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Guilty Pleasure thread Anonymous 6018

Anything goes.

Spill it!

Anonymous 6019


Imageboards…. I hope I can kick the habit before I have kids some day. I don't want future me to be ignoring my future kids in favor of funposting on the Internet with people 20 years younger than me.

Anonymous 6022

Cigarettes… I've stopped smoking this Sunday (I smoked 1 to 4 cigs a day everyday depending how I felt in a month.) and the withdrawals are actually pretty annoying. I reeeally want a cigarette; the smoke shop is 2 min walk away but I'm trying to be an adult and quit smoking for good.

However, if someone offered me a smoke, I don't think I would refuse…

Anonymous 6024


Cartoons and comics. Even the ones for adults.
It takes you out of this world and makes you obsessed with escapism when you get too into it like me.

Anonymous 6032


Anonymous 6033



That makes two of us. Not because I think it's shameful or anything, but because the porn industry fucking sucks. TBH I've been trying to stop watching porn, and as silly as it is, trying to see more drawn or written porn. Written is especially nice 'cause yeah, I like imagining stuff. Anyway.

Not sure if this is a guilty pleasure or an unpopular opinion, maybe both, but I like 90's curtain hair lmao I think that on the right guy it can be really hot.

Anonymous 6034

I think that binge eating. It's not really something I like doing because I know it's bad for me, and I am trying to stop it. But it's a guilty pleasure, sort of. I keep thinking if I have any, I guess not… I really don't indulge in anything.

Anonymous 6035

Not that anon but I agree with you that the porn and sex industry is absolutely disgusting and if you go deeper and deeper into the whole system it just gets uglier, even though some people want to mask the truth. Netflix has a couple docs on it if anyone wants to learn more. Ill stop derailing now.

Anonymous 6040

> lurking through all the bitchy petty gossip on lolcow
> the binging aspect of my ED
>certain fandoms that would prob make me cringey to my friends if they knew
> i used to be a borderline klepto years ago but i've since become a not-piece-of-shit person and stopped

Anonymous 6041

> binging + klepto
You too?
I had/have both but I was a strange child and used to get this urge to steal food off people's plates. An example would be once when my parents were having a dinner party and the smoke alarm went off in the kitchen, and everyone ran to see, and I got this urge to steal bites of food of everyone's plates while they were gone. Felt somewhat satisfied afterwards. I still get it sometimes but it's more controllable now.

I've been having a weird thing going on though since I ended up with PTSD, I've had this uncontrolable urge to hoarde food/groceries. I just don't feel secure if we don't have two of everything in the cupboard, and I feel more secure with three or more.

Anonymous 6042

omg glad someone can relate to this awful shit. but yeah i still struggle a bit with bulimia/ednos and only recently got binging under control because my antidepressant happens to suppress that urge really well, thank god.

as for the klepto thing, i did similar things with food! especially when combined with the binging thing, i used to hoard tons of cafeteria food, anything that was able to fit in my bag that i could carry out, back when i lived on campus. i would steal food from stores FOR b/p sessions. i'd get uncontrollable urges to eat roommates' junk food and would then rush out to the store before they got home to replace it so that they wouldn't know. it's a very very hard habit to stop and i'd be lying if i said i don't still struggle with those urges

Anonymous 6043

I still sleep with a stuffed animal and need a night light.

Anonymous 6045

>>lurking through all the bitchy petty gossip on lolcow

Oh god…this… I feel like a bitch for browsing lolcow. It's embarrassing because irl I generally like people and disagree with talking behind peoples backs.

For some reason I like following random peoples lives, and I guess lolcow is a good place to hear what other people truly think. I like hearing what other people think/feel about others so it's not enough to follow a rando by myself on FB. When I watch reality tv shows, I always go online to read what other people think of the people as well. I will even "check for updates" on people who appeared on reality tv over the years to see how their lives have panned out. I don't like following celebrities because they aren't relatable and don't have any shared interests usually.

I have no clue why this appeals to me, but it's very embarrassing. Definitely my guilty pleasure..

Anonymous 6046

>It's embarrassing because irl I generally like people and disagree with talking behind peoples backs.

