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Anonymous 6259

Why are you here? Not saying anything to be rude, just asking.

Anonymous 6260

I have no rl friends so I spend all my time on image boards.

Anonymous 6264

it feels nice having a community full of girls, i have no friends besides my partner and idk it's just nice being girly

Anonymous 6265

Why does anyone go anywhere on the internet? I want to interact with other women and I enjoy the content. Simple enough.

Anonymous 6276

1. I don't have a lot of friends and using an imageboard is one of my ways to fill my "Social" Bar.
2. I got tired of lolcow.
3. It's fun to talk about girly things with girls.
4. I like coming across and downloading weird/interesting pictures that get dumped here.

Anonymous 6277

cause i don't have someone irl who will eat my cute desserts and chat with me over tea in my princess apartment.

Anonymous 6281

Literally just discovered this place off the /cgl/ thread about secrets and … I’ve been looking for a place like this for so long and didn’t even know it. Reading the rules and getting to the part about how men’s comments “are not desired”… yes. YES. Exactly how I feel about everything every day. Bless you all.

Anonymous 6291

you are the kind of person I like to avoid tbh. not to be rude. just saying.

Anonymous 6293

I don't work everyday because my schedule always changes, so I have a lot of free time to spend on the computer. I like to interact with other girls online because I don't have many gal pals IRL, and I'm a social media hermit. I'm not huge into imageboards, but I really love cc.

you're someone I'd probably avoid IRL too. Just saying. There was absolutely no reason for you to criticize that, anon.

Anonymous 6294

Not her, but /cgl/ is cancer and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous 6295

Like I said, I'm not huge into image boards. So idc if you think cgl is cancer or not. That was uncalled for, which is what I was pointing out

Anonymous 6296

No friends, enjoying female oriented spaces, and this being a really comfy/friendly imageboard. It's slowly starting to get cattier which sucks, the comfy atmosphere is what I enjoy so much about it. Also the cute pictures and discussions are very relevant to my interests.

Anonymous 6298

I like girly things. I also have nobody I'd tell about my problems because it might make me look bad.

Anonymous 6299

dude stop. man i really hate people like this…this is why we don't want /cgl/ here.

Anonymous 6303

/cgl/ isn't even that bad. Not that anon but I don't see the issue

Anonymous 6304

i like the idea of anon imageboards but fucking hate the shit that goes on at the male-oriented ones
this is the only female-oriented one i know other than lolcow and lolcow is mainly about lolcows wich i generally dgaf about

Anonymous 6332

I’m >>6281. I haven’t responded itt since posting. /cgl/ may not be your cup of tea but it is unfortunately one of the few really vibrantly active places online for English-language jfashion discussion since the fall of LJ, and I’m not sure what there is to be judgmental about there. Sorry you’re so upset about someone else finding a place to enjoy that you also enjoy.

Anonymous 6334


I almost never post but I uh… I like to lurk here. It's really refreshing. Like. I feel free. It's weird.

Anonymous 6408

Not that anon, but /cgl/ used to be known for shitty petty drama, pre-lolcow, and now is known for being the tumblr of 4chan, full of shit like people seriously asking if wearing yukata is seriously negative appropriation. That's probably why, most people don't like either of those ideas.

Anonymous 6415

I thought the original reply was about the OP's "men's comments not desired, yes, yes" was the original issue, not /cgl/

Anonymous 6426

Because lolcow gets pretty boring and I have yet to make any friends in uni.

Anonymous 6433

I came here through lolcow. I like the idea of place were women can be nice to each other and discuss things they are interested in. I saw that a lot of the users on this board come from lolcow which isn't inherently a bad thing but I don't want this place to end up like lolcow where everyone just nitpicks, is rude and catty and just fighting about politics, different opinions and just general unnecessary arguing. I just want it to remain a safe positive space for women because I really like the current general atmosphere.

Anonymous 6493

I’ve spent a decade in an industry that’s 8% female. Sorry not sorry, a place where we can acknowledge that men don’t need to be talking 100% of the time is an appealing place to me.

Anonymous 6494

I've been coming to imageboards for company and conversation since 2008 because I'm socially inept and literally have no friends. I used to go on the male-dominated spaces exclusively of course because that was all I had.

Now that I'm given the option to, I'd much rather stay with other girls. No misogynistic opinions in every single post? Plus being able to talk about girly subjects without a horde of men chewing our ears about >tfw no gf or >ree roastie? Plus we don't throw shit at each other and are actually supportive while still anon? Hell yeah.

