also played professional-level guitar, but hated it and always resented that his parents made him take music lessons instead of allowing him to play sports. He voiced my inner-most thoughts, and I didn't know what to respond. I didn't get the job, and knew I struck (or shall I say "strummed" ugh) a nerve in him.

Sometimes I lay awake at night remembering that interview, wishing I remembered the mans name and had been honest. He was probably one of the few people who could understand my feelings.

It took me over 2 years to finish Nana for similar reasons. I realized I could have done something with my talent, but oh well. If it had been singing, violin, piano…basically anything but guitar. I also can't watch any shows like American Idol or Britains Got Talent because it's a brutal reminder of my own failures.

I wish that I could have studied computer science like you are studying. I was pushed into studying Business by my family, and it took me 2 years after graduation to overcome my resentment (especially since I was offered minimum wage jobs after graduating). I'm going back to school for a Master's degree soon for something in between Business and Technology, so feel good about that, but won't start working a "real" job until I'm nearly 30.

Anonymous 608

chocolate pouring.…

>>What does your dream life look like? Where would you want to live?

I'd love to permanently live in a large Asian city such as Singapore or Hong Kong and start a jewelry/handbag/accessories line that I can market and sell globally. I'd love everything from prototyping to manufacturing and marketing/sales. Ideally, either in place or at the same time/after the accessories etc. line, I would like to start a luxury chocolate company. They don't have to be major, but something that can at least bring in $200,000 usd per year (after some years of work) so I can set money aside, donate to charities, eat out, and vacation. I'd love the recognition for having contributed to society on a greater scale.

Of course, I'd also love to settle down and get married. My ideal husband would be nice, generous, smart, rich, and supportive of my goals/dreams. Being married has always been a big dream of mine, and it would be awesome to be able to work on my companies and not worry about money.

In my dream life, I'd also have a close group of female friends I could hang out with: going to arcades or on vacations to the beach. My best friend is a straight male, and I can't talk to him about all the things I could when I had closer female friends. I haven't had any female friends in nearly 5 years, much less close female friends in nearly 10 years. Sometimes I feel like I am talking "at" my best friend when I bring up girly things, but I purposely avoided making new friends the past ~5 years because I kept moving and having to leave friends behind as a result. I couldn't deal with it, so closed off entirely. Before that, whenever I began making friends I felt I could become closer to, I'd move. My best friend is the only person I connected with instantly and was able to overcome this with. He also has the same issue(s), so at least we can relate on this front.

>>Have you found anything surprising about yourself? Have your plans changed?

I'm 27 now, so not a youngin' anymore. When I think of my plans when I was 17, 18, 19, they are nearly unrecognizable like the plans of a stranger. When I was younger, I wanted to marry my "high school" sweetheart (he was in graduate school), have 2 kids and work as a computer programmer. I'd get plastic surgery (nose + boobs) and dress sexy well into my 40's.

Now I am broken up with my high school sweetheart (we still talk though), decided to have no kids (although I'd be open to 1 depending on circumstances), leave the country forever, and my dream job is to start my own company (I never studied computer programming although I'm self-taught in some web languages). I got over the plastic surgery and basically just planning on non-invasive procedures, and dress much more conservatively now.

>>Are you currently working towards the goal?

I'm getting my master's degree and have built up enough skillsets that I can be considered a skilled worker and am competitive in a shitload of industries (so I can permanently relocate abroad through either permanent residency or dual citizenship). I don't have much issue in finding decent men and have one I am considering marrying so pretty hopeful for my love life and planning on joining groups/clubs/classes to hopefully make close (female) friends. I've been learning metal/leather working and chocolate making so I can make my dream company or companies come true. It's taken me a while because I never honestly had much guidance in thinking carefully about what I wanted for myself when I was younger. My life has had a lot of ups and downs, and for a while I was extremely suicidal. Now that I am older, I feel pretty comfortable with my current dreams, and my ability to bring them to fruition.

Anonymous 610

I just want a nice lil 9-5 crappy office job and to come home to my house of many doggos.

Probs no boyfriend and deffo no kids though.

Anonymous 612

I'd work as a computer programmer, for sure.

I've lived in big cities my entire life and would definitely miss aspects of it, but I occasionally find myself longing for a quiet town a la Animal Crossing. In the end the 'big city' thing is better for me, though- so I'll stick around. For now, at least.

I can't see myself married. That might change.

I'd live in a small flat/apartment with a lot of robots and a speedy internet connection. I'd have the time to get out and ride my bike every day and the money to fund my electronics habit.

If that's all too much, I just want to be happy. I want to be consistently happy with something. All of the material stuff is nice but I would give my goddamn soul to be happy. It's the sappiest, dumbest shit, but I think it's what we all really want in the end.

Anonymous 661

Wow, this is 100% me. I hope you can make it!

Anonymous 664

I would probably have a nice little cottage and be a professional student. Maybe working part time on the side.

I'd want a bunch of pets, a goat, ferret, dog, cat…

But mostly I would look after the house while my partner works/achieves his dreams.

