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Anonymous 5924

What's your opinion on the whole Weinstein scandal that has been emerging lately?

Anonymous 5929

funny how people only care when the victims are beautiful, young, vulnerable girls and the crime is sexual in nature. People in power thinking they are invincible and can do whatever they want is nothing new… this is just a very flashy and relatively glamorous story that will get people hooked and then it will all blow over and they'll forget about it in a month. Replace Weinstein with a banker/politician/executive and replace sexual assault with insider trading/ corruption/theft and all the stories sound exactly the same.

Anonymous 5937

yeah but insider trading and other financial crimes are often complicated, difficult to prove intent, etc. you'd be surprised how easy it would be for you to unintentionally commit insider trading given the huge laundry list of regulations. sexual harassment and assault from an executive who holds his victims' future careers in the balance and explicitly told people they'd be backlisted if they didn't fuck him is, imo, worse than those things that you listed, more clear-cut, and more deserving of news stories.

Anonymous 5938

I agree with you about people caring more when it's beautiful people as the victims. The Weinstein Scandal is already getting more press coverage in Canada on any given day than our own Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Investigation ever got in totality and there's still aspects that are completely unreported outside of Indigenous-specific news sites.

Anonymous 5939

I dunno. I just hate how all of these stories get a huge proportion of news time because the victims are famous. People get sexually assaulted and harassed and taken advantage of all the effing time, but people tend to crusade about it and cover it on the news when it's in places you wouldn't "expect." I'm just tired of things becoming an issue when the more "valuable" members of society are the victims. Gwyneth Paltrow getting assaulted by a rich movie producer is just as bad as some drug-addict whore in prison getting assaulted by a guard.

No one gives a crap about that, though.

Anonymous 5941

yeah you're definitely right. people care way more about entertainers than they should, and idolize them practically to the degree of godhood. it happens in pretty much every society and culture. a neighbor getting murdered is just as bad as some celebrity getting murdered, but the neighborhood will probably end up mourning the death of a celebrity with 1000x more intensity than their own neighbor. i don't know if there's any real way to change this.

Anonymous 5942

I've always been under the impression that its the media who cares way more than the public.

Anonymous 5943

i think it's both. people i know constantly talk about celebrity deaths and this weinstein thing.

the media is just an extension of what the general public wants to see. the media wouldn't put something out if it didn't make them money, and they get their money from viewership numbers (through ads).

people just want to see this shit, unfortunately. sites like lolcow are also proof of it.

Anonymous 5944

Capitalism strikes again!

Anonymous 5945

I don't think that's why this is such a big deal. It's less about the victims and more about the perpetrators, most rapists and molesters don't get to enjoy the wealth, power and status that Hollywood moguls have. They're usually just regular, everyday scum who don't have a whole industry of people (and the media) supporting and covering up for them, and are far more likely to suffer the consequences of what they've done. People in power have a sickening advantage over the system and everyone else involved, and I think it's more disturbing when you consider how long this has been going on, how likely it is that he would have gotten away with it, and how inevitable it is that other men in the industry are exactly the same. A listers coming forward with their experiences is good for credibility and of course, it does gain more attention, but they're not all beautiful young girls - older women and men have been talking about it too.

Anonymous 5946

Just more proof that Hollywood needs to stfu about, well, everything, but especially politics.

Anonymous 5950

Anyone who says they didn't know is lying, you can't hear rumours for years and hear women who say they will never work with him again and think "oh lol Harvey is just a rascal and those girls are trying to make it and he NEVER touched me"

I have a feeling that Weinstein is going to be the scapegoat for Hollywood abusers, they kicked him out of the Academy and have slammed him (rightfully) hard but Cosby, Stephen Collins, Casey Affleck, Roman Polanski are still apart of it, so if they pile all this attention onto one person others will get away with it.

You also have the pedophilia in the industry that rarely gets talked about.

Anonymous 5960

>funny how people only care
They don't. Weinstein was probably a scapegoat for other more nefarious shit. Apparently this had been going on for years. I doubt any of the Hollywood whores didn't blow him willingly. There's a reason why actors used to be treated with disdain in society. These people lie for a living.

Anonymous 5961

This sister has a good nose. This is exactly what I think too.

Anonymous 5971

> I doubt any of the Hollywood whores didn't blow him willingly. There's a reason why actors used to be treated with disdain in society.

Actors don't really seem to be treated with the same disdain that actresses are. It could just be a big cover up, but from where I stand it doesn't look like men are constantly subjected to sexual harrassment or worse just to do their job. Whether they did it willingly or not shouldn't have any bearing on the fact that no one should be asking those things of their employees or associates. The only reason why actresses are treated with such disdain is that we've held onto the archaic idea that women should stay in the house and not attract attention from anyone other than her husband. If actresses are more likely to blow their bosses (which by the way, doesn't make it willing), it's only because we've created an industry that pushes out anyone who isn't prepared to let those situations roll off their backs.

