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Terfposting Anonymous 59700

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

Anonymous 59708


Anonymous 59709


Anonymous 59710


Anonymous 59712


Anonymous 59713


Anonymous 59714


This one is sad.

Anonymous 59716


Anonymous 59717


Anonymous 59721


Anonymous 59722

How has he been through it after his operation?

Anonymous 59723

ill never understand the absurd amount of hate towards these distressed individuals

Anonymous 59724


Anonymous 59725

I just wanted to say that this thread is different of the other thread about trans. Mods, please, don't lock it.

Anonymous 59726

In the future people will look back on this and be horrified. Transgenderism will rightly be considered one of psychiatry's worst mistakes like asylums and lobotomy.

Anonymous 59729


He… has a boyfriend. I don't know if he puts his P on Jazz's hole.
Article:https: //www.womenshealthmag.com/health/a23828566/jazz-jennings-gender-confirmation-surgery-complication/
>(Jazz hadn't gone through puberty because of hormone blockers, so she didn't have enough penile skin to create a vagina).
>"As I was getting her on the bed, I heard something go pop," he said. "When I looked, the whole thing had split open. If we hadn't done it today, in the OR, it would've happened in the hotel."
>She wrote in the caption: "These are my scars on full display in #2019. I'm proud of my scars and love my body just the way it is. I call them my battle wounds because they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition❤️#decadechallenge."
>“I’ve gone through the whole medical process, and this is really the last thing that will validate my identity as a woman,”

The article is from ''Women's Health'', the irony.

Anonymous 59730


Anonymous 59741

I feel bad for these sick people.

Anonymous 59742


Anonymous 59750


Anonymous 59762

Does this actually happen on his book?

Anonymous 59763


Anonymous 59764

troons are just perverts in dresses pressing their disgusting fetishes onto other people and forcing them to "accept" it and "use their pronouns." it's abusive and predatory and absolutely disgusting. troons are even worse than furry diaper fetishists because at least those don't wear that costume to work or the grocery store.

trannies are failures of men who try to become failures of women thinking it will solve all their problems since it makes their pee pee hard. they're not even human, they're disgusting animals. even a dog has more decency while rubbing its asshole on the carpet than a tranny does walking around making people call it a woman.

Anonymous 59765


I saved this last picture in 2012 oe 2013, pretty sure this ain't Jazz since he was only 12 at that time.

Anonymous 59767

Aside from the older men I think most trannies are groomed into it.

Anonymous 59769

Anonymous 59770

Anonymous 59772

Try talking to one for ten minutes, you’ll understand

Anonymous 59773


Anyone know any good pinkpilled/radfem-friendly Discord servers? I was in a pretty good one for a while, but it disappeared due to drama.

Anonymous 59775

why do the moms always look so happy while the dads look so bleak?

Anonymous 59776


Anonymous 59778


Anonymous 59780

Hide their mouths with your thumb and you'll see how uncomfortable they are, just look at their eyes.

Anonymous 59781

I wasn't saying that was Jazz, actually that's and actual girl but I'm was too lazzy to edit it out.

Anonymous 59782

Munchausen's by proxy is a predominantly female mental problem.

Anonymous 59784


Anonymous 59785


Anonymous 59787

Why are they so obsessed with talking about their genitals. If you want to present as female, present as female. Instead they not only need to let everyone know their amateur take on reproductive biology, they feel the compulsion to brag about dick length and vaginal depth and being a dickgirl with a girldick or a sissy. What the fuck

Anonymous 59791


This dude's actual comics are way worse than the edits.
>woman tries to speak about experiences that are in fact inherent to being a biological woman, even tries to empathize
>gets silenced, mansplained AND made to feel guilty about it by a man
Really gets the noggin joggin

Anonymous 59793

i miss crystal cafe before r/gendercritical was banned

Anonymous 59794

that makes me legitimately angry. i notice homosexuals and mtf troons are hateful and misogynistic more than any straight man could ever be. which is hilarious because despite being only 50% of the population moids commit 100% of the rape. men need a bat to the face–troons and gays need that bat to be a nailbat. disgusting hateful rapist pervert animals who all hate women. you know what, SHOVING YOUR PERVERTED FETISH IN MY FACE AND MAKING ME CALL YOU 'SHE' IS RAPE. IT'S LITERALLY RAPE. IT'S SEXUAL HARASSMENT. TRANNIES ARE DISGUSTING I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL AND I DON'T HAVE THE PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES LIKE 41% OF THEM DO. DISGUSTING SICK NASTY VILE HATEFUL EVIL DEGENERATE PERVERTS

I HATE THEM !!!!!!!

Anonymous 59798

If you could change a single trait about the male sex then, what would you change?

Anonymous 59799

Lol why are some people so obsessed with trannies

Anonymous 59800

their existence

Anonymous 59801

So you want LISA the painful but instead of women being wiped out it's men that get wiped out?
How do you think such a world would look like?
What would happen if a singular boy was found to be alive in such a world?

Anonymous 59802

Instant Y-Chromosomal Adam.

Anonymous 59804

Since he'd be the only male do you think that he would become a slave for whatever warlord gets her hands on him or would he more or less become giga-ultra-Genghis khan?
Since he'd be this world's equivalent of buddy, he'd still be only like 12 or 13 when he first sees the world.

Anonymous 59805

It would depend on the intelligence of those who capture him. Assuming no one specifically psychologically conditions him to be passive ala "The Elephant and the Rope" style conditioning, he would find out at one point that he is probably the physically strongest person in the world. Going full giga-chad-Ghengis-Khan literally everywhere.

Assuming those who capture him have a half a brain, they keep him as breeding stock in a small commune they set up in order to buy time while the rest of the world crumbles into ashes, keeping him passive and hidden so no attacks are made on him.

Anonymous 59807

>keep him as breeding stalk in a small commune
What happens when somebody starts sneaking out sperm to sell on the black market?
You know it would happen eventually.

Anonymous 59809

>want to have biological kids
>buy “100% Real Human Sperm” on wish.com
>fertilize my eggs
>it’s actually dog semen
>give birth to puppies

Anonymous 59810


>give the seller 5/5 rating

Anonymous 59812


Never change, miners.

Anonymous 59813


There is a comic like this where all males mammals were wiped out except for the protagonist and a single capuchin

Anonymous 59815


I wanted to say this in the last thread that you all should now be careful on your vocabulary as there are some of you TERFs who continue to use pro-tranny jargon that was meant to be used to validate their mental illness.
e.g. TiM instead of m2f, "transwomen are women" instead of that shit we see everywhere, mutilation instead of "sex reassignment surgery," etc.
Such is the influence of academic writing styles such as APA that dictate how you should refer to the eternal tranny tyranny which consequently end up being on the mainstream and therefore ending up in your vocabulary, therefore I encourage everyone to detrannify their language.

Pic sort of related since it has a deep meaning that only biological women understand.

Anonymous 59816

>"transwomen are women"
Well, just look at my own post, I meant "transwomen are transwomen" instead of that disgusting shit.
Make this a terrible example on why you should detrannify your language.

Anonymous 59818

I don’t care about MTF / FTM, they’re the default way of explaining it and it’s essentially the normie acronym for tranny. TIM / TIF is too confusing and takes a while to explain, it’s just adding another step. Besides, the tranny endgame is getting rid of trans-identifying words altogether and just being called “women”, so reminding them they’re MTFs helps create distance

Anonymous 59820

why are you so obsessed on trying to be a gender youre not?

Anonymous 59823

True that.
Though it still pisses me off that they want to eradicate the meaning of the word female via their mental illness normalization, even if said word is now a synonym of "bitches" and related nowadays.
Ok brainlet troomer

Anonymous 59832

Just to be clear, are you actually a MTF transwoman or are you memeing on these anons that you’re responding to

Anonymous 59833

being mtf is a meme unto itself

Anonymous Admin 59840

Remember not to respond to males.

Anonymous 59841


Anonymous 59843


>what would have happened to me if they had encouraged hormones and shit?

Gender dysphoria resolves itself at a 90% rate without hormones, going on hormones drops it to 1-5% which is the detransition rate, trans propagating through grooming is very real and I'm glad you were allowed to work through it on your own.

>i really have nothing against trans people

I don't either but it's just not worth it, submitting the 90% of false cases to the amount of pain and psychological body horror of being actual trans is like society fucking lost its mind. Instead of helping them live with their bodies they're telling them to cut themselves apart, could you imagine if they treated self harm the say way?

>Cutting feels good right? Here is a set of knives that will minimize scarring, you are valid!

It makes me sick to my stomach no one sees how fucked up it is.

Anonymous 59844


>I don't feel welcome in the lesbian community :(

Gee I wonder how real lesbians feel

Anonymous 59847


Anonymous 59848

mandatory chastity cages until marriage for all moids. either that or raccoon moids, that miner is a genius.
because trannies are obsessed with shoving their disgusting existence in my face every waking moment. I can't even go outside anymore without passing 3 different trannies. YOU DON'T PASS. NASTY DISGUSTING TROON. I have personally been harassed by faggots and troons just because I am an actual woman. Kill all trannies, kill all faggots.

Anonymous 59849

Dammit, hes kinda cute. I’m always attracted to guys who look like butch lesbians -_-

Anonymous 59881

>raccoon moids
Would you actually want to live in a world where asking out a guy is replaced with you shoving him in a gym bag, and where dating is replaced by slowly getting him to trust you/training him to the point where he won't actively try to escape from you?

Anonymous 59882

>So this is what my "vagina" looks like. It looks even more like testicle sacks in real life. The actual hole is that extremely hair patch at bottom. The hair goes all the way into the vagina apex. The pink thing is my urethra and it grows into a micro penis when I'm horny. Above it is the clitoris.

I shouldn't have looked up this person's profile.

Anonymous 59883

>people willingly pay tens of thousands of dollars to be irreparably mutilated and have to shove a dildo in their open wound so it doesn't close for their rest of their life

All these sick fuck psychologists/psychiatrists should be lined up and shot for enabling this

Anonymous 59888

This question looks weirder every time I see it posted, anon. Can't we just go back to men being smaller and cuter?

Anonymous 59890

>Can't we just go back to men being smaller and cuter?
We never went away from that point anon.
We just reached a point where they became small enough to stuff in a gymbag.
>not wanting to literally own your moid
>not wanting to come home to your well trained moid doing whatever cute shit you put him up to(music, cooking,knitting)
>not wanting to turn down the temperature at night so your moid has to rely on your warmth
>not wanting to be able to dress him exclusively in either slutty or absurdly cute outfits since you would control his wardrobe

Anonymous 59891

> where dating is replaced by slowly getting him to trust you/training him to the point where he won't actively try to escape from you?
jokes on you anon, I'm into that

Anonymous 59893

I'd prefer the original scenario with them coming to you, or you saving them.

Anonymous 59895

That's in no way out of the question, it would just be a lot harder.
If you're trying to get a wild moid to come to you willingly, you would have to first off establish a dialogue which would be difficult to begin with.
Then you would have to actually convince him to become "yours", so somebody else doesn't snatch him up.
There's also the risk of somebody snatching a moid your trying to lure before you convince him to live with you, or just the general risk of him doing something stupid and getting himself killed.
Though rescuing a moid would be an option if you just found an injured or starving one.
But honestly at that point i don't see why you would waste time trying to get him to agree to be yours if the only alternative for him is death.
You may as well just bag him at that point.

Anonymous 59897

Take your degrading raccoon shit back to /pol/ and /r9k/. It's most likely the same moid trying to force it.

Anonymous 59898


Anonymous 59899

Dating is a legit miserable experience 99 times out of 10.
Those numbers might seem like they're a little off somehow, but only if you've never dated and don't know how the negativity transcends any reasonable boundary.

This is a thread about men who cut off their genitals, in which the users make fun of them for it.
Nobody has ever come out of a tranny thread with dignity intact.
Not saying raccoon posting doesn't have some issues or whatever, but "degrading" is not the appropriate complaint in this context. "Off-topic," perhaps.

Anonymous 59900

>raccoon posting in a tranny thread
This is peak crystal cafe

Anonymous 59903

raccoon posting is the one saving grace of /b/ at the moment

Anonymous 59915

Perverts like this need to be publicly lynched.

Anonymous 59931

The trannys , the terfs, or the raccoon posters?

Anonymous 59932

>because I have a penis
If they had told him to get out, he would've posted about transphobia on Twitter and gotten tons of encouragement, even from biological women. Sad world.

Anonymous 59962

Not everyone that hates trannies is a TERF though. I'm a liberal feminist, I hate radfem and I hate trannies even more.

Anonymous 59963


Anonymous 59964

Just stop already.

