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Trad-wife meme Anonymous 61764

Anyone here who got tricked into "muh trad" waifu-meme because they hated the state of SJW:s? The SJW:s in my country are inherently anti-female by importing a lot of migrants who are mostly young males with horrible views on women.

I had a phase of hating SJW:s and so called "feminists" since I saw them as a threat to my existence. Extreme spikes in rapes occurred in my country where we were feminists basically consistently defended the rapists because they were considered "the bigger victims".

So I turned right-wing. Until I saw the true face of right-wing moids in the comment sections on Youtube and on imageboards. I just cannot handle the absolute state of the left anymore. But I also am concerned the incels/mgtows mysogynists who are on the right will try to implement some sort of handsmaids-tale type of shit in the west like they did in Afghanistan.

Both are extremely dangerous to our well being.

I have seen a lot of women fall into the trad-meme. Women are convincing other women to not be independent or not to go to college, but to instead take care of their man and kids. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but with today's moids there is a big possibility they will dump these women after 35 and throw them out on the street when they find a younger version. They even admit this is their plan more or less indirectly in the comment sections.

On top of this they want to change the laws so a stay-at-home mom will get 0 in divorce settlements if the men choose to divorce them or cheat.

Anyone else feel like this? Sometimes I feel I'm alone because I'm caught in between.

Anonymous 61766

>youtube comments sections

10 year olds larping as adults

Anonymous 61767

Some of them are, but a lot of MGTOW:s are grown retards. Pretending to "go their own way". I have met a couple IRL.

Usually they have an asian-fetish for "submissive women" and hate any woman that isn't a domestic slave they can use and discard.

Anonymous 61772

>a lot of migrants who are mostly young males with horrible views on women
So… right-wingers?

Those dark young males with horrible views on women are exactly the same as pasty young men with horrible views on women. Who's pushing to punish women for abortion? Who pushes "abstinence only" education that is completely useless? Who wants to kick women out of the workforce so they don't have the money to survive on their own? Who sees women not as people but as machines to shit out more people? Who always disbelieves a woman when she denounces violence against her at the hands of a white man?

I never bought into that stupid bullshit because I saw it for what it is, exactly the same disgusting, oppressive shit right-wingers fearmonger about immigrants but praise when it's THEM doing the oppressing. Congratulations retard, you made women's life worse, fuck you.

Anonymous 61773

The white ones are not as bad. There is no denying it. For instance when it comes to sexual harassment, the migrants are 50 times worse. This is why I hate feminists sometimes, because they deny this reality.

Incel's just sit and whine at home. I have actually never been sexually harassed by one when I went out.

Anonymous 61775

They're not exactly the same… What is wrong with you. This is why everyone hates feminists. You think that in a culture where pedophilia is the NORM and where a woman who is raped needs 4 male witnesses or she'll be stoned for adultery, the men are "the same" as the white men?

Basically between 1-10 the migrant men score 10 on awful. The white incels score 7, while a normal white male scores a 4. The difference is nobody is out here defending the incels. But everyone is taking sides with the migrants against women.

Anonymous 61776

The white ones are worse, because they vote and support anti-woman ideologies that translate into anti-woman laws. For example:


I am more afraid of these people with power to legally hurt women.

Anonymous 61777

They are exactly the same. The dark ones come from a place where right-wing ideology rules. The white ones want to make the place they live in exactly like the places they denounce, with women who don't fit the meme oppressed by society and constantly afraid for their lives, the only difference being white men doing the murdering.

Anonymous 61778

Dude an anti/abortion law is NOTHING, NOTHING compared to what many immigrant men do to us European women. Please don't even speak about things you don't know about. Look at any Muslim majority country and tell me white men are as bad on average.

They're not the same at all. Also look into statistics. For every 1 white psycho out of 10 there are 7 psychos out of 10 for these ones. How can you even deny they're so much worse?

Anonymous 61779

As if white incels care when a woman is raped. They only care when the rapist is not white because they can use that for their propaganda. When the rapist is white? Shut up bitch, fucking whore she probably wanted and you're just now regretting it because you're a woman, fucking whore, this is why women should never be believed.

Anonymous 61780

The only people making life worse for women are the women who are voting to import these problems to our countries. Fuck you all, you're as bad as the white incel men.

Anonymous 61781

Is this "MGTOW" actually a serious movement? I assumed it was just a tiny pocket of undesirable losers.

Anonymous 61782

In Pakistan for example, by law, you need 4 male witnesses if you get raped - or you get stoned for adultery.

Sharia law is fundamentally anti-woman. You cannot compare men from a society that are raised in sharia-law to like 10% of white men laughing at a girl getting raped in the US. It's not even in the same dimension.

Anonymous 61783

Anti-abortion law is only the beginning. Which countries punish abortion? The countries where immigrants come from. Right-wingers want to make my country exactly like those countries.
Being allowed to safely abort is fundamental to a woman's well-being. Protection can fail, unwanted children are an extreme burden that kills a free life for women. Not allowing abortion means trapping women for life. It's no wonder places that punish abortion are the shittiest, the poorest and the worst for women, and that includes white right-wing places.

Right-wing men want to make Europe exactly like muslim countries but with white right-wing men in charge. They are exactly the same. The only difference is how much they're being held back.

Anonymous 61784

Are you deliberately ignoring her point?

Anonymous 61786

In Pakistan the law was written by right-wingers while the law in non-muslim countries was written by left-wingers too.

In fascist Europe when right-wingers were in power, marital rape was not recognized as a crime, divorce for women was outlawed, and abortion was criminalized. It was exactly the same as muslim countries now and that's what white right wingers want to get back to.

All you're saying is that men who come from a right-wing place are bad. Yeah, of course they are. That's why I hate white men who want to make Europe a right-wing place again.

Anonymous 61787

No. I'm showing her point is bullshit. The only thing that makes the West better than muslim countries is left-wingers who care for individual freedom and liberties, not other right-wingers.

Anonymous 61788

Do you think being against immigration is right wing?

Anonymous 61789

Thats a slippery slope. The arguments for pro life are very different from the ones they use in middle east countries to oppress women. Just because a group wants abortion to be illegal doesnt mean they have the exact same beliefs and desires as the sharia law people.

Most right wingers dont want to make your country exactly like those, they are more moderate. Its not like every right winger wants to keep women chained in the kitchen just how not all leftists want to murder all rich people.

Anonymous 61790

I don't see white men being against immigration because it undermines the power of the local workforce and allows robber barons to drive down living standards by putting poor working class vs poor working class. I only see white men who are against immigration because they are jealous and wish they could get away with mistreating women too.

Anonymous 61791

No they don't. We have countries in Europe where abortion is banned. Poland for example. I am pro-abortion, I will abort whether the law says I can or not. But you cannot deny that Poland does not have the same issues that Western Europe does safety wise for women. Even though the men are also shit there, at least they're not as dangerous.