This place is everything I could ask for. We just need to get a little more traffic without compromising quality and it'll be perfect

I've seen girls saying this a few times but I'm not sure where this fear that we'll "become like lolcow" comes from, I haven't seen any signs of it yet. I think most of us understand they are different imageboards that serve different purposes and that have different "vibes" to them. A person who comes on anon for the sole purpose of being nasty to others isn't gonna have fun here anyway, we're too nice and we self-police. Our mods are good too.
Have hope, anon!

Anonymous 6502

Most of us came from lolcow, but the majority were people who were fed up with it and it's toxic behavior. I think if you look around you'll find the lolcow thread and see that most people don't even like it anymore. There was an overwhelming stance among users here when it first launched to do away with lolcow type antics.

I don't disagree with you, I just thought the spat about /cgl/ came from left field.

Anonymous 7678


I'm a robot suffering from tfwnogf and lurking imageboards with grills is interesting. Especially the threads about tfwnobf. Talking to grills is terrifying tho so I never post.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 7681

I dont have friends and I like using the internet a lot.

Anonymous 7685

I came here out of curiosity, stayed for the friendly atmosphere and competent people with real opinions, and interesting thoughts.

Anonymous 7747

My friend linked me because I was looking for a female space. I stayed because c.c. is overflowing with such high-quality content. I'm amazed by how well spoken so many of you are, it feels like a really constructive , supportive place for me to be.

Anonymous 7768

People here are actually nice. I am overly negative and am trying to be nicer as well. I appreciate how kind everyone is.

Anonymous 7769

Anons love this place so much, it gives me the feels. I'm really happy here too. Hopefully as our community grows the atmosphere will stay friendly, cozy and warm, without being unnecessarily hugboxy. I think cc has the right amount of everything.

But yeah I'm here whenever I'm not at work or spending time with friends. I don't have many hobbies atm.

Anonymous 7770

I don't have girlfriends that i can talk to so this is a place i really enjoy coming to to vent my feeling or discuss femenine things freely.

I love having a internet community full of women that treat each other as equals without needing to compete or be unnecessarily catty to each other, that help and treat each other nicely regardless of the anonymity while still maintaining the right amount of bluntess.
Also having basically no drama or gossip attached to the site is a big bonus, since most places that do have it tend to turn to shit fast.

Also, i always wanted to be part of a female board since most places like this on the internet are male dominated and overly immature and it gets tiring real fast.
I used to go to lc /g/ and /ot/ religiously, but the atmosphere changed and it feels like constant summer over there. I like the atmosphere here a lot more, it feels a lot more mature and chilled out, kind of like a big sleep over, it's so comfy and chill, i really hope the atmosphere doesn't change if the site gets bigger because it feels basically perfect right now.

Anonymous 7782

I have no female friends irl. I've been wishing for them since I was little.

Anonymous 7919

I browse various chans and I read stuff.

Anonymous 124352

Moved away from my hometown for 10 years, moved back to get my life in order. I have some good friends in my old city I plan on visiting this summer. Lost contact with a lot of my girlfriends from HS. I've reached out to a couple but either they're way off the rocker or normies who've settled down with a family. I can relate to the former but I'm trying to get away from that lifestyle. I don't want kids or a family so it's usually only coffee and small talk with the latter. Guess I'm just desperate for other connections with women that I made a blog and got back into online stuff.

Anonymous 124355

It's cozy, I like the old web feeling and structure of image boards, and it's cool talking to anons from around the world.

Anonymous 124367

Been lurking CC for awhile now and keep meaning to post then stopping myself from anxiety. But I guess I'll give it a try today.
This site reminds me of the old internet I grew up on and felt more comfortable with. I think I found it on 4chan, which I visit occasionally but dislike all the disgusting posts and general stupidity I see there, although you might find an interesting topic if you dig around. Also I dont use any social media for a number of reasons, some you have covered on another thread I saw here recently. It's hard to find a good online space these days.
All the old forums and sites I used to use when I was younger are long gone. Online friendships have faded away over time. Like some of you I never had girl friends irl either. My husband is the only person I know at this point. Needless to say I'm more isolated from the world around me than the average adult.
So it's interesting to see some thoughts beyond my own perspective. This site isn't overrun by bots and young kids posting garbage like other places. Many posts I read are well thought out. I like reading slower moving discussions. Lots of online stuff moves too fast these days. The layout is pleasant to look at too. I like the dark crystal theme.
Anyways it's a comfy place you have got here. I think I'll hang around.

Anonymous 125386

I like browsing off-beat imageboards.

Anonymous 125389

To annoy you half the time. Feel my wrath. >:E

Anonymous 125566


Because my situationship boy is at work

Anonymous 231944

I like to self harm

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