Anonymous 60001


Anonymous 60008

this thread is pinkpilled and based but perhaps we should kill all femboys, trannys and fags

Anonymous 60019


Anonymous 60020


Anonymous 60021


Anonymous 60023

Sadly that’s what happens when no one wants to hire them and their only way of making money is selling their boipussy

Anonymous 60024

He's right. Every fucking tranny watches weebshit.

Anonymous 60028

>Legend of Zelda tattoo
Golly gee, I wonder what kind of p*rn he is into!

Anonymous 60029

>Sadly that’s what happens when no one wants to hire them and their only way of making money is selling their boipussy
I doubt all those trannies have any college degree accumulating dust.

Anonymous 60031

In reality, more than 70% of children used to grow out of their transgender phase. Literally confirmed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. I bet the number is much higher now because of society's wrongful approach.

Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality.”


“…as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health notes in their latest Standards of Care, gender dysphoria in childhood does not inevitably continue into adulthood, and only 6 to 23 percent of boys and 12 to 27 percent of girls treated in gender clinics showed persistence of their gender dysphoria into adulthood.”


“Multiple longitudinal studies provide evidence that gender-atypical behavior in childhood often leads to a homosexual orientation in adulthood, but only in 2.5% to 20% of cases to a persistent gender identity disorder (3, 6, 22). Even among children who manifest a major degree of discomfort with their own sex, including an aversion to their own genitalia (GID in the strict sense), only a minority go on to an irreversible development of transsexualism.”


Anonymous 60131

good god it's a fucking ogre. EVERYBODY RUN BEFORE IT DEVOURS YOU

Anonymous 60139

My facial muscles have never suffered this amount of cringe.

Anonymous 60214


I never used to be against Trans people and used to strongly advocate for them.
But as the years go by the sheer amount of straw men and degeneracy had made me develop a strong distaste for them. I am not often disgusted by trans people and dont find them attractive what-so-ever. I don't actively oppose them but now I simply dont care or want to support them.
Its kind of fuck a man can get his dick pushed into to make a gaping hole but a woman who doesnt want children cant get her eggs sucked out.

Also I hate futa, but now I hate it even more that it encourages tarns people. Same with Traps.

Anonymous 60216

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Why are trannies so awful?

Anonymous 60217

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Why are trannies so awful (Part 2)

Anonymous 60221

More like part 8240

Anonymous 60223

There are 6 more parts. But I decided to stop there. These are the brave and stunning women far lefties want us sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with.

Anonymous 60224


This person simply don't know how to separate fiction from reality. People like this should not have access to any kind of entertainment.

Anonymous 60225

>far lefties

If only, seems everyone save the far right and radfems lost their minds on the matter. Then they have the nerve to pull

>The party of science

Anonymous 60231

Is anyone else abso-fucking-lutely disgusted with the way that trannyshit is put in front of minors now? Roblox and Gacha Life openly allow it.

It upsets me a lot knowing that there's a good sized subsection of MtFs that are genuine pedos.

Anonymous 60232

You think that's bad, wait till they get started on the actual pedo MAP shit

Anonymous 60236

>I hate futa, but now I hate it even more that it encourages tarns people.
I thought it just encouraged homosexuality in homo-leaning people. Or maybe it was the case pre-2016, or so.
I wonder where will we go next.

Anonymous 60385

yikes cringe barf
why do troons have no self awareness?

Anonymous 60386

>casual racism
wow you're so brave and stunning sweaty.

Anonymous 60390

>calling her post out but not the one below her

Anonymous 60391

when i read "mixed" i didn't automatically think that meant racially mixed. maybe you need to get off the internet and go outside and you anal hemmies might heal up and stop paining you all the time.

you can't be against racism while also being racist against whites. sweaty.

Anonymous 60407

What video lmao I want to see this shit

Anonymous 60409


this, I felt physically ill seeing that one picture of a guy in a dress posting
>happy gay sounds
and then the twisted ogre like visage what he actually looked like below.

don't open it if you've just eaten or have a weak stomach.

Anonymous 60410

Honestly this one just makes me sad

Anonymous 60443

you have 30, 40 year old men, sometimes even older, who go insane and think they can just transition and they'll suddenly look like a teenage girl. even actual 30 year old women can't just suddenly look like a teenage girl. it's asinine, they don't even live in reality. they failed as men so they want to "get on easy street" and live as a girl for easy attention and lots of sex, things they can't get as ugly failed men. except it doesn't work like that. troons do not comprehend reality. it's just really sad, it's like a 50 year old guy walking around in a superman costume, it's psychological age regression as a coping mechanism for their shitty lives.

none of this would be happening if people had dignity anymore and could age with grace and become a functioning adult with healthy self esteem and personal achievement. instead they fuck around dwelling in bachelor dens playing vidya and masturbating to anime porn until they wake up at 35, realize they failed at life, and go insane trying to get a do-over like in video games. their brains are completely rotten from their atrocious lifestyles, reclusion, self delusion, and addiction to cheap escapist media. it's revolting and disgusting to the deepest core, looking at a troon is like looking at a pile of feces someone left on your kitchen floor. it's natural and healthy to be disgusted by these unhealthy family-wrecking nation-wrecking walking embarrassments.

Anonymous 60446


Dude failed as a man and tried being a woman

Anonymous 60448

All he had to do was work out a little, go outside and stop spending his money on anime figures.

How the hell is that more effort than getting on chemical castration and pumping hormones into their bodies, buying clothes made for women that will never fit or look good on them. The more I think about it the dumber it gets.

Anonymous 60449

god the comment section is so retarded it's not even funny.

Anonymous 60467

seriously, it isn't difficult to be a man. men can eat twice as many calories as me for their tdee, they're not expected to have a flawless face and perfect youthful skin and shave half their body every day, no one would freak out if there was a stray black hair sprouting from their chin, short haircuts are easy as fuck to maintain, they don't have to act like a shoujo protag and be a walking stuffed animal and rainbows-and-happiness cheer dispensing machine 24/7 or try to act petite and dainty while still having to toil just as hard as men while doing even MORE work than them and getting less pay and less respect. all they have to do is dress decently, shave their face, work out a few times a week, and get a decent job. that's literally all a man has to do and these modern soyboys can't even do that much. just literally don't eat pizza and chicken wings every meal of the day every day. just don't grow a soybeard. stop cooming. stop playing vidya and go outside and speak to human beings so you aren't a spaghetti factory. how is that so hard? how is it difficult? women have to balance the madonna-whore complex and men can't even balance their diet. women have to be a tiger mom AND a pornstar-tier fuck (or else their moid gets bored, calls them vanilla, and uses it as an excuse to cheat on them) AND a cheerleader AND the most competent person on their work team AND manage their own household career finances and body AND constantly entertain their moid and bosses and coworkers. all men have to do is wash their underwear and maybe think about brushing their teeth more than once a day.

just think about how hard women have it. expected to wear a nice pencil skirt to the office while i have a 2 mile walking commute through a crime filled city. expected to have a perfect face every single moment when i don't even have a private bathroom to wash my face in mid-day. expected to look 17 at 32 or else your moid will become a simp for belle delphine and say you are "past your expiration date." how the fuck is a woman even supposed to get married before 30 when men won't stop whoring around and being afraid of commitment until 35? "I'm not looking for anything serious right now" says the 34 year old moid who is already going bald and growing man-tits.

and these soywagons think all their problems will just be fixed by putting on a wig and a dress because "women have it so easy." these creatures who have never been a woman are so convinced of that, it's an offensive stereotype and straight up misogyny. and the corporations and MSM and leftoid politicians encourage it. troons are personified misogyny. it just shows how vile, distorted, bigoted, and hateful moid opinions of women are even in this day and age.

today a woman can be a 31 year old department head with a master's degree who works out 6 days a week, and some 35 year old soyboy with a beergut and a balders'-crest hairline who has worked in a gas station since age 19 and hasn't showered in a week will look at her and say, "lol past her prime, failure, roast beef, future suicide watch, not good enough for me, I'm going to get a hot 19 year old phd candidate who makes 7 figures and had DD tits."

Anonymous 60477

>easy attention and lots of sex, things they can't get as ugly failed men. except it doesn't work like that

It does, but it's a monkey paw. They get tons and tons of wild, kinky porno sex…with other crusty nullos, not the cute lipstick lesbians they appropriated the word 'femme' from. They dissolve their own boundaries so they can feel sanctimonious when they demand women dissolve theirs.

Anonymous 60483


Anonymous 60486

>and these soywagons think all their problems will just be fixed by putting on a wig and a dress because "women have it so easy." these creatures who have never been a woman are so convinced of that, it's an offensive stereotype and straight up misogyny. and the corporations and MSM and leftoid politicians encourage it. troons are personified misogyny. it just shows how vile, distorted, bigoted, and hateful moid opinions of women are even in this day and age.

Aren't you manufacturing a stereotype by saying all men have it easy? That seems to be the logic of some FTMs.

Anonymous 60487

Exactly. This stuff mostly applies to gen z, I've seen. What was the fucking use of first and second wave feminism? "Ok you can go play in man world… but you ALSO have to keep doing the slave shit we've forced you to do for all of history. Also we'll blame you for everything and turn you into public property if you won't be our private property" Kek. This is the true reason empires fall. Men want to keep their dick constantly wet, and that means socializing girls to be dumpsters in all aspects (emotional dumpster, accepting of all religions/creeds/etc so not to be 'mean', accepting of any low value man as long as he doesn't hit her). Vikings did great, equal society, women controlled all the finances the man brought in, she usually owned her land.

Anonymous 60488

without that "slave shit" our entire species would literally die out and cease to exist
antinatalism is the most absurd and delusional position you can possibly take

Anonymous 60490

>today a woman can be a 31 year old department head with a master's degree who works out 6 days a week, and some 35 year old soyboy with a beergut and a balders'-crest hairline who has worked in a gas station since age 19 and hasn't showered in a week will look at her and say, "lol past her prime, failure, roast beef, future suicide watch, not good enough for me, I'm going to get a hot 19 year old phd candidate who makes 7 figures and had DD tits."
the real red pill is recognizing that being department head, having the masters degree and doing 6 days of workout a week are all pointless in the big picture. they will not bring you fullfillment, happiness or purpose. well, if you are a real hardcore status obsessed workaholic then they might, but even then that happiness is not gonna be very long lasting, you'll just end up with severe burnout.

moids don't get much out of these things either btw, at least not most of them. the overwhelming majority of them only pursue money and status because having money and status is necessary for them to have a family. yes a small minority of them are autistics who have a single minded obsession with maximizing achievenemnts like that just for their own sake, but those are actually very rare.

Anonymous 60492

Why is working 6 days a week a good thing?

Anonymous 60497

because stronk + independent womyn dont need no moid (then writes long angry essay about how moids care more about her tits than her 70 hour work week)

Anonymous 60510

Many women do find enjoyment, fulfillment and purpose from their work. Not every career woman is an accountant or something, doctors, researchers, vets, engineers, teachers… happiness doesn't have to come from having kids and a spouse. Some people genuinely like their work and like the value it provides for themselves and other humans, and you don't have to be a workaholic or obssessed with making it "to the top".

Kind of related rant but this is why i hate every color pill. Humans are individuals that will be so different from each other in almost all aspects but there is this urge to put us all into boxes and use generalizations to make the world simpler to understand i guess? to create some rules and tell ourselves that all women or men want X even if they deny it, because reality is way too complicated? At work i interact with so many people and they all have unique things about them and different wants, goals, dislikes, personality, no matter their gender and age. It seems arrogant to claim one little special whatever pill group has the human mind and nature all figured out and categorized.

Anonymous 60514

Society desperately need to bring back asylums as the normalization of mental illness via the "mental health" buzzword and related is simply making chaos normal.
But given the current circumstances, it is only a matter of less than a decade that we will see pedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia normalized.

Anonymous 60516

I think they changed it recently, but in Canada it was/is legal to perform non-penetrative sexual acts on animals.

Anonymous 60520

Ah, yes, I remember that.
But I don't take it seriously since it was probably meant to bait the zoophiles so as to put them in jail once it gets reversed and they still do that disgusting shit.

Anonymous 60523

>since it was probably meant to bait

They're very serious about it

Anonymous 60528


Quit the sharting through words and post more memes, losers.

Anonymous 60530


All the scrotes in dresses here who think they’re welcome - fuck off!

Anonymous 60553


Anonymous 60558

>our entire species would literally die out and cease to exist
that would be great

Anonymous 60560

Fully functional adult cloning when

Anonymous 60612

why does gender matter so much to people. especially wokelets
https://grendelmenz.tumblr.com/post/189153066426 this comic is beautiful but i can't help to think the op is dumb. you're just yourself. why angst so hard over whether or not you're a man or a girl

Anonymous 60617


A lot of women are detached from womanhood due to being treated like a man for liking women and typically being masculine. That and the expectations of being a woman is something lesbians feel even more of an alienation towards than straight women. A lot of lesbians opt into this way of thinking due to this, hence why there are so many "non binary" lesbians

Anonymous 60619

Because they are narcissistic. It's narcissism that makes people believe that they are unique snowflakes for not fitting into some caricaturist definition of womanhood. In reality, almost nobody fits the stereotypes 100%. It's like saying "I'm white but I'm not a basic entitled bitch who can't handle spices like Karen, so I'm not actually white".

