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Pinkpill thread Anonymous 62606

Post about all the wrong things men have done in your life, either to you or you witnessed it.

For me I witnessed a man abandoning a ten year old girl and she had to be adopted by our family or she would have been homeless.

Anonymous 62607

We need a containment board for this shit

Anonymous 62608

I couldn't find a appropriate board for this, sorry

Anonymous 62612

these threads are what people mean by "femcel" i guess
would rather not have a ton of threads complaining about men/asking about men because it's too similar to r9k

and i disagree with a board because…it will only attract these types (and smegmies that want to aruge their virtues).

why don't y'all gb2 lc

Anonymous 62615

lolcow allows trannies aka moids now. why would you go to a site with men on it to complain about men?

Anonymous Admin 62617

For the time being, I'll declare this a containment thread, meaning threads like these



will be locked and redirected to this thread. This counts for all threads about misandry, "man hate" threads, threads addressing men, talking about incels, robots and other males as a group, and so on. This is an effort to encourage more variety on /b/ and not have it filled by threads discussing the same topic over and over.

About a containment board: >>>/meta/2962

Anonymous 62634

Men are dangerous for the same reason rabid animals are dangerous; they are terrified.
The male motivation towards promiscuity is motivated by this terror, and homosexual promiscuity is not exempt from this - rather, homosexual promiscuity is likely to be even more strongly motivated by this terror. Especially homosexuals of the openly misogynistic subtype.
This terror is incurable, inherent and instinctive.
Psychopaths may be exempt from this, due to their brains being fundamentally incapable of the experience of interpersonal anxiety (this is also the reason they have no trouble passing polygraph tests), but psychopaths have other problems.
So, the solution is the same as the solution to incurable terror in rabid animals. They should be put down.
And just like rabies this is morally imperative for everyone's sake, both for their potential victims and for their own internal suffering.
There can be no exemption for "controlled" specimens who are unable to victimize others.
It is still morally imperative to shoot Old Yeller to alleviate his own suffering even if he is penned up and unable to actually inflict harm on others.
>but how will we species continuation without the sperms
Antinatalism is an ethically valid position. The perpetuation of suffering solely for the sake of genetic continuity is not.
If genetic continuity were a sufficient imperative to justify suffering and hazard then that would have a profound effect on abortion debates.

Anonymous 62635

Can this "terror" not be alleviated if not gotten rid of entirely?
Why is it inherent?
And I still see no reason to discontinue the species over mild discomfort, when they could simply be disabled from acting on this discomfort and "terror".

Anonymous 62636

>They could simply be disabled
We should give this a try before ending the species

Anonymous 62639

>They should be put down.
And how exactly do you plan on accomplishing that?

Maybe you haven't noticed, but men are bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and naturally better fighters than women.

Anonymous 62641

I won't tell you

Anonymous 62642

though it would be pretty redundant to just make them weak, since if you made them weak enough that women would actually stand a chance they would no longer really be a threat.
Just remember that any sudden change will likely cause the world to end as a result of nuclear powerplant meltdowns along with automatic missile systems having their deadman's switches activated.

Anonymous 62644

I think you just don't have a plan actually. You're just living out a sad fantasy in your head.

Anonymous 62645

Nice try but i can't have r9k knowing about it

Anonymous 62646

it's a tad more than "mild discomfort".

Anonymous 62647

It's just fantasizing, so it's rather harmless.
It's not like she's actually going to try and remove half the population.
That'd be like saying those raccoon moid posters are actually going to abduct someone to train into being their boyfriend.

Anonymous 62649

Exactly, female liberation makes me so horny

Anonymous 62650

Don't need to kill them for that though.
Just make them smol.
And cute.

Anonymous 62651


lol the scrote wants to hear it. there are many ways in theory to go about doing it, but i'll leave you with just one fact. testosterone is weak and unstable, both in the human body and without. it degrades even with saliva into unusable constituents. excess testosterone is converted into estrogen in the body. it has very little stability outside the human body with the exception of manmade formulas such as androgel - but it is the estrogens and the xenoestrogens that make up the abundance of exogenous hormones. even if farmers stopped using them altogether tomorrow, the ratio will be very uneven. there are no potent "natty" testosterone compounds in nature that actually work as well as estrogen (and progesterone). point being that you are fundamentally precarious, and take away your precious juice that dwindles even starting into your 30s and you become less than nothing.

women are affected by far smaller quantities of testosterone than men, and need far less.

something to ponder over with your hand on your two-inch caged cock.

Anonymous 62655

did someone edit the grammar on my post? i know was staring at the mistake and now it's gone

Anonymous 62661

I see what you did there, Anon, and I love the idea.
But the problem is that it could take THOUSANDS, if not millions, of years to change men's wicked behavior given how the more tranquil, non-misogynistic men could still have some gene here and there that will bring back the same toxic behavior we see to this day; e.g., the warrior gene.
Not to mention that good men usually have much less children in comparison to the bad ones given how attentive they are for their wife's health and well-being.

Anonymous 62679

Not the anon you're replying to but what are you trying to do exactly? Find a way to remove testosterone from the world to leave men weak and woman now being the more-powerful gender? That seems infeasible, how exactly do you plan to do that?

I don't get why megalomaniacs always need to be so cryptic with their "grand designs".

Anonymous 62690


Anonymous 62710

Genetic engineering will soon be possible. So even if those genes persist, they can be identified and removed from the embryos, or their expression controlled by other kinds of bioengineering.
We just need to make sure that this is not demonized by moralfaggots who will surely start whining about eugenics and how these genes are apparently more common among certain populations and therefore it is """wrong""" to mess with or remove them.

Anonymous 62721

>has genetic engineering
>turns men into a race of extremely apathetic soymoids incapable of building muscle
>doesn't turn timid but loyal raccoon moids into a reality
you lack ambition

Anonymous 62728


>turns men into a race of extremely apathetic soymoids incapable of building muscle
Where did you get this from? Nobody said anything about muscleless soymoids. Just take out the violent psycho tendencies, bio-engineer absolute subservience to women into moid genes and instant cell death in case of any thought of violence against women.

inb4 moid cope that violence and moid psychopathy causes progress. We are in the least violent and most advanced era of humanity right now.

>doesn't turn timid but loyal raccoon moids into a reality

If you keep the moralfaggots out of the way you can have those too.
Genetic engineering is a win-win.

Anonymous 62784

Men will always be driven by their desire to impregnate as many females as possible, it's in their DNA. That's why they're so violent, they go crazy when they can't stick their peepees into us. Moids need to be tamed, their testosterone levels should be lowered. Not too much though, a decent amount keeps them active and healthy. Only after passing behavioural tests they should be allowed to enter a relationship with a woman. Promiscuity should be punishable by law.

Anonymous 62807

Just let this be a general thread like >>62617 said since she's right about how we absolutely need a more intellectually diverse catalog in /b/.

Anonymous 62808

This, the worst possible thing a woman has done to a man is take the kids from him. Men keep going on and on about how they're a victim? Of possibly what? Because their ex wife took the kids?

Anonymous 62815

so pinkpill as in mandatory hrt?

Anonymous 62818

more like mandatory crispr to turn them into pets.
hrt just gives them titties.

Anonymous 63027

I saw a reddit user (u/SayingWhatUrThinkin if you're curiou) suggest that primary education should be sex-segregated for girls. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous 63219


Pinkpill me on simping and findom, feels like this shit has gotten absolutely out of control.

Personally I feel conflicted about it. Growing up, my "stranger danger" instincts have always told me to never accept gifts or payments from non-family men because then they'll "expect repayment", which puts you in a dangerous situation. I feel like this is always the safest choice and it works as long as you have family and/or good friends to support you. Laws can be made to punish date rape more severely, but why even take a risk at all when you can eliminate the opportunity entirely?

On the other hand I'm aware of the type of low-effort, low value men who make paypigs of themselves and I can't help but think they are essentially consenting to being robbed because the "robber" is a woman they perceive as attractive and have an imaginary relationship with in their own mind. They tend to defend themselves with "it's his money, he can spend it on whatever he wants!" whenever other people tell them to stop, even when some of them choose not to eat for days or pay their bills just to flex how much money they can give out. It's especially baffling to me when I see people blowing absurd amounts just to get noticed on an e-girl stream vs the rates that IRL escorts actually charge.

Like, I'm so conflicted. Should I be frustrated that this garbage is ruining any remaining healthy relations between the sexes? Or should I be congratulating the ones scamming these suckers for all their worth because, at the end of the day, they're moids and incels anyway that need to be weeded out of the gene pool and stripped of any remaining power in finances they hold?

Pic related, a vtuber that received hundreds of dollars tonight to the point that she started crying and had to pause the livestream. This is for later on when she'll read the messages that the "donors" put with their large sums of cash.

Anonymous 63228


Even though having a priority for a partner's economic status might be starting to become a little immoral given the current state of America. I think it is for the best to filter out the simps who give money to either 2D or 3D women since, by itself, it is a filter for us women to date someone who isn't going to give money to another woman that isn't their partner, or so. Like, if all of those simps had a girlfriend or so, they're pretty much cheating on her on a new level since that's like giving money and, indirectly, affection to another woman that isn't their girlfriend or so. Just think about what you could've done with those 100$-1000$ you gave to the vtuber if you used them to treat your girlfriend nicer, or so.
Since, yeah, all men watch porn et al. even if you satisfied him in all his needs. But if said man is giving his own income to another woman, whether it is 2D or 3D, that's on a new level of being cheated on, to be honest.
Might as well tell the boyfriend/husband/whatever "Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister."

Though, you shouldn't ever mention the act of "simping" to the mids who are too deeply into vtubers since they can be pretty psychopathic and murderous about it if you dare to say something negative about their "waifu." Especially as there has been plenty of drama and doxxing in those circles–especially for the vtubers; almost "yandere"-ish but from a mid.
Picture absolutely fucking related as he is the perfect example of what happens when you have a literal yandere fanbase in a female vtuber and who are willing to ruin your career and life if you dared to breathe the same air as said female vtubers.

Nonetheless these days seem to be a good time to be a vtuber and get some cash from the simps, though. Wished I were one.
Yet I am sort of worried for any vtuber's safety and personal life, to be honest.

Anonymous 63229

Also, sorry for the vent-ish post and being USA-centric.
And yes, I am into the vtuber thing, but I am not a psychopathic m*id who is going to search the entire internet in order to see what does my favorite vtuber looks like IRL.

Anonymous 63232

Uh.. fucking scary lol

Anonymous 63352

You just have to repeat the mantra
>they have no right, this is the patriarchy
and it will protect you from stalker moids

Anonymous 63929


Simping is bad because it's just another step in normalizing prostitution, which normalizes the commodification of women. Prostitution always boils down to the same thing, women submit to acting like sex-dolls with not free will for men to play out their misogynist power fantasies on. The woman might be getting paid, but she's selling her humanity and selling out her entire gender by basically proving that women are just stupid holes with no dignity that exist to please gross men.

It's impossible to convince people that women are equal in a world where every remotely attractive young woman acts like a whore. Women have basically destroyed the credibility of feminism in a single generation with this shit and they are too stupid to even see this.

And the biggest losers are ugly women, because we don't get any benefit from this shit but we pay the price when women's intelligence and hard work matter less and less everyday. There's no point working hard as a woman anymore, the lazy idiot stacy nextdoor is making ten times more than you in a hour by posting her asshole online, and even if you achieve something, nobody cares about women's achievements anymore, even in politics it's all about pretty young women, men wont ever love you or stay faithful even temporarily, because they have unrestricted access to thots who fulfill their every fantasy in every medium imaginable.

Anonymous 63989


NTA but what about vtubers, though.
They're not doing anything explicitly lewd outside of double entendre stuff, yet they can still earn as or more money than that Stacy next door who sells her nudes and has a higher income than yours.
Since I think it is perfectly doable for ugly women to be a vtuber and earn lots of money, so long they have a nice, pleasant voice–whether it is a cutesy one or a womanly one–and it fits whatever character that women wants to be.

Though, I wouldn't know the impact this could have regarding male-female social relationships; perhaps the West would become like Japan and the birth rate will become almost zero or so.
But I agree this is harmful and heartbreaking given "men wont ever love you or stay faithful even temporarily," and nobody but the radical feminists, especially the tenured academic ones, and ourselves see it.

Anonymous 63991

I have no pity for simping males and I don't think it causes problems for the dating pool. A man that gives money to get 7 seconds of attention from a girl who'll never speak to him outside of saying "thank you" for a donation is not the kind of man who I'd want to date anyway. It speaks of someone's utter delusion and that they've given up on meeting women organically.

I don't think it's immoral as long as the girl isn't pretending to have a deeper connection with the man. Encouraging orbiters who talk to you privately is something I wouldn't recommend or support, but if you're a public figure who accepts donations during livestreams then I think that's alright.

>And the biggest losers are ugly women
As an ugly woman, I feel your sentiment, but I think the bigger risk is that it makes us feel like a comfy life is just within reach if we compromise our personal boundaries. Even if you aren't pretty, you can still make money by hiding your face or getting into a specific gimmick or vtube as >>63989 said. But if it's within reach, then the question is, do we want to do it? Sure you can see it as just another type of labor, but if you're working in an office, you clock in and out and the rest of your life belongs to you. If you make yourself accessible to men online, you have to do a lot of marketing and roleplay a pleasant personality to build a fanbase, and all criticism will be personal unlike a bad job evaluation. I think this kind of activity really isn't for everyone, some just got extremely lucky and others work harder than a regular person with a regular job, and you never know if you'll blow up and get attention from crazy stalkers or if your cash flow will have dried up by next month. It's too exhausting and not worth it unless you get lucky enough to make a decent amount of money, maintain full anonymity, none of your friends ever rat you out, and so on.

Anonymous 64009

Vtubers just change the bar of entry from "must have an attractive body/face" to "must have an attractive voice and mannerisms". It's still fundamentally the same problem where the majority of the value a woman has are from areas outside your control. Yes, you can train your voice, but same as the body it only takes you so far.

Anonymous 64010

some people use voice changers

Anonymous 64044

yeah, good point. most women don't have good enough voice to do it. and it's also still about playing a misogynist role to please cumbrains who hate women.

Anonymous 64452

Look at the comments. Men are all truly fucking sick. I wish we lived in a world without them. They're almost always fucking pedophiles. Why? Why do we have to exist with them? Why? I want to fucking scream.

Anonymous 64462

Meanwhile in the other thread anons are fawning over "cute little boys with older assertive gfs" lol

Anonymous 64464

Fujoshi tier thread

Anonymous 64471

Why do moids lie so much? I get a lot of pictures sent to me that are not theirs in Tinder… I think these moids must believe that women are so stupid that they won't realize their lies.

Anonymous 64485

Moids are constantly manipulating and lying especially to women. It's funny how they say women are liars but the average moid is borderline sociopathic with the amount of deception they do everyday.

Anonymous 64493


Why is she wearing nothing but a fucking bra in public though? Doesn't justify the creepy comments but no decent parent would EVER let their daughter walk outside dressed like that, let alone make a video for all the pervs in the world to see.

I'm sick of this whole slut-culture. Stop normalizing underage girls dressing like street hookers. You are giving moids exactly what they want. Everyone who thinks this is normal needs to be tortured to death, moids and feminists both.

Anonymous 64495

I believe that all men's evil comes from their extreme sexuality. It is as if they only exist for and because of sex.

Anonymous 64498

The way she is wearing is too revealing and unfit for a 13 year old girl.
But like >>64493, I don't want to blame her for that but her parents who allowed and/or groomed her into wearing those clothes.
The quasi-fujoshi shota-loving anons in that thread are a tiny yet loud minority and an absolute exception in comparison to the general population of women, though.
I don't think they would even hurt a fly, much less one that is a cute monster boy shota, haha.

Anonymous 64519

He's saying she and everyone else who claims to want a modest man is lying about it and that modest men are so unwanted that they become immodest in order to be wanted.
So typical incel drivel.

Anonymous 64548

incels are not modest, they are just degenerates who are too ugly to act out their fantasies. like all "modest" men.

Anonymous 64570

Orson Welles on Wo…

Ugliness is not the problem. Ugliness is a masculine trait. The problem is that they don't know how to behave. Not her, by the by.

Anonymous 64606

>anybody who speaks quietly and shrivels up in company is unbelievably arrogant

Or they have social anxiety maybe?

Anonymous 64646

The point was that people with social anxiety are arrogant (I agree)

Anonymous 64679


Anonymous 64680

They feel special and that everyone else is too stupid to really understand them.

Anonymous 64684

I have social anxiety as a direct symptom/result of an autoimmune disease.

Anonymous 64690

Nta but suspecting that all others are bitter and like to lash out at you is the definition of having a chip on your shoulder.

Anonymous 64702

Every man I've tried to have a relationship with just wants to have sex with me. It is so frustrating. When I tell them about me and how I feel, they disappear. They just talk to me to send pictures or take me to their bed…

Anonymous 64714

That's just statistics.
The moids who just want sex will hit on every girl and will be more straightforward.
The moids who want something more deep will be more selective, take longer to approach and take things more slowly.

What you can do is stop being so passive. If you are entirely passive the second group will think you are not interested and won't approach.