Lol same. I was hanging out at a friend's house, and she invited some people in a different circle who I don't know very well. Anyways, one girl starts bitching about the wedding makeup of another girl, and began going through her facebook/instagram on her phone, laughing at her pictures and showing them to us. All I could think was, "Holy shit what a negative bitch. Why is she being so needlessly salty? And this chick's makeup doesn't even look bad!" Then I realized I do the same thing on lolcow, just anonymous and minus the nitpicking

Anonymous 6048

I'm curious, why do you find "shit-talking" so bad? I wish people realized that shit-talking isn't all bad.

I tell my S.O. all my opinions about everyone I meet; acquaintances, potential friends, etc. Yes, my opinions of some people are not high, often because they'll say something homophobic or racist. A lot of times I'm not able to tell the person I find it wrong directly because in the moment I get shocked. If it's about a person's appearance, I have no idea why people would feel bad talking about that because for me, a person's appearance means so little. I often go out looking like complete shit all the time and if u had a friend who said shit to someone else about it, I don't care. Even when I shit talk stranger's fashion choices, it doesn't mean I think they are shitty or that even all their clothing choices are shitty.

I think people need to realize that sometimes you don't know to say something in the moment, but you want to let it out, so you tell someone else what you thought about them. I expect that if I harm my friends, regardless if on purpose or not, that they will talk about it to someone else. Even if I apologize. People need to process thoughts and feelings to other people, I guess it doesn't matter to me whether it's a positive or negative thought (though I see how excessive shit talking can make one overly negative).

Anonymous 6054

taylor swift songs

Anonymous 6067

It's one thing to be honest with your feelings about someone you know or something that happened to you with a single trusted person who can help you process your feelings, but gossiping about people just because it's fun can destroy their reputation, especially if it's out in public on the Internet.

Anonymous 6143


Country music. My mom is a die hard country fan so I grew up listening to a lot of it. Love the Dixie Chicks, Tanya Tucker, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

Anonymous 6144

i-i still play neopets

Anonymous 6157

Chocolate. I crave it everyday, multiple times. When I feel pissed off or sad the solution is chocolate. Dessert after dinner is chocolate. My afternoon snack is… chocolate. I get pretty emo when I'm really craving it and don't get it. It's sooooo good. When people give me chocolate they don't want it feels like a blessing.

I agree w/ u about the hair. I find it sooooooo cute and it's slowly becoming one of my favorite hairstyles. Longer hair on guys is way better than short in my opinion, even if it can look a lil cheesy sometimes.

Also me. I'm a sucker for gossip and love looking into other people's lives. I'm not into big name celebrities, and love hearing other people's opinions.

Anonymous 6161

Shit anime with shit fanservice
The worse the better. Without even a hint of a good plot or a good character.

Anonymous 6168

Fanfic about qt 2D boys. It's super comfy instant gratification, both emotional and sexual, that requires zero brainpower. It never affects me negatively because I can't relate to the characters (unlike het romance) and there's so much of it that even when I'm picky about the quality there's plenty of stuff for me to read. I like doujin and fanart too but they don't have the escapism of a good long fic.

Anonymous 6185

cheesy romcoms/ chickflicks. feels good watching people that aren't me going through all the embarrassing/ awkward courting stages. But unfortunately there aren't a lot of good romcoms so i have to shift through tons of shit to get one watchable one

Anonymous 6209



Currently I have two fanfic.net pages open on my iphone, one for Sesshomaru/Kaoru fanfics and the other one for Royai.

Although im definitely picky about the quality of the fanfic tho, it better has good writing and screw those first person perspective ones

Anonymous 6221


Yuri on ice and free! are unironically two of my favorite animes

Anonymous 6235

I didn't think Free was anything special but YOI deserves credit for how legitimately, unironically good it is. It's definitely one of my favourite series.