None of these female snowflakes are even androgynous, they are stereotypically feminine often in worst ways, being bitchy, cliquey, passive-agressive, loving drama, overly emotional, overly accommodating, obsessed with looks and beauty, sexually submissive, all feels-over-rationalism etc.

Anonymous 60620


>detached from womanhood

Meaningless hoodoo language like this is troon talk. Lesbians can't be detached from womanhood unless they're astral projecting or some shit.

Anonymous 60622

This is what happens when people validate mental illness. Why would you make an effort to feel comfortable in your own body when you can just dial in woke tumblr, write the most meaningless rationalizations and be cheered and told how brave you are.

It's beyond dumb and goes full circle to the erasure of women. They can just as easily identify as nonbinary woman, what is even the difference.

>I'm not a woman because I like x

>women can like x
>uhm wow that's so insensitive, I literally can't even, did you just call me a woman??? excuse me???

It's obvious it's one massive unhealthy cope of what >>60617 says, I get that it's hard to come to terms when you don't meet society's expectations of you but the healthy way to handle this is to assert your identity not abandon it because it's inconvenient. It's also extremely immature.

>Aha, they can't judge me for not being a model woman if I'm not a woman, I'm very clever, checkmate

This is specially bad when young girls going through feelings of inadequacy with their role in society get in contact with this behavior and end up getting groomed into being ftm. The fact that artist draws herself without her chest is genuinely terrifying to me because it foments gender dysphoria unto others.

Think about it, if they accept they're not women then they'll start to explore what not being a woman is, women have breasts but you're not a woman so there's something wrong with you physically. I hate transgroomers so fucking much jesus christ.

Anonymous 60630


God I love being transphobic. Me just existing, perfect and complete as biology and Gaia intended, makes faggots seethe. Feels powerful as fuck.

Anonymous 60631


It is pretty based looking in the mirror at my natural, effortlessly female body and knowing that a tranny would kill to look how I do without even trying .

Anonymous 60632


That comic is fantastic

Anonymous 60633


The self-inflicted taint wound is the result of Chris's attempt to deal with his gender dysphoria issues using magical thinking.

On 24 July 2016, Chris announced in a Facebook post that he grew vaginal labia as result of watching subliminal frequency videos. Chris later posted two more messages; first claiming that he had his "labia area" examined, and then declaring that it was all a ruse. Of course, these were proven to be blatant lies. Chris had edited the message about the exam, changing his story as he went on. If that wasn't telling enough, a second picture provided by insider trolls displayed the wound from another angle, making it extremely unlikely to be a Photoshop hoax.

Originally, it was thought that the "labia" was a byproduct of Chris's taint piercing and was an abscess formed from it becoming a wound. However, the truth was far worse: Chris had sliced himself open with a knife in order to free the vagina he thought was growing within him.

Unlike the first picture, in which the "labia" was posed for his fanbase on Facebook, the second exhibited how badly Chris was handling what could have evolved into a life-threatening problem: he is shown spreading the wound as if it were a vagina.

If you wanna know more:

Anonymous 60634


Thanks basedanon

Anonymous 60635

woops, meant to tag you.

Anonymous 60637

their brains are literally stuck in an endless logic error they can never recover from

Anonymous 60644

Lmao voluntary castration

Now this is epic

Anonymous 60645

they don't pay the doctors that have to deal with this madness enough.

Anonymous 60646


Lol saved, keep these fire images coming

Anonymous 60731


Anonymous 60736

Who would've though! This is groundbreaking psychiatry research, everyone!

Anonymous 60771

>Because you feel like I signed up for this?
But you literally did…

Anonymous 60774

what a fucking specimen, an absolute unit

Anonymous 60811


Anonymous 60818

>we want trans representation
>but we're also whatever sex now, ree
Well, which one is it, asshole? It's so stupid.

Anonymous 61731


Anonymous 61732

get out trannie your issues are not the same

Anonymous 61737

man this place sucks just as much as all the others

it's just like i always imagined it would be

Anonymous 61770

Anon, >>61731 is criticizing tranny ideology, not praising it. Did you mean to reply to someone else??

Anonymous 61919



It's ok. I've been anon since the crusty olden days, and I'd heard legend of chans like this one but only just found it

Getting a dumbassed, hostile response just lets me know I'm finally home

Anonymous 61933

they're just drunk on trans privilege

Anonymous 62421


So, why not remind the trannies that the reason why they're in the LGBT acronym is because of the fact that a man or woman having sex with a man or woman in drag is still a homosexual act and not a "heterosexual" one as nowadays are attempting to eradicate the concept of biological sex?

I just thought of this today and I think it would be a great way to use this discourse into dropping the "T" et al. altogether and finally leave biological women alone for fucking once?
Best if this gets meme'd and now we can systemically and morally discriminate trannies in our everyday life so as to prevent the further degeneracy that we are seeing right now in this very thread.

Anonymous 62476


There are bodybuilders that would kill for that neck

Anonymous 62477


Anonymous 62478


Anonymous 62479


>how's it going, cister?

Anonymous 62480


Anonymous 62481


Anonymous 62482


Anonymous 62483


Anonymous 62484


>what do you mean you feel unsafe?

Anonymous 62485


Anonymous 62486


Anonymous 62487


Anonymous 62488


Anonymous 62489


Anonymous 62490


Anonymous 62491

This is actually the worst thing I've ever seen. Genuinely upset at myself for opening it, and upset that this is real.

Anonymous 62503


Do I want to know what this means?

Anonymous 62510

After getting their neo-vagina, the body immediately tries to heal the wound shut. For the first year they have to dilate on a daily basis in order to keep the wound from closing completely. After that the wound has basically stayed open so long that they can transition to dilating once a week, but basically, if they don't shove a plastic dildo up their cunt every day they won't have a "vagina" anymore.

Anonymous 62521

I've heard that there is quite a discrepancy between the street trannies who usually do sex work in horrible conditions and the CS/STEM weeb cringe-lords who steal woman's positions.
Like the former is composed mostly by POC and immigrant poor fags.
The latter are always pasty WASPy guys who had every privilege they could ask for.

Anonymous 62524

I would definitely have more respect for a poor 3rd world tranny suck in sex work than a privileged white guy who decided to become a girl after watching anime.

Anonymous 62526


Anonymous 62565


>bepenised women

Anonymous 62568

Thank you for dumping these pictures, Anon.

This is the shit I am talking about on how the doctrine of trannism is literally just homosexuality with a bunch of mental illnesses happening at the same time by these so called "people".
What an amazing yet sickening and disgusting proof is this to see.

Anonymous 62569

Why even vagina cupcakes in the first place?

Anonymous 62570

By googling vagina cupcakes, I mostly get Women's Day stuff, so it must be related to this instead of something satire or so.

Anonymous 62600

Legitimately horrified reading this thread. Some of those neovag pictures will haunt my dreams for years. 10/10.

Anonymous 62609

before I went into this thread, I thought that was a picture and inside joke, now I wish I never thought otherwise
seeing those made my whole body cramp and twist with really uncomfortable feelings, almost like pain but not really
anyone else feeling similar?
this is not satire?
i hope I'll forgot them by tomorrow

Anonymous 62620

This is so vile. And those women will just apologize and say he's right. How do these normies not wake up.

Anonymous 62623

Begone scrote.

Anonymous 62625


Anonymous 62626


Anonymous 62627

little cock monste…

Anonymous 62628

tampon tea.jpg

Anonymous 62629

tampon tea 2.jpg

Anonymous 62630

tampon tea 3.jpg

Anonymous 62631

Blond wine guy is a tranny?

Anonymous 62632

rainbow of fluids.…

Anonymous 62633


(Content like this needs a description/warning.)

Anonymous 62637

>Work in the airport as a janitor
>Not for free, $14.50 an hour.
>Have to barrier off bathrooms whilst I'm cleaning them
>Get to airside womems bathroom, terminal 1
>Barrier off the door, begin cleaning
>Take headphones out
>A troon
>"Sorry, can't let you in, health and safety, go to T2"
>"And like I said, I can't let you in, if you slip the airport will be sued and i'll lose my job. Go to T2 please"
>Didn't understand what its "business" was back then, thought he just needed to take a shit and was backed up.
>"I said no. T2 is a 10 minute walk away, or you can wait 10 minutes for me to finish in here. That or use the mens?"
>The disabled toilet unlocked, and she pushed past the elderly man who popped out of it
>Thought he was just a mouthy lunatic, put my headphones back in and hit play
>10 minutes later I'm done with that bathroom and I just need to tend to the disabled
>It's locked
>When a toilet is locked we're supposed to continue on our round and come back to it
>It's the last one on my round
>It's likely still in there so I have to wait
>Figure I'll push my cart into the sink closet and take the trash out
>Come back. it's still locked
>It's been 25 minutes
>"Hey, you said your flight is leaving in 30? You've been in there 25 minutes."
>another 5 minutes pass
>Hear over the tannoy "Mr. Andrews, please report to gate 25 as final boarding has been called"
>Gate 25 is in T2, not T1
>It'll never make it
>Hear a crash
>The he-beast throws the door open and oversized luggage in tow starts sprinting for T2 in the wrong direction, in spite of the ample signage.
>Approach disabled toilet
>An unholy as fuck stench fills the corridor
>It was like surstromming, mixed with really acidic, foul, sewage smell, the kind of smell that makes the air heavy and the gag reflex activate without warning
>run into sink closet and try to febreeze my way past
>No way, too strong, this smell is so foul it's overpowering industrial grade odor removers.
>Fuck this
>Slam the door shut and put an out of order notice on it, call maintenance and ask them how I keep the ventilation going to try and clear the stench out
>there's a switch above the door, i just need to come and hit it every 15 minutes
>Do that for an hour, just about able to get in and see the damage
>Ladies this was my fucking Vietnam, tubing, padding, bandages, it was like someone performed an autopsy on a living, breathing piece of shit.
>Not fucking around with this
>Heavy gloves on, mask on, bag everything and run it down to the dumpters, throw it all in including the gloves
>throw bleach on pretty much every surface of the bathroom, scrub, i got paid 3 hours overtime for it after I told my boss what I did.
>Weeks later, called into office
>"A passenger has complained about you, apparently you locked her in a bathroom and she ended up missing her flight?"

Anonymous 62640

>That was a typo and my mistake.
My God, even when there is a high chance of imminent danger from a mentally ill man living very close to you and herself being obviously scared shitless as she wrote that, she is still attempting to accept the tranny worship rhetoric from both reddit and the media.

Anonymous 62652

why does being a terf necessarily need to be made ABOUT transwomen? gendercritical had this same problem. it's like being pro-white interests, but calling yourself explicitly the anti-jew movement. of course you need to be aware of other movements but it's not as though advancing your interests can be performed effectively when you are constantly on the defensive, or reactive.

Anonymous 62653

Not enough degenerate material of transmen other than their funny thigh-dicks and cutting their tits off.

Anonymous 62654

Meant for >>62652

Anonymous 62656



Anonymous 62663

She-troons on Tumblr like to imitate he-troons' sexual aggressiveness and boundary invasion by calling themselves faggots and screeching at gay men who don't want their vaginas. A lot of gay men who didn't understand the problem are finally getting a taste of it for themselves.

Anonymous 62667

>i miss crystal cafe before r/gendercritical was banned
r/gendercritical got banned? That's nuts, though I guess I should've predicted it.

I haven't used reddit since ~2014 aside from a few specific occasions when I'd see a link to a subreddit I didn't know existed and just spent hours browsing through the top/all time. Now I'm glad I discovered gendercritical in time and had a thorough look through it. Crazy to think all of that is now just lost to time, I doubt anyone was archiving it on a large scale.

It's not even the first time this has happened, which either says a lot about reddit's banning policies or the kind of subreddits I find interesting enough to go to reddit for.

Anonymous 62672

>because trannies are obsessed with shoving their disgusting existence in my face every waking moment. I can't even go outside anymore without passing 3 different trannies.
Last friday I woke up and opened the blinds. The accounting firm next door had three pride flags on its roof and one wall covered by a huge sheet (think 6 stories tall) of a pride flag.

I groaned and sat on the computer to check on my book reservations at the library. I googled the library (because it's quicker than typing the address and I'm lazy) and up pops a picture of the door of library with a big pride flag covering half of it.