There have been other posters on this forum posting about this issue with men. Primarily saying they get harassed by middle eastern men. I can attest to this. It is like living in pure hell. We also live with white men, so the difference is stark. You very quickly notice that white men are not like this on average.

I'm not trying to excuse white men or anything, lots are pedo's, weirdo's, coomers, disgusting, misogynistic, hate women, misogynistic, MGTOW:s, etc.

But the difference lies in the severity and the amount of men in the population that are a threat to women. With the white men I'd say that 70% are shitheads, wastes of space, annoying. Maybe 30% are closet rapists if you're both drunk in a room.

With the other men I'd say 70% are a legitimate physical threat at any point of the day. The cruelty they show to your body if they get a hold of it is insane.


It is on the level of Mexican cartels if you heard of these things. Extreme gangrapes, at any point of the day. Just horrifying shit that wouldn't visit you other than in your worse nightmares.

>inb4 white males can gang rape and are serial killers too

Yes, some of them are. Ted Bundy was like this too for instance. But the difference is in how COMMON these things are amongst the male population. Look at the highest levels of child-porn consumed - it is in Pakistan.

The child porn they consume is also rape-torture, etc. and around 70% of the porn searches are for this kind of material.

Do 70% of white men search for child torture porn?


You're not proving me anything. I am living in this hell right now. Every time I go out I mostly get harassed by Middle eastern men. Not white men.

We also have conservative right-wing countries in Europe, Eastern European countries for instance. Where women can walk around clothed very lightly without any kind of problems in their lives.

Anonymous 61792

>The arguments for pro life are very different from the ones they use in middle east countries to oppress women
No, they are exactly the same. Both see the woman as a lesser being, whose life and opinions don't matter and whose body exists solely to be used by the fetus.

>they are more moderate.

No, they are not. See fascist Europe.

Anonymous 61793

Ummm maybe it would make more sense to focus on the groups that are actually responsible for raping women at the moment rather than those who are responsible for it in your fantasy land?

Anonymous 61794

>Poland for example
You should thank the men and women who fight and protest against unjust laws that Poland is not a catholic sharia country. Once again, you fail to see the picture as it really is. The only reason why white right-wingers are held back is because there's white left-wingers holding them back.

Would you rather be more like Russia where right-wingers are in power and men are not punished when they beat women? The Russian Orthodox Church even denounced a proposal to punish domestic violence with harsher laws because "it would undermine the foundation of the family". That's what you want? White right-wingers won't beat you in the street but will push for laws where they can beat you at home and you can't complain about it.

>I am living in this hell right now

Go to Russia and live the paradise of a white man being legally allowed to beat the shit out of you because you're not a good wife, you sound like you'd love that.

>We also have conservative right-wing countries in Europe, Eastern European countries for instance. Where women can walk around clothed very lightly without any kind of problems in their lives.

And once again, that's only thanks to left-wingers.

Anonymous 61795

History is not fantasy land. Not that a right-winger ever accepts history as it really is.

Anonymous 61796

I have lived in Poland. I have lived in Western European countries too.

Even though I hate the anti-abortion laws, Poland is a lot safer of a country for women physically speaking. Nobody is gonna run up to you and torture-gangrape you in the middle of the street. If they did people would jump in to defend you. Other things can be said for UK, France or Sweden.

Ironically, Sweden is probably the worst place to be a woman right now. Even though the rankings show Sweden to score high. I cannot even walk around freely in that country.

Anonymous 61797

The pro life argument in western countries is that the fetus is a human being and therefore abortion is murder and murder is bad. Personally I think thats fucking retarded, but its a far fetch from what you said. Go to youtube right now and look for a pro life march. Notice how many women are there. You think all of them see women as as lesser beings, whose lifes and opinions don't matter?

>No, they are not. See fascist Europe

Yeah and women were opressed even worse 1000 years ago? Whats your point? Because people in a country were bad once it means theyre bad in the present? Cus if so lol

Anonymous 61798



Poland is only safer because of left-wingers who have pushed for views that let people see women as people and not as baby-making machines.

Do go to all-white, right-wing Russia and end up like this woman who had her hands cut off by her white husband, who still walks free to this day.

Anonymous 61799

For some reason we're also seeing an extreme increase in animal cruelty. People fucking a horse to death with knives in their vaginas.

This should just tell you about the absolute "mental state" of a lot of the people we've took in. If feminist continue to say that white men are the same, they're gonna lose a lot of females who fear for their lives.

I'd rather be protected by a white man, than to be killed and murdered by one of our new comers.

Even if the white man is anti-abortion. Because in the end it is about our physical survival as females.

Ideally though, more women will wake up to this and will reject this immigration. Because it is seriously not benefitting us in any way, shape or form.

Where are the women too? Why do these men leave the women in the battle fields to die? I would gladly welcome lots of migrant women. But they don't matter, they're just left to die, while the men go to Germany, Sweden or France to "have fun" with the European women.

Anonymous 61800

This is propaganda too, I prefer to be a female in Eastern Europe any day over being a female in Western Europe.

A lot of this is just hate from western people who are brainwashed. Also you can walk around half naked in a bra and thong and men won't harass you in these countries, I don't often hear about rape, they just get married early, that's about it. Yes they are traditional, but there is nothing wrong with that - as long as it is benefiting the woman. Apart from the abortion-ban in Poland, everything in the system benefits women almost. So it's not really a big deal. More women are CEO:s there than in many Western countries. So on and so forth.

Anonymous 61801

>The pro life argument in western countries is that the fetus is a human being and therefore abortion is murder and murder is bad
And when you debunk that argument as bullshit, they resort to the same shit as middle easterners: women having sex not for procreation is bad, they are sluts, those whores deserve to be punished.

>How many women are there. You think all of them see women as as lesser beings, whose lifes and opinions don't matter?

Yes. Do you have any idea of how many billion muslim women exist? Just like prolifers, they are all brainwashed the same.

Anonymous 61802

The white man who is anti-abortion will imprison the woman who antagonizes him seeking an abortion. See US red states.

Anonymous 61803

Yes they do, I don't like these men either. But they're not as frequent nor are they nearly as severe as middle eastern men. This is not what my post was about though. You came out to attack me basically for disliking western SJW:s and saying "all men are the same, regardless where they come from".

My point was more, how do we wake up other traditional females from that we need to put up boundaries with all men. How do we wake up BOTH from importing all of these dangerous elements to women, but also limiting dangerous elements from our domestic men.

Yeah, its the same in Eastern Europe. But again, not as dangerous of a place for a woman as Paris.

Anonymous 61804

No that's not propaganda, that's reality.