Anonymous 729

If we have to be somewhat realistic,
>have an easy, lax, 9-5 office job (actually, ideally something like 7-3) with a short commute and pays at least 50k a year
>own a cute, modern apartment that's close to a CBD with nice matching furniture, floorboards, new bathrooms and kitchen
>live near my family and see them often
>have enough disposable income to buy lots of clothes, go out to eat, travel once a year
>spend my free time consuming media I'm into, doing sports I enjoy and going to classes for things I feel like learning
>age well, stay fashionable/looks conscious and not get fat
>if I have a bf/husband, have one kid and I wouldn't mind if he was on the domestic side (he can work part time if he's willing to cook for me)
>if I'm single, have casual sex with cute younger men

The idealistic fantasy version would involve not needing a job at all and a second apartment in Japan for long term holidays, otherwise pretty much the same.

Anonymous 736


Thanks, it really means a lot as I was doing a concern posting about it all. Big love <3

Anonymous 741

I wake up tomorrow with a billion pounds in my bank account and I can look after my parents and never have to feel like a useless idiot ever again.


Anonymous 749

Getting a career as a Java Developer or Software Engineer with my Bachelor's in Comp Sci.

Owning a small, cozy house with my boyfriend away from the city but still close enough to go out to places. Adopting Shiba Inus and maybe a cat(preferably Maine Coon, so fluffy~). Being financially stable enough so we don't have to constantly live in shit.

Ever since I graduated college, I had a great stable job as a Developer. But I had to quit and moved back home due to personal reasons. I haven't been able to find anything in this small town, I don't have my car anymore and I feel stuck.

I cry a lot of times because I don't know how to get myself out of this shit. I'm broke, basically a neet at this point and my boyfriend has to walk to work making bare minimum. I've tried WFH, but it was seasonal. :c I'm still applying to places and sending my resume, but I'm starting to think I wasted 4 years on nothing but student debt now.

Anonymous 750

Honestly, I just want a job I like working at and someone who cares about me.

I'm a simple person.

Anonymous 758


looking exactly how i want to look, a successful career and kids/a family. all these things are attainable but it's the balancing of the three of them that's difficult. looking hot is pretty much impossible with kids, you can't be a good mom if you're 100% dedicated to your career etc.

Anonymous 759

In my dream life I'd be married to my boyfriend and we'd both live abroad with a permanent visa, in a quiet town close to a big city (or a quiet corner of a big city). I'd have my masters degree and work research while also working as a language teacher.

That's my plan, really. Still surprises me how achievable it is.

That's super cute and really not all that impossible. The biggest issue would be to find a nice place like that with friendly townies, other than that everything is achievable if you try!

Keep dreaming, anon

Anonymous 760

Reading all these cute wishes of anons wanting to live in a cute town and have comfy mom and pop shops I wish we could buy like, a dying town and turn it into a really cute girly haven where we all live together and make a cute town!

Anonymous 765

>>760 omg anon don't I totally would love that

Part of me always secretly wishes for modern society to collapse so post apocalyptic tribes of cuteness could happen.
>reality of that situation would probably be far worse though

Anonymous 773

Queen of Earth

Anonymous 774

Me three
There's bound to be some place like that, right? I want the benefits of capitalism (kawaii clothes and anime merch) without being crushed by it

Anonymous 815

I never know what I want, which is a big problem… I think my dream life is far away from here though. I've always wanted to move and experience life abroad, but haven't had courage or planned things well enough to do it. I'd love to be happily married and have a kid in my early to mid 30's. Or even late 20's (I am currently 24)

Simple things.

Anonymous 880

bdk possum.jpg

I also want to live a quiet life. I'd like to beat depression or learn how to deal with it, have a job I don't hate, and live with a significant other and a bunch of pets, in a small house with a garden for a dog like in my childhood.

Pic related, me in 50 years

Anonymous 923

pam crying ;(.gif

similar to yours OP, I've always wanted to open a coffee shop, in a small town, probably in Maine? Or Washington? I would be friends with all my customers, and tell them stories, and they'd come in for the delicious coffee and conversations. I would be knowledgeable about paranormal events and local lore. I would be the town's favorite person during halloween.
I would have a devoted husband with no kids, just a cat or two. we would live in a big, old victorian house, that was more than likely haunted. Every summer we would go camping in the woods for a week.

God this is so depressing bc it will never happen. Im going to end up as an accountant, probably single. But a girl can dream right?

Anonymous 937

I want to marry a rich guy and have him give me lavish gifts and then spend the rest of my life traveling while wearing designer clothing.

Anonymous 939

omg are you me?

Btw this sounds exactly like Sandra Bullock's life in Practical Magic.

Anonymous 940

I want to own my own daycare and frolic with children all day.
I want to teach them how to garden and how to make art. I want to learn to sew and make cute bed spreads and illustrate childrens stories. I want to learn how to program and make kid friendly games.

Im not sure why I love children so much but it makes me happy to make kids happy and provide them with a safe and loving space. I want to achieve all of this but my depression bogs me down and I end up surfing the internet day after day instead of sharpening my skills.

Anonymous 941

I love that movie so thats exactly what I want thank you :')

Anonymous 942

I believe in you, you seem like you really care for your passion.

Anonymous 974


I'd live in a modernized cottage with a large foresty yard, filled with flowering and edible gardens. There would also be a modest workshop where I could freely work on electronics/robotics. The house would be as self sufficient as possible, with solar panels, rain water collection, etc. I'd live with my boyfriend and have a biggu fluffy cat, and a husky.

I'd love to get somewhere with my computer eng. degree and develop medical robots, or robotic prosthetics. With the money I'd make from this, I'd donate money for art/sci programs in schools and open up my workshop for children in need to learn skills. Maybe that sounds weird but I really want to give kids some chances I didn't have available growing up.

>Are you currently working towards your goal?