Anonymous 64747


why the fuck do friendships with men always end with them wanting to date you? what the actual fuck god im only befriending gay dudes and really guy-leaning bi dudes now. its like men only befriend women to have as a potential partner, for fucks sake.

Anonymous 64759

I feel you. I had a male “friend” who had the audacity to get distant and cold toward me for simply talking about my love life. 2 years of friendship gone. The only moid friends I’ll tolerate now are gay guys.

Anonymous 64799

You're the one who takes the step and makes the assumption I'm implying it's good, and I'm not. It's just a masculine quality and to be expected. The problem is men aren't acting like men.

Anonymous 64804

Just dont get too intimate with them. A lot of girls complain that guys dont pick up signals, which has made men generally more aware whether the signals are intentional or not. Just dont touch or get too close to your guy friends and you should probably be fine.

Anonymous 64833


I don't know if this fits the thread, I'll delete this reply if it doesn't.
But does any other ugly anon feel like they don't hate men because they are ugly? Men give me exactly zero attention, I've never been harassed, nobody ever touched me in inappropriate manner, guys (including equally ugly, autistic men) avoid me at all costs. I've never had bad experiences with guys besides bullying (which was pretty cruel, but I was too retarded as a kid to fully comprehend it).

Anonymous 64834

Men literally think the only difference between a friendship and a relationship is sex.

Anonymous 64840

I'm ugly and have been harassed. Ironically, I think it was the ugliness that made me a target in that situation because I seemed weaker/ more insecure/ less likely to speak out.

Anonymous 64864

Of course men can have a non-sexual normal relationship with a woman if the woman is:
>A family member.
>A relative.
>Their partner’s friend.
>Co-worker (ugly).

Anonymous 64884

Nope; see "step-mom/sister/etc." porn, the obvious "challenges" men have between themselves on who's going to be the first one to fuck the ugly girl in school/college/work and the obvious cheating their girlfriend/wife with their friend, or so.
I think the one and only woman they wouldn't want to sleep with is a close friend's girlfriend wife out of respect for their friend; the only ones who would are absolute sociopaths, but then again they have no limits.

Anonymous 64889

They still fuck ugly women especially if they're drunk.

Anonymous 64928

>Post about all the wrong things men have done in your life,

-Bite on more than they could chew them spit it out on the person who chose not to's face.
-Threaten to kill your dog.
-Not only admit that they abused you all your life but admit they expected more from that like the angrily greedy wankers they are.
-Cause me to miss the college graduation of a good friend due to the above.
-STILL pretend like it's nothing and even try to restart the fucking cycle.
-Simply remain ungrateful dumbasses despite the fact you sacrificed/hurt yourself too much, to maintain their agressively dated ideals you're still trying to process recovery from, be it due to the five stages of grief or whatever mental thing you have.

I think I've scratched the surface. The keyword being "think" for all I give a shit about anymore.

Anonymous 65278


I'm frustrated by the shit i read on the internet everyday. Men say the most hateful and misogynistic things, but women have to be sympathethic and say equality!!! men have it bad too not all men!!! You can't even say you're female online without being treated differently. And they don't even realize, They say shit like "women can't be neets" "women can't be lonely" "women can't be depressed" as if mental illness cares about gender. They love to say how women have it so much easier because if they wanted to they could fuck some sweaty neckbeard. They created this dynamic themselves because some men would fuck everything but they blame women for it? Wow what an achievement, being someone's cumdump, he probably doesn't even respects me and thinks i'm ugly but i fucked someone, wow i'm so happy. Oh wait, i'm a whore now?… So if i fuck you because you always complain women don't fuck you i'm a whore, and if i don't i'm a heartless bitch who secretly only wants Chad? They don't realize not everyone has the same libido as them. I don't give a fuck, i could spend all my life not having a boyfriend and not knowing what sex is like and i would live just fine. I try to empathize with males' problems but they never try to empathize back. They don't realize how misogyny is still rampant and sometimes subtle. Why do they think so many young girls have internalized misogyny, say they hate other females and they're "not like other girls", while teenage boys don't experience this? Or how beauty standards and society's view of females fucks you up. As a female it's instilled to you that if you're not beautiful you're worth nothing. Even 10/10 instagram models have to photoshop their pictures to keep up with the standards, isn't that fucked up? Every girl nowadays has had some sort of ED/disordered eating. I have a shitty life, i wish i was dead and i have crippling social anxiety that prevents me from going outside but apparently none of it matters because i'm a female and i could fuck some smelly redditor if i searched hard enough. When i feel lonely or want to share feels on imageboards (which i never go to, because i don't want to read all the woman hate) i have to pretend to be male, curious how my feelings are suddently relatable and valid when i'm male.

Anonymous 65280

I've felt and feel like this. Sometimes I wish I could know the real age of the person behind some disturbing posts on imageboards. I tell to myself: ''He's probably larping'', ''he's probably 14 years old'', ''it's probably a shill''. But the fact is that whether it is true or not, it affects me.

Anonymous 65285

Just go outside. Stop being so shut in or your mind will only get worse.

Anonymous 65286

>don't rant about men in a thread designated for ranting about men
>going outside will make men stop thinking all those things!!1!!11!

Anonymous 65293

>Just like go outside you know? One foot after the other, stop being sad and drink water bro lool

Anonymous 65295

There's a possibility she'll grow out of it or she's just an introvert but if it becomes mental illness driven be sure she gets therapy for it, it's the only thing that helped me in the past (alongside my willingness to change)

Anonymous 65299

Thinking about what other people think is a good way to become a schizoid. There's judging men for what they do, and then there's thinking the squirrels are at war with the garden gnomes. Twitter is not the census.

Anonymous 65303

>I try to empathize with males' problems but they never try to empathize back.

This is the thing that made me hate men. Once you realize this, you can never go back to seeing them positively. Empathy, kindness, respect and love with men is always one-sided because they don't see us as human. And if you give them any of those things, you are basically a naive dupe who's letting men take advantage of herself.

Stop giving them any empathy or support. They already have 99% of women kissing their ass every single moment. You say you are fine with being a single, so just stop interacting with men unless it's absolutely necessary. Men either hate women or at best they see us like dogs.

Anonymous 65306

Don't you think I tried? Do you think I don't want to get better and I like wasting my life like this? You're retarded go away

Anonymous 65323

I wish women understood that male parasitism is innate and men can't be changed. I only bond with other female separatists (regardless of their sexual orientation) because once you get essentialist-pilled, bonding with women who have/want males in their lives is impossible.

Anonymous 65328

how does female separatism work?

Anonymous 65331

It doesn't unless you live in a self-sustaining all female convent. Otherwise it's just an edgy way of saying you don't personally date or associate with men.

Anonymous 65332

More like rational.

Anonymous 65334

It's edgy because you're not really practicing it if you still partake in society (which is still mixed-sex) in any way.

Anonymous 65338

So? There are marxists and communists who still live in a capitalist society. Calling yourself a separatist means you support the idea of separatism AND have as small amount of interaction with males in your private life as possible, definitely don't fuck them and don't pander to them. If I was able to obtain resources to buy a piece of land and live there with a few women off-grid, I would. For now, I have literally zero male figures in my private life and it's good. Remember that home is the most dangerous place for women and 58% of female victims of murder are killed by their male partners and family members. It's so funny how gendercriticals don't want trannies in female only spaces when most of them literally keep males in their homes lmao

Anonymous 65442

>And you are exactly the same
Lmao, women are not responsible for 90% of rape and pedophilia. Also shut up moid.

Anonymous 65443

>It's an unfortunate fact that if you want to hang out with the depressed boys you're gonna have to bring your Groucho Marx glasses and bind your boobs.
>forgets to put on his fake titties and high heels when visiting the girl board
Classic moid.

Anonymous 65574

No. Yes. Stop polluting this site with your hate. You're a foreigner.

Anonymous 65577

What are you even saying…? You know there are different anons right? I never said I hated anyone or spread hate, I just vented like any other anon in this thread.

Anonymous 65578

That was a rant. Not a vent. I don't want to be a part of your echo chamber.

Anonymous 65581

It was a rant. Your point? Your advice to just "go outside" "stop being sad" was stupid. I heard that many times irl during all my adolescence and it doesn't help at all, it always made me feel even worse, broken, wondering why I couldn't just be normal. You don't want to be part of the "echo chamber" but your addition to the thread was useless. I didn't ask for advice on how to overcome my social anxiety, the point of my rant was something else completely different.

Anonymous 65584

I think she's just trolling you, anon.

Anonymous 65590

>wondering why I couldn't just be normal
Through will you could be anything, anon. There's things we can't control happening to us everyday, but something like reading extremist views off the Internet and becoming indoctrinated to hate is something you do to yourself. Quit eating the fruit and just live.

Anonymous 65654

I was cheated on by my first and only boyfriend
I thought everything was nice and great then bam one night I get a text saying it's over and that he's been sleeping with someone else

We only dated for about 6 months, so I wasn't that torn up about it. I got to play the "woe is me" card a lot after it happened

In terms of males being scum however, there's my close friend who lost her virginity by being raped by her boyfriend because "he was sick of waiting"
Really fucked her up when that happened, and I feel like she's still traumatised about it
Didn't get punished for it either because there was no evidence that it wasn't consensual

Anonymous 65656

In the West, half of all men are capable of rape. Sure signs are the use of glib charm to supplement for a lack of personality and belief they're entitled to reciprocal emotional labor. Worse than this is the fact it's not some neurological defect present in 50% of the male population, but it's entirely based on upbringing.

It should be a cultural institution for other men to kill rapists, and for everyone around them to protect them from prosecution.

Anonymous 65964

A guy raped me, and even back then I didn't liked men a lot, now they scares me. I don't hate them, most of them just, well, are living their life like everyone, but there's so much toxicity in them and they can unleash it so brutally… They really scares me.

Anonymous 65967

My grandmother's story is very sad, like all women's stories before feminism spread. Her mother died giving birth to her little brother when she was still a child. So she grew up with a father who sexually abused her. And finally, she married a drunk man who beat her (my grandfather, who wanted to touch me too much as a child). I really don't know what women who hate feminism have in their heads. Almost everyone's life would be like that if it didn't exist.

Anonymous 65970

>but it's entirely based on upbringing
Male apes rape and sexually coerce females, male chimps who abuse and stalk females have the biggest reproductive success. I don't know what makes you think that humans, who belong to hominids just like chimps, would be super different by nature. Genes are responsible for more than a half of our personality and even our interests, socialization plays a role but not a major one. It can suppress certain tendencies in some men, but you will never eliminate the innate male drive.

Anonymous 65972

I'm very sorry for your grandmother anon, that's horrible. I honestly hate people who idolize times before feminism, or even the 50s. In USA, prior to the mid 70s marital rape wasn't even considered as rape. Also divorce was harder to get but the moment new laws got passed, women started to divorce their scrotes more often. And now mras and other retards claim it was bad to make divorces easier because it caused the "decay" of society. Women being literally trapped with abusers is the foundation of their "society".

Anonymous 65975

I’m so sorry anon. Wishing you soundness.

Anonymous 65985

I'm getting well slowly. But I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna get back with men again.
Worst case scenario, I have dildos so the only worth part of men is somewhat replacable.

Anonymous 66027


Why do men always have to be so obsessed with sex?

Anonymous 66028

men are coomers.pn…

Because they watch a lot of porn. Like extreme amounts of it.

Anonymous 66029

I don't think thats just males
I know a lot of women, just as or even more obsessed about sex than males

Anonymous 66030

I wonder what the stats for single are?
It is interesting that men use less porn but women use more as a relationship goes forward

Anonymous 66032

It's just how they were made.

Anonymous 66034

I kind of hate these answers like this.
It feel like it's trying to justify it. They can learn to be better.

Anonymous 66039

Anonymous 66054

I don't think there's many adult women obsessed with teenage boys cocks though, but many males jerk off to teens or creep on them irl.

Anonymous 66057

Wew they didn't "learn" to be better after 10 thousand years but they can still learn huh. Ok Einstein.
Feminist essentialists don't use it to justify male abuse, but rather as an argument for various forms of female separatism (and female unions), just like it exists in nature. Also the fact that male dominance is natural doesn't mean female obedience is natural. Read about sexual conflict. Also male parasitism. Bryan Sykes called males "parasites". Even Richard Dawkins wrote about male sex as "exploiters" in Selfish Gene.

Anonymous 66062

I prefer to not answer that one hehe!

Anonymous 66064


Anonymous 66068

I mean speak for yourself
Hell there's multiple threads on here about shota…So yeah

Anonymous 66069

We don't talk bout that in this board anymore, thats in another board now. :)

Anonymous 66070

But like this is the only place I've seen talk about shots. Compare that to all the countless sites that advertise the list after teen girls. It outnumbers women looking for young boys.

Anonymous 66071

Well that is true, have to keep it hidden

Do you mean like on porn sites?
Those are designed for males
Plus I found that males are more open with what they want.

I'm not exactly going to go down the street yelling how much I want to fuck 16 year old boys(legal here)

Anonymous 66075

Society was created by men and it's an extension of innate male drives.

Anonymous 66081

>Society was created by men
citation needed

Lets see how they reproduce without us. 1 generation and there goes their "society".

Anonymous 66084

You can say the same about the opposite

He'll artificial wombs and cloning are already things that are entirely possible

Anonymous 66085

>You can
You can't*

Anonymous 66086


If men love sex so much why won’t one of them be my boyfriend

Anonymous 66088

Put out an ad for a bf on indeed, it's how I found mine.

Anonymous 66089

Sex and relationships are two different things. Go outside, tinder or any other dating sites.

Anonymous 66090


You are naïve.
My post aside, this. All they lack is practical application of theory. They've no experience doing so with humans, or any of the unique complications that might arise because of it. Might as well through CRISPR gene-editing if you're that far. There are so many things humans could be doing that we're just not.

Anonymous 66103

Using women as breeding machines doesn't mean women "created" anything in society lmao. For the majority of history they didn't because they were prevented from it. Humans are more intelligent than chimps so human males invented even more complicated systems of female oppression than male chimps did. Laws and economy, patriarchal institutions like nuclear family and marriage (which fit perfectly within the economy they created) etc.

Anonymous 66106

Well that's because society tells women they're useless if they don't breed with men. And male suicide rates are higher in all age groups anyway.
>Among females, the suicide rate was highest for those aged 45-64 (10.2 per 100,000)
>Among males, the suicide rate was highest for those aged 75 and older (39.9 per 100,000
So grandpas off themselves way more often than middle aged women.
And no, I don't think that's worse than times when a woman couldn't divorce an abusive husband, when marital rape wasn't considered rape, when a woman couldn't legally open a bank account without her husband’s permission. The happy american house wives of the 50s were high on antidepressants. Are you desperate enough to wonder if old times were overall better than modern times when you have a freedom of choice? More freedom equals more responsibility, that's true, and some women feel like they're too weak to handle it because men are still telling them they are, because men still can't accept how society has changed. And those women who can handle it quickly find out that many men simply can't keep up with them. Because men are stubborn manbabies. If men can't kill and rape in a war somewhere they're really unhappy because they can't pretend they're the heroes.

Anonymous 66112

Men hate women because men are hateful. They don't wait for us to say anything to hate us.

>If men can't kill and rape in a war somewhere they're really unhappy because they can't pretend they're the heroes

She's right, you know. Men usually say it first. They fetishize dead martial cultures, do all their self-improvement work through combat strategy lenses, and consider every social situation in terms of who could beat the shit out of who if assault laws were dropped. Don't shoot the messenger.

Anonymous 66113

>certain feminists are the reason men hate women!
And for centuries they treated us as a breeding stock with no rights because…? What made men hate women before feminism was a thing? Are you a scrote or are you a scrote?

Anonymous 66114


>What made men hate women before feminism was a thing?
Not them, but I could post quote after quote that gives perspective on why they would dislike women.

>We are controlled and worried enough by women.

>Women will wear enormous hats. [They will be obnoxious if given rights.]
>Women are affected by gusts and waves of sentiment.
>Women are extraordinarily impressionable.
>The birth and marriage rate are already decreasing.
>Women have too much intuition (Parliament exists for the very purpose of opposing feelings, fancies, and inclinations by reason.)
>Women don’t belong in combat units. (The military is watering down fitness standards because most female recruits can’t meet them.) [This is a quote by a woman.]
>We believe that political equality will deprive us of special privileges hitherto accorded by law. (To equalize women with men in a voting booth will mean equalizing them in places where women have the upper hand.) [This is a quote by a woman.]
>History teaches us that if we don't [be strong/violent], someone else will.

Quite frankly speaking, you don't have to like any of these things, but you do need to accept that these criticisms exist. The majority of women vote Left, and if ever there was something people hated each over for politics would be up at the top.

Anonymous 66123


I need a system where nobody votes so law is absolute and consistent, where we have a queen that allows us to create femboy harems and that's it. Sharia law but in reverse that's the perfect type of goverment.

Anonymous 66125

As long as you’re feeling better through it all

Anonymous 66128

Does anybody honestly find men hating women pathetic? Personally I take in historical circumstances, and to see a man repeating the same misogyny as men in the past would have done is pathetic and low to me. It’s just manifested into something different as the internet is new.

