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Anonymous 6309

What do you think about this emerging fad where girls eat way too much and get fat on purpose?

Partially related: mukbang shows on Youtube


Anonymous 6310

I love Trish, I assume that's, it's so real, like watching an animal go mad in it's cage.

I have a strong urge help her leave LA, take her to a comfy farm and heal her back to normalcy.

Also… the fad? Degenerate Jackass behavior. Nothing new.

Anonymous 6311

More power to them. I wish the ana chans who get triggered by it and expect everyone to be outraged like they are would fuck off though.

Anonymous 6312

I feel nothing at all. Eating takes more physical effort than not eating.

Anonymous 6315

Why would you get fat on purpose knowing all the health risks associated with it? If you don't have BED or is an anachan trying to recover, I don't get why someone would do that to themselves.

Women who put their health at risk just to sexually please a random idiot (not only by getting fat on purpose, but by many other means too) will always irk me. This is pathetic and incredibly dumb.

Anonymous 6316


I'm cool with it. Less competition for me.

Anonymous 6317


IDC what they do tbh less people at my local gym would me amazing

Anonymous 6320


I don't like consumerism in any form and find this level of (and I'm aware how unbearable I sound right now) 1st world hubris detestable. I'm already living like royalty compared to my ancestors*, but on the back of a peasant class that exists thousands of miles away so I don't see the negative consequences. I'm not saying people should feel guilty about everything they do, but revelling in excess, especially with something as fundamental to life as food, while so many have so little, is tasteless awkwardly tone-shifting pun intended

*not to say everything is rosy for everyone, but 21st century Western living beats just about everything else ever, except in it's absolutely worst forms.

Anonymous 6329

I wish I could be more like you. Teach me the ways, anon.

Anonymous 6330

Where do you shop

Anonymous 6333

Nayrt, but I feel the same as that anon and my answer is “almost nowhere, if at all possible.” Step one is to figure out what you can just do without. Step two is to figure out how to get the things you need without adding to consumerist traffic, such as getting things used at charity shops or at the very least making sure it’s not being shipped across the world to you.

Food is a really good way to start making a difference basically right away. One can only be so agriculturally self-sufficient with an urban apartment and no yard, but looking into stuff like Community-Supported Agriculture shares (CSAs) is an option for us metropolites, while suburbanites can grow a ton of stuff in a backyard with just a little work every week - very worth it once you start looking into how metaphorically drenched in oil and blood food from the conventional food system is (and how packed with surplus calories processed food is); I highly recommend a book called The Omnivore’s Dilemma if you’re just starting to look into both.

And I know it’s not a popular topic, but seriously look into the hidden costs to the planet of eating meat every day. There’s no such thing as “sustainable” daily meat intake, and animal factory farms cause MUCH more of global warming emissions than all energy and transportation put together. Nobody’s saying you have to be a vegan (and human history has shown us that OCCASIONAL meat, and regular animal products such as milk/eggs and thus cheese and so on, is wholly sustainable), but even cutting beef out of your diet can make an immense per-capita difference - more than switching to a hybrid or even electric car.

Tldr weird place to say it, maybe, but since we all have access to the internet it’s within all of our power consume less - there’s no real excuse for ignorance since all the research is right there on google scholar and thousands of people have gone to great lengths to get the info out there. I know you can do it!

Anonymous 6481

Im shit at finding anything online so I can't find the book you mentioned for free, now I'll have to spend money on it? not fair, it obliterates the whole point of reading the book to begin with lmao.

Anonymous 6492

there’s a thing called a library

Anonymous 6495

Honestly, I agree with you. I'm really sick of watching American television and seeing food waste in almost every tv programme. If there isn't a "food fight" scene, there's someone getting their head plunged into a birthday cake. On youtube, you get an insight into what real people's lives look like and I'm constnatly seeing people waste water by leaving the taps on or leaving the showers on while they're not in them. They take planes everywhere when driving is possible. Literally nothing is precious to them.

I just find it frustrating that in the rest of the world, it's hammered into us that we're contributing to the destruction of the planet and climate change when rich countries are never held accountable or educated on the subject. Here, everyone recycles and composts, we're charged for water in our homes to encourage us to use less and there are constant campaigns encouraging people to cycle/walk, to avoid flying, showing us how not to waste food. Takeaways and fancy coffees are a treat for us and I wouldn't get either more than once a week but youtubers seem to get a milly, syrupy coffee every single morning and it's pretty rare I see types like Trisha ever cook a proper meal. Also I find that series that Shane does where he created Frankenstein-level fast food "cakes" and makes them practially inedible, takes one bite and then dumps the rest absolutely vile. It's not even entertaining to watch. It's clearly onnected to his eating disorder and he's trying to make his favourite fast foods look inedible once he has a craving for them but it's not only disgusting behaviour, it's also really irresponsible since it's giving his young viewers ideas. Same goes for that nasty Epic Meal Time.