It's not pride week or anything. It was just a friday in September. I know pride is supposed to stand for all of LGBT but at least where I live it feels the whole movement is captured by troons. No one talks about gays or lesbians (because frankly those were pretty well accepted here long before the pride gimmick took off), it's all about "trans acceptance" and teaching children about the "spectrum of gender" in public schools.

I used to have the mindset that these are just mentally ill people on the internet, I'll leave them be and live my own life, but now I can't even look out the fucking window without the image of mutilated genitals popping up in my head first thing in the morning. It's past the point where I could just "live and let live" and ignore them since they're so aggressively pushing into my life and into my thoughts when I've done nothing to provoke them. I don't even watch TV or use social media anymore and I still get harassed by the fucking troons.

And a fucking ACCOUNTING FIRM? Can you imagine anything more boring? It's not like I walked by the local trans activists commune, a god damn ACCOUNTING FIRM decided that it was a good business decision (because that's all these companies really care about) to cover their offices in symbolism celebrating sexual perverts and mental illness? It's not the piece of colorful fabric that's got me worked up, it's implications of what that tells about the rest of society when those are the first two minutes of my day.


Anonymous 62673

Yeah, a lot of ppl started joining gc communities after saint JK Rowling terfed out so Reddit trannies started to panic and banned a bunch of feministe subreddit and everything woman related, they even nuked popular pregnancy and pms subreddits because they weren't inclusive enough… Who gave the Looney troons this much power it's beyond me

Anonymous 62674

Oh… that makes sense. I didn't really follow that drama but Harry Potter is definitely something reddit mods would take to heart.
>Who gave the Looney troons this much power it's beyond me
I'd imagine they just spend a lot of time on the internet because it's not like many lead fulfilling lifes offline. And then there's the whole autism/tranny link too.

Anonymous 62678

That abomination still shoots out globs of semen, as I always suspected.
Nothing about this video looks female at all, from the weird jerking movements that don't resemble clitoral masturbation to the grody ending.

I wish people would stop pretending that you can actually change your sex. I wish we would go back to teaching people to accept what they're dealt with and make the best of it.

I'm just glad that all my medical books still consider sex/gender an unmodifiable factor when regarding various diseases and conditions. SRS will never improve your risk factors there. Humanity still has a chance of getting on the right track again.

Anonymous 62732

yeah we get it, neovags are disgusting and these people are mentally ill. please can you stop posting this gross shit

Anonymous 62734

The only people who take up unpaid moderation positions are those with lots of free time and something to prove. The mix of most troons being on welfare while simultaneously being fueled by liberal political fervor to prove a point leads to them taking on positions no one else wants.

Anonymous 62760


Wtf. This is gross. Is this an MTF or FTM? I didn't know transwomen still shoot semen even after getting a neovagina

Anonymous 62782

that made me sad. troons are mentally ill, degenerate, sexual predators, pervert, narcissists, delusional, AND they are ALWAYS rude as hell to everyone they can get away with abusing.

Anonymous 62783

>Can you imagine anything more boring?
…i work in accounting please no bully, that was very unnecessary

Anonymous 62792


Kek, based. I don't even like Harry Potter, but I'm gonna read it.

Anonymous 62806

I'm gonna pre-order that and hopefully one day get it signed too!

Anonymous 62816

Are you balding?

Anonymous 62819

I bet he is actually going to be queer. Please make it happen Rowling.

Anonymous 62822

Maybe look into one of those glasses guides. Find one that fits your face best.

Anonymous 62823

work with what you have and embrace it.
get /fit/.
acquire dork bf.
and by acquire I mean physically pick him up and take him to your cave.

Anonymous 62824

I'm pretty sure that's Chris chan's taint wound and it's pus not semen

Anonymous 62825


>that spoiler

Anonymous 62834

>opens troon thread
>"quit posting gross stuff k thx"
Eat the pain

Anonymous 62835


Anonymous 62843

soaked girldick.pn…

Anonymous 62844


Anonymous 62845


Anonymous 62849


Anonymous 62850


Anonymous 62851


didn't mean to mark as nsfw

Anonymous 62853

nightmare fuel

Anonymous 62859

That's one gory Pepe, tho.

Anonymous 62860

Oh shit he's getting killed by the cartels in prison. They don't like pedos there.

Anonymous 62861

Just get your hairline lowered and swap for contacts.

Anonymous 62862

The “self lubrication” will literally taste like shit since it’s from his colon.

Anonymous 62868

women can have dicks
ignorance is strength

Anonymous 62873

From personal experience, the mucus generated from the lower digestive system doesn't have a taste, even in the rectum, when it's been cleaned out in the way you typically do for anal sex.

Anonymous 62876

>Had a guy in a Maserati slow down to stare at me
I actually believe him

Anonymous 62882

I am the only one that consider this tranny behaviour extremely sexist?

Anonymous 62889

JK Rowling is supremely based and I'm so glad that she chased the cancerous pedo-pandering creepos out of her fandom (centered around a book written for children).

>twitter woke "feminists" spend 80% of their time babbling about "women's" empowerment and become sworn enemies of one of the world's most empowered self-made female millionaires

can't make this shit up

Anonymous 62890


Anonymous 62891


Anonymous 62912

>from personal experience
anon, do you have something you want to tell us?

Anonymous 62934

Not really want. Eating out a guy's (thoroughly) cleaned asshole bestows knowledge of these things.

Anonymous 62948

damn anon, i salute you for your bravery

Anonymous 62953

Realising that 52% of men develop an erection when viewing nude prepubescent children was what sealed the deal for my hatred of men.

Does anyone else get weirded out when they realize men are basically cavemen brained rape apes dressed up in modern clothing and pretending to be civilized? I legitimately feel so much contempt and disgust for men every time I see them. Knowing that underneath the veneer of civilization and modernity is a sadistic brutal monster who wants to rape women and would likely molest kids if he could get away with it.

Anonymous 62954

source on that?

Anonymous 62955

>Realising that 52% of men develop an erection when viewing nude prepubescent children was what sealed the deal for my hatred of men.

That's 100% not true. You should stop believing things just because they confirm your biases.

Anonymous 62959

This fills me with overwhelming smugness

Anonymous 62964


Anonymous 62967

Nothing personal. I just don't associate accounting with extreme social views and breaking norms. When I think accounting I think stability and crossing your t's and dotting your i's.

Anonymous 62968

Everyone is a cave(wo)man dressing up in clothing and pretending to be civilized. Our brains and bodies are functionally identical to what they were 100 thousand years ago.

Anonymous 62970


Anonymous 62971

>that username
My god, screeching about muh gender but referencing nazi shit. Just amazing

Anonymous 62975

i'm going to read it just to rate it 5 stars on goodreads. if you don't have a gr account please make one just to upboat this and make troons seethe and 41%.
i dont' understand why we have to wait until AFTER nutcases rape someone or murder someone to lock them away in a dark cage somewhere. reopen the nuthouses, the nuts are on the loose.

Anonymous 62976

>get your hairline lowered
i didn't know this was a fucking thing. tfw poorfag.
every troon acts like an offensive charicature of women. and then spins around and tries to get the government and HR to force us to "validate" them as "real women." imagine if black people had to acknowledge that some asian in blackface was validly black. they'd lose their shit. but humiliating women with this is just fine and dandy.

Anonymous 62979


>but referencing nazi shit.
Are you fucking retarded? The word comes into English from Nihilism. It just means "over", "across", or "above". It's used in the English context to mean "super".

Anonymous 62982

normies don't read neet-cheese

Anonymous 62986

I have literally never seen anyone use that word just by itself in a racist context. Compound words not withstanding. I think you just want to be mad. Your average person isn't going to think Nazis when they see that, they'll think of that taxi service. Older folks, apparently like myself, just think super. I can think back as far as kindergarten this being the case.

Anonymous 62988

i'm not that anon and obviously i have read NEET-cheese
jelly bitch with a not-licked butthole. i passed my butthole inspection day, how about you? yeah i didn't think so.

Anonymous 62989

Germanon here (not >>62971 though) and the issue is not "über", it's "über alles." It's a blatant Nazi reference.
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles (Germany above all) is the first line of the official first stanza of the national anthem, which was only used during the Nazi era and has since been retired because of it being representative of Nazi Germany. We only use the 3rd stanza. There is absolutely no way to misinterpret this, it's widely known and if anyone sings Deutschland Deutschland über alles it's always Nazis trying to be cheeky. It is without exaggeration the lyrical equivalent of a Hitler salute. Look it up if you don't believe me. It's basically this person calling themselves a trans supremacist and making a reference to Nazism at the same time.

Anonymous Admin 63000

Move the ass-eating arguments somewhere else, that's not the kind of shit-talk this thread is for. Some infighting users have been given temp bans and derailing has been removed.

Anonymous 63003

Huh. I did not know that. I look a little silly, I guess. Oh well.

Anonymous 63008

I should have said it's widely known in Germany - although that would be an understatement because of how taboo it is and what a reaction it causes whenever used. Point being, you're not silly. That user knew what they were doing but I don't expect everyone to pick up on it, just wanted to clarify the origin of the phrase!

Anonymous 63017



Anonymous Admin 63019

Post-OP photos ("neovaginas" etc) require an appropriate caption. Don't post them without a warning even when spoilered.

Anonymous 63023


Anonymous 63031

Did the "T" always really stand for "Transgender?" I assumed it used to be "Transvestite" or "Transexual"

Anonymous 63037

I think as the tranny community coalesced over the last decade using Twitter tumblr Reddit and discord, it became easier for them to create a more unified consensus regarding what terms they preferred

Anonymous 63044

Trannies are annoying af. The whole world doesn’t revolve around you you know dumb bitch

Anonymous 63046


I'm 100% sure it used to mean "transsexual" instead of "transgender;" but the latter meaning is good to keep in our daily language–despite how much every rational person hates it–since it still doesn't validate their amputations and only their mental illness.
Which is why I am proposing to revert and bring back the "LGB" acronym since the "T" has absolutely nothing to relate with the other letters unless it is redefined as a form of homosexuality instead of gender. But given the current state of affairs, I don't think we will ever see that meaning in our lifetime again.
It goes farther than that, but you're sort of right since this happened to happen in real life via activist groups like the ones found in universities and some communities.
The funny thing is that the "B" and the "T" were not part of that acronym at first given the latter already had criticism very, very similar to what we're doing (i.e. trannies being clowns and essentially making an offensive play on women's stereotypes) and bisexuality was thought as homos who were pussies and didn't came out. But somehow they were added later on, of course, out of the inherent open-mindedness that is usually seen in liberal-leaning people.

It surely is difficult to get information beyond this, though; the uni I am in right now doesn't have those documents and books that the Wikipedia article is citing.
Then again who gives a shit about gender studies since theology is even more intellectually and academically rigorous than that field.

Anonymous 63061

I don't get it, can troons not grow out their nails?

Anonymous 63085

the "joke" is about how lesbians cut their nails to finger each other. lesbians who grow out their nails might be single.
the troon in the reply is mad they don't have a pussy i guess

Anonymous 63107

>been going for strolls at the farms lately
>overwhelming number of lolcows are troons
despite being <%1 of the population troons represent about 10% of lolcows

Anonymous 63113

Jesus Christ, these people are nuts

Anonymous 63114

Oh wait, THAT'S the joke?
Shoot, I had no idea what that trans person was getting so pissy about

Anonymous 63118

wisdom from the farms on Paul "Stefonknee" Wolscht, that 53 year old dude who is now a "6 year old girl", and apparently was a wife-beater and child-abuser
>Fire up the cameras because this is one lady- I mean girl! – (and by that I mean middle-aged deadbeat father of seven) who really wants the world to know how Brave! And Heroic! It is for men to embrace and devote their whole life to their sexualized embodiment of what they see women and girls as.

perfect wording

Anonymous 63146

Brazilian troons use words "necrotized pussy" to insult women. It makes me feel so good how absolutely seething they are whenever they see one female human casually existing, must ruin their day kek.

Anonymous 63154

I remember clearly being told by (South German) friend to not sing that when joking about it.

It's possible that it means something else in leftist German circles?

Anonymous 63156

hp troons.jpg

have you guys been keeping up with this? apparently jkr is now literally hitler beause she doesn't like troons. tht's what happens when you enter the sjw purity spiral cry-lympics: eventually they turn on you when you can't keep up with the wokeness frontier. funny, if i recall, same thing happened in communism… lmao surely there is no connection between marxism and cultural marxism though. surely.

why has everyone gone insane? mental illness is so rampant that there are more crazy people than sane people at this point. what could cause this?

Anonymous 63161

calling it cultural marxism makes you look dumb though. it is critical theory, Frankfurt school's finest cancer. It is better to call a spade a spade.