Anonymous 66131

Yes. They are always the lowest of the lowest among moids. You instantly notice that an openly misogynist person is always a pathetic loner nobody likes without even other moid friends only maybe… maybe internet friends but he gets kicked out of every group he is in.
Those people are never successful unless they live in a Muslim country.

Anonymous 66135

Let’s see
>be born male
>have every advantage in society
>great expectations from birth
>constantly fail to meet these expectations until you become pessimistic
>see women get doors held open for them and drinks paid for them due to society’s benevolent misogyny towards them
>feel jealous
>blame women and their “female privilege” for your problems
>claim you’re the oppressed one
>optional: go troon

Incels are the most pathetic people on the planet. Even other men hate them and they don’t even have to deal with their bullshit. There is no more despicable and unfortunate creature than the male permavirgin.

Anonymous 66137

I like virgins I just don't like hateful people. The emotion of jealousy should be bred off humanity, that's why incels don't deserve to exist. Volcels do though those are really cool.

Anonymous 66138

Yes. I think delaying the start of your own sex life to work or study is a show of maturity, no matter your sex. I just think male virgins who don’t hate women past a certain age are rare.

Anonymous 66142

These men are so parasitic. They drain your happiness. It’s hard to deal with their sayings but when you take in men’s role in history when it comes to women, it seems like they are the most unoriginal thing on the planet. Making the same points as misogynists and deluding yourself to think women are going to attack you.

Anonymous 66143

Thanks for admitting men hated women before feminism and feminists are not the reason men hate women like that retarded anon stated.

Anonymous 66144

Moids even made a religion centered around hating women. Really makes you think…

Anonymous 66145

As women hate men but for different reasons. Just as that one quote I posted of a woman back in 1919 saying what's the point of being 'equal' when you lose privileges because it. Also:
>Thanks for admitting men hated women before feminism
We are different, and you will only frustrate yourself when pretending otherwise. It's people being dishonest which creates the issues, like you. Somehow completely missing the whole "you don't have to like any of these things, but you do need to accept that these criticisms exist".

Anonymous 66146

because they would have been banned

Anonymous 66148

We should make this kind of society but with qt racoon harems.

Anonymous 66149

Yeah, we are different. Males are parasitic and their desire to exploit females is innate. Women hate men for their abuse. Men hate women for their mere existence and constantly project their womb-envy.

Anonymous 66150

Also, only bourgeoisie women had some sort of "privilege" and they weren't the majority of women. Working class women always had to work hard PLUS take care of children. The idea that feminism forced women to work and took away their "privilege" of being stay at home moms who do nothing else is a myth and it speaks of the very narrow perspectives of the people who perpetuate it. Stop with the retardation.

Anonymous 66152

Ban men from saying thot, bitch, whore, slut, cunt, ect.

Anonymous 66155

>We are different

The difference is women hate men for good reasons involving rape, murder, and asset destruction, and men hate women for bad reasons involving an inability to get their dicks wet without consequence.

Anonymous 66157

Perhaps rather than trying to get somebody to be your boyfriend you should instead make a moid your boyfriend using both figurative and physical force.
Be sly at first about it, and only claim him once it gets to the point where he's already in love with you and has developed something of a dependence to your prescence and cuddling.
He should be your property long before the words come out of either of yours' mouths, him saying that you're his girlfriend should come out of him like a confession.

Anonymous 66169

Why do men fill every place they go with porn? I don't really understand them. They have a very close relationship with porn.

Anonymous 66170


>pic related: every 4moid's board where nsfw stuff is allowed

It's because they are gross people in general, then they wonder why moids are rejected so often by women but instead of figuring it out, its easier to blame the other party instead of themselves for it. I guess.

Anonymous 66181

Will misogyny always be alive? Will men always feel to project all their unsolved feelings and hatred upon women?

Anonymous 66183

For the same reason companies advertise using women and the colour red. Even red cars have been shown to arouse men, neurologically speaking, not literally. Sex is a drive as old as thirst and hunger, and men prefer imagery in their pornography rather than literature like women do. So it comes as no surprise the places they inhabit for fun are filled with porn

Anonymous 66191

Is it my idea or do serial killers mostly kill women?

Anonymous 66196

Women constitute only about 20% of total murder victims.
What would make serial killers so different from normal murderers?

Anonymous 66199

Fuck serial killers. 58% of female victims of murder are killed by their male partners or family members. Living with "normal" men is far more dangerous than living without them.

Anonymous 66201

I see ID (Investigation Discovery) often and almost all cases are of men killing women. I think they might be more in the statistics because these men act alone mostly and it must be much easier to kill a woman, plus many do it to satisfy a hidden desire. Still, I didn't find any data on these murders…

Anonymous 66204

I hate how men wrote us in history. I hate how men write about us. I hate how men claim to know everything about us. I hate how men try and drag us down in order to attach ourselves to them. I hate how they claim to know our intentions and minds. I hate them.

Anonymous 66205

Most serial killers have sexual motives and indeed target women. Bundy, Ramirez, Ed Gein, Jack the Ripper etc. And serial killers who kill mostly/only men are gay, like Dahmer and Gacy (pedophile).

I hate how men think they know women when they've never read a single book by a woman, never seriously listened to a woman, etc. They just impose their own twisted ideas of womanhood onto us. We are completely interchangeable to them.

Anonymous 66206

We can make a society where we have reverse Sharia law. You can only combat misogyny with misandry, start making moids into property make femboy harems. The rest into slavery we can put explosive collars on them.

Anonymous 66213


Wearing enormous hats to flex on the scrotes

Anonymous 66226

Moids literally think women envy each other over breast size

and it gets them off

Anonymous 66231

Moids envy each other over any petty dumb thing more which is why they bully each other more explicitly than women.

The gym dudebro sociopath hates the pretty faced boy, the pretty faced boy hates the ugly deformed incels and incels just echo what the dudebro told them so he can feel better about himself. It's an endless cycle of misery and stupidity you only have to look at 4moid's r9k. It's pathetic.

Anonymous 66265

I had an older man get into a "relationship" with me where he manipulated me to the point that I would do things I wouldn't normally only to toss me to side and leak my nudes when I got too old for him. I'm an Asian girl (Filipina) and he was white and it seemed I was just a fetish for him. He's currently targetting other girls as we speak. To this day I have trust issues with white men and white people in general.

Anonymous 66266

Now I also remember he was a poltard

Anonymous 66272

He deserves nothing less than to die alone then. What a piece of shit moids are absolute garbage and they unironically convince themselves that those beliefs and treating women like shit is "hot". Sociopaths must die period. Culled the fuck off.

Maybe you should look into dating racoons like absolutely everyone here suggests… It's because of the series of bad experiences they have had with your average retarded moids stop letting yourself get used, it's time you initiate what you want with who you want that you know wont betray your trust. Moids are disgusting and you don't know what is going on their heads but you, know what you want for yourself, you can pick up what truly suits you. Dating older moids is for self hating women or gold diggers. There is absolutely no reason to date divorced moids who have a series of failed relationships that in itself shows you clearly who they are. Let those people die in solitude that's what they deserve trust the wise decision past women had on him.

Anonymous 66332

Checking alt right male twitter pages is so depressing. Bunch of misogynists. Are they not sad with themselves?

Anonymous 66333

>Checking alt right male twitter pages
That's where you made your first mistake

Anonymous 66334

I imagine its like how men would feel lookong at this thread lol

Anonymous 66335

I sometimes get sucked into twitter rabbitholes and for some reason those alt-right accounts seem a lot more cruel and hateful than even /pol/. Just try your best to avoid lurking on all the crazy subgroups on Twitter because you can easily waste hours doing it and completely lose your faith in humanity.

Anonymous 66336

Nta but would they though? Maybe in their warped minds they honestly think we’re worse them then but I highly doubt even the craziest stuff on there would make them bat an eye

Anonymous 66337

They will die alone though thats the thing, you shouldnt worry. These people are literally born wired in some fucked up way therefore destined to kill themselves or others then themselves eventually.

Anonymous 66338

Idk anon, scrolling through this thread I see stuff like
>post saying men are pretty much rabid animals and should be put down spawning a discussion about whether moids should be exterminated or crippled

>posts saying all men are pedos

>posts saying most moids are sociopaths

>posts describing how men should be transformed into weak short creatures and enslaved

>and just a bunch of posts casually mentioning how moids are garbage, shallow, resentful, insecure, parasitic etc.

I have no idea how bad alt right twitter is, but I cannot even imagine it being so bad that this isnt comparable to it. Im guessing most normal men wouldnt really feel bad reading this thread, theyd just see the mean stuff in here as crazy ramblings of bitter people combined with joking around, which Id guess is also the case for alt right male twitter. But the point is that if you take these things at face value they don't only denote hatred, fear or disdain for the opposite sex they show straight up cruelty and evil.

Although Im gonna say, Im getting pretty scared by how fast these brain worms are spreading, Im starting to see people like that irl, at work and whatnot. Bitter angry people who see the opposite sex as inherently evil, immoral, weak alien creatures. Not many, but still, it's ridiculous that we have this many already. I don't see anyone benefiting from this insanity spreading.

Anonymous 66348

The Muslim world must be destroyed and part of the western too look at the comments. That type of moid deserves nothing better than a slow lonely, emotionally and physically crippling death.

Anonymous 66354

Except female prejudice against males is set in reality. Historically, men oppressed women, women didn't oppress men. Men commit the wast majority of rape and pedophilia. More than half of female victims of murder are killed by their male partners and family members. Home is the most dangerous place for women. Being in a straight relationship is way more dangerous for women than men. You can't reverse is because the opposite doesn't exist. You can't outweight the evil men did and still do to women.

Anonymous 66357

> those alt-right accounts seem a lot more cruel and hateful than even /pol/
I feel the same way too. Not sure why.

Anonymous 66358

I wish I could liberate all those women. Make sure they get help mentally and physically.

Anonymous 66359

It's the difference between a nazi and a neo-nazi.

Anonymous 66364

Sorry, I don’t understand.. What’s the difference between the two?

Anonymous 66365

Islam has to be stopped into coming to the West, or secularize and westernize the fuck out of it and make it woman-centered.

Anonymous 66366


Reminder to never allow men to access your social media pages

Anonymous 66369

>post saying men are pretty much rabid animals and should be put down spawning a discussion about whether moids should be exterminated or crippled
They are dangerous animals from which women must protect themselves. I see no lie in that.
>posts saying all men are pedos
>posts saying most moids are sociopaths
Cope. It's the harsh reality.
>posts describing how men should be transformed into weak short creatures and enslaved
They should be smaller and weaker for the sake of women. What's wrong with that?
>and just a bunch of posts casually mentioning how moids are garbage, shallow, resentful, insecure, parasitic etc.

I understand the anger of those women. If you're a woman, you should understand it too.
There is no comparison between the two. I doubt very much that a woman can hurt a scrote, not even these bitter women you speak of. Misogynists can do a lot of damage to a woman, as you know.

And you are right. Moids don't really mind these threads. They know it's true what we say. They may laugh that women are afraid of them and angry with them. They're like criminals who laugh when they're caught.
>I don't see anyone benefiting from this insanity spreading.
I differ. I think these threads do benefit women. Most of the bad things that happen to women are from blindly trusting men and these threads help them to wake up.

Anonymous 66373

Sick. This is so sick

Anonymous 66377

This. Whenever I see hijabs being toted as something “progressive” and something that should be accepted, it makes me feel hopeless that so many people are willing to be that naive and ignorant to avoid getting called “islamophobic.”

Anonymous 66392

If you go on r/atheism, r/exmuslim and others you find out very fucking quickly that the majority of the posters are women who are sick of that moid's cultural shit they get.

Anonymous 66415

This is a super common thing for channers, check out /r/ if you want to suffer

Anonymous 66477

Moids get so surprised to see misandry and foolishly compare them to violent misogynists.

Anonymous 66524


>I have no idea how bad alt right twitter is, but I cannot even imagine it being so bad that this isnt comparable to it.
please go actually visit alt right twitter before you say these things. this is legit the stupidest thing i've ever read

Anonymous 66534


1. there are minors on this site??? someone report this idk how to
2. the vast majority of these boobs don't even look bad
3. do women even post or are boyfriends posting pics of women without consent or are these sexual assault victims?
Only men make a fetish of insulting women's bodies and taking advantage of young , extremely mentally ill women. Imagine the day if women took pictures of teenage boys to shit on them about how tiny their dicks are and how they weren't real men and how 6 inch penises were ugly and small

I ran into this to try to make myself feel better about my small boobs but…. disappointed, not surprised by men

Anonymous 66537

Bizarre. This fetish is present in most anime as well, but I've never heard of it being talked about by actual women.

Anyway small breasts are awesome anon. It's unsettling that men mainly find them attractive either through degradation like this or pedophilia. They're just a trait that can be cute on their own. It's like men can't find anything unconventional hot without perverting it completely.

>Imagine the day if women took pictures of teenage boys to shit on them about how tiny their dicks are and how they weren't real men and how 6 inch penises were ugly and small

Ironically a lot of men are likely into this but most women would never.
Male sexuality is a mistake.

Anonymous 66569

>I ran into this to try to make myself feel better about my small boobs
How does that even happen?

Anonymous 66592

If this doesn't pinkpill (small-boobed) women, what will?
I don't understand women who think they can receive validation from men when it comes to body parts they feel insecure about because society says it should look different. A lot of men actually love to exploit their girlfriend's insecurities and tthink ugly women are more desperate and therefore sluttier and easier to control.

Anonymous 66595

Even then I seriously doubt the women who do participate in cock shaming would be perfectly fine with seeing underage boys dicks for them to make fun of. This makes me wonder how many every day men actively are just fine with little girls posting their underdeveloped breasts to a bdsm site for grown neckbeards to belittle

Anonymous 66597

Ok so poland's constitutional court ruled that abortion due to fetal defects was unconstitutional. Now it's legal only in cases of rape and when the woman's life is in danger. We're going on a big strike on monday, many women will refuse to go to work etc. I fucking hate men and this country

Anonymous 66600


The first time I ever saw "small tits humiliation" was in the form of someone wanting to have a thread about it on this site. This is now the second time.
I'd been on 4chan and male internet spaces for a very long time and absorbed a lot of male discussions of breasts as a result, and this site still constitutes 100% of the small breast humiliation content I have encountered.
This is weird.

Anonymous 66603

mens entire sexuality revolves around memes and porn, men have literally been meme'd to like fatties, trannies, STD ridden people, other men, skellys, and so on. So much for "it's just meme's!" crew when men are meme'd to overwrite the very thing that comes natural to them which is wanting to have good sex with healthy appearing women.

Anonymous 66604


> mens entire sexuality revolves around memes
Men btfo, how will the lurking moids ever recover?

Anonymous 66610

I mean yeah, its a very niche fetish, most men havent even heard of it. Youre seeing it here just because of a few insecure/angry anons who are constantly looking for reasons to hate men.

Anonymous 66623

I hate how men talk about women. So disgusting and full of hatred out of not prioritizating them. How do I even cope

Anonymous 66627

Unless you're actively interviewing every man you run into on their fetishes, these people are still people therefore walk among us, your boyfriend, dad, brother or friends could have this very fetish and chances are you would never know

Anonymous 66637

Didn't know abortion wasn't legal. No wonder Poland is a shithole. People don't get that abortion is basically self population control.

Anonymous 66638

mario golf 1.jpg

>How do I even cope

seconding this question

Anonymous 66662

If a civilization can't exist without basically forcing women to give birth, then it doesn't deserve to exist in the first place. Fuck breeders, embrace antinatalism.

Anonymous 66663

That's what trannies say though. They are absolutely anti-natalist since they cant breed and nihlistic as fuck since they hate how existence works period.

I got my eye on you.

Anonymous 66665

Althrough I agree that abortion should be legal but I'm not an anti-natalist that is stupid, that is the womanly super power that is exclusive to us, that tranny moids wish they had but they never will lol. Being a life giver is a good thing, being able to continue the cycle the power we have at the tip of our hands is just too much.
And in my opinion the women who are mistreated in a nation for example the Middle-Eastern ones should just move out and punish the moids there by just not being there to give them future generations, they deserve to die a slow dead for all the injustice they done to women.

Anonymous 66671

This is what a moid would say because they hate childfree women. Checkmate.

Anonymous 66674

yup. troons are not even remotely anti-natalist. they just want their futuristic 'wombs'. they can't wait to live out the full larp at a child's expense.

Anonymous 66678

What are you on lmao
Do you lose sleep over the small possibility that the men close to you jack off to small tits humiliation?

Anonymous 66684

this person you're responding to is just retarded. do not worry.

Anonymous 66685

I've never seen an antinatalist tranny, I've seen trannies posting their fantasies about locking up women on a breeding farm though, especially lesbians. Typical moid coombrain.
I'm an antinatalist because I know the nature of this world and the nature of males, and the fact that there is no escape from sexual conflict and male parasitism. You can't win an infinite game, the only thing you can do is not to play it.