Anonymous 6249

free had great animation but a shit story(as if there even was one)

yuri on ices animation was god awful and i was bored to tears with the repetition of ice skating scenes and sick of the 'rivals' which didnt really mean much to the story. the 'love story' had nothing paticularly exciting about it besides the fact it was canon gay even though the target audience is women/fujoshis, everyone loves to go on about 'yuri on ice is SO IMPORTANT FOR REPRESENTATION DIVERSITY BLAHBLAH' i just feel my brain cells die when people talk about it, no actual gay japanese youth are going to feel 'accepted' or 'normal' thanks to this anime, the whole thing is fujobait its not making any sort of social statement at all. one of the most over rated mediocre anime of all time.

my guilty pleasures i suppose are oelvns, all the japanese visual novels 'masterpieces' are 9 times out of 10 eroge, most of the time im looking to experience a good story not a sex scene and oelvns i usually dont need context or whatever because i already know the culture since i was raised in it. i dont like oelvns that try to imitate japan it just feels more boring and can just be more cringe if its American acting characters but with japanese names in japan!!! i once played a oelvn where a guy talked about how when he was in middle school he had a fwb, i mean come on man

Anonymous 6252


lol no need to bash other people's guilty pleasures.

Smut fanfic is a big one for me, also. Not necessarily yaoi fics, straight smut as well that has my husbandos. I feel stupid even writing that down lol
When I see a piece of media I like that has cute male characters that I like, I'll always search afterwards for fics.

Anonymous 6253

It's pathetic that you would sperg about taste in a guilty pleasure thread. Do you even know what a guilty pleasure is? Unless you were being sarcastic in your post.

Anonymous 6254


Grow a thicker skin.

Not that poster btw.

Anonymous 6255

>>grow a thicker skin
I'm commenting how pathetic they are, not how offended I am. Maybe you should take your own advice.

Anonymous 6256


It's not about being offended, it's about caring either way. It's a guilty pleasure thread, everything in here is inherently a bit crap in some respect.

Anonymous 6267

But them being shitty to someone for their guilty pleasure was a legitimately crap thing to do. It's a thread that's meant for someone to be vulnerable, and then for someone to zone in on that and act like they're some conissuer of anime when it's a guilty pleasure thread…yeah,that's stupid of them to lack the understanding of the purpose of this thread, but it's also just a dick move.

>>everything is a bit crap in that respect

Yeah, it's still shitty to shit on someone's crap. They clearly are "guilty" about it.

Inb4 it's the internet, what do you expect excuse

Anonymous 6288

There's nothing bait about a canon couple that exceeded everyone's expectations and just kept upping the gay. Sure, there were production problems and they were too ambitious with the amount of animation but that's still 10000% better than cheap series that stick to panning and stills to avoid having to include any actual movement. And yeah, pacing and screen time distribution could've been better. But your complaints are basically minor flaws in comparison to the things it did well (endearing characters and relationship dynamics, being a breath of fresh air with adult characters/elite athletes instead of school kids, loving and detail oriented portrayal of the sport, one of the best romcom twists in anime or maybe in general, the OST, the bits that were animated well, etc).

It's extremely easy to ignore SJWs going on about representation when you don't use tumblr, btw. It's got nothing to do with the series if you choose to read that bullshit.

Anyway I don't care if people disagree with my guilty pleasures but that's because I like arguing on the internet. It's one of my other guilty pleasures.

Anonymous 6414

Junk food and treating myself. For junk food it's not even because it's unhealthy or tastes disgusting at some point, it's just that after a while it gets really expensive and I know I should save money for other things. And I tend to buy myself some nice video games and makeup that I barely touch for a reason or another. It just makes me feel better after a shitty day, and in the case of video games I actually plan on playing them asap but it still makes me feel guilty once I stop feeling a bit better.

Yuri on Ice was so good, you made me want to watch it again.

>the 'love story' had nothing paticularly exciting about it besides the fact it was canon gay
It was actually exciting in a "will it actually happen" and the fact that it was gay actually contributed to that because it made it unlikely to happen but I feel like a lot of people watched it after seeing spoilers about episode 6 so there was no suspens. Plus the fact that people hyped it with "GAY MLM REPRESENTATION uwuwuwuuw" probably disappointed a lot of people but that's another probelm altogether imo. Anyway it's not fujobait when it's actually canon. Free! would be fujobait.

>It's extremely easy to ignore SJWs going on about representation when you don't use tumblr, btw.
They were also on twitter posting spoilers asap even though crunchyroll posted the episode way later than planned several times depending on the country where you watched it. It was really annoying.

