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Anonymous 6014

Post things you like about yourself!

(Don't say "nothing," that is not allowed!!)

Anonymous 6015


I try really hard to be nice to everyone
I love my friends and family
I'm excellent at petting dogs
My powerlevel is higher than everyone I know IRL

Anonymous 6016

At my best I had a 28 inches waist and 40 inches hips, and I used to love that lmao

Now I am literally a 32 waist chan with 44 inches hips, >feelsbadman.jpg but at least I am working on losing it again.

Anonymous 6017

>very kind
>artistic talent
>won a few small awards because of said talent
>enjoy the work I do despite it not paying much
>self taught myself a few things that are said to be hard to learn without help/a teacher

I genuinely try to be a good person even when people are rude or mean to me on purpose. This may be a weakness sometimes depending on the situation, but most of the time I think it shows strength and that I have a good heart.

You sound cute as fuck, anon

Anonymous 6020

I get along very well with cats.

I am pretty good at baking stuff, even if it's just from a box mix. My friends and family always say that the baked goods I make taste extra good.

Anonymous 6021

I like that I enjoy my own company.
That's about it.

Anonymous 6023

>I am extremely, sometimes overwhelmingly empathetic
> genuinely see the good in almost everyone/ am nice to everyone
> have a very broad range of interests/ taste
> i have good hair naturally and have finally grown it out/ embraced the curls
> usually learn new things/ adapt to changes easily and quickly
> hourglass body type
> naturally long nails/ slender fingers
> impeccable talent for finding gems while thrifting
> really good at bullshitting academic papers/ making it seem like i'm smarter than i am and know what i'm talking about
> good natural sense for comedy/ humor

i'm honestly surprised i made a list this long, i'm sure the self-hate list would be WAYYY longer but hey this is an accomplishment. thanks for making this OP!

Anonymous 6029


Oh, a rare indulgence…

>I'm not helpless

>I push people to do their best
>my hobby is my fulltime job
>it pays well and I am a company co-owner
>I picked a kind and loving guy rather than some moneybag or airheaded chad
>in the past I did shitty things, I acknowledge that and changed my attitude, not because I was caught, but because I finally understood love.
>generally very big on love
>In a very good relationship with my family
>finally over my "hardcore" phase

Normally I'd compensate for the bragging by shit-talking myself afterwards, but I'm over feeling guilty for being happy.

Anonymous 6039

wow that's legit my old and new measurements.

as for the topic.


>empathetic (too empathetic according to my therapist)
>strong willed, and strong in general

this thread makes me happy! everyone sounds really sweet and kind~

Anonymous 6044


Wow, what are the odds lol Are you 5'9 too by any chances?

sorry for OTness

Anonymous 6053


you sound so ~*wise*~, anon! i don't know how else to describe you (sorry) but you seem really sweet and like you've got your head screwed on right.

>i like that i've grown up and changed from who i was before. i was a terrible person and i did a lot of things i wish i could take back but i'm happy i can own up to them now and i've apologized to those i've hurt and learned from all of my mistakes.

>being vegan for 4 years makes me feel good for the environment, animals and my health. it also shows that i /can/ discipline myself and stay passionate about something.
>very nurturing person~ i love taking care of animals, family and friends.
>excellent at housework! i love feeling like a good mom or wife
>i'm happy with my interests/what i like even though it can be tough looking for new friends online and irl who like the same things
>petite asian 4'11 30-22-30 with smol feet 4.5
>pale skin even though i wish to be a bit paler
>round brown eyes for azn
>perky c-cup boobs
>and lastly i like that i was able to list down things i actually like about myself~!

it feels nice but really weird so i might post in the things that make you angry about yourself thread to balance it out

Anonymous 6060

>laidback and patient
>love to make people laugh
>people trust me enough to open up and spill all their bottled-up feelings and problems to me
Aha, I already a list of things in the self-hate thread so I'm surprised I don't hate myself as much as I thought I did when I was typing this up. Thanks for the cute thread OP~ All of you sound lovely <3

Anonymous 6073

I'm really good at my job. I like the shape of my legs and think they're erotic. I'm creative. I've been very selfish my whole life and I'm actively working to fix that and do better in my relationships.