I'm in college, but no I could really work a lot harder. Threads like these help me remember why I wanna keep going, and I really enjoy reading everyone's dreams. They're very sweet and wonderful!

Anonymous 987

I don't know if this type of school exists in your country, but in Germany and other countries, there's this type of schooling called Humboldt Schools who practice a holistic and natural way of teaching! It's really cool and the teachers teach gardening, sewing, woodworking, etc. and the students are encouraged to not use technology in elementary school and stuff. The entire environment is really cool!

You should see if you could try to work at a school like that!

Anonymous 992

My kid was in one of the Waldorf schools for a while. It was great, I loved the energy. But I knew she couldnt stay there for long because they dont teach you how to read until you are MUCH older.

Anonymous 994

Ah yeah sorry, meant to say Waldorf (I always confuse the two lol)

Yeah there are definite valid criticisms to the place. I also feel like they reject technology a bit too much in the older years, but for elementary it's really nice and useful.

I always loved the Sunday markets they'd open up to the public. :))

Anonymous 1011

>completely reject technology

Definitely. They asked me not to let her watch tv, or ipad etc lol! They teach you how to "use a radio" tho lol come on!

They didnt have a Sunday market at her school (outside Frankfurt) but they had one in the middle of the town, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Ahhh I miss Germany

Anonymous 2765


I want to live off the grid on a 1+ acre homestead with solar power, drink purified rainwater, and have a vegetable garden and some animals. Definitely chickens to start out with, maybe a milk goat eventually. I really like the idea of having minicows but I've read you need like 3 acres per cow. I'm a lifelong city girl so I don't know how to do any of this stuff yet but I'm learning from books and youtube videos while I save up money to eventually buy a property somewhere.

Anonymous 5389

This is what I wanted, but I know I'll never have.

I wanted to live In the suburbs where I could plant things and raise chickens. Decent sized backyard. I wanted to be married to someone who's nice and is the breadwinner, I like cooking and cleaning anyway.

I don't think its going to happen, I've just given up and am saving money with no goal.

Anonymous 5390

I recently saw some stuff about innkeeping and I really want to do it. I have no hospitality experience though so idk how I'm going to get into but hopefully I can figure something out. I know I'm romanticizing it a lot but I just picture myself living in some cute inn somewhere secluded and just maintaining the property and not having to worry about outside life much. Just worrying about keeping the guests comfy and make sure they enjoy their stay. I also really want to leave the US. I've always been obsessed with Switzerland and I'd love to go there. Not sure how I'll ever manage to do that though.

Overall I just want to live somewhere with beautiful scenery alone away from people with a job that allows me free time to read a lot. Also somewhere with some kind of body of water, because I want to start kayaking as a frequent hobby.

But right now I'm post-grad living with my parents in one of the shittiest cities in the country, working a shitty retail job and watching netflix whenever i'm not at work. Oh well.

Anonymous 5393


my plans/dreams used to be

> own a small apartment in the city

> 1 cat
> probably someonewhere cold
> 9-5 job that is a fulfilling career
> continue living a confortable sugar baby(ish) lifestyle and start a fashion line

Currently my dream is to own a big house with a lot of land for my 2 dogs, maybe somewhere in the mountains next to a train station so I can go for hikes often.

I want to start a non for profit for dogs like mine so they can live their last years in peace ( she was used for breeding and they are usually super aggressive so not very adoptable )

my goals completely changed when I decided that looks wherent my whole life and that I could be more than just an office bimbo

Anonymous 5394


Ps if annoying wants to buy a dying town just move to Australia I'm moving to one soon hopefully now that they have internet there ^_^

Anonymous 5395

Where's that? Not Sydney right? The housing prices are insane in Sydney.

Anonymous 5398

Not in Sydney dear god. /no one can afford Sydney/
My rent is currently 750 AUD a week so I can have a yard big enough for two dogs ( divided with housemates so it's not too bad)

( I'd be paying 450 AUD a week for a 4 bedroom in the mountains + massive space in general)

Anywhere past Wallacia ( away from Sydney ) seems to be nice small town communities that hopefully won't be destroyed by overseas developers.

Anonymous 5409

What do you work as? I wouldn't be able to afford that at all!

Anonymous 5419

Web design & video editing
I also do remote UNIX programming

Anonymous 20740

if everything works out, realistically i'll have a stable, well paying job with respectable career outlooks, live somewhere cold and rural, have a nice sized house to myself where i grow veggies and fruits, maybe there's a fresh lake nearby where i can fish ( or i'll breed my own ), i have plenty of money to pursue my hobbies and ensure i can send my family members on fun trips, be able to draw, read a book every week, etc etc

Anonymous 20931


>What does your dream life look like?
I just want a nice comfy life with my partner and maybe 1-2 kids in the future. A cat and maaaybe a dog. That is it.

>Where would you want to live,

Doesn't really matter as long as the neighborhood isn't loud

>do you see yourself married,


>what type of jobs,

Either houswife or keep working in my field

>are you currently working towards the goal?

That is hard to say. I've been trying to improve things in my life, especially from a financial pov, but it has been hard.

Anonymous 21047

Married, SAHW. Lots of kids (6-8). Home school them.
All I need is a bf that wants that….

Anonymous 21059

I want a cupcake

Anonymous 21124

Decent amount of money to not have to worry about working again, living with my beautiful boyfriend in the mountains in New Zealand (and with good wifi and Amazon prime lol)

Anonymous 21130

>What does your dream life look like?
Living with my partner, both of us finding our inner peace and happiness. Having pets that never get sick.