Same, I mostly read BL whenever I can but I feel like the fics I find these days are either not so good because the characters are ooc, it's badly written in general or it just feels like the authors make everything feel more "american" if you know what I mean. I'm also getting tired of coffe shop AUs or (american) college AUs, especially when what makes the story/setting of the original work interesting in the first place is that it's not realistic or modern. Anyway I'll shut up now.

Anonymous 9765

I like it when a sandwich is squashed because I left it in my bag and everything's crushed it. It goes all condensed and mmmmmmmmm.

Crisp sandwiches that have been crushed mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous 9767

Picking my lips and fingernails, I dunno why I do it

Anonymous 9780

I love (most) pop music. I know it's looked down upon as being cookie-cutter, shallow, and mass produced. But I honestly don't care about a song being "deep". I just like listening to something catchy and fast-paced.

I don't feel guilty about it, but it does seem like there's a weird taboo with admitting that you like it.

Anonymous 9782

Same! Idk why people shit on it so much, but I'd rather just hear a peppy beat song rather than something depressing or dramatic.

Then again, I also really really love meme-y songs and mashups, which regularly make people cringe when I link to them or listen to them out loud.

Anonymous 9792

>>I like it when a sandwich is squashed because I left it in my bag and everything's crushed it.

You have classy paladar. I put a ton of ketchup on everything that's savory enough for ketchup.

Anonymous 9793

I eat rice with ketchup if I have no other way of adding something to it. Which is almost all the time.

Anonymous 9802


I wear glasses and read classics but I really enjoy a certain trash series full of genderswapped mythological figures. I put 40$ in the gacha for NP3 Carmilla, and I'm going to grail Medea to lvl 100. My current favorite series, Terra Ignota, is about a murderer-rapist-cannibal and their extreme gender fetish in a future obsessed with the renaissance. I am a horrible writer who has gotten off repeatedly to her own work, and that work was homestuck fanfiction and it had traps and futa and buckets full of genetic material being consumed and me transparently projecting my own issues onto characters,

but like, >>9765? I dont get it anon-chan. what the Fuck

Anonymous 125370

Your post has made me nostalgic for the old internet. Please nevar change /b/.

Anonymous 125388

I do virtually nothing at my job but write/ work on my own stuff because my job is completely deaddddd.

Yesterday I made the most amazing miso simmered trout and sweet potatoes. I ate it with shirakiku rice and gave some to my mom. She hates me so I give her my cooking to piss her off because she knows its really good and she can't cook.

I love treating myself one day out of the week, to pho, or pizza or something. Binge watching something on HBO.

Consuming BL sometimes. The only BL I'd really consume would be mine.

I used to love Homestuck fandom right when it all came out. Nowadays I can't find anything that good unless its coming from me. Work that leaves everything to the imagination and is really painstakingly detail oriented. I'm dying to find something like that again though.

Anonymous 125440

What job do you work where you can do your own stuff all the time?

Anonymous 125460

even though I know it's cringe I like to watch mlp sometimes, it's a cute show

Anonymous 125461

It's only cringe if it's gen5

Anonymous 125462

reading this made me drool. my absolute favorite is a squished-up, warm peanut-butter and jelly sandwich mmmpgpghghgg..g

Anonymous 125476

Night shift in a hotel. Soon I will be brokering insurance too though.

Anonymous 125490

Man some days when I have the time I'll lay in bed for hours and just
Not do anything of real value
Curling up in the blankets, watch YouTube videos, maybe a few drinks, read books, as long as I'm lying on my bed and doing no physical activity, I can literally do that forever.

Fwiw I am otherwise a very active person and try to lead a very healthy lifestyle with physical fitness but lately my god I just want to lie down.

Anonymous 125493

i guess selfshipping? i wouldn't say that it's hardcore selfshipping, i don't know if it's even the right word for it. I really don't like shipping as a concept for me personally but yeah. interpret that as you will.

just thinking about being with fictional men that i like is so much more comfy and therapeutic compared to how fucking infuriating it is interacting with or having any relationship with moids irl.

Anonymous 125502


Anonymous 125560

Do you mean working the front desk?

Anonymous 125915

Yes and auditing.