A 2017 law scrapped prison sentences for “first-time” domestic abusers whose beatings result in bruises and superficial wounds. That's white, right-wing Russia. Guess who has another law that's exactly the same?

Anonymous 61805

Again, as a whole (taken into account physical safety and everything). I still think Russia is a better place to live for a woman than a western European country. I'm really sorry, I'm just being honest.

I hate these laws too though, I am against them, I find them appalling. But this should just tell you about the situation. Life in Western Europe is turning into absolute hell.

Anonymous 61806

>But they're not as frequent nor are they nearly as severe as middle eastern men.
You mean there's more left-wingers, because all right-wingers are like that. I don't see you appreciating left-wingers who fight for your rights.

>all men are the same

All right-wingers are the same. In some places they don't have power because left-wingers hold them back. All places where they have power are woman-hating shitholes.

>not as dangerous

Tell that to the lady who had her hands cut off by her white husband.

Anonymous 61807

>when you debunk it
Its literally impossible to debunk it. When life begins is not something that can be scientifically determined, its a philosophic argument that boils down to metaphysical beliefs. You either dont understand the argument at all or youre arguing in bad faith.

>Yes. Do you have any idea of how many billion muslim women exist? Just like prolifers, they are all brainwashed the same.

That has nothing to do with my question. Your argument makes no sense, Im saying that men in western countries are more moderate and youre saying "no because fascist europe". Fascist europe literally doesnt exist now. If your point was that western men USED TO BE as bad as sharia men are now then sure, you could make that argument. But if your point is that theyre as bad in the present that argument is ridiculous.

Youre just rambling at this point. We get it, right wingers bad, but there are various degrees of bad. Putting everyone in the same bowl will make you look insane.

Anonymous 61808

>this should just tell you about the situation
That white, christian men are allowed to beat their wives with impunity in a white, christian, right-wing country? Sounds like a lovely country to live, why don't you marry a white Russian man now.

Anonymous 61809

If we didn't have the immigration, of course Western Europe would be a lot better. But in Russia I can still choose not to date someone like this. But in Western Europe I have to fear for my life just going to buy groceries. I get groped in the middle of the day even though I'm almost fully covered up. The danger is just more spread, unpredictable, etc. which makes me feel a lot more unsafe in general.
So at least in Russia there is somewhat of a choice, e.g. you can choose to date a really weak manlet who won't beat you. You can also walk around very freely and not fear rape as much.

Again, this is not what the post was about. The post was about waking everyone up across the spectrum.

No, all right wingers are not like this. Not even nearly, as the other poster said, most are moderates. Even in Poland. They still think women should vote, they still think women make good CEO:s, they even had a female president until recently. Which is more than the US can say.

Anonymous 61810

Why are you turning it into this? Wake up… Seriously… you think importing a bunch of rapist is going to help us females?

You think that protecting these imported people by trying to say white men are "equally bad" is good for us? Newsflash, they're not. How can you even deny this? Yes even the worst countries, such as Russia, is still not as bad as the AVERAGE Muslim country. Get my point now?

Anonymous 61811

That woman even made it to the news. In Afghanistan they do this on a daily basis, acid attacks are rampant in London and nobody bats an eye. Look what they do to their maids in Saudi Arabia. Seriously this hypocrisy has to stop. You are gaining nothing by allying with these people to "defeat" white men. White men are shit, but at least they're not as bad as the alternative.

Anonymous 61812

>Its literally impossible to debunk it
False. It has been debunked multiple times. Braindead coma patients are human, too, but if the brain is incapable killing them is not considered murder at all. So why would you consider murder something that has no capable brain at all? To present a fetus as 9-month old fetus right from the start is a blatant lie.

>Im saying that men in western countries are more moderate

They are not. They are forced to hide their true ideas. They want to return to fascist Europe.

>Fascist europe literally doesnt exist now.

Only because left-wingers killed right-wingers. Too bad they didn't kill enough, as now there's fascists who want to get back in power.

Anonymous 61813

I will tell you something that will shock you. I will still prefer a fascist Europe, to a Muslim Europe. Even in the third Reich women had more rights.

So tell me, who is the bigger threat to me as a self-interested, rational female? Is it the SJW that are trying to make it into a Khalifate? Or is it the MGTOW, incels who want to ban abortion?

Both become equally bad options. I just want the females voting for this shit to wake up. You are NOT voting in your self-interest. Feminism should be about WOMEN'S rights, not about migrant males rights.

Anonymous 61814



>brings up euthanasia as an example

You realize euthanasia falls into the same kind of debate that abortion does?

This isn't a function where you throw in an input and you get "Morally correct" or "Morally wrong" at the end.

Anonymous 61815


>But in Russia I can still choose not to date someone like this
You think someone like that is blatant and transparent right from the start? Her husband was described as shy, sweet, awkward, the typical right-wing incel who says women belong in the kitchen and then tries to pass it off as a joke. I am not afraid when I go make my grocery shopping, I am much more afraid when I see awkward men because those awkward men might well be hiding something you'll never find out until it's too late.
The danger is much more insidious with men like that.

>you can choose to date a really weak manlet who won't beat you

You must be a man because this is him, he is "a weak manlet" and he still beat her. Men like this are the most insidious ones.

>All right wingers are not like this

Yes, all right wingers are like that. You are only forced to hide your true intentions… for the moment.

Anonymous 61816

The news are also full of people denouncing those crimes everywhere in the world, but you don't care because the victims aren't white.

Anonymous 61817

Answer my question. Russia is the worst white majority country we have in this world.

How does the worst white country compare to an average muslim country?

That's not true. If western feminists furthermore cared about women of color, why don't you allow those to migrate to Europe? Oh you don't. It's only the males that get to come.

Anti-racism has turned into anti woman in Europe.

Here Muslims got to abuse almost 1 million young girls. Some only 11 years old, authorities didn't even look into it and hushed it down for the fear of being labelled "racist".

Anonymous 61818

>I will still prefer a fascist Europe, to a Muslim Europe. Even in the third Reich women had more rights.

Which shows your ignorance because in the 3rd Reich the only right women had was to be obedient housewives and shit out more slaves for the regime.

Women can't divorce: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women can't control when and if they get pregnant: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women cannot hold a profession that men think is inappropriate for women: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women cannot marry who they want: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women do not belong to themselves, they belong to the collective: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women cannot write or express themselves in any way that is contrary to the regime: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe.
Women who rebel deserve to be killed: true for both muslim countries and fascist Europe. Fascists have no problem murdering rebellious women, just like muslims have no problem murdering rebellious women.