>Where would you want to live, do you see yourself married, what type of jobs, and are you currently working towards the goal?

A remote place surrounded by beautiful nature, having a few friendly neighbors who generally keep to themselves but we help each other when needed. The nearest big city is only an hour by car, so if I miss nightlife I can always easily visit my friends and hang out. My only job consists of taking care of the garden and farm animals. I'd like to be almost completely self-sustainable. No marriage needed and no kids. I used to read books and visit gardening courses, but lately I lost interest just as I lost interest in everything ever.

Anonymous 21211


My dream life, which sadly has not change much since i was young, is really just a cringy fantasy dream life.

I would life in my cottage (or something like Bilbos house) in a deep forest with a mighty dragon as a friend.
I would be a healer (with magic and herbs) and help lost wanderer. Maybe some animals got use to me and hang out around my house.

My real life dream life, always changes depending on my mood.
Over all I just want to life in peace.

Anonymous 21212

>dream life
closet full of lolita dresses, they invent technology that allows my cat to live forever, get married to my current bf, have the money to travel to conventions and see concerts when i want to. i get better at cooking, and i get on medication that alleviates my depression and anxiety. i reconnect with my best friend from high school. my illustrations become popular online, i get lots of commissions and get to draw subject matter that i love all day. my house's interior is cozy and cute af, and because both my husband and i work from home, we get to live outside the city in a studio-ghibli-tier natural environment where we can both go for long walks in the evening.

this thread makes me depressed because all these things feel like they're so far away from actually happening.

Anonymous 21226

My dream life is finding a place in the animation industry and being on a crew that really makes something really impactful to the medium. I also want to become just a better artist in general.

I want to find a man who shares my passions and who I can laugh with, and who wants to travel around the world with me. I want someone who wants to share his life with me and genuinely is excited about spending the rest of his life with me.

I want to make a comfortable living but I don't really have any interest in making a ton of money. I want to have some spending money but all I truly want is to be happy and find someone to be happy with.

Anonymous 21235


Dream life:

> work as a therapist ~40 hours/week. maybe get into weird art therapy stuff

> live with husband (current bf) and 2-3 cats in a rural area surrounded by woods or fields, have an active vegetable garden
> live near a sweet, tight-knit town with an active art community I can be involved with
> either build a cob house together (handmade sustainable structure of straw, mud, and sand), or (more realistically) live in a mid-century style home
> have 1-2 children, homeschooling or sending them to some weirdo Montessori or Waldorf school
> be active in book-binding or other crafting hobbies
> take vacations all around the world, camping in national parks, roadtripping with family
> find some form of exercise that I enjoy and do regularly…weigh about 20 pounds less and have better endurance

pic related, it's a partial cob house

Anonymous 21241

I'm also really into the idea of environmentally neutral or positive housing like a cob house or this earthship concept. Except with my current partner, I don't see that as a shared major lifestyle goal.

You have a nice ideal setup, I hope you realize your dreams anon!
We share a lot of similar wants related to living and lifestyle.

Anonymous 21280

yeah, the cob house feels like a real reach. ideally we'd buy land with a basic little house already on it and then build the cob house over time. I literally have no construction skills but it'd be fun to learn?

What's your dream situation anon?

Anonymous 21441



You both must be americans. Only them would think that homeschooling is good

Anonymous 21442

It would be exactly like now, but with added:
>Work part time as Geoinformatician
>Pay a cleaning lady

I would also like other jobs. The intermezzo I had at a federal bureau was nice. Lots of galas, lots of tasty food. Things like that. But I really would like to work on engineering problems. Maybe with added fanciness.

Anonymous 21443

Nah, I do too. (Europe)

Public schools suck ass and everyone who is not a complete bydlo would fare better teaching them on her own than jamming them in a class with 25 absolute low-lifes and a teacher who has to complete three jobs at once.

Anonymous 21446

Then dont have kids until you can afford a private school.

Seriously, all the homeschool kids Ive met have been absolute weirdos. Like unsocialized puppies. Dont take the experience of school away from them just because you may "think" youre too good for it

Anonymous 21457

Diantre. Are you from France?

Anonymous 21458

Oh I see. But then if the private school is so shit, you can try to move somewhere else/transfer the kids to another school right?
Also didnt your sibling do a research about the school before putting your nephew in it?

Anonymous 21503

I just want a quiet life with a partner and a dog. A small house with a decent backyard. And awesome friends.

I've given up on having a long term partner. I'm only 27 but I think I have too many issues for anyone to want to stay with me long-term. I wanted maybe a kid or two eventually but… I want to date a guy for two years before getting engaged, be engaged for a year, then be married for a year before getting preggers. I don't see that happening for me anymore.

So right now I'm saving up to rent a better, pet-friendly apartment or house. Then in maybe two years (when I'll have the time for it) I want a dog that I'll train up to do competitive dog sports with. By then I'll be done cosplaying and stuff so I can focus my energy on my dog. I have a pretty decent group of friends right now, too.

I'm pretty confident in my looks so even though I'll have no long-term partner I can still find QTs for casual fun-times I guess. So I guess I'll always be lonely to some degree.

Anonymous 21513

Lel. And then I will have one at most, right, and spend my life wasting away in someone else's business, and this is what I sacrifice my biological legacy for while the worst of scum pump out 5+ kids?

