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Assorted Life TIps and Tricks Anonymous 62212

Did you find in your life any tips to make simple things easier or better? Post them here.

Anonymous 62215

Here are some I found:
>if your gas stove turns off when you release the dial, try pushing the dial very hard for a second or two and releasing it as opposed to holding it down for a long time
>if you use Microsoft Edge, you can set every site to dark mode by default, just go to Edge://flags and enable "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents".
>if the paint on your furniture is chipped or tarnished you can retouch it with acrylic paint, it's not too expensive and dries quickly. Put wood glue over it when you're done so it doesn't come off

Anonymous 62400

My tip is, always weight your ingredients when you're going to cook or bake something. Don't trust arbitrary measures like "cup" or "tablespoon".

Anonymous 62423

This sucks because most recipes are in cups, and when you try to convert them manually several sites give different numbers. Why can't people be civilized and go by weight.

Anonymous 62426

Alcohol swabs can get rid of most stains. But don't use them on clothes, it may ruin the colours. More useful for removing stubborn stains on furniture and walls, etc.

Anonymous 62431

Don't take advice from people who can't cook

Anonymous 62442

Oh yeah and cleaning wipes clean almost everything out of anything, if you get oil paint on your clothes clean it before it dries with cleaning wipes or baby wipes.
And if you want to remove rust from something soak it in citric acid, it's like magic

Anonymous 62461

I always get soy sauce drips on my bedsheets when I eat sushi in bed and my bed smells of it for the rest of the week. What do

Anonymous 62462

Stop being a slob. Next you'll say "no". Go!

Anonymous 62493

Don't eat sushi in bed lmao

Anonymous 62499

Get you some new sheets, queen. And one of those standing bed trays so you can eat your sushi with grace.

Anonymous 62668

be a minimalist and you'll have less shit to clean

t. lazy demi-minimalist in comfy microstudio. it takes me 10 minutes to clean my bathroom and 15 for everything else put together. lmao just stop buying shit lol just stop having so many possessions

Anonymous 62669

chad female.jpg

oxyclean. its the only shit that actually fucking works on clothes/linen/shoes.

for everything else i mostly use cheap white vinegar. also i dont use dish soap and i noticed my dish sponge never gets smelly anymore. pour boiling water on your sponge once a week.
i have never measured any ingredient in my life.

Anonymous 62738

based. i mostly do not have so many stuff in my bedroom however i still do buy a lot, i store them in cabinets so they do not get dusted

Anonymous 62739

Wear a gigantic muffin wrapper around your neck.
If you're going to act like a clown you may as well look like one.

Anonymous 62741

This is a pretty good way to go. If you have a smartphone and a laptop you already have a lot. I have 4 changes of outfit, 1 pair of shoes, 1 set of cutlery and 1 cup, bowl and plate. I use 1 shower gel and 1 moisturizer and 1 safety razor I can keep buying blade sets for. My furniture is basic as fuck. sofa, coffee table, bed.

Not having a lot of shit is quite freeing in that the upkeep is so quick and easy. I can do all of my laundry including my bed linen in 1 wash and vaccuming/dusting takes 30 minutes tops. But dont think it's like one of those high concept minimalist setups with the wooden decking and zen pictures everywhere. My flat basically looks like a really clean version of auschwitz. Love the no dust though.

Anonymous 62758


I did! Got this on Saturday. 10/10 no drips yesterday

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