>The “red women” however, are where the ugliness really lives. They represent everything that the order-obsessed Freikorpsmen fear: unwieldy sexuality, the chaos of revolution, the mingling of people regardless of class, creed, and color. “It’s a well-known fact that women are always at the head of these kinds of riots,” a Freikorps General’s speech read. “And if one of our leaders gives the order to shoot and a few old girls get blown up, the whole world starts screaming about blooodthirsty soldiers shooting down innocent women and children. As if women were always innocent.”

In the 3rd Reich women did not have more rights.

Anonymous 61819

Yeah? Did Fascist men by law marry 8-year olds? Did Fascist men have death penalty for women casually dating or kissing a male?

Did Fascist males kill their own daughters so regularly that it made up 50% of the country's total homicides? Did Fascist men gang rape their own women in as high levels?

No they didn't. I have family who lived during that time. So don't you even try to bullshit me. There is nothing worse for women than Islamism. Nothing. Not even fascism - even though both are shit.

I would sincerely advise you to drop this reasoning, because the only thing you're doing is making women fear for their own lives and go for the next worst alternative instead of for the absolute worst one. No women deserve to be treated like Muslim women are by their men. Why would I willingly vote to be treated like this?

Anonymous 61821

>How does the worst white country compare to an average muslim country?
The religious powers want to let men beat women with impunity, and the secular powers agree with that. Thank goodness the egalitarian left-wing legacy of Communism hasn't been abandoned completely, but they're getting there.

>That's not true

Yes it is. What are you doing to save ex-muslim men and women from their oppressive families?

Anonymous 61822

They didn't even do arranged marriages. Let alone arranged marriages to children… But ok. It wasn't common. Neither were cousin marriages. Nor was child rape-abuse porn a thing with 70% of fascist males



I'm doing a lot more than the feminists, that's for sure. You know what the feminists do here? When the girl says her family is gonna kill her, after they cut her vagina open and check for her virginity? The feminists say that's just a "racist stereotype" and that white men are the same.

Then the girl dies, and everyone looks the other way.

Anonymous 61823

Fascist men by law did not allow women to marry any man they wanted if that man was not an Aryan fascist, and yes they did have the death penalty for woman dating of kissing non-Aryan men.

>Did Fascist males kill their own daughters

Yes. The concentration camps were full of antisocial women, that is women who, while not being jews, refused to support the fascist regime. Those women died in there.

>Did Fascist men gang rape

Plenty. They had no problem gang raping and murdering any woman they deemed lesser than themselves. Are you Polish? How ironic that you long for the men who raped your grandmother.

>No they didn't

Yes they did.

>I have family who lived during that time

Was it a family of rapists?

>There is nothing worse for women than Islamism

Islamism is exactly the same as nazism.

>the only thing you're doing is making women fear for their own lives

That's you doing that.

>No women deserve to be treated like Muslim women are by their men

No women deserve to be treated like fascist women are by their men.

Anonymous 61824

>They didn't even do arranged marriages
They coded into law who a woman could marry and who they couldn't.

>Nor was child rape-abuse porn a thing with 70% of fascist males

Yeah, they just raped young inferior slav and jewish girls directly instead.

>I'm doing a lot more than the feminists

To enslave women and make sure they have no rights anymore, sure.

Anonymous 61825

No, you are completely lost. Let me tell you, if a German man was caught raping, he was shot immediately. Executed on the spot.

My family actually fought against the Germans. My grandparents did. The Germans were horrible, but the Islamists are worse. No question about it. You ally with islamists against your own people. The worst thing is that women are the ones who will pay the ultimate price for how misguided you are.

I am no fan of white men either, in general, I am no fan of men, period.

But to deny that these are much worse, is just an offense honestly. Islamist men are 100 times worse than Nazis.

Anonymous 61826

>if a German man was caught raping, he was shot immediately
Why do you keep saying false things?


>Mass rapes were committed against Polish women and girls including during punitive executions of Polish citizens, before shooting of the women.[110] Additionally, large numbers of Polish women were routinely captured with the aim of forcing them into serving in German military brothels.[111] Mass raids were conducted by the Nazis in many Polish cities with the express aim of capturing young women, later forced to work in brothels attended by German soldiers and officers.[111] Girls as young as 15 years old, who were ostensibly classified as "suitable for agricultural work in Germany", were sexually exploited by German soldiers at their places of destination.[111]

>The Germans were horrible, but the Islamists are worse

No, they are exactly the same. You are killing women by calling out skin cancer as skin cancer but pretending liver cancer is not liver cancer.

Anonymous 61827

I looked up the sources in polish to this text for instance source 110.
> "Mass rapes were committed against Polish women and girls including during punitive executions of Polish citizens, before shooting of the women."

They didn't refer to the the whole story that is mentioned in the source:
"Przed rozstrzelaniem gwałcono dziewczęta i kobiety. Polskie relacje o tych okrucieństwach znajdują potwierdzenie również w dokumentach niemieckich. Budziły one grozę nawet wśród Niemców, w tym również niektórych żołnierzy. Na przykład o zbrodniach popełnionych w październiku 1939 roku w Świeciu, gdzie rozstrzeliwano Polaków i ludność żydowską w miejscowym obozie, dwóch świadków tych zbrodni - żołnierzy Wehrmachtu oburzonych okrucieństwami złożyło meldunek, który zachował się w archiwach niemieckich. Niektórzy sprawcy sadystycznych zbrodni, jak na przykład w Starogardzie i Łobżenicy, stanęli przed sądami niemieckimi i otrzymali wyroki skazujące, jednak pod koniec 1939 roku zostali objęci amnestią wydaną specjalnie przez Hitlera."

It happened, but it was REPORTED as a crime. There were sentences given out because of this event.

Anonymous 61828

>Islamist men are 100 times worse than Nazis
Spoken just like someone who has no idea of the extent of nazi war crimes.

Anonymous 61829

Are white men in western civilized countries in the present day as dangerous a potential rapist group as modern day muslim men? Yes or no?

Anonymous 61830

I didn't say war crimes were not committed, I should know. My family were victims of this. But the American laarping people do here to defend islamists by comparing them to Nazis is disingenuous.

Oh, I know more than you do, Ms America. I also know Islamism. As you've seen in other posts on this board. Many European's consider Islamism a lot worse than Nazism for females specifically. Because it is objectively true.

Anonymous 61831

"Before the shooting, girls and women were raped. Polish reports of these atrocities are also confirmed in German documents. They were a threat even among Germans, including some soldiers. For example, about the crimes committed in October 1939 in Świecie, where Poles and the population were shot. Jews in the local camp, two witnesses of these crimes - Wehrmacht soldiers, outraged by the atrocities, submitted a report, which was preserved in the German archives. years were covered by an amnesty specially issued by Hitler. "

Translate your source. Hitler personally pardoned and approved of mass raping "inferior" women.

Anonymous 61832

Right-wingers are. They dream of being able to commit the same crimes nazis did.