Anonymous 63162

>ugh trans women are the worst, why do they have to bring moid cancer into women's spaces
>anyway my fellow ladies let's talk about cultural marxism and how the jews are destroying western civilization, here watch this video and ignore the recommended link to the black pidgeon speaks video about how white women are race traitors destroying western civilization and need to be beaten and raped into submission, that has no connection to my women-empowering ideology and the women-empowering poltical language I use :^)

Anonymous 63163

>while I'm not german and just live here, your education isn't very good

Did you read the whole thing though?

Anonymous 63164

It's universal across Germany. It's so taboo that a lot of people think it's actually illegal (as the Hitler salute is), but that's a misconception. Anyway, all I meant to say is that the troon knew what they were doing when they chose that phrase. Everyone can google the phrase if they want to learn more, I'm done derailing

Anonymous 63165

Anonymous 63175


>why has everyone gone insane? mental illness is so rampant that there are more crazy people than sane people at this point. what could cause this?
Technology, lower prices for alcohol and drugs, marijuana normalization and consumption before the age of 25, glorification of slave [and "oppressed"] morality via being an "activist," and the death of meritocracy outside of the rigorous corporate world (e.g. positions that require MBA, CPA, CFA, etc. at minimum) as the only way to be successful now is to be the most "oppressed" being which, inherently speaking, further increases the tranny population in the West and some parts of the East.

Yeah, I also hate mentioning the term "slave morality," but it is literally the reason why we have all of this shit given how we glorify weakness, martyrdom, et al.

Anonymous 63179


Luv giving trancels on 4chan mental breakdowns

Anonymous 63188

I almost feel sorry for him, he's mentally so fucked up.

Anonymous 63189

In another reality he would've been a cute boy.

Anonymous 63190


Love making troons seethe on /tttt/

Anonymous 63196

Where was this posted?
I want to give the trannies in 4chan some mental breakdowns too by posting biological females and label them as "transwomen" in front of them.
Too bad most discord servers are cults that worship trannism, though.

Anonymous 63199

Anonymous 63200

Holy shit that one last post simp.
Then again
The men posting there are so thirsty for sex, they don't even care if the person they want to fuck is that "fat ugly 'lesbo'" but as a tranny.
Will definitely post pictures there too if they're inhabitants of that board too.

Anonymous 63203

/soc/ is literally filled to the brim with trannies. There are probably more TiMs there than women.

Anonymous 63213

no one has ever handed me a paycheck for having a vagina.
>troons become troons because they stereotype and demean women to such an extent that they literally think anyone who wears a skirt gets handed free money for sitting around doing nothing
>troons idolize whores and porn actresses above all else
i guess becoming a doctor or lawyer is too much fucking work for a lazy coomer moid

Anonymous 63214

>I want to give the trannies in 4chan some mental breakdowns too by posting biological females and label them as "transwomen" in front of them.
based goddess of chaos and smiting

Anonymous 63355


Anonymous 63373

Weirdly enough I'm pretty sure it's the commies and not the libertarians who are defending that movie.

Anonymous 63382

>Made by french
Explains all

Anonymous 63383


If you could have anything you ever wanted, but 1 other person somewhere in the world would die, would you do it?

I bet a lot of people would.

There's of monkey's paw stories about this concept where they grow to care about someone, and then find out their Faustian bargain traded THAT life.

Anonymous 63384

I'm a girl in a suit and tie

Anonymous 63387

You're not as ugly as you think you are. Its a well documented fact that girls can make a picture of themselves thats ugly and not good enough, and just let it live in their head. The extreme version of this leads to stuff like anorexia, but everyone does it to some degree.

My advice is to spend some time dressing up and putting on makeup or whatever, but don't invest too much money or time in it, just do it for fun.

And basically stop giving a shit what you look like, because appearances aren't honestly that important, but you're definitely better than you think you are.

Anonymous 63835


Lmao, it keeps getting better.

Anonymous 63836


If you wanna check the store. Too bad they also promote garbage stuff like Angela Davis ans bell hooks.

Anonymous 63841

based terf mommy.j…

TERFs rise up. enough of the troon loons. it's time to call a man in a dress, a man in a dress. probity returns 2020. JKR is loose, I repeat, the goose is loose. digital shots fired. the 41% are on suicide watch.
fuck trannies, fuck discord trannies, and fuck 4chan jannies. you don't pass.

Anonymous 63843

terf merch.png

here are some of the wares for sale, apprently.

fuck your pronouns.

Anonymous 63845

Too bad they still fall for a variation of this turdness:
Found this on their site:

Why Womyn with a Y ?
The word womyn is one of several alternative spellings of the English word women used by feminists. There are other spellings, including womban or womon, and wimmin. Using the word womyn as opposed to women is an expression of female independence and a repudiation of traditions that define women by reference to a male norm because the alternative spellings avoid suffix “-man” or “-men”.

Anonymous 63848

I love her

Anonymous 63851

I am disappointed. That meme did not pick up on the whole ancap/hardcore lolbert pedophile phenomenon
Seems like everyone except leftlibs/radlibs and ancaps were disgusted by this. Which really puts things into perspective. You have really have to do something completely below the bar for people from this many orientations and echochambers to be pissed at you for the same reason. It kind of calmed me in a way, to see that most people still share a common universal concept of basic decency.

Anonymous 63852


Anonymous 63854

Is UK the most TERF friendly country right now? I have a few friends living there and they were amazed at how women there openly despise trannies, unlike in the rest of the western world.

Anonymous 63857

after browsing trough this entire thread i feel sad about trans for thinking so ill of them because my mom used to tell me i should not make fun of retards

Anonymous 63859

I laugh a lot at the UK for their rampant knife crime and flower picking licenses but this is great if true.

Anonymous 63867

It’s truly amazing to think that ten years ago, JK Rowling was the biggest name in fiction, had people lining up for hours to get their hands on the Harry Potter books, had blockbuster and theme park and merchandise deals, was one of the first women billionaires, had a success story where she thought of Harry Potter as a waitress and wrote it down on a napkin. She could’ve gone down in history as one of the biggest female success stories and been remembered for all time for creating the magical world of Hogwarts. She could’ve just kept her mouth shut and been immortalized as the Tolkien of our generation.

Fast forward ten years and it’s clear she’s going to be forever remembered as “that writer who hates trannies.” Honestly she might even die soon getting surprise lynched by a loony man in a dress with fake tits. And every new project of hers, from fantastic beasts to the video game is stained and tainted by her excessive meddling and this terf reputation. God damn it’s so funny

Anonymous 63869

>She could’ve just kept her mouth shut and been immortalized as the Tolkien of our generation.
>implying she won't be remembered as such, plus the woman who prevented mental illnesses from being normalized and henceforth the collapse of Western civilization.
You're just in time for this to happen, Anon. Don't fuck it up.

Anonymous 63877

Is that a fucking jockstrap?

Anonymous 63930


How much money are we spending on making them even worse?

Anonymous 63933

the "transmen are my sisters" one is so funny

Anonymous 63936

>Fast forward ten years and it’s clear she’s going to be forever remembered as “that writer who hates trannies.”

Which is based as fuck and more deserving of an entire theme park than any wizard story, tbhon.

Anonymous 63937

A theme park about tranny hate sounds so fucking based

Anonymous 63948

>oi do you have a loicense for that teaspoon
meanwhile in america we give 12 year olds plinking raifus and walk around with guns in our pants to go to the post office. sometimes i open carry just because i can. laughs in freedom
lovecraft is now remembered as "that guy who named his cat 'niggerman'" and he still outclasses any modern wokeshite novelist on the shelves. if a bunch of lunatic dick-cutters hate you, you are doing well in life.
nonsense, anon. dick cutting surgeries are an investment in the public interest. it sterilizes these degenerates and encourages them to join the 41% more expediently, thus saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars on all the welfare gibs, unpaid hospital bills for suicide threats for attention, and therapy for the 10 year old girls they would have inevitably molested. i support free dick cutting for all troons. preferably with a rusty machete.

Anonymous 63971

the troons are the attractions. it's a circus sort of ordeal.

Anonymous 63987

thats not a tranny thats becki cruel

Anonymous 63988

It doesn't matter how you're remembered if people keep lapping your shit up. See any game developer who loves the Lovecraftian aesthetic but adds a "Lovecraft was racist mmmkay" at the start of their game.

Anonymous 64002

Becki on suicide watch

Anonymous 64004

Is it a he or a she?
I literally cannot tell.

Anonymous 64005

Anonymous 64007

Well I guess good for her.

Anonymous 64046



Anonymous 64048

Why the long face?
Cus he's got no chin

Anonymous 64050

I'd remove their muscles

Anonymous 64051

I know your not suppose to flush tampons, but I always do it. I find it more gross to just let it sit in the trash can. I don't even get the people who don't flush used toilet paper. Like no one wants to see it.

Anonymous 64059

I know, the smell of blood is so overpowering and gross. I can't stand it

Anonymous 64067


This is more of a cultural thing and some toilets can get clogged if you flush toilet paper or pads.

Anonymous 64136

I know. I noticed that a lot of people from Mexico don't flush used toilet paper. But for fucks sake ball that shit up and throw it in the trash. I've seen then just throw it beside the toilet.

Anonymous 64184

>not using a menstrual cup

Anonymous 64189


This one is a personal favorite, I'm surprised it's not here.

Anonymous 64190

But how the fuck do trannies have so much political clout?

Anonymous 64191

Liberal feminism and Twitter('s algorithm?) giving them priority of spotlight on the internet for solely being trannies. Just like how BLM got a spotlight and not many other savage killings of cops and other blacks by blacks.
Also giving said trannies diploma mill PhDs like the "satire" picture above your post should definitely be a factor of giving them even greater spotlight for their "credibility."

Such is the field of the social sciences, though. Everyone's getting those PhDs in Ethnic Studies et al. en masse.

Anonymous 64192

Oh and I do realize the tranny in the "satire" picture got a PhD in computer science, but nowadays such a field is probably in the social sciences now given the "rigorousness" of getting a PhD in that field.
For context on my claim, google "Piper Harron thesis."

Anonymous 64194

Blanchard's typology of tranners into androphilic and autogynophilic subtypes has the group that are attracted to men have a normal IQ, but the group that are attracted to themselves and to women have an average IQ of 121.
An average group IQ of 121 is a massive advantage over pretty much every other group out there.
People try to argue that this is a selection effect because only the most successful tranners can afford to transition:
but that really doesn't explain why the androphilic group's IQ is pretty much normal for homosexual men.

It's likely that trannies really are disproportionately intelligent and unusually capable, and that this at least in part explains their ability to outmaneuver many other groups politically.

Anonymous 64197


Its not just tims, trans people attracted to the opposite sex of both groups mtf (gynephilic) and ftm (androphilic) have much higher IQs with androphilic ftms having a slightly higher IQ than gynephilic mtfs at a mean of 123.7. Seems like a subject that needs further investigation.

Anonymous 64201

Fucking disgusting. I can't tell if it would be worse for him to be walking around the women's locker room with a penis or a neo """""vagina"""""

Anonymous 64205


And mental illness is often related with high IQ, so…
That explains many, many things.

Though it does not explain why are they so susceptible to joining the trannist cults found in discord servers if they are so smart. As well how they are not realizing that what they have is a literal mental illness and not a new "life" and other bullshit that they create out of thin air.
But, I entirely blame APA (both the psychological and psychiatric one) for legitimizing their mental illness, of fucking course.

Anonymous 64207

The cult joiners could be explained as a novel, internet-based phenomenon of highly charismatic high-IQ autogynophiles having access to socially vulnerable normal-to-low IQ followers and convincing them that they could be loved if they transformed into women. Especially since the autogynophile and standard gynophilic tranner is still sexually attracted to women, and has convinced themselves that transition is valid and transwomen are women, creating a cult like that essentially grants them a harem of valid transwomen. Blanchard's research was in the 1980s and 1990s, and it is possible that a third type of socialized/groomed trans has come into existence.

Anonymous 64212

People who have unusually high IQs can convince themselves of some really fucking stupid things.
Get a job in a STEM field and you'll see for yourself.

Anonymous 64213


I just found some nightmare-fuel subreddits. I don’t know why I do this to myself but curiosity got the best of me.
I know it seems like stuff like this gets posted for shock value, but seeing this shit really illuminates how sick and unfounded this entire movement is, and how it preys upon the mentally ill. Celebrities can tweet “transwomen are women!” and corporations can make their logo a pretty rainbow for a month, but this is the true, unmarketable, ugly reality of transgenderism. It’s not the polished, manufactured version of it that TRAs try so hard to push onto everyone.

Anonymous 64215

Which satire picture are you talking about?

Anonymous 64221

"Mental illness" correlating with IQ does not mean that this particular mental illness does.

Anonymous 64223

This thread just confirmed to me that I will never date a trans person, post or pre op.
And I doubt I can ever be close to one, even on a friend level.