>super power
Mega cope. The fact that we can get pregnant makes us extremely vulnerable and moids have been using it for thousands of years against us, and both women and men were treating and still treat women who don't want to breed like shit. Even in "matriarchal" societies girls go through fucked up rituals that condition them to the idea that their duty is to breed with men. Men don't see it as "power", they never did, they always seen it as the way to subjugate women. The Agikuyu people in Kenya have this myth:
>submission of women was achieved by men making all women pregnant at the same time, rendering them unable to fight back when men took control
And most important female figures in religions and literature are mothers and wives first and foremost. Men can be so many other things, but the peak of female capabilities is to get pregnant. You know that even retarded women can get pregnant, right? You know even braindead women in a coma can support pregnancy, right? There's nothing magical about it, it's just a biological process that fucks up your body and shortens your life. And it's all for bringing another life into this world, where for the majority of human existence most people suffered from poverty/low standard of life, abuse, hunger, hard work, wars and rape.

Also, even hunter-gatherer societies have female subjugation and gang rapes. I really don't know where this meme about hunter-gatherers being egalitarian and "muh matriarchal" comes from kek. No period in our history was free from this.

If you're interested in evaluation of matriarchal societies (and how fucked up they are) here's a piece written by a woman with PhD in history. She's a lesbian and an anti-breeder and you may not agree with her conclusions, but the info she posts is interesting.

Anonymous 66688

Do the two of you have the reading comprehension of a 10 years old? I was making fun of the post I replied to for being paranoid that men around her might be into some weird niche fetish.

Anonymous 66691

How do you know it's just some weird niche fetish?

Anonymous 66693

yes and for this i think you're retarded. it's not bizarre for us to wonder about the men that are around us and their likely sadistic tendencies. whether or not it's a tit humiliation fetish or general humiliation, humiliation as a concept is very common in pornography that is marketed towards males. i'm less concerned with the exact subset of sadistic fetishes these men have, and more concerned with the general trend, which a lot of men seem to be into.

Anonymous 66694

Because its not in your face in any space dominated by men. Honestly I didnt even know its a fetish until now. Stuff thats really popular you see everywhere, men spam every place they go to with porn, but Ive never seen anything of the sort. If anything Ive seen a lot of porn of "flat" girls, without any weird humiliation.

Anonymous 66695

So you do have the reading comprehension of a 10 years old. Nothing in this reply chain was about general sadism until right now when you brought it up. It was specifically about that weird fetish. Learn to read retard.

Anonymous 66697

you miss the point. the specific tit thing is concerning and more men probably have that fetish than you figure, so it's really not weird to even wonder, but any women would figure right to be concerned about the humiliation fetishes and sadistic streaks that the men around them possess.

Anonymous 66698

Someone I know just got abandoned by her longterm BF for an onlyfans hoe.
Because she couldn't put out two weeks after giving birth to his son.
Only saving grace is that his family is decent and disowned him.

Anonymous 66702

Based family. I would go to the news with that story to shame him.

Anonymous 66712

Also, polish moids already started posting facebook memes about this situation, they make fun of it, they're happy women are "butthurt" about the fact they will have to give birth to deformed fetuses with anencephaly, they call protesting women names etc. This brings them joy. Many posts have over 800 likes. It's funny how hating women and making a meme out of their misery is a thing in a traditional, catholic country. Western incels claim that their women-hating behavior is a response to the decay of "traditional values" in western societies, but it's bullshit. Young polish moids are the same.

Anonymous 66713

jesus christ, sorry to polish anons, hope things get better soon do most polish women go abroad to abort if they can afford it? like germany or something? when i lived in ireland before the abortion ruling i was involved in organizations that funded plane trips and medical bills for teens/young adults/poor women who wanted to get abortions in the UK. i'd love to know if such organizations exist for polish women because they deserve all the funds they can get right now

Anonymous 66715

The internet validates this paranoia though anon. There's millions of men on the deepweb who pay for child porn and rape porn, unless you have proof every single one of these are basement dwellers then it's reasonable to be suspicious that men around you can be one of these scum

Anonymous 66716

There's one organisation that helps with organizig abortions in Berlin. As far as I know, they usually don't pay for medical bills unless the woman is in hard financial situation and asks for that kind of financial support. They have a gofundme

Anonymous 66717

The best part is how they're 100% against abortion until it affects them.

Anonymous 66721

Is there any hope this could be overturned anon?

I'm sorry that all this is happening, my country is in a similar situation with a push to forbid abortions even when the fetus has deadly anomalies. I'm hoping to get out but it's sad how this is a joke to many men here too. They think giving birth is like extracting a teeth with no lasting effects and no disruption of our lives and possible trauma.

Anonymous 66725

My state is extremely against abortion despite literally everyone I know was raped as a child and almost no one is given help once they do have kids. Instead of being smart and being harder on pedophiles and making it easier to know you can support a child, they rather just force women to give birth. I even know several families who will happy kick out their daughters or sons for getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant but are also extremely anti abortion, the audacity of conservatives is unbelievable and how egotistical they can possibly be thinking that people will still support them despite actively being okay with making their own family suffer for no good reason

Anonymous 66726

I'm not surprised to hear this. Never forget that XY individuals enjoy seeing female suffering and find it funny and/or arousing. That's why you should never feel sympathy for those vermin.

Anonymous 66727

All that text

just say:
>I'm suicidal, I don't like life
sounds like a personal problem, go to a therapist.

Anonymous 66728

no it doesn't. she's right.

Anonymous 66729

> your society becomes extinct after one generation

This is why I need legal Racoon harems. Life is good. Trannies seethe they don't have this power.

Anonymous 66731

Surprisingly, I never wanted to kill myself.
Life is not good for most women in this world, but you are too much of an egoist (or just in denial) to notice it, like most breeders. You sound like a troll anyway.

Anonymous 66732

My god what parasites. I am so sorry. Fuck all of them and fuck this system. Fuck males

Anonymous 66733

What do we even do if all this is inevitable?

Anonymous 66736

Maybe we can breed moids into being more human-like? I said human, not racoon-like.

Anonymous 66737

This is really harsh to say, but with all of this anti-abortion and anti-women wave going on, if I was raped and I couldn't have an abortion, I'd probably commit infanticide or abandon it.

How does a mother forcibly raises a product of her suffering? I couldn't. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 66739

> the women were really gullible to get tricked that easily into all willingly getting pregnant at the same time

do u know the concept of rape, anon?
you think women in ancient times and even this day willingly consent being impregnated?

Anonymous 66744

By making abortion legal but also expose the retarded ideology of anti-natalism as a retarded ideology. I understand that some people want o be "the last generation" screw them, they are stupid but not me.

Anonymous 66745

The people who want to have children outnumber those who don't.

Anonymous 66746

You gotta choose though since women pave the way for the future generations life cycle. We are also in a way the arbiters of how human evolution should be, personally I want to make moids more racoony. If you don't want to get involved in this fine, but I think it is very important and it basically decides how the future of humanity is going to look and be like even if I'm not there to see it I can die assured I contributed to its new more refined, less savage and brutish form. :)

Anonymous 66747


Too bad sex-selective abortion is illegal even in the most pro-choice countries, though.

Anonymous 66748

>that pic

Anonymous 66749


You forgot the antinatalist option. Life is pain. Abort everyone to save them from this existence.

Anonymous 66750

>>66744 We get it, anon. You love existence so much and attribute so meaning to it and you can't conjure that most of it is objectively suffering for a good part of humans; So that you think those who want to end this cycle are retarded and only you make sense.

Anonymous 66751


Abort it on disability basis. Think about the people with XY disorder that you know. Do you really want to bring somebody with such a terrible condition into the world? Since there's really no cure, the most compassionate thing to do is to just put it out of it's misery.

Anonymous 66752

the pic with the racist shit is /thread? really?


Anonymous 66753


Anonymous 66757

jesus christ even if you're just half joking, that's such a fucked up thing to say.

Anonymous 66759

If you think joking about it on an obscure imageboard is fucked up, wait until you find out that it already actually happened to an estimated 23 million girls around the world. And I can guarantee you that all those men never felt bad about doing it for one second. Men will never show the same amount of compassion for you as you to them.

Anonymous 66761

cry harder
this happened to millions of girls worldwide and still happens, you don't give a shit
now throwing a joke on your beloved males is fucked up
boo hoo

Anonymous 66763

The biggest disservice feminism ever did to women was brainwashing us into thinking women and men are the same. At least back in the day when women submitted to men, most of them knew what they were getting into. Mothers would warn daughters about men's true nature. Now most girls are ridiculously naive, they understand nothing about male psychology and even think men aren't any more aggressive, violent or physically strong. They are absolutely doomed, like little lambs who've been brainwashed to believe the wolf is their friend.

If you have education or any opportunities, get out. Move to a more liberal country. Women need to punish countries that don't give a fuck about us by leaving. Let those shitholes rot while women take their money and future somewhere else. Although liberal countries are horrible in a different way.

Anonymous 66766


Anonymous 66769

Moids are super violent when women are not around. Get into an all moid discord and pretend to be a moid so you see all the sexism or alternatively to see that in real life be a teacher at a boys only school or just take a look at moid prison. Moids are evil.

Anonymous 66775

And back then men were shit but at least women were financially supported and didn't have to meet ridiculous standards

Nowadays women are expected to juggle either pulling their own weight to taking most financial responsibility in the relationship, aka working full time, and doing most house chores and child care, all while being the ones to pull the emotional effort of the relationship, and keep up with their bodies all while still being expected to have hobbies and have girl friends. It's insane how many women I know are the breadwinners and support lazy, ugly and cheating men while also doing all the up keeping of the house, the future for women is doomed

Anonymous 66776

"Women can have it all" = women MUST do it all, because men will never see women as more than fuckholes, baby machines and work mules. Women need to get real, the naive little girl act is so tiresome. If you want to ruin your life by serving some moid, then go ahead, but enough with this feminist act and don't complain when you have a mental breakdown because if you live in liberal country you CHOSE to live like that.

Anonymous 66785

fucking Poland

Anonymous 66803

Not her but getting out from such countries is not simple. Even when you have a degree and some money saved, you have to leave behind your family and it's not possible to leave elderly relatives or young ones who need care in some cases, you leave behind your friends and your entire support network to be just one more applicant in a sea of immigrants ans if doesn't work out since immigrating legally is hard as hell, you have to go back and be broke with no job this time.

I hope the rest of the EU consider polish women and lgbts as fleeing from danger and accept them with less legal bullshit but even then a lot of women can't leave and will suffer. I wish this ruling could just be nullified somehow.

Anonymous 66804

Based. Seriously, how can we make men weaker and smaller (like a raccoon)?

Anonymous 66806

>it's stupid because people would die out and that would be bad!
Are breeders even capable of a more philosophical discussion? Maybe try reading "Better Never to Have Been" by David Benatar.

Anonymous 66808

love you anon

Anonymous 66810

Not her, but responding to a claim you disagee with by saying "thats stupid, go read this book" is the laziest, most unconvincing answer one can muster. What I read there is "I dont like what youre saying, but Im too stupid to come up with an argument against it".

Also ethics and metaethics is the dumbest branch of philosophy, just a bunch of losers jerking themselves off thinking about shit that sounds cool but doesnt mean anything and doesnt say anything about the world. If you take any if them seriously you're a moron.

Anonymous 66813

The other anon didn't give any arguments for natalism, so I'm not the one who started it. She just said it's stupid because it's stupid kek. It's just "I want to fuck and breed a certain type of boys uwu that will solve the problem", a very immature approach, a female version of a coombrain, one could say. We talk about the fact that for the majority of human history most people suffered and still suffer and there's no need for it (and that's just the surface level argument).
>discussing ethics is dumb because it's not real
I'd say that most natalists are incapable of perceiving the world in a realistic way. Anyway, go read a book.

Anonymous 66817

Theres a difference between making a claim thats generally accepted and describes the way humans have functioned throughout all of history and making a claim that has never been adopted at a large scale and that would literally end the human race if it was adopted by everyone. You're the one who has to justify it, not her.

And if you want an actual argument against antinatalism, just the concept of that book you seem to praise so much is stupid. In order to make such a claim youd have to assume that there is more suffering that pleasure in life, overall. How the fuck can someone make that claim? The guy had some magical device that allowed him to measure subjective experience? And if life is so bad why did he spend it writing books about how bad life is instead of ending it? That goes for you too, if life is so shit that giving birth is immoral why are you here bitching about how bad life is and how terrible making kids is? Why not just end it, that would solve the problem.

Besides you can't just say "if something is likely to lead to more suffering than pleasure it's immoral". Intent matters in morality as well and depending of what school of thought you follow suffering isn't the only or even one of the things that should drive morality. Let alone the fact that to claim that people shouldnt give birtg youd have to assume that morality is objective, which is a big debate.

Antinatalism is just edgy pseudointelectual larping. You dont want to have kids? Great, dont have kids, good for you. But dont sit here and tell us that no one should have kids because in your mind life is just suffering and everything sucks. Not everyone is a depressed asshole who wishes they have never been born.

Anonymous 66818

Hell yes my Benatar gang

Anonymous 66819

Oh and to clarify it, I dont think discussing ethics in itself is dumb, I think the way ethics has always been aproached in philosophy is dumb because it makes too many assumptions without even acknowledging them, so it ends up in claims and arguments that have nothing to do with the world we live in. Like this antinatalism shit. Could be fun as a thought experiment, but as a positive thesis its just dumb.

Anonymous 66820

Wanting to preserve themselves through their children (boys) is a desire of the moids.

Anonymous 66822

edgy haha.jpg

The Antinatalism and Natalism arguments are just the UBI argument, which is the immigration, crime and punishment, and IQ arguments. It's certainly a thought experiment, but it won't amount to anything outside of a vacuum. Humans are doomed. Do whatever.

Anonymous 66823

Lizard brain moment.

Anonymous 66824

“SOMEONE POST THE TLDR” tier comment. Just lol. Almost as wasteful as reading the “are ‘BREEDERS’ even capable of a more philosophical discussion”

Anonymous 66825

nta but the "why don't you just kill yourself" argument shows you don't know anything about anti natalism. You react they way you react only because the mere idea violates your biological programming, and that's typical, but this quasi argument was rebutted so many times and if you were ever actually interested in the discourse you wouldn't be posting it here

Anonymous 66827

not same femanon. redirecting your argument now …

Anonymous 66828

You literally made no argument this entire time, all youre saying is "youre wrong, other people refuted what youre saying". You cant even defend your beliefs, how are you not ashamed writing those garbage posts?

Anonymous 66830

no I just don't see why would anyone want to engage with you in a discussion when you commit basic strawman and call an ideology stupid when your assumptions show you don't have the knowledge to judge it in the first place

Anonymous 66831

No, the reason you dont engage with me is because you cant argue with my points. If I was starwmanning you would show them and youd explain what I got wrong. But you arent doing that, youre just saying "youre wrong and Im not going to sit here and explain why, but I totally could trust me". And then you double down on it when called out.

How shameless and intelectually dishonest are you? Either engage with my points or shut the fuck up, youre not adding anything to the conversation.

Anonymous 66832

>I dont see why anyone would engage with you
>keeps replying

Anonymous 66835


>In order to make such a claim youd have to assume that there is more suffering that pleasure in life, overall.
No, you don't have to assume that. Many pleasures people have in life are simply there to create a distraction from pain or a lack of something, escapism etc. There was no need in the first place. You create a new life just to create a need, a desire for something, and then to say that pleasure is good (if you even manage to get it). That's stupid. Without coming into existence, there's not only no suffering, but also no need to chase the pleasure.
If we go the "nothing matters because there's no objective morality" route then any discussion is pointless. The opinion that antinatalism is "wrong" or "stupid" is no less subjective than an antinatalist claim that imposing both suffering and the need on someone who didn't consent to be born is wrong (although the fact that no one consented to be born is objective). We don't talk about some objective, cosmic perspective here. Just because something is natural (like reproduction), doesn't mean it's good (or bad). Constructs like morality and what's "bad" and "good" exist because we exist, and I think it makes the discussion more productive to stay within those constructs. If an antinatalist points out that Y causes children to suffer, and if you want to be a good person you shouldn't make children suffer, the most reliable way of achieving it is to stop reproduction entirely. It's perfectly logically consistent. You just don't agree with it because you don't agree with the value put on suffering. Antinatalists value human suffering.
>Why not just end it, that would solve the problem.
No, that wouldn't solve the problem. Antinatalists do something for the cause by creating communities. Of course, most people will never support them, but the arguments always manage to work on certain people, otherwise there would be no new antinatalists. So building a community of people who refuse to breed is better than just offing yourself, and above all that, antinatalism is about the prevention of bringing more beings into the existence, not about ending the lives that already exist. Also, antinatalists still have their close ones, they don't want to cause more suffering by hurting them, and offing themselves would cause that. Pretty simple.
And just to clarify, I only have problem with natalists who claim they're more empathetic than antinatalists and that they actually care about the pain of others. If you're not a hypocrite, and you can admit you simply don't care (for whatever reason, philosophical or not) and you're focusing on yourself and your own pursuits like most people, and ignore things like, for example, the exploitation of the third worlders who make the products you use (and that most people use because that's cheaper), or the fact that at some point in their lives most people have to stomp on others in the big rat race, or the fact that it's basically impossible to prevent male abuse against girls - if you don't care, then yeah, that's fine. We have nothing to talk about. Your retorts about "just ending it" and the defensive "not everyone is a depressed fuck lol" already show that you don't have much regard for people who presumably had less luck in life than you. Besides, not all antinatalists are depressed and depressed people usually still want to have their own family one day. I don't know what kind of an argument is that. The most fucked up women and the most fucked up men still, usually, dream about having kids one day because that's a biological human drive that most people never get rid of. And the hell will continue.

