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OnlyFans popularity and young women's future careers Anonymous 61316

How do you think this will effect the current job market? I feel like a lot of these girls are not going to fully understand the implications of the kind of work they are doing and the permanent reminders that will survive on the internet when they try to transition to more traditional employment, assuming they realize that they can not OnlyFans for their entire life. I imagine a fair portion of these girls are not developing skills in their spare time, which will disadvantage them from the moids who had no other option.

Anonymous 61324

I have an onlyfans too. Not the end of the world. In this day and age women face way more important issues than onlyfans.

Tip of the day: Save your money.

Anonymous 61326

OnlyFans isn't the issue, it's the situation it puts women in after they can no longer profit off of it. I assume you say "save your money" because you understand you can't make a lifelong career out of it. Not all of these young women do.

Anonymous 61328

I'd imagine the market is pretty saturated with so many young girls pouring into it. Then again, I don't understand how people can pay for something like that when there's all kinds of porn imaginable around and IT'S FREE!

Anonymous 61335


Gonna make a lot a girls bitter when it inevitably fails. Sure it won't damage the fabric of society any more than what has already been done. That was sarcasm. When everyone's a whore, no one will be. And the line gets pushed, again. Public nudity has to be the next step, right?

Anonymous 61362

isn't this just camwhoring part 2? once the competition rolls in and the novelty wears off it'll become a brutal full-time job like camwhoring is now

Anonymous 61369

I don't think camwhoring was ever popular enough that people were telling their career counselors that that was their career path.

Anonymous 61370

it kinda is, but it is a LOT bigger, more visible, and more mainstream than camwhoring ever was, and therefor it will have much more severe consequences

like, think about the generation of kids in high school right now, growing up with this shit around. how will this thing shape their views and behavior? i fear that falling into the onlyfans trap will leave many girls irreparably damaged, with terrible self-image, no self respect and major mental health problems. and i also fear that seeing their female peers turn to internet prostitution in such large numbers will drive lots and lots of young moids into the arms of redpill, mra, mgtow, and ultimately incel communities.

like, the concept itself isnt new, its called the oldest profession in the world for a reason. but i think there is very good reason why it has been shunned, ostracized, looked down upon and criminalized universally in almost every society throughout human history. this behavior is ultimately very bad and damaging to society as a whole.

Anonymous 61373

This is the result of unregulated capitalism. Employers are allowed to squeeze workers to burnout, making 1 person do the job of 10 people, while people still need money to live, and what happens? People turn to whatever venues they have that will grant them the money they need.

I hate to sound like a communist but the US is extremely unbalanced in favor of employers and needs worker's rights like 100 years ago.

Anonymous 61390

I do not want to work for free.

Anonymous 61395

I'm pretty convinced that child grooming/marriage is next

Anonymous 61397

When workers have rights, workers do not have to work for peanuts nor for free.

Anonymous 61398

this kind of stuff can only happen in countries like europe and the US, who were the first do industrialize and now outsource most of their shit to asia. their income equality is paid for by their foreign trade profit (importing raw goods, exporting high-value technology). in any other place there's no way you can enforce a good pay for ground workers like garbagemen or machine operators.

Anonymous 61400

It's surreal (and weirdly amusing) seeing all these trappings of technological civilization helping push human social behaviours back to a pre-civilizational state.

Anonymous 61401


Europe has a mixed economy, it picks the best of socialism and the best of capitalism and mixes them together. That's what allows a high standard of living to happen.

It definitely does not happen in the US because the US is on the extreme side of the spectrum. That's why you have scenes like this in the US but not in Europe.

Anonymous 61405

europe is basically just g*rmany being enslaved and exploited for free gibs by a coalition of eastern and southern countries lol

Anonymous 61408

What does your picture have to do with economy? Are you implying he's fat because he's poor?

Anonymous 61426

i didn't.jpg

Anonymous 61428

my point is, they can only afford to do that because they profit (in "balance of trade" sense) from trade with third world countries.

Anonymous 61435

Onlyfans is pretty popular in the UK too. Unregulated capitalism isn't the only problem here. Young women are being tricked into thinking that prostitution is empowering.