Anyway, to reply to some of the other things in the thread, I think even though it's unfair that this gets coverage while other even more systemic cases don't, I'm of the opinion that no coverage is bad coverage. I'd really like it if we had more compassion for women of color and the like, but I think things like this are slowly but surely paving the way to being able to care about those things too. I mean, yeah, maybe we only care right now because they're rich and glamorous, but imagine what message it would send if we allowed even the most rich and powerful women to be assaulted without publicly condemning it. Yes, it's not directly helping indigenous women and the like, but at least it's slowly contributing to a better society where sexual harassment isn't something everyone's just okay with.

Anonymous 5972

wow so deep

Anonymous 5977

i wasn't trying to make some deep statement, i just thought it was silly for that poster to claim it's only the media that cares too much about hollywood and celebrities. humanity is to blame, not the media.

Anonymous 6341

I think its gross but totally expected. I would only ever admit this here as an anon but some of the stories its like… come on you knew what was gonna happen by going to his hotel room. yes, Im victim blaming.

Anonymous 6349

I'm reall glad this is all coming to light and it's encouraging others but it really pisses me off that celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie didn't speak up sooner. They were already well known in the acting world and didn't risk their reputation being ruined by speaking out about this. They purposefully ignored the fact that new, young, desperate actresses were vunerable against assholes like this while starting out in the industry and they didn't give a shit about protecting them.

And yeah, I get that they risked being blacklisted but we're talking about women who have already made MILLIONS and whose husbands were not at risk of being blacklisted. And anyway, both women had moved onto things other than acting so why would it have mattered to them anyway? Celebrities are so greedy that they want to keep making and hoarding onto millions at any cost.

Honestly, I think the older women involved in this are as much to blame as this rapist because they covered it up for him.

Anonymous 6350

You can't possibly equate a violent serial rapist to the people too far removed or intimidated or forced by peer pressure.

Anonymous 6386

There were women just starting off who were far more vulnerable than them and they did nothing to prevent it. It was well known what he did and they could have banded together and protected themselves.

They were no longer interested in acting anymore and they're rolling in money, what aspect of their life could possibly be threatened?

Anonymous 6393

Yes, but you are assuming that those women had/have way more power than they do. Having money doesn't equal power when there are people with much more influence. This happens time and again that men do horrible shit and people still dismiss that because they also made "good" work (see: Cosby, Richardson, Kelly, Polanski, Allen, etc etc) Blaming people who were victims and afraid to speak out helps no one.

Anonymous 6400

Look, I'm still really angry that this happened to them but talking about his "influence" in the film industry is irrelivant because both women had moved on from it. Gwyneth Paltrow had moved on to doing charity work, writing and branching out to things like fashion and nutrition. Why would she care if she was blacklisted from the film industry when she was actively trying to do other things? Same with Angelina Jolie, she had moved on to doing humanitarian work. I can't even remember the last time I saw her in a film.

They had the chance, while moving away from the industry, to speak out for all of the younger, much more vunerable women just starting their acting careers. I'm not blaming them for what happened to them, I'm blaming them for sitting back and letting it happen to other young women. Especially when their careers were not at risk. Idk how I can make it more clear than that.

Anonymous 6420

The thing is, even if they are not actively involved in the industry anymore, speaking up proves to be more negative (even at the cost of warning/protecting others). It is relevant because that is why people are afraid to come forward about suffering from sexual assault. Ok they don't act anymore, but their general celebrity would still be negatively affected, which has been mentioned, of course they are thinking of only themselves. No one wants to burn bridges at that level.

But you are right, though not only younger actresses are denied help, women in general are not believed because of rape culture. Which is why I disagree that is it only the fault of women who have suffered and could have said something. For anything to change, men need to change themselves by believing women, talking to other men about not doing gross shit, and not letting the shit build up.

Anonymous 6428

Oh god, I wasn't implying that men aren't at fault here. They are because they've created this culture. But Jolie and Paltrow imo are as guilty as Weinstein's male buddies who covered up for him. The whole industry protected him instead of protecting vunerable actresses.

Anonymous 6431

I don't agree that they have the same amount of blame because the women were keeping silent out of self-preservation while the men were just keeping the status quo. Either way people only care about this issue because celebrities are involved.
The past can't be changed but I hope it leads to more rapists/abusers being outed and costing them their careers.

Anonymous 6432

The main thing that angers me is all these actors and actresses (not his victims) saying how sorry they are and how they didn't how much of a monster he is when its obviously a lie and everyone knew about it. Majority of even commented how disgusting it was for trump to make remarks about grabbing women's pussies, etc (not saying that I agree with what he said) yet they still chose to ignore an actual sexual predator which is very hypocritical. It just annoys me so much how these people are trying to make it seem like such good people when they let multiple women get abused.

Anonymous 6436

Yeah, the bandwagon is gross. I don't know if it is fair to say that everyone knew this was going on to that degree, though. The worst thing about abusers is that they come off as charming and isolate their victims so it's hard for people to talk about the truth and not just rumors.

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