Anonymous 66836

>Just because something is natural (like reproduction), doesn't mean it's good (or bad).
most people who will disagree with you on the antinatalism stuff also insist that natural=good so it's pointless

Anonymous 66865

>Many pleasures people have in life are simply there to create a distraction from pain or a lack of something, escapism etc.
That's like saying "much suffering is just the lack of pleasure". It doesn't mean anything, it's pointless rambling.

>without coming into existence, there's not only no suffering, but also no need to chase the pleasure.

And that's like saying "with coming into existence comes not only pleasure, but also the possibility of avoiding suffering"

All you're doing here is showing one side of the coin while completely ignoring the other or assuming the "bad" side of life is worse than the good side is good. Again, how can you possibly quantify that? Or are you trying to say all pleasure comes from lack of suffering, therefore suffering is the only defining factor of life? If so it's just a "chicken vs egg" argument, you can't make any meaningful point to support that claim.

>If we go the "nothing matters because there's no objective morality" route then any discussion is pointless.

That's not what I said. Subjective morality != everything is pointless. And I never said that natural = good. I don't know what that part is about, are you just arguing with things no one said?

>If an antinatalist points out that Y causes children to suffer, and if you want to be a good person you shouldn't make children suffer, the most reliable way of achieving it is to stop reproduction entirely

Yes and not reproducing entirely is also the most reliable way of ensuring that children will not experience any pleasure at all. As I said last time, in order to be an antinatalist you have to assume that there is an objective morality based on the pleasure/suffering dichotomy AND that suffering is significantly higher than pleasure overall AND that it's not going to change. Those aren't just things you didn't prove, those are things you can't prove. Your worldview is based only on "shit sucks for me so it must suck for everyone".

>Antinatalists do something for the cause by creating communities. Of course, most people will never support them, but the arguments always manage to work on certain people (..)

So what they're doing is trying to convince others of their shitty moral system? Get the fuck out of here, you're literally describing a religion that wants to wipe out humanity and try to convince us/yourself that that's moral or whatever. Kill yourself.

>And just to clarify, I only have problem with natalists who claim they're more empathetic

Great, because I don't care about who's more empathetic, you're a moron if you thought that's what I was trying to get at. The only reason I'm arguing is because I get annoyed by idiots who think themselves to be smart and interesting because they hold some special snowflake beliefs. And you're even worse because you think you have moral superiority because of it too. Disgusting.

>You just don't agree with it because you don't agree with the value put on suffering. Antinatalists value human suffering.

That's the crux of the argument isn't it? How important suffering is. But guess what dipshit, that's fully subjective. Some people experience more suffering than others, people can deal with different levels of suffering, people experience suffering differently, people can enjoy their lives despite different levels of suffering and so on. It's not up to you to come here and tell people how they should feel about it and how not ascribing to your doomer views makes them immoral.

>not all antinatalists are depressed

Well they sure as shit can't be happy if they think life is so bad that bringing someone in the world is immoral lol

Anonymous 66867

I don't know how to explain to you that the unborn can't consent to their own existence and consequent suffering and therefore reproducing is inherently immoral.
Your optimistic bias gets in the way of every argument you type here, you don't even try to fully grasp the antinatalist philosophy. You have 0 alterity in your train of thought, using ad hominems and strawmanning and all thethought

Antinatalism is not a personal attack, and you shouldn't be telling fellow women here to kill themselves just because they have a different set of beliefs.
Grow the fuck up.

Anonymous 66873


Also the fact that the father's surname always comes first and foremost when a child is born, until the mother is actually more wealthy and powerful than he is and comes from a lineage of aristocrats, royals and/or billionaires, e.g., the Rockefeller or Al Saud families and the obvious impression it gives when one reads a person's name with either surname.

It surely is extremely rare to see a man that unironically, sincerely and verily wants a daughter rather than a son, to be honest.
Perhaps this idea of men only taking the wife's surname when she is powerful enough, if it became very widespread, could make all men appreciate and raise their daughters better in order to make them powerful enough to not lose "his" surname, but I don't think we will ever see this in our lifetimes.

Anonymous 66878

I would be extremely wary of a man who really wants a daughter tbh

Anonymous 66879

Also adding that, in my personal honest opinion, I would rather force my husband to better fucking take my surname if he wants to "take my hand in marriage," or whatever the phrase goes.

Anonymous 66880

Anonymous 66881

All the anti-abortion shit is making me so depressed. I'm terrified it's gonna hit the US soon with all the supreme court stuff going on. Men just hate women so much they want to punish us for daring to have sex, when the man is just as much responsible for the child.

Anonymous 66884

advcie then you buy condoms because some retarded moid forgot to pinch the top with your fingers to pull the nipple looking plastic thingy out thats where the cum goes. Assume everyone has a medium dong I guess and refuse to have sex with everyone that doesn't wear a rubber.

Anonymous 66887

>And that's like saying "with coming into existence comes not only pleasure, but also the possibility of avoiding suffering"
Suffering is guaranteed, happiness is not. Most pleasures are brief and then they can cause suffering due to their briefness. Basically all organisms experience suffering at some point (and the only pleasures are copulation and eating) and then everyone, including humans, experiences death which is often tied to sickness and pain.
Lack of pleasure is not bad per say, it's neutral. Lack of pain is good. But the experience of pain is bad (like with the example of children suffering).
>you're literally describing a religion that wants to wipe out humanity and try to convince us/yourself that that's moral or whatever.
Humans are slowly wiping each other out anyway. Also, ALL species go extinct at some point. It is inevitable. Humans are no different. Whether it happens by our conscious choice or gradually with climate change and civilizations colliding and collapsing, people killing each other for resources, acting like animals etc. But it probably won't happen fast, like, in your lifetime, so of course you don't care about it because it won't affect you personally. Comparing antinatalism to religion is dumb especially if you remember that some religions like christianity literally fetishize suffering, we also had wars and conflicts motivated by religion but no wars and conflicts motivated by antinatalism lmao. Such a dumb statement.
>Kill yourself
You act overly emotional.
>Great, because I don't care about who's more empathetic, you're a moron if you thought that's what I was trying to get at.
Nowhere did I say you care about it. I said that as long as you can admit you don't really care about pain of others, it's fine. I've seen pro natalists claiming they're more empathetic than antinatalists even though they impose existence onto others in a world where suffering is inavitable, and some of them even went full "it's only your own fault when you experience something bad lol", and I was referring to them to put an emphasis on the fact that I'm less annoyed by people who are open about their lack of care than by people being hypocrites who call others immoral for supporting antinatalism.
>snowflake beliefs. And you're even worse because you think you have moral superiority because of it too
Even when I wasn't an antinatalist (I was still processing it), I felt like antinatalists are morally superior (as long as they're honest and try to minimalize suffering irl) and I had no problem with admitting it, just like now I have no problem with admitting that I see vegans as morally superior to me, but I'm personally not a vegan (yet), just vegetarian. Calling someone a snowflake on an image board is such a normie thing to do.
>But guess what dipshit, that's fully subjective
>It's not up to you to come here and tell people how they should feel about it and how not ascribing to your doomer views makes them immoral.
Wow it's almost like this whole discussion is mostly subjective. You basically said your opinion is yours. I wirte a post on an image board. A breeder imposes an enitre existence upon someone. We don't spread our propaganda because we have nothing to sell to anyone or profit off of more wage slaves or whatever, so you can't see antinatalist propaganda, but you can see pro natalist propaganda basically everywhere. Meanwhile antinatalists have some small youtube channels and forums for themselves. So who's imposing what upon others?
Yes, some forms of suffering are subjective, but not all. I think all people will experience suffering while being bullied or raped or depressed because someone close to them died or something. People have no influence over where and how they're born. And their parents can't prevent suffering in their life. Yes, they may not suffer greatly, but they can get fucked up also. It's a lottery. That's the point. And some people just don't want to gamble with human life.
Really, even if you look at this place, the majority of people want to have kids and they will at some point, and I have no power to do anything about it. Don't act like antinatalists pose any actual threat to human civilization by writing posts on the internet, because they don't. Actually breeders do a much better job at it, except they bring much more pain in the process KEK
And gtfo with that "doomer" bullshit. Ideas similar to antinatalism are quite old and have roots in eastern philosophy, the concept of not bringing more lives in order to end the endless cycle of suffering is old as fuck. Nothing new about it. It's not a doomer thing. Even doomers deep down want to have a cute bf/gf and a bunch of kids one day.
Your whole post can be summed up by
>reeee kill yourself! You're insane! You want humanity to go extinct! Don't tell me what to do!
You sharted yourself.

Anonymous 66896

So would you say it is inherently immoral to save an unconscious person from a fire? They also can't consent and you're exposing them to a lot of possible suffering by doing so.

That argument only works if you already assume everything I mentioned above. You're assuming there is an objective moral system, you're assuming it's based on suffering/pleasure (and consent, now) and you're assuming there is inherently more suffering than pleasure in life. We can't judge what's moral or immoral on wild suppositions like that. If we just assume that life isn't worth living then there's no reason at all for a moral system, since the only moral thing to do would be to end as much life as possible. This kind of ideas lead to absurd conclusions that cannot be applied in real life. Have you even stopped and considered what you're ignoring if you're basing your morality only on suffering and pleasure? If we were to take your ideas to their logical conclusions, as in make humanity disappear you're not only removing all the pleasure that comes with it, you're also removing all the meaning, all the knowledge, all curiosity, all intelligence, all passion that comes with it. How can you not even consider these things? Are they of no value to you? This is why I keep insulting you, because you're so smug about your shitty moral system which ignores such a huge part of existence only to whine and moan about suffering, which I find despicable.

I'm not biased by any optimism, you're the biased one. You're the one who keeps relying on the idea that there's so much more suffering in the world that pleasure. You're obviously extremely pessimistic, I'm neutral, I don't even believe there's necessarily more pleasure than suffering, my only point is that we can't know that and that there are other things to consider.

The difference between me and you is that I can and did answer to every point you brought, WHILE insulting you. That's not what an ad hominem is. And if you think I did argued with any strawmen please point them out. You're the one who can't address my points and just brings in new ones. You're the one who was arguing with strawmen in your previous reply. And you're the one who can't understand the ideas you're talking about. All you do is parrot a few points you heard before, you don't really understand how morality is formed. You can't defend your points, you can only make them. In your mind you just have a few ridiculous axioms by which you form your worldview. Which is fine, really, but your problem is that you can't accept that they're just that, axioms. Morality being objective is one of them, I'm willing to bet you weren't even aware you had this axiom, but all the claims you make are based on it. Suffering being immoral is another one. And yes, there are many people and ideologies which do not consider suffering immoral. And obviously, the biggest and most ridiculous one is that suffering inherently outweights pleasure. These 3 ideas are where your antinatalism fanaticism comes from. And I say fanaticism because you said you want to convince other people of those ideas as well, not only practice them yourself. I would have nothing against you if you just believed that bringing babies in the world is bad so you're not gonna do it, but if you actually want to make other people see things like that you have an issue.

>Suffering is guaranteed, happiness is not
Nice try replacing "pleasure" with "happiness". Happiness is a very hard term to define, let's just stick to pleasure. And what you said isn't true, you most likely experienced both pleasure and suffering. That seems to be the general human experience, we feel both pleasure and suffering, sometimes even at the same time.

>and the only pleasures are copulation and eating

You're contradicting yourself here. If eating is pleasure then it's pretty fucking guaranteed. As guaranteed as suffering at least.

>Lack of pleasure is not bad per say, it's neutral.

How do you decide that? Lack of pleasure for long periods of time can drive people insane, are you kidding me?

>But the experience of pain is bad (like with the example of children suffering).

Really? All of it? What if you're masochistic lol
What if you enjoy feeling sore after a workout? What if you enjoy feeling sad (like watching a sad movie) or scared? The experience of pain is bad in all cases only if you define "pain" as something bad.

>Humans are slowly wiping each other out anyway

Clearly, must be why the population is higher than it's ever been.

>Also, ALL species go extinct at some point

So what? Should we kill all dolphins too, since they're eventually go extinct? Just because something is going to happen eventually isn't an argument for speeding it up.

>comparing antinatalism to religion is dumb especially if you remember that some religions like christianity literally fetishize suffering

If you want to literally end humanity because of some ethical and metaphysical beliefs that you have then yes, your ideology is very similar to an insane religion, whether you fetishize suffering or not.

>no wars and conflicts motivated by antinatalism lmao

What kind of ridiculous statement is that? Not all religions caused wars. And the main reason antinatalism didn't cause any war is because there aren't too many people who strongly believe in it. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't say that antinatalism is literally a religion, I made that comparison to show how ridiculous the ideology is.

>I said that as long as you can admit you don't really care about pain of others, it's fine

That's fine then, I hate virtue signaling as much as you. We can at least agree on this. Maybe lol

>such a normie thing to do.

Really? That's your complaint?

>Wow it's almost like this whole discussion is mostly subjective.

What does that have to do with my point? My point was that in order for antinatalism to hold any sort of weight you have to presuppose that suffering outweights everything positive that comes with existence and you have to assume that is an objective truth, not only your subjective experience.

>I think all people will experience suffering while being bullied or raped or depressed because someone close to them died or something.

That's debatable, but even if I granted you that, there's still the fact that some people can be glad to be alive despite being bullied, raped etc.

> Don't act like antinatalists pose any actual threat to human civilization by writing posts on the internet, because they don't.

>So who's imposing what upon others?
I guess you're right here, but what I was responding to was you (?) saying "Antinatalists do something for the cause by creating communities. Of course, most people will never support them, but the arguments always manage to work on certain people, otherwise there would be no new antinatalists."
A fucking cause. Are you kidding me??? Most "breeders" don't go around trying to talk about how immoral you are if you don't have children and whatnot, their "propaganda" is just them expressing how something meaningful to them. They're not fighting for a cause or any shit like that. And yeah, the ones who do that, who try to yell at everyone to have kids, I'll have as many problems with them as I have with you.

>And some people just don't want to gamble with human life.

I mean if you don't want to gamble with your life that's fine. If you don't want to gamble with your childs life, that's also fine. But you don't get to decide that it's immoral to "gamble with human life" by creating it.

>reeee kill yourself! You're insane! You want humanity to go extinct! Don't tell me what to do!

I'll stand by all of those, except for the "reee". You are insane, not in the medical sense, but in the "fucked up in the head" sense. Humanity going extinct being the only moral solution is the logical conclusion of your beliefs. And I guess you're not as much telling me what to do, as you're telling people that they're immoral for wanting to have children. So yeah, stop that.

And stop being so bitchy about that "kill yourself". What's your problem, from your own worldview I'm giving you good advice. If life is so full of suffering and not worth living why aren't you killing yourself? Seriously what's stopping you? The great cause of convincing people that they shouldn't have children? You're just scared of death? C'mon anon, follow the conclusions of your beliefs, if it's not just some edgy phase.

Anonymous 66897

I'm afraid it's going to hit faster than we imagine. Advising only for contraception isn't enough
Sexual active women should start stocking Misoprostol if they want some sanity

Anonymous 66900

I see the first sentence and my brain already melts
>So would you say it is inherently immoral to save an unconscious person from a fire?
If that person didn't exist she wouldn't even get into the fire. Sorry but you're just too biased to even understand what you're reading and grasp basic concepts. And that >>66867 anon wasn't me, I posted this >>66835 and this >>66887

>If eating is pleasure then it's pretty fucking guaranteed. As guaranteed as suffering at least

Yeah, you are forced to eat in order not to suffer from starvation and then die which is a pretty terrible death. Your existence creates a need that you are forced to meet in order not to suffer horribly.
>Lack of pleasure for long periods of time can drive people insane
Like. Do you actually understand the implication here…? Jesus christ.
>What if you're masochistic
Yeah, some drugs make people feel great. Just like life. And? Do I have the right to impose taking drugs on others?
>for antinatalism to hold any sort of weight you have to presuppose that suffering outweights everything positive that comes with existence and you have to assume that is an objective truth, not only your subjective experience
I can just fucking turn it around and it will work just as well
>for the critique of antinatalism to hold any sort of weight you have to presuppose that suffering doesn't outweight everything positive that comes with existence and you have to assume that is an objective truth, not only your subjective experience
Also, even millions of subjective experiences don't crate an objective truth. Delusion and stockholm syndrome keeps many people alive. And the classic "it will get better", "I just have to pull myself through this", "others have it way worse" (oh, the irony…)
>there's still the fact that some people can be glad to be alive despite being bullied, raped etc.
And some people may kill themselves or be depressed for years. They only experienced bullying and rape because their parents (usually by accident) put them into the existence. Is it ok to gamble with human life despite not knowing who will cope with it and who will not? I don't think so.
>Most "breeders" don't go around trying to talk about how immoral you are if you don't have children and whatnot
Oh come on, are we going to pretend now like people don't pressure others, especially women, into having kids, even when they don't want to, or want to have them later? Also special benefits for people only because they have kids. And just advertising everywhere because companies need more wage slaves. And of course religious patriarchs, especially christian (well, I live in a roman catholic country so that's that) who influenced the entire idea that it is a woman's duty, given her by god, to give birth to children? Read Genesis maybe (it's from a book, it's called The Bible). If you look at the entire human history, antinatalists have nothing on that.
>But you don't get to decide that it's immoral to "gamble with human life" by creating it.
Why not? Most people think it's moral, I can think it isn't. And I said why, many times. I have no power to stop anyone from doing anything.
>You are insane, not in the medical sense, but in the "fucked up in the head" sense
That's just, like, your opinion man.
>And stop being so bitchy about that "kill yourself". What's your problem, from your own worldview I'm giving you good advice.
No, you're not, because my death would cause suffering to the ones who love me. Please learn to read if you want to engage in a discussion.