Anonymous 61833

>My family were victims
But you just said fascist men don't mass rape nor mass murder women? Which one is it?

Anonymous 61834

I am European, stupid. I know this continent's history better than you.

Anonymous 61835

Yeah, but they were still sentences given out. This shows you the difference between nazism and islamism quite clearly.

I am not defending nazism btw, I am just sayig Islamism is a lot worse.

Anonymous 61836

Fuck you. You're one of these… I know your kind.
You're a threat to women. I'm done talking to you. I don't see you as ANY better than these incels or MGTOW:s you hate. Enjoy your beloved migrant men! Truly, enjoy. You get what you vote for.

Anonymous 61839

White women should not be allowed to turn a blind eye to women suffering in less fortunate areas in the world.

Anonymous 61842

>They were still sentences given out
Meaningless ones, since the head of nazism himself rendered them null and freed the rapists to let them rape some more. Even in islam rape is technically a crime, but then the powers in charge shape the law so that rapists walk free, just like Hitler and his nazi cronies did.

Want more examples?

>The women forced into these brothels came mainly from the Ravensbrück concentration camp,[2] except for Auschwitz, which employed its own prisoners.[3] In combination with the German military brothels in World War II, it is estimated that at least 34,140 female inmates were forced into sexual slavery during the Third Reich.

>According to records, at least 34,140 European women were forced to serve as prostitutes during the German occupation of their own countries along with female prisoners of concentration camp brothels.[1] In many cases in Eastern Europe, teenage girls and women were kidnapped on the streets of occupied cities during German military and police round ups called łapanka or rafle.

And more, sounds like you love white rapists.

Anonymous 61843

I am against unchecked immigration, retard. You only hate me because I am against you shitty incels too.

Anonymous 61844

You're a colossal retard. You clearly didn't understand my position or what I post.

You are arguing in fallacies however. The point isn't that the nazis didn't do bad things, the point is that Islamists are even WORSE.

Look up what Islamists do to women 2020 right now.

Haha, no I hate most white men too.

Anonymous 61846

Unless you’re a non-German woman, in which case a Nazi would take no issue with killing you.

Anonymous 61848

>The point isn't that the nazis didn't do bad things, the point is that Islamists are even WORSE
Worse than being kidnapped and raped and killed when you try to escape? Worse than being raped and masscred because you're the wrong ethnicity? Worse than being put in a death camp because you're Jewish, or because you want to live free? Nothing islamists do hasn't been do by white right-wingers too.

Anonymous 61850

And in which ways do Islamists, today, in 2020 have no issues killing me? In fact, isn't that like one of their goals? Why would I ally with this. Why are you allying with this, that is the bigger question?

Yeah, I think what the Islamists do is worse. We usually see Russia and Germany as equal evils. I'd say they are both just merely hovering above Islamists.

If Islamists are evil 10/10. I'd say the Germans and Soviets were both a 9/10.

Anonymous 61853

You say this as if I’m somehow defending Islamic extremism by being against Nazism. I suggest you stop browsing pol to detox from the brainrot.

Anonymous 61857

Why do we need immigrants exactly?

Anonymous 61861

Robber barons want to exploit people and not pay a fair living wage, but that's too left-wing for you to admit. In Italy for example farmers complained that not letting immigrants to enslave in tomato fields for 1 euro a day was hurting their business.

Anonymous 61864

I tie them both at the last place. But I don't trust you when you say you don't want either. Too many incels pretend that when they do, in fact, want the one that puts them in power.


>By the end of his 10-hour shift, which included a one-hour unpaid lunchbreak, Mohammad had picked 23 crates of olives, which earned him €69 (£60). Most harvest workers were earning under €45 (£39) because they weren’t as fast as him. Piecework, when it constitutes a worker’s only pay, is illegal in Italy, but it’s the norm across the country – and can leave workers’ pay well below the suggested rate for agricultural labourers.

>During non-harvest periods, an African worker usually receives €2-3 per hour, compared to Italy’s agricultural minimum wage, agreed by the industry, of €7.13. Mohammad and his co-workers have had to accept that their wages simply won’t rise. “You’re lucky to get paid at all,” I was told.

See this shit? This is the issue, and this is not what right-wingers have any interest to combat.

Anonymous 61866

> Male name

I am very sorry about what is happening to him. But I think what females go through on a daily basis is 1000 times worse. He should feel sorry for us instead or for the girls in his country.

This also happens to lots of Europeans, sometimes you get treated unfairly. Lol I'd rather be paid less once and tricked of a wage - than get raped, beheaded and gutted.

Anonymous 61867

Other white Europeans also get 2-3 euros per hour, look at Romanians or Bulgarians. They also get tricked out of their wages. It's not just this thing.

The worst thing is the women that get sex trafficked, they get 0 money for that. But they get raped over and over and over. It is not something that is merely isolated to Africans or people from the middle east, but it happens to all kinds of people.

Anonymous 61868

>>61857 asked:
>Why do we need immigrants exactly?

And >>61864 is the answer. Because employers do not want to pay a fair wage, so they employ those they can blackmail.

>I'd rather be paid less once and tricked of a wage

It's not once. That's your job all the time, and you can't get better. And you're delusional if you think they don't get beaten for not being as efficient as their employers want them to be.

You don't address this. You don't say: the exploitation of these people is bad, they don't deserve to be treated like slaves. You lash out at them but not at the white employer who exploits them, abuses them, and keeps bringing them in droves because they are more profitable to him than you. You refuse to address the root cause because worker's rights are too humanizing for you. You are the cause of your ruin.

Anonymous 61869

They don't deserve to be treated as slaves. Nobody does. I am left-wing fiscally, I don't support unbridled capitalism.

But everyone cares about these people, it's all turned into a "race" issue. Which then ultimately hurts women. Because the only people getting protected in these "race" issues are men. Nobody cares about us anymore. That's the issue.

You could've brought up a story about some Nigerian girl who is forced into sex slavery. But no, you again, brought up a man who yes, is abused, but not NEARLY as close to how the women in the country get treated.

It is always about the men. I have just empathy drainage for migrant men right now. Of course, they don't deserve to be treated as slaves. But why do their GIRLS deserve to be? The girls are treated as slaves even by THEM themselves.

Anonymous 61870

>Romanians or Bulgarians
The difference is, with Schengen they do not need to be smuggled like Africans, so they are less exploitable. They can come and go as they please.

>The worst thing is the women that get sex trafficked

And those are also eastern European women, but they don't get trafficked to muslim countries, they get trafficked to German and Dutch brothels to service German and Dutch men.


Anonymous 61871

> slavic women don't get smuggled to muslim countries
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE - what are those?

