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A short history of the female imageboards on Brazil Anonymous 60745

This is NOT advertisement, mods, and these imageboards aren't even active right now. Just telling a silly curiosity to my fellow miners.

The rule "tits or GTFO" is enforced on most Brazilian IBs, and anyone who claimed to be female is banned (a few specific periods and imageboards aside). The result was that the first Brazilian imageboards solely dedicated to women was born in 2011: Magali-chan, named after a Brazilian comic character. Of course they faced the same problems as we do, from moids pretending to be women to gore and CP raids, and the servers deleted the site many many times. In the end, the admins gave up for obvious reasons, but it was ressurreced many times latter, usually in a new domain. But history repeates itself, and they were all raided to death.

There was at least another one, "Arrozal" (ptbr: "Rice field"), that was made for underages girls. Yeah, very stupid, I know. This one lasted even shorter than Magali, for the same reasons.

Want to make sure your small board survives? Don't let Brazilian imageboards find out about it.

Anonymous 60746

>men make space for men: women leave it be
>women make space for women: men go absolutely apeshit

This is why we need feminism

Anonymous 60748


Fuck, I remember Arrozal. I was around 16 back then, kek.
The admin said she would try to come back but never gave a word on it anymore.
Magalichan was being held at 8chan before Cloudflare decided to not host it anymore.

De fato, channer homem brasileiro é câncer. Eles merecem tudo de ruim que acontece com eles.

Anonymous 60753

Mano pq hein? no 4chan os caras são cancer também as vezes mas não chega aos pés dos brs. É regra todo post ter tanta coisa nojenta e fora da realidade que não me surpreende os casos de violência contra mulher crescendo.

E que gif fofo <3

Anonymous 60799

Kek, this was accurate. Video related.
Eu não sei porque eles são assim, irmãs. Provavelmente falta de educação e a própria cultura merda do continente.

Anonymous 60826

It's not even 'tits or gtfo', it's just 'gtfo'.
I was sad about Magali though, it was a comfy board. Sadly it was run by >a fucking tranny

Anonymous 60848


>why are they like this
Mostly due to dysfunctional family and peer rejection, I suppose. If you notice, they complain about this a lot. Plus, men are prone to be more violent, but since they can't do anything IRL most of the time, they canalize all their stupid rage on the internet.

>magalichan was run by a tranny
Why am I not surprised.

Estou pensando em pedir à admin abrir um /int/, daí fazemos nosso próprio fio de brasileiras, o que acham? Ou melhor aqui no /b/ mesmo?

Anonymous 60855

>It's not even 'tits or gtfo', it's just 'gtfo'.
Right now yes, but they allowed women who proved to be women IIRC.

>Sadly it was run by >a fucking tranny

Source on that? That's just… sad.
Eu pensei nisso há alguns dias também. Seria legal se houvesse bandeirinhas. Já temos tópicos sobre outras nacionalidades no /b/, acho que se eles fossem movidos já haveria conteúdo suficiente.

Anonymous 61001

Seria legal ter uma thread para conversar com outras BRs, mas duvido que tenha mais de meia dúzia de anons BRs aqui..
Sobre o traveco dono do Magali, lembro de ver postagens dele algumas vezes. O nome dele era Technomage, ele também era mod do Dogola e foi do realchan, se não me engano.

Anonymous 61046

Alguma de vocês chegou a frequentar o SFC-han, Tripchan, Rorichan, Salmão ou algum outro chan brasileiros "misto"?

Anonymous 61323


Self-respect 0.
Usava bastante até 2014~, hoje em dia somente lurko. Não tenho vontade de ficar discutindo sobre anime igual antigamente, sem contar que a board é morta hoje em dia.
Volto a cada 6 ou 9 meses pra encher o saco do pessoal de lá.
Lembro vagamente de lurkar em 2012 pra 2013 antes de fechar, nunca cheguei a usar.
Nunca usei.

Tinha o tropicalchan há alguns anos atrás (2013? não me lembro ao certo), cheguei a postar algumas vezes.

Anonymous 61330

Salmão é inutilizável, aquele jeito de escrever me dá ânsia.

Anonymous 62078

Bom, já que flopou, que tal começarmos a utilizar o /magali/ do 8kun (ponto) top?

Anonymous Admin 62166

Remember to post in English only.

Anonymous 71445

There are literally zero rules about that.