Anonymous 6081


This going to be a hard one, but I like it!
I probably need to do this, anyway.

>I take good care of my s/o

>I have a high level of empathy and I do my best to always be kind
>I am super polite
>My face is ok
>my body is ok
>I don't have to style my hair because I like the way it sits naturally
>I have big boobs for my size and sometimes I like them
>I am a big reader, and I like to learn a lot from books
>My ex shattered me and my heart into a million pieces but I learnt so much from it and became a better, stronger person through it all

Thank you, OP <3

Anonymous 6083

I'm kind to animals and I managed to be nice enough to attract the boyfriend of my dreams.

That's it, though.

Anonymous 6084

I feel like you could probably add 'modest' to your list <3

Anonymous 6086

5'10, but that's close!

Anonymous 6482

I believe I have a ~pure heart~. I'm not even joking.

Anonymous 6483

unnamed (7).gif

Oops, I forgot to attach the gif. Ta daaa.

Anonymous 6491

That's sweet :)

Anonymous 6498

awww, anon pls <3

Anonymous 6515

thank you!

Anonymous 7476

>Good at DDR and Civilization
>Pass for female to strangers in public when presenting female
>My partner thinks I'm cute and funny
>Instructors have praised me for my essays and research papers
>Succeeded at losing and keeping off 20 lbs
>Made serious progress regarding social anxiety. 4 years ago, I spoke to about 4 people outside my house and had immense fear of talking to strangers or authority figures. Nowadays, I have many friends and acquaintances and can do alright with strangers.

Mod's note: added ban message for clarification.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 7477

Tall, come to terms with my personality and flaws, including my comedically crazy mind and train of thought. And I'm happy I really enjoy being polite and as kind as possible to people, it's kind of sad how rude people can be nowadays.

Anonymous 7482

>>Pass for female to strangers in public when presenting female

Anonymous 8306

Big eyes, sweet voice and kindness

Anonymous 8308

I never give up, I'm a giving person.

Anonymous 8373

I'm genuine.


Anonymous 9794

I was proved once again yesterday and I like to be fair and reasonable even when the thing I want/am against is being given to me. I need to feel I'm being fair to the other people involved otherwise it's a no-no. Personally i don't think I know how many people like me, so go me…?

Anonymous 9818

I'm kind to outsiders and the unfortunate. I never judge people whoa re doing really bad in life.

Anonymous 9824


I'm pretty self aware, I suppose.

Anonymous 9827


I like that I'm never late. I think I've been late to something like twice in my life. Most of the time I'm even early. This is really the only positive thing I can say about myself, and I think the reason I find this important and worth liking about myself is because I hate when people are late. I just feel like it's not that hard to be on time. I of course understand if you're late every once in a while, I mean shit happens, but some people I work with are CHRONICALLY late to fucking everything. I especially get irritated when a customer shows up late to my job and expects me to be able to take care of them right away at the expense of the other customers that were on time. You have ONE fucking job: show up on time and I will be able to help you on time and get you out of your appointment on time so you can be on your way.

Not hard.

Anonymous 86274

I have a thumb

Anonymous 86284


My therapist asked this question and I said "I try my best to be nice." Seems like such a lame non-answer but I do.

Anonymous 86312

I try to be a good person and I have really big tits
You sound sweet anon

Anonymous 86347


I'm really respectful with people and I have no motivation to be malicious or mean to anyone for any reason. I guess it's easy to be like that when you're a schizo hikikomori with no interest in socializing or developing relationships, but I still find it a good trait 'cause people who are nice and patient for no reason always make me happy.

Anonymous 86353

It's funny how we all list niceness/politeness because we have nothing else going for us and really that niceness is partly just a coping mechanism for feeling so unpleasant and nervous around other people.