I wasn't speaking about Slavic women though, I was speaking about Nigerian women. From your way of writing I assume you are a ex-muslim male. Who probably lives in Europe and votes left. Because if you were an ex-muslim woman you'd protect the women. Because a lot more African women get abused even in Europe than African men. BLM is an organization that supports black MEN. There is nothing for women of color. Women of color are actually the ones that are the most forgotten of all women.

Anti-racism SJW rhetoric doesn't give a shit about women. Only about minorities and genders of "CEO:s"

Anonymous 61872

A Nigerian girl who is forced into sex slavery is equally horrible, but I didn't feel the need to bring that up because (thankfully) immigrant women are not as much as a target of hate… yet. Though there have been incidents of immigrant women being assaulted by whites.

>it's all turned into a "race" issue

Yes, and that's wrong. It's a class issue first.


Immigrants are the reserve army of labour exploiters use against the local workforce to ensure their profits are not harmed. But when I say that, I get labeled a communist who should go die.

Anonymous 61873

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE

Not countries where women are kidnapped to be trafficked to other countries, nor destination countries of sex trafficking, at least. The former two are so rich women go there willingly, see tagthesponsor for how many insta models are eager to prostitute themselves for a sheikh. Turkey still hasn't completely destroyed Atarurk's secular, egalitarian legacy yet.

>I was speaking about Nigerian women

>Sex trafficking of women and children is the second most common type of trafficking for export in Africa.[96] In Ghana, "connection men" or traffickers are witnessed regularly at border crossings and transport individuals via fake visas. Women are most commonly trafficked to Belgium, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and the United States.[96] Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States are also common destination countries for trafficked Nigerian women.[96] In Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army traffics individuals to Sudan to sell them as sex slaves.[96] The Nigerian syndicates dominate sex trades in multiple territories. The syndicates recruit women from South Africa and send them to Europe and Asia, where they are forced into prostitution, drug smuggling, or domestic violence. Law enforcement reported that sex traffickers force drug use to persuade these unwilling women.

Those racist wingers sure love raping helpless black women, eh.

Anonymous 61874


Can't you just be normal without falling for memes? I don't understand. You don't want to associate with SJW turbodykes, ok. You don't want to be the homebody stay-at-home wife. Ok. So then just be who you want to be. Who cares?

Anonymous 61875

How are immigrant women less of a target of hate? The thing you explained, with the migrant being paid less money, it isn't as if this doesn't happen to female workers equally?

Furthermore, females and children have the addition of being forced into sexual slavery, on top of racism. Immigrant males are not the victims here. Very often they are the perpetrators of the violence against these women themselves.

Which was my point. I don't think supporting the immigration of young males from Islamist countries is helping female issues at all. Neither women of color's issues nor white women's issues.

It is in fact, exacerbating them.

> Not countries where women are kidnapped to be trafficked to other countries, nor destination countries of sex trafficking, at least. The former two are so rich women go there willingly, see tagthesponsor for how many insta models are eager to prostitute themselves for a sheikh. Turkey still hasn't completely destroyed Atarurk's secular, egalitarian legacy yet.



Not true also, lots of women get trafficked to these countries illegally.

No, it's not only right wingers who rape trafficked prostitutes. Men of all colors, races, ethnicities rape trafficked girls, young boys and females.

Anonymous 61876

Which if you know history is not surprising at all.


>Slaveholders began to think that slavery was grounded in the Bible. This view was inspired in part by a reinterpretation of the Genesis passage "Cursed be Canaan; The lowest of slaves shall he be to his brothers" (Genesis 9); Ham, son of Noah and father of Canaan, was deemed the antediluvian progenitor of the African people. Some whites used the Bible to justify the economic use of slave labor. The subjugation of slaves was taken as a natural right of the white slave owners. The second class position of the slave was not limited to his relationship with the slave master but was to be in relation to all whites. Slaves were considered subject to white persons.[12]


>By the 18th century, the colonial application of the partus sequitur ventrem legal doctrine facilitated the creation of a slave population of mulattoes (half-black) and quadroons (quarter-black) fathered by white slavers and enslaved black women.[6] As at the Monticello plantation of Thomas Jefferson, whose wife, Martha Wayles, in 1773 inherited more than one hundred slaves from her father John Wayles, including the eleven mixed-race children he fathered with his concubine Betty Hemings, born of an Englishman and a black woman slave.[7] Martha Wayles's 75 percent-white half-brothers and half-sisters included Sally Hemings, with whom Jefferson was to breed mixed-race slave children.

>In a thirty-eight-year sexual relation, master Thomas Jefferson and slave-woman Sally Hemings procreated six children, of whom four survived to adulthood.[8][9] Under Virginian law, the Jefferson–Hemings children were racially seven-eighths-European, and thus were white people, but remained slaves under the legal doctrine of partus sequitur ventrem, because their mother (Sally Hemings) was a slave.

Anonymous 61877

Haha, it's not as if other races didn't have slaves. The word "slave" comes from latin - esclavus, because Muslims praised slavic people as Slaves.

You just clearly have a bias against white people.

Anonymous 61878

>How are immigrant women less of a target of hate
Well so far the public right wing rage is directed at black men, not black women. Though looking at the sex trafficking data, right wing rage is directed at black women all the same just in the private confines of a brothel rather than out in the street. You can consider both terrible.

>I don't think supporting the immigration of young males from Islamist countries is helping female issues at all

I agree that indiscriminate immigration is the issue. I don't want to let everyone in just like I don't want to keep everyone out; I want those who think like liberal westerners to be able to change their countries and live free. That means changing foreign policy radically and there is zero economic interest in doing that.

The United Arab Emirates is a destination country for men and women that are mostly trafficked for the purposes of labor.
U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons placed the country in "Tier 2" in 2017.


Tier 2 countries whose governments do not fully comply with an TVPA’s minimum standards, but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards.

Women from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Pakistan, and the Philippines travel willingly to the U.A.E. to work as domestic servants, but some subsequently face conditions of involuntary servitude such as excessive work hours without pay, unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, non-payment of wages, and physical or sexual abuse.

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust reported in 2001 about thousands of young boys being trafficked from Pakistan and other impoverished, generally Muslim countries, to the UAE. Ansar further claimed that there the boys would be subjected to working as camel jockeys, underfed, crash diets to reduce weight and less pay.

Similarly, men from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are drawn to the U.A.E. to work in the construction industry, but are often subjected to similar conditions of coercive labor and to debt bondage as they work to pay off recruitment costs sometimes exceeding the equivalent of two years’ wages.

The government increased prosecutions, convictions, and sentences for sex trafficking offenders; trained law enforcement officers on anti-trafficking methods; opened a shelter for victims of trafficking; and continued its efforts to support former child camel jockeys and reached agreements to provide compensation to them. Nonetheless, the U.A.E. did not aggressively prosecute or punish acts of trafficking for forced labor, since the rule of wasta over law despite potential of a widespread problem among domestic and low skilled foreign workers.