Anonymous 64227

The study screencapped in >>64197, which is considered "transphobic" by trans activists since it confirms the autogynophilia hypothesis, was
Authored by:
>Yolanda L S Smith, Stephanie H M Van Goozen, A. J. Kuiper, Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis
These don't seem like trannies. Psychiatrists use standard psychometrics, which includes IQ tests, to try to figure out what's really going on with trannies. The same authors also use tests of narcissism, psychoticism and psychopathy metrics in related studies; if tranny IQ is bunk, then is tranny narcissism, tranny fetishism, tranny autism and tranny post-transition regret also all bunk?

Anonymous 64228


>The cult joiners could be explained as a novel, internet-based phenomenon of highly charismatic high-IQ autogynophiles having access to socially vulnerable normal-to-low IQ followers and convincing them that they could be loved if they transformed into women.
This is a bit frightening considering how many of them join the cult and the fact that some of them are actually underage kids who have cut themselves and killed themselves, not from trannism itself but from the cult's threats.
I'm slightly afraid we might see the next Heaven's Gate or Jonestown in the next few decades centered on Hermaphrodite or some shit; but also nothing of value would be lost if it happened, to be honest.
Preferably post the stories instead of pictures like those since most ITT did not like seeing them, much less without any writing in it.
See >>64189
It was originally a satire making fun of 4/g/'s crossdressing programmers who would eventually become trannies, IIRC.
But seeing how things turned out now, it is no longer a satire but a reality.
Why would you even date a trans person in the first place? They hate your guts for simply existing and it would be too dangerous to be with a tranner in the same room alone with him.
Just date someone straight and androgynous-looking if you are seeking that "male with feminine features" aesthetic.

Anonymous 64229

Also, sorry for my shitty grammar. I drank too much today.

Anonymous 64230

Do old trannies actually hate early transitioners? I mean, these people are probably going to 41% even faster since they'll probably regret what they are doing.

Anonymous 64233

They hate early transitioners because they didn't develop the same masculine features that make late transitioners look like ugly men in dresses, and so more people accept them. It's envy, the same reason a lot of them hate women.

Anonymous 64248


Higher IQ isn't a good thing. On the contrary, the simpler you are as a person the more better off you are in life. Knowledge is very much evil.

Anonymous 64251


I swear to God Twitter trannies are even worse than Discord trannies.

Anonymous 64254

I wouldn't call her high IQ, nor would I say high IQ is the sign of a good writer. When I think "high IQ" about writing, torturous dystopian cynic works come to mind, not kids books like Potter or the Hobbit.

Anonymous 64255

She's a self made billionaire who managed to retain control of her works and milk that shit for decades.
If she's not high IQ I don't know who is.
What she has accomplished is unprecedented.
What sets her apart from other mere authors is precisely that she's also a very smart entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Anonymous 64257

>muh i’m high iq because depression

Anonymous 64263

It's just the obsessive focus of autism and lack of empathy or understand of others. They are good at their one computer thing and useless for anything else

Anonymous 64273

Nobody handles all of that stuff by themselves. The only people who dare to do so are maniacal dictators that think too much in a second. Simply put the most intelligent people on earth know they know nothing, and will hire financiers and marketers to help push the paper instead of entrusting everything to their own lobes. Smart people tend to be crazy and MacGyver bombs to sell their manifesto, or create their own OS "designed by God", or have all of their friends killed so they can be named leader. Knowledge is very much the fruit of evil.
Mental illness because high IQ, yes. Literally in the studies posted above.
Not a tranny. If I were, I'd be arguing for the opposite.

Anonymous 64275

That doesn't seem like something on any IQ test.
It seems more like what people call "wisdom" rather than quantifiable IQ.

Anonymous 64277

Well FtM's are.

Anonymous 64360

me when i catch my…

Anonymous 64361


Why the fuck would you want to be a moid?
Like, what the fuck?
How the fuck is this not mental illness?

Also lol at being a moid with not even a micropenis but no penis at all.
Why would you sign up for that kind of life?

Anonymous 64362

I don't think any trannies (who actually get surgeries) want to be trannies, you seem confused about what problem they're describing.

Anonymous 64363

It's their fault. Stop deflecting.

Anonymous 64365

I never said it wasn't there fault, the way you're framing it is "Why does anyone want to be a deformed depressed piece of shit? OMG that's so dumb, they should just not be depressed."

Anonymous 64370

I lurk an incel-lite subreddit and there's two FTMs regulars on there and the funniest shit is, these two FTMs are the only ones who seem to constantly get gfs.
Imagine being a moid and doing worse than a FTM with a literal vagina, lol.

Anonymous 64375

Screenshot at Sep …

Anonymous 64378

god i hate trannies so fucking much

Anonymous 64379

It's their fault for feeling that way. Stop enabling them.

Anonymous 64380

Is that what you tell people with PTSD? It's their fault for feeling that way? I can believe they are mentally ill while also believing that they should be treated as opposed to paraded around for ideological purposes or thrown in a furnace.

Anonymous 64381

Enabling their mental illness only makes things worse. They need therapy to convince themselves that they are who they are, and not who they aren't. Compared to people who actually have suffered trauma, they have not.

Anonymous 64383

And I agree with that, that doesn't make it their fault for having an illness though.

Anonymous 64384

>Compared to people who actually have suffered trauma, they have not.
You don't need to suffer trauma to have a mental illness. OCD or Schizophrenia isn't trauma induced, yet I doubt you think it's "their fault" for having OCD or Schizophrenia.

Anonymous 64390

I feel so bad that I keep using the word "Female." I feel it is something only that gross men/incels/MtF use excessively. So I try to use women and ladies more, occasionally "Female" still slips out.

Anonymous 64393

You're still playing their game if you do anything but call them what they are.

Anonymous 64395

I also use the words "my dude" lot. Its just that now "Female" has such a gross context to it, I feel gross when it slips out and I am not referring to a animal. I also use "they" a lot, honestly I prefer it.

Anonymous 64398

My mom sells stuff at anime conventions (or well she did before the world ended). If you couldn't guess from the words "anime conventions", there's a lot of freaks there. She showed me that companies have the right idea pandering to them. She sells LGBT related stuff and makes a fortune when desperate trannies looking to "validate" themselves buy a ton.
It is rather difficult though. She's constantly worried about misgendering someone on accident which causes them to go apeshit and she definitely doesn't want that kind of reputation. Being cancelled for making a mistake is an all-too-real threat (why the mentally ill have been gifted that kind of power I'll never understand)

Also apparently they reek. Really, really badly.

Anonymous 64399

As a Brazilian this couldn't be closer to the truth.

Anonymous 64401

It's your own duty to be properly medicated for your illness. Reassignment surgery is improper.

Anonymous 64403

Is there any reason why there are more mtf than ftm? I mean, you're already a man, living a easier life, what's the point of making your life even harder than then the average middle-class women just to wear a dress.

Anonymous 64404

E-fucking-cuse me???????

Anonymous 64407

Its a fetish

Anonymous 64417

The ratio of ftms to mtfs actually depends on the country. In places like finland or other places in eastern europe there are more ftms than mtfs, while in places like the US and the UK, there's more mtfs.

Anonymous 64418


This got deleted earlier. Assuming it got deleted because it was reply to a moidposter, but if I'm wrong and it breaks rules I apologize. I just think it BTFOs trannies so well.

Anonymous 64625

troon lesbian.png

this "lesbian" asks you out on a date, m'lady. what do?

Anonymous 64632



Anonymous 64634

I love how I can have short hair, wear no makeup, wear gender neutral clothes, and still look effortlessly female.

Anonymous 64637

> Loony Troons

Anonymous 64664


Anonymous 64825

smoking climate ch…

Anyone else just hate ugly troons, but are ok with passing ones? Like the ugly ones aren't just bad visually, but their personalities are always intolerable and misogynistic. The only ones I've gotten to like or tolerate are the ones who actually look and act like normal women. I think it's because their experience is more adjacent to women because men see them as women in their daily lives. So they're harassed by men as women, disrespected by men as women, manipulated by men as women, objectified by men as women etc. so they learn to fear and hate men as normal women do, they learn to mostly only trust and confide in women, and they lack the seething envy for women that beasttroons have because they're suffering at least partially as women do. They only experience life as a transwoman when they're trying to sleep with someone. Meanwhile beasttroons only experience discrimination as transwomen socially and otherwise, so they're socially abhorrent and alien to the experience of women. Because of this many of the passing troons I've talked to talk about being excluded or distant from other trans people, because they're much closer to being a woman than the a man in a dress beasttroons. They're still different from women though, because they lack a lot of the biological torment of menstration, don't have a vagina, and their womanhood is the product of some sort of deep seeded mental illness instead of birth, but they share enough of the same suffering for me to feel comfortable adopting them as women if they respect those differences.

Anonymous 64826

>So they're harassed by men as women, disrespected by men as women, manipulated by men as women, objectified by men as women etc.
Do they pass that well?

Anonymous 64830

some of them including a couple I know pass enough that I can't tell the diffenr, but for others that pass they don't need to pass absolutely perfectly to be treated as a woman by men, just enough. Women can have certain masculine features similar to men as >>62817 does :(, so a passing tran is one who's most masculine features can be overlooked as long as you don't actually know they're trans. Also, the average man is not that bright, observant, or picky about what woman they're an asshole to.


1. I have no sympathy for austistic incels who are completely out of my or anyone's control and feel entitled enough to women to go on shooting sprees at universities killing women who wouldn't sleep with them.

2. Passing troons only propagate such things by being happy and happy with their bodies, not directly, you could apply that to literally anything that advertises happiness and fufillment, but in this case they do it because of mental illness outside their control and not as some elaborate pyramid scheme to manipulate people and steal their money. The only ones that do it as some sort of self serving cult are far and few between and again, the ugly ones who don't pass and are desperate incels themselves who can't find anyone to sleep with.

Even if your argument were the case, if I have to choose between caring about someone I like in real life or some incel that I would never want to know and who is probably on some path to murder suicide anyways. I would of course pick the person I like.

Anonymous 64838

>You missed my argument completely. But ok.
Nta, but what argument? I am assuming you are >>64828 the statement that appears to be your premise was
>I obviously dislike the ugly ones that think they are entitled to everything more but I dislike what the good looking passing ones propagate too.
>I dislike what the good looking passing ones propagate too.
You then give reasons why you dislike them, but anyone attempting to refute those won't change how you feel. No one here can convince you to not dislike what "good looking ones propagate too", but that is different from disliking "the good looking passing ones" in and of themselves. Obviously I can't argue that you should feel differently about the propagation, I even agree with you. However, that's a fundamentally different problem from those individuals in and of themselves. The logic that the "successful ones" are purely responsible for the failures is true to a certain extent, but this logic can be extended into any number of situations, for example
"It's the successful Hollywood actors that convince people to go to hollywood and got raped by studio executives!"
That doesn't mean anything inherently about the successful hollywood or their experience, only about the system itself.

>Also trannies are not women simply because they wish to be

Again, Nta, but she never made the argument they were women, they just had more experiences that were similar to women.
>We also cannot relate to the trans experience even from passing ones so it doesn't matter we never be them and they will never be us.
In her examples given all the related experiences were social in nature. I will restate it here.
>So they're harassed by men as women, disrespected by men as women, manipulated by men as women, objectified by men as women etc. so they learn to fear and hate men as normal women do, they learn to mostly only trust and confide in women, and they lack the seething envy for women that beasttroons have because they're suffering at least partially as women do.
Compared to her agreeing with you, stating
>They're still different from women though, because they lack a lot of the biological torment of menstration, don't have a vagina,
She isn't arguing that trannies are biological female, she stated quite the opposite.
>They cannot bear children, they don't pee sitting down, they don't really know what is to actually menstruate, they cannot get turned on without a bulge showing up, they are nowhere near as clean as us or even pay attention to those details, they merely adopted such things.
Do you really think all of the female experience is just the physical aspect of it? None of it is how men look, treat and talk to you? If you can seperate the physical biological relaties that you are correct, trannies can never experience this, from the social ones that are a result of the biology, which is possible if they pass.

Are you going to argue that the experience of menstruating and the experience of being catcalled are not both distinctly female experiences? If not, then you have examples of women catcalling men?

>Then they should get their own fucking category because they are clearly not women and don't bring up the "gender" ain't "sex" bullshit. With that tranny definition the word "gender" then is meaningless by itself it's not explaining a mechanism how a body works biologically it's a concept then I don't care, so it's religion neither has meaning to me, their sex is male and will always be that is the fact.

You are correct that the current definition has drifted, but if we went to an earlier concept surely you don't believe that gendered language doesn't exist do you? Does "she" and "he" mean the same thing to you?