Fuck that, your attitude is what's wrong with the world and the private schools are shit as well since the hypermodern parents who do just that then shove their single kid conceived at 40 and spoiled rotten in such schools because they don't want them to deal with the public ones. (I was at such a school. One of the more expensive ones.)

Fuck that with a cactus. I'm not homeschooling in order to cut them off from society, luckily there are PLENTY of activities you can sign the kids up for outside of school. I just don't force them into the ~experience~ of being locked in a room with literal terrorists or psychopaths for the majority of their childhood just because people like you say this is the only way to live in this time and age and they should suffer the same damage as everyone else.

The country's Austria, btw.
This hurts so much to read. Children are capable of so much and then their brains are consistently filled with bullshit.

Anonymous 21548


>> Dream house
Pic related. I kinda want to build my own house, the website i got this from sells house plans and to make this house it would be 117k yikes. But its so pretty, I want to be able to afford this.
>> Do you see yourself married
Yessu, I want to be married with my current bf
>>Type of job
I want to work in the medical field preferably nursing
>> dream life
I'm with >>591 I kinda want a ghibli type lifestyle too everything about this post is just yes. I also want 2-3-ish kids.

Anonymous 21697


>Figure out the right balance of career and life
>Go to therapy and finally work out if I'm just a piece of shit or get gud at coping
>Live with partner with 1-2 cats in a small house close to a metropolitan area
>Be able to travel once a year
>Adopt a child
>Have time to pursue art and book hobbies

Currently finishing up a degree that has a lot of professional career options open. Unsure about which path to really pursue, but partner is also at a crossroads in life and wants to either be a professor or a patent lawyer. We're trying to work out places that are feasible to live and have a family in the long term.

The super ideal would be that my partner and I would make enough as a professional couple to own a city home and a cob house somewhere in the country, but that is in the realm of passing day dream since it's a lot of work and I don't know if owning two houses is feasible or worthwhile in the long run (though with the advent of short term vacation rentals, having one to rent out to Airbnb type goers would be a stream of income, but at the cost of having someone else manage it if we both have full time careers).

Anonymous 21770

i just want to be rich, attractive, and immortal. shit dude if i just suddenly stopped aging once i hit 21 that'd be a major win

Anonymous 22919


What is it with Krauts Lite and locking people up

Anonymous 22958

fyi I recently researched when I can send my kid places on his own legally, apparently six is too young.

Anonymous 22959

[mine is unfortunately not troll or bait]

Just me and my loved one alone. married and having a mundane every day life. no one else to bother us, and we're happy.

It won't happen, despite me actually needing it. I don't know what its called? in my case, I mean, like when someone who actually needs something doesn't have it and people who are actually social and well-liked have it when I'm still asocial and needs it more than anyone else


Anonymous 23000

Bf finishes law school, gets off his butt and marries me already. We have couple (a few?) cute kids and a lot of cute pets. Live somewhere by the woods so we can go on some lively and memorable family hikes. Maybe build a home studio and tack carpet squares to the walls for soundproofing… and narrate audio books?

Oh, and I get lash extensions. This is crucial.

Anonymous 23174

I want a small home, hopefully with my bf, and a few cats. Work part time as a programmer, and earning enough money just to live. I don't care about being rich or anything so that is fine. I also want to start a small online shop for crocheted and knitted alternative clothing and dolls.

I would love to be able to spend more time on the things I love to do, and with people I love. And having a way to deal with my depression, anxiety.

>How am I working on it?

I am currently in therapy for my depression and have several tests running. When they found out why I have this for so long, and have a way to work with it, I want to pick up a homestudy. So I can get some programming certificates, degrees, get a proper job and start about moving out.

Anonymous 23176

I want to have a partner that loves me and we would be both financiel stable. We would buy a home together and maybe take some pets. I want to get a job that i truely love and maybe adopt in the future.

Anonymous 23181

>Oh, and I get lash extensions. This is crucial.
I don't have any experience with eyelash extensions but I read people saying online you have to visit the salon every week, can't wash your eyes and can't put on eyeliner with them. I'm not sure they're worth it. But that's just my opinion.

My perfect life would be to work as a scientist at CERN lol but that's just a lofty dream, but I definitely will do everything I can to work as a scientist somewhere.
I want to make enough money to always have baking supplies at hand, and to have pretty clothes that I love. Yeah I know I'm materiallistic.
Also I want to buy 2 ball-joint dolls, male and female, and sew vampire costumes for them. For now I am starting with my old Barbie-knockoff dolls, who I am giving little makeovers to.
I would like to keep living in my home country although it's not a great place to live. But if I move away, I will just be contributing to its downfall as well.
And finally, when I was a kid fantasizing about my future, I always saw myself living in a large house with a large yard with one adopted child. I never imagined myself married or with children of my own. I still can't imagine that, although I love the idea of a traditional life (do you see my problem here. sigh)

Anonymous 23187

I kind of want to be left alone to rot forever because that's what I deserve.

Anonymous 23188

Why do you feel that way anon?

Anonymous 23208

I don't want to do much with my life. There's nothing I enjoy other than listening to music or dessert.
I'd like a life that is about music. I don't care for people or relationships. I don't need them. But this is a far fetched dream and a dangerous one.

Anonymous 23251

I really want to be a train driver. I've been working in the industry (ticket office tho) for about 5 years now, applied for every driving position, never got anything however.