Anonymous 66906



Anonymous 66910

>If that person didn't exist she wouldn't even get into the fire
Holy fuck you're so stupid. Your answer had nothing to do with the question. So you said that antinatalism makes sense because performing actions that might result in future suffering of entities that can't consent is immoral. I gave that example to show that what you said is ridiculous. And your answer to that is "well that wouldn't be a problem if they were never born". You're literally incapable of following a conversation. And then of course you didn't engage at all with the explanation of that example.

I looked at the rest of your post and you haven't even addressed the main points and with the ones you did mention what you're saying is just nonsensical. Look at this for example:
>for the critique of antinatalism to hold any sort of weight you have to presuppose that suffering doesn't outweight everything positive that comes with existence and you have to assume that is an objective truth, not only your subjective experience
No, I don't. All I have to do is point out that you have no basis for your claim and that your claim can't possibly be proven unless you have some magical way of quantifying experience. You're doing the "well god must be real if you can't disprove him" bullshit. If you come up with a claim the burden of proof is on you. Otherwise each claim for which the negative can't be disproven (which, there are a lot of and very ridiculous ones) would have to be true. This is as basic as it gets, go read an introduction to philosophy book or something, jesus.

As much as I enjoy arguing with morons on the internet, this is getting repetitive and the closest you came to addressing the main points I made is what I responded to above, so there's not much reason to continue. All I have to say to you is that you took your experience, assumed that everyone has a similar experience and extrapolated an entire moral system out of it. This is the opposite of how morality is supposed to work, morality is meant to integrate as many peoples experiences in a framework to help them collaborate, not have some autists experience dictate what people should and shouldn't do.

Anonymous 66917

>So you said that antinatalism makes sense because performing actions that might result in future suffering of entities that can't consent is immoral
Antinatalism is against this one s p e c i f i c action that is procreation (which brings you into a world where the suffering is inevitable). It's a false equivalence to compare it to a person who's unconscious in a fire. It's a living fucking being trapped in a fire. It doesn't matter it they're unconscious, they were already born. This person had a life and perhaps loved ones before they got into a fire. A fucking hypothetical being has nothing, you're not hurting it by not bringing it into the existence.
It's not like you adressed my points either. You basically claimed breeders don't impose upon others, I said that imposing birth upon women who don't want kids (or don't want them now or don't want more than they have) was always a thing and it's almost an universal experience, and it's all amplified by man-made religions. They may not tell you "you are immoral" literally, but they will guilt trip you in many ways, they will ostracize you, call you an egoist and say you don't care about others etc. You want to pretend it's not a thing? You're in a fucking pinkpill thread.
Suffering is more inevitable than the experience of any "meaning" you mentioned before, like knowledge. Third worlders often won't even get the chance to enjoy the luxury of gaining the knowledge about something. That's just one example. You focus on a minority of people in history who could actually enjoy the advancement of civilization, while walking on the corpses of others, less lucky, less privileged, weaker, poorer etc. Despite that, the survivors will usually cling on to life, even if they suffer, because that's their fucking biological programming. It's just what most animals do.

Anonymous 66921


I was browsing r/RoastMe out of boredom today, and I just realized how unattractive the majority of men are after seeing all of the posters’ selfies. So many unshaven pubic hair beards, gross unkempt hairstyles, lack of fashion sense, etc.. I’m a straight woman and the majority of men are honestly repelling.

Anonymous 66940


Can men just die?

Anonymous 66951

I don't believe for a second that an adult over 25 wrote that. Especially because I'm pretty sure the username is a Mass Effect reference.

Anonymous 66959

>I’m a straight woman and the majority of men are honestly repelling
This is common knowledge even among moids, they often complain about women finding only very few moids attractive.

Anonymous 66970

It really do be like that. Majority of men just can't, or don't bother to take care of themselves.

Anonymous 66971

Most of the time it's because they think grooming and taking care of yourself is ''gay''. So cringe.

Anonymous 67163


I'm so pissed whenever I read stuff like "Gender quotas are bullshit, women simply don't try for higher positions as much as men"
Hm, I wonder why…? Maybe it's because most higher ups are still old men who grew up during times barely any women had well paying jobs? Or maybe it's because all girls are taught is that they have to be nice?

My entire life I was forced to be super obedient, I was constantly scolded as a preventive measure before I even did things, all men in my life always nagged me to smile more: my dad, random waiters, teachers, later on guys who hit on me,… Also shit like "you're no longer being sweet to your dad at all!" ew
Of course I was bound to never have the confidence to strive for more despite doing extremely well in school.
Meanwhile boys are taught to fight for what they want, for what they "deserve", nobody forces them to be nice to their parents or anybody else. And I'm sure that they at 18 also don't have to hear disgusting shit like "you should choose this career because it will be easier for when you have kids later".

Equality on paper is useless when even in the wealthiest 1st world countries girls are molded to live their lifes nearly the same as women did decades ago. I'm older than my brother yet still have to play obedient little girl, give my father kisses etc while he has a bad temper and my parents simply accept that and tiptoe around him. Now I ended up in a field in which I earn just half as much as him despite always having been better at everything, well except being confident and strong.
My next problem is gonna be that I want to move out but I don't have a bf meaning I will be a woman living alone. Oh the horror /s

Sorry for the long rant

Anonymous 67168

All of moids problems are literally made by other moids peer pressure. And yet they still blame women, its because its easier to blame others rather than realize they are the ones wrong and improving themselves. Literally the problem most have if they dont have a deformity, all they have to do is look cleaner in the broad sense of the word, clean face, shaved, clean clothes, smart looking not trashy casual.

Anonymous 67169

This may seem trivial but watching videos on youtube there's no escape from male bullshit. Even on a video of a male armwrestler having a playful sparring with a female amateur you have men leaving comments like "men and women are not equal" and "men are both smarter and stronger than women and it has been proven. Women are only better at emotional development because they have to take care of children" or "he would've destroyed her in a real fight". They also called him a simp. Like, what's the point? No one in the video claimed she could defeat a man who's three times her size. No one talked about IQ. I can't even enjoy random videos without some autistic moid screeching

Anonymous 67171


All <3 to Polish women.

Anonymous 67173

moids have got significantly more retarded since the start of 2001 to 2021. Incel shit became a cult.

Nice pepo meme, polish anona here should honestly consider moving the heck out to Sweden. Poland can go fuck itself.

Anonymous 67175


Based and abortionpilled.

Anonymous 67195

And of course, polish poltards make threads on the topic. Those moids genuinely think aborting braindead fetuses should be illegal. Some don't think like this but they all agree polish women are "whores who were ruined by western feminism and who don't care about anything but their cunts" so they deserve being tormented by polish government. They enjoy the shitshow. "That will teach them not to whore themselves out with Tyrone and Ahmed". Interracial couples aren't even common here. This country is almost entirely white but their rhetoric is the same as that of western incels

Anonymous 67214

They're retarded.
In their minds,things work like this
>women are naturally beautiful without trying(not true,by the way)so that must work just like that for me too
Most men are ugly because they don't even try or because they have man-made ideas of what women like,so they try to impress women by impressing men.

o i am laffin

Anonymous 67231

this 100%, like how many dudes become complete roid heads because they think women like it, or get the exact same hair cut, facial hair style and dress exactly like all other men

Anonymous 67243

What's even the point of dating when all men watch porn and the only difference is the level of their coombrainism? Can you imagine that you will never meet a boy in your age range who haven't been exposed to porn in his adolescence? And the only good older men are always taken, there's not a single older guy without some issues (unless he's a widower maybe), because if he hasn't commited for that long he has to be fucked up. Men are ruined forever.

Anonymous 67246


If you cannot find them anymore you train new ones. That's how it's done. The perfect husband isn't found, it's made.

Anonymous 67247


I always used to wonder why men (especially online) are so desperate to have a girlfriend and think that being single is basically hell on earth. I've never had a boyfriend and at this point I'm so disillusioned with men that I could totally see myself never having a boyfriend and the prospect of being single forever doesn't bother me. I have other priorities, friends, and I don't mind doing things by myself. Men act like the possibility of being single forever is hell on earth, which is why they become so resentful and misogynistic when they can't get a girlfriend. I could never understand why men placed so much self-worth on whether they could get a girlfriend or not and I am so fucking tired about hearing men whine about how they can't get a girlfriend when they could just enjoy being single.

And then I realized that men feel like they need girlfriends so badly because women are the only people they feel that they can be emotionally vulnerable around. Male friendships are so superficial that they probably do feel incredibly lonely until they can find a woman to be emotionally vulnerable around because they're too pathetic to do it around each other. I don't know why but that just made me so much more resentful. Like men basically rely on women to do their emotional labor and when they can't get that they become so angry and resentful and turn into incels and hate women just because they're too retarded to help themselves or each other. I don't mind not having a boyfriend because I have friends who I love and care about (and who feel the same for me) to make up for that "void". I guess men can't feel that way about each other because they're too emotionally retarded, so they have to have a girlfriend to cope. Men really are inferior.

Anonymous 67249

Well they claim a gf would lower their stress levels

Anonymous 67255

>the problem with older men who date women young enough to be their daughters is commitment and not the fact that they're fucking creeps
I don't know what to say anon.

Anonymous 67259


Anonymous 67268

This is what I get confused about too. It's fucking pathetic how men are always so misogynistic yet so many of them also just cannot handle being single and some of them even resort to mass shootings if they can't get a girlfriend. I've even seen multiple men online say that the only reason they get a job and participate in society is to attract a girlfriend/wife and if they can't do that then they'll just remain a NEET and play vidya for the rest of their lives. It confuses me how so many of them can just readily admit they have no ambition in life besides getting a girlfriend. Single women who don't have many friends or family to be emotionally vulnerable around still don't act as bad as single men and they at least have ambitions in life besides romantic relationships. I wish misogynists would just leave women alone but it seems like they literally can't. Women who genuinely hate men do their best to avoid them.

Anonymous 67279

This is the funniest part about seeing moids posting on other sites about how women go crazy and kill themselves if they don't have a husband and children by a certain age. It's the most serious cope of all! Men are head-over-heels obsessed with women, ESPECIALLY those who are part groups that claim that women "aren't worth pursuing" or whatever. Why do you think MGTOW consists 80+% of demeaning women instead of actually "going your own way?"

Being single clearly IS hell on earth for them, because it makes them feel so absolutely fucking upset. It infuriates them at the very core of their being. Men who say they don't need women are coping hard. The resentment from incel moids to women is because the women won't interact with them/eventually fuck them. From women to moids, it's because of shitty things the moids do.

Anonymous 67281

Men are emotional cripples.

Anonymous 67319


There is no point in expecting anything from men these days. The only thing left is to accept our destiny.

Anonymous 67330

This post reminded me that prolifers cause more real babies to die than anything, cause by forcing women and girls to undergo the trauma of giving birth to rape and incest babies they're increasing the risk of and incidence of actual infanticide when the traumatized party can't take it anymore. Literally causing needless death and suffering because they are too pro"life" to let women abort. And that's not even getting into all the obvious deaths of the women who get illegal abortions or attempt them on their own.

Anonymous 67331

Pro-lifers don't give a fuck about the life of the child after it's born. How do you think a child is going to grow up if it's born to parents who don't want it or can't afford to raise it?

Anonymous 67404


Just continue to speak about the morality of pornography; it will eventually stop being so popular–especially 3D hardcore porn– as more men realize this industry is one of the worst of all time that has existed in the history of humankind, even worse than slavery since there is a false sense of autonomy, or so.

Perhaps you should be able to find someone who is considering the priesthood since it is very likely that they aren't coomers and don't know much about porn. Though, according to the Catholic Church, it is an immoral thing to do; I don't know about the Protestant churches, but I think one is allowed with the condition that you will be faithful and you won't divorce him or so since most Protestant churches will remove a priest's privileges if he becomes divocred, or so.
Yes, I hate to admit that I am seeking one of them in a mainline Protestant church, but I am also cautious that he won't be gay or so given these churches' acceptance for LGB and sometimes T people for the priesthood.
Don't get me started about how they are unwilling to have true friendships with women since they all inherently seek a FWB relationship with them intead of just the F of it.
But yeah, I blame both the media and social media on insisting that everyone should be in a relationship so much, and if you're not then you're a loser and probably bitter as well. It's like they want everyone to breed a la Catholic Church in Africa, for some stupid reason we don't know.

Anonymous 67409

yeah, I'm 28 and never even been on a date, I have zero sympathy for male incels. I accept my fate as ugly woman, men on the other hand are so fucking entitled. they really think that they DESERVE at least 8/10 girl, under 20, virgin etc. they blame anyone except themselves and are completely delusional about their level of attractiveness. I have never, ever seen this kind of entitlement from women.

exactly, it's hilarious how much they project. the whole "miserable barren 25+ cat lady" meme is their last cope.

men's entire sense of self-worth is based on how attractive women find them and they can never, ever escape that. that's what they compete for with other men. and because they can't have meaningful connections with their own sex because they are so shallow and competitive (another thing they project onto women), they will be completely alone and miserable. most women have entire social circles and lives outside romantic relationsips, men just become shut-in neets playing video games and alcoholics kek.

Anonymous 67412

This is true thats why moids are always trying to drag each other down into their insecure ideologies its a way to keep "competition" down, they tell other men online that they are ugly and fags or whatever when those foolish moids that are buying into the ideology actually have a greater chance than the moid draggin them down to their level. This is how they develop the misogynist attitude. It's because misery loves company. They generalize what we like every. single. fucking. time. Most moids would actually be passable if not because of the retarded insecure misogynist attitude. Doesn't matter to me if a guy is 10/10 to my tastes if he has that attitude of "you gotta treat women like shit bro they love that" he is instantly a fucking 0 and he can go kill himself.

Anonymous 67422

I know these channels are so small they literally don't matter but there are moids out there who go beyond the great wall of cope and projection

Anonymous 67430

>incel white as fuck blue eyed loser has to hide his face have the courage to say all this bullshit

Color me surprised. Oh well another one bites the dust and dies alone how he deserves.

Anonymous 67461

he wont die alone,i know a former highschool friend who dates a guy like this and he's also fat and ugly
it doesnt matter how deranged and retarded a man is,there's always a proper match,or a guillible naive person that is in for a bad ride

i personally find this to be depressing

Anonymous 67462

Expose him out to whoever the partner is.

Anonymous 67467

The incels should be sacrificed.

Anonymous 67469

They will die out, it's an old fashioned suicidal ideology anyway like Islam. They fear that women are gaining ground and that men in the future will have to be respectful to them and treat them like human beings, they don't like this they want with ease what they don't deserve. Same for MGTOW and all the other pieces of shit out there. They are losing and they hate it.

Anonymous 67473

does not work,if you ever get into the same situation as me,you'll just know
i think this is actually somewhat common,so im sure im not the only one in here that knows this experience

Anonymous 67518

I ironically enjoy watching videos from blackpills because they openly admit this. Blackpilled men admit that the MGTOW/redpill ideology is just a cope for men. I remember a guy saying that men need women way more than women need men and men go insane without women, he also said that that one woman he was with made him feel "like a human being" even though she was "below average". They admit that "the wall" is also a cope. We already know this, but it's funny to see how even blackpilled incels call MGTOWs out

Anonymous 67519

Funny how romantic media is mainly marketed to women and women are stereotyped as being obsessed with marriage when it's actually scrotes who need relationships more than women

Anonymous 67546

I know this was mentioned before in thread, but I just saw the MRA/conservative side of facebook groups and had to cope with the fact that these moids really exist, moids who joke about the poland abortion ruling and defunding of PP. Like this shit doesn't affect you and seeing their nonchalance towards the subject just makes me want to kermit. I've deluded myself that the men are a minority but seeing the vast amount of likes and comments from men is sad as fuck. It makes me hate liberal men as well, the ones who say "not only women get pregnant" like fuck off, you know who these anti abortion rulings cater to bitch, you're not helping. All in all I hate men

Anonymous 67550

Hearing men speak on the abortion issue is exhausting. They never have a good take on it. The worst for me are the men who claim “well if the women didn’t want to get pregnant they shouldn’t have had sex out of wedlock ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ” while act like forcing them to give birth to and raise an unwanted child is a reasonable consequence for their actions. “Logic” tainted by misogyny.

Anonymous 67560

If they are so concerned on pregnancy as a consequence of unprotected sex, then maybe they should direct their issues to safe sex.
Forcing one to be pregnant and give birth mentally and physically traumatizes a woman, and possibly financially.