Anonymous 61442

yeah this
almost none of the girls doing this are doing it out of desperation or destitute poverty, they do it because it's a convenient and easy way to sell their dignity in exchange for money and attention

Anonymous 61450

>This is the result of unregulated capitalism.

>At the end of 1919, the Commission for Combating Prostitution under the People's Commissariat of Health was established, and later the Interdepartmental Commission for Combating Prostitution under the People's Commissariat of Social Security. At the beginning of the New Economic Policy (NEP), prostitution experienced a new surge, it was practised almost openly by representatives of all strata of society. According to surveys, prostitutes were used by 40% to 60% of the adult male population.

>Cuba: a country known for its beauty, its history, its culture, and its unique heritage and system. However, Cuba is also known for the prevalence of prostitution, which represents a black mark on its otherwise vibrant cultural landscape.

>the US is extremely unbalanced in favor of employers and needs worker's rights like 100 years ago.

What rights have workers lost in the past 100 years?

Anonymous 61454

Not only is he obese and on the way to a fast heart failure, he also has zero hygiene and shits himself in public with no regards to how others around him might feel about that. A behavior seen in third world countries.

Anonymous 61488

Idk, I don't really see how it's pushing back, it was always that way? Simply presenting in a modern form

Anonymous 61489

Let them make mistakes. Its how we learn.

Anonymous 61491

>and i also fear that seeing their female peers turn to internet prostitution in such large numbers will drive lots and lots of young moids into the arms of redpill, mra, mgtow, and ultimately incel communities
Good take. I was recently talking with someone about this. When it becomes completley normalized there will be the "not like the others" types who go traditionalist just because its a void that isnt packed full. Itll start off as clout chasing but over time their children will just pick it up as second nature. The pendulum will swing back. Watching this happen did so much for my mental health. I feel better than i have in a decade.

Anonymous 61493

When every girl is camwhoring, camwhore pix will no longer be invalidating for normal work. What's an office gonna do, reject an applicant who's sucked a dick on camera for nickels? Every applicant behind her's sucked FIVE dicks on camera for nickels.

They'll be fine. Steno is still a thing. Janitorial is still a thing.

Anonymous 61498

I know teenagers are dumb, but I don't think there's enough on them planning to start an OnlyFans career to upset the job market, especially if many are going to college anyway. They can transition to something else when the money dries up. Could be unskilled work or becoming a housewife, but neither of those things are new to society.
I'm sure many keep it as a way to get extra bucks here and there. Gig economy, etc.

Mildly unrelated: I don't do e-whoring, but I'd feel weird dating a guy who would break up with me if I did. I feel like that's a sign of purityfags who thinks the best measure of a girl's worth is how many cocks she's had inside her. Is that unusual?

Anonymous 61502

>Not only is he obese
Definitely not a common third world problem
>and on the way to a fast heart failure,
This is because he's obese, this isn't new information.
>he also has zero hygiene
This is common in the third world, but let me ask, are you implying he does not have access to hygiene tools or is choosing not to? The former is definitely a third world problem, the second is a personal one.
>and shits himself in public with no regards to how others around him might feel about that.
Even in the third world I think people frown upon just shitting in your clothing where you're standing. You seem to have a really low opinion on third world countries.

Anonymous 61576

They could just hire a moid who keeps his dick sucking vids on just his phone though

Anonymous 61656

There is totally a difference between having had multiple sex partners and having lewd photos of yourself out there for anyone to see.
I wouldn't want to date a guy that sends dick pics out to everyone.

Anonymous 61713

>I don't think there's enough on them planning to start an OnlyFans career to upset the job market.
This, the story in OP's picture seems like bs to me. To someone who spends a lot of time on social media it might seem like that but thankfully in the real world most teenage girl/young adult women aren't doing OnlyFans. OnlyFans is still horrible though and it should absolutely stop being glorified.

Anonymous 61715

>Definitely not a common third world problem
Check again.
>This is because he's obese
And he's obese because he is poor. In the US, obesity correlates with poverty, because people can buy lots of shit food but not lots of actual, healthy food.
>are you implying he does not have access to hygiene tools or is choosing not to?
Could be both. Choosing not to care for your hygiene is also a mark of poverty in the West, as the poor in the West tend to be psychologically damaged.
>Even in the third world I think people frown upon just shitting in your clothing where you're standing
Depends how poor we're talking.