Anonymous 86361


Talk for yourself, I just didn't wanna suck my own ass and sound like a narcissist.

Anonymous 86365


yeah i know what you mean. i don't have a malicious agenda because i don't care for people. i don't feel the need to exploit my relations with others, unlike some other people who just use each other to get ahead by faking niceness

Anonymous 86379

I'm really good at rhythm games lol I guess that's it.

Anonymous 86380

If your niceness/politeness is a fucking cope I feel bad for you. You're probably a doormat if that's what you're projecting.

Anonymous 86405


I really should see myself in a positive light more often.

>nice, generous, and empathic towards others (like sharing snacks or giving tissues)

>making and seeing people happy (drew pictures for friends of their favorite characters back in high school)
>artistic talent (drawing and crafting)
>clean/organize when neccessary and feel good about it
>somewhat eco-friendly (recycle aluminum cans, glass, and plastic bottles and keep unwanted materials for arts and crafts)
>happy about my interests and the things I got into (anime/manga, cartoons, video games, music, art, cute stuff, etc.)
>good at SSBU (main Isabelle)

Anonymous 86418

I have been given my directive and time to act on it. I can ask for no more.

Anonymous 86668


I like that I am motherly
I like that I am determined
I like that I am perceptive

Anonymous 86669

you seem like such a sweetheart and a good friend nonnie, love yourself

Anonymous 87352


I'm actually very nice and quite clever and I'm sick of being made to feel otherwise. Putting myself first sometimes doesn't make me selfish and not being interested in pursuing a full on career as fast as I can doesn't make me stupid.

I'm a nice person, I take care of my friends, I'm academic when it suits me, and I know that I want to avoid being trapped in a career. Theres nothing wrong with these things

Anonymous 87354

ramlethal snow.png

I like that I can be someone people come to for advice even if it's not what they want to hear.
I like that I can keep getting up after being knocked down.

Anonymous 87441

moon bunny fuentes…

This might be a bit hard for me, but I will do my best.
>I now see how beautiful my body really is and how amazing it is to have a functioning body
>I have an hourglass figure and I am proud that I finally learned how to dress my body up without feeling frumpy
>I have a diverse taste in the music that I love
>I love trying new hobbies, and because of that I have a lot of random skills on my belt
>I have improved so much as an artist, if a younger version of me saw my art, she would think It was professional
>I love learning about the arts and it's something that I never want to stop learning
>I am actually very in touch with my emotions and I happy cry alot
>I do my best to help my disabled family members and I am learning to be more patient and compassionate every day
>I have become alot more self aware rather than self conscious
>I am doing better at managing my own loneliness and instead filling it with more positivity and God
> Even though I am naturally blunt and oblivious, I do my best to be more understanding of others

I have to admit I have alot of flaws that bother me as a person, and sometimes I feels like I am not getting any better and I will always stay stagnant. I have been trying to find more positives of myself and this post helped me realized more of my positives. I hope that I can think about these throughout my day, so I can be positive towards others but also myself. Thank you OP!

Anonymous 87447

Ugh I’ve been avoiding this thread.

Ok well I like my hair and my skin. Also I like the fact I’m smart enough to understand most things.

Anonymous 173383

I am smarter and better than everyone else around me but also worse at the same time. Often I sit and ponder how the brains of the masses work, is it like my brain but if I was sleep deprived with perpetual brainfog? I bet I can't even imagine because even in that state I am still smarter and more intelligent.

Anonymous 173385

FYI I am looking for tips on how to simulate the braindeadedness of the masses. Its the one thing I CAN'T comprehend, processing things THAT slowly and inefficiently.

Anonymous 173498

I have a 22 in waist :p

Anonymous 173512


I work hard. Like really fucking hard. One part in order to compensate for having been called "spoiled", "useless", and "ungrateful" my whole life and another so that I was able to get myself away of a life doomed to hikineetdom. If there's any redeeming trait I have at all, I've realized it's that I refuse to leave any stone unturned. I'm not very bright but I get shit done.