Anonymous 6496

>cutting beef out of your diet can make an immense per-capita difference - more than switching to a hybrid or even electric car.

Wow. Thats a very telling little nugget of information, there.
I'm vegetarian myself, but you're so well informed and I'd like you to know how much I appreciate your post. I'm going to do some more research around this subject because I entirely support the comments of both yourself and >>6320

Anonymous 6507

Feederism is a fetish, not a fad lmao.

Anonymous 6512

do you know where I am to know if I have access to one in my language/English? No.

Anonymous 6513

Many libraries allow you to hold an item from another library (it gets delivered to your local library) if that library is in a network of libraries (where I live, most are). Hopefully this is of some help.

Anonymous 6514

This is embarrassing, you are making yourself seem more ignorant by how you think America is run. Americans have to pay for their water and power, in certain states you are required to recycle, there are plenty of incentive programs for people to use bicycles (for example, in my city, it provides free bicycles a day at a time or something like that) and public transport. Hell, where I live, it was a law for a while (I think it may still be in effect, I'm not sure) that you couldn't water your garden for certain days of the week and they definitely enforced that. A lot of people don't even have gardens where I live and have concrete patios, a lot of the middle class are installing solar panels, etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous 6520


Maybe stop being a retard and thinking fucking television and YouTube entertainers are in any way realistic. You're showing your ass and you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Further more this isn't the 90s anymore, evil America and our cars (or I guess planes fucking make up your minds) aren't the ones fucking up the climate, China and India and Brazil and the rest of the up and coming developing countries are.

Anonymous 6522

>Brainwashed American thinking their country is absolutely harmless while their president doesn't even believe in climate change
Okay. Nothing will make you change your mind anyway, stay in your bubble.

Anonymous 6524

>>retarded foreigner thinking a president who enjoys less than 30% approval rating represents his country in any way other than rigged election results

Honestly, given how many elections the US has helped rig, we deserve it, but don’t be an idiot about it.

Anonymous 6525

It’s really embarrassing how easily the gullible can be deceived by television, isn’t it? I bet you’re one of those people who would have thought War of the Worlds was real journalism when they heard it on the radio.

Anonymous 6526

Anon, it took me one literal second to find a full text pdf of the book (top result for “omnivore’s dilemma pdf”). You’ve tried harder with your excuses than you did with your attempt to find it.


Anonymous 6532

Oh no need to be snarky, thank you so much for finding it!

Anonymous 6533

You didn't address anything I said, you just whined about not all Americans liking him and that the elections were rigged.
He is still your president anyway, and the person who will decide the future of your country and its many actions that will fuck up with the environment

Anonymous 6537


Go to the politics thread if you want to talk about that. Stay on topic.

Anonymous 6543

I see I've rustled the jimmies of a few Americans. The rest of the world thinks you're fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 6557

There are a lot of problematic elements to American consumerist culture, but using YouTubers as an example of all people is what makes you retarded.

Then why not criticize where this mukbang trend originated, Korea?

Anonymous 6564

>Get fat on purpose
Eugenics by proxy

Anonymous 6567


Oh no, complete retards who think food fights are a real thing and wants us to agree to stupid carbon tax bullshit think we're disgusting, whatever will we do.

Anonymous 6568

I'm >>6514
I never suggested we aren't disgusting, but some of your facts were wrong and I wanted to clarify.

Anonymous 6578

Actually you just look like someone with a chip on their shoulder. Not even American.

Anonymous 6582

As a fellow American, re-evaluate your ideas on carbon tax. It’s the only thing that has worked to get capitalist structures in line.

>tfw id much rather we just have a communist revolution but in the meantime I’d like there to be a habitable planet in 20 years

Anonymous 6586

>>The rest of the world thinks you're fucking disgusting.

I'm sure most of the world thinks the same about you.

Anonymous 6594

like share and retweet xD

Anonymous 6599


How does it feel to be fat in your prime?

Anonymous 6606

This was pretty weak.

Anonymous 6607

America isn't "the world"

Anonymous 6619


NAYRT but I'm fat and it feels pretty damn good <3

Anonymous 6621

I know none of the girls here want to talk about "prime" cause I know for a fact none of you are lookers, young or old.

Anonymous 6622

Well, that's not very nice anon!

Anonymous 6625

t. Neckbeard

Anonymous 6632

This was me
This was not

Anonymous 6647

Leave here, filthy male.

Anonymous 6675

Did Trisha say she's trying to get fat on purpose or did OP just use her picture? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with her but I'm curious to know anyway.