Anonymous 23252

I wouldn't be too depressed to do basically anything, and I'd have at least two friends and they'd actually like me as much as I liked them for a change. Also I'd have enough to money to pay my parents back for putting up with me.

Anonymous 24870

I feel like I have lots of different dreams and they're for different stages of my life and dependent on lots of different factors.

While we're young, I'd love to rent an apartment in the city. We're suffering from a housing crisis at the moment so it's not possible but I can dream. I'd love to be a 10 minute walk from our jobs so we don't have to deal with public transport journeys. We'd also be close to all the nice bars and cinemas for date nights. I could see us trying out different bars in the area every weekend and then stumbling home to our cute little apartment to have sex or cuddle until we fall asleep. We'd also spend a lot of time decorating it because we're both creative. I'd invite friends over regularly for parties. I like to imagine it being on a really high floor with a view that overlooks the river. Of course, it would also have a balcony where I can hang herbs, have my morning coffee while listening to the birds and on a nice clear evening, we could drink wine and look at the city all lit up. It would also be close to the Asian markets so we could get cheap, delicious foods regularly. I can see us cooking together every night then watching Netflix under a blanket after dinner.

Then if we got good enough at our jobs to start working at home or we started doing freelance work (or if I achieve my ultimate, unrealistic dream of becoming a bestselling author and he achieves his dream of publishing a comic), I'd either move to another city or move to the countryside. I'd love to live somewhere like Tokyo or San Francisco but not have to deal with their shitty workplace environments. There's something really cosy about Japan with its little izakayas, ramen shops and karaoke rooms. I love all the neon lights and it would be beautiful to see them from my apartment window. If we lived in SF we'd be able to visit the huge cinemas and eat lots of healthy vegan food. At the weekend, we'd go shopping and eat ice cream on the pier. If we lived abroad for a few years, I'd get married over there in a little intimate ceremony and only tell friends/family when we returned. If we decided to move to the countryside and were earning a lot, the houses would be cheap af so we could afford to get something big and airy. I know an architect and I'd probably design something American-style with high ceilings and a huge kitchen with an island and giant fridge. My only other request would be to turn a spare bedroom into a cinema room since we love films and I'd hang movie posters in the hallway. I know his dream is to have a "man cave" with video games, a good sound system and a nice alcohol collection which sounds cosy af. I also want a huge bed with way too many decorative pillows. I'd start adopting lots of dogs and after a few years start having kids.

I also have a dream of living on an island with a small community. I'd have a cute little boat to visit the mainland for groceries. It would also be a dream to own a horse and we'd have space for that. I'd probably homeschool my kids but get them involved in lots of afterschool activities on the island so they don't feel lonely. And if they don't exist, I'd set them up. Call all the local kids to my house once a week to paint or put on plays. I think my bf would really enjoy that because he's a great artist.

Anonymous 24893

My dream life is to be completely left alone, by people as a whole.
This isn't a joke. I actually don't trust anyone and wish I could be left alone, and not give any sort of attention. but unfortunately everyone gets attention just by living

Anonymous 25012

I'd like to be married, live in some Scandinavian country, work part-time job, enjoy warmth of the home in contrast with the weather outside, I'd like someone to love me, do hands holding and cuddle in bed, enjoy movies and music and read at evenings
It's not wrong to dream, but I'm ugly and live in a shit country and I don't know how to meet a nice person who would also like me. Feels bad tbqh

Anonymous 25025

I’d love to live in a small town with lots of boutiques and church going people, maybe in a place like Mississippi. I’d live alone with my cat in a nice little house or apartment and work as a librarian in a university nearby or something. If I can’t be a librarian (I’ve heard it’s a tough job to get into) I’d love to run my own little jewelry making shop on Etsy and maybe in some of the local boutiques. I’d make rustic style and boho jewelry that would go well with brands like Anthropologie and free people. I’d want to live maybe an hour away from a big city where I could still shop for modern clothing and such that I like and still have things to do. This sounds like every other person’s dream life but I just want a quiet and simple life. Not sure about getting married and kids as I’d need to find someone who wouldn’t dream of divorce( it’s against my religion) so that might be hard. I’d also have to find someone willing to adopt because I’m infertile(I’m only 18).

Anonymous 221618

Bumping an insanely old thread but it's a very interesting subject to think about.

My dream life would consist of living in a modestly-sized house similar to the ones I see in my neighboring town. One that looks straight out of a fairy tale. I'd be making more than enough to not depend on a job.
I would adopt a pug and each room in my house would be decorated in a way that exudes warmth, and every guest that is invited would feel right at home.
I'd travel, live life, work even more on my hobbies and feel at peace with the choices I make or don't make. My life would be my own and extraneous expectations wouldn't influence me.

Anonymous 221621

>Where would you want to live,
>do you see yourself married,
No, I plan on boing a perpetual bachelorette
>what type of jobs,
I'm thinking radio. Maybe a self help show?
>and are you currently working towards the goal
I fixed some breakfast this morning, salad and eggs. So my nutrition is improving at least.

Anonymous 221624

frasier hands typed this post

Anonymous 221633

Homestead with pretty highland cows

Anonymous 221640

I'd want to live in a pretty studio or one-bedroom apartment. One with a shower that doesn't change temperature every time another tenant on the same floor takes one. An apartment that is well-heated with good insulation and a cute kitchen. In the mornings, I'd brew coffee and then head to work. I'm thinking I'd like the idea of being a college professor or maybe doing research in the field I'm currently in… Or maybe continuing to work in my current field but a job that pays me more and doesn't require endless amounts of administrative paperwork.