Anonymous 173514

That's really a great quality, nona. I admire you. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous 173516

How do you gain this mentality? I really need it. I don’t want to be a neet but I feel like that’s the path I’m heading towards

Anonymous 173527

im smarter than people around me

Anonymous 173588


Thanks nona. It's the only way I've managed to survive this far in a notoriously hard major that oftens feels like you need to be pretty smart to do well in.


It's cliched, but I just found a goal I was autistically determined enough to work towards. In my case, thsat was Japanese because I really want to become fluent in it. Eventually that ended up increasing my discipline in other things as well. To be honest, I also had some life events happen. My grandma died and my mom moved out of the country to care for her, leaving me with pretty much no family around here to rely on. So that scared me into action. When you're alone and realize there's no one around to help you with anything anymore, that's a strong incentive in and of itself.

Anonymous 173595

The only thing I can appreciate about myself is my body. I've always found training for sports a lot easier than everyone around me, staying fit requires less effort than with others and I've never needed to diet to maintain the figure I like.

Anonymous 173614

This question always makes me cry, but I guess I sometimes like my art skill.
And I like that I still didn’t fuck up my friendship with that one precious person. A true miracle.

Anonymous 173618

I'm mostly chill and good natured, but that backfires on me a lot. (A lot of people tend to try to get over on me and use me for their own ends

Anonymous 173636

don't let the world wear you down, stay good despite it all

Anonymous 173665


I'm more well read than 95% of the population. It's pretty useless but I think it's kewl.

Anonymous 173674

i like listening to DSBM and thats probably my favourite thing about me

Anonymous 173675

Which bands/projects do you like nona? I have been listening to Sadness (maybe not very BM but definitely DS).

Anonymous 173678

ive been listening to:
NONE, leviathan, livelover, apati, amesoeurs, BSoD, make a change kill yourself

i got into xasthur about early 2019 and loved it since

Anonymous 173687

Maybe it doesn't mean much to most other people but my favorite (and only skillset I have really) is knitting and I love being able to reverse engineer patterns, understand how something was made at a glance and coming up with ways to do stuff I wouldn't have thought of before.
I have a pretty great memory, especially with dates I was fascinated with calender dates. I can remember dates I met people and days important things happened, I used to feel like my brain was a timeline. I can take a class and not take notes and recall most of the material for the test to get an A without ever studying. I always mog people who study a lot despite not studying a word and not completing most of the work for the class.
I am passionate about whatever I'm doing, the problem is its usually only 1 thing consuming my life at a time. For a while it was writing and I'd write in a diary 3 ish hours a day. Then it was reading briefly and I'd read large texts in a short amount of time.
I think that's it…

Anonymous 173783

Wow I love Lifelover, Xasthur and Amesoeurs, I'll check out the others nona! You sound cool.

Anonymous 173784

I can construct good ideas and arguments on the fly with little information because of my mastery of basic principles of logic and logical fallacies. At times I've been able to construct arguments that end up being shortened and simplified versions of accepted academic theories without even knowing they exist. I can also reconstruct historical events "accurately" with little information.

Anonymous 173801

Reverse engineering knitting patterns seems super complex and cool. I'm jealous of people like you with excellent memory. Can you easily visualize things in your mind's eye as well?

Anonymous 173889

- I have a good relationship with my parents.
- Not the smartest but works hard and does well in academics
- Not depressed anymore

Anonymous 182180


>i’m cute :)
>i’m quick to cut people off because i respect myself
>i can write pretty decently
>i’m very resilient
>i don’t take no for an answer when it comes to my goals and aspirations
>i’m self-assured
>i speak clearly and i am very articulate
>men call me a bitch

Anonymous 182194

You sound like someone who would unironically describe themself as a girlboss.

Anonymous 182288

I'm pretty!

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