Anonymous 6678



nah, she's lazy and has no self control. that's all. she started doing this mukabang things because they were a fad. and she always does whatever is trendy atm, storytimes, ASMR, mukbangs, hauls, makeup, etc. she must have thought "eating on camera and that's all? easy peasy!" and started doing a bunch of em last year. but by the end of the year she had gained TONS of weight and it fucked with her self esteem. so she went and got lipo done. now, about 8 months later, she's going on and on about how she wants to do lipo AGAIN. imo she's just lazy and underestimated how much those eating shows would fuck up her diet.

she's been chubby her entire life. she doesn't mind being fat or being called fat. the only thing that changed last year was that she started eating even worst and got depressed. so she went from chubby to actual whale. pretty much the entire situation as Mariah Mallad. and when she realized she had fucked up, she went to the doctor to fix it. and now she's back to where she was before surgery cause she's still dumb.

she says a bunch of shit on her videos, mostly lies, but that's it really. when she was younger she could pull the chubby/curvy role well IMHO. but now she's getting older and her face is all fucked up (from more surgery) and her body is all fucked up (from more surgery) and she's gaining so much weight and she's a fucking mess basically.

Anonymous 6679

I think a lot of people (like Amberlynn and Trisha) use them as an excuse to binge. I do genuinely feel sorry for both women because binge eating is a disorder and they must have unresolved problems in their lives or untreated mental illnesses.

Trisha tends to do a mukbang when there's something going on in her life that's upsetting her, it's a really easy to follow trend. I wish someone in her life like her mom or her sister would cop the fuck on and encourage her to get help, if they give a shit about her.

Anonymous 6742

I can understand though, I mean food is like instant gratification on the spot. Don't need to wait for results, like with self improvement and stuff.

Anonymous 6744

I can definitely understand binge eating but it's sad that these people with obvious health problems are doing "mooookbangs" to have an excuse to binge. Not only that but making it seem normal. I know it's a fetish for some but even the thumbnails (Nik) make my stomach turn sometimes.

Anonymous 8100

>I think a lot of people (like Amberlynn and Trisha) use them as an excuse to binge.

Seems to be the most likely cause here. I feel pretty bad for Trisha. I never watched her videos and admittedly I had no idea who she was until two months ago but she doesn't seem like she is happy with herself. It obviously isn't helping her situation to be documenting her breakdowns and binges for the world to see either.

Anonymous 8106

This is just dumb as hell. It's like these girls are giving up. First of all, once they inevitably regret it and want to reverse it, it's going to be so hard for them. Stretch marks and cellulite are a real problem. Second, it's just gross gluttony and it seems to exist to be "funny" but it seems more like a cry for help. Third, it's grossly unhealthy. No one should just be eating to be eating, especially junk food.

And finally, if they don't stop, they could end up like this woman. She's just in a feeder or "gainer" community that fuels her weight problems and mental health issues and has no chance of being healthy again enabling her.

Anonymous 8114

Well at least these women don't pretend, or try to hide the consequences of binge eating.

I fucking hate yellow fever whiteknights defending mukbang videos of Korean girls binge eating food. Meanwhile they're clearly throwing it up afterwards or cut the videos so as to mask them spitting out their chews in a bucket under the table. Nobody eats 20,000 calories in a sitting and have no ill health consequences.


Could be fine if they're fasting.

Anonymous 8116


Still disordered eating whose innovations are that binge eating is fine.

Anonymous 8117


>mukbanging is so bad why won't these fatties think of their health :,(

>it's okay if you do it and starve yourself after so you stay skinny though lol

Talk about transparent…

Anonymous 8119

Are you trying to troll? Stop with the email address btw

Anonymous 8120

If I do this and don't let anyone see and don't have a bf manipulating me into it, is it okay then?

Anonymous 8121

Then you will just be binge eating which is an eating disorder so no. How can this be ok at all?

Anonymous 8122


As okay as the scores of social media and professional personalities and the girls who emulate them with eating disorders. Actually probably better, since you'll probably outlive them.

Anonymous 8123


I'm just beginning to think the only nice thing in this world is refined sugar, is all.

Anonymous 8159


That'll likely end in a downward spiral.
More sugar, more depression, more sugar, …
There has to be something better for you!

Anonymous 254610

congrats on only bumping the most shit threads of this board

Anonymous 259111

honestly sounds better than dying of old age. my grandma had onset dementia and arthritis and other issues and I never wanna go through something like that.

Anonymous 259145

Severe obesity leads to accelerated arthritis.

Anonymous 259146

Women have been harming their bodies for the sake of money and/or approval since the dawn of time (see prostitution, surrogacy, anorexia in the 90s etc.). This isn't any different (though it's probably more fun than those other examples).

Anonymous 259303

Another soulless trend for attention.

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