Anonymous 125957

fellow selfshipper here.

after abuse from awful moids, fictional men are miles better to me now. lol

Anonymous 125964


I know right? it's so much better. It's like having a lot of the emotional benefits but not having to deal with actual moids. God bless.

Anonymous 126007

My Chemical Romance. It's weird, none of the other bands I like are emo but they've just lingered in my brain no matter how many years I put between me & my emo phase.
I wonder if this anon managed to kick her habit. If you're still lurking 4 yrs later, update us?

Anonymous 129380

tranny music. i mostly listen to rock/alternative/punk but 100 gecs, kim petras (earlier stuff), ayesha erotica, sophie…the instrumentals are so good that i don’t mind momentarily forgetting who made the song.

Anonymous 129383

I can't believe 2019 was already 10 years ago…RIP SOPHIE

Anonymous 129391

Various pop music from the 2000s. I LOVE Britney Spears' music and I will listen to her for hours while playing games. I think it's the nostalgia for me.

Anonymous 129416


Another selfshipper/yumejoshi reporting in. I came in here to post about it, actually. I use unique OCs instead of a self-insert character but it still counts, I think…? It's definitely my guilty pleasure, emphasis on "guilty". It feels like it's becoming a little less taboo than it was in the 2010s but I still don't admit it openly to people who don't know me or on social media where crazies can send me death threats about it. Too many instances where I've seen others torn down for doing it on cringe blogs has scared me out of ever admitting it openly… though I am slowly getting a little braver about it.

>after abuse from awful moids, fictional men are miles better to me now

Damn, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. My own reasons aren't as dramatic (its like my brain was hard wired to do it, I dunno it's been a thing I've done since elementary school) but I can understand entirely. Scenarios for any relationship always play out perfectly in your head. After a lot of failed friendships and general lack of understanding how to be successful socially (even in online spaces) I end up turning to made-up scenarios in my head to entertain me. That sounds a lot more depressing than I intended for it to be. I actually have a great fiance, so it's not like I'm super duper lonely, just kinda bored I think. I daydream about it a lot less when I spend time with him IRL (it's a LDR… for now).

Still, the amount of time I spend thinking about my own characters shipped with my favorite characters is a little haunting.

Anonymous 129420

You don't have to struggle socially to refuse to be in relationships with men. I've been relationship-free for a long time now, I also prefer fantasy. I'm never attracted to men. Its like 1 in 600 people I'll be attracted to, and even then, I don't want to live with one, or get married, or take on the bullshit that is running a house with a moid that expects you to do everything. Its all just steeply steeply unattractive to me. I don't want it in my life. Its as simple as that. I DO want to travel and never get chained down, but marriage is a vile institution to me

Anonymous 129429

my life is boring enough for me to spend 70% of my day staring at my laptop screen like a fucking loser, i hope i can find something worth doing or make a friend before i have no choice but to do this for the rest of my life

Anonymous 129547


RPGs and similar, especially games starring animals. Not anthro furfag garbage, I just get tired of dealing with modern human stuff/interactions in general sometimes and want to roam the woods as someone who has never had to deal with it and never will. Look for shinies, find berries, dig a burrow. Maybe swim around and explore the depths of the ocean, looking for fish to eat. Fly around and burn the fort of some jerk's battalion and hoard the gold to sleep on. So escapism, basically.

I treat it like visiting the zoo. Won't participate in the gossip or name-slinging, but I may drop by for a day to peek through the bars at the animals on display and see what weird shit they're doing in public.

Anonymous 218580



Picrel. I'm an adult yet I still crave them. Happy cancer food from my childhood.


RPGS are comfy so that's understandable. It's like they allow you to live in an idealized medieval time period without worrying about the actual moral depravity, poverty, death, and disease that would come with it.

Anonymous 218835


They're great, aren't they? I think I like pretty much all of them. Even the ones that are literally just crackers with some shit on them. You got any favs?

Anonymous 219028


Lil Darkie.
I hate almost all rap music and I usually especially hate deliberately edgy and noisy rap music.
However, for some reason despite checking all those boxes to a high degree, I can't stop listening to his songs.
I don't know if it's because this takes me back to high school when ODD Future was "the thing" and it's in a way reassuring that edgy garbage for teenagers is still being made and finding an audience, or what.