Anonymous 64844

>most of the physical aid you have is by thankfully more reasonable modern law
So you're saying that modern law (implying that it was changed, by us, from ancient law) is "physical" - but gender isn't? That seems curious. There are ancient third genders, but they are more like castes - gender being thought apart from sex is a consequence of modern individual autonomy. That does not mean gender is voluntary. But insisting on zero cultural determination is like moods insisting their test forces them to watch Joe Rogan and beat women.

Anonymous 64845

> Yes the physical is what makes the social what it is. The universe is physical.
The female experience is living in such a physical world that historically your sex gets put in harems without their consent by force, where most of the physical aid you have is by thankfully more reasonable modern law because we are not equal to men we will never be, only to law but also this makes us have an exclusive power over them and this is reproduction and caretaking for the future generations.
<only the physical is real, but I have the law to thank for the benefits I receive.

Do you not see the inherent contradiction you are creating for yourself? The law is as real as gender or language is real.

<Your tranny experience isn't my experience it will never be, you are not a woman.
>because you disagree with me you're a tranny
Nice ad hominem.

Anonymous 64846

I find that the trannies who actually pass tend to not associate with other trannies in pods, while the beastroons tend to gather together and reinforce each other's behavior. It should be noted that, obviously, knowing that a tranny is passing is an inherent contradiction, as the entire point of passing is isn't knowing their tranny. If I were to describe it, I have had a healthy, normal and average friendship with another woman, and only finding out after the fact that she was tranny did I even begin to ask any questions about our interactions. To me at that time, she was someone I could trust and talk to. I say found out afterwards because we don't really talk anymore, not because of her being a tranny per se, but just a result of drift that happens in life.

So yes, if a tranny passes so magnificently that I and no one else has any idea they're a tranny, they can be healthy normal people to talk to and befriend. Any tranny that doesn't pass is a mental case constantly tortured by their own failure to conform on a moment to moment basis. I however, can not confirm how many successfully passing trannies I have interacted with however, due to the innate premise of what a passing tranny is.

Anonymous 64848

Yep, a man is lying so well and effeciently he has completed discarded masculinity and 100% blends in as a woman in social situations.

Anonymous 64850

And thus isn't passing and thus isn't passing tranny. What you just described is a not-passing tranny. I am not referring to a not passing tranny.

Anonymous 64852

Alright then, you believe passing trannies don't exist because you can observe traits that prove they're not passing. That means every single tranny you are observing haven't passed and thus aren't passing. I totally agree, all the trannies you've interacted with that don't pass don't pass and thus aren't passing. I get it.

Anonymous 64874


Some unstable TiM on tumblr reblogged like 10 of my posts calling me a “raging racist and transphobe” multiple times. Why do troons think that the proper response to a disagreement is targetted harrassment?

Anonymous 64881

Tf is wrong with you? Is it too difficult for your monkey brain to accept that men will never be perfect copies of women? I smell a hsts

Anonymous 64895

Who in the fuck says they have to be perfect copies to pass? Do you have X-Ray vision to see the junk they're packing? Fuck, if a woman can pass as a man I don't see why the opposite isn't possible.

Anonymous 64898

It doesn't matter if they pass or not. How stupid is that statement?
If you change a cow to a horse, with surgery and everything. Will it be a cow? No.
I have yet to meet a 'normal' troon. All of them are weird if you let them talk long enough. No a man is not a woman and never will. I do not accept them no matter how 'good' they look. For me it is like, when there would be a group of people who punches the wall until their knuckles bleed and drink a liquid mixture that is dangerous to them. Every single day. Do we only let the pretty ones continue? No we put all of them in a mental hospital.
No troon, no matter if it is MTF or FTM, no matter if they are 'passing' or not should be allowed to be seen as what they want. It is not the truth nor is it healthy.

Anonymous 64899

>I have yet to meet a 'normal' troon. All of them are weird if you let them talk long enough.
This. The more I actually interact with troons, the more I hate them. It allows you to see first-hand how misogynistic, deluded, and cultish they are.

Anonymous 64951


normally I don't care about troons beyond just not wanting to date them, but everytime I learn more about what kind of operations and alterations they have to do to their bodies to "fit in" as a woman, I feel tired. No biological woman has to put effort simply just to have a fucking vagina. Its no wonder why troons base their whole personality on their gender, it needs constant maintenance.

Anonymous 64994


Anonymous 65022

Wtf is wrong with men

Anonymous 65093


I think I am quite thankful for COVID-19 a bit since the virus blocked the fuck out of those trannist and pedophilia indoctrination programs.
Those events are also a huge reminder that you should only use the library for picking up books, and if you need certain services like applying for a passport.

Anonymous 65102

who is she?

Anonymous 65177

Do you think the trans mental illness affects males or women more?
Biological not fake genders
So do you see more men pretending to be women?
Or more women pretending to be men?

Anonymous 65183

images - 2020-10-1…

I went to the shops today and the cashier that served me was a 6"2 man with shitty blue hair, a fake gay lisp, very hairy legs and arms,and beard stubble
Yet had the name tag of "Jessica " and talked about how he would bash any one that called him a man

I'm supposed to regard a dickless abomination as a woman
Fuck this, fuck that
Kill all trannies

Anonymous 65184


i was wondering this too, so i did some googling that led me to this study. seems it's mostly men transitioning.. wonder why


in my experience, a woman trooning out has very different reasons for doing so than a man trooning out. women are traumatized by their womanhood and men fetishize it.

Anonymous 65186

Jazz Jennings' sister.

Anonymous 65194


cage? what's cage mean in this context

Anonymous 65195

Chastity cage

Anonymous 65199

Trans"age" moids are the absolute worst and obvious legit pedophilies; I'm amazed at how they are not audited by the feds into looking at their PCs for legit CP.

Anonymous 65238

I love going on /soc/ and telling trannies they don’t pass

Anonymous 65304

I want to destroy trannies.

Anonymous 65336

thats.. the only bad thing you have to say?

Anonymous 65344


Because if she said all things it would be an almost endless list. Saying things one by one is optimal this chan has a characrer limit.
I feel like Trannies legit rolled a mental illness they attempted to semi-normalize in society due to cancel culture but it didn't work out so everyone hates them.

I don't know of anybody in LGB that is ok with trannies not even the T ironically. It's because of how canceling, raging and forceful trannies were to everyone else. Ftms didn't had this problem and rarely bothered anyone so ftms are my sisters.

Anonymous 65355

If FtMs are your "sisters" then you're just torturing them and they're silent about it. Just saying.

Anonymous 65356

No they don't care they much rather have the actual camaraderie they got with everyone else than the self imposed segregation, vendetta and war against everyone else trannies have.

I don't even consider ftms trannies, they are considerably more chill people and it seems they like getting pregnant keeping the cycle of life in motion, they ain't a dead end.

Anonymous 65358

I considered ftms misguided, but they're usually not harmful fetishists like mtf at least.

Anonymous 65359

Ah, I see, we're not talking about the transsexual FtMs that get their breasts removed and look masculine like Buck Angel, but the transtrenders that social signal about being neutral or insert fake gender here that then give up. Got it.

Anonymous 65366


This entire thing was pretty fucked up. The worst part is that I'm pretty sure they're still around.
Forgot to mark as NSFW. Sorry to anyone that didn't want to see that ;-;

Anonymous 65367

You can delete your previous replies if its within 30 min. Delete the old one.

Anonymous 65368

Trannies are the definition of misery loves company.

Anonymous 65371

Fuck, today I just realized one of the English Hololivers is actually a tranner who just happens to have a passing voice, wwwww.

Anonymous 65373

People only know Gura anyway if it ain't Gura everything is fine in the world.

Anonymous 65375

Which one?

Anonymous 65376


I'll only give hints here since I don't want to be held responsible for a doxx that ends up in death.

You know my methods, Anonymous.

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? >:3

Anonymous 65377

I'm not well versed in vtubers enough to know what the fuck this is supposed to mean.

Anonymous 65379

English Hololivers

Anonymous 65380

Yeah but there's like 5 of them

Anonymous 65383

My God.
It is the one that is the most mysterious, yet nevertheless a lewd one who already had a lewd past; especially related to voiced anime memes.

Anonymous 65386

tbh it sounds like you're the hololiver trying to out yourself for attention at this point

Anonymous 65388


Okay, this is it, I'm going to say it since there is no way in hell that CC is that involved in doxxing like lolcow et al.
Pic related is Dakooters, someone who is already openly trans on reddit and has done many voiced anime memes.
An example of his voice when he meme'd
And here is Amelia Watson (Dakooters), with, I believe, some kind of voice changer that only gets higher to a certain level of his voice.

The word "trap" here is absolutely relevant as he is fooling thousands of men into believing she is a biological female given how the other English Hololivers are biological women, such as Gawr Gura being senzawa, a.k.a., the girl who did this song.
And other voiced anime memes as well, beginning with fandubs.

Anonymous 65390

And holy shit, looking at other related videos this is literally his real man voice without any falsetto or voice changer.

Anonymous 65392

Isn't she sachiowo

Anonymous 65396

Nope, it is more nasal and crack-y, but surely similar, like a voice doppelganger.

Anonymous 65397

Why not take this to lolcow? They'd probably care more than we do.

Anonymous 65401

truth about tranni…

Anonymous 65411

I don't know if you're just being willfully ignorant, but that amount of distortion when he does his "natural voice" is incredibly severe. While I don't doubt she uses a voice changer, this is as obvious as a comedy bit as Korone Inugami stating she was a boy for her stream.

Anonymous 65412

Is it normal to use voice changers to sound more "kawaii" or whatever even when already a girl?

Anonymous 65414

Is it normal to use an anime avatar for followers if you are already a girl?

Other vtubers already do this yes, voice changer and avatar.

Anonymous 65415

Wait, what exactly is your proof that Dakooters is this vtuber?

Anonymous 65417

Esports caster I follow came out as trans recently and I genuinely started considering perhaps I’ve been wrong about trans people all along. They were never cringe about anything and still wore just jeans and a nice shirt all the time. Log into twitter today and they’ve done the standard thirst trap of booty shorts and long thigh high weeb socks. WHY.

Seriously though, why the horrendous fucking “let’s try to be an anime girl or 13 year old emo” look every fucking time. It just makes you look like a degen. Women don’t dress like that. Who the fuck encourages this. You’re a grown ass man now trying to pass as a woman, so surely the logic is to dress like a grown woman? Not someone who still gets given pocket money after school. Cringe.

Anonymous 65419

>why the horrendous fucking “let’s try to be an anime girl or 13 year old emo” look every fucking time
If you can't get an anime gf, become the anime gf.

Anonymous 65431

Dakooters characte…

Dakooters has her "Character sheet" posted on her twitter.
Why would her hololive member vtuber avatar not at all resemble her own character design? Further note that this was released by dakooters after hololive was doing English vtuber auditions.

Furthermore, and this is far more important, Dakooters and Amelia Watson have both streamed content on the same day at the same time. Dakooters schedule is sporadic, but she has a stream video on her twitch account for October 1st here.
Amelia Watson streamed on the same day per her schedule. Unless you're insinuating dakooters was doing both at the same time.

I don't even like dakooters, this is just stupid.

Anonymous 65432

Amelia Watson sche…

Here's Amelia Watson's schedule for reference and proof she streamed on October 1st as well.

Anonymous 65473

Who gives a fuck this is not related to the topic of the thread enough.

Anonymous 65475


It all comes down to
>"it's because they are moids"
In the end that's all they can be. There is no such thing as "transgender" no motion can be done to sex, to the body you rolled, one can add layers to a lie but not make it the truth by lying consistently.

I like to bait post in 4moids things like this. I always get lot of responses mad trannies or "based" from cool anons. :)

Anonymous 65539


I'm that anon. Fuck. FUCK.
They are so damn fucking similar, it is almost unbelievable; yet this could be one of the few times where someone has the exact same voice as another person.
Also >>65451 has a point.

I should be committing harakiri for having done this entire thing… but I also should continue to do what >>65238 and other anons are doing for the sake of preserving the meaning of being a biological woman against the cult of trannism.

Anonymous 65540

annie with boxbox.…

Just tell them how much better crossdressing femboys are. Trannies are extremely unpopular and only date within themselves because they lose all the cool sexual capacities mainly fertility and cock and ball size and sexual sensitivity. They fall for a scam.

Ironically ftms dont lose their fertility, thats how superior women are to those tranny moids LOL.

Anonymous 65541

Before being BTFO by the anons who refuted my claim, I wanted to say something about how trannies could eventually become the successors of the pedophile elite that is currently being in power globally given their wide use of discord for creating their cults.
But considering with mental rigor how mentally ill they are, I now believe it isn't very likely that they could become the next ruling elite as they are too unstable to do any basic human activity like human interaction, much less being in charge of companies that make billions of dollars per year.