Moids who scream about “whoring out” are pathetic. You are concerned over a woman having sex. Even starting at a wall for 5 hours straight is a better priority than that. They are just concerned over the access of sex they are getting. That’s why the same people hate prostitution and prostitues, not prostitution respectively and how that harms women.

Anonymous 67580

Anonymous 67721

>It makes me hate liberal men as well, the ones who say "not only women get pregnant"
Who else gets fucking pregnant then? What the fuck?!

Anonymous 67726

"Trans men."

Anonymous 67729

>we should have zero say in what happens to a moid if a woman does decide to have a child

The child support model was always a shitty substitute for a proper socialist government that ensures every single citizen is provided for.

Anonymous 67732

>Yeah, men should have literally zero say in laws about abortion.

That is correct but not enough…

>men should have literally zero say in laws*


Moid police should enforce the law because it's their job but it shouldn't be made by them at all.

Anonymous 67748

Nah, using that logic the government can decide that unborn citizens are citizens nonetheless and should be taken care of as well. To easy to misconstrued.

Having the people who enforce the rules not benefit from them is a good way to get a coup going.

Anonymous 67752

eh, there are celibate men who aren't incels

Anonymous 67757

>the government can decide that unborn citizens are citizens

The US government already did this and we're not getting bux out of it. My way is still better.

Anonymous 67774

I've heard men say that women have abortions because having a kid would be "inconvenient." The word "inconvenient" is such a gross understatement it's insane. Imagine thinking that vomiting, having your entire body change, hosting a developing lifeform in your uterus, and having the entire course of your life changed a simple "inconvenience." An anon said that men are "emotional cripples" and I feel that statement so much whenever I think of this issue.

Anonymous 67807


Give me one reason to ever commit to a moid.

Anonymous 67809

Because the act of falling in love requires making yourself vulnerable, and you can never find a good person to be with without risking they're a bad person.

Anonymous 67824

Ah, yes, of fucking course.

Anonymous 67828

Anonymous 67829

>Hurr durr it's your fault for having sex
Why do people always blame the woman when she gets pregnant, when it takes two people to concieve a child.

Anonymous 67834

and Stephan hawking left his wife whom he had kids with for another women. This woman had to do practically everything for him to function

Never love men, never care for them, never support them, never be loyal to them, don't even give them the time of day, always know that they'll drop and forget everything you do

Anonymous 67835

Because unless you live in a strict society that enforces monogamy in and outside of marriage, it's the women's responsibility and choice for getting pregnant (unless she was raped, which is only 0.1% of cases) concerning the fact she chose to have sex with a man who wasn't going to stay around. If it's "her body, her choice" it is also "her fault" for putting herself in the situation in the first place. You can't simultaneously say that moids should have zero say in whether or not a baby is aborted while also stating that it's their responsibility for getting someone pregnant. If women want to have complete, 100% control over aborting a baby, that means it is her responsibility to prevent the impregnation (again, unless she was raped or it was incest, which is .1% of cases). No male voice in the conversation means no male responsibility in the conversation.

Anonymous 67844

I’m a virgin, lol, but women can do whatever they want with their bodies. Sorry, but “just don’t have sex!!1!” isn’t a viable solution nor is it helpful. You know that. Also, abortions don’t only happen when women have hookups with guys they don’t know. Even wives who used protection but happened to get pregnant, but aren’t ready for a child, get abortions. Moid-tier thinking..

Anonymous 67845

>it's the women's responsibility and choice for getting pregnant (unless she was raped, which is only 0.1% of cases) concerning the fact she chose to have sex with a man who wasn't going to stay around. If it's "her body, her choice" it is also "her fault" for putting herself in the situation in the first place
Men can lie about using condoms. Birth control can fail.
>You can't simultaneously say that moids should have zero say in whether or not a baby is aborted while also stating that it's their responsibility for getting someone pregnant
Men should have zero say because they aren't the ones carrying the baby. They aren't the ones putting their lives at risk giving birth.

Anonymous 67848

This. The puritanical users telling women not to date or have sex ever except for the purpose of conceiving and marriage. They're almost as bad as the moids.

Anonymous 67849

I honestly confuse a lot of these posters for moids. Every time I read it, I'm like, "seriously? This conversation again?" Good Lord, it should not be so fucking radical in a female-oriented community that women have sex for reasons other than procreation.

Anonymous 67853

I would confuse them for moids too if I didn't know there are some women who really think that way, usually the ones who grew up on imageboards and have been trained to hate other women who don't act according to moid standards of trad purity beliefs. The brainwashing is real.

Anonymous 67856

>Men can lie about using condoms.
Then that's rape and is irrelevant to the point I am making, because again, only 0.1% of abortion cases are due to rape, and we're not talking about rape.
>Birth control can fail.
Yes, and couples who are actually trying to have babies can fail at conceiving. A woman gets to choose her risk profile, the only risk free option is abstinence. Anything else is you playing games with percentage based errors. To my knowledge, there is no male birth control that prevents the production of sperm, so this again, isn't relevant to the original premise of why a man should be responsible.
>Men should have zero say because they aren't the ones carrying the baby. They aren't the ones putting their lives at risk giving birth.
Correct, I 100% agree, and because I 100% agree with this sentiment, they hold 0% of the responsibility for what happens to said pregnancy. If a moid can not force a woman to abort, a moid can not force a woman not to abort. He gets no say and thus isn't responsible.

Anonymous 67909

Well I mean stealthing is a real thing.

Anonymous 67930

>implying they can't remove them. Most moids refuse to wear condoms prove me wrong.

Anonymous 68309


They admit to it amongst themselves

Anonymous 68324


unrelated but i fucking love collecting yous from salty moids

Anonymous 68330

images (3).jpg

Anonymous 68332

There are some men who compare abortion to circumcision saying women have rights to their bodies but men don't. Some of them compare circ to rape.

Anonymous 68333

What does that mean?

Anonymous 68335

just like the racism on 4chan was also a joke at one time, to some degree, that actually was, but there still was a lot of racism. there's a lot of nastiness and cruelty that is cloaked with "it's just a joke", and it's very deliberate. even if the ok sign was meant to be a joke, eventually it comes to symbolize more than a joke. the whole point is to obfuscate the line between ironic and unironic sentiments

Anonymous 68338

>There are some men who compare abortion to circumcision

Fuckin kek, men need to make everything about them. I don’t even know why people would circumcise their children unless it’s for religious or medical reasons but that’s such a dumb equivalence. The government doesn’t force moids to get circumcised and keep the foreskin as a pet. Dumbass males.

Anonymous 68339

4chan is also crawling with predators such as killers, rapists and pesos as well. Overall toxic environment.

Anonymous 68341


absolutely but whatever they say is "just a joke" according to the manchildren that don't want to be held accountable for their actually genuine "shitposting"

Anonymous 68345


Intactiloon moids gaslight women

Anonymous 68346

Sure I'd take that. Ban Circumcision and legalize abortion.

What would that dumbass moid say about that?

Anonymous 68347


Anonymous 68348

>Ban Circumcision and legalize abortion.
I think both can be logical conclusions if you advocate for the right to bodily autonomy in general.

Anonymous 68370

There are only two genders female and abortion

Anonymous 68371


Can men just die

Anonymous 68372

Be the change you want to see. Abort male parasites.

Anonymous 68373

And there are women here who want a lonely, creepy 4chan bf (although they may be moids really).

Anonymous 68380

The difference is the reasons behind that anger, (moid). I assure you that in this thread there is no one angry with men because they cannot fuck or emotionally parasitize.

Anonymous 68387

lmao it's sooooooo easy to fuck as a woman, not that sleeping with petri dishes (moids) is worth the risk. disease risk and pregnancy risk all to… not cum and waste my time? kek ok and men are literally and repeatedly shown to be emotionally constipated to the point of (almost hilariously) harming and spiting themselves inadvertently

Anonymous 68388

this is the same argument as "wow how could you hate nazis and claim you're a good person???"

Anonymous 68391


Exactly. Goes back to the expectation for women to be infallibly patient and good with men that will openly joke about finding them subhuman. I’m sick of this shit.

Anonymous 68392

they laugh at us dying and being violated, if not jerk off to it

Anonymous 68393

hate everything.pn…

>they laugh at us dying and being violated, if not jerk off to it
this world sucks

Anonymous 68395

The way men talk about women disgusts me. It's so degrading. Like they see as as human fleshlights. In that way, I have literally no fucking interest having sex because they make me feel gross.

They're considered the most ~logical~ gender, and yet, they're completely driven by Monkeybrain lust.

I remember I had my male friend's Discord muted, and I read through it, and I read through it, and I just became disgusted, and stopped associating with them/distancing myself 'til I eventually just ghosted them due to how many derogatory gross things I would see in there i.e bragging about sexual conquests, making objectifying remarks about people's bodies that we both knew IRL, etc.

Anonymous 68411

this is a grim realization

Anonymous 68412

it's not "like they see us as human fleshlights." there is no need for the "like." that IS what they see us as.

i actually think lust and sexual desire pervades every aspect of what they do, and they're even conditioned that way. most of them will only listen to a woman, whether they're willing to admit it or not, if they find her sufficiently attractive

Anonymous 68546

Ahh the two genders. The Queens and the cockroaches.

Anonymous 68586

This is good.

Anonymous 68639


Straight from the horse's mouth

Anonymous 68640

Time doesn't need to freeze for that to happen. If societal law and order breaks down for any significant time, then it will be as if a pressurized gas canister had suddenly been punctured. The level of murder, theft and rape would be incomprehensible. Forget 'The Purge' and think more East Germany under Soviet occupation in 1945.

Anonymous 68666

Almost posted this in >>10778 but I want to respect the trans containment. Anyway, Jesus fuck, I just took a regrettable internet road trip.

>start out reading about the cannibal cop who went on a chatroom to fantasize about killing and eating his wife

>google the website he used to chat, morbid curiosity
>google search results include a reddit thread asking why that site is down
>a comment suggests moving to the darknet in the future because it's friendly towards other "controversial fetishes", they advise each other on how to use TOR
>one commenter mentions he asked about the site on other forums and mentions the name of what definitely is a pedo community
>click his post history
>he posts in trans subreddits and comments extensively on post-surgery photos, is planning his own surgery

absolutely not surprised.

Anonymous 68667


He also has a bimbofication exhibitionism account. I wish they'd all just go to the darknet and stay there.

Anonymous 68668

men cannot have access to the internet or like, any technology. the luddites were right.

Anonymous 68669

They complained (in that thread about the site) about having to be politically correct about their fetishes, but god, having more high-speed free access to depraved material truly managed to skyrocket scrotes openly gloating about their degeneracy. I wish they were repressed again. Now so many random accounts I click are MTF. It's so depressing and I wish I was still blind to it.

It's so bad especially in IT. Whenever I see a female name, the chances are 80% that it'll be a troon. I have been following 1 funny IT account for years now that is understood to be a woman but I'm so afraid of one day realizing it's another troon. Every time they post photos I look out for the signs. There's nobody to look up to.

Anonymous 68678

Why do men have so many mental illnesses?

Anonymous 68821


Anonymous 68824

They are so pathetic that they have to resort to violence and subjugation. They can’t stand on their own feet or resolve on their own. Destruct destruct destruct

Anonymous 68827

>most modern women wouldn’t even make a good pet because of how destructive they are.
Yuck. Reminds me of the great quote: “ask a man what a perfect woman is and watch him describe a slave”.
Yes. Every time a moid speaks on women it’s always moaning that women should be easier to control and abuse. Men are pathetic creatures.

Anonymous 68832

From the comments
>Rejection from women is the #1 fear of straight men
Scrotes are so pathetic kek. Reminds me of how so many scrotes can't let go of their high school crushes and memories well into adulthood and use it as an excuse to act like an asshole to others.

Anonymous 68836

Ya know, trannies often say "take the pinkpill" because the estrogen pills they give them are pink. Can't get that out of my head every time I see this thread in the catalog.

Anonymous 68837

That is not the photo I had meant to click.

Anonymous 68838

Yes. Trannies are stealing our terminology.

Anonymous 68933

I saw this on Twitter and it's hilariously sad. Tranners can sign up and for a low fee of 99$ a month receive a "prescription" for HRT and the letters required to change your name. They still have to pay for the medication on top of that fee. It promises exactly what they want, instant access to HRT without legitimate psych evaluations and time spent living as the other gender.

From what I can tell, this is exactly BetterHelp for transitioning.


Anonymous 68937

this is a mess. this is really sad and i hate how this is now going to delegitimize telemedicine at a time when it's really needed and has been previously underutilized.

Anonymous 68953


Imagine letting your children watch cartoons in current year

Anonymous 68956

I get that men aren't good either there's a lot of evil people in the world

Anonymous 68969

Cheat on my best friend and drive her to to the point of self harm with gaslighting. The bitch he cheated with was threatening to push her into traffic.

If anyone knows a way I can mass report instagram accounts to get them closed let a girl know.

Anonymous 68983

You know what's worse? The fact that the next generation of coomers (e.g. trannies, pedophiles, and the more obscure fetishes) have not held positions of authority and power like the people that are mentioned in your picture, so embrace yourself.

Anonymous 69049

I think the men who post in English so you can read it bitch more because currently FGM is illegal in the US and circumsion isn't. Kind of a stupid take.

Anonymous 69236

My ex used to hold the fact that "he could beat the shit out of me anytime he wanted" over me all the time, especially when we argued.

Anonymous 69239

don't be surprised, those assholes on /r9k/ are social rejects for a reason
they blindly hate all women for their bad experiences but when it comes to them they always go "not all men"
they think that they are owed something, meanwhile ordinary people work hard and take their bad experiences in stride.. that's why they succeed

Anonymous 69303

Does anyone else find ddlg creepy as shit?

Anonymous 69304

DDLG is a strange as hell "fetish" which I personally consider a way for woman who have been abused when vulnerable to treat their trauma by replaying their younger selves but with a sense of control.
It makes sense to me that this is often the case and from others I talked to it rings true but obviously everyone has their reasons.
Now for why a man would want to be a DD I can only point to some psychosexual disorder.
I know consenting adults can do whatever they want but seriously I will never not see it as weird and maybe I am just ignorant IDGAF.
Not trying to offend anyone here

Anonymous 69306

for sure. I sort of sympathize with women who might like it, a lot of girls have dadddy issues, but the type of man who would want to roleplay as a child molestor is troubling.

Anonymous 69345

I mostly do because of its inherent relation with diaper play, which I sort of understand why would someone find it erotic and like it so much (e.g. the embarrassment one gets from it).
But the big problem I have with that is the implicitness of fetishizing things that tend to be related with babies and younger children, which I know it isn't related to pedos, but I simply find it creepy and it turns my stomach really bad the more I think about it. Add the obvious peeing and pooping and it will always make me puke my guts.

I also would concur that there is something psychological about it, but I would relate it more with how everyone was so happy and pure when we were younger, therefore anybody who is into DDLG is just seeking that happiness and purity that they used to have–with the small twist of being taken cared of by your significant other added into it.

I don't know what to say about the men who are willingly to get into DDLG since I am 100% certain that most men would never get into it and would rather do your typical violent "hardcore" stuff.
And sure, mommy/daddy issues, in both sexes, are obviously a thing, but I wouldn't attribute it to absolutely everything, to be honest.

Anonymous 69764


How do you unread this? I hate being hetero. It never has happened to me but the internet makes it seems like it happens 90% of the time.

Anonymous 69782

Do not ever get pregnant if you are not going to get a C-section.
I think the author is a little innocent too as he doesn't know what does natural birth does to the anal region of a woman. Who's going to tell him?

But, regarding to the cheating, I would say that the cheaters were going to cheat eventually whether or not they are going to do it with a man or a woman, and whether they're married or in a relationship.
Additionally, and more of a positive note, is that shit like this is probably the reason why are gay men so feminist nowadays as they get to empathize how immoral and heartbreaking is cheating–which is rare for a man to fully understand this like the way he did.

I don't know how truly common is cheating outside of those research papers, but, hopefully, it is closer to zero than one hundred percent.

Anonymous 69817


>Do not ever get pregnant
that's enough

Anonymous 69820

M*n are such disgusting horrible creatures. Some of them even got o places designed solely for biological females (not you repugnant trannies) and pretend to be us, talking to us, infiltrating us messing with our minds and playing games. Horrible!

Anonymous 69830

Is this really what some people think marriage is like?

Anonymous 69831

>current year
You act as if animators haven't always been like this. The father of anime, Osamu Tezuka, drew furry porn.

Anonymous 69833

People who grew up in dysfunctional families.

Anonymous 69834

hetero marriage

Anonymous 69840

Women do the majority of housework even when they have regular jobs, there goes your unpaid labour. And from my observation, women do lose part of their personality and interests when they enter hetero relationships, they absorb their men's interests but men don't absorb theirs. They become more alienated from other women. And if the guy gets a better job opportunuty in another city, she will of course leave with him, leaving all her friends behind. That happens much more often than a situation where the couple moves out because the woman got a new better job.
It's basically the cool girl monologue

Anonymous 70000

A local celebrity from my country is a sexual offender and engaged with minor under the age of consent. He was dropped out of the reality show he was in, thankfully. However, some people still defend him, because 'the evidence is faked and she was asking for it'. I am fucking disgusted.