Wasta or wasata (Arabic: واسِطة wāsiṭah) is an Arabic word that loosely translates into nepotism, 'clout' or 'who you know'. It refers to using one’s connections and/or influence to get things done, including government transactions such as the quick renewal of a passport, waiving of traffic fines, and getting hired for or promoted in a job.

Ah, the good ol' boys club.

All in all this paints a picture where white/european women have nothing to do with it, and poor women muslim and non-muslim alike have plenty to do with it. It wasn't called L'Internationale for anything, anon.

Anonymous 61879


Yeah? So how many women buy sex-slaves and abuse them without paying?

How many white females own slaves here in Europe?

Anonymous 61880


With respect to human trafficking, Saudi Arabia was designated, together with Bolivia, Ecuador, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Burma, Jamaica, Venezuela, Cambodia, Kuwait, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, and Togo, as a Tier 3 country by the United States Department of State in its 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report required by the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 on which this article was originally based. Tier 3 countries are "countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so." The 2006 report shows some effort by the Kingdom to address the problems, but continues to classify the Kingdom as a Tier 3 country. The report recommends, "The government should enforce existing Islamic laws that forbid the mistreatment of women, children, and laborers…"

Saudi Arabia is a destination for men and women from South East Asia and East Africa trafficked for the purpose of labor exploitation, and for children from Yemen, Afghanistan, and Africa trafficking for forced begging. Hundreds of thousands of low-skilled workers from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya migrate voluntarily to Saudi Arabia; some fall into conditions of involuntary servitude, suffering from physical and sexual abuse, non-payment or delayed payment of wages, the withholding of travel documents, restrictions on their freedom of movement and non-consensual contract alterations. According to international organizations such as Ansar Burney Trust, young children from Bangladesh and India are also smuggled to Saudi Arabia to be used as jockeys. The children are underfed to reduce their weights, in order to lighten the load on the camel.

Saudi Arabia's limited efforts to prevent trafficking include: distributing information at embassies abroad, licensing and regulating the activities of recruitment agencies, monitoring immigration patterns and visa issuance, and promoting awareness through the media and religious authorities. The government has begun working with UNICEF and the Yemeni Government to prevent trafficking of children for begging. A plan envisioned several years ago to distribute information to foreign workers at Saudi Arabian airports upon arrival has not been implemented. Religious leaders have preached in mosques sermons about the evil of abusing employees.

Those religious leaders are the people you want to support.

Anonymous 61882

>how many women buy sex-slaves and abuse them without paying?
Rich muslim women don't buy sex slaves, they buy domestic slaves whom they abuse when they find out their husbands have been raping the maid, because you're not a good trad wife if you blame your husband.

>How many white females own slaves here in Europe?

I don't think there's been a study on gender division among brothel owners. Historically, procuring sex slaves https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procuring_(prostitution) has been a female occupation.

Anonymous 61883

Brothel owners isn't necessarily slavery. I mean how many human smugglers are there.

Plenty of brothels here are legal. It is actually often a safety-net for women as their customers are being monitored. I mean human smugglers.

Why does the husband rape the maid and use her as a sex slave if he is such a great Muslim man?

I think this is biased, I have personally heard stories of slavic women being trafficked illegally to Turkey and UAE for the purpose of sexual slavery.

Anonymous 61884

I have a bias against incels pushing for trad wife bullshit which is exactly the same as what islam wants from women but dressed in swastikas rather than crescent moons.

Fun fact: those slavs where sold as slaves by their fellow white people because they refused to be christian.


By the reign of Pope Zachary (741–752), Venice had established a thriving slave trade, buying in Italy, among other places, and selling to the Moors in Northern Africa (Zacharias himself reportedly forbade such traffic out of Rome).[19][20][21] When the sale of Christians to Muslims was banned (pactum Lotharii[15]), the Venetians began to sell Slavs and other Eastern European non-Christian slaves in greater numbers.

Venice was far from the only slave trading hub in Italy. Southern Italy boasted slaves from distant regions, including Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Slavic regions. During the 9th and 10th centuries, Amalfi was a major exporter of slaves to North Africa.[11] Genoa, along with Venice, dominated the trade in the Eastern Mediterranean beginning in the 12th century, and in the Black Sea beginning in the 13th century. They sold both Baltic and Slavic slaves, as well as Armenians, Circassians, Georgians, Turks and other ethnic groups of the Black Sea and Caucasus, to the Muslim nations of the Middle East.[24] Genoa primarily managed the slave trade from Crimea to Mamluk Egypt, until the 13th century, when increasing Venetian control over the Eastern Mediterranean allowed Venice to dominate that market.[25] Between 1414 and 1423 alone, at least 10,000 slaves were sold in Venice.

Anonymous 61885

Yes, same as the African slave trade. Mostly blacks selling their own people. But whites still get blamed for slavery. But somehow this excepts Muslims from that blame?

Just cause the victims are white it's more acceptable.

Anonymous 61886

>Brothel owners isn't necessarily slavery.
Tell that to the women trafficked into prostitution.

>It is actually often a safety-net


>Why does the husband rape the maid and use her as a sex slave if he is such a great Muslim man?

Because he is not a great muslim man. Much of islamic culture is chauvinistic right-wing drivel that says the only good woman is the trad wife who takes care of the man and his babies, does not seek independence, and does not nag the man about his bad behavior. There are liberal muslims and ex-muslims who fight against this, but the West doesn't care about them.

Anonymous 61888

>But somehow this excepts Muslims from that blame?
Nobody's excepting anyone from blame. What I'm pointing out is that white authoritarians are just as bad as black and brown authoritarians. You only see the authoritarians and do not see the liberals (not in the american sense: in the broader sense) trying to fight the authoritarians, and that exacerbates the problem.

Islam is a right-wing ideology. The problem with the western Left is not recognizing that, and that's a HUGE issue. But trading one right-wing ideology for another is like trading skin cancer for liver cancer: you're still dying of cancer.

Anonymous 61889

> There are liberal muslims and ex-muslims who fight against this, but the West doesn't care about them.

I agree with this actually. These should be supported a lot more.

Anonymous 61894

Gaddafi was one of such people, ironically.


Gaddafi also wanted to combat the strict social restrictions that had been imposed on women by the previous regime, establishing the Revolutionary Women's Formation to encourage reform. In 1970, a law was introduced affirming equality of the sexes and insisting on wage parity. In 1971, Gaddafi sponsored the creation of a Libyan General Women's Federation. In 1972, a law was passed criminalizing the marriage of any females under the age of sixteen and ensuring that a woman's consent was a necessary prerequisite for a marriage.

