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Anonymous 60700

what does cc think of smoking? i personally really hate it, everyday when i walk in the street i have to put up with secondhand smoking, i couldn't imagine being addicted

Anonymous 60703


i wouldn't have given a single shit if smoking only affected the person smoking the cigarette, well actually i care about my dad i wish he would stop smoking, his brother was a heavy smoker and died in his late 40's from lung cancer

Anonymous 60705


smoking is the biggest, most insidious scam in the history of mankind.
at least the opium wars ended the opium scam.

Anonymous 60711


I think it's sexy, too bad it's smelly and bad for you.
I almost got myself addicted some years ago, but if I try to smoke now, I feel like my body rejects it.

Anonymous 60715

I have been smoking to deal with stres and it helps a lot. When you are under a lot of pressure having a cig or two really clears your mind. But apparently I have really high stress hormone levels and dunno what to do about it so if you aren't like me don't bother.

Anonymous 61233

you are paying other people to kill you

Anonymous 61239

Smokers are a lot like a fat people. Gross.

Anonymous 61251

I used to smoke. Smoking doesn't relieve stress, not in the way you think it does. It only relieves the stress you get from needing another nicotine fix. Basically you're creating stress so that you can quell it with a drug and continue on a vicious cycle.
I highly recommend that you read Allen Carr's Easy Way to stop smoking. You realize quite a few things like that.

Anonymous 61254


Does second-hand smoking actually dry up your skin? If so, I’m fucked.

Anonymous 61394

I'm actually in the process of quitting smoking right now (and I'm doing extremely well, almost at the point of quitting for good) and this is the realization that really helped push me to stop. I used to self medicate depression and anxiety with smoking, but the less I smoke and the less I feel dependent on it, the less stress I feel in general. It really is an awful cycle.

Anonymous 63470

Is it normal for an ex smoker to salivate when looking at cigarettes?

Anonymous 63471

I find women who smoke very sexy

Anonymous 63472


Anonymous 63682


I smoke occasionally and sometimes with other smokers.
Tobacco tastes nice, they go well with coffee, and the combo can keep you awake very effectively when you're busy.
I think it's ok as long as you don't develop a habit.

Anonymous 63686

i smoke a doobie sometimes when i'm with friends, i don't touch cigs or tobacco outside of that. i also dont drink all that often, my only addiction is gayming and that destroys my soul.

Anonymous 63698

Disgusting and a 120% deal breaker for me.
I fucking hate smoking and smokers.

Anonymous 63711

Smoking can be very aesthetic, but it smells fucking disgusting and it's incredibly dumb.

Anonymous 63712

It's only aesthetic because of the billion dollar brainwashing campaigns that have been going on for the past 70 years.

Anonymous 72072

>I think it's ok as long as you don't develop a habit
Is it that easy to not develop a habit?

Anonymous 72073

I didn't. Not sure if it's because I don't have an addictive personality or something.
Didn't get addicted to weed or booze either despite partaking from time to time.
Only thing I developed a dependency on was caffeine, but it's under control now.
I guess if you are worried that you might be addicted, it's better to not start because people claim tobacco addiction is the hardest to kick.

Anonymous 72075

I can't stand smoking, but my dad smoked and I have such strong memories associated with his brand of tobacco. The smell of his specific brand just makes me feel warm and cozy, like I'm still sitting next to him in his old Ford Falcon ute as we drive home with a Pink Floyd tape playing, the warm sun on my skin and the strong smell of his open pouch of Champion Ruby with a few rolled ones tumbling out onto the dash. Kind of makes me want to cry and curl up into a ball to be transported back there.

Anonymous 72076

Really nice to see someone have a good relationship with their dad on here for a change.

Anonymous 72093

It's a shitty habit and I hate it that I got sucked into it. It's a waste of money and there are safer substances to abuse long-term. I still love the smell of cigarette smoke, though, it makes me feel comfy and safe.

Anonymous 72098

I've smoked 20 ciggaretes today, and drunk 2 bottles of wine, degenerate here

Anonymous 72150

A lot of my friends smoke and I don't mind it. I actually like hanging out in the smoking area of bars (if well-ventilated) and I understand that it's a hard habit to break so I would never judge anyone over it.

What I do have a problem with is smokers who have absolutely no respect for people around them. I hate people smoking on the street while walking and blowing the smoke into your face, that any outdoor area of a restaurant/café is ruined by them and you can't sit outside on a nice day, people always asking me for a smoke/lighter while I'm minding my own business, when they can't wait for 5 fucking minutes at a bus stop or in a queue without puffing incessantly or when they light up near children/hospitals or other inappropriate areas.

I also don't see it as "cool" or "sexy". It's just kind of sad tbh knowing that they've got some shitty addiction that makes them smell like absolute stale shit, fork over a lot of money and discolours their skin.

Anonymous 72218

>I hate people smoking on the street while walking and blowing the smoke into your face, that any outdoor area of a restaurant/café is ruined by them and you can't sit outside on a nice day, people always asking me for a smoke/lighter while I'm minding my own business,
You sound like a literal fascist.

Anonymous 72223

>a literal fascist
>annoyed by people asking for a smoke/lighter
>proletarian nation

Anonymous 72249

>I dislike it when people are inconsiderate and rude.
I didn't know Mussolini has a monopoly on politeness.

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