Anonymous Admin 71446

Sorry, I'll add it during the next update. For the sake of moderation and making it possible for other users to be part of the conversation, please stick to English.

Anonymous 71453

The 2 best boys from that show

It's sad how every female oriented group either Chans or Facebook groups get's raided by moids, be it by your teenage shitposter or by "females". Maybe If we ask for a Brazilian thread but speak in english the mods will let us stay

Anonymous 71456

English only posting is a great filter for our third-world moids.

Anonymous 71504

I remember magalichan had more men larping as women than anything else. It was a matter of time until it was over.
I guess the only space for us, cancer free, are those borrowed from english imgboards.

Anonymous 71516

Don't know if asking it here is the right way, but can we or anyone make /country/ threads as long as we stick to speaking english in them?

Anonymous 71526

Why make a new thread if we can talk here?

Anonymous 71527

That would do too.

Finally I finished all exams in my uni. Just one more year and I'm 'free"

Anonymous 71580

Good for you, anon. I was supposed to graduate this year but corona fucked everything up.

Anonymous 73044

I`d love to have a place to talk with my fellow huelands

He`s so good looking.

Anonymous 74149

sfc has a lot of 55 refugees suddenly but as you can guess it's way more cancerous now. I still want to talk about anime and games but it's getting impossible with how annoying they are.

Anonymous 109710

I'm pretty happy with CC and LC as female-only chans as a brazilian tbh. I think that brazilian scrote channers are way more deranged than most gringo channers and i'm not up to fighting the war against them. Like >>71456 said, english-only posting is a great deterrent, against them.
Not that i wouldnt like a female only board in my own language, it just feels kind of unattainable for now unless some group decides to really make it work. I think it's possible, but way harder than it would be for gringo boards.

Anonymous 109727

each time a left-winged girl I know thinks foreign guys are better I'll send her stuff like this.

Anonymous 109751

I don't think any left-winged girl thinks Brazilian men are better than western ones.

Anonymous 111187

>Want to make sure your small board survives? Don't let Brazilian imageboards find out about it.
Have pre-moderation and get notified about every new attempted post. This is what I would do if I made a new imageboard. Smaller boards are easier to spam, but they are slow anyhow, so nobody would be particularly upset about a ten-hour delay between posts while I am sleeping.

Anonymous 111368

I'm a lefty and I know good and well that foreign men respect women even less than western men do

Anonymous 111397

i think it's because the cool civilized brazilian channers know how to speak english and just completely skip the shitty br imageboards in the first place (speaking from personal experience, i heard of both 4chan and cc before ever knowing 55 or any other existed)
if you go to something like 4chan's /int/ you can see brasileiros acting at least close to normal, they almost sound like human beings at times even if they're still trash
and then when you compare that to the mental state of 55channers the second group just seems so deteriorated it's unreal, every single post is just a mess devoid of any thought behind it and it's frustrating

Anonymous 111402

How would real world feminism affect an online environment?

Anonymous 111839

Macacos desgraçados. Putinhas desesperadas por atenção. Vê se tem alguma mulher atrapalhando aquele antros de degeneração deles. Merecem a morte

Anonymous 111840


Lmao Brazilian men are absolute cancer. Absolutely disgusting and hyper misogynistic. NO woman should ever date a latin, latino or arab man EVER

Anonymous 114237

Because the internet exists and users on the internet live in the real world.

Anonymous 114238

wow, it's hard to believe it can get worse than 4chan.

Anonymous 115397



wow, it's so nice to meet brazilian fellows around here.

anyway, i would like to say that i'm a newbie and i ended up falling here as other forums are epicenters of misogyny.

Anonymous 115414

Wasn't wizardchan a brazilian imageboard? They loved this r9k egirl a lot, Kelly, who liked them back

Anonymous 115415

>wizardchan a brazilian imageboard

Anonymous 115601

Lol, I didn't know CC had a filter for the imageboard that I named. I wonder why that is, it was closed years ago. I won't try to bypass it bc I don't want to get banned, but it was a brazilian imageboard, maybe OP knows about it

Anonymous 115636

I miss magalichan times

Anonymous 115679

I took down magalichan, pretty sure when I was testing a programming thing back then I nuked their servers and it didn't like that. Last I had checked they had not come back for a week so maybe it was me the cause of its shutdown.

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