Anonymous 219078

Horribly filthy erotica novels with great stories. I just binged 8 books of a single series and the writer is so obviously male it hurts (main character is the perfect man in all respects, yet never once eats pussy), but the story develops an entire lore that puts most fantasy giga-novel series to shame.

Anonymous 219080

TTRPGs. They are still considered lame in my country, so I play online with foreigners and finding a good group with a good GM is like finding the perfect novel and friends all in one. Fantasy is cool and all, but I play more modern games for the escapist fantasy of acting in a way I would and could never in real life.

Anonymous 219119

I love the pizza ones, don't rly care for the cracker ones. Not planning to stop eating stuff that's always tasted good to me

I spend tons of time escaping into rpgs too. That I think of it, I'm not sure if I even have 'guilty pleasures' bc I never feel bad about liking stuff

Anonymous 219129

I'm curious, what's the title of the series anon?

Anonymous 219687

omg same, I also enjoy kill la kill!!! i have such a good memories with that show, i remember how i watched it for the first time, during summer, taking breaks just to ride my bicycle while listening to OSTs of this anime, it gave me such a big amount of energy. i love main characters very much <3

Anonymous 219688

that was supposed to be a replay but something went wrong O_o

Anonymous 219723

I also like to eat rice with ketchup and some cheese or scrambled eggs with ketchup. Not because I don't have anything else at home but because I actually like it.

Also I do maladaptive daydreaming to escape reality before I go to sleep. It's worse when I'm not doing too well.

Anonymous 219727

I put ketchup on my Mac and cheese and shepherds pie and people think I’m gross and abnormal for it

Anonymous 224050

I listen to Ke$ha sometimes.

Anonymous 224057

>>218580 here. I just wanted to report I take this back. I tried one again for the first time in awhile, shortly after I had posted that and I got sick. Also, maybe it's just me, but the portions for Lunchables seem to have gotten even smaller. There is no way someone, especially a kid, can unironically eat this in place of a whole meal. Extremely disappointed, 1/10

Anonymous 224064

I've been getting into ke$ha. I never listened to her on my own but she was always playing at college parties so she's very nostalgic for me.

Anonymous 224086

Family guy

Anonymous 224096

Peanut butter and Nutella with milk. Yes I know I’m binge eating 10,000 calories. That’s why I can’t have it in the house ugh.

Anonymous 224115


Dim sum. God bless the Cantonese.

Anonymous 224477

This egg/pork/baamboo shoot/green onion chinese dish that I don't know the name of but could eat every day. Perfect with a cold beer.

My guilty pleasure that I eat regularly is chocolate protein bars. They are just leftover whey/soy by-products mixed with chocolate and injected with B vitamins. But they're so good.

Anonymous 224529

I love all dumplings from all cultures. Bless the dumplings!

Anonymous 224530

I am binging Milf Manor and the cringe is reaching levels previously unheard of

Anonymous 224665

>buckets full of genetic material being consumed

I know this is like 5 years old but I’m trying to figure out what the context to this is
Oh wait, I think I know. Semen?

Anonymous 224701


Using vacant playgrounds to peacefully swing while listening to music. I always loved swinging, like when I was a kid. I wish there were playgrounds specifically made for adults just so I can swing without looking weird.

Anonymous 224708

I love swinging, but the nearest park only has little kid swings. I wish I had a swingset in my backyard.

Anonymous 224711


Do male invaded spaces and fandoms count? I have been a pegasister since I was like 6

Anonymous 224768

I wish i could get into them. I'm mostly playing CPRGS alone on my pc. I feel self conscious playing TTRPGs aaagh
this picture really threw me for a loop i thought she had a bump on her head

Anonymous 224771

>this picture really threw me for a loop i thought she had a bump on her head
yeah the lighting and shadows are very harsh and round which gives that effect

Anonymous 224779

I learned a new term today, cool.

Anonymous 224784


the term pegasister makes me nostalgic

Anonymous 224801

i literally just want to peg my bf so bad hes so masculine and dominant but this only makes me want to peg him 10x more ive always been repulsed by the idea of pegging hut i want him in my lap riding me so bad thats all had to get it out

Anonymous 224817

Anonymous 224819

we have an nsfw board fyi

Anonymous 227238


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