And ideally I'd have friends in the city. Even one would be okay, but a few more wouldn't hurt. Friends who would come with me to movies or bars or local dance nights. In the summer we could go hiking and have picnics on the beach and in the winter we could stay in and watch horror movies or random TV and bake stuff.

I think I could realistically get a higher paying job within the next few years. Affording a nice studio apartment could come a few years after that… Getting a PhD and becoming a professor years and years down the line even seems feasible (and if doesn't work out, I wouldn't be upset). Having friends around to do fun things with seems like it'll be the hardest for me to achieve…

Anonymous 221741

Many times I have dreamed of having a house with an orchard (I love vegetables), doing yoga and living without so many worries with my husband.
I do not want children.
My only hobby is painting/drawing but I want to start music even though I'm already 18 lol

Anonymous 221753

>Where would you want to live
In the Alaskan bush (around Fairbanks or north of which) or the Yukon
>Do you see yourself married
No but having a man around or other people would be help
>What type of jobs
Hunting, trapping, farming, and/or forestry (not that there are many jobs up there anyway)
>Are you currently working towards the goal?
Sort of?

Anonymous 221761

I'd be super based and charismatic. Would go through life without giving a fuck what other people think and if someone annoyed me I'd tease them or play headgames for fun. I would have a stable, shy, nerd boyfriend with a slightly high pitched voice and sizeable penis who loves me and I would have about 3 close friends, male and female.
I'd be a renowned physicist or mathematician. I'd live in a 2 story house in a big city with a second country home with a garden to go to in summer. I would have lived in at least 5 different countries.

Anonymous 221789

i wish i was born into a wealthy chaebol family and had my life set out for me by my parents and assistants and basically have everything handed to me without effort. i wish i was a rich housewife with a daughter i would love and spoil, and also a loving husband (which might be unrealistic especially if our marriage is prearranged). i wish i was born into a family of wealthy conglomerates so bad and i wish i was a beautiful mother with a beautiful child. thats it

Anonymous 221797

That was also my dream. Move to a rural or semi-rural area and put money down on a house with a couple acres as soon as you can. I waited too long I could have started way sooner I kick myself all the time. Keep away from expensive habits like anything addictive and trendy consumerist things because you will want all your money for the house/garden and you’ll get more pleasure out of it than the other things.

Anonymous 235981

I want to be able to afford food whenever I want to. To go to a register and not check my balance 5x before paying.

I also want my own apartment in a big or medium-big sized city that has a lot of fun activities. Bonus if these activities are free. I also want to be in university and be doing internships/jobs related to my major. I want a closet full of professional clothes so I can dress fashionably since my mood is tied to how I present myself.

I also want to be able to take a few vacations a year. I want to travel and enjoy my youth.

Anonymous 235984

I like my life exactly the way it is. The only thing I'd change is not being born disabled.

Anonymous 235985

**phrased this wrong
I would LIKE to have been born without one not I'd like to have one.

Anonymous 235993

What does your dream life look like? Where would you want to live, do you see yourself married, what type of jobs, and are you currently working towards the goal?

Being one of the older nonas, I'm already half way there tbh. I want to have 2-3 kids who are successful and have nice STEM jobs. I want them to be able to go to a good public school where the rest of the kids there also care about doing well in school. I want to get married to my bf and I want him to stop being a politics obsessed loser and focus on getting an engineering job.

I'm working towards getting a private job in software development. I just want a FAANG job, get paid $$$, and eat the free food. I know they probably got rid of all that shit already. I want to live in the San Jose/Mountain View area in a nice and safe area. Having good weather is important to me because anything over 85F makes me sick. I'd like to live in a place where I could swim in the ocean, norcal beaches are too cold and it would be a lot of work to move all my shit to Hawaii.

If Japan became more of an English focused country that took foreigners I would move there but that would overall be a change for the worst. I would work remotely for an American company of course.

Have you found anything surprising about yourself? Have your plans changed?
I didn't read the thread so it doesn't cloud my post. My plans have changed a few times, idk.

Anonymous 235994

>and I want him to stop being a politics obsessed loser
Lmao you can't fix him nona, drop him so he doesn't hold you back

Anonymous 236017

I would be a rich girl in Japan who grew up being treated like a princess by everybody. I would be free to do whatever I want, like going shopping every day and going to cute cafés and other cute locations with my friends every day. Also I could eat as many snacks and candy as I wanted and would still keep a great figure. Not too sure about love life, but everyone would want me

Anonymous 236019

I'd live in the US studying something like animation or video game design in a fancy college campus, I'd also be 6ft tall with a sanriocore femme gf.
My family is rich so I wouldn't really have to worry about money, I'd be able to buy cool clothes and fancy computers. Even with classes I'd still have time to develop an indie video game with my friend on our free time, it probably wouldn't perform well but it's a passion project so we don't care.
Actually I'm still in contact with all my friends and we meet up regularly to have drinks, I'm not such a weird fucking loser in my dream life so I'd also be meeting new and interesting people on the regular.

alright im sad

Anonymous 236046

I am In my 30's enjoying my six figure electrical engineering position and often hosting himbo younger men at fancy restaurants. They are all also capable of defending me and loving me…

Anonymous 261912

I just want to go back in home country

Anonymous 261913

I have always wanted to be famous, when I was a kid when adults asked me "what do you want to do when you grow up" I said actress or singer. I knew it wasn't realistic so I never tried. I just play the guitar in my free time.