And when did this whole immigration crisis start? When they murdered him. There was no immigration crisis before he was murdered.

Anonymous 61896

Yup, I agree they take out moderate socialist dictators and then Islamists get to power

Anonymous 61899

The problem with Arab socialist dictators is that they are largely against Israel and pro-Palestine, being socialists of course they care for international issues that affect their fellow arabs.

And when these socialists are removed, the consequences are disastrous.

The Middle East needs Marx. I mean it. They need Marx desperately but Israel won't allow it.

Anonymous 61900

*Israel and the US, fixed.

Anonymous 61904


Although the British were initially turned down in their request for American support by President Truman, the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower as U.S. president in November 1952 changed the American stance toward the conflict. On 20 January 1953, U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles, told their British counterparts that they were ready to move against Mosaddegh. In their eyes, any country not decisively allied with the United States was a potential enemy. Iran had immense oil wealth, a long border with the Soviet Union, and a nationalist prime minister. The prospect of a fall into communism and a "second China" (after Mao Zedong won the Chinese Civil War) terrified the Dulles brothers. Operation Ajax was born, in which the only democratic government Iran ever had was deposed.

The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d'état (Persian: کودتای ۲۸ مرداد‎), was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953,[5] orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project[6] or "Operation Ajax") and the United Kingdom (under the name "Operation Boot"), and carried out by the Iranian military.[7][8][9][10]

In early August, the CIA increased the pressure. Iranian operatives pretending to be Communists threatened Muslim leaders with "savage punishment if they opposed Mossadegh," seeking to stir anti-Communist sentiment in the religious community.

In addition, the secret history says, the house of at least one prominent Muslim was bombed by CIA agents posing as Communists. It does not say whether anyone was hurt in this attack.

The agency was intensifying its propaganda campaign. A leading newspaper owner was granted a personal loan of about $45,000, "in the belief that this would make his organ amenable to our purposes."

Meanwhile, Albania:


The Party focused on atheist education in schools. This tactic was effective, primarily due to the high birthrate policy encouraged after the war. During what the religious consider "holy periods," such as Lent and Ramadan, many foods which are scorned by them (dairy products, meat, etc.) were distributed in schools and factories, and those who refused to eat those foods were denounced.

Starting on 6 February 1967, the Party began to promote secularism over Abrahamic religions. Hoxha, who had declared a "Cultural and Ideological Revolution" after being partly inspired by China's Cultural Revolution, encouraged communist students and workers to use more forceful tactics to discourage religious practices, although violence was initially condemned.[92]

According to Hoxha, the surge in anti-theist activity began with the youth. The result of this "spontaneous, unprovoked movement" was the demolition or conversion of all 2,169 churches and mosques in Albania.[93] State atheism became official policy, and Albania was declared the world's first atheist state. Town and city names which echoed Abrahamic religious themes were abandoned for neutral secular ones, as well as personal names.

A major achievement under Hoxha was the advancement of women's rights. Albania had been one of the most, if not the most, patriarchal countries in Europe. The Code of Lekë, which regulated the status of women, states, "A woman is known as a sack, made to endure as long as she lives in her husband's house."[54] Women were not allowed to inherit anything from their parents, and discrimination was even made in the case of the murder of a pregnant woman.

Women were forbidden from obtaining a divorce, and the wife's parents were obliged to return a runaway daughter to her husband or else suffer shame which could even result in a generations-long blood feud. During World War II, the Albanian Communists encouraged women to join the partisans[56] and following the war, women were encouraged to take up menial jobs, as the education necessary for higher level work was out of most women's reach. In 1938, 4% worked in various sectors of the economy. In 1970, this number had risen to 38%, and in 1982 to 46%.[57]

During the Cultural and Ideological Revolution (discussed below), women were encouraged to take up all jobs, including government posts, which resulted in 40.7% of the People's Councils and 30.4% of the People's Assembly being made up of women, including two women in the Central Committee by 1985.[citation needed] In 1978, 15.1 times as many females attended eight-year schools as had done so in 1938 and 175.7 times as many females attended secondary schools. By 1978, 101.9 times as many women attended higher schools as in 1957.[58] Hoxha said of women's rights in 1967:

The entire party and country should hurl into the fire and break the neck of anyone who dared trample underfoot the sacred edict of the party on the defense of women's rights.

The Communist legacy persists to this day. Despite being a muslim country, islam is not the law and the country operates on the basis of the separation of church and state. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secularism_in_Albania

And those photos of Afghan women in the '70s looking like normal western women? That's Afghanistan under SOVIET influence. One good thing communists did in the Middle East was give islam no quarter and push for women's rights no matter what, and the results are seen in post-communist countries like Bosnia, Albania, Azerbaijan, all muslim countries that are still secularist and base their laws on the separation between mosque and state. While America fostered the talibans and praised Bin Laden for being a good anti-communist fighter.

Try to convince americans that Communism is the way to cure the Middle East of all the bad aspects of islam, though. They have poisoned their own Left to stop caring about workers, about what Marx actually says, about the ideals of the Soviet Union regarding women's rights and equality.

Anonymous 61918


8/pol/ wallposters pls go and stay go your incessant need to ctl+v articles ruined that board.

Anonymous 61921

>all-white, right-wing Russia
russia isn't all white nor right wing. Putin is Putin, not left not right, he's cleptoclark

Anonymous 61922

Honestly white right wingers are worse than Muslims. The Muslims have never known progress or women's rights meanwhile white right wing moids want to undo progress and womens' rights. These are men who were brought up in western nations that want to end abortion. To me that is a lot scarier than a man carrying his cultural beliefs with him.

Anonymous 61944

More people are in the middle than on the extremes, but more extremists cry louder than the middle.

The trick is just meeting someone in the middle like yourself, who you can trust.

Think of it this way, if you want to catch a fish, look in the water.
If you want to find a responsible man, try looking around your college.

Anonymous 61947

Cool advice from someone with no future

Anonymous 62189

This post wasn't about finding a man. It was about other things. But it was just captured and turned into a pro-islamic rant. Thanks a lot for ruining a space for females to interact about their identities.

Anonymous 62194


Too many women think in simplistic way. You don't need to choose between being a spineless tradwife or braindead liberal slut.

You can just reject both things. Personally, I'm politically apathetic because of this. Both the left and the right today are shit for women. Dworkin or someone said that the only difference between conservatives and liberals is that the former wants women to be one man's private property, the latter wants women to be public property.

I hate feminism, SJWs, trannies, multiculturalism, Islam etc. I also hate modern conservatism, neoliberalism, MRA, incels and I sure as hell wont become a tradwife which is just being a free maid and prostitute to some shitty man. I'd rather be lonely and not belong to any tribe than submit to men in any ideology.

Anonymous 62198


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