Anonymous 70004

That's exactly what marriage is?

If we have children (which most scrotes will insist on despite the health, mental health and death risks) our lives become completely dedicated to the child, we have no time for hobbies or defining ourselves as a person. Even when both parents work, 100% of the childcare (along with cooking and cleaning) is done by the mother, which is a thankless second full-time job. The extent of a married mother's personality is talking about what developments little Timmy has made.

Even if we don't have children, the housework will still be forced upon us. We still have to abandon our interests because god forbid it makes a scrote feel less intelligent, jealous or take away any time away from him that he could be spending prodding our holes. It's always expected of the woman to move to the man's location so we can say goodbye to our friends, family and everything we know, ensuring we spend more time with HIS family, HIS scrote friends and learning about HIS culture/hobbies.

Every single woman in my family has sacrificed their dream careers, interests and entire personality in order to marry a man. You'd know this if you were a little older and your friends were starting to have children like mine are or if you had to listen to vents from them about their gross NEET boyfriends who turn their apartments into bombsites overnight and expect a woman to come along and clean it.

Anonymous 70006

>Every single woman in my family has sacrificed their dream careers, interests and entire personality in order to marry a man.
Ah so this an anecdotal type of thing, got it.
>You'd know this if you were a little older and your friends were starting to have children like mine are or if you had to listen to vents from them about their gross NEET boyfriends who turn their apartments into bombsites overnight and expect a woman to come along and clean it.
I don't know, I'm enjoying the marriage I'm currently in more than anyone else has reported the experience as negative. My sisters all either haven't "given up" on their dreams and are still mothers, or they decided they really just wanted to be mothers themselves and didn't actually define a "dream" as being under a capitalists boot in some corporation.

Anonymous 70009

Regarding the kids thing, it seems you simply don't want them. Which is awesome and good that you're making choices that make you happy, but some women would like children. Mothers aren't lesser for being good at what they've decided to do and giving it their all.

Idk. If anything my considerations of maybe being a mom someday only started when I accepted being gay. Perhaps because I agree with your observations of men being useless as parents and partners lmao.

Anonymous 70016


My country just became the first in the world to make sanitary products free (yay!) but I've seen nothing but men complaining and throwing their two cents in where it doesn't belong.

>w-well they should make CONDOMS free too! We want free stuff!!!

Condoms have been free from sexual health walk-in clinics for years in Scotland, and regularly get given out free in schools, doctor's offices and universities.

>Well we aren't a third world country, how many women can't afford a

couple of quid a month!?

Ignoring the fact that 1 in 5 people and 1 in 4 children are living in poverty in Scotland. There's literally places over here where the life expectancy is below 55 because poverty is so rife. People are relying on food bank donations more than ever before because they can barely buy food letalone toiletries. But scrotes are over here crunching numbers that a £3 box of tampons equals 15p per tampon as if you buy them individually and only go through one box a month.

Scrotes will use any excuse to get mad at mammy Sturgeon the pint snatcher even though she's done an amazing job getting us through the covid crisis.

Anonymous 70018

Men complain about women being self-centered or shallow but want everything to be about them. You cannot discuss women's issues without a man butting in where he doesn't belong and trying to change the topic or say "well, won't anyone think of the men?" Yes. Everyone thinks of men, and men don't want women to have even one conversation where they're not the focal point.

Anonymous 70021

>My country
Scotland is not a country. You mean the United Kingdom. So yes, the United Kingdom was the "first in the world to make sanitary products free". Considering we in England will be the ones paying for it anyway, I think I'm correct in my assessment here.

Anonymous 70022

>How many children do you have?
Currently none, but not for lack of trying. Ironically it seems I am forced to start a career anyway in order to have children in order to afford fertility treatments, even if I didn't want to.
>How many hours do you each work outside or doing chores?
Currently I freelance about 32 hours a week, but this has been a recent change. While I normally do about 4 hours of chores a week, that hasn't been the case lately. My husband has also been busier than usual lately, and thus the house has kind of fallen into disarray, but if anything he is the one doing more chores.


I get more and more confused concerning what a human right is every time this kind of announcement is made. If human rights are universal, why can't even first world countries agree on what is or isn't a human right?

Anonymous 70025

>Sturgeon [has]…done an amazing job getting us through the covid crisis
And yet at the same time
>Ignoring the fact that 1 in 5 people and 1 in 4 children are living in poverty in Scotland
Lol, what a great ruler you have there. Oh wait, let me guess, "It's England's fault we're poor!"

Anonymous 70033

>Scotland is a country
I don't see it having a seat at the UN, or it's own central bank, or any of the other things that suggests a real country.
You're free to go play with all the other made up countries like Catalonia and Sealand though, the rest of us in your actual country (the UK) will indulge you in this.

Anonymous 70035

can you guys not start with this because it's just going to devolve into semantic retardation about what constitutes a "country" when there are a million definitions of it and neither of you will accept the other's

Anonymous 70036

>there are a million definitions of it
There really isn't.
Calling Scotland a country is like calling Ohio a country, or calling Schleswig a country. Scotland is a province of the United Kingdom. End of.

>it's just going to devolve

Yeah, like my country if people like her keep lying about things like "Oh, Scotland is sooooo much better than the rest of the UK!". I'd rather not have this propoganda infect cc, thank you.

Anonymous 70037

Do all mothers act identical to you? I would say personality plays a huge role in how you parent, but that's just my general observation of human behavior. Unless you're defining "personality" by what a woman does in her freetime and what she consumes. In that case, my Mother retained her personality through starting a scrapbooking company and enjoying that as a hobby as well.

Then again, this means that you've moved your goalpost from "marriage sucks all the personality and hobbies out of women" to "motherhood sucks the personality and hobbies out of women". Are you then admitting that marriage doesn't have anything to do with your original point other than being the socially defined framework in which to have a family?

If we go by the definition that a country is only a country if other countries recognize it as such, I suppose I would agree with you. Is that your stance with Taiwan as well?

Anonymous 70038

>Is that your stance with Taiwan as well?
Yes, exactly. Taiwan is not a country. They don't even call themselves a country either, they call themselves the ROC, because it's the position of the government in Taiwan that they are actually the successors state of Nationalist China.

Anonymous 70040

y'all really did the exact thing i knew you would do

Anonymous 70042

Why? I don't love kids, I want to love my kids.

Anonymous 70043

> Scotland was historical at times it's own independent country
Was. Was. Thanks for admitting it's not now.

>This is a similar situation to Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and Ireland that independent country

Terrible analogy. The Republic of Ireland is a country that exists in the south of Ireland. Being a territory that is disputed doesn't mean you're actually a country.


I'm British, just like the "Scotland is a real country!" poster.

Anonymous 70045

It doesn't matter, these are arbitrary lines. You are probably both women. Stop arguing about something that doesn't matter. Whether you are English or Scottish, men are the enemy, not one another.

This is no better than when Republicans tell retarded Americans that the left wants to take their money and tax them to give it to lazy blacks who do nothing, that immigrants will steal their jobs… It is a distraction on the part of the oligarchy to keep people from uniting against their true enemy.

Anonymous 70046

And when you state the true enemy is men you're not doing the same thing? Or, is it okay when you do it because your "true enemy" is the correct true enemy?

Anonymous 70047

Are you dense? Ulster is not a country. It's a part of the United Kingdom, for the same reason Scotland is not a country and is part of the United Kingdom, which is.

>Whether you are English or Scottish, men are the enemy, not one another.
How about no? If all men were to dissappear, that would still mean Scottish women existed. Am I supposed to ignore that fact?

Anonymous 70048

Are you a scrote or something? Seriously? Scottish/English people hurt you more than men do?


Anonymous 70050

>Does the Republic of Ireland winning it's independence
You didn't "win" independence, we gave up because we were bored playing with you. The hilarity of witnessing one famine was quite enough for us, thanks.

Anonymous 70051

Not her but men don't hurt me at all, a nation threatening the sovereignty of mine however is.

Anonymous 70052

I was the anon who originally posted >>70016

This argument is stupid neither of you are wrong. the UK is a sovereign state consisting of constituent countries. It's recognised as both a state and a nation. It's almost always referred to as a country in literature.

>Scotland is one of Europe's oldest nations. Following the integration of the Parliament of England and Wales and the Parliament of Scotland in 1707, Scotland remained a nation within the new Union state. The nationhood of Scotland and the multi-national character of the United Kingdom have been widely recognised, including by the UK Government


Anonymous 70054

You're disgusting

Anonymous 70055

>published by gov.scot
Like I'm going to listen to the words of the SNP propoganda wing.
Scotland is not real. It doesn't exist as a country.

Anonymous 70057

Anonymous 70058

Wanting kids makes you disgusting? I'd also want my kids to be my genetic legacy, I'm not just taking responsibility for someone else's kid.

Anonymous 70061


Scotland is not a real country, you are an Englishman with a dress!

Anonymous 70063

"Englishman" are just Scotsman who refuse to wear dresses.

Anonymous 70069

The fact that she didn't reply to me (gayanon) basically means she just wanted an excuse to inject childfree talk into the conversation.
Shitting on moms in the pp thread is wild. Motherhood is powerful and based.
Can't imagine thinking it's pathetic to shape the mind of another human being and affect them for life.

Anonymous 70073

Could you please quote the statement stating anon wanted to shape any of her children into copies of herself? I'll wait.

Anonymous 70076

I don't mean it that way; power isn't always complete control.
Mothers have the power to traumatize their children for life (abuse/neglect) or nurture them into the best and healthiest people they can be. If I had a daughter who was super outgoing and loved team sports (very different from me), I could fuck up her chances by not letting her participate in anything and criticizing her weaknesses or I could support her strengths and help in her journey of becoming an athlete. That's power.

Also how did the argument shift from "you lose your personality in motherhood" to "you force your personality on the child in motherhood (thus not losing it)?"
What is the truth?

Anonymous 70083

If you think any form of parenthood is inherently narcissistic then I suppose we will always disagree. I do personally believe controlling every aspect in a child's life ("create a replica of yourself") is very different from basic enculturation, the latter of which is unavoidable.

Best wishes, childfree-chan!

Anonymous 70089

God that’s disgusting. I pray for her betterment.

Anonymous 70092

Well, this escalated quickly.

Anonymous 70096

I don't think it's narcissistic to want your child to take after you in many ways. For years, I've dreamt about having a daughter that I could raise to be as feminist as I am. I'm very young and don't have to worry about money, so I'd be able to homeschool her completely and devote a part of my life to raising her. It doesn't matter to me that she likes the same things I do or anything like that.

Anonymous 70111


I don’t know why I even browse reddit anymore, but I saw this comment on a reddit post and it frustrated me so much. Of course a woman posted it. I hate how so many women are socialized to be overly apologetic doormats. Ffs, I am not sorry for something I can’t help. For context, the post she commented on was some moid talking about how “exhausting” it is to have a mentally ill partner.

Anonymous 70113

I've been that person. When I inevitably end up hurting other people I feel incredibly guilty; I don't think mental illness excuses bad behavior, and even if I can't control it, it's still my responsibility. I'm terrified of making someone I love leave, because it's actually happened before. So I really am grateful to others for putting up with me when they could easily leave me behind (and their lives would probably be better for it.)

Anonymous 70116

never seen a fucking moid post things like that in public, only in private and when he's desperately trying to manipulate his female partner into something (and after that "apology" he continues to do that shit)

Anonymous 70118


This shit is the one thing that's made me the angriest and most frustrated I've been in a long time tbh.
A friend of mine went to a moids house that she met over Tinder. She told him beforehand they were not gonna have sex, they were just planning on watching anime.

Ofc he tried at some point anyway, she was fine with kissing but told him no to other stuff, she confided in him that she thought she might be asexual and that she was a virgin. He told her that was weird and that he's so horny now and if she can't at least blow him and all of this type of shit, kept trying to stick his dick inside her despite her saying no. He didn't succeed, luckily. Performed oral on her against her will.

She feels guilty as fuck, thinks it's her fault, she didn't say no often/loud/serious enough. Removes him on social media, he blocks her.

Then she used my account to message him so she can at least let him know she was uncomfortable and ask him to respect it when women tell him no in the future.
A vulnerable, calm message, much more nicely phrased than one could expect.

He replied with pic related and blocked the account.

Anonymous 70119


Being a doormat like this doesn't help anyone. If someone is truly empathetic and emotionally intelligent they aren't going to expect you to grovel and keep apologising for having a bad day if it's something you are working on. Everyone knows mental illness can lead to irritability, explosive behaviour and being hard to be around in general. You should get into the habit of just acknowledge your behaviour and what went wrong and apologise for it just once. People who care about you dont want to hear you say sorry over and over again for something if they know it wasn't intentional. It makes you look insecure, self-concious and opens you up to manipulation. The quickest way to blow something out of proportion and make it worse than it seems is by freaking out even more about it and taking on too much accountability. I could see how much it started to annoy my boyfriend when I'd apologise simply for getting a bit emotional.

I used to think it was stupid how often cheating men play the "you drove me to it by not giving me enough attention" card. It's so easy to make it feel like HER fault by playing up something that is probably an insecurity and stressor.

Anonymous 70120

My god the keanu wholesome 100 profile pic, I bet he's a redditor which makes it worse but still expected coming from redditor moids.

Anonymous 70121

that's not his profile pic, he didn't even type the messages himself - the pic is a meme. like he got the screenshot of those three messages with the keanu profile pic somewhere else and just sent her that screenshot.

Anonymous 70122

Fuck I got meme'd.
Still an asshole move though

Anonymous 70123

yea idk i just can't see any woman ever being so fucking heartless that she would just ignore a message sharing with her how she hurt you and asking her to be more respectful etc. it just seems inhuman and cruel to me

Anonymous 70124

She should go to the police. That's rape.

Anonymous 70125

She should uninstall tinder. Ask me how I know. I must be a genius right.

Anonymous 70147

i told her that too, but i can't make her go through that process if she feels she couldn't handle it. i can't fault her for it, it's not like i ever went to the police when shit like that happened to me. wish i had, but i told her that, too. so it's her decision.

she already has lol


yup agreed. so disrespectful and disgusting.

Anonymous 70187


how can you be secretly misogynistic and still have gf this is making me paranoid of gettin a bf

Anonymous 70189

idk if i will repost and reask this, but like this is borderlineni conspiritorial ,like how would you even know how common this is when its hidden

Anonymous 70190

That lesbian's comment I saw once was right.
Men are fake woman fans.

Anonymous 70191

They are fake people fans. But thats more on the internet really keep in mind like 98% of the anons in chan forums or reddit are single and for a good reason. So dont take it for granted but keep your guard up just in case.

Anonymous 70193

Why cross out the post numbers?
I was just on that thread.

Anonymous 70196

i hadnt had coffee yet and did a shit job

Anonymous 70205

Misogyny isn’t like racism or homophobia where people who have those bigotries just want to stay away from those people. These parasites for some reason need to keep attaching themselves to us. My advice is to just avoid dating and starve these men out of your life. This is a common sentiment among men not just “basement dwellers” like >>70188 said.

Anonymous 70222

why the dykes though?

Anonymous 70228

maybe one left a bad experience on that anona. impressions with types of people matter, thats where a self made stereotype is derived from.

Anonymous 70229


I can't trust males at all because I got molested when I was a kid for years and it's really fucked me up so bad and I sometimes think how different I would've turned out, how much happier, if that man didn't exist. Though I was a stupid 'egalitatrian not feminist' at one point, I've taken the pinkpill yeard ago and I feel general dislike towards males.

Anonymous 70230

I've been harassed by men of every race and every walk of life. I used to not hate men despite the fact that they would repeatedly do that to me, because I was convinced that the men who didn't do it were "good ones," or that it was "just a few bad eggs." It's not. Almost ALL men are pedophiles, while every man might not be a rapist, almost EVERY man stays silent, protects their friends who make sexist jokes, etc. There is no other option but the pinkpill left for me, knowing what I know now about them.

Anonymous 70243

Exactly anon, there may be 'good ones' but even these good ones benefit from the vast majority of bad men who lower the standard of an acceptable male. And these men always stay silent when their friends crack jokes at the expense of women (unless there's a woman around).

Anonymous 72058

>most men are hebes
Oh yeah that's so much better. How can a straight woman be ok with dating a man, knowing he would fuck a 11-14 year old if he could get away with it?

Anonymous 72059

Don't date, die alone. You're too dumb to have babies anyway.

Anonymous 72064

Oh look we have another scrote here.

Anonymous 72371

hey gang, i am in need of advice for what i have begun to call my 'identity crsis'.

i was watching mrs. midwest videos on yt and considered so now that i am older, every time i try to engage in something in life pertaining to womanhood or identity as a sexual creature or as a role-fulfilling creature in creation such as housewife, tradwife, girlfriend, etc… it is like i freeze up, and for some reason can no longer psychologically cope with it. i notice some things do not work out for me, so i need to become better at them, but every time i try to tackle this problem in my life in a serious way i find myself unable to cope lol. i am not a procrastinator. it is like it scares me too much to make any improvements in my life, yet i am dying on the inside

ty for any advice, anons

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