Anonymous 261920

I'd live in the middle of nowhere in a developed country that still has real nature unlike my own, a quiet life, a small house nearby a big lake or river near the woods or something. No job, just plenty of passive income and internet connection.

Never happening but it's a dream life for a reason.

Anonymous 261931

I want to be famous and pretty and rich while doing something that allows me to work from the comfort of my home while being relatively introverted, like a singer/streamer/influencer. Unironically this is what I've always wanted and I yearn for that comfy creative free lifestyle but I'm stuck studying STEM to end up working in STEM underpaid and overworked with chronic eye bags and 0 social life

Anonymous 261932

I’m great at my hobbies and I own an arcade chain, and I have a wife who’s sweet and protective. We have two daughters. I can buy whatever I want and never have to think about the price. We also live in a big ass house and go on vacation at least twice a year.

Anonymous 263813


>20 to 35 years old:
I want to enjoy life by traveling, playing lots of video games, going out with my friends, reading and above all: building a successful career. I hope that by the time I'm 25 I'll be able to leave home and live in my small apartment in the center of a big city, a high-rise apartment. I'd like to go to bars, events, concerts and everything else that life can offer me without breaking God's laws (I'm Catholic).
I want to wear expensive clothes and perfumes, eat the best.

> After 35

I would like to marry a faithful man with values to start a family. I would move into a cozy house in the woods with him, where we would have 2 children and a dog. As we have money, the housework would be delegated to a cleaner and I would just look after the children and teach them through home-schooling.

**Is that realistic?
Being aware of the pink pill and the compulsive sexual nature of men, I think it's very difficult to find a faithful man to marry. Besides, having everything else would be fine with me.

Anonymous 263873


I want to get a significant raise in 10 years time. Like, a 10 to 15$ raise to bring me up to 35$/hr. It can be at my current job or a new one. If I get a new one, I hope it can be even more fulfilling and accommodating than the one I have now.
I would also like to have a more ideal romantic partner than what I've had in the past. As far as I know, I'm straight, but now more than ever my parents seem to think that I'm bisexual and all my life people have thought I was bisexual. My current dream is a tall, lanky, maybe slightly muscular man that's either bald or has dark hair, is independent, is artistic, and understands spontaneity and empathy. LOL
At this point, I don't care where I live as long as it's somewhat safe and affordable and I have my own room to myself. I do not want to live with a romantic partner.

>40s and beyond

IDK, I would like to still have fairly good teeth and skin and not be ravaged by my office job

Anonymous 263875

Screenshot 2024-02…


Anonymous 263879

Screenshot 2024-02…

Do you know what median means?

Anonymous 264762

i want to live under a rock. no internet. no news exposure. no calendars. i want to be as far removed from the torture machine as possible.

Anonymous 264874


I want to live like a small bird like sparrow, chickadee or a wagtail. I know, it's not easy, since small birds are on bottom of food chain and are prey for raptors, cats and mustelids. But life of a small bird has a lot of advantages. First, being able to exlore world and using its three dimensions way better than humans can. I could fly up and down, climb tiny branches, get into small crevices, hide in thick bushes and tree crowns. Second, food is easily accessible, in summer you have a lot of insects and in cold time you could stick to human settlemets to eat remains of human food and crumbs and seeds left to birds by kind people. Third, bird moids are way nicer than human moids, if I was a bird, I would be straight, since small bird males actually do parenting and sing nicely/look pretty/both of it. Also, they don't rape since it's not easy with bird anatomy (they don't have penises) Fourth, most small birds are social, so I would be able to make bird friends and chirp happily with them. Fifth, birds are just cute and superior to mammals in every way. Also, bird nests look very cosy.

Anonymous 265273

i would like to marry a physically attractive wealthy man who is only attracted to me and we have a large family together. our relationship dynamic would be the gender reverse of incel loser femdom fantasies, i.e. my "dominant" husband performs all the physical, emotional, financial and sexual labor in our relationship and all i have to do is sit there and look pretty. being a housewife is the only socially acceptable way i can remain a neet. wagie life and dealing with shitty two faced people all the time is not for me.

Anonymous 265285

>as my girl self
OK tranner

Anonymous 265286


>Cozy in my girl room as my girl self. Bliss <3
nonas.. are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Anonymous 265290

I think it's just a retarded woman who wants to be a child

Anonymous 265349

since i can remember i have fantasised about living in the most remote place possible. recently i have been looking at large tracts of land in one of the places i formerly lived in on real estate websites. i simply have to make a lot of money but i doubt i have the chops.

Anonymous 265350

also at the same time i want some kind of community. i know there are crazy people who go build communes etc in the middle of nowhere, but i generally dont enjoy that type of person. i think if i just had a family that would be enough, but ideally in my middle of nowhere i would have female friends, too. i miss having female friends.

Anonymous 265440

Be a farmer but like in the movies, no animal killing, no factory farm, no government run ins, no financial worries, just feed animals, milk cows, cuddle with sheep and live a humble village life. Seems like an absolute dream life but farmers in my country have no rights or even a chance of success anymore. That or just having eternal money and study useless subjects, make art, travel and take dance classes for the rest of my life. Or be a fortune teller and actually able to live from it.



living in a one bed apartment w two cats n a relatively stable job. im finally beautiful + i have an ipad

Anonymous 265452

holy cow this post is CC history

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