Anonymous 61717

>the story in OP's picture seems like bs to me
All threads on the front page read like moid attempts to stir shit to me. Notice how there's never threads like you see on r/twoxchromosomes but there's plenty threads that glorify fascism.

Anonymous 101932

Screenshot (119).p…


RIP to the people who bought a house with the monies they made from OF.

Anonymous 101934

Best news to come out in a while. I've already seen wokies on twitter saying this is swerfy and classist etc. Hilarious but on a serious note at least there will be slightly less exploitation.

Anonymous 101936

I find it extra weird that while online porn has existed for decades, it's only treated like this now that there's a shitty web 2.0 megacorp putting their name on it. And it's a pyramid scheme. Other porn platforms exist and some might be better for profit, but OnlyFans has become so prevalent so fast. What the fuck.

Do these girls think it's different somehow?

Anonymous 101937

Hopefully they used their money wisely, they should have known this day was coming. Maybe they'll migrate to another site.

Anonymous 101942


Most of them didn't.

Anonymous 101943

got to be a publicity stunt. that's like starbucks only serving decaf.

Anonymous 101945

Is it bad that I can't really sympathize with them

Anonymous 101946

Not really. I feel the same.

Anonymous 101947

I will never understand how someone can post very private of themselves for a whole audience to see, fairplay I guess but it's the younger ones I'm so worried about

One day there will be a study into OF and mental health/suicide

Anonymous 101949


OF threatened the mindgeek sex trafficing cabal's monopoly on coomers. now with it gone there will be a huge amount of women accoustomed to making huge amounts of money looking for a way to maintain their lifestyle. with no platform to do it independently they'll end up working for mindgeek.

Anonymous 101950

Basically. It's not a stretch, pimps use this tactic, "get them thinking it makes money then trap them in the field, then start making her do more depraved shit as she becomes more desperate"

Anonymous 101952

>huge amount of women accoustomed to making huge amounts of money
Average OnlyFans creator makes $180 a month lol

Anonymous 101953


They could have gotten a real fucking job like the rest of us.

Anonymous 101955

A lot of them groomed teenage girls by posting fake stories of houses and cars they bought with Onlyfans money on Twitter and Tiktok. I believe they did this because they make money on each person they recruit.

Anonymous 101963

they teach you in any class at university that these girls were supposedly paying off for slinging nudes to incels that it is important to diversify your earnings and appeal. These dumbasses putting all their eggs in one basket got what was coming to them

Anonymous 102273


Anonymous 102431


NGL I'm disappointed

Anonymous 102432

i maintain that this was probably the plan from the start. its like when ihop pulled that ihob shit and tried to get everyone to to think they weren't doing breakfast any more.

Anonymous 102433

Except this would be more like IHOP saying it was firing 90% of its employees as a stunt. OnlyFans basically shot their brand loyalty in the foot

Anonymous 102797

Imagine reading this and doing a real job to pay for rent like nurse people. Also notice how many of them on twitter and your screenshot wrote about mental health issues? Huh… makes you wonder.

Anonymous 102798

The type of person to go into pornography and the type of person to be good at handling money are generally not the same person. After all if you were actually good at making and keeping money you wouldn't go into porn unless it was your "hobby".

Anonymous 102806


it's fun for a few years and then there's always university

people shouldn't go when they're 18 anyways

Anonymous 102929

Yes. Stop being a moid.

Anonymous 102976

You can't expect much from these extremely low IQ yass queens. Their only goal in life is to grow their butts. They don't give a single damn shit about "what if" and "traditional employment" cause they are living in their low IQ fantasy that at one point they will all find a rich middle aged scrote whos gonna pay for all their bills and plastic surgeries. Also, nobody should give a single damn shit about them, cause they sure don't give a single damn shit about women, misogyny, and female objectification. They are all too narcissistic and absorbed in their superficiality and how to make easy money

Anonymous 102997

The "few years of fun" follows you forever. Not only is your content online forever due to leaks, there are websites dedicated to doxxing (former) porn stars and other sex workers and facial recognition is also going to be used on these Onlyfans girls.

Anonymous 102998

speaking of which, the existence of pimeyes[dot]com terrifies me. it pulls up pics of me from almost a decade ago. all sfw but still, terrible technology for safety

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