Anonymous 65543


Nah most of them are poor and stupid. Too unlikely, I think its a fad and it will pass away then there will be less than 1,000 trannies in the planet. True sex change doesn't exist, it's a complete failure. JK Rowling TREF Queen was right and did nothing wrong.

>pic related
lolololol cant blame anybody

Anonymous 65544


Some are already getting self aware that they jumped into an overhyped stupid scam that didnt work out how it was sold or propagated on the internet and had all the bad side effects, its not a transformation into "anime girl" ffs. This is good, that the experimental phase already ended and they learned that it was a failure. Kinda sad but the faster these people can fix their lives for real the better. It's kinda wack how the goverment allowed these markets to scam especially the neo-vagina surgeons holy shit…

>pic related

from 4moids

Anonymous 65545


That's an unusual but good tactic since it prevents moids into eventually becoming trannies. But wouldn't this need some more clarification in order to not normalize femininity in men given how this could potentially enable and justify trannism?
The only way I can think of preventing this is mentioning the appeal of femboys in their dicks and sexual sensitivity, but this isn't something that is told outside of anonymous image boards.

>Ironically ftms dont lose their fertility, thats how superior women are to those tranny moids LOL.

Really? Testosterone therapy doesn't affect the fertility of FtMs?
This could potentially leave some "mistakes" here and there if we put a FtM and a biological male together…
FUCK I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATE THAT IMAGE, it needs a [Citation needed] so much.
I want to believe it will be a stupid fad too, but this is being pushed everywhere on the planet but in third world countries where they don't buy the bullshit coming from first world countries like trannism, especially from the U.S. like Iran and Russia.

Anonymous 65548


>But wouldn't this need some more clarification in order to not normalize femininity in men given how this could potentially enable and justify trannism?

No on the contrary what moids need is to be less insecure about their masculinity, they been super insecure about it across all history and frankly it's omega retarded. Just teach to them that a dress and make up or an anime catboy wig doesnt means they are faggots and that that aesthetic is actually fine looking in some of them and is liked by a lot by women too. Everytime trannies see a beautiful androgynous looking man they want to corrupt him so they lie to him, I seen this a thousand times, those rats even have the nerve to call their ideology "pink pill" which is our word. Sometimes though this moid is smart enough to not fall for it.

So yeah on the contrary make retarded moids with confidence issues embrace the type of beauty they got as moids, not moid trannies. The goblin looking ones tho those are not my problem, trannies can have them they were already pessimistic about existence and life in general before anyway and those legit have mental illnesses, those incels need therapy lol.

And tell them to get into femdom the cute ones will understand and rationally choose the better life you are basically making ANTI-Propaganda against propaganda that already went on for years which will work because the deal is much better in our side. TREFs are the good girls, fighting the good fight.

That way we at least save the beautiful ones and only the really already suicidal transcels just get culled off, can't unconvince those I bet they will do it eventually by their own by researching the side effects of scam tranny pills, not even worth trying that will solve itself with time.

Anonymous 65549


I sort of understood since, by the mention of femdom, it implies a heterosexual relationship for men, therefore prompting a counter against the artificial, unethical man-made thought of cutting their dicks off, or so. As well that confirmation by biological women that the femboy aesthetic is liked by them is a good point too!

>researching the side effects of scam tranny pills

Imagine the profit that illegal big farma is doing, though.
I wonder if there is a way to invest in them and get some profit too, haha.

Anonymous 65551


I did a lot of edits to that post sorry lol. But yeah it doesnt really matter what those moids want to be hetero, bi or gay honestly as long as they are healthy.
Tranny pills ARE NOT healthy for anyone. The illusion tranny cults created must be dispelled. They are misguiding a lot of people and pushing them quicker to their dead beds which is sad, immoral and unethical as fuck…


Anonymous 65554

This implies moids aren't doomed to suffer with or without pills.

Anonymous 65557

They were already headed to their deathbeds before then, hence the being suicidal enough to take hormones. What is your proposed treatment in that case?

Anonymous 65561


I have noticed that trannies are just anti-life in general, they wish they were not born because of how existence is where the genetics not a their own conscious mind decides the sex lol. They really really hate women too and call them "breeders". Which I find ironic since they were bred, if mommy and daddy didnt do their job they wouldn't have an existence.

They are dangerously nihlistic, anti-natalist and anti-life.
Not even in the form of abortion, abortion rights are fine. For fertile people who just wants to postpone their gift of life from a better more stable time if needed.

It wouldn't surprise me if some of them just like incels became school shooters actually two trannies have already done that, but it's rarer since even though trannies absolutely hate existence and how this existence works to be a dangerously nihilistic tranny school shooter you also have to be very young and still enrolled in college. And most trannies are college drop outs either on welfare or leeching off their parents, rarely in wage labor but sometimes, sometimes.

>What is your proposed treatment in that case?

I really don't know that case would be like asking me for the cure of sociopathy or some other huge anti-social disorder or schizophrenia… They should get actual therapy for their xtreme depresion and find other joys in life that do not revolve around sex. But moids think about sex a lot so it's hard to even help them in such situations, it would unironically be way better if they just became celibate Buddhist Monks in a mountain somewhere in Asia, it would make them much happier.

Anonymous 65563

I like to go on u/stupidstories' reddit page from time to time to check up on him and after this screenshot he started to accept his neo-vag more a bit before reverting to an extreme self hatret again because he realized that his wannabe kitty was clogged with pubic hair.
Apparently the medical staff had promised to remove his follicles down there but they just straight up didn't.
Scary shit tbh

Anonymous 65567


so im a lesbian and i got a gf, which then caused this "transbian" i befriended to start making vagueposts about me, how "lesbians only go for cis girls" (lmao) and how he will never find a girl who loves them. to be honest I'm oddly satisfied i made a troon salty, as he will never truly be a lesbian.

Anonymous 65571

>Befriending a tranny
That was your first mistake, anon

Anonymous 65572

Its literally bait from /lgbt/ to wind people up. The original creator said as much and posted proofs they were the original creator.

Anonymous 65587

i should reword it, "befriend" is too strong of a word. i meant more of an acquaintance.

Anonymous 65594

And now there’s already talk of an only fans and a “funny” tweet someone made to get them to present in a maidu outfit.

I’m ready to fucking die. Been out as a “woman” a month and already sexualised.
Fuck moids. The sooner people start clocking how fucking weird this is the fucking better but everyone’s too cucked into not appearing like a bigot. Fuck sakes.

Anonymous 65596

I wanted to join a "radical" feminist association, but one of the requirements was to accept trans "women" as real women. I looked into it and the leaders of the association are transgendered. Damn men, they stick their dicks in everything.

Anonymous 65609


Oh. I looked at that "trans rights campaign" organization logo and it isn't real whatsoever.
Thank God it ain't real, but it can surely become true eventually.
I'm starting to see this pattern that IRL radical feminist organizations are, I absolutely bet, forced to let the trannies join in due to those laws against discrimination in the U.S. and other first world countries for the benefit of people who identify as LGBT, or so.
Thankfully, those laws do not apply on the internet, but one has to make TERF websites underground in order to avoid letting the trannies in.

Anonymous 65632


i disagree w azaelia on a number of things but this is based as fuck

Anonymous 65636


Anonymous 65650

Is that the real azealia? I remember downloading a raunch song of hers in 2015 on my family’s iTunes account that I never listened to again because I was so embarrassed about it

Anonymous 65679

Based as fuck. I might check out her songs now.

Anonymous 65681

Queen shit

Anonymous 65682


Apparently she got suspended for these posts. She literally just stated her opinion.

Anonymous 65683

Anonymous 65705


Uhh transbian sisters, this is NOT a very uwu moment.

Anonymous 65707

I know this is cringe but reading this made me unironically go ''Yasss queen!'' in my head.

Anonymous 65713

ive never cared about her or her music but nice

Anonymous 65727


I used to support trannies, and I found myself defending them in a lot of arguments.
Then, I saw them being weirdly sexually coercive, calling black women subhuman and equating us to men, physically attacking women of all races, trying to take down women's shelters, and trying to force dick on lesbians for validation. They're legitimately disgusting, and not just on a physical level. Everything about their very essence leaks self-victimizing, entitled maleness, and I'm sick of not being able to say it.
Plus, they try to make the fact that straight men don't want their neo-vaginas and blasted bootyholes into our problem for "shaming the poor men!!1 why don't u share dick with us you transphobes!!!". Like go awayyyyy, lmao.
Don't even get me started on them defending trans rapists and pedophiles. Just a nasty group all around.

Anonymous 65729


But goddamn, I'm beginning to fucking hate mainstream social media even more and all of their mods as they're infested with trannies and their literal simps who want that AIDS ridden asshole now.
Trannies are also beginning to get into race politics spaces quite heavily nowadays too; though the whole BLM movement was also pretty LGBT since the beginning given how two of the three founders identify themselves as queer.
However, I still don't understand why do they do that if they already have a bunch of non-profits exclusively for them and women's shelters that, ironically, accept trannies.

It is as if they didn't get enough attention today, so they begin to hop in other activist movements completely unrelated to them and throw their shit like monkeys in order to get even more attention.

Anonymous 65740


Hello. I'm just going to write this and leave it here for myself. I'm not really writing this for anyone else, but if you read this and wish to apply it to yourself, feel free to do so. I am writing this for the sole purpose of validation. To validate my existence as a biological born woman, in a world in which everyday seems to stray further and further away from respecting me for being such a person.

We are living in dark and evil times.
2020 has brought us a year of pestilence, death, and political dissonance. Everyday, it feels as though a great bale is looming imminently towards us, and we have nowhere to hide from it anymore.
Society has invented a wicked agenda to replace the image of the beautiful organic female body with a body that is manufactured and corporate. One that is chemically infused, enhanced with silicon and has undergone genital snipping to manufacture itself from an XY man into a so-called XY “woman”.

It is my belief, which I will never be afraid to say, that such a chemically infused body is NO replacement to the organic body of a naturally born biological woman.

We are women.
We are beautiful.
We are strong.
We have perfectly normal healthy bodies that are EXQUISITE, and we deserve love.
We deserve love for not being afraid to be who we are.
We bleed from our nether regions once a month because we are healthy and beautiful.
We are the only living sex on Earth tasked with the responsibility of endowing life, creating new human beings which we nurture and love.
Our bodies so magically undergo this transformation in which we become the vessel that brings LIFE into this world, which frankly, is fucking amazing.
And once we’re done with such a laborious effort, our bodies are donned with stretchmarks, crease lines, same as a warrior that has gone through battle and proudly displays his battle scars.. We should be proud to live with our battle scars.
Sure there are those who are an exception, those who can’t have a baby or a menstrual cycle.
But that doesn’t make you any less of a biological woman. You are still valid and you deserve love.

But we also should remember what the world is trying to intoxicate us with.
These doctors and moids use that exception as a sick advantage, twisting it to somehow apply to their own agenda. Exploiting the disadvantaged just to fit their own agenda. Using backwards arguments. "Oh not every woman is able to have a period, so why can't a trans woman be considered a woman?"
“Not every woman is able to reproduce/give birth, so why can’t a trans woman be considered a woman?”
All foolish lies.
These women who are special cases, though they exist and are very valid, they don’t represent the majority. The majority of us that do bear the weight of bringing life into this world, which men will NEVER have that responsibility. Their bodies will never be capable of carrying a life, and in my eyes they will never be accepted as a true woman.
Women have breasts. Women have vaginas. Women have a uterus.
And we will NOT be replaced. No matter how much their new agenda tries to replace us with “lady-boys” and “transfems”.
Without us, there wouldn’t BE a world to belong to.
Without our mothers, and the mothers that came before them, there wouldn’t be life as we know it.
As women, our bodies are divinely made masterpieces. And we should never, ever, ever, EVER let a man think he has the entitlement to share a space in what we hold as womankind.

Anonymous 65756


Anonymous 65796


This is a beautiful, awe-inspiring post, Anon.
I am without further words to describe this feeling, as the mention of that awful thing moids say about women who cannot menstruate nor give birth is certainly a sophistry statement of the worst kind that has ever come from their filthy mouths. Yet, it is nonetheless easily refuted by the fact that we still have a uterus–something that will never be seen in moids–not even those, most likely, future unethical medical experiments that the psychopath doctors and surgeons will attempt to create via the cells of another person, or so.

Anonymous 65799


Beautiful anon

Anonymous 65806

what do they say about women who cannot birth or menstruate ??

Anonymous 65850


Anonymous 65851


Anonymous 65852


Anonymous 65853


Anonymous 71200


no he's just a bizarre looking man
pretty sure that picture came from a tweet in reply to jeremy corbyn
his name is tristan hyde

Anonymous 102381

oof, looks like this one might have joined the 41% based on their profile

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